Intermittent Fasting Challenge Results- Live Coaching | AMPK Sensors

Intermittent Fasting Challenge Results- Live Coaching | AMPK Sensors

Intermittent Fasting Challenge Results- Live Coaching | AMPK Sensors

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What's going on looks like we're live all right I know that you are probably wondering why I'm here 40 minutes earlier okay normally I would be doing this at 4 p.m. Pacific time but I just have to let you know I had a little something come up so just got to make sure I run to an appointment and I'm like ok I got to make sure that I do.

This so posted on the Facebook group said all right hey guys hopping on a little bit earlier so anyhow apologies for being early the good news is anyone that hops on at 4 p.m. Pacific time can still check this out and watch it on replay so I'm apologize but the nice thing is we get to hit a different group of people.

People that maybe wouldn't be able to hop on it for so anyhow let's rock and roll so what we are accomplishing today is we're in week 2 of the intermittent fasting challenge now what that means is that we can start progressing a little bit more and throwing a few wrenches into things now and then so I'm gonna I'm gonna challenge you a little bit.

Just like intermittent fasting challenge in the name implies right I'm gonna throw some curveballs at you you have the plan laid out in front of you if you're you're here doing this with me anyhow so I might just challenge you a little bit but I first need to get kind of a litmus test and see how people are doing how people are feeling I know.

Based on what I've seen in the facebook group that a lot of people are down significant amounts of weight already which is just phenomenal I'm stoked on that but I want to hear a little bit more like how much weight are you down but more than that how are you feeling how is your day-to-day flow going simply because now you don't have to be you.

Know essentially a slave to food as much so we've got a lot of people hopping on here I want to wait for a few more but go ahead and comment where you're watching from that way I can say hello I can see where you're at and just go ahead and comment the general consensus of how you feel right now doing this intermittent fasting challenge okay are.

You feeling good and feeling great you feeling tired and I'm gonna look around the comment section so just bear with me while I see this coming through I feel like I want some sweets I feel lighter down seven pounds it sounds 16 pounds wow this is phenomenal okay it's got a little hot Wow how so many people here as usual down 14 pounds I'm just.

Catching it as I go a lot of 14 I'm seeing a lot of 14 that seems to be a lot of the number a lot of people are down between 10 and 14 pounds already the nice thing is the weight that you're losing between week 1 and week 2 is more than likely fat now I can't speak for everybody but usually you lose a significant amount of weight the first.

Week and yes you lose some water weight but here we are in week 2 where things are changing okay now your body is entering that state of not necessarily ketosis depends on what you're doing but at least on your fasting days it's getting a little bit more fat adapted okay so it's getting to the point where that mitochondria is that's establishing.

How to use that the stored energy for fuel now I talked about in my videos a lot of times something called AM P K now what a and P K is is sort of an energy sensor within your body so I'm just going to nerd out on you for just a moment but I'm going to make it very simple because I think when you have a visual kind of perception of this it.

Helps everything make sense with fasting okay so we have a gauge system in our body much like our cars do right so they can determine when we're low on fuel when we have enough fuel and it's the job of that sensor to report to the brain what is going on so I want you to imagine that we have some really cool technology in a car for a second this is.

Gonna be a tremendous analogy that I think it's going to help you out a lot I want you to imagine that we've got this really state-of-the-art car and the state-of-the-art car has a fuel gauge just like every other car but when the fuel starts to get low in this cool car it reports to the onion and tells the engine to start burning additional fuel.

From a different storage mechanism okay so it's almost like having a reserve tank but without this AMPK kicking in the body would just continue to burn through basically fuel so visualize this for a second you have a fuel tank you drain all the fuel in the tank well then what if the car just started to like eat itself you wouldn't want that right like.

If you ran out of fuel to the point where all of a sudden your car just dissolved your own gas tank right like that obviously would be terrible your car would break and then it decides to dissolve the fuel lines and decides eventually cannibalizes and consumes itself and eats the engine can you imagine this for a second like when you.

Run out of fuel if your car were to just cannibalize now imagine that your car is operating efficiently and it's operating well and has good AMPK sensors well your body runs through all the fuel and then your body gets a signal or your car in this case gets a signal reports to the brain says oh we're almost out of fuel so go ahead and get rid of waste go.

Ahead and start digesting waste so the car starts to just let's just say break down extra weight that's not needed so the car gets lighter in the car gets faster and the car gets more efficient and more effective because now your body is more car is burning the extra weight maybe just random things that weren't needed so I hope this analogy yeah.

