Instructions for DAILY  Fasting (Intermittent Fasting During Ramadan)

Instructions for DAILY Fasting (Intermittent Fasting During Ramadan)

Instructions for DAILY Fasting (Intermittent Fasting During Ramadan)

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There we go so we are live now today's video is all about daily fasting which is something I generally don't recommend however given you know the time of the year it's Ramadan there's been a lot of different inquiries coming in saying hey you usually don't talk about doing daily fascinating cuz you don't recommend it but what if I have to what if I'm doing.

This for religious purposes or whatever well regardless of what your stance is regardless of what you're doing let's talk about daily fasting let's talk about some protocols because this is something that's been didn't asked a lot so we're gonna discuss okay if you have to go about intermittent fasting on the daily okay every single day what do you.

Want to be doing differently how do you want to position your food how do you want to time your food before and after a fast of course then of course enduring obviously there's some different things with Ramadan so we'll talk about this so I think this is going to be just good information for everybody not just for people that are going through Ramadan.

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Thumbs up button and then hit that little belt icon that way you can turn on notifications and then also please do share this live practice anyone that's gonna get some benefit out of it okay so let's just jump when when you're looking at Ramadan there's a few things that we have to pay attention to the most okay so daily.

Fasting in the sense of Ramadan you're fasting obviously from sunrise to sunset which is not a tremendously long fasts depending on where you are in the world but it's consistent okay and it's daily and this can cause some metabolic stress on people right I talk about in a lot of my videos I don't generally recommend intermittent fasting daily because you.

Have a degree of metabolic slowdown that's going to occur from that right you okay if you're reducing your calories tremendously every single day then yes now the saving grace if you want to call it that within this style of fasting is that you can eat prior to your fast starting in the morning so you don't have to be doing these long crazy.

Fasts every single day okay let me put it into perspective if you're fasting every single day and you don't eat something prior to embarking on your fast in the morning in this case right okay so if you're fastened from sunrise to sunset and you don't eat in the morning then you're doing a very long fast every day with a very small eating.

Window that can work very very well but my concern is that you know upwards of three weeks of that you're going to start running into some issues where you might develop some metabolic slowdown so you just have to really be aware of that so what I generally recommend and what I've told a few people that have asked me is at least a few days per week do go.

Ahead and eat something in the morning early in the morning prior to embarking in your daily fast right so then in essence you're only fasting for maybe 14 hours or so maybe 12 14 but at the end of the week your overall net amount of calories that you're bringing in still ends up being at a loss so you still end up getting some good success that way.

Now I do want to talk about things like breaking the fast properly proper hydration because again when you're looking at Ramadan you're looking at situation like that you're not drinking fluids either so you're effectively dry fasting during this period of time now when you're dry fast in this period of time things change a little bit okay.

Your gut mucosal layer can go through a lot more of a breakdown which means that when you do eat something you can trigger a lot more implement potentially which is not something that we really want okay I mean the purpose of fasting for a lot of people from of course a non spiritual perspective is inflammation related there's countless.

Countless bodies of evidence that show modulation of nuclear factor Kappa B the nlrp3 inflammasome different inflammatory signaling transcription factors everything like that so we don't want to put ourselves in a spot where when we break our fast we just trigger a bunch of inflammation by just bombarding our bodies with the wrong kinds of foods.

Okay so we'll talk about that we'll break that down you guys go ahead and please do comment where you're watching from if you just topping on here I'm gonna just this light it's killing me there we go so let's talk a little bit about how you want to break this fast okay during Ramadan on a daily schedule right again.

It's very very common practice to break a fast during Ramadan with dates and I'm not saying don't eat dates entirely but remember that dates are fructose okay fructose only gets metabolized in the liver it does not replenish muscle glycogen okay so remember this when you're breaking your fast for Ramadan if you have a copious amount of fructose.

You have a high likelihood of that going to what is called de novo lipid Genesis that is where the body takes the excess carbohydrates and converts them into fat okay it's a very normal process a very annoying process and very unsightly process and if you're not careful and you have more than 30 40 50 grams of carbohydrates coming from fructose there.

Is a very solid chance that you can develop additional fat from that so what I highly recommend is yes I understand that it is common practice to have that fructose after you break a fast so that's fine have it but limit yourself to one two maybe three dates okay now here's the other side of the equation something that's really really.

Fascinating if you're not doing keto or anything like that I highly recommend that you combine having that fructose with a little bit of a high glycemic regular carbohydrate okay so what that could look like this is again hypothetical right what that could look like is going to be some dates along with a little bit of rice.

