Interactive Intermittent Fasting Coaching Session (Live)

Interactive Intermittent Fasting Coaching Session (Live)

Interactive Intermittent Fasting Coaching Session (Live)

Check out the video on Interactive Intermittent Fasting Coaching Session (Live).
What's going on everybody you see I already got quite a few people here awesome alright so this is real this is live I decided what the heck it's Friday got nothing else to do but hop on a live broadcast answer some questions have a little bit of fun sorry about this kind of lighting issue in the background there the blinds are just not doing.

Their job anyhow the whole purpose of this live broadcast to have a little bit of fun get a little bit more interactive do some coaching there's so many questions that come up and truth be told when we were doing the whole keto challenge for that month just the engagement and the interaction that was happening from the subscriber base was.

Just awesome so I want to get in the habit of doing these semi-regularly although I have to be completely honest it's difficult for me to schedule them out because my schedule is so unpredictable so sometimes they're gonna be at totally random like this purpose of this people have so surrounding intermittent fasting and so much of the.

Content that I have to put out ends up being somewhat redundant and a little bit repetitive simply because I have so many new subscribers coming in I mean we're gaining between 2 and 5 thousand subscribers per day so you have to understand that a lot of times when these new subscribers come in they're not privy to all the same details that.

Long-term subscribers you have so they don't know everything that I've talked about so a lot of times I have to just sort of tease with a little bit of redundant information which sometimes drive people nuts but it's just the way it has to get done so I do want to start this live broadcast out the way that I normally would which is inviting.

Everyone to comment where they're watching from so go ahead and just say you know hello where you're watching from that way I could take a glance over there we've got North Carolina in the house this is awesome this is so perfect and then we've got see about Alaska in the house and if I'm glancing over here and that's just where that's where the.

Live chat pops up so it's just looking there and holy cow I can't keep up with that that's awesome though I just love the way I love going through this after the fact and checking out where people are watching from and what people are doing the other thing I want to ask people to do if you can go ahead and hit that thumbs up button that little like.

Button that way this broadcast gets ranked a little bit higher it serves it out to the subscribers more YouTube wants to see that people like it so otherwise people on my channel don't necessarily see it so I'd appreciate that this is really really cool all right and for a lot of you guys that we're asking.

Yes we are safe from the fires or in Southern Cal for you so the fires got pretty close didn't get it back you rated this year like we did last year so is much better anyhow I'm gonna go ahead and dive right into this stuff I do want to go ahead and give a quick shout out also down to butcher bucks so put your box I put a.

Link down below in the description special promotion going on right now for those of you that are watching there's literally my unusual $20 off plus this time you're getting a free turkey to and honor of Thanksgiving so if you guys want to take advantage of butcher box and check them out the link is down below in the description I'll talk a.

Little bit more about that later okay so the main thing that I want to do here is answer questions but I want to go ahead and give a little bit of just a general breakdown of what I want to discuss today okay there's been two videos that have come up on my channel in the last couple of weeks that have really gained a lot of traction one was the.

Mediterranean keto video and the other one was the which length of fasting is best so I kind of want to touch on those and use those as sort of a an epicenter if you will for like what we're going to talk about that's kind of what everything's gonna be focused on because that's where a lot of my focus is right now and when I say my focus it means a.

Lot of my research I feel like Mediterranean diet approach is still a long last and really clean diet and a really good way for people to live whether they're keto or not so it has principles that apply to keto and it has principles that apply to non-kyoto and it has principles that certainly apply to intermittent fasting.

So I don't want anyone to ever think that you have to do both you can always do one or the other you can do keto you can do fasting you can intertwine them it all depends on what your results are so there's a lot of questions that are already coming in so let's go ahead and let's start out with some intermittent fasting questions that are coming in.

First just simply because that's what the title of this video is I don't want to stray away from what I put I don't want to have any clickbait or anything like there I do want to talk about Mediterranean keto but I want to talk a little bit about the intermittent fasting feasts that people have questions on someone actually rabbinic.

Mcl says hi I've been fast and I've been feeling well but feeling dizzy when standing do you know what I can do to stop this I mean keeping well hydrated so I know it's not dehydration well that's just the thing is when you're fasting you don't always know that you're hydrated because the minerals get thrown off so you don't really know that.

You're hydrated in fact sometimes drinking more water dehydrates you more you gotta think of it like this okay you're intermittent fasting you're feeling dizzy you're feeling late head if you have a headache so you start pounding more water well what are you doing well you have no or really low levels of insulin so what's happening is.

Your kidneys will flush out the extra water and what that means is along with that they're gonna flushed out more minerals so the more water you drink if you're not repeating with sodium and you're not repeating with magnesium and maybe even some potassium you can get further dehydrated and it can throw you off a little bit more okay a lot of.

Times the headaches and the dizziness that we feel is not a result of hypoglycemia it's not the blood glucose getting low it is a result of usually just that being minerally imbalanced so i recommend putting a little bit of salt in your water okay I also recommend getting some inexpensive potassium chloride.

Okay literally go on Amazon get really inexpensive potassium chloride it's like 10 bucks for a bag of it's gonna last you a year and you put like a quarter teaspoon of that in your water that way you're getting sodium and potassium and it's just easy to sip on it all day so I hope that that solves that issue there again full disclaimer I'm not a doctor.

So I can't handle everything and I don't know exactly what's going on with you but I can at least do the best that I can here here so we already have so many questions coming on in here so actually someone asks this is a great question which type of fish is best to eat when coming off of a fast so when you're coming off of a fast you usually want to.

Keep it lean and I want to clear this up because a lot of people get confused so like I'm doing keto but I'm breaking my fast and you're telling me to keep it lean this doesn't make sense here's the thing we need to keep things as gleen and simple to digest as possible when we're breaking a fast the reason is is because well really it's 2.

Or 3 fold the first reason is it's hard to mechanically digest things right we break a fast okay you have to remember that your gut mucosal layer is breaking down a little bit during a fast it's going through its recycling process and you have to remember that gut motility changes a little bit so the whole dynamic of the gut just changes when.

We're not eating so if all of a sudden we have this massive bolus of protein and massive bolus of food that comes in you have to remember that our digestive tract is going to be completely screwed up so it's really important to be eating lean kinds of fish now you can eat lean protein in general but this particular question was surrounding the world of.

Fish if you are going to eat fish I usually recommend some kind of white fish or a shellfish okay the reason that I suggest a shellfish is because most of them are very very lean okay so you're talking scallops you're talking clams you're talking things like that that's not exactly ideal but I'm just saying if you.

