Intermittent Fasting & Ketosis: Live Q&A – Common Misconceptions

Intermittent Fasting & Ketosis: Live Q&A – Common Misconceptions

Intermittent Fasting & Ketosis: Live Q&A – Common Misconceptions

Check out the video on Intermittent Fasting & Ketosis: Live Q&A – Common Misconceptions.
What's going on everybody it's Thomas de Lauer it's Friday evening and we're live here with YouTube and today I want to talk about some of the common misconceptions that are associated not only with intermittent fasting but also with ketosis but these are going to apply to a lot of different things okay they're not just going to apply to.

Ketosis they're not just going to apply to fasting these are common misnomers quite honestly about dieting in general and I think if we have a solid understanding of what I'm about to discuss it'll help us out a lot so as always I love giving a lot of engagement in these videos and I love seeing how many people hop on here on.

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As possible that way I can start talking about the science once I know we've got a good amount of people here man we have a lot of people today this is great what's going on and galette why Gillette Wyoming what's going on in New York City what's going on in Logan Texas Melbourne Australia Derek glad is here that you're caught.

The live I'm glad you're getting it Australia in the house Jacksonville I'm glad you survived irma Troy in Utah what's going on Dallas Texas Panama Australia North Hollywood Riverside in the house I'm up here in Thousand Oaks California and guys I want to make sure we get a lot of people on this broadcast but I do have some really.

Exciting stuff to show you I am in case you haven't noticed in a awesome new studio kitchen this is my new home thanks to YouTube now I'm able to really create a lot of amazing content so anyway I want to get going on the science here and then I'm going to stop intermittently like I do in these live broadcasts to answer some questions and.

To try to get as just overall involvement and just engagement and interaction with you as I possibly can in order to make that possible I do ask that you ask questions although I'm gonna tell you right now with these live broadcasts sometimes the comments go so fast I certainly cannot answer all the questions but I do my.

Best and that way if you do post them up they give me video and ideas for the future but anyway let's get down to the science what I want to talk about today are a couple common miss below my phone just did some weird stuff sorry about that guys hang on bear with me there we go okay I was holding a gimbal and I just.

Decided to just totally crap out on me for a second so when we're talking about these common misconceptions the first thing I want to talk about is looking at your diet from a different angle looking at your diet looking at your fasting and looking at ketosis from a whole different ballgame when it comes to calories so here's the.

Thing I want you to look at things like this we are told that we need to be consuming a certain number of calories per day we're always told that you know our basal metabolic rate is the end-all-be-all we need to consume 2,000 calories or 2,500 or 3,000 4,000 5 whatever we're always told to focus on this one number this number that we need.

To focus on day in and day out well let me tell you why you should not be focusing on that number day-in and day-out okay I will be the first to tell you that ketosis or excuse me that that calories are important and calories in versus calories out do play a part and it's very very important but what we do.

Have to remember is that at the end of the day our bodies don't necessarily know how long 24 hours is other than the fact that we have our circadian rhythm and my body's kind of understand that our bodies don't understand a certain segment of time only we do from a cognitive standpoint we know what 24 hours is because the Sun sets the moon.

Sets all of that we know what it is but our bodies don't so what am I saying when it comes to fasting well I'm saying what you can when it comes to fasting is you don't want to be freaking out because you're not consuming X number of calories in a given day because at the end of all of it we need to back up and we need to take a look at how many.

Calories were consuming to scale over the course of a week or even a month because it does matter when you look at it like that it absolutely does and what we need to constantly be paying attention to is the fact that calories consumed over the course of a week are just as important as calories consumed over the course of.

A day so whether that means you consume 1,000 calories today 3,000 calories tomorrow and then get back on your average of 2,000 net-net at the end of the week when you back up the scale you are still in the same position and that is where fasting really makes a lot of sense right because at the end of the week your.

Calories could still be right where they need to be but you're not putting yourself in this constant state of glucagon and insulin spikes where you're not burning fat you're not getting an amazing shape now I'm gonna pause for one second who's got a lot of people joining in here if you can please comment where you're watching from but.

