Intermittent Fasting Makes it on NPR! We’re making Progress! [Live stream]

Intermittent Fasting Makes it on NPR! We’re making Progress! [Live stream]

Intermittent Fasting Makes it on NPR! We’re making Progress! [Live stream]

Check out the video on Intermittent Fasting Makes it on NPR! We’re making Progress! [Live stream].
What's up everybody a little bit of an odd time for me to hop on a live broadcast but what do you know it's Monday and there's some awesome news here in the world so I started seeing just a flood of things hitting my inbox this morning talking about this this thing that came out on NPR today so this morning NPR started talking about.

Intermittent fasting and apparently it was really really good now I went back and I listened to clips but more importantly we dove into the study itself so the whole purpose of this is to break down what they talked about which by the way was all positive this is all good stuff and I'm just here to kind of spread the wealth and some.

Happiness on a Monday morning because it means that we are actually making progress we're getting somewhere intermittent fasting is getting recognized as something that can truly help people with blood pressure help people with their visceral fat this is all this positive positive stuff so no reason to be here other than just to.

Talk about this great study that came out it was talking about 14 hour fasts which is interesting because last week I did a video talking about 12-hour fests anyhow I want everyone that's here to go ahead and comment where they're watching from I want to say hello I want to be able to talk to you guys that you engage a little bit and then we're gonna have.

Some fun with this so just to give you a little bit of an outline of how we'll go through this is I have the study pulled up so I'm going to go ahead and I'm gonna kind of read through some of the parts of the study I'm gonna break it down to you this is gonna be kind of a live way for us to go line by line on the study don't worry we're just gonna.

Look at like the abstract broad pieces we're not going to go into the Nitty Gritty of the study because that would take hours okay we've got Las Vegas in the house it's got South Carolina this is awesome guys so if you see me looking around the screen it's just me as I'm looking at the live feed as you guys are talking and as you guys are.

Communicating I hope everyone had a great weekend so all positive positive stuff we're gonna wait for a few more people to come on here basically again if you're just jumping on NPR talked about intermittent fasting today which is big news okay you might be wondering like who cares well the fact that NPR is talking in a.

Positive light about intermittent fasting really helps us out a lot it means that we are actually making ground in the mainstream outside of just I don't know the regular entertainment industry that might talk about it because Oh celebrities are in fasting and things like that no we're actually hearing about it from something.

That is trying to give us good credible information so really really just positive stuff there Wow we've got so much look at this we got Detroit in the house I can't even keep up with how many you got someone says from Thousand Oaks Bella four six four four I'm not that far from you I mean Newberry Park so hey that's pretty cool all right.

Can everyone smash that thumbs up button snatch that like button and let's go ahead and let's talk about what the study was all about okay perfect I wanna see that like button go up all right we're seeing the likes jump up go ahead and smash that like button that thumbs up but that's gonna help us out make sure that people see that this.

Video is what it is supposed to be and that way YouTube's gonna rank it up all right so the big takeaway from this whole NPR thing was that they're finding that you can still get these really powerful benefits from intermittent fasting even if they're shorter term fasts now I am not necessarily saying that you should only do shorter term.

Fasts I'm just saying this was really cool this got published in journal Cell which is a very reputable journal and then hit NPR so they took a look at 14-hour fast which I thought was pretty interesting so rather than 16 saying that okay yeah sure that's so gonna be great but the finding that people that did 14-hour fast still ended up having a.

Significant significant reduction in body fat and in a particularly visceral fat which is what's really cool so basically what they did is they said okay you guys are gonna eat for 10 hours and then you're gonna fast for 14 and this daily habit promotes weight loss since basically what they were trying to say so let's go ahead and we're gonna.

Break it down we're gonna take and take a look at this line by line with the study and that way we can have some fun with it okay so some of the details and if you guys see I'm gonna be glancing over here I have the study pulled up on my right and then I'll come back and I'll talk to you and explain sort of the methodology behind some of this stuff so.