Someone has a good that's great sometimes it's called rust in a lot of ways that is exactly what it is so we are putting ourselves in this ideal situation when we get into week 2 where now we've sort of adopted this mechanism within our body does that make sense to everybody I know I have a really weird way of explaining things sometimes but.

It usually tends to click with people and I think that's why my channel you know gets the attention that it gets because I think it clicks it does that make sense for everybody can just say yes that makes sense I just want to make sure that that analogy made sense bear with me just looking over here ok it looks like yes perfect ok people are.

Saying in allergy works great ok perfect ok awesome ok largely everybody gets that so that is a and PK in a nutshell am PK is really cool now you hear me talking about green tea all the time and things like that well the reason that I like green tea and I like stuff like that is because it helps elevate ampk it helps that sensor that energy sensor do.

A better job ok so it helps it just report accurate data ok what we don't want is a NPK in the brain to be elevated because then it tells our body that we need to eat we actually want a NPK in the brain to be nice and low so that it's not sending us a signal to be hungry but we want a NPK in the body to be high signaling us to burn fat.

Anyhow enough of that we've got a lot of people here now so I can just give up on that analogy but I think it made sense to everybody I'm just really excited to share that I love analogies with people and now that we've got over a thousand people I'm going to open it up to questions in a few minutes but let me give you the curveball that I want you.

To take this time ok so now you're on average fasting 16 hours you know a few days per week depending on what protocol you're doing all mentally alternate day fasting I want people here that feel comfortable full disclaimer I'm not a doctor full disclaimer you know do this at your own discretion but I would highly recommend.

Considering pushing the fast a little bit longer I think you might be in a great spot now to say hey let's go ahead and do a 24-hour fast now because right now your Kido adapted you're feeling good if you're going to succeed at a 24-hour fast now it's going to be the time here's the thing I don't want you to get addicted to fasting and I'm not.

Going to you know beat that one to death because I talk about that all the time so don't just think that because I'm advising that you try a little bit of longer fast that you should just continually add length and added length and I think I just think that for those of you that have been wanting to try it it might be a good time to give it a.

Shot hey really quick guys can we go ahead and get a bunch of thumbs up hit that like button I've got a thousand people on here but only 150 thumbs ups and I know not everyone knows how to do that but it would be helpful if you guys can hit that like button just because come on guys it's the Internet I need that validation through likes right no.

That's not what it is it's really about just getting the message out and making sure that YouTube knows this is good content so this is awesome okay we already got some people that have been messing around doing some 24 hour fasts that's all cool you don't have to do that if you don't want to let me give you some other curveballs now now I want.

You to go ahead and on average push your eating window back one additional hour okay so on the days that you fast if you are not doing a 24-hour fast go ahead and extend it one hour so you're going to break your fast one hour later bable top thank you so much they sent a super chat that just showing you support from your friends at Babel top and good C's.

Awesome channels thank you guys so you're going to extend it just one hour fight the urge to extend it longer than that okay and what I mean by that is it's going to be tempting to want to go okay well I feel good let me push it a little longer to push a little bit longer I want this to be incremental I don't want you to push it beyond that.

Just because you can okay this is a somewhat structured program and I feel like if you just trust the process on it you're gonna have better results long term and I want everyone to walk away from this feeling like they have a new lease on life and a new way to go about things so that's kind of my curveball food for this week it's simple and if.

I've got some other curveballs I wanna throw it to you in the way of exercises and things like that and we'll talk about that someone asks a really good question sherry I'm gonna I'm not going into questions right now but I'm going to answer this one because it does kind of apply she asked how do you determine how many calories so here's the thing.

What I would recommend you do is look at your calories once again over the course of seven days don't look at it over the daily okay you may have noticed with that thumbnail I was looking at a calorie tracker now I don't necessarily use that anymore but I know a lot of people did which is why I kind of included because it's a subject that I.

Want to talk about today when you are fasting it's less about how many calories you consume per day and more about how many you consume over the course of a week in this particular case so a simple example like I talked about all the time is if you were roughly planning on doing 14 or 2,000 calories a day you'd be at 14,000 calories per week.

Well that would mean that you could theoretically have 4,000 calories one day zero calories another day 4,000 calories another days here and you still end up at the net-net kind of lost that you want to be at to lose weight or whatever so barring that in mind what I recommend you do is find a place that you can be at a roughly two.

To three thousand calorie deficit per week okay it's hard to determine how many calories you need for in terms of your basal metabolic rate but there is a very simple formula now you can go into something called the Harris Benedict formula which I'm not going to explain here for those of you that want to go a little bit more in-depth well someone in.

