Intermittent Fasting and Supplements to Take- Live Challenge Update #3

Intermittent Fasting and Supplements to Take- Live Challenge Update #3

Intermittent Fasting and Supplements to Take- Live Challenge Update #3

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What's going on everybody hey this is a little bit different setting I decided this sit outside today it's been a beautiful day so anyhow I know I'm starting 10 minutes early but I'm doing so for good reason the reason I'm starting a few minutes early is it's going to allow a lot of people to kind of join in notices people don't get.

Notifications for these live broadcasts until they've been going for a little while so I figure if I start a few minutes early there's people that are ready and then by the time 4 o'clock Pacific time rolls around we aren't in business family turn it my brightness really quick just that I can see what people are saying if you can go ahead.

And comment where you're watching from that way I can say hello and we'll go ahead and we'll dive right in and get done to the good stuff ok so here we are what are we three weeks into this challenge and I honestly not even keeping account because it just feels good and it just feels like such a lifestyle it's what I'm gonna obviously.

Continue anyway but Wow ok already we've got Costa Mesa California we've got UK we've got Luxembourg we've got Edmonton Alberta we've got Reno Nevada Miami Ontario we've got Maine Iowa New York this is so awesome Miami Pennsylvania New York as always it's amazing epic amount of people Rio.

De Janeiro in the house holy how that's awesome and then we get North Carolina we got Indiana we've got Lebanon whoa hello all the way from Lebanon I think you're gonna like the stuff that we talked about today obviously these live broadcasts if left to my own devices and I'll just ramble on and on and on and on the point is I want a lot of you guys to.

Be able to drive these it's a chance for me to be able to answer questions a chance for me to be able to have some fun with you guys and you know if you're doing this intermittent fasting challenge with me and then you know that you're probably encountering some roadblocks now and then and things like dang I wish I could ask Thomas that.

Question so this is really the chance if you do not know what this challenge is all about maybe you're just hopping on this broadcast and you just have never seen anything about a challenge down below in the description you'll see a link to the first video and the first video explains everything the first video for the.

Challenge it gives you out the meal plan it gives you the breakdown it gives you recommended supplements and everything like that so if you're new you probably want to check that out however I still invite you to stay by all means please stay here on this broadcast and just enjoy the ride because we're going answer some questions we're going to.

Talk everything intermittent fasting and just have a blast with this Wow we've got a lot of Australia we've got some New Zealand we've got Arizona that's awesome you guys are super awesome Wow someone watch them Yosemite California I hope you didn't end up getting that stomach flu that like I said like a hundred people or two hundred people or.

Something ended up breaking contracting some stomach virus out there that didn't sound too fun okay so now we've got a lot of people here I just need everyone to hit that thumbs up button hit that likes button like button and then that'll get a lot of people here and we can rock and roll because we're almost to a thousand people in this broadcast.

And I think when I hit a thousand people is when I'll go ahead and really start getting into the Nitty Gritty science but I will say I am very very pleased with my results so far just like you whenever I follow anything that's structured even a structure for myself it ends up being just significantly significantly better results simply.

Because I'm adhering to something the funny thing is our house got hit with the flu last week which wasn't exactly fun and it did hit me but it actually hit me pretty light and I think of course this whole intermittent fasting regime and being really strict with this is what allowed me to bounce back really quick I was down for about a day and and.

I knew a lot of people that were getting hit hard with this okay okay let's go ahead and let's rock so what I want to touch on first since this is based on the fact that I've seen so many questions coming in regarding this supplementation during a fast versus not during your fast so what kind of things should you take during a fast and what.

Kind of things should you wait until you break your fast to take now there's a lot of gray area with this and intermittent fasting in supplements is just it depends who you ask to be completely honest but I think the main thing that I want to focus on in this particular case is going to be the antioxidant effect of most supplements.

Or many supplements because it's very very important and I know I sound a little bit like a broken record when I explain this we have to remember there's all kinds of new people on these broadcasts when I do them so what we have to look at is what is called the hormetic response okay so the hormetic effect which is what we're aiming for.

With this fast and if you've watched my other live broadcast and you know exactly what I'm talking about so for medica feck Tiz where because we are fasting we're eliciting a stress response within our body it's our body's job to adapt so it's adapting to the stress and it's getting stronger so that means for every.