Or along with a rice cake now this comes down to something that I've talked about before which is a specific protocol for actually enhancing a carbohydrate up taking the body what we want to have happen is we want to have the cells and utilize the glucose properly okay so when you're finished with your fast the last thing that you want is to be.

Glucose intolerant okay glucose intolerant you know a simple example of well just like the name implies if you break a fast and your glucose intolerant it means that your cells are not going to be very good at using glucose so what does that mean happens well it means that you're left with a high degree of glucose in the bloodstream because it's.

Not getting into the cells now again I don't know if your Kido you're not Kido whatever point is glucose intolerance is never a good thing we don't want that to have happen why because elevated levels of blood sugar aren't just they're not just bad because we hear about them with disease states okay elevated levels of sugar in the blood.

Will trigger glycation of specific proteins they can trigger glycation of fats and things like that in that glycation is what can trigger a lot of different inflammatory responses in the body and that can make us feel sick and that can cause issues so that's what we have to be careful of is having this excess sugar floating around so whole.

Lap wrap-around thing of what I'm trying to say here is you want your body to be able to utilize the glucose properly and this is a long-winded explanation for why you need to be eating dates a specific way but it makes sense okay so if you have those dates that fructose is going to ride a specific transporter okay it's going to ride a transporter.

That specifically takes fructose glute 5 ok so that transporter takes the glucose – where are the fructose – where it needs to go glucose coming from like a rice cake or rice or a regular starch rides a different transporter if you have a bunch of just fructose you're gonna overwhelm the transporters and they're.

Not going to be able to deliver all the carbohydrates at once which means you're going to be left with excess carbohydrates excess carbohydrates that can go through de novo lipid Genesis excess carbohydrates that can contribute to high blood sugar they big problems right but if you split them up evenly with a little bit of fructose.

And a little bit of glucose again again a couple of dates a rice cake or two well those two different forms of carbohydrates are going to ride different transporters they're going to ride different buses and what that means is that even though you're taking in again hypothetically here you're taking in 40.

Grams of carbohydrates it's just random number okay if 20 of it's coming from fructose and 20 of it's coming from glucose at least you're gonna absorb all of it because 20 of its running riding one transporter and 20 of its reading another transporter whereas if you take 40 in of just glucose or 40 in of just fructose it's gonna overwhelm the.

Transporter does that all make sense so I want to by show of just what people are talking about here in the comments section can you comment if that makes sense about combining the dates or combining the the fructose with a little of glucose just go ahead and look here by the way thank you for all the positive words here really does it I.

Really do appreciate it yeah Nancy says you're eating one or two dates but you can also break fast using milk or water very true okay cool people are saying that this is making sense yeah I don't want anyone to overthink it it's complicated I'm sorry that's just like it's just too much yeah there we go that's a little better I.

Don't want anyone to over complicate it daily fasting during Ramadan is not something you're gonna be doing forever so I don't want you to be worrying about this developing the perfect protocol what I'm trying to do here is help you out with damage control more than anything making sure that you're not gonna go backwards I've talked to.

Probably five or six people so far that have been doing Ramadan for you know about a week and there are they're gaining weight and they're like I don't understand I feel like my calories are lower why am i gaining weight well to some degree it's a metabolic slowdown that could be occurring just in this short amount of time but I think more.

Than anything it's probably just an imbalance of where the macronutrients are coming from and that's why I'm trying to at least give some guidance there okay now let's talk dry fasting for just a little bit dry fasting again whether you're doing this ramadhan are not dry fasting is something that is very powerful in a lot.

Of different ways I'll give you some some reasons as to why it's hypothesized that dry fasting is so effective again one of my duties here running this channel I see a lot of people I meet with a lot of people I reach a lot of people with my videos so I have to be very careful what I say okay I try not to overstep and part of my duty to.

Science and part of my duty to research is to not say something's proven or or totally demonstrated a hundred percent we see things in science we try to challenge the hypothesis right that's the goal is to get better we've seen things like demonstrated through sound of anecdotal stuff that when people drive fast they tend to lose more fat.

And there's this theory that does make sense that you have what is called molecular water ok so when you breathe in oxygen okay you get oxygen well fats are broken down in our body and we have hydrogen that ends up getting released and things like that well what happens when you have hydrogen that mixes with oxygen h2o right water so there's this.

Thing in their body it's called molecular water our bodies have the ability to create some water or so it seems so when you drive fast and you go through a period of time where you're not consuming water it's again it's theorized so that you could be creating some water in a Nubble yourself well in order to create that water you would.