The chat box do me a favor someone that's familiar with it knows how to spell it just type in Harris Benedict formula that way people that are very interested in determining what their calories should be they can use that formula it's it's a way to track sort of your BMR and everything like that but anyhow the simplest way to do it is take.

Your body weight and multiply it by 10 okay now is that leaving a lot of room for error absolutely it's leaving a lot of room for error because someone that's 200 pounds with muscle compared to someone that's 200 pounds with largely fat that's gonna be that's that's a big difference right huge difference so what we need to do is we need to just take it.

With a grain of salt and know that that's just rough okay so if I am and that's your basal metabolic rate so what that means is that that is your base amount of calories that your body burns at rest I'll give give you a simple example I am about 180 pounds so 180 pounds times 10 my basal metabolic rate under this.

Theory would be 1800 calories now I factor in exercise now if I'm let's say doing 300 calories worth of workout that bumps me up to 2100 if I'm walking around for 2 or 300 additional calories that puts me up to maybe 2500 and that's how I get a rough idea you're not gonna get super clinical with this okay you're just not this is just a way for you to.

To establish a baseline and I just want everyone to just get a baseline that's the nice thing with fasting is you're not getting super granular you're relying on the large bonuses of fasting and the large bonuses of food afterwards to allow fat burning to occur despite being a technical caloric deficit so once you have that number figured out.

Then you multiply that by seven right okay so if I know that my I miss simple math again if I just determined that my calories for the day are roughly 2,000 well then I know over the course of a week that's going to be 14,000 right so I want to be at a two or three thousand calorie deficit for the week so that means I want to be between nine and ten.

Thousand calories for the week there we go simply put the nice thing is on your fasting days you're probably only consuming a thousand calories or less because it makes the math easy so that does mean on your non fasting days if you need to bump up the calories a little bit based on the parameters that.

I set in the meal plan that's fine okay I do encourage you to follow the structure that I laid out but you note that you know four or five ounces of meat that I have laid out may not be enough for a 300 pound individual right okay so I'm just being very very honest with you and I know that you know there's a lot of moving pieces here you.

Have to understand we've got like over 40,000 people doing this challenge and we have one point three thousand on this broadcast but that being said with that many people I have to make it as broad as I possibly can so please bear with me hey guys can you please do me a quick favor again hit that thumbs up button hit that like button if you're getting.

Value out of this video then I'd love to love to hear it I love knowing that I'm doing some good for people huge thank you did some of the major shout outs or the super chats that are coming across let me talk about some sorry this is kind of focusing there so I'm super stoked with my progress so far I feel.

Like my complexion is better I feel like you know what this has done for me I'm just gonna you know speak clearly here and speak frankly is it's allowed me to back off of my fasting a little bit and allowed me to kind of get my hands back on the grip of reality here a little bit so it's been great got some questions coming through here okay cool you guys.

Are awesome bear with me guys I'm just glancing a super just so you guys know the chat boxes over here some of you guys watching on mobile things like that you may not see that chat box so if I'm looking over to the right there's just a little chat box allows me to just see what people are asking it's a good question how much collagen is optimal.

For muscle growth that's a good question because it largely depends on who you are and whether you have like a lot of collagen breakdown going down okay so like someone that is under a lot of stress is going to have a large amount of collagen breakdown sugar advanced glycation end-products the glycation process will break down collagen breaks.

Down elastin it breaks down the collagen type 3 fibers or type 1 fibers they don't turn into type 3 so that's a largely bio individual dependent situation and it all depends on how you're sitting there I wanna make sure okay let's go ahead and okay someone asks actually how about Izzy via drinks I feel like that's a just a tremendous.

Question zivia is a stevia based drink so they have sodas they have the teas and things like that how are they during fasting there is a lot of argument that anything sweet is going to trigger what is called a cephalic insulin response there have been studies that show that when something sweet hits your tongue it triggers the pancreas to produce insulin.

Again once again largely dependent on the person so it could come down to a genetic variance right in fact there's been inconclusive studies mainly with acesulfame potassium which is wael because that's the stuff you've seen sodas a lot you know one study clear as day acesulfame potassium in a diet soda cause an insulin spike which effectively.

Would break it fast whereas another study showed totally good to go no issue whatsoever so the question about is stevia going to spike your insulin I think it largely depends on the person again I always try to challenge myself and that means that sometimes I will say.

Okay let's go ahead and push it a little bit more and not even have anything sweet I am human too and there's some days where I will have like a zvo soda or a CVT when I'm fasting but when I really get down to brass tacks and I want to be really clean with it I try to just keep it to water sparkling water and coffee sarah tafero says you've.