Want to be able to eat if you can't eat that that would be the best-case scenario but I know not everyone wants to break a fast with some oysters or some mussels or clams right now when it comes down to the fish itself something lean like wild Alaskan cod or a leaner cut of halibut some halibut higher fat content if you're going to go with.

Salmon go with the sockeye salmon because the sockeye salmon although still very very high in omega threes is much much much leaner okay so we got to remember that we don't always want high fat cuts of meat and higher-quality cuts of meat and fish are going to naturally be leaner we have to remember that the really fatty cuts that we get are.

Usually a result of heavily grain and soy and corn fed meat they put fat on them so they get more at market it's going to naturally be leaner and the same goes with wild caught fish farm raised salmon is usually really like marbled with a lot of fat and it's really fatty whereas wild-caught is nice and clean.

And lean so anyhow also just FYI the link down below for butcher box they also have sockeye salmon if you wanted to check that out so I put a link it's right there in the bottom of the description highly recommend you do check them out too okay here's another question coming in let me scroll through here and it's got so many questions.

Coming in okay intermittent fasting only 2 to 3 times per week otherwise it will slow metabolism can you add clarification this is a super good and very common question now I talk often about intermittent fasting being done in two ways ok you can look at it either way you can say intermittent fasting is where I.

Intermittently fast a couple times per week or intermittent fasting can be viewed as I am doing periods of intermittent fasting so potato potato but very very big differences between the two there are other intermittent fasting gurus and I don't even know if I want to call them experts but just proponents out there that think that.

Intermittent fasting is good to do every single day I'm not here to say that it's bad to do every day I just have my concerns ok because what's going to happen is the metabolism is naturally going to respond to how often you're eating in terms of organs say how often but it is going to naturally respond and adapt to whatever.

It is that you're doing so if you're fasting every day that is okay as long as you are okay with accepting that as your norm every day they you don't live yourself any room for variance there because what's gonna happen is your metabolism is just going to a dust and from an evolutionary standpoint this makes perfect sense it makes sense for.

Our body to want to adapt to lesser calories it doesn't mean that a slowed metabolism is bad you just have to be prepared for it in fact think of it like this our ancestors often would would die if their metabolisms were too fast think about it if you had a fast metabolism and you went three days without eating your body.

Would just like start to eat itself if you had a fast metabolism and you had to go a month without eating and you're in title ISM never slowed down it would just continue to eat itself until you die okay but if your metabolism has the ability to naturally slow down when food coming becomes less then you're slowly becoming more or able to preserve a fuel.

So it's a perfectly natural thing for your metabolism to slow down when calories go down I just want you to be prepared for that now most of the studies show that intermittent fasting is successful because of and I quote spontaneous caloric restriction intermittent fasting every day is not spontaneous caloric restriction that.

Explains why people have tremendous weight loss results in the beginning but then they just continue on the norm they feel great so please don't get me wrong it is a tremendous lifestyle it works phenomenally well as a lifestyle and I don't think that it's going to hurt you but I do think that you are going to plateau so it's more important to start.

Small and slowly add more what good is it if you throw all your stuff in one bucket at first and you say I'm diving into intermittent fasting and I'm gonna fast every single day and then you have nothing left to really pull out the stops on you are here fasting every day so what are you supposed to do create another day of the week okay so.

Hopefully that makes sense okay let's see that's some other questions here coming in really good stop okay this is a this question comes from Julia and Julia this is a good question because I actually created a list of questions that I've got on another sheet here that have come up from these other videos so this is great.

Julia says is it better to mix up my intermittent fasting instead of the same window every day I like fasting 16-8 some days eighteen six some days 14 10 some days and just twelve twelve other days Julia that is a phenomenal question and that goes right in line with the video that I put out last week which is what is the best fasting length for you.

As an individual you you just also hit the nail on the head with the last question that I answered right which was all about should you fast every day and spontaneous caloric restriction I am a huge fan of changing up your length of fast I honestly don't even have a pattern anymore I've been doing it for so long now that I go on my feeling and.

How it feels right there are days that I will fast back to back and there's some days of the week that I'll go 22 hours and then two days later do a 12-hour it's it really makes no difference in terms of physiologically actually makes a lot of difference physiologically but it makes no difference in terms of a lot of the pieces that you're concerned.

About I really what you're gonna see out of that is a lot more mental reprieve and a lot more connection with your body I just never suggest forcing something that doesn't feel right 12-hour fasts is great because a 12 hour fast gives your body just the reset that it means it means it gives you the gut reset that you need then a 16 hour fast.

Is a whole plethora of other benefits 18 a whole other plethora of benefits so by all means rotate it out but just remember that if you're doing so you're going to have you know don't try to squeeze them all into one week is what I'm saying don't try to do one of each just try to throw them in there whenever you can if that makes any sense.

Let's see someone says how do you raise your metabolism from years of dieting I actually have a video coming out on that how to correct a slowed metabolism let's say so many questions coming in here okay Anil says I've lost 19 kilograms with intermittent fasting but I've plateaued out I can't lose more why I'm up to 20 hours.

Fasting okay so Anil that kind of sounds like you're heading down the path of just increasing your fasting length what I would suggest and this this goes for a lot of people let me go ahead and ask a question here just in line how many of you watching this video have been intermittent fasting and a a weight plateau maybe you still have.

The cognitive benefits and you still have the lifestyle benefits but you've hit a physical plateau your body composition isn't changing just type in plateau just because that's all I need to know a plateau or stall or whatever because I think a lot of people are probably experiencing that and this will be a great chance for me to talk to a.

Lot of people so okay lots of people have hit the flat Oh already boom enough for me to want to answer this question thoroughly so when you hit a plateau it's usually a result of your metabolism just adjusting simply because of restriction of calories or just adjustment to the timing and what you're eating and everything like that so.

There's a few different ways that we can go about right I would say though there's a lot of different ways you can go about it but three that come to mind immediately one is a big leptin spike okay where you just you change your diet dramatically and you increase your calories and increase even carbohydrates for a little while to shock your body is.

That the route that I suggest you go not necessarily okay the other thing that you can do is you can start changing your patterns your timing your rotation okay similar to Julia's question previously where you you you just adjust do a 14-hour fast and then do a 20-hour fast and keep your body guessing all the time my best answer for you if you're.