Potentially be drawing from fat combining it with oxygen that you breathe in creating water well that sounds like a pretty cool deal with me right sounds like a cool deal to go without drinking water and have my body take fat break it down combine it with oxygen to make a magical water I mean again I say that with a grain of salt.

But that's kind of the theory behind dry fasting so a lot of times people that are going through Ramadan they end up having a lot of success with fat loss if they do things right excuse me this is not a product plug in fact I'm going to block the label so it doesn't look like that but it is water kefir which is a lot like kombucha but check out I'm.

Gonna show you the brand name yeah just say bringing on three grams of carbohydrates in the any back basically so if you can come off of the water fat or the dry fast properly yeah you can end up actually having the right level of success but I can also see people gaining a lot of weight when they come off of dry fasting.

Now one person in particular you're probably watching you know who you are had mentioned to me yeah hey whenever I Drive fast I feel like I end up retaining a lot of water and gain weight right afterwards it's a pretty common response to Drive fasting because when you're not consuming water and then all of a sudden you have water what's the.

Body going to do it's going to hold on to that water for dear life so it's just like if you were to cut out sodium entirely and then all of a sudden have a bunch of salt you would probably be a lot more sensitive to the salt and you retain a lot of water right it's a pretty common response now how do you get around that well proper hydration is.

Going to be key so during Ramadan it's not recommended that you ingest anything consciously right okay it can be somewhat be forgiving if it's accidental so I don't even recommend taking supplementation during Ramadan just if again if it's for religious purposes and things like that I understand that and I respect that so I'm not going to.

Encourage anyone to take any supplementation but after you break your fast what you might want to do is drink one or two pints of water with a larger concentration of sodium than what you normally would because otherwise what's gonna happen is you're gonna chug a bunch of water and it's going to deplete your mineral balance even more so.

Envision this okay you've been going for 12 14 hours without drinking water without consuming food what's your body going to do insulin levels are crash – they're low good but it's an issue in this case right so what's gonna happen is the kidneys naturally have a response where they're going to expel additional water so you come out of a fast pretty.

Dehydrated and pretty minerally imbalanced so after you break your fast it's important to get some sodium in so that your body can up regulate and rebalance a little bit more if you were doing this once randomly it wouldn't be a huge deal but my concern is with people that are doing daily fasting during Ramadan you have a large or doing.

This frequently so it may not hit you day 1 it may not hit you day 2 I mean I even hit you day 3 but later on down the line you're going to potentially I'm being honest yeah I just don't want to say anything concretely with specific situations there's a high chance of you becoming minerally imbalanced over a course of days so my.

Recommendation is to definitely make sure that when you break your fast you're not flooding yourself with a bunch of water because what's not gonna do that's gonna dilute what little minerals you do have in your body even more so you're you urinating out a bunch of minerals then you pounded a bunch of water without having adequate sodium or.

Adequate minerals and then what minerals you did have left in your body just got diluted even more and then you urinate more and you lose those and then day two day three day four comes along and you're very minerally imbalanced right so add the salt at a higher concentration after you break your fast this also goes in line with that glute.

Transporter situation I was talking about that glute 4 glute 5 that whole transport system weird glute one actually glute one ku5 okay so if we have this glucose coming in and fructose coming in well they get absorbed into the cell through these what are called sodium gated channels anyway so these sodium gated channels allow s glute one.

Sodium dependent glucose glucose transporter one to open up and allow the sodium and the glucose into the cell my point is if your minerally imbalanced you're not getting enough sodium the water and the glucose it can't even get into the cell to begin with okay I know I'm rambling the point here is is your cells when they need to use glucose it.

Is sodium dependent okay that's why it's called sodium dependent glucose transporter the glucose can't get into the cell properly without sodium essentially opening the door so if your minerally just out of whack there is an argument that that could get thrown off and you again glucose intolerant causing yourself an issue right so I just.

Recommend having a higher concentration of salt having a little bit of fructose coming a little bit of glucose and of course having your protein to whatever your desire is there pause for just a moment just say hello to some people that are here want to make sure this is making sense for everybody I know there's a lot of people that are going.

Through Ramadan right now that are very appreciative of this video and I'm seeing it here and I I really I'm glad that this is helpful for people again and you know I know there's gonna be people that are frustrated that I'm talking about this from a specific Ramadan sense but you know I have a duty to all of my followers regardless of any.

Stance on anything right so if my duty is health period and I want to make sure that people do this right so like it or love it there's the door if you don't want to be here right so is this making sense forever okay personally people say yes understand thanks for giving this info what about protein for breaking the fast okay cool.