Truly changed my life so grateful for all that you teach and vegan keto plus intermittent fasting a couple times a week down 24 pounds since December that's the kind of stuff that makes my day thank you so much it's like like I really do love hearing this stuff and I know it sounds cliched I'd be like you know say that I love hearing this but it.

Honestly this is where I get validation like I you guys know me my guys have battled anxiety a battled depression a lot of my life and I still do to some degree and being able to help people helps me through that okay I mean I've I'm human okay I still battle with that stuff and I talk a lot about when I was younger I mean it was I wouldn't say I.

Was addicted to but I mean I xanax was a huge part of my life and I think that it made it hard for me to lose weight I don't want to go off on a tangent too much but the point is it's like I hear these things and it helps me and I know that that sounds preachy and it sounds kind of lame to some people but I mean it from the heart because it's you you.

Don't understand like to be able to impact people that I the way that I can it is really powerful there's not enough money in the world that could compensate for what I get out of this thank you guys just thank you for all the kind words on that okay go ahead and ask let's ask some questions someone asked about keto and.

Intermittent fasting okay for breastfeeding wife I'm gonna keep this one short because I know it's not a big question that a lot of people here probably need to know keto for breastfeeding I'm not a doctor okay full disclaimer let me just go ahead and say that I will tell you my personal experience my wife when she was.

Breastfeeding switched over to keto she was off to go for a little bit and then when she switched to keto the fat content of her milk tripled meaning there had to have been are significantly more calories so she was having up we had a big baby so Tommy was a big boy and he he ate a lot and there was a lot of demand on amber.

When she switched over Quito back to Quito it was like the fat content went from a little layer that was at the top to like encompassing most of that bottle when she would pump so intermittent fasting I would actually just weighed from that when you're breastfeeding this is my opinion okay we've got some other good questions is there a specific my.

Wife is on antidepressants is that slow weight loss the short answer is yes and but but I got to be very careful when I say that do not come off with them without consulting a doctor I'm not a doctor I okay I'm not the doctor I can't say that but the point is is from a like an anxiety depression med standpoint like benzodiazepines they're doing the.

Opposite they're cutting adrenaline they're cutting things that actually do burn fat someone asked can you lose your hair when you're fasting yes you can lose your hair when you're doing fasting when you're doing keto and it's usually a zinc deficiency it's usually so what happens is zinc is a really cool mineral but zinc is required for cells that.

Regenerate fast okay so what cells in your body generate fast or regenerate fast can you can you think it's gonna be your hair it's gonna be your skin it's going to be your nails why is that because the body is going to pull minerals from those extremities those far extremity places first in an effort to redirect minerals to the vital.

Ordinance so if you're deficient in zinc for whatever reason this is just hypothetical to a degree then your body is going to definitely say okay well we need to pull it from the hair to make sure we have it for the liver okay that's just an example the reason I say zinc is because the zinc is involved in fast regenerating cells we usually see.

Zinc deficiencies manifesting via that pathway how do you get zinc you know at ten to 20 milligrams Inc supplement will usually do it I also have a video that breaks down top sources of zinc so I just recommend that you do a quick search for de Lauer zinc deficiency Dana Alexander tremendous question I'm doing intermittent fasting how long does it.

Take me to get fat adapted alright so let's talk about that for a second so fat adaptation again is largely bio individual okay so what that means is that one person might adapt quicker than the other but there is a general rule of thumb okay the first degree of fat adaptation can occur in as early as a week okay and that's just the.

Mitochondrial efficiency standpoint that's where the cells say oh wait a minute we understand there's a shift in glucose and now we're using fats okay that's kind of the first phase two to four weeks you start getting a more advanced what is called mitochondrial biogenesis mitochondrial biogenesis is what i think is kind of.

The coolest form of fat adaptation now for those of you that are wondering what I'm talking about fat adaptation is kind of the Holy Grail it's what you want it's what you're after with fasting and it doesn't matter if your keto or not in this whole fad adaptation is just where your body is now accustomed to utilizing fats in lieu.

Of sugar glucose now what happens is mitochondrial biogenesis is where the mitochondria essentially is replicating now mitochondria have a half-life so mitochondria is where we process energy within our cell and that mitochondria will have a half-life where for two weeks or so and then it will die and the new mitochondria will form well it takes.

A certain amount of time for that mitochondria to go through a couple let's call them dying cycles before you have this evolution of new mitochondria that has fully adapted the fat so let's just put it this way I know it's very complicated to say so please pay close close close attention to what I'm saying so headphones up everybody pay attention.

So imagine this okay you have a little factory inside your cell that's pumping out energy okay it's pumping its using glucose and then all of a sudden you start shifting it to fats okay well that little mitochondria that little factory has a lifetime and eventually it will shut its doors and give birth to another factory well it's.

