I Think I Have Been Fasting Too Much… Let’s Chat Live

I Think I Have Been Fasting Too Much… Let’s Chat Live

I Think I Have Been Fasting Too Much… Let’s Chat Live

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Part of my role in doing what I do honestly is just being honest with everybody and talking about when I mess up or when I make progress right and part of probably the more difficult part of my role in doing what I do as a health educator it's making these YouTube videos and doing those kind of things is having to be self actualize.

Having to be self-aware and realized hey maybe I'm not practicing what I preach all the way and recognizing these things and believe it or not having two million subscribers on my channel is a huge degree of accountability for me so sometimes I hop on here live to talk about things that I've figured out in my own grey matter that have to do with why.

I might not be seeing the results that I want to see or why I might be feeling a certain way or why I might look a certain way now I don't want you to get the wrong idea of this live broadcast is in no way shape or form saying that you should not fast not even in remotely I just want to make sure that everyone knows that getting.

That out in the open before I dive into the details it's me looking back at hmm maybe I've been fasting a little too much over the last few weeks because I've noticed some things I've noticed in things change in my body and part of what I do here is not just looking to research and articulate complex subject matter but it's experiment on myself.

Right I identify things based on my own experimentation my own self experimentation to be able to determine hey what can I put out to my audience and what can I put out to my fans and followers to help them get better with their lives or you know on the other side of the equation what can I do to make sure they don't go down the same.

Path that I went if it was a bad decision so anyhow this is all fun stuff this is all just me just being honest with you and you don't always get to see me in just a true authentic light right you see me with pre-recorded videos that just have the subject matter laid out but you don't always see me in the raw so I love doing these lives so if you.

Can guys please make sure that you hit that thumbs up button because that just makes sure that YouTube knows that this video is good that's really me and it just it does help out and also comment where you're watching from so that I can say hello because there are so many people everyone just the amount of gratitude.

The amount of amazing things that are coming forward right now in the comment stream is just awesome I'm gonna see it off to my right it's just holy moly this is awesome so what I want to talk about I got to stop and say hello to all these people we've got Rhode Island we got Massachusetts we've got the UK we've got California we've.

Got San Bernardino we've got Scotland we've got multi we've got England Ontario Georgia Providence Rhode Island Colorado oh my gosh you've no idea how exciting this is for me to see this stuff as someone that was just like a total nerd and loser in high school and college to see like that people are actually happy to be here in some weird.

Way just I don't know makes me feel fulfilled it's cool if people love being here and it's awesome so anyhow without further ado let me talk about because this is not clickbait I wanted to really be honest with you you guys may have noticed and this is hard for me to even talk about because I've ignored it you may have noticed in some of my live.

Broadcasts and some of my pictures and even some of my recent videos that I've got some circles under my eyes okay they're better now like obviously okay they've definitely gotten better you probably notice that right Thomas has some bags under his eyes he looks a little tired he looks a little worn out and I'm a realist okay I don't hop on.

Camera being completely naive and just completely with my head in the clouds thinking like I look perfect I I know that I looked tired and it's just important for me to address like why things happen right and why and I've realized okay changing some things that suddenly like the stark circles under my eyes started to improve and I went.

Through like a one-month period there where has this weird circles under my eyes and the point was in addition to being exceptionally tired for the last couple of weeks really just because my toddler has not been sleeping we've been in the middle of moving we are hiring people like crazy we are moving into another office we there's a lot of.

Reasons why I could be tired right but here's what's wild where it has to do with fasting over the last month I started doing a lot more fasting because my life was busy so it was easier for me to make the decision to fast than it was to make just cleaner decisions when I was constantly on the go so the last month six weeks really I was.

On the go on the go on the go on the go and I started getting addicted to fasting and breaking my own cardinal rules of you shouldn't be fasting like consistently lots of back-to-back days and when I say fasting I was pushing it longer than 16 hours I was doing 1820 hour fast and I was doing them 3-4 days in a row and then my calories were way.

Too way too low to the point where I was getting I was getting sucked in and my I was looking nutrient deprived and that's exactly what can happen so I use myself as an example for everybody I use myself as an example because this happens to the best of us it happens so easily and it happens when we're not expecting it because we're doing what I think is is.

