Intermittent Fasting Diet Explained – LIVE QUESTION AND ANSWER w/ Thomas DeLauer

Intermittent Fasting Diet Explained – LIVE QUESTION AND ANSWER w/ Thomas DeLauer

Intermittent Fasting Diet Explained – LIVE QUESTION AND ANSWER w/ Thomas DeLauer

Check out the video on Intermittent Fasting Diet Explained – LIVE QUESTION AND ANSWER w/ Thomas DeLauer.
Intermittent fasting all right everybody is always always loving the videos that I'm doing on intermittent fasting so I figure what the heck let's do a live broadcast let's address some of the questions let's get down to the nitty-gritty let's get to the bottom of this and let's really try to answer some questions so here I am live on a Tuesday.

Evening the sun blaring in the side of my face waiting for an audience to build so if you are just hopping on I do have one favor to ask of you and that's that you invite as many people as possible we got Danny what's going on good to see you we've got dick what's going on my man we've got man we've got a lot of people.

Make sure that you comment where you're watching from that way I can say hello and do my best so I need you all to hit that thumbs up button so that YouTube sees that this is good content and we can get as many people on here so we can start answering some questions about intermittent fasting I've got a ton of people dr. Brule Kevin what's going on.

Sammy Kevin in Dayton Ohio we've got Jody we got foster in Orlando Florida we got Denver Texas Texas Mississippi New York City Simi Valley California we got San Diego Newfoundland Canada Denver intermittent fasting you've lost 30 pounds awesome thanks for saying this is an awesome Channel super appreciate that.

Guys this is so much fun to hop on here and do these live broadcasts and I feel like it's a way for me to hop on here and really touch a lot of lives and answer some questions so you guys know that the knowledge is legit and then I can help you out in any way possible Oaktown California Massachusetts Greg Leonardo in San Marino Palmdale.

California we've got Seattle Washington we've got Mont Monique and Indiana we've got Lou Toro what's going on Barbados in the house Brazil Seattle Houston India Maui Saudi Arabia Frederick San Antonio man you guys are amazing I can't tell you how awesome it is to be able to hop on here and have hundreds of people live this is like the.

Best thing ever so keep the comments coming keep on commenting where you're watching from we're gonna get down to some science so I'm gonna start this off just by giving my overall breakdown on intermittent fasting just the high-level view of it since you guys are always seeing my videos talking about specific intricacies of intermittent fast.

And you don't always get the full-blown really the full explanation of it and I feel like you deserve it because this is a broad overview it's going to allow me to answer some questions so intermittent fasting what is it what is the root of it okay when we look at fasting we have to remember that the ultimate reason for fasting isn't simply because we're.

Trying to reduce calories it isn't simply because we're trying to you know consolidate our food to one specific time that's such a broad way of looking at it what we're really doing is we're really tapping into our body's unique hormonal mechanisms to really utilize fuel when it's consumed simply because we've gone an extended period of time of.

Not eating so what is what do I really mean by that well once you are fasting for 16 18 hours hormones shifts in your body occur that change everything and I want you to really change the way that you're looking at intermittent fasting all together okay I want to change the way that you look at this because it's not as simple as just fasting for 16.

Hours and then eating for a or fasting for 18 hours and eating for 6 ok what happens is very very similar to ketosis and people don't always realize that that I've done a lot of videos on ketosis and I've done a lot of videos on intermittent fasting but at the end of the day the overall hormone shift that's happening your body the overall ketone.

Bodies that your body's utilizing as a source of fuel the beta hydroxy butyrate the acetoacetate the acetone they're all the same so we're getting that same benefit of intermittent fasting that we normally get from ketosis so I don't want you to think that the benefit from intermittent fasting is simply coming because you're not eating enough food or.

You're not eating enough calories and you're just gonna lose weight that way no no no the benefit comes from the hormone shift that occurs as and how I really want to explain this is simply by saying if you're going to go on and you're gonna fast for 16 hours by the end of that 16 hour fast you have such a massive increase in beta-hydroxybutyrate.

Such a massive increase in insulin sensitivity that at that point in time you're burning fat where the magic is really going to happen is when you break your fast okay when you actually start consuming the nutrients that you need to consume that break your fast because now your body is sensitive now your body is able to take.