Child factory let's call it that the child factory the next factory that comes in is going to be slightly better at processing fats and its father or mother okay and then so that one's gonna process fats for a little while and then two weeks later that factory is going to close its doors and give birth to another factory well that factory since.

It has now two generations effectively of processing fats going to be even better and then it happens again two weeks later roughly okay so now you have an even more efficient third generation fat oxidizer a fat user okay all the way down to like the fourth or fifth or sixth generation is where all of a sudden this thing is just thriving.

On burning fats so that process takes time to the first bio Monica but mitochondrial biogenesis takes place after a couple weeks and then it can evolve over the course of six eight weeks does that make sense to everybody again just say make sense I just want to know I'm sorry my coloring is so bad here the same kind of thing.

That happened last time Robert if you are watching Robert was kind enough she's gonna give him a big shout out there's a gentleman named Robert that's a fan of this channel I said look it I saw your live broadcast you were complaining about the color let me I run a lighting company let me get you some good lights to swap it out so he's.

Sending me some awesome new lights to put up in this office so that when I do live broadcasts I don't look paler than a baby seahorse yes that was a Sponge Bob Squarepants reference because I still watch Spongebob because I'm 12 okay everyone sit perfect everyone says awesome people great okay sorry guys I'm just looking lots of positive feedback.

People are understanding that people tend to like my my spongebob reference sorry I grew up on SpongeBob so I yes I definitely bring that sorry guys okay ketone levels though some of you are measuring ketones some of you are not I don't want to confuse people by going too far in depth with measuring ketones but it's still an important.

Thing to cover we want to ask really quick guys can you please again hit that thumbs up button okay we've got one point four thousand people here with only 780 likes and I know a lot of times it's because people can't find that thumbs up button but if you know where it is just give it a big ol smash I hope you don't break your screen but just.

Smash that like button that way all okay Nick Conte asked a good question I don't want to forget this the ketone level question but I do need to jump over and address this one from Nick because is one that people will deal with and people don't want to talk about okay this is a safe place so everyone can be safe here does anybody have an issue.

With within like 60 minutes or so of breaking they're fast maybe two hours ending up with very loose stools and/or diarrhea okay just say yes because it's very common and it's it's a safe place people we talk about our potty issues yeah lots of people not anymore yep get a lot okay it's mixed a lot of people.

Saying not anymore it did in the beginning so I hope that answers your question because that was going to be my answer it is largely a an introduction thing okay you go from you have to remember what's happening inside your intestinal tract when you're fasting okay so you're going from consuming food to all of a.

Sudden not consuming food we're basically the mucosal layer you get a high degree of gut motility I always say your office cannot effectively be cleaned until you go home for the day I'm gonna just this real quick okay so if I were to have the janitorial crew come into my office right now could I actually have them effectively.

Cleaning the office maybe a little bit but not that great right so the bags of trash that they'll take out are gonna be kind of random like we got to move around Thomas we got to bring this trash bag out to the trash and then Thomas is in the way again so we can't really clean up okay I'm just giving you an analogy here but when I bounced for the.

Day and the janitorial crew comes in they might come in here and give this place a clean sweep and haul it out with one or two bags of trash that ladies and gentlemen is the diarrhea okay so when your body is adjusting to this and you have a high degree of gut motility all of a sudden the food that you just ate is like whoa that was I don't want to.

Say the trash but that was what was accumulated and your body's trying to get rid of it really quick just sometimes it happens well it's not the food you just ate it's the food that's still in your colon okay so it's the food that's just hanging out there ready to go I love some of these emojis that coming through for that hey it's it's.

Real we have to address it okay something that you know I dealt with for a long time and it takes some time to get used to so just bear with it okay I want to jump back to that ketone question who here is measuring ketones say say I'm measuring and that's next today sorry guys okay lots of people measuring their ketones okay cool.

So a reason we want to measure our ketones is just to give us an idea of the level of fasting that we're in is it absolutely pertinent no it's not you don't have to measure your ketones I can trust that if you follow this plan you're probably going to be in ketosis during your fasting days more than likely and you're going to have results.

But if you are testing your ketones you might notice that your ketone levels aren't as high as you had hoped okay because what can happen is your body gets so adapted to running on ketones it gets so used to it that once again you're getting fat adapted okay and that fat update that application process makes it so that you are so efficient.

That utilizing the fats that you don't need to create a whole bunch of them now another thing people will measure their glucose you want to know something fascinating there's something known as peripheral insulin resistance where when you are doing intermittent fasting or keto for that matter you develop a little bit of insulin resistance because.