Hitting a plateau is to shift the time period in which you're fasting and what I mean by that is not how long you're fasting but your time period your start time okay shift your start time because you have a high degree of link between your fat loss and your circadian rhythm and people forget that so what that means is your fat loss is linked to.

Diurnal rhythms in your body and if you have gotten your body adjusted to consistent fasting through the same theory of time okay I eat my last meal at 8:00 p.m. and then I don't eat again until 2:00 yeah it's time that you change that because periods of eating and not eating have a direct reflection on your circadian rhythm and how your.

Body burns fat from that so what I would do and I hit a plateau is I'm gonna say okay I'm gonna start my fast at 4 p.m. instead of 8 p.m. and I'm gonna fast till 10 a.m. I don't know something different right so that is a very powerful way to just shift how your body looks at it fast and when you get a little bit hungry during your fast.

Because you're doing it at a different time you know you're doing it right when your body is no longer hungry repeatedly with fasting that's how you know you're in a little bit of a rut okay so you actually want to live on a little bit of that hunger it plays a big part that hunger means that glucagon is spiking that hunger means that your.

Body is burning fat hunger is your friend not only does it help with the whole fat loss thing is an element of mental mastery okay that mastery is what's going to get you through these fasting periods again full disclaimer I do not think that you should be fasting all the time I think that when you do periodically or.

Spontaneously restrict calories via fasting it needs to be in this sort of strict regimented way that allows you to get a little bit hungry but not to the point where you're jeopardizing your own health or well-being okay sorry the lighting is a little bit off here so I apologize everyone can see me okay I can't tell on my on my screen.

It's showing me really really dark so I just wanna make sure that everyone can see me okay okay cool paper and says they can see me perfect okay perfect so it says someone says wood magnesium three and eight and glycinate and Meili expect my insulin levels no you can have those during a fast I'd be okay with that some other good questions.

Does your Vermont a break a fast Cecilia no it does not okay let's see he says what would be a good idea for fasting meals for people like myself who over the road driving and most of the time okay that's actually a good question like if you're if you're fasting and you're on the road all the time you're traveling a lot what should you do well.

The good news is it actually makes life very easy because you're not having to eat while you're traveling the bad news is you have to remember that when you break a fast that's the most inner that's the most important time with intermittent fasting so let's touch on this for a second because it opens up a bigger can of worms what's really.

Important what is more important and literally the most important thing of intermittent fasting is not necessarily the fasting itself that is the most beneficial but the most important piece of intermittent fasting is how you break it it is the most overlooked it is the most underrated and it is the most undervalued unspoken area it's what.

Needs to be addressed how you break a fast is everything so what you need to do if you are on the road you need to be selling that is hyper prepared the cool thing is if your intermittent fasting it's easier to be prepared you really have to be prepared for that one initial meal when you break your fast is when the magic happens.

That's when you have the ability to absorb what you are consuming to its maximum degree so if you are consuming a bunch of preservatives if you're consuming a bunch of canola oils and low-quality things you can rest assured that those are going to go inside yourselves in a negative way right if you use this time to eat good clean lean.

Protein if you use this time that you clean lean things whether you're vegan vegetarian meat-eater carnivore keto or not whatever lean protein of some kind this is how your body is going to assimilate it's going to use clean lean protein so if you're on the road a pea protein shake a whey protein shake would work if you're on the road you can.

Always have some chicken prepared you can always have some some beef prepared you can always have stuff like that ready to go and that's really really important for you because how you break your fastest everything then 60 90 minutes later after you break that fast these have more flexibility with your eating okay so remember break your fast.

In a clean controlled way generally with just some protein I know I talk about adding carbs into the mix here and there but for all intents of purpose was the sake of this video for the sake of this live broadcast you're best off whether your keto or not to just have some lean clean protein 60 90 minutes later you can have more flexibility because your.

Insulin levels have come back down okay you spike your insulin everything's all hyper sensitive but you've given it a chance to chill out and now you can eat your regular meals okay now again I want to give a big shout-out to butcher box I put a link for them down below in the description so if you're at home and you're not on the road and you're.

Intermittent fasting highly highly recommend you use their meat simply because it's a lot cleaner and a lot leaner the whole grass-fed grass-finished piece that I talk about in my videos all the time so the reason I wanted to include them in this live broadcast is because there is a special offer going right now for.

Getting a free turkey plus $20 off if you want to check them out so the best way that you guys can support my channel is help support the brands that I work with because that's how the channel makes money and that's how I am able to do this so anyway just a big shout out to them down in the description below okay let's go ahead and let's answer.

Some of these other questions okay Kelly's cookin says love butcher box appreciate I'm not I'm not selling out this is just how this channel actually has to stay operational because I have a pretty large staff the amount of content we put out fasting with bone broth okay that's a good question.

Bone broth fasting is a specific kind of fasting okay it's not something that I would recommend consuming during a fast unless you are doing a specific bone broth fast it is a good way to I don't even call it a traditional break fast I call it like a pre break fast so what that means is it's going to get a lot of collagen and a lot of support into your.

Gut and that is a great way to sort of a preamble to food that's coming in okay so you basically before you eat have a little bit of bone broth and that's gonna make it so you can handle food a little bit better hey can everyone do me a favor and just hit that thumbs up button hit that like button but that's going to do this going.

To help get a little bit more attention on this video so that you know we've got two million subscribers or close to it on this channel and I want to make sure that everyone's able to see this video and a lot of times unless you're hitting that like button people don't see it hang on really fit guys I have my light here and I accidentally hit the fan on.

It let's see there's a couple other questions that were coming in here a couple I should say a lot of questions coming in here okay someone says does regular fasting work as well as intermittent fasting I normally go for a 24-hour fast once a week and making steadily yeah that's another way of doing things okay so you have multiple.

Different directions you can go you can do an intermittent fast where you're fasting shorter semi frequently or you can do longer-term fasts a little bit more infrequently and they all have different different results right and this is something that I've talked about a lot but I encourage you to look at your calories over the course of a week.

Versus over the course of the day so those of you that have heard this before and you can tune me out those of you that have not I think you're going to gain a valuable little tidbit that's changed a lot of people's lives okay and that is measure your calories week over week not day over day what I mean by that is if you're supposed to consume.

2,000 calories per day roughly that's what you're supposed to consume 2,000 calories per day what is that equal to per week 14,000 calories I would rather you measure your calories over the course of a week than over the course of a day because that way you're not sitting there worrying about being in a deficit or a surplus every single.

