Keto and Fasting Combined | Rapid Weight Loss | Weekly Q&A- Thomas DeLauer

Keto and Fasting Combined | Rapid Weight Loss | Weekly Q&A- Thomas DeLauer

Keto and Fasting Combined | Rapid Weight Loss | Weekly Q&A- Thomas DeLauer

Check out the video on Keto and Fasting Combined | Rapid Weight Loss | Weekly Q&A- Thomas DeLauer.
What's going on everybody it's your friend Thomas de Lauer and coming to you live this time so normally Wednesdays I end up doing my the Q&A it's right so what I'll do on Wednesdays is I'll usually take the videos from the week prior and I'll take all the comments and the questions and everything like that that have aggregated on that video or.

Those videos and I'll compile a list of those and I'll answer those questions in a lit in a video sometimes it's live sometimes it's not but usually I do a fully produced video where I answer those questions but I thought it might be a little bit more fun to do it as an actual live this time and the reason is it's just a little bit more interactive.

It makes it fun for me I'm trying to wait for a few more people to join in here and I'm also trying to make sure that the chat is actually showing up there we go okay so I was trying to make sure the chest showed up a lot of people here so if you are tuning in please go ahead and just do me a quick favor comment where you're watching from that.

Way I can shout you out I can say hello is we have hundreds and hundreds of people on here already so don't get upset if I can't answer your question or if I can't say hello to you I do my best so let's go ahead and let's have a quick round people just say hello and where they're tuning in from we've got st. Louis Missouri we've got Tony we've got.

This going too fast Britt toddy in Los Angeles we've got nurse Wendy what's going on we I can't even read this it's going so fast this is awesome you guys are great so what I have in front of me right here is printed out a list of questions right these are questions and comments that have come up on the videos over the last couple of weeks or.

Specifically the weekend the 21st I was out of town last week so I didn't get to record one so I'm going to go through the videos I'm gonna explain what the video was talk about it for a minute and then I'm gonna answer the questions and from that it might go ahead and bleed into some additional questions and you know I've got about 20-25 minutes set.

Aside so that we can do this and have some fun with it so but then the comments are coming in so unbelievably fast it's like I can't even read them so I do want to make sure I try to say hello as many people yeah and what's going on polythene or good to see you Cynthia dolly got Melissa we got clear we got.

The UK in the house this is so awesome guys you guys also do me a quick favor before I get started go ahead and hit that thumbs up button that little like button is what that does is that helps everything out here in terms of showing YouTube that I have good content and showing everyone that this is good engaging video that I'm not just.

Like doing random stuff I'm here trying to engage the guys and generate some community but that little like button makes a big difference there Martin Flores and Texas what's going on Jason Kemp good to see you here Adam in North New York City we've got John in Portland we've got John in Houston we got Gary in Hesperia California we've got Amy we got.

Man this is awesome you guys all right so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna jump right in so the first video that I'm gonna talk about was one that I posted a couple weeks ago that was called combined fasting and Kido to accelerate fat loss how to what this video was about was literally about how you can actually start combining keto.

And fasting and how that process works and I kind of walked you through the process there a little bit in terms of if you haven't checked out that video I encourage you to go back and take a look at it really informative video talks about how the link between keto and fasting was there simply because of the common denominator of ketone bodies.

Ketosis was discovered because of fasting okay they were using fastening with epileptic patients and they wanted to find what the common denominator was ketones was that common denominator so anyway the answering the question so varis if I can pronounce that says quince in two lists I think that's the last thing.

This says so I started keto plus intermittent fasting 15 days ago and I've lost about four kilograms I'm feeling glorious is there such a thing as losing fat too fast this is a really good question so it doesn't apply just a fastening it applies to everything generally if you lose weight too fast it can be bad in the sense that your.

Resting metabolic rate can drop really really quick so we have this thing called the resting metabolic rate or RMR and what that is is it's the body sort of internal like almost thermostat and it gets a little bit thrown off so for example I'm just going to give a simple example here if you're 200 pounds and you were to rapidly lose 50 pounds.

What's going to happen is your basal metabolic rate or your resting metabolic rate is going to go down really quick down to what your current weight is what happens is it's not that your metabolism is slowing down it's that your metabolism which is adjusting to the new weight which means that if you were to go back to eating what you were eating.

At 200 pounds and be really easy to gain weight again so it's not so much that new metabolism is slowing down it's slowing down relative to your weight so that's what happens so with fasting that's my biggest that I have with people why I always caution people with intermittent fasting it's very easy to get almost addicted to.