Minute that you're fasting and your body is starving or starving from food for food it means that you are at that point getting that much stronger because your cells are adapting and learning to run on their own fuel right so we don't want to spoil this we don't want to ruin it and a lot of times we think about food but we don't necessarily think about.

Supplements and we think about supplements in the light of will this break my fast but we don't necessarily think about what it does in terms of making the fast easier see we don't want to make our fast easier we want to make our fast more difficult if anything I would rather have a more difficult fast that I have to do for a slightly shorter.

Amount of time then have an easy fast that I do for a long point in time long period of time now the reason behind that is simple you want the maximum bang for the buck with your fast plain and simple if you're only gonna be fasting for 16 or 18 hours you might as well make it as intense of a fast as possible now I'm not implying.

That you go out and you you do something crazy okay you don't go out and try to you know dehydrate yourself and sit in a sauna the whole time right that's not the goal although I've done some interesting things kind of like that my point is that you have to avoid certain things so what does vitamin C do let's just little challenge here like what.

Does vitamin C do when you take it okay vitamin C is an antioxidant it's the job of vitamin C to take stress off of your body right to take stress off of your body so it can fight and support your immune system and fight free radicals well the whole purpose of fasting is a lot of ways is to fray fight free radicals so if we take something like a.

Vitamin C then we are giving ourselves a crutch which therefore makes the fast that much more easy really so there's an a study that showed that when subjects took vitamin C they actually had less otology occurring and less free radical scavenging ability that's pretty wild so you would think that ok I'm fasting my system is clean right now so let me go.

Ahead and enhance it by enhancing the clean up power well you are actually doing yourself a disservice we're actually giving yourself an antioxidant that's in effect stopping the stressful portion of the fast which is making you stronger so it's actually making your fast easier now it's not because you broke your fast it's not.

Because of a negligible component of a calorie or portion of a calorie it's not because of that at all it's literally just the antioxidant effect bear with me one second turn the brightness up again it's getting a little late dark here there we go there we go okay everyone can see me and hear me okay perfect so then we can't.

Bridge onto some other supplement so anything that's going to be say an antioxidant okay so anything like a resveratrol or anything like a vitamin C or any kind of water soluble vitamin really isn't something you want to take okay now what about minerals that oh okay so minerals are a little bit different minerals I do recommend that.

We take however if you guys want to hear some nerdy stuff is anyone interested to hearing some little nerdy stuff about some some minerals here say nerdiness that we've already got people that want a nerdiness so people wonder and I've got here like I've got some magnesium right okay should you take things like magnesium potassium phosphorus manganese.

Anything like that during your fast the short answer is yes okay you should be taking minerals now what's funny is magnesium relaxes you so would having a relaxation effect um the magnesium negate the effects of your fast so we did think so actually in fact it actually had me stopping taking my magnesium for a little while until we.

Found some recent science and I just actually recorded it in a video last week but the science is really compelling so it shows that you have a big spike of adrenaline right of epinephrine now epinephrine is not relaxing epinephrine jacks you up which is why you feel so jazzed and energized when.

You're fasting because you have high degrees of adrenaline and epinephrine well magnesium counteracts epinephrine at the nerve ending so that would imply that we're stopping the effects of a fast but it turns out that we're not it turns out that magnesium only affects the catecholamines like epinephrine at the nerve ending but does not affect it.

At the cardio tonic level okay so that means that you're not having an effect on epinephrine as far as your heart rates concerned as far as how much energy your body is actually producing and using it's only affecting you at the muscular like the nervous system level making it so your muscles are relaxed so win a huge win for magnesium so that.

Means that when you take magnesium on a fast you get all the muscle relaxation effects and all the anti cramping effects but you still get the elevated heart rate the elevated epinephrine and the elevated just overall stroke volume and everything like that thing you want from your heart that's phenomenal news like seriously I'm excited about that I.

Know that doesn't necessarily carry over to or what everyone else would think but that's exciting for me because that means that I still get to get the benefits of magnesium and so get to get the benefits of my fast okay another thing that people bring up all the time is when you be probiotics get probiotics after you're fast or probiotics during.

Your fast first and foremost during your fast no probiotics do not take probiotics after your fast yes you can take them so here's what you have to remember and I did a video talking about kind of a gut reset process with this whole thing and I mean when you fast you are resetting your gut effectively okay any bad.