It all makes some sense okay so they took 10 our time restricted eating which basically is a fancy way of saying intermittent fasting for 12 weeks okay it's a 19 individuals so researchers observed significant reductions in body weight from the baseline so they saw a three percent reduction or 3.3 kilogram reduction in.

Body weight right out the gate just when you look at the abstract with this so that's great but we have to look at where this weight came from because of course we don't want to be losing the muscle weight right so they found the decrease in body weight was accompanied by reductions in body fat percentage 1.0 1% now it's.

Important to know sort of the makeup of this study and what they did they literally just said you continue eating whatever you want the only thing that we're going to restrict is the time period in which you eat so they didn't even care about the intervals in which they ate okay they just said you can eat for ten hours and in the other group you.

Can't so basically in this case it was more so just focusing on the one group that was eating and they're comparing it to general statistics or one group that wasn't eating I guess you could say so anyhow very very basic structure in terms but let's go ahead and let's go through some of these results again a little bit more okay so some of the body.

Fat loss was an abdominal fat because the researchers observed a significant reduction in visceral fat and waist circumference so they lost a three percent reduction in visceral fat now just in case you didn't know what visceral fat is this oral fat is the fat that is surrounding your organs and a surrounding kind of it's underneath your.

Abdomen a little bit more it's kind of in the abdominal cavity now visceral fat is linked to so many things when it comes down to inflammation the visceral fat that is in our abdominal cavity leaks inflammatory cytokines a lot more than additional like or regular subcutaneous fat does so we have the fat like under our skin.

That's regular adipose tissue but visceral fat is the dangerous stuff and here's what's interesting is I know for a fact that intermittent fasting that it burns this a real fat first but what's interesting is it actually has it triggers a migration from abdominal fat and regular fat to become visceral fat and then burn it now what that means I'm.

Just kind of expanding on what I already know here let's say you have regular belly fat right well that regular belly fat is going to get turned into this oral fat rarely which sounds weird right through these strange uncoupling proteins but then what happens is fasting burns the visceral fat so the body tries to utilize the visceral fat.

But in an effort to do that it draws fat in from other places so really really interesting stuff there so point is this doesn't shock me but the fact that it still occurred with just a fourteen hour fast is really really phenomenal stuff I'm gonna jump over here really quick and say what some people are saying okay we got a lot of people here on the live.

Broadcast guys do make sure that you comment where you're watching from to do please comment just where you're from that way even if I don't talk to you right now after this broadcast is over I can go back through and I can see where people watch from and just get to know a little bit about you guys and also if you've had success with.

Intermittent fasting go ahead and comment in the livestream so I know what kind of success you've had I will also mention just FYI just because this is my channel and I do this I put a link for a special discount on anyone that wants to utilize butcher bucks they're gonna get a free charcuterie set up there so that's like the good.

Prosciutto the good things like that so if you're having any kind of I don't know if you want have a Christmas party or if you have any kind of holiday things so anyway I put a link down below in the description this is something literally that's only going to be available for this live broadcast I'm not going to do it on any other video so.

I'll come back to that but let's go ahead and let's get back to the study okay so the degree of weight loss in served with our time restricted eating was the mean 3 percent from baseline okay now let's go ahead and let's look at some of these other health things that occurred not just the weight loss we know they lost weight and we know.

This is positive but what's interesting is when they looked at the major risk factors for cardiovascular disease including like elevated blood pressure and different kind of lipids they saw huge improvements there ok so when it came down to cholesterol here's what it says ok the researchers conducted a mixed linear model analysis that showed.

That cholesterol changes were not necessarily explained by changes in weight and elevation in low density lipoprotein is associated with cardiovascular risk we know that there is a trend towards a reduction LDL small particle this is really good news I'm not going to go into a lot of exquisite detail but we want to focus on is we've.