Let's talk about protein for breaking the fast form it so protein again when you are breaking your fast with the fructose and the glucose and the salt you are having a nice little insulin spike it's not a bad time to be taking in some protein I wouldn't recommend taking in and in the way of dairy okay because again.

Dairies gonna be pretty inflammatory and again depending on where you stand from a religious standpoint some don't even want to have dairy at all right so I would recommend getting it in as a lean and clean of a source as you possibly can okay so if that means a lean chicken or if that means lamb or if that whatever it is try to make it as lean as.

Humanly possible okay now you're only gonna have a short period of time before bedtime that you actually can eat so this is where the whole kind of paradox comes in I don't want you to load up on a bunch of food because I did a video a while back I'm probably linked out to it down below somewhere on something called meta Flom.

A shin now metal amasian is not a scientific term it was a term that was given by researchers to a response to something called the PKR PKR was really interesting it's an inflammatory reaction that usually responds to RNA and viruses and things like that but they notice that when people or rodents in this case consumed a copious amount.

Of calories all at once they had an elevation of something called a p KR enzyme this p course our p KR protein is p KR protein trigger an inflammatory response that mimicked that of fighting a virus what that implies and what that sort of demonstrates is that when we consume a lot of calories at once our body doesn't know how to assimilate all.

These nutrients so it perceives them as a threat now this is my general concern with one meal a day okay with one meal a day type diets I'm not the anti one meal a day I did it for a long period of time but like many of you I have ups and downs of different things and I look at the research when you bombard yourself with calories your body doesn't know.

What to do okay it's a lot of calories at once so what I don't want people to do here is consume a ton of calories at the end of their day we fast and then just go right to bed you're better off to do what I suggested have the 20 grams of fructose or so 20 grams of glucose some proteins and lean protein and then maybe an hour later get.

Your fats in so that you actually get a well-rounded good nutrition right then go to bed okay then get up in the morning do your workout before the Sun comes up and I know this is difficult but if you're committed to this process during Ramadan anyway I don't think it's gonna be a problem for you because I know you're motivated so you get up you.

Do your workout before the Sun rises and post-workout you go ahead and you have your protein and call it a day okay have your protein weight a little bit have a little bit of fats and then when the Sun comes up you start your fast hyper hydrate prior to the Sun coming up right prior to beginning this fast now I know we've only got a thousand people in this.

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You check them out down below for some good things to break your fast with and to eat pre fast and post fast okay jumping right back into this stuff sultan you're very welcome someone said a lot of people saying thank you for taking the time on this let's talk about sorry Oh supplementation this is a great one.

Okay so supplementation during Ramadan again a lot of people are kind of coming and going on this broadcast so I have to repeat myself a little bit so I'll keep it short I do not recommend taking anything during your fast for this case I do recommend if you want to have some caffeine have it before you embark on your fast because I understand it's dry.

Fasting you shouldn't be breaking in any fluids but do not take any supplementation you do not want to take away from the entire purpose of the daily fast right to become closer yourself closer with the earth closer with your religion that's important so don't don't pick supplementation's but do it after the fact now one of the.

Things that I highly highly highly highly recommend again let this out with your doctor if you wish but after you break a fast is getting your inflammatory levels in check a little bit using some tried-and-true methods usually fish oil you know high omega-3 that has been shown to have some good modulation effect at the nlrp3.

Inflammasome level different interleukin cyclooxygenase enzymes basically what you don't want to do is have a big influx of inflammation like I talked about after you break your fast because you just brought in a bunch of food I started to talk about this a little bit ago and then I kind of got off track when you are dry fasting okay when.

You're fasting in general not even dry fasting your gut mucosal layer gets a little bit weaker okay it goes through sort of a rebuilding well remember we need collagen we need all these things to actually rebuild that gut mucosal layer and when you are deprived of protein or deprived of calories you can find that the bacteria will end up.

Sitting closer to the epithelial cells meaning you have less of a protective barrier there less of a protective wall that Unova fast so that means that you have a higher likelihood of what are called lipopolysaccharides which are little proteins that live on the gram negative bacteria membrane within our gut they're perfectly fine within their.

Ecosystem there but if our gut gets damaged because we've been fasting and then we took in a bunch of food there's lipopolysaccharides may enter through the epithelial wall past the entero sites and get into the bloodstream triggering an interleukin response triggering a cytokine response which causes chronic inflammation systemic.