Really a good thing right like we're making a healthier decision that is easier to control but we're busy and we're just trying to make sure that we it's easier to fast than it is to abstain from just come from not even comfort food but convenient food right when in reality the end of the day you can develop micronutrient deficiencies.

And I was taking it to such an extreme where I really was now it's important that you note that when you are stressed out which is by the way it's totally normal to get stressed out and yes I get stressed out and I years and years of battling anxiety and I still do one of the reasons why I think I had such a.

Hard time losing weight when I was close to 300 pounds is because I had a prescription for xanax and I was using it a lot because I was so anxious all the time and the point is is that you're either prone to anxiety or you're not you're either one I am so when things get going when things get crazy there's a lot of anxiety and there's things that.

You need to know that running this channel I don't know if people understand the amount of overhead that is involved in running a channel this size okay I employ a lot of people I employ a lot of w2 and a lot of contractors so that means that I've got a lot of overhead I've got a lot of pressure and then it's in order to.

Support the channel got pressure from sponsors okay right because we have to have sponsored content because otherwise the channel can't survive but then I have pressure from sponsors to create so then we end up having to create create create create in order just to maintain and in order for everybody to still have jobs and for everybody to still then we.

Have to create more granted I love creating and I love producing content but you can see how that in compound and cause a lot of stress then you add the holiday so anyway this isn't here to play victim at all this is not in the slightest that's why I don't really talk much the point is is that my adrenals were taxed right why stress.

Lots of stress coming from every single angle and what we have to remember is that fasting is by its very nature a manic stressor it's a hormetic response within the body what we're trying to achieve out of intermittent fasting or out of fasting is inflicting stress upon the body if we are trying to make ourselves physiologically stressed.

Out so that our cells adapt right well that's not always what we want when we're in a state of chronic stress now will fasting burn out your adrenals not necessarily I think you really have to take it to a strong degree but fasting in conjunction with not sleeping and fasting in conjunction with being stressed out is not always the best.

Thing and it's hard to bury or get yourself out of that hole that you bury yourself in when that happens so what I'm trying to relay to you is that you have to have a set plan when you're going into a crazy period of your life and that is what I failed to do I failed to set a plan which is something that I've done for myself for a very long.

Time so going into this crazy smorgasbord of chaos I didn't write down my plan and I let myself fall victim to what I thought was the right move at a very point in time when in reality it's pure laziness it's not having the fortitude to be able to say hey I should just buckle down and prep my food and be prepared for this bout of travel but.

Instead I took the easy way out which by far a lot of times is the better way to go in terms of fasting right it's better just to fast than to not than to eat that garbage but you can be prepared and you so anyhow I want to make sure that this isn't just turning into something big we were ramps because it's not what did I learn well I learned that in the.

Process I let my body down but I let my followers down and let my followers down because I'm not being the example now I will say that I put a lot of pressure on myself and when I look in the mirror and I see dark circles under my eyes there's their pressure right there's there's pressure because I feel like you guys are gonna look at me and that.

You're gonna lose interest and you're gonna lose your passion because I don't look as healthy so I looked I looked pale I looked and gaunt and it wasn't proud of it and it reflected in my passion in my videos and that means that the last month of videos that I created although educational and helpful they lack the passion that I think what.

Really makes this channel Drive now don't start poking holes at me saying yeah I noticed the passion wasn't there I was just tired okay because passions there so anyhow let's talk a little bit about how this might work if your fasting day in and day out and what's happening to your body so before we do that let's take a brief intermission and.

Just let everyone comment where they're watching from again okay everyone first of all I have to say like you guys are so awesome everyone here commenting like I've been there before it's just awesome I totally get it yeah it's I'm glad that everyone understands because fasting needs to be.

A spontaneous and sporadic caloric reduction that doesn't mean that you only fast once a week or you only fast once every couple weeks no you can fast more than that don't get me wrong fast a lot but you have to be strategic and you do have to make sure that you're not just limiting your calorie window I think if I actually did the math I was.

Getting to a point where I was consuming like a thousand calories a day for a couple weeks of time granted I wasn't changing my workouts I was still working out intensely in fact if anything I was training out of higher intensity because for the first few days of doing more infrequent longer fasts I really liked how I looked because I was getting super.

Dry super lean so it motivated me to push my workouts harder which therefore beat the crap out of my adrenals even more yeah no I got South Carolina let me vote my god this is so awesome okay the Ukraine we've got Poland we've got oh my gosh we've got Colombia we've got Sweden the international audience here is just amazing is in addition to.