In what you're consuming and truly utilize it to the best of its abilities okay normally our bodies are producing so many hormones simply because we're eating okay we're constantly producing insulin because we're eating all the time but when you're fasting your body gets sort of a hormonal reset and when you do eat you get a big surge in.

Hormones so we're capitalizing on that okay now I want to make sure that I am gonna be answering some questions that's really the purpose of this I could go into a lot of detail about fasting in so many different ways I've done videos talking about why you should even break a fast I've talked about everything but I want to okay someone asked a good.

Question this one's been coming up a lot Andrew you asked an apple cider vinegar breaks a fast the question is coming up constantly the simple fact is technically it would break a fast if you were looking at it from the side of yes it does have a metabolic effect but does it trigger insulin does it break your fast that way no it does not so as far.

As I am concerned I am okay with apple cider vinegar during a fasting period it looks like a up horns doesn't it see so that's my take on it so if you're gonna do some water in the morning with a little bit of apple cider vinegar maybe a little bit of stevia a little bit of Himalayan salt that would be something really really really good okay you're.

Not gonna break your fast that way if you were to add branched chain amino acids to it then you're breaking your fast um guys I do want to make sure we had a lot of people on this video so if you can make sure you hit that thumbs up button what that does is it actually helps the algorithm it helps YouTube know that I'm doing good content helps.

YouTube know that this is true content it's not a bot it's not phony content that's just clickbait everything like that so if you can that just shows that there's good engagement so I really appreciate if everyone that's on here right now either invite their friends give this a Shere Khan where they're watching from but most of all just get a.

Big ol thumbs up right now so someone asked what my take is on uphill walking win fasted super good question and it goes a little bit deeper than just uphill walking ok cardio in general when you were in a fasted state is extremely beneficial once you are in a fast state you want to be doing lower-intensity grinding cardio okay.

That's the kind that you just mentioned uphill walking walking on a treadmill on an incline going for a nice walk that's the cool thing that's what I love the most about fasting okay I'm deep down I'm a heart charger I like to work hard but I also like to be able to know that things are working for me in the background and intermittent.

Fasting allows things to work for you in the background and what I mean by that is you can go about your daily life you can do Zumba classes you can do some low intensity stuff you can go for a walk you can go for a hike but because of the background burn that's going on in your body you're gonna get a lot more of an effect I don't recommend that you go.

Crazy and you try pushing your limits while you're fasting it's just not necessary you simply don't need to be doing that because well your body's already in this amazing metabolic state and remember you're going through beta-oxidation most of the time beta oxidation means that your body is utilizing fats as a source of fuel okay.

So when that happens you're gonna perform better with lower intensity cardio than you are with a high intensity cardio simply because the amount of time it takes your body to utilize fat as a source of fuel like when you're actually burning it it's quite a bit longer it's more of an aerobic metabolism we have aerobic.

Versus anaerobic aerobic is everything like when you're jogging or when you're going for a walk or when you're using just literally oxygen as your source of energy an aerobic is the second you start pushing really hard you start lifting weights things like that okay those things require carbohydrates but slower lower intensity that requires fat.

And if you are in an intermittent fasting state then you are in good shape okay so someone asks yeah Kino body fasts and recommends eating carbs so there's two takes on this I am NOT opposed to having carbs if you're intermittent fasting okay it doesn't mean that you have to be following a ketogenic lifestyle I'm a big fan of.

Combining ketosis and intermittent fasting why because intermittent fasting already takes you 90% of the way there you're already getting into ketosis while you're fasting if you're doing it right so that's phenomenal if we capitalize on that and then we stay in ketosis when we do.

Actually eat by eating a ketogenic style of diets will this through the math you're gonna be burning a lot more fat because you've already put yourself there okay now the caveat here is if you're someone that's training like an animal okay you're someone that's training really really hard okay and I'm talking about.

Someone that's in their dead lifting all the time lifting heavy weights doing big compound movements yeah you may want to intermittent fast with carbs that's just all there is to it I'm not a you know not opposed to that intermittent fasting is tremendous for endurance athlete it's just endurance athlete someone just mentions yes they absolutely are it's a.