Got different particle sizes with LDL and we don't really want the small particles okay so we when we kind of look at the big picture we're seeing a slight reduction not a huge change in cholesterol but here's what's interesting as long as these tests were done fasting they're going to be accurate a lot of times these studies.

Will look at individuals that are doing like a low-carb ketogenic diet and you might find if you're doing keto if you're doing the low carb diet that your cholesterol levels can throw completely alert they can go out of whack they can be all over the place so what that really is indicating is that when you eat fats your cholesterol levels are.

Going to go up temporarily and a lot of times even when you're fasting what's going to happen is your body is going to get adapted to mobilizing triglycerides and mobilizing fat so when people first start an intermittent fasting regimen sometimes they see their cholesterol levels go up but you have to stick with it for a.

Little while the good news is this study took a look at it over the course of 12 weeks so that made life a little bit easier so we did actually see that reduction so a trend in reduction for LDL change in HDL was not significant but had a trend toward reduction – so you might be wondering okay well the overall good cholesterol went down as.

Well well good cholesterol and bad cholesterol both went down and it probably had something to do with the fact that at that point in time there was just less cholesterol being mobilized remember cholesterol is just a carrier for triglycerides cholesterol is not fat itself so cholesterol can just be all over the place it's not really.

The end-all be-all with all this so here's what's interesting though a loss of 5% body weight should produce a 3% to 5% reduction in LDL see in this study a 3% weight loss occurred with an 11% reduction in LDL C so even though the number of LDL that we saw seemed smaller in the grand scheme of things with the ratio of weight that was lost the.

Cholesterol improved significantly okay so we should have only seen a 3% to a 5% decrease in LDL cholesterol with the amount of weight what was lost but with this particular form we saw an 11% reduction this is really really good for those that are concerned about their cholesterol or if they're doctors so that quite frankly is probably why NPR.

Ended up putting this study out there okay now granted they didn't pay for the study they just put it out there you know on their network today because they're seeing something that's mainstream they would probably not do that with keto because keto we see changes in cholesterol too much but intermittent fasting clearly we saw a.

Pretty vast improvement which honestly could be totally random because I've seen it both ways anyhow let's go ahead a lot of this study was looking at this as an adjunct to statin therapy as well so this is really important to know so when they were looking at these subjects they had them on statins and they were trying to.

Figure out hey if we have these subjects on statins they had them on prescription drugs and then they go ahead and they ad intermittent fasting into the mix does it improve their results and obviously the study results were pretty phenomenal right so we saw that okay if we put subjects on statins we can improve the effectiveness of statins.

This is the kind of thing that we need okay let me let me talk about this for a second I know that I'm talking fast and I know I'm rambling a little bit but I just get excited about this stuff so you can see that they heat my eyes with this here's what's cool we can't get upset with the fact that they were doing this study as an adjunct to a pharmaceutical.

Drug why because we still have to accept the fact that the pharmaceutical industry has a lot of power okay so if the pharmaceutical industry has a lot of power and they're starting to say hey intermittent fasting could be a great way for you to eat along with our pharmaceuticals then we're in a really good spot because they're actually able.

To say hey use our compound whether you want to or not but do this dietary pattern with it that means we get more people doing intermittent fasting we get more people that eventually will wean themselves off of these things so I hope that you're seeing what I'm saying here it's not it's not like we want to side with the.

Pharmaceutical industry but we do want to be appreciative the fact that the pharmaceutical industry is recognizing intermittent fasting in some ways because these studies were probably put out by Pharma it's just the way it goes anyhow let's go ahead and let's continue on okay so the triglycerides so researchers stated that they were unsure.

Why they did not observe a change in triglycerides with time restrictive eating despite the significant weight loss achieved one possibility is that the effect of time restricted eating on triglycerides was blunted by the significant portion of participants taking statins 79% although it didn't limit our ability to detect significant.

Reductions in total cholesterol the point is I think there's another aspect of this that researchers didn't really talk about so statins can affect triglycerides and I know this is somewhat complex so I don't want to go too far into this but I think the bigger equation is that once again triglycerides are the mobilized fat so.