Your cells don't need the glucose anymore but additionally the glucose gets preserved for the brain okay there's a common misnomer out there that the brain runs on ketones the brain doesn't really run on ketones the brain runs on glucose and when we're in keto we have more glucose available for the brain in essence now there are.

Some yes the brain can kind of run on ketones it cannot run on straight fats but for the most part we spare glucose to be shuttled to the brain so sometimes people will test their blood glucose and they'll see that their blood sugar is higher when they're fasting and they'll freak out thinking something's wrong with them used to happen to me I'd get.

Up in the morning and I'd say why are my ketones so low and my glucose so high I'm doing something wrong I might diabetic what am I doing wrong I'm stumped and then I started realizing women I'm doing keto and fasting for nine or ten years my body is hyper adapted so it's the cells are just not desiring to use glucose and the ketones.

That they do need to use is just a small amount so the X's are drew extra glucose just goes through to the brain and rocks and rolls and gives me the energy there so just don't be afraid you can definitely you know see that happen okay I want to give everyone another little challenge here I call this the avocado challenge now if you've seen my recent.

Video or talked about how I think the avocado is like still kind of a Holy Grail ultimate fat I haven't I call it the avocado challenge which is kind of a subset of this challenge okay within this challenge I want you to try to if you can eat avocado eat one whole avocado per day just make it part of your day I don't care if it goes with.

Dinner I don't care don't make it with your break fast meal of course but the reason I want you to see how you feel after three or four days of incorporating them one full avocado per day okay I know there's some of you that aren't having an avocado but the reason I want to do this is because there's so much cutting-edge science talking about.

What is called a lahic acid and again I sound like a broken record because I've talked about this a lot but oleic acid converts into something very cool in the body and a fancy word where I just sound smart for a second it's called olio Letham ala mine and you don't need to say that there won't be a test oleic acid converts the via in.

Enzymatic process to that and that activates what is called PPAR alpha which is a sort of genetic process that allows our body to create uncoupling proteins and dissipate calories as heat imagine this this is largely hypothetical this is not what happens inside your body to an extreme full disclaimer I'm not gonna you know get in.

Trouble with the FTC or FDA for saying this right imagine this as for sake of analogy imagine if the food that you ate rather than being used as energy or getting stored as fat got dissipated as heat okay that's almost like the theory of like a radiator right where you dissipates heat while uncoupling proteins are sort of like radiators so.

When you eat avocados or olive oil too for that matter the oleic acid is a specific kind of Omega 9 that has an interesting power to convert to oil methanol of mine that has an effect on our genetics to some degree to basically make more of these uncoupling proteins and dish more energy as heat so you get a really cool effect.

So I want you to try it and see how you feel now if you can't stand avocado or you have an allergy please don't do it you know oh and I did want to say go ahead to anyone that's here like a lot of people here if you did not check out or try butcher box the beginning in this challenge you'll probably notice in the.

Description I put a link they've gone ahead and extended the pricing for the intermittent fasting challenge just because we've had a lot of people still continue to join we've had over the last week we had like another 9,000 people jump in the challenge a little bit late so we extended the pricing for butcher box so if you want to check it out it's.

In the description down below that way you can get the grass-fed grass-finished meat that we talked about on this but get the special pricing that's associated with the challenge so it's down below in the description check it out after this broadcast of course you don't have to do it right now I just honestly makes life easy whether you are.

Being on the grass-fed grass-finished thing or not I just like it for the convenience like a lot of times if I'm trial and I'll just having you mail it like if I'm going up to visit family like in Northern California like I am next week I'm just gonna have them send the box because it makes it so easy anyhow I digress okay answer some.

Questions here unfiltered olive oil instead of avocado I'd be okay with that if you're seasoned just you probably want to have maybe a few tablespoons um okay this person app all your best question a couple times so is there a specific age you shouldn't fast at I'm sixteen it's been working great okay I have to be very careful answering that.

Question as you can probably imagine just from liability standpoint I don't want to tell a miner to do something but I will say that there are studies that show that miners have done fasting without any issues it all depends on how you feel the one thing I just don't want you to do is develop any kind of osteoporosis issue you know at a point.

When your body is definitely still growing and things like that I will say for anybody that's concerned with that issue definitely should be settling some vitamin D okay best intermittent fasting method over forty one meal a day sixteen or alternate day very good question if you're over 40 alternate day fasting I would definitely say alternate day.

Fasting because it allows you to get your calories up to where you need them and then it allows you to have the aggressive drops for a long period of time that you need for the longevity piece okay because over 40 we really have to just activate out Sapa g that really is our goal okay we want to activate on top of G we want it all the.