Day if you go 24 hours without eating you're automatically in a pretty aggressive deficit which is already going to give you a lot more flexibility throughout the rest of the week however you know that doesn't mean that you fast for six days and then eat 14,000 calories okay there is a line there but the point is.

Is sometimes a longer fast gives you where you need to be in order to get your results in terms of that week over week calorie deficit because despite what some people will say out there there is still a practical application for calories in versus calories out it's just not the holy grail like everyone thought it was five years ago calories.

Still matter we just don't know what a calorie really is to an individual person an individual person that has testosterone levels through the roof and their body is raging is going to not be the same calorie to a person that has a slowed metabolism that has all kinds of metabolic disorders it's just not the same so you need to find your numbers.

And how you do that is just playing with it over time all right lots of questions still coming in okay someone had sent in a super chat where they paid for a question I just want to make sure that I shout them out because they they asked about asparagus they said how it was a way to get asparagus to taste better I can answer that because I know exactly.

What you mean if you take asparagus and you cook it up and you put nutritional yeast on it along with a little bit of salt it tastes really really good so I'll take asparagus steam it up and then I'll go ahead and put nutritional yeast on it and then I will put a little bit of salt and sometimes a little bit of hot sauce and that tastes really dang.

Good so that's the way if you need to get asparagus down that I would recommend getting at them yeah someone says steamed it with butter that's also if someone says what's your thoughts on kielbasa sausage you know sausage is a really wide spectrum there because it could be super clean and it could not be super clean so it all comes down to as.

Minimal ingredients preservatives as possible as far as is it okay on keto absolutely East Act says what about MCT to break a fast glad you brought that up I know a lot of people that use MCT oil to break a fast and I think that it is a dangerous slippery slope because MCT does get in your system really quick and what that doesn't mean is you will.

Keep your ketones elevated but it's really hard on the GI tract it's really hard on the gut and remember so much of the benefit of intermittent fasting is what we're doing to our gut not only the actual cells not just the actual entero sites and endothelial cells within our gut and epithelial lining I.

Should say but we're also talking about just the overall health of our gut biome and everything like that very very very important so we want to make sure that we're not damaging that and a lot of times when we have MCT oil and things like that that's pretty aggressive digestion that happens really fast which can be hard on the gut so I recommend.

Saving the MCTS for a little bit later breaking your fast should be nice and lean and then 60 90 minutes later go ahead and add as much fat as you want if you're doing keto hey give me one sec I'm gonna adjust these these light this window really quick it's getting dark there we go that's a little bit more light there okay some more questions.

Here how do you stay on keto without breaking it well I'm a super busy schedule you know I want to save some of those questions I'm gonna finish up some of the fasting stuff and then I wanna start talking about the Mediterranean keto piece didn't everyone here watch my Mediterranean keto video last week where I really talked about just a new way of.

Doing keto and I think the future of low carb is just same Eddie keto or Mediterranean keto if you did because that's a highly recommend watching that I'll link it out after this video I'll go ahead and edit the description so people can go back through and watch that because I feel like it's a really good thing for people to watch to learn.

That keto doesn't need to just be dirty it can be nice and clean so I'll talk on that who here that's watching this wants to see some stuff on Medicaid okay I can already tell there's a lot of interest in that so we'll talk a little bit more about that and then eventually I'm gonna do a full meal plan on that and put it out on YouTube but I want to answer some.

Questions that came through on the actual comments section of the last fasting video that I did and because I think it's a really good place to answer them so someone said Eric m65 for said what would be the right refeeding strategy to put the muscle back on after a 36-hour fast that's a really good question okay so you're wanting to build.

Muscle your intermittent fasting but you realize that intermittent fasting itself obviously you're not building muscle while you're fasting so what's the best way to break your fast what's the best thing to eat well this is where things come in handy when you understand a little bit of carbon emulation so please please please everyone that is listening.

Everyone that's watching what I'm to describe does not apply to everyone this applies to people that are happy with where they are at body fat wise but want to put on a little bit of muscle because what you are going to do with this strategy that I'm about to talk about is not going to necessarily elicit more fat loss it's going to elicit.

Muscle growth and that is where you break your fast with a strategic small amount of carbohydrates so what that would look like is still keeping really lean protein okay lean fish lean beef lean chicken pea protein shake whey protein shake combined with about 20 grams of carbs if your Kido yes I know that sounds crazy.

20 grams of carbs if you're keto by way of like a rice cake or a corn tortilla or something that's going to be pretty quick to absorb the trick is keeping it really really low fat okay those of you that are just chiming in remember this is talking to people that want to build muscle okay so it's very different from people that are just wanting to burn fat.

So what this is going to do is it's going to allow you to spike your insulin with the carbohydrates right at the end of a fast you're going to get an extra high spike in insulin along with protein which is gonna allow the a protein to absorb into the muscles significantly easier okay even if you are on keto you will have enough of a ketone buffer to.

Make it so that even if you are kicked out of ketosis it's for a very small amount of time and it is well worth it to get kicked out of ketosis for a small amount of time in order to allow your muscles to really grow because later on that's going to help you immensely then again 60 90 minutes later go about your normal eating patterns if you are.

Trying to build muscle you know that your protein should be in a little bit of a surplus you know again perfect place for me to mention check out put your box down below if you're looking for a good deal on the grass-fed grass-finished meat okay the next question that came in let's see someone says can you still.

Build muscle to 24 to 36 hour fast absolutely positively can and then someone says oh someone says can you please make a video about the dangers of fasting too long and too frequently yeah you know that's a good point I don't want to spend a whole lot of time on this but it's very very important okay when you are doing intermittent fasting.

It's very easy for it to become addictive so I want you to be careful that you don't just start extending your fast so keep yourself in check so what I would recommend you do is keep a schedule write down the days that you fast and keep track of it when you start seeing that your you're increasing your pattern you're starting.

To have just too many intermittent fasting days that's a good indicator but more importantly than the frequency of this intermittent fasting is when you start just increasing the duration regularly next thing you know you're regularly doing 48-hour fasts you know once a week that's how you know okay wait a minute I think I'm starting to go.

A little far okay so we want to make sure that you know you just don't get addicted not just for your mental health but for your physical well-being and your results and your outcome from the intermittent fasting you don't want to lose our results right people people asking about thyroid issues and intermittent fasting intermittent.

Fasting is absolutely fine for the thyroid if anything it actually can improve it because it gives the thyroid a break from glucose fasting that's effect impact on fertility people had asked about I definitely can touch on that a little bit in terms of PCOS and everything like that I won't spend a whole lot of time but the short answer.