If we are fasting and we have a bunch of fat mobilized it's not uncommon for our triglycerides to temporarily go up but it also depends on how long ago we ate and what we ate so it's not apples to apples on this and it's not necessarily a bad thing for example with keto we see people's Colet all go up significantly when they first.

Start kitto because they're having more overall fat being mobilized in the cholesterol carries the fat so we might see the triglyceride kind of elevate to especially if they were eating higher amounts of fat but the statins play a role too anyhow it's not all that important here so I want to move on to some of the other things that they found.

With this study I'm going to take a quick second here and make sure that everybody's still here if you can comment where you're watching from if you just hopped on if you just joined this broadcast we're just talking about a really cool study from the journal Cell that NPR touted this morning and so it's just this is big news once again.

Because if we have NPR in our corner we have some really positive influence in our corner and that means that we have more people getting turned on intermittent fasting potentially the ketogenic diet but more so just understanding metabolic flexibility and how important this is so guys make sure you hit that share button make sure you.

Hit that like button we've got a thousand people on here but I notice we only have 350 likes I just appreciate if you hit that little thumbs up button hit that like button and I know I'm just diving right into this stuff and going full force into the science but what can I say quick break here really quick if you look down below in the description I.

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I don't know watch my content and occasionally buy some of the stuff that I talked about all right let's talk about blood pressure for a second so with this study they said they observe significant reductions in systolic and diastolic blood pressure okay so that a 4% improvement and an 8% improvement so a four percent improvement in systolic.

And an eight percent improvement in diastolic no real surprise there I think we all know that whenever we do any kind of intermittent fasting regimen we improve our blood pressure because what is driving our blood pressure more than anything sugar carbohydrates and water volume blood volume excuse me so when we have a higher blood volume.

Because we have more inflammation of course our blood pressure's going to be up so again it all depends on when they were taking their blood pressure but if there was in a fasted state you'll definitely see a decline but overall over 12 weeks that's a pretty impressive shift okay a 4% and a looks what was at 4% 80% yeah that's pretty phenomenal all.

Right so once again this mixed linear model showed no significant relationship between the change in weight and change in blood pressure again good news okay we didn't see means we're seeing different things and how do I explain this in a way where it doesn't sound weird normally when you look at studies you have these linear relationships.

Weight goes down blood pressure goes down weight goes down cholesterol goes down it's kind of like when you go to the doctor your doctor will say well just lose some weight well simply because it's a way for them to just say if you lose weight your problems will start to go away because you usually see this linear decrease or linear.

Progression or whatever the point was with this model they didn't see the same linear progression they saw cusps erratic behavior or erratic behavior in terms of their results although good results so their weight loss was great but it wasn't linear with how amazing their blood pressure results were and it wasn't linear with how amazing their.

Cholesterol results were and what that tells us is that there are a lot more benefits with the shorter term fasts than just the weight loss components we have an overall metabolic health you know point that we have to look at does that make sense to everybody it's really hard for me to kind of articulate that because unless you're spending a lot of.

Your time looking at studies all day you don't really see that so does that make sense all you have to do is say yes that makes sense and that way I can see where everyone's at so just go ahead and say that makes sense if that made sense okay we've already got people say that makes sense perfect okay cool awesome sorry guys.

That's the one thing with doing this live sometimes it goes a little slower because I want to make sure cool makes perfect sense all right Bert cool making sure that I'm not leaving anyone in the dust I want to make sure I know I get excited and I talk fast on these things all right now anyone ever get concerned with a fatty.

Liver this is something that everyone should be concerned with because there are no warning signs for it there are no real now other than diet no real genetic predispositions I've got my green tea here and so there's no warning signs so you can end up with a fatty liver and you don't start seeing symptoms until.

Scarring occurs and even worse like I can leave the cirrhosis right so metabolic syndrome is also associated with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and plasma levels of the liver transaminases in the liver only one participant had elevated levels of alt at baseline and their alts did not decrease at the 12-week intervention.