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Came through thank you guys very very much Londyn what's going on Seattle Ohio Buffalo New York Florida San Diego Boston we got Portugal we got Berlin Germany you guys are super awesome Tokyo what's going on we've got Australia we've got Iowa Pittsburgh Boston Santa Cruz UK Chicago.

– Nicola Cascadia New York's UK Salt Lake City Vancouver Branson Florida the moon Sabrina and Rhode Island you guys are so amazing thank you guys and if you can invite some people to join this broadcast get some people on here so we can get a great great great conversation going I've got about 20 minutes that I can spend with you guys.

Here today and I really want to make it happen I want to make some good stuff so okay what I just touched on just to recap for those of you that just joined in I'm just gonna spend a second talking about what I just touched on that was the fact then you need to start looking at your dieting and your fasting and your ketosis as how many calories you.

Consume over the course of a week stop counting how many you should be consuming over the course of a day it's gonna mess with your head there was a recent study that actually took a look at this and proved the those that look at their calories over the course of a week lost 22% more weight than those that look at their.

Calories on a daily basis so looking at your calories on a daily basis just messes with your head so that way one day you can consume 500 the next day you can consume 4,000 whatever the fact is your body doesn't know what a day is so don't worry about that okay that's the first thing that I wanted to clear up because everyone comes to me and they.

Say Thomas I'm gonna waste away or Thomas I'm not gonna be able to do what I want to do because I'm only consuming so many calories in a day that's frickin nonsense okay it's one dang day I almost cursed there it's one freaking day okay you're gonna make that up and the benefits that end up arising from the fact that you get all these hormonal.

Benefits when you're fasting far supersede far override any nonsensical slight loss of muscle that you may barely see by being in a fasting state for one dang day so yet at the end of the week your calories net net are still where they would ordinarily be on your normal trajectory for a deficit then you're fine all you're doing is.

Consolidating now does this cause uh does this stand true for like an extreme case like someone says well what about looking at the scale for a year what if I wanted to fast for a year and then just eat double the calories over the course of the next year okay well you have a good argument there that may not work I'd say the most you want to look.

At this is over the course of a week okay because yes if you were to record yourself for a month and then starve yourself for a month that's not exactly a healthy swing you want to be going about so anyway let's go ahead and let's talk about something else that has to do with ketosis and fasting and that is the comment that people are always afraid.

They're going to lose or lose muscle or slow down their metabolism and I have to address this I'm gonna reference some science because it's extremely important to talk about but real quick we have a ton of people on this thing I think this is the most successful YouTube live I've ever done so huge thank you to you guys you guys are.

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Subscribers see it if I want to be able to continue to produce good content I do need to make sure that I get good engagement and I just ask I don't really ask for a lot of subscribers that's not my big thing I care more about engagement and making sure that I'm talking to you guys and that you guys are seeing my stuff and I.

Also want to make sure you're turning on notifications so that when I do go live you can hop on ok so now let's talk about the fear of losing muscle the fear of wasting away in the fear of slowing down your metabolism when you're in ketosis or when you're fasting here's the thing that I have to set straight that is super super important to know ok.

And if you don't know this you're gonna know it now and it's gonna change how you look at everything related to dieting your body is always going to break down protein and muscle it just is it's metabolically expensive for your body to carry muscle period that's just the way it is but also your body is always going to use glucose doesn't.

Matter if your ketosis is doesn't matter if you're fasting your brain requires a certain level of glucose so you will always have ketosis I mean you see they always have glucose in your bloodstream you'll always be using it 100% no matter what about 18 percent of your total energy requirements require glucose so that means whether or not you're.

Consuming carbohydrates or whether or not you are freakin fasting ladies and gentlemen your body is finding a way to create glucose and it's gonna do that by breaking down proteins or it's gonna do it from any kind of etaf adji or cell recycling or anything like that it does it and it does that by breaking down muscle tissue it does it by breaking.

Down connective tissue ligaments tendons does it by breaking down even old bone it ends up breaking down so much recycling it and using it as a new source of fuel protein that's converted into sugars through gluconeogenesis and therefore your brain has fuel your body has fuel so when you're fasting the question is are you going to brill build.