Tremendous way to get a lot more benefit out of your out of your endurance work simply because again you're switching your body over to those years where you're going to be able to utilize the fats a lot easier we have to remember the hormones that are kind of working with us – and those ketones that are working with us okay someone says that.

Can you do vegetarian intermittent fasting yeah absolutely you can that's totally totally fine you know you're gonna just want to be cognizant of your protein levels make sure that you're getting the right kind of nutrients in whether you're combining vegetables or you're someone that's going to be consuming meat or dairy whatever the.

Case may be okay intermittent fasting and caloric surplus for weight and gain yes absolutely doable very big thing because remember your insulin sensitivity is going to be so high that you're going to be able to have a strong benefit from it so that means if you're trying to gain weight and intermittent fasting you can get away with it – okay.

You can actually have a lot of benefit in fact you're gonna be able to gain muscle without bergna gaining a lot of fat so that's pretty awesome as peanut butter good for muscle I'm not a big fan of peanut butter simply because it's a legume and it's a very very hard for the body to break down a lot of us have peanut allergies and we don't even.

Realize it okay we're having sensitivities to peanuts that are making our contestant attracts inflamed they're triggering antibody response okay these antibody responses trigger a lot of havoc within our body yeah I don't want to go off on a tangent but you guys have probably heard like a leaky gut before okay a leaky gut is a.

Real thing and it's a real thing that occurs and have a lot of inflammation that's occurring inside your body that's why I'm not a big fan of peanut butter I prefer going with like sunflower butter and things like that which supplements for fat burning help we're in keto generally yeah I mean they would know green tea extract things like that.

That's going to be that's going really good Carlos you ask how do you know if your intermittent fasting is correct how do you know if you're doing it right that's a good question you know I mean the simplest question is you're not eating you know you realize you're you're not eating during the day okay so that would obviously make sense that.

Means you're doing it right but you really should start to feel really really good about six or seventy hours into your day after fasting so let's say you went to bed at 8 p.m. okay actually that's a bad example that's what's at my toe to bed and I know most people at home could have bed that early so let's say you go to bed at like 10 p.m. right.

All right so then that means by the time you get up in the morning maybe at 6 okay then you get four hours in your day 10 a.m. 11 a.m. you start feeling really really good that's really how you know it's working okay because your body's now leveraging those ketone bodies okay the acetoacetate the beta-hydroxybutyrate the acetone those.

Things that truly help you feel the way that you feel they increase brain function here's the thing the beta-hydroxybutyrate the acetoacetate they can cross through the blood-brain barrier and they can actually feel your cells in your brain so then you end up getting a lot more energy mentally okay that's one way that you.

Know you'll also feel that your stomach kind of big shrinks a lot okay you end up feeling like a lot tighter you feel like you don't feel bloated that's one of the ways that you can tell okay but it's really kind of subjective because it all depends on the person hey real quick you guys can you guys make sure that you hit that like button hit that.

Thumbs up button for me and also if you can please make sure that you give us a share and try to get as many people on as possible one of the reasons that I like to do these live broadcasts cuz I love to interact with my fan base and I would love to get as many people on this as possible so that my fan base knows that this is what what they can get ok.

They can they can subscribe to my channel and they can actually get some live action here so someone says that can you do an ab check maybe I'll do an ab check in about five more minutes if people are still on someone says there they're hitting a hard plateau I'm gonna bring this my wife and I are hitting a hard plateau even though we're doing.

Ketogenic and paleo religiously is there a way to get over this you know if you're doing keto and you're hitting a plateau one of the things that sorry hang on one of the things that I would recommend I'm scrolling here guys sorry about that we have one of the things that I would highly recommend is actually doing intermittent fasting one.

Or two days a week it breaks it up but also give yourself a little bit of a break and you say you're doing keto and paleo or slash paleo two big differences so make sure you look at the video that I did Arcadia versus that cater vs. paleo because it will help you out a lot in ascertaining what you're really doing.

It's gonna be you know in first off you have to get definitive on what you're doing are you keto or are you paleo because if you try combining the two all the time you're gonna be putting yourself in a recipe for a disaster because you'll be doing keto and you randomly have some fruit it'll throw you off so just be.

Cognizant of that but I would definitely recommend doing like a 24 hour fast and resetting your body resetting your immune system a little bit coffee coconut oil apple cider vinegar does it break the fast apple cider vinegar does not but coconut oil most certainly does it requires metabolism okay even though it's an MCT it still has long-chain.