What that means for us is someone had a liver issue okay so let's do my head okay however within all participants research researchers observed a trend towards a reduction in alt 10% and 9% ast that is a huge reduction in liver enzymes so what does that tell us that means that the liver is not having to spend as much time detoxifying the body.

Why do you think this occurred okay anyone have any wild ideas what why did the liver not have to spend as much time detoxing when participants were doing 14 hour fasts I'm just I'm just curious can can anyone just comment what they think there's no right or wrong answer as far as the comment section goes I just I want to engage with everybody here.

Unless I'm eating good answer no food to process very good answer can joe 51 carbs to pressure up the liver no food no detox enzymes are off less food okay you guys are definitely you're all on the right track less going on we have less going on which is great but think about what's the one word it starts with an a that is always occurring when we're.

Fasting yes okay Jay Jay you said it first okay I'm sorry I'm sorry Lily you said it first technically etapa G okay because we are fasting we were giving the body an opportunity to detox at the cellular level via autophagy versus having to weigh down the liver okay so this is cool right I think it's cool I'm nerd out on this stuff maybe my life's.

Just boring I don't know but the point is is that rather than bombarding our liver and having to force our liver to detox we give the liver a break because our cells were able to do their own cellular rejuvenation or recycling if you want to call it that right they through autopsy so that's what's really cool so everyone's like oh yeah at the.

Top of Gog okay so that's why we probably saw those liver enzymes improve what does it have to do with the fatty liver well you're gonna see just an improvement in the liver function which therefore indicates that potentially a fatty liver improves without doing a liver biopsy on these guys they don't know where the fatty liver would have.

Really come from if they had one the fact is there was one subject that had elevated ALT at baseline and it didn't change that person probably should get checked because their alt was elevated already in a state elevator which means they might have some chronic issue going on glucose regulation I think this goes without saying researchers observe two.

Trends towards improvements in fasting glucose 5% improvement and fasting glucose and a 21 percent improvement in fasting insulin guess what you remember this right okay if you watch my videos all the time you know that when insulin is on glucagon it's gonna glucagon is off now when insulin is off glucagon is on does anyone know what happens when.

Glucagon is being pumped and insulin is off fat burning is occurring okay it allows at that point for hormone sensitive lipase to activate for lipolysis to occur and thus beta oxidation later on so what that simply means is that when we have influenza are lower we're 21 percent lower we're 21 percent closer to fat-burning so even.

Though we didn't lose 21 percent fat we're inching our way in giving our body essentially giving ourselves 21 percent closer to activating the fat-burning mechanisms I hope that that makes sense for everybody and guys if you guys are liking this let me know because I can do more stuff like this and they're the reason I say this is because this is.

Different for me to have a study that I haven't thoroughly researched and be used to be kind of talking through with you guys you guys are seeing a little bit more kind of a candid thing here because I got it in front of me I've looked at it for a little bit today but this is all pretty fresh so and it helps you understand some of these things so.

If you like this kind of stuff just say you like it is there's always going to be the haters and they're gonna say this is annoying this drags out this is boring blah blah blah blah but whatever it's my day it's your day if you want to be here then the sauce okay people love it so alright let's go ahead okay then it goes.

On to the follow-up and granted I broke this down the study it was pretty long so participants were not advised to continue time restrictive eating beyond the three-month intervention however to assess the rate of effective continuation of time restricted eating researchers contacted all nineteen participants after their completion of a.

Three-month tre intervention of the 19 participants surveyed 26.3 were still adherent it's a time restricted eating 36% reported doing tre part of the time so they started intermittent fasting randomly and in some cases using an eating window other than 10 hours ranging from 8 to 12 and then 36% were no longer doing tre so it was divided.