Your we burn your muscle are you going to burn your tendons are you going to burn things 100% ladies and gentlemen 100% I'm not gonna lie to you you will but you're going to be recycling the old wasted ones first if you think that you're tangibly using your biceps tangibly using your quads.

And then your body's just gonna sacrifice those you're mistaken because your body's gonna preserve what you're using it's going to recycle and utilize and eat and consume what is old wasteful and not efficient for the body so that means old connective tissue that you're not using that means muscle that you're not using it's going to recycle that.

That is a good thing and that's the beauty of fasting and that's what makes it so freakin amazing because it allows you to actually recycle that old crap and use it for what you need to be using it for energy during your fasting state so you can continue to burn fat feel your best so you can see I get a little bit of passionate about that because the.

Trolls are constantly hitting me with that constantly my inbox is flooded day in and day out with people saying that I'm and complete idiot because I'm telling people things that are gonna make them lose their muscle and make them get fat well these are usually coming from internet trolls that don't exactly look the part and don't do the.

Research that I do so I have to be totally diligent when I talk about this anyway end rant for just a minute we have so many people on this broadcast can I ask everyone to once again just comment where you're watching from really quick I'm going to stare at the comments for one second and try to say hello to as many friggin people as I.

Possibly can so let's let it roll comment where you're watching from Georgina what's going on Morocco in the house Winter Haven Iowa Pennsylvania Montreal what's going on we've got herbed we've got Miami Florida San Antonio Argentina West Virginia st. Louis North Carolina Atlanta Idaho Canada Marlboro New York Wow Toronto New.

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Guerry Michigan Honduras holy cow I feel like an auctioneer I think I have another career as an auctioneer so now as I've got a ton of people on here really quick I want to take a brief intermission and show you something that I'm very very proud of okay I like you to see the new kitchen studio so this is where we'll be filming a lot.

Of content from here on out you'll be seeing all kinds of amazing content coming from the kitchen studio live here in my awesome new studio and you'll be seeing in this area very very soon the part that's kind of empty behind me big ol space be building out a really really cool gym so I can actually start bringing you workout content now I don't.

Necessarily want to be like every other YouTube Fitness person health person that's out there and just bring all kinds of just random Fitness content I want to start showing you things that really matter things that you'll be able to couple with what I teach you in the kitchen so that I can teach you stuff in the gym so I can teach you stuff about.

Working out about posture about health about the things that you need to do to actually be the best possible person you can be so if you guys are interested in workout content and fitness content and health content from that perspective let me know if you're excited about the gym all I need you to do is comment the word gym g ym okay that way I know you're.

Excited about that content cuz I like to hear from you guys and what kind of content you want to see if you guys are interested in me teaching you a little bit more about how you can work out the right way not just nonsensical bodybuilding nonsense I want to hear it you guys are awesome I'm so happy to see this because I really do listen to you.

Guys and that's exactly why I'm doing this broadcast I love being able to talk with you guys and be able to see what you guys want to see because I you know up until now I only do nutrition content now what about cooking content do you guys want to see me do some cooking content too if you want to see gym and cooking content you can type both I'd.

Love to see you know if you want to see more recipes things like that I've got the goods to do it look at this beautiful stove everything everything functioning here everything is great lots of people saying cooking okay great and I can do live cooking videos this is gonna be so exciting so I'm super super stoked.

Sidenote speaking about cooking I'm gonna be on the Hallmark Channel cooking cauliflower crust pizza next week so I want to make sure that you guys check that out I'll make sure to send you guys Minor before I do it okay so now I need to get who you guys are awesome there's I cannot believe how many people want to see workout content this is gonna be.

Great I'm gonna definitely need your support when I do that because the YouTube space when it comes to workout content is extremely competitive so I want to make sure that you guys are when I post those kind of videos that you guys are liking them that you guys are enjoying them you're commenting on them and you're giving me feedback.

You guys are awesome look at all these comments okay I'm gonna get back to the science and then I'm gonna go answer three questions that come up so I want you to think about your questions and let me talk about one more thing here really quick and everyone that's here please hit that like button really quick just so we can get the get those likes.