Time but come on guys realistically you're not going to be activating ontology after 16 hours I just want to be honest with you 16 hours you get a lot of benefits but on top of G is just a mile they're on top of you really starts to kick you in around 18 hours so like that 20 hours where it really kicks in so if.

You're doing alternate day fasting you very well could be doing either 24 hours or you could be doing 36 hours now I just filmed a video last week unfortunately it's not gonna come out for a few months hey spoiler alert just so you guys know a video that you see on my channel more often than not if it went live today it was probably filmed.

Two to two months ago like that's how big our production line and queue is so a lot of times I just fill in the video last week which means it's probably gonna come out in about five or six weeks on this one talking about some new science that shows that fasting from morning to morning which I've talked about another live broadcast could be a.

Really solid way to go simply because it turns out that our print our pancreas has receptors for melatonin so when it's nighttime we pump out melatonin and that binds to our pancreas and allows us or shuts off some insulin production which means that the food that we eat after dark might not get absorbed properly and has a higher likelihood of egg going to.

Fat but be keeping our blood sugar high which isn't good for us now there are some ways around it consistency for one I break it all down in that video the point is is you may want to consider trying to fast from morning to morning if you're doing alternate day fasting it's a great strategy and I've employed it recently and I feel very very good.

Because again I've talked about this last week so bear with me if you heard this already but I started attempting that like a little while ago and it was really nice so I eat breakfast and then I go throughout the day fasting and then I'd go to bed hungry wake up and workout and then break my fast after my workout really effective stuff so it's kind of.

Cool okay you got some other questions oh please explain carbs and fat together is this band right after the fast or only during the fasting day or just supply all the time it's a general rule to follow to not combine fats and carbs okay the reason that I say that is because you get a double insulin spike fats contrary to what people will say.

Can still spike insulin okay they do so via oscillation stimulating protein a ESPYs and a couple other mechanisms pathways too so what that means is that when we are consuming fats we indirectly caused an insulin spike when we are consuming carbs we directly cause an insulin spike well what happens when we spike insulin.

They it makes it so that fats go into storage right or things go into storage we never want fat to go into storage like that one quickly right so if you just have fats will you have an insulin spike yes a small one indirectly through ASP if you have carbs you have a big insulin spike if you have carbs with fat you have a double large insulin spike so.

Not only do you have the fats going into storage but you spike your insulin extra-wide so basically now the door is extra open for the fats and the carbs to come in and why after a fast is it so important because after a fast you're exceptionally insulin sensitive so after a fast anything that you take in I.

Shouldn't say that but most of what you take in will get absorbed especially if you spike your insulin really high so is it a general rule to follow yes it's a general rule that I follow the carbs that don't count our veggie carbs don't worry about it if you've got five or six carbs coming from asparagus or broccoli or a little bit of spaghetti squash I'm.

Not worried about that I'm worried about the actual carbs okay don't be putting butter on a baked potato don't be putting almond butter on a race okay those are the kinds of things that we need to be taken care of and thinking of okay someone says should i take apple cider vinegar on the morning while i still in.

A fasted state or right before my meal and breaking my fast i would do both but i usually do it first thing in the morning simply because it does have an effect on ampk which i talked about earlier in this video it also has some effects on blood sugar and remember blood sugar is typically higher in the morning due to higher pulses of course.

All first thing in the morning so those pulses of cortisol are perfectly normal but they will drive your blood glucose up higher which therefore makes it so that you might feel like you're not not as satiate you might feel more hungry okay so I recommend that it helps you out a lot I would have it after you break your fast to help with the blood.

Sugar control there a lot of people are talking about not sleeping well okay I slept about an hour and a half last night so here is mr. healthy i preaching health and I battled insomnia like a just a terrible insomnia person last night it was terrible I went to bed it what to bed it was my anniversary those of you follow me on Instagram anybody.

Saw 11 years married 15 years together with my wife so we went out to dinner and just easy dinner we were in home by 8:30 and went straight to bed still asleep for about an hour and a half and then woke up around 10:00 10:30 and just laid awake until my gosh literally till like 3:00 okay and I sat there thinking like what do I do.

Do I take I mean I don't take melatonin generally I keep it on hand in case I take a melatonin but I'm gonna just pay for it later anyhow I finally fell asleep around 3:30 3:45 and had my alarm set for 5:15 and that no choice but it's point is I didn't get much sleep I think it's fasting related and it happens so if you were ever battling.