Into equal thirds so one-third just continued to do exactly what they're doing 14 hours of fasting pretty much every day the next group said yeah I actually started doing longer fasts but at different intervals not every day I just started maybe they started watching our Channel right and then the other group.

Just stopped doing it all together so only 1/3 stopped doing it now that tells us that we have a very very high affinity rate people were really really enjoying this so the big takeaway here was that the efficacy and adherence to the program was high which whenever you're looking at any kind of study that's a big thing okay you see that.

Okay this is something that people can manage to do by show of just comments how long have you been practicing intermittent fasting yeah I'm just curious I want to see this like how long have you been practicing I don't mean like literally how long today have you been fascinating how long have you been doing intermittent fasting.

Because I want to see this Rena Smith's asks a question with super chat will consuming collagen powder with the squeeze of lemon break a fast yes it will you want to wait until you're not fasting for that one year one month two weeks got it got a lot of newbies here this is great so you guys might have just discovered my channel and not all.

That long ago several months three months a lot of three months six months so you're gonna find as you continue with intermittent fasting that the results just get better and better and better as far as general health goes you might find the weight loss plateaus a little bit you have to mix things up but that quite frankly that's what my.

Channels for okay that's that's why you you hear all the things and sometimes they even sound conflicting because they're talking to people at different stages right so I encourage you just to keep it locked in here with that for months eight months six months three years Wow okay easily that's a long time very.

Cool three years 250 days someone's coming two days year-and-a-half wow this is awesome you guys hey um and I know this might annoy you guys but just so you know like I do have to pay bills and I do have overhead here so if you guys do get a chance if you're watching this live broadcast check out the link down below okay there's a link.

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Good because fasting is a very highly beta oxidative process okay you're utilizing aerobic energy sorry my phone's ringing make sure everything's okay spam risk see like the new iPhone says that that way I won't answer it let's go ahead and let's cut back over to this and a lot of people saying they like.

What your box I really appreciate that thank you guys thank you for you have to understand that like the sponsors mean the channel stays alive because of sponsors and sponsors your companies that I use so it's not doing anyone any harm it's it's just me just keeping this channel going okay so let's talk about the limitations of this study really.

Quick just now that we've talked about everything here so the limitations that were kind of we kind of came up with okay most participants were already taking stable doses of car you'd ask their medications okay 79 percent is 63 percent of the patients we're taking a statin and/or hypertensive therapy respectively suggesting that the.

Observed benefits of time restrictive eating were additive to the effects of these medications yeah but they've been taking statins for a while it's not like they just put them on statins and then put them on this diet the MCC smartphone app is designed to capture the timing of dietary intake from food consumed in free living.

Conditions but it does not ask for exact food portions or calorie estimates from the user so here's where we get a little bit tricky they weren't in a controlled environment they told them to just log their food and stuff like that the nice thing about this study is that they weren't trying to track their calories they.

Weren't putting one group on some calories and another group on another they said look at we don't really care how much you eat we want you to just go about your normal lifestyle but just eat during this normal just this window so could someone have cheated it and eaten outside of the window they probably could have but the fact that they all.

Saw these massive improvements and continued that lifestyle the chances are that they did it right while the calorie content may be retroactive li estimated from photo and I just kind of continues on so basically what we ultimately found here was that oh sorry it's there's some other stuff that we want to actually find here so.

There are some ending notes so the absence of a significant correlation between changes and weight and metabolic improvements raised the possibility that time restricted eating might have improved the efficacy of pharmacotherapy again what we're talking about here is the fact that this enhanced the pharmaceuticals that they were using.

Sounds bad because it's annoying because yes of course pharmaceuticals get roped into this stuff but it was great because now they are showing that now doctors might just say hey okay I don't know roughly how many people are on statins in the United States but it's alarmingly high very very high so what I'm getting at with this is that if we.

Have doctors that aren't necessarily nutritionally educated now coming forth and saying hey here's your statin okay but I recommend that you intermittent fast that is a huge step we should be happy about that we're not going to get doctors to stop prescribing statins we're not going to get them to stop prescribing drugs.