Inflammation which we really have to be careful of when you're dry fasting this happens even more unfortunate because again you don't have fluid that mucosal layer is just like snot graphic but it is like so we look at your gut the mucosal layer is mucus just like snot right so it's a lot of fluid it's a lot of water and it's a lot of.

Collagen and other things so if you break your fast and you're eating a lot of food then you have a high degree of potential lipopolysaccharides and get into the bloodstream so my recommendation there is do what you can from a food standpoint to mitigate that do what you can from a supplementation side of things to mitigate that one of.

My go-to zein that is going to be end up being good high quality omega-3 so fish oil if you're doing Ramadan and your keto you hopefully have a high degree of anti-inflammatory beta hydroxy butyrate ketone bodies that are offering a layer of protection there too but I'm not going to go down the rabbit hole of keto versus non keto on this so anyway point.

Is very minimal supplementation but probably things like fish oil or omega threes algal oil highly recommend magnesium simply because magnesium has so many different functions especially I think the ATP mitochondrial level with you know mag to the transporter that allows any way I can really nerd out on this stuff and I've been diving into a.

Lot of research on that but basically omega-3 is magnesium probably would recommend even you know vitamin C just if you're immunocompromised from the fast you know again very careful especially with what's out there right now to not say vitamin C's going to do anything in particular but I think probably heard me talk about it before.

So we can just leave it at that there's a super chat that comes in that says I'm doing keto with IFI can't get enough protein I get dietary protein around 40 grams from Dairy and the rest from a whey protein drink is it okay Fuhrman less I would highly recommend that you try to get protein from a little bit more well-rounded source than.

Just dairy the nice thing is you're getting some good conjugated linoleic acid which has some powerful effects but I would recommend getting protein from a little bit more a little more diversity there okay a couple people have asked about bulking during Ramadan so and actually it's a great time for me to again I have to who's one person that.

Again he's probably watching this right now working out if you can work out early in the morning great okay if you're bulking I wouldn't be opposed to you working out at the end of your fast okay end of your fast and then leveraging the end of your fast as a perfect time to be ultra insulin.

Sensitive so this is something I've talked about before this is fascinating stuff by the way hey everyone that's getting some value out of this video can you please hit that thumbs up button helps me out a lot really does show that there's some support on this channel you know we've got over a thousand people on a broadcast you're only seeing a few.

Hundred likes it makes you wonder if people are just spacing out so please do hit that thumbs up button it helps me out a lot helps YouTube show that this is not garbage content so they don't shut this channel down like they're going with lots of channels right now anyhow back to the working out piece so during your fast you're highly highly.

Highly highly insulin sensitive because you haven't been consuming anything okay well remember that after a workout you're also highly highly highly insulin sensitive ok so combine the two and you could potentially be highly highly highly highly highly insulin sensitive and what that tells you is that when you do consume food it has a much higher.

Likelihood of getting to the right place based on a lot of the height off the research out there and even in various hypotheses right so we have you come out of you're fast and you just worked out and then you break your fast well potentially you're absorbing more of that protein and putting those carbohydrates to use a little bit more.

Okay you have insulin receptors that are essentially satellite insulin receptors at the musculoskeletal level we want those insulin receptors we want that to be hot we want those to be able to absorb the glucose so we want to be able to absorb carbohydrates that we consume and have it go to glycogen not go to the liver so what that does for building.

Muscle what that does for staying lean throughout this process is it means that when you are shuttling the nutrients into the body they have a better likelihood of going to the muscle versus just kind of sitting there and going through de novo lipid Genesis more protein synthesis more important okay so what I want you to strongly consider.

This daily fastening regimen as and it's taking note of this everyone that's watching this take serious notes there's a couple things that I'm going to say in this that are very very important that you remember you need to envision this as a very distinct individual short fasts not lots of repetitive longer fasts or infrequently.

Right you're just you're going through a short fast and that's it okay do not have yourself go through this it's so easy to want to just eat your food and then not get up in time and then fast the whole rest of the day and then eat your food and you're basically falling into this cycle of one meal a day yeah I want you.

To break this up into just little teeny chunks little increments and it's gonna make life a lot easier for you and it's a lot easier to wrap your head around everything okay some good questions he says he it's not a doctor but he knows a lot of information I'm in med school and I saw 'some thanks man appreciate that anything special with working out fasted.

With regards to joint health then that's a good question is working out fasted especially in a dry fasted State one could argue that you could be damaging your joints a little bit more um I think a long-term you're probably better off because the chondrocytes production that can occur in a fad or post fasted state chondrocytes are essentially the cells.