The process of fasting because it feels so good and you lose so much weight so fast that eventually you can get yourself down to this really small caloric window so you're having good success of fasting I encourage you to try to push the envelope a little bit with how many calories you get in during your eating window I think you might.

Find that it helps you out quite a bit in terms of maintaining that result fasting the benefits come from a couple of different things of course they come from the reduction of calories during a fast but they also come from a lot of the metabolic and sort of hormonal effects so we got to pay attention to that so you get that your calories are.

Higher low that's just a whole nother benefit it's reaching to the next question M Rodriguez says when you say alternate your calorie deficit every other day how much of a deficit do you make on those fasting days half as many calories as regular feeding days etc etc this was a really good question so what I mentioned in that video was what you'd.

Want to do is alternate like a higher calorie day with a lower calorie day for example I usually recommend if you're doing keto and fasting combined that your keto days are relatively moderate high calories right you're not having your calories super low in your keto days you're allowing your intermittent fasting days to be your aggressive fat.

Loss so you don't need to get super particular about how much you drop your calories all I want you to do is make sure that if you're combining keen and fasting that your keto days don't put you into a calorie deficit your keto days should just be traditional keto days where you allow yourself to have a normal amount of calories and your.

Fasting days are where you draw the fat so whether it's a 200 calorie deficit 400 calorie deficit or a thousand calorie deficit it's all gonna help you out it's just a matter of how quickly you want to do it everyone here you guys are super awesome Victoria what's going on in Indiana Brendan thank you for being here Marc McCool awesome you did a.

Seven-day water fast soft rose thank you for being here leanness thank you you I guess you definitely get it keto diamond glad to hear you caught alive it's awesome guys I'm gonna move on to the next question here that was you know coming in here that I print it out if you can go ahead and hit that thumbs up button button.

Give me a like it's gonna help this video rank a little bit better and just show everyone that's fitted so this next question was from JP Kokomo he says hi Thomas you meant that alternative days fasting is good to drop your calorie consumption on those days but if I fast for 18 hours and I.

Eat my full day's calories within my six hour eating window does that mean that I'm doing my fasting wrong and I won't get the weight-loss benefits no JP I think you'll still totally get the weight-loss benefits the reason that I say that is because like I always encourage people not to look at the calories they consume on a daily basis.

Look at the calories you consume on an hourly basis or on a weekly basis because it's all relative you can have a different point in time in which you look at your calories so if you're focusing on a 24-hour period of time then sure you're gonna want to get enough calories in during that period of time but what about the 18 hours you.

Were fasting you were in a deficit during that time you're just not in a deficit during the time that you're eating so even if your calories are high you're still in a good position you're still going to be probably burning fat because you burn fat during that 18 hour period of fasting I just encourage people to do what's easy here which is.

Getting your calories nice and low on a fasting day so that's why I say that I just looked up to a comment says from Marta says bro we in the McDonald's hamburger very interesting Fort Benning Georgia in the house what's going on Dali good to see you here Terrance Leonard a heart rate variability actually that video coming up on that.

Issue of Messiah says I worship tongues tell power I don't think you need to go that far Rick McCoy ketogenic diet works glad to hear you're here yeah so many people here guys make sure you do comment where you're watching from got over a thousand people on this live broadcast right now which is just so awesome and I.

Appreciate you guys so so much so now I'm going to go into the next question a Lexington or says can anybody answer the question what will happen if I do intermittent fasting plus keto but still have an excessive amount of calories if the answer is you've gained weight so then what a big difference between keto I F in the other diets well so the.

Big thing is if you still have a lot of calories coming in and you still gain weight then you have a whole bunch of other benefits coming from the metabolic side of things from the hormonal side of things from the brain benefits also from the resting metabolic rate I would actually argue that you could have your calories somewhat higher on a ketogenic.

Diet then on another diet and have less impact in terms of fat loss simply because you have less insulin causing issues some people would argue with me on that but I'm going to expand my ground on that I feel like if you less of an insulin response you're going to be in a better shape overall Wow Timo says he lost 40 pounds following this.

Diet all the way up in Alberta Canada awesome thank you guys that's really awesome that's such good news to hear okay the next video that I'm gonna answer questions from was the vegan one that I did the top three vegan deficiencies helpful tips for vegans what this video was it was a video that just broke down basically where vegans.

Would normally become deficient not a whole lot of questions came in on that one but let me go through a couple casts says what are your thoughts on the absorption of calcium / vitamin D from fortified dairy-free products like calcium carbonate tri calcium phosphate and plant milks not the highest quality stuff not what you want to go for it's.