Up as much as we can I'd like to see the likes over a thousand by the end of this video anyway this next thing I want to talk about I had an amazing doctor in my office today dr. Joe Anderson he's a PhD in chemical engineering believe it or not but his background is really in ketosis and his background is in clinical basically he's.

Done a lot of he's published she published over 40 peer-reviewed journals or articles in the world of pulmonary science and this is really really really really interesting stuff one of the things we talked about today was does thermodynamics really matter if you're in a state like ketosis does calories in versus calories out really matter.

Anymore if you're in a fat adapted or fat burning state like in ketosis well here's the thing and this is what we talked about it's yes okay it's always going to matter thermodynamics always apply calories in versus calories out some people say that I'm an idiot because I talk about ketosis and I imply sometimes I guess inadvertently that.

Through ketosis you can eat as much as you want not true at all that's definitely not the case okay you still can get fat when you're in ketosis you still can overeat absolutely 100% but here's the thing not all calories are created equal they are simply not and any person that tells you that is the case is completely wrong let me.

Explain something and hopefully this makes a lot of sense and I'm gonna ask for affirmation that you guys understand what I'm saying when I because I do want to make sure you're following me so as I'm saying this if you don't mind if it makes sense just say I understand you can just type the words I understand I want to make sure.

People are following me if you have a calorie that comes in from sugar versus a calorie that comes in from regular fats versus another calorie that comes in from say MC Tila how on earth can you say that those calories are going to still apply to the same exact bottom line of what you're after when an MC T is going to elicit a.

Fat-burning response then MC T is going to absolutely trigger a hormonal cascade later on down the line whereas a sugar calorie is going to put you in an inflammatory State shut off fat-burning shut down hormone function and throw you off from an endocrinology standpoint now how on earth can we say that calories in versus calories out use all that applies.

And that a calorie is a calorie when one calorie from MCT does a completely different thing six hours later then a sugar calorie does six hours later sure at that very moment is a damn calorie but six hours later that calorie could have elicited and was a catalyst for an entirely different damn thing so if I have to get in an argument with another.

Fitness guru online about this I'm going to lose my mind because yes thermodynamics apply you have to have less calories consumed than you are burning in order to lose weight but that does not mean that one route is easier than the other so Karen says say it louder for the people in the back I don't know if.

That's sarcasm or if you're playing along with me or if you're being rude I don't know but everyone says that they understand so I think that it makes a lot of sense I think people are getting it and a calorie is not always a calorie but at the end of the day we do need to still remember that thermodynamic supply now.

When you are in a calorie deficit does ketosis or this fasting cause you to have a positive effect does it cause a more beneficial effect yeah of course it does because your fat adapted but not everyone chooses to believe that and I'm not saying that ketosis our fasting is better than one thing or the other.

And I'm definitely not saying that one diet is better than any other diet I'm just saying that we do have to look at everything as a whole anyway Keifer doe if you say it should be common sense it absolutely should be whoops hang on guys there we go my almost lost my gimbal is just not having a good day today it keeps on dropping.

Everything anyway you guys let's go ahead and make sure since we got so many more people on here can everyone that's here really quick hit that like button again I know I have more people here that haven't hit the thumbs-up button and that really helps me out a lot I want to get as many as you possibly can and I'm gonna go ahead and I'm going to.

Turn over to Q&A here in just a minute so if someone has a great question and I miss it I deeply apologize you have to remember there's a lot of comments and I'm gonna try to do these as much as I possibly can so that I get a chance to answer your questions but I saw a good question that just came in hang on okay someone says you would once suggested.

Intermittent fasting for only 3 to 4 days per week but I'm combining intermittent fasting with a keto diet should I also limit this diet to 3 to 4 days per week or should I carb up on Sundays that's a tremendously good question here's the thing with intermittent fasting it should always be intermittent ok so never should you.

Really fast every day unless you're extremely seasoned and I've talked about this before will I fast every day from time to time yeah I'll do some consecutive days but I've also been doing it for years and I know what to do ok so in it response to your question you're combining fasting with ketosis ultimately getting the best of both.