Commenting can you please hit that thumbs up button because that thumbs up button is what gets the likes up on this video and that's not just for my validation that's for YouTube okay YouTube does look at that thing especially on live broadcasts because they want to make sure that I'm drawing good engagement and talking to a lot of.

People so what I'm going to do I am going to go into some questions okay I definitely will but I want to explain what happens if you fast a little too frequently outside of looking like Thomas de Lauer over here dark circles under your eyes yeah but I want to talk like what's happening physiologically if you get too addicted.

To that process and why it's important that you give yourself caloric breaks and allow yourself to have periods of time where you you bring calories back into the equation okay first of all it's important to remember even from an evolutionary standpoint what would happen with with fasting right it would probably be periods of time without.

Eating surrounded by periods of time with eating where you would probably have like a four five day possibly even a week surplus of calories let's just say hypothetically this none of us were allies in Paleolithic times so we can't yank each other's chain and say that this is really the way it was but let's.

Say for example or hypothetical example that has Paleolithic times and you go out and you kill a lion well that lion isn't going to provide food for you for one meal that line is going to provide food for you and your family for probably a week or two meaning you're gonna be in a caloric surplus for probably a week which is more realistic.

For what it's like to bring the metabolism back up okay and that's the important thing to remember with that is that if we fast every day we get ourselves in this habit of going away from calorie and having a small amount of calories that still remaining in a deficit then we go in a deeper deficit by fastening the next day and then have.

More calories and probably keep ourselves in even more of a deficit so the point is we're going deficit and then breaking the fast but still having a still being in a deficit whereas if you look at the other side of the equation it would probably go three four five six seven days without eating followed by three four five six seven.

Days with eating it's a longer period of time and your metabolism is more likely to reset from a refeed or a cheat meal over a longer period of time than it is over just one meal so I'm bouncing around a little bit what I mean by that is I even with a cheat meal you're not gonna get a benefit out of one cheat meal so I'm not saying you should go.

Have a cheat week okay but what I'm saying is that you need to have a diet break every now and then and this up and it needs to go for a couple of days and that just means that you have your calories go above maintenance for a few days Yugos going above maintenance for a few days is more likely to reset your.

Metabolism than having one massive cheap meal that just messes everything up and just throws her inflammatory cytokines through the roof right so it's just important that you know that because maybe you can strategically add some more calories you know for three or four days possibly even a week by way of coconut oil by way.

Of some avocado some calorically dense yet nutritionally dense foods it can be a really powerful way to just reset things because here's what we have to remember what happens with your metabolism well we cannot deny the fact that if you slowly or even quickly reduce your calories eventually your body is going to adjust to that an.

Intermittent fasting has the potential to put you at risk of gradually reducing your calories and who here just just who here by show of comment has found themselves addicted to the feeling of fasting to the point where they find themselves doing it a little too much and be real with yourself okay because it's okay guys I mean this.

Channel is probably one of the biggest epicenters for fasting so you know I'm an advocate of it so you're not going to hurt anyone's feelings you're not gonna be fake if you say that you've definitely gotten addicted to fasting before okay yeah like everybody okay it feels good you're not inflamed and then you know what happens is then you eat.

Because you break your fast and the response is so intense upon your body then you get a lot of inflammation has anyone ever experienced that where you're fasting for a long period of time or even no even amongst them out of time and then you break your fast in the next day you don't feel that good you actually feel worse than you did before.

You started the fast okay there's some methodologies in the proportions in methodology but there's some reasoning behind why that happens but anyone experienced that yep a lot of people yep everyone everyone is explaining that so that is something that is absolutely normal okay so what we need to know is that when we're fasting it takes just as.

Much discipline to remind ourselves to eat some days and to make sure that we make the right moves as it does to not be as it does to not eat now what's gonna happen if you just reduce your calories day over day every day every day well eventually going to get to a point where your thyroid does start to slow.

Down a little bit and that although was easy to reverse its going to start new to all these symbols so if you start finding yourself to a point where you're getting really dry skin or your hair is getting brittle and possibly your hair's falling out or your nails are getting brittle where you feel like your muscles aren't recovering you're staying sore.