Is women both women and men both tend to think that intermittent fasting and keto are not good for trying to get pregnant or fertility although the studies show that it's the presence of ketone bodies that actually help with PCOS and ultimately help fertility okay lots of studies that have shown that short stance of the ketogenic.

Diet improve fertility dramatically and a lot of it has to do with the fact that women are designed to be able to survive for longer periods of time without food simply because they are designed to have more resilient bodies when it comes down to carrying a baby so don't be afraid of it give it a shot it might just help but I would highly recommend if you're.

Trying to conceive or anything like that that you might consider ketosis versus intermittent fasting for a little while okay someone asks let's see this is a good question to Nick says hi Thomas one question should we count when our fast starts last time we consumed anything or after you digested your food without getting too complicated.

You should definitely start it after you consume it because you're not gonna be able to tell when you digested it because everything's going to vary dramatically hey everyone that's just hopping in here I do want to make sure everyone comments where they're watching from and also hits that like button so we get a lot of.

Get a lot of engagement a lot of activity on this video I'm trying to do these so that we can just drum up some more activity and interaction between everybody let's see okay what's your position on salmon roe and fasting ah I'm glad to some this is a weird one but it's a good one so Matthew you bring up something called Roe or fish eggs this.

Is weird right it sounds weird at first but does anyone want some nerdy science really quick because this is wild stuff there's actually recent science that shows that fish eggs like row and masago and caviar things like that they have a specific kind of DHA in them a specific kind of omega-3 that is not in anything else at least in that abundance okay.

It's called lyso DHA and it has the ability to cross into the blood-brain barrier very very easily so normally the DHA that we take in crosses the blood-brain barrier through like a specific kind of shuttle that it has to wait for okay lie so DHA doesn't essentially doesn't have to wait for a shuttle it can pass through via a.

Gradient and it can just get into the brain so it means that by consuming things like salmon roe and masago and stuff like that if you're having a little bit of sushi you're going to get more of a brain effect so if you're trying to get Goethe to fast because you're trying to get this massive surge of brain energy it does not hurt to when.

You break your fast shortly thereafter have some salmon roe I know it's weird I mean totally random but guys we make sure we hit that thumbs up button we've got you know over the course of this we've had a couple thousand people in here and only see 666 likes so let's go ahead get that up trying to answer some questions so we can get a lot of.

Engagement make a lot of people happy okay watching from Salem Oregon standard Quito I have my birthday Wow 37 pounds in a month that's amazing okay so I'm just waiting for there we go okay Deb asks a question says opinion on fasting through dinner as opposed to fasting through breakfast totally okay so I was just talking about that a.

Little bit earlier that is one of my favorite ways to adjust a fast so I talked about this in one of my coaching videos before one of my favorite things to do nowadays is shift up my fasting window and shift up when I work out during my fasting window so I was always always the kind of guy that would stop eating at night and then I would go.

Through the night time and I'd work out first thing in the morning now that was for a lot of reasons one it was just if I didn't workout in the morning I would slack off and I wouldn't do it so I want to make sure that I did it in the morning but then as I decided to change things up a little bit actually happened by happy accident one time so.

My son's nap time is usually between like 12:00 and 2:00 p.m. right so we were out of town we were on a little vacation and we had gone for a hike in the morning I was fasted and we came back and we put the kiddo down for his nap and I was still fasted and I looked at my wife I said you mind I'm gonna go work out while he's napping so I went to.

The gym at 12 o'clock and this was at the end of my fast and I worked out and I had this kind of weird sensation while I was working out I felt a slight bit weaker but in a lot of ways I felt more powerful I had more stamina endurance I'm like wow I felt really good and then I broke my fast as I usually would maybe a little bit more protein and I started.

Feeling amazing and I'm like wait a minute this is interesting so I did it a couple days later and this kind of became somewhat of a new pattern now it's not always doable for me because once again my schedule doesn't permit that but the point is is that by shifting my workouts it made a big difference but the same thing applies is.

Shifting my fasting time so I tried the same kind of thing so I said okay well I'm gonna just start my fast earlier like at 4 or 5 p.m. versus 8 or 9 p.m. and then go all the way through and then that way I can still fast in the morning or excuse me I can still work out first thing in the morning yet it'll be at the later part of a fast so I still get all.

The benefits without having to mess up my schedule I hope that makes sense for everybody so because I still want to workout in the morning but I wanted to work out as close to the end of a fast as possible I started my fast earlier and it's worked phenomenally so I hope that that answers your question let's go ahead and let's go ahead and transition.

This into a little bit of Mediterranean keto ok I've answered a lot of questions on fasting and I know I just have to encourage everyone to go back through my catalogue of videos and watch a lot more in the way of intermittent fasting videos because I've got so many and I know the bulk of my following is surrounding intermittent fasting and.

Keto but mainly fasting so I want to make sure that I'm always doing a positive service by answering questions there and doing what I can so let's transition and talk a little bit about Mediterranean keto because this is the future of keto a future of low carb and it really takes away a lot of the just the ammunition that some of.

The anti keto communities have and that's what I really like about this Pro I think it allows everyone to come in and enjoy the benefits of keto so what this Mediterranean keto thing is about is it's all about eating a Mediterranean style diet but with ketogenic over lying principles okay so what this means is they're perpendicular diets they work in.

Tandem with each other okay whereas like some diets are not perpendicular some tights don't cross over for example a high carb and a low carb diet are opposing diets right they do not run perpendicular but Mediterranean keto is just a certain classification a geography of food if you will and then keto is a macronutrient range okay so.

You can do Mediterranean keto and just eliminate the carbohydrates or reduce the carbohydrates the whole benefit of Mediterranean keto needs to get all the anti-inflammatory effects of the ketogenic diet and all the anti-inflammatory effects of the Mediterranean diet the Mediterranean diet the purpose of tito in my opinion.

Is not just to lose weight it's to modulate inflammation now those of you watching this video you may or may not know my history okay but I was 285 actually closer to 290 pounds at my heaviest okay and the reason that I started keto 10 years ago was not because I wanted to lose weight actually it was because there were a lot of.

Doctors in my ear telling me that my c-reactive protein levels and that my interleukins and all my inflammatory markers were through the roof and that I was going to die my concern was more about not dying than it was about losing weight I would gladly still be 280 pounds if I was could have been healthy okay I shouldn't say gladly but the.