Fatty acids in there that will break your fast carnitine beta alanine citrulline malate will not break a fast correct I did a video on that I know it's bad just nicotine have an effect on intermittent fasting no it doesn't I mean and thank you for being honest and saying you know that it's bad at least you're real with yourself you should.

Stop that stuff man if you eat one meal a day and you reach a hang on if you one meal a day really reach a plateau eventually is there a downside you need to mix it up that's a tremendous question you know and one that doesn't get asked enough okay when you're intermittent fasting and you cut your calories down to one meal a day but.

What's gonna happen after like 3-4 months of doing that eventually is your body gonna find a new set point and that's gonna be your new caloric need well you bring up a really good question which brings up a very good point from me you should not be intermittent fasting more than three or four times per week the thing is is that.

Intermittent fasting is just like the name implies intermittent okay don't fast everyday unless you are an absolute pro at it and you know your body you should not be fasting every day that's the thing people wonder they come to my channel they like Thomas you talk about like carb cycling and you talk about keto you talk about intermittent fasting.

Which one are you well the thing is I rotate them out and the thing is I am keto but I predominantly intermittent fast throughout the course of the week too so two to three days a week I fast that doesn't mean that I'm always fasting that's the thing don't be mistaken intermittent fasting does not and should not mean that you fast every.

Single day please don't because you are going to slow down your metabolism but what you need to do is use it as a tool in your arsenal that is going to help you get the most out of the diet you're already doing so implement keto implement carb cycling I don't care but make sure that you are using intermittent fasting as a.

Tool to get the most out of what you're doing okay and you can also leverage it a little bit if you feel like you are you know you're gonna fall off the wagon a little bit or you feel like you need a binge meal okay well maybe that's a day that you intermittent fast a little bit or you fast the day after okay that's things you want to watch about okay.

Someone asked if I'm implying a 24-hour fast or 16/8 you guys want my honest opinion on 16/8 you really do because 16/8 is a great place to start and if someone is coming to me and they're learning to Normanton fast I will tell them they may want to start sixteen eight okay I've been working with six-pack ABS calm which used to be Six.

Pack Shortcuts you guys probably see a lot of my videos there and we're working on some stuff in the way of intermittent fasting and they were asking my opinion on creating a program and everything like that and they asked me what I do when I work with people and when I when I talk about intermittent fasting and setting up programs and sing as that and.

I was explaining to them a 16-8 is a great place to start because it's easy but you want to know what 16/8 really sounds like a lot of times it sounds like the standard American diet okay it sounds like the typical American that gets up in the morning forgets or skips breakfast because he's sleepy and lazy and then goes to work and then remembers.

To eat lunch now I'm not saying that you're you're lazy or a waste if you're doing 16-8 but I'm saying that's what it kind of looks like because it ends up looking like most people I talked to they need help with their diets skip breakfast they just like I don't feel like having breakfast that's all that this predominant intermittent fasting.

That most people talk about is so I'm a fan of 18 hours and I'm a fan of 18 20 24 hours longer term fasting yeah because it makes a big impact it makes a big difference in terms of what your body is doing most of the benefits from intermittent fasting occur after that sixteen hour point that 16 hour point is where the benefits start so that's just.

My opinion on it you can take it or leave it because you guys know how I am I'm pretty honest and I'm just gonna tell you how I feel about things is there research to back that up yeah there's some there's a lot of research that shows that longer term fasts are a lot better but there's also a lot of research that says sixteen.

Eight-hour fasts or sixteen are great too and that's simply because people that do 16 eights are usually consuming less calories and they were before especially by contrast compared to what they were doing previously so if someone for instance comes in and they're normally eating six seven meals per day all throughout the day and then suddenly.

They switch over to intermittent fasting in a 16-8 they're gonna notice a difference because it's a big reduction in calories but if you're doing it all the time then that just becomes the norm and you're just skipping breakfast like every other person so I highly recommend you eat your normal for me four meals per day and then two to three days per.

Week to your intermittent fasting guys I do want to make sure a lot of people have some really really good questions so I want to make sure I get to some of these questions I'm gonna open it up a whole lot in a minute but I do want to make sure again I know I sound like a broken record you hit that thumbs up button it helps me out tremendously I.