That help grow cartilage there's some evidence that shows that periodic fasting and caloric restriction can actually have an effect on stem cells in a positive way so I wouldn't worry too much about that but again you know if your fasted and you feel the hydrated yes you could be damaging your joints a little bit more so just be paying.

Attention to that how to deal with headaches the first few days of fasting yeah so again a lot of times it's a mineral imbalance but also if you're new to keto you're new to fasting it's also a hypoglycemic thing so just make sure that you know when you come off of your fast that you're not loading up on a bunch of carbohydrates so you're not.

Sending yourself on that blood sugar rollercoaster if it's more of a pulsing headache sometimes that's more of a less of a blood sugar thing and more of a mineral thing anyhow it's more constant a lot of times that's more indicative of a hypoglycemic thing but again I'm not a doctor so I'm very careful to not say that and properly let's see so some.

Great questions coming in what do you suggest to to break fast with and eat for dinner and can i well earlier I did discuss this you might want to actually rewind back and check that out because I went through it in pretty good depth guys anyone else have weird River dreams with zinc and magnesium that's actually quite common believe it or not also make.

Sure that sometimes saying magnesium supplements will have boron added in them and sometimes born has been shown to do that sorry guys I'm just reading through here now if we were on the phone how'd we do with them so does anyone know how to thumbs up when you're watching a live on the phone daniel says I like to drink optimal nutrition amino.

Energy drink in the morning workout does this break my fast three scoops yeah unfortunately it does break your fast so I would omit that feel free to have that right when you break your fast though and I think you'd be okay quickly taking hmb in CLA well that triple the effect or is that a little school it is old school mumbo jumbo yeah.

I don't worry about that so I guys blazing through some questions here can we have keto with if' without having fat and carbs in the diet I'm a fatty person there in five days weight training not sure I understand that question entirely I discovered you a few days ago started keto for the first time awesome.

Let's see sorry guys good questions here making sure I get some good ones we break the fast with dates and fruit what do you think Abbi I did discuss that in quite a bit of detail on to explain just just for those of you to just jump in on only have a couple of dates I know generally from what I understand it's an odd number of dates so I would.

Say one or three okay one or three dates along with about 20 grams of carbohydrates can be made cleanly and carbohydrate source like probably some rice cakes or a red potato would be good I get these uh you know the little fingerling potatoes and you can just microwave mean you can bake them just you know don't add any fat swim or.

Anything like that and then a little bit of protein coming from a lean protein source if you can get your hands on some good clean white fish like some cod or something like that that would probably the best what exercise should we do before braking the fastest walking enough so if you're if you have the luxury of being stuck at.

The house right now like a lot of us do I would you don't have a lot of equipment I would do a bunch of push-ups I would try to get an anaerobic effect before you break your fast as much as possible now if you go out and you wanted to do some cardio wanna do that that'd be great too but I'd love for you to be able to get those carbohydrates to.

Use that you break your fast with so when you break your fast you consume those carbohydrates I want them to be able to go to use I script it worked on some notes here just on a couple things I'll make sure I cover so bear me make sure I didn't miss anything oh you know what yeah I did I wanted to talk about a little bit about.

Constipation because I think that's a common thing especially for people that are fasting or in ramadan that don't normally do intermittent fasting right fasting during Ramadan comes on quick for four people and when they're not used to fasting all of a sudden their bowels just kind of stop right everything's just kind of seized up.

Again magnesium comes into play quite tremendously there I want to make sure that you're doing what you can to hydrate before you go into the fast if you can take magnesium prior to starting your daily fast so I don't recommend taking magnesium too much on an empty stomach a whole whole lot unless you're accustomed to it so you know if you're.

Eating in the morning take some magnesium along with that food couple hundred milligrams then go through your day don't eat anything whatever your usual and then break your fast and then add the magnesium back into the mix and make sure you're hydrated up it usually ends up solving the issue and usually fine after a few days to a week things.

Are starting to get moving again in fact fasting has been shown to actually improve gut motility because you have to remember to that I always give the analogy of it's like it's like an office right okay you've you've got a bunch of employees at the office and then everyone goes home for the day and the janitorial crew.

Has a chance to come in and clean things but if you still have people working in the office all night the janitorial crew can't do a good job cleaning right well it's the same kind of thing going on with your intestinal tract if you constantly are bombarding it with food you're constantly eating food then your body never has a chance to actually.

Encourage gut motility and actually do that cleaning that needs to get done okay so I highly recommend you know for anybody that they go through periods of fast is that they end up getting that good increase in the motility so you usually find that will improve sorry other questions coming in hang on thoughts on Metamucil for getting the.