Point was is I was trying to save my life I wasn't trying to lose weight so my focus was on reducing inflammation but the weight loss was a side effect and after I started losing weight of course that became the stronger goal okay so that's how a lot of my brand was built just in case you guys don't know I was really heavy dude.

So that whole process taught me that inflammation is the underlying cause of everything and that's why I started keto because I wanted to modulate inflammation and control a lot of these illnesses that ran in my family I didn't want to be diabetic I was already borderline diabetic I was hypertensive so here's the thing when I started keto.

It wasn't about having a bunch of just processed garbage and it wasn't about having even a lot of this just the the nasty treats that are out there these days I'm a fan of a few Kido treats but a lot of things are just getting so full of garbage its defeating the purpose of what Kido is all about controlling inflammation and we have.

Huge Bullas of different nutrients coming in at one time different things at one time we activate different mechanisms in the body that trigger more inflammation so why not keep it clean and that's what the Mediterranean keto is all about okay so high amounts of fish high amounts of chicken high amounts of really really lean good.

Quality beef okay not low-quality dirty keto stuff pretty low dairy minimal dairy and really controlled dairy high mono and polyunsaturated fats and relatively low saturated fats in I'll be the first to say I am NOT anti saturated fat I have talked about it in so many of my videos the Suchman fat is not bad I'm not here to say that it's bad but I am.

Here to say that I do think that we get more benefit from a poly and monounsaturated fat than we do from a saturated fat simply by nature of fat utilization and allocation in the body we do not use as much in the way of saturated fat as we do in the way of poly and monounsaturated fats if we look at beef and meat that was processed 50.

60 70 years ago compared to meat today it was significantly leaner significantly higher in poly and monounsaturated fats and significantly lower in saturated fat nowadays the meat that we get at the grocery store is really high in saturated fat and a significantly lower in poly and mono okay now different meats have differents.

Different sources and different amounts and that's all you know really neither here nor there because I don't want to go into a lot of the detail but the point is is we're keeping our lean protein in place and we're adding our fats in through clean quality oils okay through olive oil through avocado oil through avocados through olives the fats.

Like that expeller press walnut oil good quality oils okay fish is going to be a huge point of it if you've ever lived in Europe or spent time in Europe I lived in Europe for about six months I lived in Italy so I mean I wouldn't say I lived there I guess I mean six months doesn't really constitute living I guess but I was there for about six months I.

Went to school there for a little while and I remember like fruit of the Damara and all this stuff that was really high quality like calamari that wasn't breaded like good shellfish good things like that's such a big focal point right and there's so many benefits of the fish in the shellfish that far beyond just creating ketones in our.

Body that the ketone piece is important we create ketones from high fat low carb moderate protein okay but we want the benefits from the protein and from the good fish and the good meat itself so let's go ahead and I took a list of some of the questions that came through on the Mediterranean keto video and I think they're gonna answer some of yours so I.

Do want to make sure that you know you're locked in and you're not going anywhere except to answer some good questions so if you have just chimed in please comment where you're watching from if you haven't already please hit that like button hit that that thumbs up button and also while we're talking about all this you know these videos are.

Made possible by my sponsors so do want to give a big shout out to butcher box down below in the description all the meats that I'm talking about Mediterranean keto with the exception of this shellfish can be found through butcher box and right now special offer for those that celebrate Thanksgiving you get a free turkey if you check them.

Out so check them out down below in the description all right let's go ahead and let's join men to this Eric Dancy said would chicken not fit perfectly into a Mediterranean keto diet chicken does fit perfectly into a Mediterranean keto diet the hard part with so much chicken it's hard to find good quality chicken so just make sure you're sourcing your.

Chicken properly you're not getting chicken that's loaded with a bunch of soy loaded with a bunch of grain newsflash is very hard to find chicken that doesn't have some soy in it you're going to have it but that's why you switch it up don't just do chicken little voice says instead of olive oil can we have whole olives then reducing.

The risk of oxidation you know all it's console' outside ice too so that was a good question olive oil is only gonna oxidize if it's low quality or if you are cooking with it so you just don't want to heat olive oil above like 300 ish degrees and then it's really really solid stuff is fruit infused olive oil and no go on keto it depends on the.

Quality this is a good question someone asked about olive oil they said isn't olive oil a processed food would it be better to eat the olives avocados and coconuts as opposed to eating oil I stopped Pia Doakes was concerned about getting a fatty liver I have been doing Mediterranean sense well I love that you're doing Mediterranean already ok.

Mediterranean is great you should still be getting those healthy fats coming in either way now you shouldn't be opposed to eating the oils though just because they're extracted from the foods doesn't necessarily make them bad I understand your point but most of the foods that people eat in general are highly processed I mean they're adding.

Preservatives and things like that I you know for years and years and years and centuries and probably thousands of years we've been squeezing extracting oils out of things no I don't think that's a big deal so if we're getting the oil from the olives it's not a huge deal then you're actually not getting the fiber and some.

Of the other things that could slow down some of these effects talk about that in another video but anyway the point is I think you'd be really solid doing Mediterranean keto okay I have to dress this one because someone had asked about ox Salix I'm sorry oxalic acid and oxalates he says warning lots of Hayek's elekid's in this list.

Almonds spinach chia olives will ruin your health in the long run please do some research on oxalates and resulting conditions for those of you that are concerned about oxalates I have done a video specifically on oxalates I do not think you need to be concerned because the amount that you would have to consume would really be pretty high.

There are going to be others that are going to disagree with me and that is absolutely fine but I do think that the positive health benefits of consuming almonds and chia and olives and things like that far supersede the negative impact that you might get from oxlips what oxalates are are basically things that chelate minerals in the body so if.

We have oxalates it they are said to chelate minerals in our gut thereby blocking the absorption of them so we're hurting our health in the long run my argument to that is that if you're doing keto in a clean fashion you are producing such a high amount of gut stem cells okay per some recent evidence in the journal Cell okay.

Circa August 2019 brand-new research comes out and shows that high levels of ketones allow gut stem cells to optimally divide ultimately multiply excuse me so what that means is that we are producing more stem cells when they are saturated with healthy ketones far outweighing and the negative effect of potential chelation of some minerals.

You're not going to have almonds with every meal you're not going to be having nuts with every meal you're not gonna be having olives with every meal it's all about diversity anyhow in durant okay next question says what are you supposed to cook saute with if not olive oil in that case avocado oil all the way high smoke point people ask about coconut oil.