Not what you want to aim for when you're getting your you know and especially considering the vitamin D is synthetic you know we want to have a bioavailable vitamin D you want to be getting your vitamin D from normally if you're not vegan of course you'd be getting it from fish and things like that so you're gonna want to be getting your vitamin D.

Quite honestly from the Sun that's period the best way that's gonna be synthesized synthetic vitamin D isn't going to be the best route for you as far as when it comes down to calcium and everything like that I highly doubt you're deficient in calcium most people are not deficient in calcium it's usually a vitamin D issue a.

Vitamin k issue or a magnesium issue that's not counterbalancing properly vs Jeffrey says the spirulina countess algae for the omegas depends on the spirulina some Rd has a little bit of alcohol toilet excuse me algal oil in it which would work but it's usually pretty small amount ryan lund all the way up from Nova Scotia man that's awesome.

Daniella file fits as Thomas big fan here thank you for all your advice so far Daniella you are super welcome so happy to be here so happy to be able to do this live right now I don't get the opportunity to a lot because I'm so busy because if you can make sure you please hit that thumbs up button helps out a lot gets this video ranking well also.

Lets me know that you guys are liking the stuff that I'm doing so just give it a quick like okay the next question says what about vitamin k2 which is kind of funny because I was just talking about that vitamin k2 is very critical and one of the only ways you're going to get that is through certain dark leafy greens so.

Just make sure you're getting those at okay I'm gonna go ahead and jump up to the next video the next video that I did was vitamin C is worthless without vitamin D the reason that I did this video is because people tend to think that vitamin C is just this like self just perpetuating process we have vitamin C then.

Immune systems good and blah de blah de blah vitamin D is critical to it okay without vitamin D vitamin C can't do its job it can't synthesize they work together so this is an ends up being obviously a problem for vegans as well but that's not even the purpose of this video it was just simply the fact that when you're not getting the vitamin D.

From specific fish or specific meat sources it's very difficult to synthesize vitamin C properly someone says why can supplement with vitamin D cause constipation it's usually a water thing it can usually draw water out of the colon a little bit teri Knapp says so when the immune system is hyperactive and causing harm.

Lower your vitamin D levels it depends so you're probably talking about like an autoimmune condition where like the immune system super hyperactive yeah that could be could be the case and you can lower your vitamin D s Lindsay says how how effective is sunlight exposure to get vitamin D it's the best way honestly.

Not everyone can always get vitamin D so it doesn't always work like that you can't get vitamin D that way if someone had done a question that I want scroll out to matthew shapiro did a super chat question said a droll and fastening thoughts doesn't make fast and easy I'll give you an honest answer here you know I came out of the healthcare world.

It came out of the pharmaceutical world I'm very familiar with this stuff obviously I don't do videos talking about pharmaceuticals because I not a fan of that industry at all I worked in that industry but I will tell you that as far as fasting goes yeah it probably would make fasting easier so from the metabolic side of things maybe it would.

Help you out but you're kind of biting your nose to spite your face in terms of the mental kind of brain benefits that you're getting so that's kind of my opinion there Emily gladden says four weeks Kido six pounds lost wow that's pretty awesome that's just you know four weeks already and you're already kicking into gear I know people.

Are just dropping weight like crazy the amount of comments that are coming in is so awesome Laura you are super welcome says thanks for all you do Marcus Munzer hello from rostock germany or Rostock I'm not sure how to say it you are the best thank you my friend wow this is awesome I cannot believe 75 pounds in 4 months.

Christopher Megan Byard that's insane super awesome John Clay 80 pounds ok I got to stop for a second if you guys are watching this video and you've lost a bunch of weight I would love to see how much weight you've lost so go ahead and just comment how much weight you've lost or how much weight you've gained if that's been your goal I love seeing the.

Progress that people are making it encourages me as you guys know I'm doing videos practically everyday now because I'm having so much fun with it and I love seeing the results so 17 pounds Wow yeah that's awesome this is 40 pounds joke fish here 20 pounds holy cow 100 pounds in a year I just saw that one flash 165 pounds this.

Is insane I'm gonna have to go back through and look at all this later this is so awesome holy cow 70 pounds 18 pounds 10 pounds gosh you guys 118 pounds again this is so awesome can someone without a gallbladder do Kido do a quick search on my channel I've just posted a video last week on.

That so search Tom's till our gallbladder keto oh my god seriously I'm so glad that I do this I've been having them like it's been a rough week it's been like I was in Maui last week with my wife for a 10-year wedding anniversary and this week has just been a grind like getting back into the swing of things getting back in front of the.

Camera it's crazy how like when you're away from the camera for one week you get certain rusty again it's kind of crazy so like here I'm like back in front of the cameras like oh my gosh I'm already getting rusty and then I see these comments coming in and it just makes my day it makes things so awesome so anyway okay I gotta get back to work.