Fiber and helping that yeah psyllium is going to be okay but remember after you break a faster hyper sensitive to that and you might get a lot of bloating so be careful with that apple cider vinegar in turmeric from a cosmetic standpoint will it break it fast no from.

Religious standpoint during Ramadan I don't recommend taking it that's a good question I'm glad you brought that up but for those of you that are again going through Ramadan for religious purposes you don't want to be consuming anything but I would recommend the apple cider vinegar prior to going into your fast prior to starting your fast can.

Bring your blood sugar down which can make it so that the fast is gonna be a little bit easier so that might not be a bad idea for you another question that came in what do you recommend as far as fasting and belly fat honestly like I said working out during the latter part of your fast or that case is gonna be good let's see here.

What are the instructions for daily fasting rawski uh I know you probably just hopped on here but you probably don't want to go back and watch the rest of this so point is is that if you're going to be daily fasting it is very very important that you're keeping track of your calories over the course of the week okay so I'm not worried about it if.

One day you only get a thousand calories and I'm not worried about it if another day you get 2,000 calories and what I want is at the end of the week for you to be where your calories should be now broken record Thomas here because I've talked about this a lot if you know where your calories need to be for you to lose weight roughly each day multiply.

That by seven you get your weekly amount of calories and that's your goal okay so I don't care if you get there well I do care but if you end up eating 1,000 calories at one day 2,000 calories in another day 1000 calories another day as long as you're getting to your net result your net number that you go idea I think you're gonna be in good shape so.

I don't want people to overthink that so the daily fasting that's just what I highly highly recommend there as far as keeping the metabolism going and things like that again do not and I repeat do not every single day skip the morning meal prior to starting your your fast if you are someone that is not practicing Ramadan that is just going through daily.

Fasting I highly can think you should consider taking a few days off per week and not doing it daily that's the best advice that I can give you because daily fasting in essence in its very nature is going to slow down your metabolism but that's not a bad thing it's just something you need to be aware of now let me put things in perspective for.

Just a second here from any kind of evolutionary standpoint and I don't yeah I'm not talking religion not talking anything I'm just saying like if you think back ancestors Paleolithic whatever it wouldn't make sense that those that are more metabolically efficient would probably survive better right if you had a.

Gluttonous pig that was eating ten times a day and then you went into a time of famine right well during that time in famine he's going to starve because his body is metabolism is so high from eating so much so yes he never have more body fat on him or and yes he may eat more whenever he is going to cellularly end up having you know metabolically.

Having more issues than the person that has been spacing their meals out and hasn't been consistently eating and hasn't been a glutton they're met it more metabolically efficient okay so the person that's more metabolically efficient is the person that wins from an evolutionary standpoint we today live in a different culture in a different.

World where it's status and it's cool to be able to afford a lot of food and it's cool to be able to eat a lot that has checked that mental paradigm that social paradigm is what's messing us up okay as far as the human body is concerned we are designed to become as efficient as we possibly can and we are making ourselves ruthlessly inefficient by how.

Much we eat now that's my disclaimer because I agree with people that want to daily fast but I just have to make sure there's a big bold red and yellow disclaimer because if you do go through daily fasting your metabolism will slow down it's going to slow down because it's getting efficient and it's learning how to operate on less fuel so it's.

Sparing fuel okay but that's not what everybody wants so okay fasting doesn't speed up your metabolism fasting slows it down but because of the hormonal response and because of the enzymatic response and because of the healing response it generally results in a much further superior body composition that people generally really like so it's.

Funny but people look at me and they think that I have this crazy fast metabolism I probably don't have the fastest metabolism I probably have a relatively slow metabolism but I'd like to consider that it's pretty efficient because I don't eat a lot I probably eat 1,800 calories today and I'm 185 pounds and worked out.

A lot but I'm not in a deficit I mean so I just want you to remember that because very very very important when you look at this big picture here so Abby again with the dates thing I went into exquisite exquisite detail with that earlier on alternate day fasting 45 years old should I eat more than normal on lively I would say you.

Should eat probably 25% more than you normally would on an eating day but this video is predominantly on Ramadan and with daily fasting so I want to make sure that I'm keeping it locked in there as much as I can how much fat I would yeah I mean it's definitely gonna be important that you're gonna want to be able to you know still get the fat in.

Again okay so obviously break your fast you've got this carbs coming in that's gonna change some things but the next meal you should be adding those fats in just cuz I don't want you to go through any any kind of issues where you're depriving your body of any good nutrients there C good questions hit or list before breaking the fast if you had.