That just know that you're not alone it's usually the adrenaline just hyperactive it's not gonna happen all the time it's very random I don't even know what triggers it all I know is if I want to hear my kind of a show of comments my brain is just so active when I fast okay my brain is so active when I'm in keto that sometimes I just I'm.

Just not even tired I just lay there my brains just going is it the best for recovery no it's not but I definitely battle that so does anyone else deal with that yeah a lot of people meditation does help although to be completely honest I get stimulated for meditation so a lot of times when I meditate I end up waking up charged and.

Like ready to go I should say wake up but come out of it charged so it doesn't always it calms me down it makes me aware makes me self aware but it makes me alert to so many people okay I can't take my thoughts off so yes I get I saw me I guess yeah so many people was up at 4:00 a.m. so many people okay.

Magnesium does do the trick it does seem to help but one thing I've noticed with magnesium it's taking it long enough before bed I tend to find if I take it in keto shortly before bed that I come out of the magnesium law midway through the night and then I wake up so I try to like take it a little bit early so that I just fall asleep gently you.

Know there's a lot of things to be talked about with sleep it's just a wild wild world and man I'm telling you as I've gotten a little bit older and wiser in this I can't tell you enough how sleep is important sleep is got baby number to do here in May and I'm just all I can think about outside of being excited as oh no here goes my sleep.

Again we're just getting to a point now where it's like Tommy is sleeping through the night starting to get some normalcy there and then BOOM here comes baby girl she's just gonna wreck my world anyhow I digress gonna answer two more questions okay who supplements okay.

Yeah advancing with supplements now one of the things that I take I'm not gonna having to cover up the brand name because I don't think that anyone needs to this isn't what this is about but I use theanine okay so theanine is something that i would recommend if you are trying to be calm so I'm gonna be in Pasadena on Friday and I'm speaking at.

An event in front of about 3,500 people and theanine is definitely something that I usually consume before like a speaking engagement because I already have enough adrenaline it cuts the edge of that and makes me feel a lot calmer so that's why I like with with green tea usually has a natural feeding in it so I recommend if people are looking to feel.

A little bit calmer if you feel really hyped up theanine is great that's a great thing to add in another one that I like is alpha lipoic acid after you break your fast very powerful free rock free radical scavenging effects and then additionally like a whole food form of vitamin C when I say whole food form okay there's a lot of scrutiny out there.

A lot of questions surrounding the world of absorbing acid and that kind of vitamin C I usually recommend getting as a whole food form of vitamin C garden of life has a whole food version where it's like a so roll of fruit and things like that again that's not a product plug that's just to tell you kind of just google it go to Amazon search whole food.

Vitamin C just because you don't want to be having the vitamin C after you break a fast or sudhi during your fast want to have it after you break your fast so I'm getting distracted here because my employees is walking out okay literally walking out he didn't quit he was like walking out and I saw his shadow okay one more question is it a.

Good idea for someone over 50 trying to build muscle Monday through Friday is a good defense I'll just answer that shortly fasting is tremendous for building muscle I just recommend that you try to fast or work out towards the end of your fast so that you can break your fast with that food okay that way that's a.

Your your post-workout is your break fast meal as I better go ahead and jump it off I got to go in run to a quick appointment you guys are super awesome can we just get one last round of commenting where you're watching from just so I can go back through it later and then also hit that thumbs up button and thank you to everyone that did the.

Super chat I appreciate that guys you guys are way too kind it's definitely not necessary and one of the best ways that you guys can't support this channel is you know utilize butcher box you know I anything I've talked about on my channel is good quality stuff I don't put garbage on my channel yes I have sponsors to talk about this in all my.

Life broadcasts cuz there's always gonna be haters yes I have sponsors yes I have paid endorsements on my channel but they're always with brands that I seek out not ones that are just random okay so I'm always giving the best in my followers my audience because I want you guys to get the best but I also want to be able to keep this channel afloat and.

It cost money to do that the best way that you can support me is by supporting those brands because that's who ultimately pays the bills to be completely honest so that we can keep doing this so you guys Rock thank you so so much 1.6 thousand people that were here today all the links to the meal plan video.

Down below all the links to the Facebook group and also a link to my newsletter if you want to sign up to my email newsletter no spam no garbage nothing like that I just like having other ways to contact people so if you drop down the description you'll see it sign up for my newsletter and I also have like a free eating out cheat sheet so that you.

Can download a PDF it's like hey here's what I would recommend if you're going out to eat in a pinch it's kind of my freebie giveaway in lieu of you feeling comfortable giving me your email because I know that's a powerful place for people all right you guys are awesome thank you so much and I'll see it tomorrow morning with another bidding.

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