So then I did another video let me answer some questions on called what I eat when I get bored on keto this was a different style of video I thought was pretty cool so what I did with this video was I wanted to make it more about here's what I just do when I'm bored like when I get bored of certain foods it wasn't anything super hyper.

Scientific it was just a little bit more personal a little bit more real what would I eat when I'm bored like I get tired of eating the same thing just like you guys do it I'm just I'm human I mean heck I'm super it's definitely definitely human because I used to meet 280 pounds I definitely like the indulgent food anyway Sethe McGrady says.

What exactly is nutritional yeast because one of the things that I talked about was putting nutritional yeast on asparagus if you take asparagus cook it up put nutritional yeast on it it tastes so good and then you put a little bit of coconut oil on a little bit of salt it's money it is so so so good so I highly recommend that but nutritional yeast all.

It is to answer your question silly it's just a deactivated form of least so that's all it is the fat people company is in the house you guys are awesome glad to see you guys are here on this live guys if you haven't already a huge fan of these guys a fat fuel company where they were like I just saw that they're common.

Answering some questions and doing something yes thank you for being here I don't know if it's Scott or Travis or who it is but super appreciate you guys being here there cuz like the original people that created like a fat coffee like in a packet so big shout out to them thank you guys so the next question was the mind muscle says so is prebiotic.

Fiber different than fodmap yeah so fodmap is basically certain types of food that are going to react and cause some kind of breakdown within the body that's going to trigger a v map affect a lot of prebiotic fibers are fodmap but it doesn't automatically mean that they are and you may have seen my video that I did on prebiotic fibers today which.

Was pretty interesting a lot of people liked it yeah a whole different world small amount of product fibers are great you just want to go overboard hey guys can you guys do me a big favor we got like over a thousand people on this broadcast so I'd really appreciate it if you're just tuning in Connor where you're watching from comment how much.

Weight you've lost or gained if that's been your goal but also make sure you hit that thumbs up button if you're watching on desktop you should see it if you're watching on mobile I think you have to pull it up but that helps me out a lot it's this video ranking really well so everyone can see it okay brazo one says sorry guys got to go.

Through my questions here browser one says not sure why you would recommend this Susie's good fat bars for keto when they contain sugar and rice flour am I missing something so they have one gram of sugar in them so the whole idea behind those bars just so you know I want to answer this question it's just the fact that they're.

Designed to help people wean off of sugar they weren't designed to be a specific keto bar there's designed to help people get cravings off of sugar so that's I wanted to clear that up and that's why I included that one Sandee Walter says what is the best nutritional yeast to use I'm a big fan of Bragg's like Bragg's the company makes Bragg's.

Aminos they make the apple cider vinegar they have a really good clean quality 1jf says I found the bars in my local health food store they taste great are any of the all I go saccharides considered non fiber by the FDA basically what he's asking is if because they're specific kind of fiber does the FDA regulate them as a fiber or not and.

None of those ingredients are not regularly by the FDA so you're good okay and then we have another question about nutritional yeast but it's a little vague so I'm just gonna it's talking about being super high in vitamin B and they asked if you can overload on vitamin B it's pretty hard to overload a bottom and meet vitamin B simply the.

Cause it's so water-soluble so unless you are like ridiculously dehydrated then you're gonna be fine I just saw a question can vegans do Kido from we love food I actually posted a video specifically about that and I don't know if you've been following my channel closely but I'm doing a two-week vegan keto challenge the second week of.

February so those of you that are watching right now if you're not vegan by no means do you you know have to do this but I encourage everyone to join me with it cuz it's gonna be fun I'm doing a two-week vegan keto challenge so at the end of February second week of February second half of February I'm gonna try vegan keto and I'm gonna.

Document it I'm gonna do live broadcasts I mean I just figured it'd be fun it's gonna be a challenge but I thought that it'd be interesting to see what kind of challenges vegans face when they're doing keto but I also know that plant-based feels really good keto feels really good if I can make it work it might end up being kind of cool.

And someone says vegan and fun loll yeah okay the reason it's gonna be fun is because it's an experiment I encourage you guys to look at your bodies differently okay it's not all about just how something tastes all the time sometimes it's about listening a different response in your body and testing things out and learning about.

Yourself it's gonna be interesting I might lose some sighs maybe I'll feel really strong I don't know I mean I'm not planning on going vegan that's not my goal but I want to be able to show the vegan keto community that can be done and I'm gonna map it out so anyway that's gonna be interesting okay the next video was Co Q 10 explain.