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Or so like live Q&A is like this can you go ahead and just comment more Q&A just say more Q&A because I'm going to go back through later and I want to see how many of these comments I actually have that say more Q&A it's because I really want to know is this something that people want to see or am I just annoying the heck out of everybody because if.

Someone says everyday okay yeah you guys are awesome I mean the more the more people that want you A's no more than I'm going to do them I love hopping on here I feel to be completely honest knock on wood of course and not to sound like I'm Tooting my own horn but I feel like I'm one of the only youtubers that is confident enough to come on here and.

Do these lives and talk with you guys because there's just so many people that can be good in front of a camera but can't really articulate what they're talking about when they're put on the spot man you guys are awesome so many people saying more q and A's this is amazing okay I'm already sold you guys are awesome the sweet I have to tell you.

Like you guys are such an amazing fanbase I know that YouTube channels been growing a lot lately and I don't want you to think that I'm not super appreciative of it and it really really is making things amazing the amount of people that I'm reaching the amount of lives and I'm able to change now it's phenomenal and you know.

I know some people gave me some flack because I did a video where I I promoted kettle and fire bone broth a little bit I just want you guys to know while I'm being authentic and talking with you guys here that every once in a while companies that I like approached me and they do want to be in my videos and a lot of times I say no most of the time I.

Say no but a lot of times I do say yes if there's something legit so I just want you guys to know that it's not me selling out it's not me doing anything that I have a reach and I have the ability to change a lot of lives and I'm going to Asian aliy bring on products with that back up what I'm saying and I'm gonna be completely blunt here if.

It's something that you don't like you don't have to watch my videos I just like to be completely honest and so that hey rather than you know being totally spammy and putting affiliate links everywhere and stuff like that I might just do some product placements because it's a way that I can keep my channel funded and keep this thing going because.

I don't charge you for what I do so I got a lot of hate mail on that a lot of people came at me and said I'm unsubscribing because you pushed a product I mean I'm sorry but I have to be honest and it's all good so Eric says I need to be on the Joe Rogan podcast I would love to that would be a lot of fun so anyway I'm gonna get back to the.

Questions in fact someone one just came up that was really good okay Matthew Brennan asks do protein shakes release glucagon should you consume a protein shake to break a fast that's a super good question Matthew so here's the thing protein shakes are insulin a genic they're not glucagon releasing remember insulin spikes then when insulin Falls.

Glucagon spikes okay so we have to wait for the insulin to fall before glucagon spikes protein shakes are good to bring a fast because they do spike your insulin fast but here's the thing okay they are also usually pretty low quality dairy okay whey protein don't be fooled by a lot of marketing a lot of it is not the highest quality stuff in the world.

Does whey protein have a place 100 percent it has a place should you break a fast with it maybe if it's diluted with some other stuff too I usually recommend protein shakes as being like the second meal after a fast ok second meal that you use after you break your fast simply because that's going to allow you to have.

Something that's stopping the process allowing your body to get back into that absorptive phase okay where it's actually wanting to eat food then you break that then you actually have the protege that's my take someone ask medication and fasting it all depends on the medication it really does remember the liver is actually heightened in.

Terms of activity when you are fasting so you usually will actually absorb less because your liver is going to activate more of can't remember the name of the enzymes it's a specific enzyme it helps break down any toxins that are in pharmaceuticals so sometimes you might find you actually get a less of effect someone asked about bone broth and.

Breaking a fast yes in fact that was the video that I did on the three foods to break your fast bone broth was one of them man you guys are asking some great questions do omega-3s break a fast yes they do it would be no different than you squeezing a fish into a spoon and drinking the oil if you ever did that.

That would be very odd will ginger bug home for mint I'm sorry I missed that question is it okay to do intermittent fasting when you're pregnant no in fact I have to be honest here intermittent fasting for women should really only be done like one day per week and I know I'm gonna make some people sad here but intermittent fasting needs to be used as.

A tool that you leverage maybe once per week or so someone asked what do I think about distilled water now it's not worth it you need the minerals that's the thing you totally need them totally need the minerals distilled is it's completely deprived its division all the minerals unless you know exactly what you're.