Because that is how everybody makes money in that world so it's not and there's plenty of people that need them the point is is that we are now in a very positive positive stage where we are actually studying different dietary patterns along with it so anyhow keep going here participants work and consistent their medication however.

Recent study suggested that the targets the majority of drugs used to treat metabolic syndrome including statins and antihypertensives can exhibit circadian rhythms sustaining a consistent daily rhythm and feeding and fasting may improve molecular rhythms and relevant pathways therefore it is possible the time restrictive eating helps to improve.

The circadian rhythm and that's improve the efficacy of the pharmacotherapy so they are actually finding that may be the biggest leader for why well actually this is kind of funny as I'm reading through this I'm realizing something so they're kind of concluding that the benefits of the intermittent fasting regimen with the.

Statins came from the fact that the intermittent fasting regulated their circadian rhythm that is really cool and I love the fact that it's regulating the circadian rhythm because we know that fasting does but they're saying that the benefits of the fast weren't we're really no one void there they're kind of saying if we read this again therefore.

It is possible that time restrictive eating helps to improve circuit ian's rhythms and thus improves the efficacy of pharmacotherapy anyone else kind of catching on I'm catching here I think might be throwing under the bus the fact that intermittent fasting is phenomenal for the health and has a lot of benefits and they're saying oh well improved the.

Circadian rhythm which therefore made the compound work better I beg to differ I think the intermittent fasting had a huge role on the blood test results and the circadian rhythm was just secondary I don't know does anyone else agree with me does that make sense just say agree if that makes sense or disagree I welcome the conversation here so I had a.

Couple questions came in and let's see super chat from Nick says go on Joe Rogan I'm try and he doesn't want me on the show for whatever reason I don't know dr. Rhonda Patrick says coffee breaks the faster to the fact that coffee is in a biotic liver enzymes and gut have to process it so yes that's a good question and I have a video coming.

Out that's talking about how coffee is amazing on fasting but the thing is is that coffee stimulates on top of G through some other mechanisms through ampk activation that is going to elevate the fast to a point that I think you would see more benefit so what I mean by that is that sure you have a little bit of liver activation there's antibiotic.

Effect when you get more out of the upregulation of AMPK so it's kind of like an apples to oranges kind of thing if you're really after more of a fat loss and just metabolic health piece then coffee is totally fine but if you're after more of like the longevity piece then yes you should keep it as close to water.

Super chats that came in someone so sorry to interrupt for a question Thomas new Kido guy two weeks 25 20 pounds down should I trust my measured of food amounts versus packaging claims I found discrepancies there's always going to be discrepancies you should always trust your own measurement because they can have like a 20% variance in the calories.

And everything like that on the label it can be scary the only way to truly get an accurate answer is to have what's called a bomb calorimeter which is a very expensive 40,000 dollar device that quite frankly we are kind of saving up to try to get so that we can start investigating our own calories and foods and do some cool videos with that so fun.

Fact a lot of people agreed on what I had said sorry there's another what about shift workers and Kido and I f what about supplements Yvonne I know you you paid 20 bucks for a super chat here and I appreciate that but I did just post a video that talks about shift work so just type in Tom's till hour shift work you'll find it.

What about supplements during a fast vitamin D take outside of your fast but on K outside of your fast dims sometimes take that again off your fasting period anyway so what we have to kind of recap here cuz so many people coming on and leaving and everything like that just a recap and I hope that you guys stay on here is that NPR talked about today this.

Study that was published in journal Cell this study is pretty new but not that new but the cool thing is we don't know if there's funding from some fun a pharmaceutical company some statin company on this cuz there's definitely a lot of statin talk in this paper but again hearing it on NPR and hearing that there is positive light coming from.

Intermittent fasting outside of just kind of a celebrity ecosystem is really great because I think up until now the only stuff that we see in the media with intermittent fasting is Jillian Michaels either well three months ago saying it was good and now saying it was bad or we see celebrities you know tearing all Terry Crews all these guys are it's like.