For a long period of time those are very good indicators that you might have been fasting a little too much or that maybe your metabolism is starting to slow down now does that mean does that mean that your metabolism won't come back absolutely not it will definitely come back if you put the right measures into place and spoiler alert I have some fun.

Videos coming out this weekend particularly on Sunday on signs of a slowing metabolism okay so things that you should be paying attention to so little spoiler alert so mark your calendars for Sunday morning when that video comes out okay so you might be thinking okay well I can just make sure that on the days that I am fasting I.

Just make sure I have enough calories and that I'm still getting my baseline amount of calories for the day that does make sense in theory however you're still putting a lot of load on your body so what you have to do and I talk about this in a lot of my life broadcasts so forgive me if you've heard this before is you do need to look at your calories.

Over the course of seven days and make sure that you're right where you need to be over the course of seven days so if for example if you're supposed to eat 2,000 calories a day that's 14,000 calories per week pay more attention to how many calories you consume over the course of the week versus the day because otherwise you're.

Gonna confuse yourself and mess yourself up a little bit okay we had a couple of super chats that came in those are where people pay for certain comments and I want to make sure I don't disregard those so I got a scroll up and make sure I find this one okay and Darius says doing 20 hours fasting for hours eating if' for almost six weeks I'm doing this.

For excess skin who lost 170 pounds fast from 8 to 4 work from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. in gym but is this bad I would not do that daily and there is I would not do that daily a 20 that's very similar to kind of what I was doing and you might find that although the results are great you're gonna stall in time I know you're doing it for extra.

Skin because you've already lost a lot of weight but I really encourage you to not do that daily and actually try doing like 148 hour fast per week and then eat normally the rest of the week for your given application reducing loose skin longer prolonged fasting is probably a better solution now I'm not a doctor I can't say that.

For a fact but then again most doctors you talk to you aren't gonna talk about fasting in the first place so let's go ahead and oh yeah thank thank you Joe Fox just as telling everyone to push the like button and I appreciate that guys hit that little thumbs up button I know I sound like I just want to see the likes and things like that and don't get.

Me wrong I do but this is purely algorithmic here I want people to see this video because I've got two million subscribers yet we've got 1.6 thousand people on this right it just gives you an indicator of how not everyone sees the live broadcasts when they come out so make sure that we you know share this get this content out King Louie de frst.

Says is a 24 hour fast once a week safe I honestly would believe so I do that's what I do I really like to do a 24 hour fast once a week Miguel says lost 80 pounds in about eight months started with one meal a day and then went to 48 hours back to back for about three months I hit my goal 150 s but now I'm stuck even though I'm still doing yeah.

You're stuck doing 20 even though you're doing 24-hour fast Miguel that's it's exactly the kind of thing that can happen so that's that's why I'm more concerned with people that fast frequently because what is next where do you take it next you start going with longer fasts and then longer and then longer to eventually you're not.

Recovering anymore it's interesting though because like we can look at some of these people that talk about the adrenal glands and fasting and how fasting doesn't really harm the adrenals it's a good like that's correct in fact intermittent fasting if anything can actually help the adrenals but it's up to you to know when you're doing it too.

Much because there's a fine line between fasting and driving yourself to a point in fasting where you are going into adrenal overload okay now you'll notice this and some of the warning signs are sleeplessness that's probably the biggest one now why am I not sleeping and so many people will chalk it up to excess ketones being in the blood and so.

Fun fact when you are fasting in doing keto or anything like that you have a high prevalence to me of ketones in the blood these ketones in the blood trigger you to not be not sleep as well they keep your brain active they keep you awake but also you have less tryptophan that's actually going into the brain ultimately.

Signalling serotonin melatonin so that's one of the rings why you don't sleep but don't trick yourself okay see there's two reasons that you would particularly not sleep one it the positive effects that you have ketones they're just keeping you awake but the other is one that gets disguised and that is the fact that you are pumping out a lot of.

Adrenaline you are pumping out a lot of epinephrine so you're not sleeping because your body is in shock I mean that happens how many people have ever over trained before now I know I'm talking to a wide variety of people that perhaps haven't necessarily over trained or haven't worked out high-intensity one of the things that happens is you.

End up with a lot of adrenal overload because you're overtraining central nervous system stimulation where you are working out so much and so hard that your central nervous system is stimulated so one of the tell-tale signs of overtraining is not sleeping well and it's one of the hardest things in the world to say I need to back off of my.