Can you cook with coconut oil yes you can it has a higher smoke point than olive oil but not as high as avocado oil also recommend deep i mentioned in the mediterranean video ghee is okay because although ghee technically considered as saturated it also has other components but it's also so high in skew.

Short chain fatty-acids it's very very good for the gut and that's a great one to cook with you could also mix a little bit of avocado oil with some ghee and have a great solution there guys can we make sure we hit that thumbs up please really appreciate it just hit that like button we hit that thumbs up and I know my lighting is going to heck in a hand.

Basket here simply because it's getting darker here we're gonna go take my kiddo out too we live near a little north of LA and there's a cool thing going on in Calabasas where they have like it's called night of the jacks where they take like just hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of jack-o'-lanterns and do some really cool stuff with them I'm excited.

It's also my kiddos second birthday this weekend so we're really excited and by the way fun fact I know some of you may not care and some of you may tune out when I say this but that's fine we had our announcement this week on Instagram but we are expecting a new baby in May so May 5th is the due date so just you guys are gonna have a whole new world of.

Content coming from me when it's coming surrounds having two kids it's gonna change the game so anyway I just wanted to make sure I said that some of you guys don't care is so funny like 200 people boom gone from the broadcasts like the second I talked about my personal life people dislike Thomas you are a resource and a resource only and.

The second that you show your human nature and they were gone it's so funny how people are anyhow then the next question organic grass-fed Creek yogurt be included I'd be ok with Greek yogurt I think that's a fairly common one on the Mediterranean diet would love to see a meal plan but in the Mediterranean they do not use any grass-fed finished.

Animal fats for cooking seems much more ancestry available at appropriate than avocado oil yeah see there would be some modifications I think I think the Mediterranean keto extremely the traditional Mediterranean diet calls for much less than way of animal product they use a lot of plant source I would change that a little bit because I do.

Know the benefits of specific animal products you know I do videos on vegan keto vegetarian keto I I try to help everybody but I think the one that fits my balance the most is the Mediterranean keto someone says how does tuna fit in because it wasn't mentioned at all so tuna is important and I think tuna would have a place but you always want to.

Remember that tuna is very high mercury content so you want to keep it to a minimum I would say once a week or once every two weeks Kian mediterranean let's say sigh that's a little bit of a redundant question what about vegetarian vegan Mediterranean keto that's the plus side is I think it's very very doable.

Normally it's hard to get a vegan keto diet to work but with Mediterranean keto it fits in line in the opinion of krill oil krill oil very high and that lysa DHA that I talked about a little bit earlier so perfect question perfect there what about bacon that would not be a lean protein but it's allowed on the.

Mediterranean keto diet so it's not a lean protein but there's also going to be some fattier cuts of meat that are going to be there it's all about how its source and how its processed example would be like if you look at tapas like you know Spanish food high amounts of good-quality cured meats ham prosciutto things like that it's clean and it's.

Really not even necessarily lean okay but it's all about balance of the other foods that it's with the standard American diet is high fat high sugar combined that's already a problem then you add the processed stuff into the mix it becomes a bigger problem the Mediterranean keto at least 100% is getting rid of the processed stuff and.

Then it's also getting rid of the bulk of the dirty saturated fats that we don't want ok the trans fats I mean I got it just makes it much much cleaner so I hope that that makes sense for everybody ok so we still have a thousand people on this broadcast this is awesome I want to go ahead I want to answer a couple more questions just so we can.

Have some fun with this let's go someone says Alan Simpson says where can i see the butcher box info there's a link literally below this video it might not show up until the broadcast is done I don't know if it's working for anybody but people keep asking about where to see it so I'm not sure how it works on a live broadcast but I put it in the first.

Line of the description they link to butcher box so that's in right now there's just for a few days there's a whole option to get $20 off plus a free turkey so it's kind of cool and Turkey would work on Mediterranean keto by the way just no stuffing well actually technically stuffing would work on regular keto but not on Medici ARF.

Regular Mediterranean but not on Mediterranean keto ok let's go ahead best cheese on Mediterranean keto I love that question and they suggest in their own question they suggest what about goat yes goat cheese would be the cheese that I would lean on the most because it's a lowercase in content and it's also a lower a 1 casein so it's a lower.

Form of let's call it an addictive casing because that's what it is so a lot of times the cheeses are high in what is called B C m7 b c m7 is a bioactive opioid which literally makes you addicted to it if you ever notice when eat cheese you become chronically addicted to it you just feel like you.

Want more and I don't mean you need your fix immediately but you just it slowly becomes a part of your diet and all of a sudden you're like wait a minute I'm eating a lot of cheese what's going on here well that is a very common thing and it's because of that a1 cases that have that B C m7 that bioactive opioid we.

Want to avoid cheese's like that also avoid the processed cheese's we want to go for cheeses that are aged as long as possible as they go through an aging process they've become lower in lactose they become lower in casein and they come easier for the body to break down because they essentially are longer cultured so we want things like well the.

Goat cheese for one just lower in case in we're gonna have a good clean mozzarella is really clean because it's kind of the opposite it's not very aged but it's really really clean and really really simple okay we can have some kind of romano cheese's we can have graves we can have some kind of Goudas we can have like aged white cheddar is really good.

Anyway there's a whole lot that i can go on we got a parmesan and things like that I've done a video that broke down the best and worst cheese's to begin with it wasn't necessarily from Mediterranean keto but it was just in general so I highly recommend that you check that video out later on what about peanut butter okay I would typically say.

Peanut butter for keto and for fasting is a no-go simply because peanuts are a legume and they're very inflammatory now what that means is they can trigger an issue with sorry someone's come to my door here I'm sure what's going on someone's at my door and I'm hang on that's how you know this is life someone came to my door in my office and.

Everyone has gone home for the day so anyhow when it comes down to where was I lost my memory it comes down to the cheese's and we're talking about cheese Oh peanut butter so peanut butter the legumes are inflammatory anyway so they trigger sort of an allergen response to begin with and that can trigger kind of a cross reaction for inflammation so I.

Recommend going with like a walnut butter pecan butter macadamia nut butter and last place would be an almond butter I still like almond butter but if you have other options I know they're generally you know pretty spendy but they're a little bit better so like walnut butter macadamia nut butter or some of my best chris says I'm hesitant.