Bacteria that is in excess will likely reduce okay this is very very positive stuff okay so what that means is that as a result of you not taking in food your digestive enzyme formation reduces and it means that your enzyme force increases which means that your body's ability to have potency with its existing.

Enzymes increases so the bad bacteria kind of start to go away which means that you are left with a pretty baseline set of bacteria so after you break your fast and you eat food the good bacteria that is left is largely going to grow okay simply because you have this good bacteria that's survived the fast if you want to call it that and the survival of.

The bacteria through that fast now gets further along because now you're fertilizing it with food okay so you already set yourself up in a good way you are already in a really good spot at the end of your fast the one concern that I have if you were to take probiotics at the end of your fast is that they really get lost in the shuffle.

Okay because you're talking about just trillions upon trillions of bacteria in your gut and then you're talking about making a slight shift with you know 20 30 billion CFU from a capsule is it really going to make a huge difference for you probably not but what I would recommend is if you are someone that is changing your diet drastically along.

With your fast then you would be probably having a strong benefit by taking some probiotics in I'm trying to just save everyone money here and tell you when and where it's really going to matter so if you have changed your diet so if you're doing this challenge and in addition to fasting you have added a bunch of new stuff new foods then you.

May want to go ahead and add a probiotic simply because you are going to give yourself an opportunity for that bacteria to grow ordinarily if you were to take a regular probiotic it's going to get lost in the shuffle I hate to break it to you but like a thirty billion CFU sounds like a lot in a probiotic capsule but when you consider.

That you have hundreds and trillions of bacteria in your gut that's such a small miniscule drop in the bucket but if you are changing your diet and you have a bunch of new different kinds of foods coming in then you actually get a benefit because you actually give it an opportunity to grow whereas normally it's vastly superseded by all the other.

Garbage so hope that helps in terms of understanding a little bit in the way of supplements fish oil huge huge fan official you absolutely should be consuming it but not during your fast okay not during your fast because fish oil during your fast is simply put it isn't oil okay it isn't oil and it will break it fast but additionally just like.

I talked about earlier it has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties and very powerful anti-oxidant properties which we don't want to be putting in our body at that point in time because we want our body to learn how to combat it right another one that comes up a lot for those of you that are in the muscle building world if you're.

Doing a lot of muscle building and you're trying to gain some weight things like that or even not gaining some weight but just preserve muscle – you might be considering taking creatine touch on that for a second I would advise against taking creatine during your fast I don't think that it breaks your fast but it's again it's one of.

Those things where you are giving your body an additional energy store okay if creatine is still an energy store okay so it's going to be a backup for energy when you need need like a quick burst of strength okay so for example and this is interesting for anybody so please don't tune out just because you're not necessarily a muscle builder or.

Something like that right when you go and you sprint or you do a workout the first couple of reps the first couple seconds of your workout is fueled by creatine naturally stored in your in your body so if you give yourself another fuel that it normal that it already has and you're giving yourself more of it could you argue that that's.

Breaking a fast yes and no the reason that I largely say no is because creatine is not immediate fuel if you take creatine it's going to store and then it's gonna be used when it needs to be used okay it's not going to be used immediately so the point is why would you bother taking it during your fast if it's a question mark it makes no sense.

To take it during your fast and I'm sorry if this is insulting to the person that asks I'm not trying to sound condescending it's it's I'm just posing the question like why would you take it right because it's not giving you an immediate effect creatine that you take today is giving you an effect probably two or three days.

From now so there's no point in potentially risking your fast over something that's giving you no effect during your fast that's just my take so I would assume just have it with your food and you're gonna potentially help absorption anyway there's carnitine break a fast very good question.

Carnitine technically won't break a fast however the quarantine shuttle pathway shouldn't really be required while you are doing intermittent fasting now the carnitine shuttle pathway is there to allow fatty acids into the mitochondria if you are fasting properly you should be creating ketones which don't require the carnitine shuttle pathway to get.

Into the mitochondria cross through the double membrane so a point is that we won't break a fast but it's not worth it okay some pass the question says you've said that when working out at the end of the fast as I deal due to my schedule I'm working out right in the middle of an 18 to 20 hour fast what do you think this yeah EB you know what I actually.