To choose between high-intensity interval training cardio and list cardio I would do hit it's not too much stress on the pancreas too fast for a long time and and consume a two meals all at once it's not a lot it's not that it's necessarily stress in the pancreas I'm so glad you brought this up though because this is something actually.

Really interesting and something I've talked about in other videos someone made a comment that I look like a 12 year old with my hat I do but I think it's probably better than this right what the heck is this even the Thomas that you guys know who am i I don't even I don't even recognize myself somewhere happen okay so some interesting science.

That I saw regarding melatonin and its effect on the pancreas so there are some research that demonstrated that after dark after dark you have you know surges in melatonin which actually trigger the pancreas to produce less in the way of insulin meaning you're less glucose tolerant okay so it's actually very important this is so glad you brought.

This up because I totally would have overlooked this when you are breaking your fast yes you're gonna have some carbs come in but I wouldn't recommend that you load up on a ton of carbs because that you're going to inherently be glucose intolerant you're going to inherently be glucose and tall because it's post fast okay so you're.

Already a little glucose intolerant your body's optimized for running on ketones at that point in time but then you're also at this after-hours dark time when your melatonin levels are higher and a lot of times you see people end up having poor sleep during Ramadan and it's probably because their blood sugars are all out of whack.

Melatonin causing this glucose intolerance where the pancreas isn't producing as much as beta cells aren't producing as much insulin that could be a pretty big issue so I recommend breaking your fast getting your carbs in in the way of 20 grams fructose 20 grams through sorry 20 grams fructose from the dates 20 grams of glucose adequate.

Amounts of protein copious amounts of protein if you feel comfortable with it because whatever excess glucose is needed will be derived through gluconeogenesis but then an hour or so later shut down the carbohydrates have the fats a bit more again note that if you're a science nerd you're gonna get this note that the the fatty acids that.

End up getting utilize for fuel that glycerol backbone that getting something cleaved off this is nerdy stuff we'll go through the Cori cycle it will go through gluconeogenesis and it will ultimately turn into glucose and fill your body for its glycolytic needs ok nerdy stuff doesn't really matter point is follow us what I was saying there and.

You probably will have some good success one more last big shoutout that I want to give to thrive market two people are really understanding of this the way the channel works but financially economically YouTube has to have I have to have sponsors right and I pick ones that are good so big thank you to thrive market online membership based grocery.

Store so I linked out to them down below I've created fasting boxes so you can get what I would recommend when I'm fasting and things like that or for breaking a fast keto boxes thyroid support hormone support boxes they're a huge supporter of this channel it's not tied directly to this content but I just want to be able to say thank you and.

There's a huge you know special way for you to use them down below so highly highly recommend you check them out if you haven't already getting your groceries delivered to your doorstep okay one time for one more question because I'm down to 7% life on my on my laptop here well drinking boiled broccoli spinach want to break a fast.

Yes it will good girl I appreciate you saying that she says if anyone doesn't like to hear sponsorships feel free to leave this channel I mean if you know right it's it's a it still amazes me again I I need to do a separate video on the economics of YouTube it still amazes me that people.

Like think that this channel is just me with a laptop guys there's a lot of full-time employees and like 50 grand a month and overhead to keep this channel going so teenagers doing Oh mad I do not recommend it but again I'm not a daughter are says does fast car you'll burn fat literally yes through.

Beta-oxidation will it help you get leaner it's probably a good chance but it all depends right can I build muscle with daily fasting yes you could have your calories are in line and you are your epigenetics DNA everything like that is in line too because it's all it's all negligible if you're the wrong kind of I don't say negligible it's just.

It's a nebulous right it all depends on how your body is functioning your hormones so many different pieces okay so how do we combat plateaus usually my best way to combat plateaus is reducing fat intake to be completely honest like during keto and during fasting take a couple days a week where you just drop your fat I did a video where I broke.

That all down my little experiment but anyhow guys I was really really pleased I was able to take some time to do this really pleased that I was able to help out those that are wanting to have the healthiest experience through Ramadan I am NOT Muslim but a lot of followers a lot of people that watch my channel that are and it is my duty to my fans to my.

Followers my viewers to just help everyone be healthy regardless of who they are where they are color their skin this is we all got to be healthy that's the one thing we have control over in this crazy time this crazy world is at least to some degree our health if we really just pay attention right okay so thank you all so much and a new video.

Coming out tomorrow morning see that way
Instructions for DAILY  Fasting (Intermittent Fasting During Ramadan)
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