Doing and unless you are trying to do something very strategic with your diet and maybe you're competing maybe you're getting ready to get on stage that's gonna be something that you want to be be aware bulletproof coffee while you're fasting if you have bulletproof coffee while you're fasting you are not fasting you have now had food you have had.

Butter and or ghee you have had MCTS or coconut oil you've broken your fast so yeah okay someone keeps saying can I do an ab check I have to be honest with you guys so that I okay yes I yes I do the part okay I still have my halves I have a lot of people saying like Thomas you haven't been shirtless lately do you still have.

Traps so yes I do okay I hope that makes you happy I'm not the kind of usually likes to flaunt that on my on my channel I would love to do more videos with Amber in fact Amber's my wife and those of you that don't know um I don't know if you guys because I don't push it on YouTube a lot but I have a baby boy that is going to be born in October I am.

Super excited about that so I'm gonna you know I'm really excited to do a lot more in the way of the lifestyle stuff to a lot of it people have been asking you Thomas you don't do any vlogging you don't do stuff like that well mainly because I like to put just good educational content out there but I feel like especially once my son gets.

Here it's gonna be really good for me to document a lot more of what's happening in what's happening in my life how does this change how I look at diet how does this change my vantage point in the industry how does this actually affect me when I'm stressed when I'm sleep-deprived you know and because I'm gonna be very very very cognizant of.

Just my health you know it's I don't know it's interesting it's a whole new outlook and I can't wait so thank you everyone that's saying congrats is super awesome can we see Amber's baby bump so guys if you you guys can always follow me on Facebook just so you know I have a huge Facebook following huge engagement.

They're a whole different world whole different demographic it's kind of funny you got you guys on YouTube and then I've got the people on Facebook it's like two different worlds I've very few that cross over that follow me on both so you guys always head on over to my facebook page if you want to see just different content that's a whole.

Different world guys can we get one more round a thumbs up we're at seven hundred sixty-two likes I'd love to see this video be over a thousand likes oh it make me super happy adrenal fatigue and fasting yeah fasting can help adrenal fatigue as long as it's not pushed too far so when it comes to adrenal fatigue you know you're trying to stimulate your.

Adrenal glands to produce more aldosterone you're trying to get them to produce a little bit more cortisol DHEA some of these things and if you fast for too long you can shut that down but essentially fasting is giving yourself a nice little reset here's the cool thing when it comes to hormone production now fasting elicits a 180 percent increase.

In your available testosterone that's amazing okay so that's that's almost that's 180 percent okay almost 200 percent available testosterone that can actually be used simply by fasting and a sixty-seven percent increase in luteinizing hormone okay luteinizing hormone is essentially a precursor to testosterone so you've.

Got your hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis which is in your brain that communicates with your gonads if you're a male and it stimulates the production of testosterone okay they communicate one signals that you need you know more follicle stimulating hormone luteinizing hormone whatever it's all going to transition into more testosterone well.

Not only just fasting boost available testosterone but it boosts the precursor to testosterone so someone asked about chewing gum okay as much as I don't want to admit this aspartame gum which is poison straight up most sugar-free gum technically won't break a fast but remember your body is so sensitive it's.

Pure and you're gonna put pure poison in it at that point in time yeah you may not want to do that guys okay I know just so many questions that are coming in what about beef tallow and keto yeah you can definitely do that and Susie yay gum most gum does still have carbs what effect is a few elf alkaline alcoholic beverages have on burning fat here's how.

It works with alcohol really quick when you consume alcohol your saliva begins the conversion process into what is known as acetaldehyde okay acetaldehyde is the poison that your liver has to break down so you take a drink of alcohol okay breaks down into acetaldehyde goes into your stomach goes into your liver and then your liver.

Tries to break down that acetaldehyde it tries to neutralize it into basically acetic acid tries to dilute it down into vinegar well that process takes all the energy from the liver at that point in time because the acetaldehyde is extremely toxic so the liver is now busting its butt trying to break down this poison.

Well what does that mean happens with any food that you've consumed at that point in time it gets put on the back burner because the liver doesn't have the ability to metabolize it okay it doesn't have the ability to actually help those triglycerides be mobilized and utilized properly so they just sit there okay they just sit there they.