Fall into that category a lot too it's just part of life you know there's a ideal situations ideal times to work out and there's practical times to work out it's just the way it goes sometimes you're absolutely fine working out in that stage that's kind of where I end up falling some time soon for example I will a lot of times break my fast until.

Like 3:00 4:00 p.m. however I will end up you know working out sometimes it like 11 it's just the way that it goes you'll be okay try whenever possible to work out at the end of your fast hey guys can we please get a bunch of people hitting that thumbs up button I know we've got well over a thousand people on here but only 400.

Likes so I just would appreciate if we can just get a bunch of likes on here and also if you know people that are intermittent fasting and they would get some benefit out of doing this challenge or you just feel you know people friends family I'd get some benefit out of doing this challenge please do share this video with them and share this whole.

Challenge with them say you get them on board I know we've got so many new subscribers coming to the channel like we're growing like mad and I just want to make sure that everyone here is you know well aware that there is a challenge going on and we can really get a lot of people excited and motivated and rocking and rolling on this Kathleen.

Says what do you recommend for ready to drink protein drinks um not a whole lot of them out there to be completely honest what I would usually recommend is have some almond milk already good to go and then just bring a ziploc bag with your protein powder and then makes it when you're ready to drink it because the red new drinks are just full.

Of stabilizers I've yet to find one that I really think is really good there are a couple what is the one that I like can't remember okay it's going to come to me I'm sorry I saw one at Whole Foods and I tried it once no it's pretty good it was pretty darn clean someone says the reason I asked about creatine is I do alternate day yeah you're yeah you're.

Fine just take your creatine on your non alt your nan fascinating day okay we just have some other people asking a lot of questions what are the effects sorry there's a lot of questions coming in bear with me here ah great question just apple cider vinegar technically break a fast this is a really good question and one that I cannot in good faith give you.

A black and white answer to because technically apple cider vinegar has a calorie or two now what makes this frustrating is the calorie comes from the fermentation of the vinegar itself now the vinegar of course has been fermented to the fermented to the point where it's technically digested right so it's a predigested food it's fermented.

And it's a vinegar so it's acetic acid so because it's fermented from Apple's technically there is a carb or two in there but I wouldn't say that it would break a fast because the benefits of the apple cider vinegar vastly superseded the potential risk of it breaking it apple cider vinegar does you really good in a fast because it.

Lowers your blood sugar lowers ultimately your a1c and it ultimately makes it so you're going to get more out of your fast so we have to ask ourselves the question is what are we after what are we truly after here we trying to make the fasting police happy or are we trying to get the best result possible the other question that came up.

Was vitamin d3 vitamin D just makes sense to have with a meal anyway so I would not suggest having that in a fasted state and any true vitamin D that's going to be along with k2 because vitamin k2 is needed for vitamin D to do its job and vitamin K really they should be fat soluble so if you're not consuming them with fat they're not.

Going to absorb and not get to do their job so if you're fasting don't take your vitamin D until the time that you eat anyway just sit you get the actual right effect sorry guys my my screen brightness keeps on going down because I'm outside someone asked about boron with minerals boron you're okay but I would suggest having that while.

You're eating anyway hang on another question to come up and I'll make sure I get to that one okay to break fast with marine collagen that's a really good question and I'll answer it for both regular collagen in marine collagen it's actually gonna be the same answer so collagen for breaking a fast is actually quite good that's why I usually say if.

You want have a little bit of bone broth because the collagen is really the main piece here the collagen is going to get utilized mainly to support the glucose ol layer which is what you want to be supporting right when you break your fast so I definitely recommend that you do that whether it's marine bovine or if you're using that collagen building.

Peptides to help you out if you're vegan or vegetarian someone says it we're worth breaking a fast with a post-workout protein drink to maximize my gains yes it is I've talked about that before in other videos protein shake right when you break a fast is a really good solution otherwise really lean proteins really keeping it clean by.

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Need within the meal plan through butcher bucks so down below in the description you guys can just check them out after you're done watch this in the video or whenever cool thing is they've they've been generous enough to extend that rather than just do it for the first week so huge thank you to them does lines mean or quarter-sized break a.

Faster and lower ketones technically they won't break a fast I have noticed they lower my ketones as but nothing to really worry about too much there okay Oh someone asks about citrulline malate which is great let's talk about just pre-workouts in general so pre-workouts.