Worlds right how often should you read is really your question well it's gonna depend on how hard your training is to depend on a couple a couple of different things but what you really want to be focusing on is when you do refeed that you're not spiking your insulin because here's the thing yeah you're gonna reload and you're gonna kick yourself.

Out of keto by having some carbs and that's one thing but don't destroy your insulin sensitivity in the process if you ask me the biggest benefit of ketosis is the biggest benefit of fasting comes from the insulin sensitivity that comes with it it means that when you do finally consume carbs you don't need much to elicit a positive.

Response you don't need much to get nutritional uptake so don't spoil your carbohydrates by having just total garbage what I want you to do is refeed like every seven to ten days after your fasting at the end of your fasting period and refeed with students like and i don't care about lectins okay I'm not gonna talk about that right now.

Refeed with some things like chickpeas maybe some black beans maybe even some refried black beans so easier to digest some Cabo just squash some butternut squash extremely low glycemic stuff and that's what I want you to refeed with okay then that way a lot of it isn't even it's gonna be so slow that you're gonna be fat adapted by the time you're.

Done digesting those carbohydrates you're not gonna absorb all of it your body's just gonna excrete I hope that that answers your question let's go ahead and I want to answer a couple more questions someone says if let's see here we go that was a good one hang on so I have to scroll here this is they don't make it.

Too easy to see questions I'm trying to scroll it back hang on actually super good questions today high intensity athlete do keto or is it good to have cars began a ball are for the anaerobic effect that's a super good question and it seems so simple right but here's the thing you know I I consider myself a high.

Intensity athlete I consider myself a high performance athlete just for how much I train and what I do and yeah you will definitely notice a decline in your performance when you're fasting or when you're in ketosis but it all depends on what your goal is is your goal fat loss or is your goal to become a more of a performance athlete you really have to.

Look at that because it makes a big difference I'll tell you between you me and the wall everybody I've been out of ketosis for about the last four or five weeks and I've done this for a particular reason because I like to reset myself and make sure that I'm still getting the benefits of ketosis when I go back in and I'll tell you what.

I found I found that my strength and my stamina and the gym is up and I found that I look really good to an extent because it ends up happening is that after about four or five weeks of being out of ketosis and back on carbs your insulin sensitivity decreases and you end up being back at square one.

Where you're just not getting the response anymore so my suggestion is to you to do ketosis for two out of three months and then come out of keto for about one month reload your glycogen and really focus on your performance and your strength gains during that point in time and then focus on your health focus on your longevity and focus on your.

Ketosis during those other two months because the benefits of ketosis is really kicking in after a few weeks so you want to make sure that you're not like totally refeeding constantly and I hope that hope that that makes a lot of sense and that that answers your question man when the but when does the body burn fat on its own body fat so.

That a dietary fat when you're in ketosis well it all has to do with the digestion so remember when we look at fats like MCTS they break down fast they bypass the liver they're utilized quickly for energy which means they're evacuated from the system earlier they also increase intestinal motility which means.

That they're going to bypass a lot of things and they're gonna allow things to just move through the system which means you're going to spark your body to burn fat faster and it's going to switch over to using dietary or body fat faster from dietary fat I hope that that makes sense so basically it all depends on the fat but generally speaking about two hours.

So if you were to consume a high fat meal and spike yourself to basically have dietary fats and be in a state of ketosis to take about two hours before your body's through those and starts burning body fat the whole goal here is everybody is we're trying to get our bodies adapted to utilize fats as a source of fuel so that when we do.

Deprive ourselves of calories the preferential source of fuel is fats when your body is given the option to utilize glucose or fats it's going to use glucose and if it's conditioned to use glucose it's going to continue to use glucose all the time if we condition it to use fats then when we deprive ourselves of fats and only then does our.

Body use its stores I hope that that makes us sense makes some sense for you guys hey guys can you do me a quick favor again if you're just joining in here comment where you're watching from broccoli you can definitely up Drock me on ketosis I'd love to hear where you're watching from new braunfels what's going on guys I know we've got a lot of people.