Mitochondrial energy support so is a video just all on Co Q 10 when and how much cookie tin should one take on fasting non-fasting and keto eating habits I would simply say about 300 milligrams per day of Co Q 10 is good how can we promote the generation of coenzyme q10 without having to rely on supplementation is there any way for us.

To help stimulate our mitochondria fat adaptation is honestly one of the best ways to go it helps out with that Co Q 10 natural production any recommendations on how to take Co Q 10 I recommend taking it like midday you take in the evening you might find you don't sleep as well when you fasten keto as coq10 still required I don't ever think.

It's required but it will help you out so that's just why I talked about it in that one particular video so that wraps up the questions from those videos for that week do you guys like me doing this in a lifestyle I mean it was kind of cool to do it a little bit more interact if you know usually I do these q and A's in a way where it's recorded so I can.

Answer the questions and nice clean fashions got some editing all that stuff but you guys like it when I do them live I will definitely try to do it more often you guys know I've got a young baby at home I've got a family it's hard for me to like find the time to step away and do a specific live because a lot of.

Times these draw out for you know 20 30 minutes but you guys like them then I definitely want to you know do them a little bit more so I mean it's gonna be a lot more fun to engage and interact sorry guys I'm a little bit like foggy it's been a it's been a heck of a week like I said just getting back in the swing of things just you you guys know.

Like when you go on vacation for a week or so and like the week back it's just insanely chaotic so it's just been trying to get back in the swing of things someone says what a 16-8 fastening window with a 500 calorie restriction lead to decrease rmr besides the army our loss of simply being lighter no it shouldn't but the cool.

Thing is if you do add fastening into the mix there are a lot of studies that show or you do Aikido in the mix there are a lot of studies that show that people that lose weight on a ketogenic diet maintain their rmr I can't remember we'll the one study that I referenced all the time but basically it took a look at subjects that lost 40 pounds.

Over just a number of weeks it was like I think eight or 16 weeks I can't remember but anyway they ended up not having any change in their resting metabolic rate this is pretty cool stuff so you they lost 40 pounds with zero change and resting metabolic rate that was really really powerful stuff by Nora and someone says binaural waves look of.

A guy named Thomas Laird sense of knowledge yeah so binaural beats are awesome I did a video talking about those the other day super cool stuff Guillermo you say why can't he don't be simplified keto is really simple I don't want you to like overthink the videos that I do my videos are designed to allow you to kind of think in a little.

Bit more out-of-the-box fashion I like people to to learn and be educated I have a firm believer one of my favorite sayings is with education comes adherence and when you do that when you learn something then you allow yourself to really be able to adhere to it better Joe's channel says I'm 182 pounds athletic builds stuck at 10 to 11.

Percent body fat been doing Aikido for six weeks and do 14-hour if' how can I get the last three to four percent off without losing weight the benefits of fasting start at like 16 hours next step would be bump it to 16 by far that's gonna make a huge difference there trust me if your ketone levels are high you're not going to burn muscle.

Someone says the mortician says our calorie is important if you scroll back to the beginning of this video I talked about that calories are going important but you're gonna have a little bit more leeway guys it looks like heart rate variability is getting popular a lot of people ask me about that Janice you asked I recorded a video on that I'm.

Gonna have to talk with my my gang here and see if we can get the video out sooner a lot of times I'll record a lot of videos because I get like totally hot and on a rabbit hole on specific topics and content and I'll just be like you know research mode and just go down this one direction my team does the same thing so I'll start like recording a.

Bunch of videos on a given topic next thing I know I'm like down a rabbit hole like six miles deep so I did go down the heart rate variability rabbit hole because one of the things that you know we're like an Apple watch and it's kind of turned me on to like starting to measure that stuff a little bit more so I've become increasingly interested in.

My recovery based on like where I'm at in terms of stress load everything like that so anyhow guys I got to go ahead and sign it off if you guys can just give me one more big round of thumbs-up and one more big round of just comments to say you know thank you or whatever it could be that way we can just you know rock and roll and you know I can see.

Some of the questions that come up later and we'll be in good shape so long blunt says I don't know he says he says I paid $20 for a question but I didn't see that one pop up I think I didn't answer the one that came up sorry guys I know there's like this thing called super chat where people pay and ask questions and I always make sure I don't.

Miss those but the one that did pop up I made sure that I answered so anyhow you guys make sure you keep on rockin and rollin I appreciate your loyalty my channel and I will see you guys soon of course new videos coming out almost every single day alright see you guys
Keto and Fasting Combined | Rapid Weight Loss | Weekly Q&A- Thomas DeLauer
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