Do not take a pre-workout if it has branch chain amino acids in it okay repeat after me I will not take well nothing a pre-workout a pre-workout if it has branched chain amino acids in it if it has branch in amino acid okay you should be repeating after me that is your absolute swear in for fasting okay branch chain amino acids will spike your.

Insulin and will break a fast does that mean that they are bad terrible things no it just means that if you are trying to get the most out of your fast it will break it because it is something that spikes insulin because of the leucine okay branched chain amino acids are leucine isoleucine and valine so I just want to make sure that you're very very.

Careful with that most pre-workouts also have multi dextran in them they also have a bunch of other stuff so what I usually recommend is if you're looking to have a pre-workout make your own okay and I've talked about this number of videos but of course I mean this means no disrespect to people.

I have lots of new people coming in here so I have to sometimes explain things and repeat just again just to be safe but when you're gonna make your own pre-workout you want to do it with citrulline malate two to three thousand milligrams a citrulline malate then you also want to try beta alanine okay beta alanine is terrific for giving you it's.

Kind of interesting it kind of gives you it does stuff some stuff to your central nervous system it makes you feel a little bit tingly but it's perfectly safe and it's perfectly fasting friendly start literally start with a couple hundred milligrams and work your way around and see how you feel on that you just have to test that one and then I.

Usually recommend a little bit of caffeine and I usually recommend caffeine via green tea or matcha whenever possible or black coffee simply because then you get a couple other effects you get some things called a mellow or catechol own methyl transferase which actually stops the breakdown of the catecholamines within.

Your blood basically a long story short matcha green tea is unique because it makes it so that adrenaline can work harder in your body for a longer period of time so really cool stuff and that's the basic basic gist of that let's see here oh how to get rid of constipation when doing intermittent fasting is a really good question.

Honestly if you have just a little bit of psyllium just before bed I got a tablespoon it's not gonna kick you got a keto you're good to go there how about gelatin to break a fast that's actually really solid you can have gelatine to break if s basically it's long story short and is in some ways collagen depending on where you're.

Getting it from sardines are brand broth okay to break a fast yes to some degree I'm trying to keep this one this video relevant to the meal plan that's laid out which has pretty strict fast breaking guidelines so I probably won't go through a whole lot of detail than that someone asked if pickles will break a fast and yes pickles will indeed break.

A fast as well pickle juice but I want to touch on something really important here and that is the effect of like will one single calorie break of fast because I film the video talking about this yesterday so like well one single calorie break it fast you have to again ask yourself the question like what are you trying to achieve with your fast if.

You're trying to achieve fat loss then you have to just consider what calorie good is you're taking in okay so for example a calorie from coffee technically that calorie stop so fast technically that calorie would by definition activate import and stop auto 50 from occurring however countless studies show that the polyphenols in.

Coffee up regulate ampk and up regulate cyclic adenosine monophosphate which goes against the grain of that so that would tell us that when we have coffee it's actually improving the effect of our fast so yes we had one maybe two calories but it boosted the effect of our fast so by that result doesn't that tell us that it actually did us good so.

That's where fasting it's not all created equal it's not all black and white with a calorie that comes in you know if you take in two calories from a cup of black coffee but the person next to you takes two calories because they have a fraction of a piece of a pixie stick guess who's getting a positive result from those two calories versus.

Who's getting a negative all from those two calories so a calorie is not a calorie it all depends on what it is now if it's a solid good old food that doesn't have a stimulant property it probably isn't going to affect you in a positive way Coffee is interesting because the polyphenols but also the stimulant effect.

Yeah the caffeine itself is very powerful for fast it actually taps into your body's stored tissues okay so it allows you to actually utilize that fat better it's very interesting when you look at how the body triggers fat loss in lipolysis and hormone sensitive lipase and all these cool enzymatic functions in which we actually burn fat.

You know in there are certain things that help that and certain things that don't so you know things like green tea and coffee although you have a very subtle insulin spike from them you're getting such a benefit from them they're going to help you more than hurt you also gonna turn them brightness back up once again does milk of magnesia break a.