Workouts because I need to sleep right it's very difficult for someone that loves to work out it's very difficult well the same thing happens with fasting it's very difficult to realize when you've reached that point you see same thing that is triggering fat loss is also what's keeping you up at night adrenalin catecholamines okay remember.

Those things I talk about them constantly epinephrine norepinephrine all these things the fight-or-flight hormones the flight flight that is what is mobilizing fat okay that is what allows hormone sensitive lipase to actually act upon itself to ultimately burn fat okay so but that adrenaline is also doing its job as adrenaline and.

It's keeping you awake right it's keeping you amped up so at what point is there a line of diminishing return with that where you are so amped up from fasting and when your adrenals being just pumping right that you don't sleep and that you lose fat loss benefits because you're sleeping you're not sleeping remember there are studies have.

Shown that not sleeping like literally just cutting down from eight hours to five and a half will increase your ghrelin levels by 15 to 20 percent ghrelin is the hunger hormone that's what makes you feel hungry so did you know that if you just cut a couple hours off of your sleep all it takes is one night and you're Grillin levels are.

Through the do you ever notice that you're hungry on days you don't sleep you mindlessly want to eat well other thing is that it has a strong affinity for you end up having a strong affinity for its Oracle's cb1 receptors so when you're hungry or when you don't sleep you get hungry but not only that when you do eat you feel like you get.

More satisfaction out of the food so you actually satisfy the cb1 receptors those endocannabinoids a lot more and that means that even if you were if you were to go and eat a cupcake on a day you slept you might be more likely to say ok that was enough but on his day you didn't sleep the sensation of that is 1520 even all the way up to 32% higher.

Meaning food can taste and feel 30% better so when do you start when do you draw the line right okay you've been fasting so much that you're stressed out and you don't realize it and then you don't sleep so I wish I had a magic solution for you but the best thing that I can say used to write out the days that you will fast because you have to.

Have them be spontaneous you have to be cruising along and then BOOM caloric reduction and then cruise along they have to be the unholy they have to be the exception rather than the rule otherwise the opposite happens right so think about it if it's an inverse situation here you're fasting or you're sorry you're not fasting you're eating.

Normal food and then you fast massive calorie reduction really quick the body's gonna liberate fast boom Burnham yeah but what if thus it becomes true where this is your norm fast your norm and then you eat boom then the caloric surplus is a shock and it's like you've just brought in a bunch of calories right so if the caloric surplus the.

Consumption of food ends up becoming the excess or becomes the rule or sorry getting ahead of myself if the calories coming in end up becoming the exception rather than the rule then they're gonna have a bigger impact you want to keep fasting in your favor and keep it in your back pocket and granted it's amazing but I I just.

Strongly feel that you need to have a plan on the days in which you fast and by all means even if you're experienced you should have at least two days per week where you don't fast okay keep it low calorie keep it whatever but just do that there we've got some good question questions coming in let's see lack of sex drive I guess I'm gonna try to find.

A good one trash panda says just found out my teenage daughter has been fastening on her own but she will not listen to any of my guidance she thinks I don't know what I'm talking about should I be worried the reason that I would be worried there and I'm not you know a psychologist or anything like that but.

The reason that I would be concerned is you can see how fast things can lead to bulimic like tendencies and some people you know there's there's a fine line once again between fasting with strategy and fasting because it just feels good you know and you're because you're just getting addicted to it so I think that it's hard because you're not gonna lolis.

Want to listen to mom or dad sorry I don't know if you're sorry but it's they're not gonna wanna listen to mom or dad and the best thing that you can do is just try to get them educated as much as possible and try to make fast and cool but make it cool with people that are educating properly someone says Matt says I've noticed I sleep incredibly.

Well when I'm 24 to 48 hour fasting the best part of the fast for me plus I feel amazing when I wake up yeah it's definitely something that happens with some people some people don't sleep at all some people sleep really really good what do we think of chewing gum while fasting I would usually say stay away from it why because like is it gonna.

Break your fast from a caloric standpoint probably not but do you really want to be bringing in any other chemicals or anything like that when you're kind of at a point of just letting your body reset I don't know I would probably stay away from it I've just started fasting and I'm a diabetic you have any good tips and you take.