Don't get turned in to the proper utilization or they don't get turned into the free fatty acids so they can get utilized so that's why drinking can help contribute to fat gain that being said you don't have to be a zombie you don't to be a total total like nerd about it just do it in moderation and when you do drink.

Eat light do the opposite of what most people tell you you don't need to be eating heavy foods to absorb alcohol that's the worst thing you should do you should have something light you should have a rice cake or you should have something like a little chunk of a sweet potato to help them sort of it nothing else what's going on Nebraska in the.

House hey real quick can we get a big shout where everyone is watching from because I know we've had a lot of people come in and out of this broadcast and I have to wrap it up before too long so I do want to make sure everyone's commenting where they're watching from lemon in your water while you fast you probably shouldn't you should I mean.

Depends you'd be okay but technically it does break a fast Cincinnatus Seattle Costa Rica New York Australia Oregon Australia Santa Fe Queens man Central California Australia Seattle Washington New Orleans Oklahoma Las Vegas Canada British Columbia Oh wahoo Toronto Australia Tampa Bay Texas Hilton Head Austin.

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Japan vermilion Portugal New Mexico London and Clement Lebanon Truckee California been there I used to live in Tahoe Boise Florida a Hussam you okay you guys are amazing I'm gonna answer two more questions and I just need to make sure we get a bunch more likes again okay so I need everyone that's here real quick to hit that thumbs up.

Button so we can get this over a thousand likes you guys got me over a hundred thousand subscribers really fast now just get this video over a thousand likes have I thought about starting a podcast you know I I have but it's a lot of work on top of what I'm doing right now and I'm already doing so many videos it's definitely definitely a lot to take.

On it would be a lot more to do so it's something I'm definitely considering Florida what's going on the house 24-hour fest three or three times per week too much yes 24-hour fast I don't recommend doing more than like once every ten days so you do like an 18-hour fast too too days per week maybe two days and then.

Once every ten days do a 24-hour fast someone says they're in my mom's basement someone says my hair is falling off nah I think I have a pretty full head of hair here sorry how bad are energy drinks definitely not the best do i do meal plans you know I don't really anymore I mean every once in a while I'll take.

On a one on one client but it's just right now time is really really valuable especially with the baby on the way so any clients I do take on it's pretty pretty pretty rare and it's pretty elite so thank you for everyone clicking the like button just how does intermittent fasting affect aging well there have been a lot of studies that have shown.

The intermittent fasting has some pretty profound effects in terms of telomeres so what we have to look at there is we have these things called telomeres in fact I've produced a video on it but I haven't released it yet telomeres are what are basically a portion of our cell and these telomeres shorten okay every time we eat every time cells die off.

Everything like that telomeres shorten and when I tell them you're finally shortens the cell dies and fasting basically stops the process of that telomere shortening I am convinced that essentially what causes all kinds of cell death is eventually just eating okay I mean we have to eat to survive so I'm not saying don't eat but eventually.

We're going to stop gonna kill off our cells simply because we're constantly feeding them they're constantly having this aerobic and anaerobic metabolism that creates byproducts that creates free radicals and it's going to eventually kill the cell so fasting gives us an opportunity to actually give that cell a break and regenerate now.

Some studies are starting to show that telomeres can actually lengthen with bouts of fasting so that's pretty insane which amino acids don't break a fast and blue to me okay go for glutamine whenever possible it'll help you out a lot okay gluten means a good one okay then we've got Houston Texas in the house why does the body use deliver.

Glycogen when it could use muscle glycogen it all depends okay it depends a lot of times the body is going to want to use liver glycogen simply because it's readily available it's easy it's closer to the bloodstream in terms of the organs and what it can actually utilize so that's where that comes in 16 hour fast 3 or 4 times per.

Week yeah you'd be okay with that anything over 30 calories breaks a fast quite anything over five would really break a fast to be completely honest best BCAA during fast don't do BCAAs during your fast my friend BCAAs especially the leucine will break your fast it will kick your butt and kick you out of quito.

Or kick you out a ketose will also break your fast heavy cream definitely will break your fast thought some prolonged fasting one week fast I'm a fan of three-day fast one weeks a lot i know domme the Agostino the University of South Florida is a big fan of like 5 to 7 day fast those are a lot you'll lose some muscle size there ok so try doing.