Fast yes it does I'm glad someone asked this Cass henwood said Thomas you're great do you recommend sauna on a fasting day through this challenge let's talk sauna for just a second because I'm so glad you brought this up cool science all right my life is so boring I get so excited about this stuff okay so turns out that when you take it though when.

You sit in the sauna you have this cool thing called heat shock proteins and these heat shock proteins protect the folding and unfolding of specific proteins within your bodies okay so what that means is that when your body's go through a cellular division or when they go through any kind of process like that we have proteins that fold and unfold in.

Order to actually like make their structure and whenever we have dysfunction within our body because we're unhealthy because of advanced glycation end-products or because of stress or because of oxidative damage or anything like that what that does is that disrupts the folding of these proteins which can trigger disease.

States simple example is Alzheimer's is a largely classified as a gross miss folding of amyloid and tau proteins which tells us that when we have these miss foldings of proteins it causes a chain reaction down sort of the down the line that causes beta amyloid plaque to build and all these things that can trigger disease it's not good stuff.

Right so happens is when we go in asana we actually protect the folding of these proteins to make sure these proteins fold properly this is cool science and Rhonda Patrick's done some cool stuff on this so the saunas caused a release what are called heat shock proteins and if you can envision my fist as a cell heat.

Shock proteins will come in and it come as a response to heat shock of course so and they kind of pepper outside the cell so it's like they're kind of hover over the cell and protect it and they're called heat shock proteins because they prevent the cell from getting damaged by the heat but as we expose ourselves to more and more and more heat we've.

Developed more heat shock proteins which make ourselves stronger and more resilient because now they have this layer of heat shock proteins well it just turns out that these heat shock proteins also have an effect on hdacs okay what is called histone deacetylase inhibition they have an effect on hdacs now this is fascinating stuff because.

This starts going down genetic rabbit holes which we find that histone deacetylase inhibition is what allows our DNA to be expressed this is complicated sounding but what it simply means is that without without ketones or without heat shock proteins we don't know if our cells could actually really replicate the way they're supposed to.

Per our genetic code okay so we have a genetic library that has these doors that are just like closed tight right and those doors don't open they're under very strict locking key so if if those doors were to just open all the time then every Paul Dick and Harry would have access to our our genetic library we don't want that right we don't want a.

Virus to be able to come into our body and open up our genetic library why because that is exactly how like a cancer could form right I mean that's hypothetical but think about it like that's okay your genetics are under serious strict lock and key okay that is your vault that is your DNA that is your precious home that is everything okay I.

Want you to understand this please pay attention this okay so super important so if a foreign invader came into your body like a you know in disease or something and it could just get into your it can infiltrate your DNA think about all the crazy things that could do you'd have growths coming off places you'd have all kinds of crazy.

Stuff dangerous stuff so it's good it's under lock and key the downside is it also affects us negatively with aging because we're not able to open up our genetic library and actually grow cells the way that they're supposed to grow because we can't access the genetic library well it turns out that saunas allow us the potential to.

Access that genetic library by basically inhibiting or stopping histone deacetylase inhibition so it stops the it stops that from being under lock and key temporarily so we can actually express ourselves more it turns out that ketones do the same thing ketones act upon the HDAC pathway so they act upon HDAC by inhibiting as well.

So histone deacetylation deacetylation excuse me so we don't that part's complicated I don't need to go into the whole deacetylation process but ketones and saunas which ketones come from fasting do that same thing so they work together so my point in this long-winded explanation is that keto or fasting plus sauna work tremendously well together.

Tremendously well because they can act upon our genetic library so hopefully that seeing some sense to everybody you're on here comes the brightness again oh no what's going on I don't make sure does that make sense to everybody can you say yes that made sense cool okay lots of good people lots of good stuff people definitely thought.

That makes sense okay perfect what about being lightheaded yeah low blood pressure more than likely is the case there so maybe a little bit of salt could help you out there okay cool glad that made sense to so many people okay okay guys we've got time for two more questions let's get to more good questions go in here move someone asked.

About and taken ice and I'm not gonna count that as a question but yeah nice and would be okay while you're fasting Christine says saw pics of your wife in the Minturn you you have a great and healthy looking family thank you so much it's it's not easy family it's not easy but it's the best okay all right okay someone says I lift weights about.