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Time I'm sorry about that guys and I need to know that it's really working and that you guys are getting something out of it so someone asked if I stay in my current shape year-round I absolutely do that's honestly how I get to do what I get to do let me show you guys something really cool I was just I'm in my new studio kitchen by the way this.

Just for those of you that just joined in it's a new office with the studio kitchen I'm gonna take you into my office for a second and give you a little sneak peek into my life for just one second here so this is my actual office my office is it's here I think you guys will like this check this up they actually had.

These at Costco check this out it's a big old desk that works as a stand-up desk right it's pretty cool right so I can be working standing up doing everything but a lot of you guys haven't seen this see him at least in the flesh I was going through his cleaning some stuff up and I came through a lot of my old magazines like there's there's one.

One of my old magazine covers and my pups this was my first ever one I don't know if you guys agree with me but this is what I used to look like when I first got into the fitness industry way too big way too bulky not what I want to be like anymore you know that I've ghusl my old features my old muscle and muscle and fitness features so this is really.

Kind of cool is cool to see that some some people had asked they've seen this in videos that's my dad my dad passed away in February so still still keep his picture up just because it it's just good to see him you know it's just good to be able to good to look over and still see my dad I think he'd be proud of everything that doing right now.

Anyway just what's it Wow this gimbal is killing me today guys I just wanted to be able to get a chance to show you guys the new studio and everything like that I do have to go ahead and sign off here you guys have been really really great you know Sebastian you keep asking what's my trick to get from 12 to 7 percent consistency at that point in.

Time my friend you know because what happens is once you're under 12 percent everything starts to really really really really depend on consistency and every little iota that you mess up after you're at you know see 12 10 percent has an enhanced affect negatively on your body so you guys are super amazing before I go while I'm looking at.

Comments and everything what are a couple of ketosis and intermittent fasting topics that you would love to see me do what's some science you'd like to see so that I can see that really fast I'd love to just get an idea so okay I'm gonna wait for a couple someone says what nuts to eat you know I actually just produced a video on that.

So you guys can see that ketosis and sleep that's a good one ketosis ball that's a good ketosis in kids this is actually great breaking ketosis timing of fasting plateaus while intermittent fasting yeah breaking plateaus while ketosis and breaking Plato's well fasting that's a tremendous idea more recipes a lot of.

People say keto bulk in keto cycling ketosis and cholesterol did a video on that already keto I really like the keto bulking idea that's a great one and I also like the ketosis of sleep and I also like the ketosis and intermittent fasting plateaus these are all great ideas bloating got a great video coming up on that I just recorded yesterday on.

Facial bloat versus stomach bloat what's the difference and how do you fix them keto workouts yes that's gonna be a really really good one and just so you guys know for those of you that just joined in I'm building out a gym behind me very very cool gym not a musclehead bodybuilding Salle gym it's gonna be much more of a functional gym.

So I can show you the kind of things that I do to stay in good shape and a lot of people okay only because people keep asking so for an ab check I'm not this kind of person usually but fine I'll show you guys real quick just so you know yes I'm still in shape okay yes they're still apps okay now that's not my style I like to remain humble.

That's why I'm wearing a long-sleeve shirt so at the end of the day let's just turn that off that's not the stuff yes someone says puppy cult go say hi go to me come here what are you doing he's there that is a toy Australian Shepherd he's cold I've had him he's super shy cool everybody cool okay.

Come see that's cool he's a good guy cool hey come on don't be shy he's whining in a little bit you guys are amazing anyway I'm gonna leave you guys with Colt to say goodbye one last round of thumbs ups and I'm gonna read through these comments later I love doing these live feeds I just want to.

Make sure that I'm reaching enough people when I do them so you guys have a wonderful wonderful weekend enjoy some stellar content that's gonna come out next week you guys are super awesome I love you all you guys are so much better than so many like followers I've had years before that we're only in for just pictures with my shirt off I.

Mean I love the fact that you guys love the content so thank you for making this possible my new studio possible you guys are amazing I will see you all very soon
Intermittent Fasting & Ketosis: Live Q&A - Common Misconceptions
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