Oh I lost all this weight within been fasting I feel great it's my lifestyle that's not what we're really after David asked a good question because do you have to pay money to read these new journal articles it depends a lot of times when they're new yes you do have to have access and you do have to pay money granted I mean remember we're in.

Business and that's an operating expense for us so we definitely do pay for the right studies to have access to them so that's what kind of the benefits you get from this channel right is we have access to some of these newer studies that other people can't always talk about but sometimes they release it sooner but a.

Lot of things you can at least get the app what's called the abstract where you get just the basics and the kind of the final result of the study let's see you guys alright so we'll probably have to wrap this up national propaganda radio it's right in VR I will say you know generally NPR is fairly even-keeled but yeah it's it's.

All propaganda at the end of the day guys I'm gonna have to wrap this up here in just a minute but I do want to ask you one more time after this is done if you can check out the link at least check it out and see if put your box is something that might work for you I've got some really cool videos coming out this week I've got some more on fasting.

I've got some more surrounding travel season like if you want to know what to eat when you're traveling for the holidays and things like that things that I would normally bring in my bag anyhow we'll have a whole lot of fun for it yeah I don't think this one's on ResearchGate we had to actually dig a little bit.

Deeper to find this all right you guys if someone asked one more super chat says does c4 rip the break-up fast I would abstain from taking pre workouts while you're fasting could we get one last round of thumbs up and hit that like button one more time around because we had a lot of people on this broadcast but I think I rambled so I know I didn't.

Get a chance to kind of if you guys up to hit that like button hit that thumbs up button what would really really really appreciate it just that we can get some good traction and please make sure you turn that little bell icon on so that you can never miss a beat and always see my videos by the way I want to say something really funny kind of.

Melodramatic for a second a few weeks ago a couple weeks ago I posted a little like story thing you know the little thing to do with your phone or whatever which is totally not my normal style I did that on YouTube and I was talking about the gang changers documentary a little bit and I looked like paler than a baby see of course I was like my eyes.

Were sunken I had circles under my eyes eyes like tired as heck and I got destroyed by predominantly the vegan community because that that little clip went out there like this guy looks so unhealthy he's so pale is he's so gone his eyes are sucked in he has circles well okay this is some of the reasons why it's tough to do the kind of things.

That I do first of all I can't have one bad day so I just thought this was kind funny was kind of venting and it was funny because I had just sat in the sauna for like thirty minutes so I was completely pale because I had sat in the sauna Tommy my my son hasn't slept the last three nights prior to that because he was sick and I looked like crap and I.

Probably shouldn't have posted a little selfie video but I did and it was funny how much I got destroyed I don't want to fellow health advice from this guy he's pale he looks he looks like the point is is like guys I am human and you were going to see sometimes when I post videos I have circles under my eyes today not too bad but I have a toddler I.

Have a pregnant wife I'm human and I also get sick so sometimes in my videos you might hear my nasal congestion so my point is it cut me a little bit of slack and know that I'm human and that's what makes everything so cool about what we're doing I get tired too my joints hurt sometimes I'm human but it's also how I learn and that's how I learned.

Different dietary tricks to solve my issues because remember I had years of being 300 pounds and years of beating the heck out of my body with poor food just poor overall sleep hygiene poor hydration poor lifestyle high stress sedentary I have years of that so I have a lot of making up to do and I still feel the pain from that so I'm sorry if.

Sometimes I don't look perfect but the point is is I'm here to try to do this to help you guys so you don't have to go through the same stuff that I went through or you can at least follow in my footsteps and get better anyhow that's just being a little bit honest with you you guys are awesome make sure make sure make sure you turn.

It on those notifications and make sure you check out put your box down below in the description I will see you guys soon thanks for hopping on and thanks for checking out this study
Intermittent Fasting Makes it on NPR! We're making Progress! [Live stream]
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