Three times a week and I fast five times a week sixteen eight I seem to be taking in more protein than fats and I'm not losing the weight as much as I would expect trini back off back off the fasting five times per week fasting if you're not if you're trying to gain weight is too much cut it down to three to four yeah.

Someone does ask about DHEA I'm not gonna count that as a question but DHEA take during your eating window someone also asking about keto balanced keto balance you're good to go but take it during again your ending window let's see so I have lots of questions coming colostrum or call us true potato potato depends when you're talking to again not.

During your fast but otherwise great what mental benefits do you get from hit okay this is a great question actually you know what I want to end on this because this who here wants to get some amazing mental benefits out of there fast okay so we're always looking for things to take supplements to take foods to eat this and that okay first of all.

Fasting by itself is going to get you a tremendous mental benefit you already know that you can feel it right you feel it but when you do high in to see interval training you increase what is called brain-derived neurotropic factor simply because you're increasing your lactate threshold okay so what you want to be doing is you want to be exposing.

Yourself to that burn that lactate threshold and pushing yourself through that the longer that your body is exposed to lactate the more that you are able to overpower it you don't want to succumb come victim to the lactate you want to get stronger than now what that does is that fuels your brain okay it does feel your brain a lot so when you.

Do high-intensity interval training in a fasted state maybe one or two days per week you can get a pretty strong benefit from it in terms of mental benefits and that's a long-term effect that's not just short-term now you will get a short-term effect too but you get a long-term effect in terms of what you are exposing your brain to by overcoming.

That lactate all right there's probably two go ahead and wrap this wrap this up here but if we can just get a whole bunch more likes if you guys can hit that like button please try to get us up to a thousand likes it would just be very very helpful and very very very much appreciated here I also do want to remember I let them.

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Time to time so definitely wanna make sure you use that link all totally free also put a link down to my free eating out cheat sheet so there's a link that way if you want to learn like what to eat when you go out to eat at a restaurant and things like that when you're on the run not necessarily for this protocol but just in general highly.

Recommend that you check that out so down in the description you'll see get my eating out cheat sheet you can check that out I'll just take you to my Thomas de Lauer comm site and you can just put in your email and then it sends it to you it no spam nothing no garbage anything like that it's just a PDF makes life really easy and then last but not.

Least the very first link that you'll see there down in the description the butcher box pricing has been extended and again I say this because I'd like to be able to say it in front of a lot of people to YouTube's making it a lot more difficult you may have seen some of my posts and some of my stuff about that like YouTube is really.

Making it difficult to be able to generate revenue on YouTube they really really truly are you probably notice we have two million subscribers but you know you get fifty to a hundred thousand views when you post a video I'm not the only channel that feels that so it makes so we have to create content almost every single day so that's why the how.

Many videos we produce we'd love doing it and I love doing it but we're having to produce that many videos because YouTube is choking us quite a bit and in order to be able to keep the revenue up we have to post lots of videos that's the only way that I can pay my team and I've got a pretty big team and because YouTube had set the standard pretty high.

To begin with and then kind of choke this off it's made it tough so I don't want to lay people off I don't ever want to have to do that so we have to double down and create lots and lots of content so I want everyone to know that although I'm annoying when I have sponsors on my videos and I know that it annoys some people I am aware of that but that is.

How this channel has to survive because the economics of it are quite difficult I have to continue to produce which is a grind on myself to begin with but if I weren't having sponsors I would have to lay people off it is that simple so I appreciate people voicing their opinion that been always like when I have sponsors and I try to wean them.

Off and only do periodically but I also have to pay bills so yeah that's not a that's not a pitch for you to go buy a butcher box anything like that I just want to make sure that people know that okay so this is at the end of the day still has to operate like a business because I have a team and I also live in California where taxes are not exactly.

Cheap so as always everyone you guys make this possible though I'm not saying that I'm disappointed or anything like that I just you guys and learn oh oh having an explanation right you were owed that I love you all appreciate the heck out of you guys I was in Pasadena on Friday speaking in front of about 2,000 people it was.

Amazing absolutely just it just resonated with me just how powerful just our message is and just thank you guys for being a part of it and thank you for just always staying true and thank you for saying just thank you for making it possible so you guys are awesome I will see you next week and enjoy the rest of this challenge and let's keep Rocking.

See you guys soon
Intermittent Fasting and Supplements to Take- Live Challenge Update #3
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