Medication two times a day with food you go I can't really comment on that because I'm not a doctor I wish I had some more solid information for you there Rama says speaking of fasting would it be fine fasting five days in a row and then breaking the other two or would you say going three to one I would say go.

Three three one two one definitely rather than go five days in a row John Armstrong thought John Armstrong sigh just goes so fast thank you for the super chat I appreciate that see it was so many good questions here let's see advice for the breath while fasting you know that's interesting that you say that because I have a video.

Coming out the beginning of January that talks about breathing and working out and breathing everything like that when you're fasting have you ever noticed that a lot of times you take shorter breaths now a lot of it could be the fact that you need less you you don't have to breathe as deeply to get proper oxygenation because your.

Mitochondria is functioning at a better rate so when you're when you're fasting your mitochondria is you're improving mitochondrial density which means that you're getting more energy per unit of oxygen when you take a breath so I find myself actually taking shallow breaths but I think it's a two part equation I take shallow breaths when I'm.

Fascinating because one I don't need as much oxygen so I don't feel like I take a deep breath but two the adrenaline and the epinephrine is making it so that I'm kind of jacked up okay and I'm not wanting to take a good diaphragmatic breath it takes a lot of energy and conscious thought to be able to diaphragmatic ly breathe where you.

Breathe through your belly and don't just breathe you know in your your chest right so just pay attention to that so I would recommend there's different apps you can try and look into wim HOF breathing I recommend trying that because if you can enhance the oxygenation while you're fascinating then you ultimately enhance.

Beta-oxidation you enhance fatty acid utilization so you could in theory I don't make a claim here but you could in theory accelerate fat loss a little bit let's see a question here after losing weight with calorie restriction I went keto now for six months and I'm getting some weight back and even though I'm clean eating what to do well it might.

Just be a reset and I have to say you have to address the obvious here with keto it's really easy to over your calories it's just so easy because you don't realize it you have twenty macadamia nuts and you're sitting at 400 calories right it's really easy so that's the first thing I look at is make sure your calories are in line but.

Remember you're going from fasting into something that's high calorie so you just have to be careful there you may have wanted to say hey I'm gonna do fasting and then I'm gonna weave off into three days per week and then I'm gonna weave off into one day a week and then I'm gonna do no fasting for a couple weeks and then bring it back.

Again it's kind of a reverse pyramid structures what I would call it let's see lots of info from many sources about using heavy whipping cream on a fast yeah I would not do that I've seen a few things talking about that so heavy whipping cream is pretty inflammatory I would definitely keep that out of the equation it's definitely not going to.

Work during a fast how much mc2 oil to break a fast for weight loss I would not break your fast with MC MCT oil unless you are very experienced with it it's pretty hard on the gut and although it's anti-inflammatory to some degree I would like for you to have some food in your system first.

Coconut oil would be a better bet than MCT oil kind of a fun fact on MCT oil it's MCT oil is particularly c8 like acrylic acid is going to drive your ketone levels higher but it's not going to convert into the useable beta hydroxy butyrate form so for any of you that are nerds out there that are listening to this some of you might just tune me out.

For a second but stay with me coconut oil is a combination of lauric acid which is a longer chain medium chain triglyceride and some forms of long-chain fatty acids like oleic acid which means that what's interesting is that it still has a high ketone conversion rate within the liver when you consume coconut oil but it converts.

Into beta hydroxy butyrate which is actually the usable ketone a little bit better so things like medium chain triglycerides are great except for the fact that they'll drive up what's called your acetoacetate levels which is a ketone but that acetoacetate has to get converted into beta hydroxy butyrate so acetoacetate is what's measured on the.

Keto urine strips whereas beta hydroxy butyrate is what you would measure in your blood so acetoacetate is not the important ketone for you beta hydroxy butyrate is so I would rather casein – then you just need to be consuming coconut oil rather than MCT oil but better yet when you break a fast for fat loss you should keep it lean protein and.

That's just simply it okay lean chicken breast lean ground turkey pea protein shake whey protein isolate if you can handle it simply put I have plenty of videos on how to break a fast so I highly encourage you to just go to google go to youtube type in de Lauer breaking fast stool our tips for breaking fast because.

You're gonna find a lot of different information that I've put out there with given scenarios okay lots of questions so yes or no – oh man says grace and hearing one meal a day is I think you probably are reading between the lines a little bit here as someone that's done a lot of one meal a day in the past I can honestly say that I'm more of a fan of.