To eat the seaweed from Trader Joe's due to the expeller pressed canola oil how many of them can be typically eaten a-sitting I usually do if I do that like have like a half a pack they're super good so it's easy to eat a lot of them but I will say canola oil is not good but excuse me expeller pressed canola oil is.

Significantly better okay because the expeller pressing itself cleans up a lot of the particles so what happens with canola oil and oil in general is it usually gets highly refined with like an oil like that so you take a rapeseed oil and they have to process at a bunch and they have to cure it with different chemicals to make rapeseed oil not toxic.

So this can be a big problem so basically what we have to focus on is if you do have to go for canola oil always go Express so big kudos to Trader Joe's for at least doing that I wish they would go a little bit cleaner than that you know if someone said I just ate peanut butter for my sweet tooth I don't okay you're human and we're all human I.

Mean I lived on peanut butter and tater tots and burritos but I mean for a while but it's point is is that if you have options exercise your options you don't need to just you know do different then you don't need to just me the same thing you can change okay so I'm looking at other questions here Thomas is the goat I guess the goat cheese right yeah what.

Do you think of sunflower oil sunflower oil not the best still high omega-6 remember whole goal here is we're trying to balance our omega-3 that's like the big benefit of Mediterranean keido's we're getting a good high omega-3 profile we're getting that balance of omega-3 to omega-6 that we truly need someone says hummus okay what about.

Hummus not necessarily keto friendly but it's gonna be okay on fasting just not right when you break your fast you want to have it later on okay someone says write a book I am I'm in the process of writing a Mediterranean book treinen kita book where can you get good.

Quality cheese's usually a specialty stores unfortunately I'm usually talking like some kind of Whole Foods sprouts anything like that somewhat specialty stores what's the best way to move to Mediterranean keto diet if you're going from a keto diet already do it all at once or small changes Chris you could totally go all at once it's not too.

Aggressive of a change where you're gonna see any kind of negative impact it's all gonna be positive you've already made the toughest part which was getting through keto in the first place so now you're just enhancing your keto it's an elevation of keto and I don't expect everyone that's starting keto to start Mediterranean keto right like it.

Can be a difficult thing to jump on immediately but if you go keto then Mediterranean keto and then implement some fasting along with it it's a tremendous evolution let's see your welcome Chris what about anti-inflammatory eating that's actually what I've been talking about so if you go back to the earlier part of this.

Broadcast you'll see it Dwight shark steaks shark steaks although tasty are so high in mercury I have them about once a year let's see so many questions I do have a vlog on resistant starches so if you just type in my name and type resistant starch I talked about that resistant starches are kind of a weird thing because remember.

What you're doing the whole idea with resistant starches just so that people know is you're you're eating specific kinds of starches or you're heating or reheating starches in an effort to manipulate the the starch structure so that you either absorb more or less and the premise is that like when you reheat a starch it changes the starch to a.

Different kind of structure which makes it so it absorbs more slowly but think about what you're doing you're physically manipulating something to manipulate how it's absorbed in your gut so you have an off-and-on right yeah it slows down the dessert absorption but it can also wreak some havoc on your gut so I'm not a big fan of playing around and.

Relying on the manipulation of starches for that anyhow that's complex we talked about that in another video let's see can you do a video on gotta get that's I'm glad that some of other stuff I said can you do a video on how to get through eating through the holidays this is a great question to end on because as we get now it's November we're getting.

Through November we're getting through December and we really have to make a big focus on like what are we going to do okay I know that a lot of people that do keto come off keto they come off keto during the holidays night ABS understand and quite frankly if you're going to come off Quito it's not a bad.

Time to but the important thing is that you're not coming off of Quito only to eat holiday meals that are unhealthy if you're going to come off of Quito you should come off of Quito strategically and I actually have a video that's coming out on this here soon on how to properly come off of Quito okay you should implement more periodic.

Intermittent fasting as you come off of Quito as we introduce carbohydrates a little bit more seamlessly because when you don't want to do is go Quito all the way right up to Thanksgiving and then blow it all on Thanksgiving when your insulin sensitive and everything you just ate gets absorbed I would rather you just decide for the next couple of.

Months you're gonna go intermittent fasting with low carb maybe not you know keto but low carb so your body's at least adjusted to the carbs and then you're using intermittent fasting as your primary tool I recommend that to a lot of people because they just don't feel like they can hang with keto during the holidays and there's nothing wrong.

If that's not you if that's not who you are and if it feels wrong and it doesn't feel like I'm not here to tell you that's wrong or right I'm here to provide solutions that you can get through the healthiest way for you I'm not gonna point fingers or say anyone's right or wrong unless they really deserve like sometimes the sugar.

Industry okay but here's the thing if you at least decide that you're going to come off keto you need to come off before you go and you you know binge because I want the contrast to be less I don't want the contrast to go from super healthy to super unhealthy I'd rather you go super healthy to at least having some carbs in the diet then the a little.

Blip when you have a holiday meal back to something normal and then hit it hard and aggressively of course the best option is to just keep it clean keep it keto throughout the holidays but anyhow I mean for what it does come down to and I know I sound like a broken record and those of you that are watching this video probably like Thomas shut up.

Already but regarding holidays butcher boxes down below you can at least start at least news clean meat right so there's a free turkey option down below free turkey plus $20 off so check them out down below in the description the other thing that you can do during this time of like travel and everything like that is if you're traveling make sure.

You're fasting through your travel okay I have a video coming up on that make sure you're using apple cider vinegar when you travel because it helps the gut biome balance out a little bit more again full detailed video on that coming up I have that launching late November early December just so that you can have have those tools when it comes down to.

Traveling so it's really really important you know you don't have to stick Quito all the time I think if you focus on a mediterranean-style diet over the next couple of months you'll enter the new year in a really strong fashion so anyhow guys it's been about an hour I'm gonna have to wrap this up I really do appreciate everybody being here this.

Has been an amazing hour-long broadcast can we get one last big surge of thumbs up one last surge of likes we're at 923 likes can we end this broadcast with a thousand likes can we get a bunch more people to hit that thumbs up button or do we just have a bunch of people there listening to me and not not doing anything just have me going in the.

Background because that's how I feel most of the time as I just ramble so there we go there's a lot of likes okay you guys are awesome appreciate everyone's kind of words appreciate everyone being so awesome as always make sure you keep it locked in here on my channel make sure you let me know what kind of videos you.

Want to see make sure you let me know what is working for you so that I can continue to improve the content that I love to create so much you guys are awesome have a tremendous weekend and I'll see you tomorrow for a new video
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