Like two to three day fast oil pulling have already done videos on that Alabama yeah I talked about telomeres for sure what information would you give to someone looking to get into the keto lifestyle well honestly the best thing that I can say is go through my videos as much as you can ok just cuz I've got so many videos I have.

A keto playlist so for you specifically go through that keto playlist and lock yourself in a room for like eight hours and you will have a soup to nuts explanation how can you read these posts going way too fast I can't I'm doing the best that I can to full caloric meals during intermittent fasting in the fasting window yeah two.

Meals would be perfect guys can we get one more big round of likes please big thumbs up let's get that to a thousand likes I would be a record for me on alive and one last time guys for those of you that are still here or those of you that have just joined in can you please comment the number one if you follow me on Facebook too and number two.

If you do not that way I know roughly I'd like to have an idea of who all follows me on Facebook but who else doesn't I want to try to do more content over here on YouTube versus Facebook and here's why simply because Facebook I'm at the mercy of the Facebook algorithm all the time Here I am not here I can post a video and you guys I know you're.

Gonna get a notification I know you're gonna see it whereas on Facebook I'm at the mercy of whatever Facebook wants me to do so that's what's really tough well a lot of people that a lot of people that don't follow me on Facebook I do recommend that you lease head over there because if you want more in the way up like images the lifestyle stuff you'll.

Get you'll get a lot over there too I love creating this big melting pot of people that love the content everywhere and last but not least I want everyone to comment any video ideas because what I'm going to do is go through this video afterwards with my team so you know guys I've got an amazing team that helps me out with this stuff.

I've got a team of researchers now I've got a team of people that help me put together content it's amazing like we've really grown so I do want you to comment any questions or particular videos okay now keep in mind when you're doing this I want you to know that these need to be big enough videos that are worth putting out there and YouTube's not very-very.

Niched ones am i a long horn fan yes I lived in Austin for three years so I am by default somewhat of a longhorn fan I will be totally honest there lastly for those of you that are still here I do think that this deserves a quick talk real quick before I go and I want to make sure everyone shares this because I'm gonna address something okay and.

That's the vegan gains video that he did on me okay vegan gains is someone that's on YouTube that is obviously vegan and I do a lot of videos promoting the vegan lifestyle for those of you that are into that world so it's not just because I'm not a vegan doesn't mean that I'm opposed to veganism but he did a video basically about my coconut oil video.

With dr. Weiss and it was it was funny it definitely made me laugh and I gotta give credit where credit's due the guy like really pulled out some great studies he pulled some really good stuff and yeah he combated my video pretty good so I really really appreciate him doing the video the way that he did and here's the thing usually Richard from.

Vegan gains goes and he just destroys people right like he always just goes and flames the heck out of their personal life like he was actually really cool on his video in me I know he destroyed that video and tried to pick it apart a lot he had some great evidence but I actually commend him for doing it with a little bit more respect.

Than he normally does but anyway you guys probably saw that video and a lot of people have been asking about it so I just wanted to let you know this was my response he he offered up an honest debate on it and I probably will take him up on it it's just a matter of time and getting through the pregnancy and making sure.

That the baby is born healthy and happy and then I'll get to it but as for those of you that had asked and everything like that I thought you deserved a response yes I have seen the video yes I totally watched it yes I understand that he completely you know defamed me and did all this stuff but the fact is is people watching for entertainment not.

Necessarily for scientific research so and I think it's important for me to go on the record that if you are a vegan there's plenty of content on my channel for you because guess what one of my lead video editors is vegan I totally have no issue with that lifestyle I condone anyone that wants to live that lifestyle and just because I personally.

Don't eat that way doesn't mean that I'm a bad person and it doesn't mean that and just because I don't hate people that do doesn't mean I'm a pet person so anyway I just wanted to be honest with you guys and opening so you guys are super awesome I'm going to go ahead and sign off and and I just appreciate you guys being here this is an amazing.

Video and again keep the video ideas coming so that I know what to produce here in the future let's get one last big round a thumbs up one last big round of ideas for things that you want to see in the future and let's make it a good one all right you guys are awesome see you guys soon
Intermittent Fasting Diet Explained - LIVE QUESTION AND ANSWER w/ Thomas DeLauer
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