Two meals a day than one meal a day and one meal a day is okay but it shouldn't be one meal a day everyday okay you should be one meal a day three times per week the one meal a day things I think implies and sends the wrong message that we should just eat one meal a day every single day if you if you are a 240-pound individual.

And you are trying to get 3000 calories to maintain or lose a little bit of weight I'm just using a given example and you try to get that all in one sitting there's no way that you cannot be triggering a massive amount of inflammation in your body 3,000 calories in one sitting there is no way that the body is not going to have some form of.

Shock from that so that is where my beef with one meal a day comes in is it bad to do every now and then no not at all I have a great video coming out and beginning in January called Oh mad verses too mad you know why I think one is better than the other and it just breaks it down you know if you simply slip those needles into you're in such a.

Better position because you're not shocking the body your body's not going to utilize all those nutrients I have one video where I use an analogy where I take a funnel okay and this funnel drains into a cup and if I were to slowly pour water into the funnel it'll flow through the funnel and it'll go into the cup but if I take a bunch of.

Water and I dump it as fast as I can it's gonna overflow above the funnel and spill all over the place that's a perfect analogy for what happens when you consume too many calories at one sitting no matter how insulin sensitive after a fast you are does that make sense evarin if that makes sense I just want.

To make sure if the funnel analogy makes sense just type in funnel I just want to make sure that people are that makes sense because that's a very simple analogy and the spillage that extra spillover is going potentially stores fat I can't guarantee it but usually when you have an excess of carbohydrates or excess of calories like that it goes.

Through the noble lipid Genesis so I just recommend just split it into two meals it's above all else that's the easiest thing to do and now I can get granular and I have lots of videos that go into more detail but at the end of the day I'm trying to make it simple just split it into two meals and you'll be a better better position and please I.

Hope that the one meal a day people don't get mad at me for that it's just it's just reality we have a super chat that came in from baby Yoda says do people get stuck in a certain weight it doesn't matter how hard I've passed my body does not want to lose the last two kilograms yeah because I think that your strategy needs.

To shift from fasting over to something else remember we have many different mechanisms and for metabolism at play so if metabolism is slowing down because you're not eating which it's normal like when you're fasting your metabolism is going slower yeah you have other things that are acting upon fat burning like.

Your metabolism for all intents and purposes is slowed down so your overall metabolism is slowed down so that means when you do eat it has a harder time processing it's gonna you're gonna gain weight easier so fasting the harder is probably putting you into an adrenal overload that's causing your body to want to store so you reach again you.

Reach that point how if you so if you try to fast more and more and more you're just gonna reach a point where eventually you're just starving yourself in a Vinci you will get nutrient deprived which we have so many people that have hopped in this broadcast since I started so it's important that I circle back and you know if you were.

Hearing me with me in the beginning and you don't wanna hear this again I understand but please try to stick with me I came on this broadcast to talk about the fact that I was fasting too much and I was starting to look in my opinion pretty bad okay hi my face was drawn in I've was pale I've gone I had circles under my eyes.

I wasn't managing stress I feel like I was making poor decisions or not poor but poorer decisions in business I was just not being myself and I wasn't sleeping and I had a lot of other compounding variables because there was just a lot of stress in my life a toddler that wasn't sleeping for a lot of different reasons he's sick and then.

And the stresses of just running a business I think a lot of people forget that you know this is YouTube and it's all fine and dandy but at the volume that we create it's it's a real job and it's a lot of pressure and also I also want to point something out and again it's not to just be whining but it's really really difficult sometimes to.

Have your life be so visible because everything I do gets criticized and that's a really tough really just my goal is to help people and it's hard to get criticized and it's hard to get criticized when it's not constructed when it's just people making comments right so a lot of those things add up and they can they can trigger you.

To just be stressed so the purpose of me hopping on this was simply to talk about how because I was so stressed out I was fasting so much and I was definitely deprived in nutrients and you know the other thing was is I was I was off of my mineral game for a little while too which just goes to show right when you're fasting you should be consuming.

Minerals you should be getting potassium and you should be getting magnesium and there was no excuse I ran out of the magnesium that I usually use and I stopped so I stopped taking it and it took me like two weeks before I occurred to me that I need to order it again on Amazon right so it was no excuses but the point was is that like I was mineral.

Depleted I was nutrient deprived and it showed and I still I mean look at this guys like people will say like Thomas you have circles in your eyes yeah that's like the femme bring the light in like you can see okay I have circles under my eyes because I am human and I am not perfect all the time and no I don't use makeup in my.

Videos so that's why sometimes my videos you'll see my face looks like I've cut circles in my eyes so I'm anyhow it's that's why I'm here but now I answer some more questions Pete Jarvis says you have covered how fighter flight does kick in a bit during fasting this is something that should win levels often this leads to break me.

A fast how some tips keep us in check well no it's not necessary so adrenaline and epinephrine are not going to kick you out of the past cortisol is not necessarily gonna kick you out of a fast but it can it can crush your ketone levels cortisol is gonna drive up gluconeogenesis which means that the your protein stores in your body are.

Going to go through gluconeogenesis and turn into glucose which isn't going to break your fast because it's just going to drive your ketone levels down okay a purpose of fasting is to have a and PK so amp protein kinase and cyclic adenosine monophosphate levels elevated you have this internal switch hey real quick guys can everyone go ahead and hit.

That thumbs up button I want to hit that I want to crush over a thousand likes on this really quick okay because we're like at 996 right now so if everyone just can hit that thumbs up button hit that like button there we go thank you guys so what can happen is it's hard to describe in just a really simple way but your body has a a switch.

Okay it has a reverse meter where it can determine it can tell when you're not consuming food okay and this ampk switch can determine it says oh there's no food coming in right now because there's no food coming in we need to switch gears to pulling from the stored tissues as long as ampk is elevated we are in a good spot as long.

As this particular switch is turned on and our body is pulling from our store tissue we're in a pretty good spot as far as autophagy goes as far as cellular recycling goes so anything that is happening endogenously is not going to break a fast if that makes sense your switch is already on as long as you're not bringing anything in if you get.

Stressed out and it triggers your glucose to go up it's not kicking you out of a fast it might lower your ketone levels but you're still pulling from an endogenous source you're not magically creating food pulling and food again I use those air quotes too liberally you're pulling that food from your store tissue but you're still in a fasted.

State you still have Auto Fidji occurring it just might be occurring in a different place so while Tov G happens in different organs and different cells and different tissues and it all depends on so many different genetic factors that we don't even know just the slightest iota about so when you're totally in a perfect fasten state where.

You're calm cool collected sure maybe you're having on top a gene occurring at the liver liver level but maybe when you get stressed out it switches and you're having on top of G occur in a muscle level that's totally hypothetical by the way I hope that that makes sense for everybody it's just you're not breaking a fast by getting stressed out but.

You're potentially wrecking yourself because you still have hormones that are gonna you know come into play there let's see here we go we've got so many good questions coming in I saw a couple super chats I want to make sure nineteen year old guy hundred two kilograms did keto for six months and lost thirty kilograms now I need to lose the last.

Twenty and I've been doing alternate day fasting 36 hours with keto what do you recommend from you as advice I have a video coming out on alternate day fasting I think that it's actually a very effective means to be able to lose weight and do it with a maintenance level it's fasting every other day and there's two.

Methodologies to it there's 36-hour alternate day fasting and there's like 24-hour alternate day fasting where the only thing that changes is you'd be eating in the morning so I don't really have any advice other than keep at that for a little bit because you you're gonna have long enough fast that you you have some good effects but I would.

Highly recommend that you only do alternate day fasting for like two or three weeks and then go back into a normal pattern just because I don't want to see you doing too many 36-hour fasts in a row another question that came in let's see I can fasten see why is it they look leaner when I do three meals a day then – that's a tough one that could.

Be that could be any number of things to be completely honest probably something to do with what you're actually eating in that case regarding the discussion on this the breathing can I confirm shallow breathing happens to me at least during fast freeze oh I can definitely yes mica mica mica sorry I hope you get your name right definitely just an opinion I don't.

Like your paying part of this chat yeah I don't it's not something that I add Vanessa it's just it's something that YouTube ads as its thing called super chat and I don't add it to my broadcasts again okay it's just something that's there because some people like to it's not necessarily designed for questions I think it's designed for people that want.

To support the channel via super chat so it's not my decision it's just there and it does make questions stand out when I have something like 4,000 messages that have come through already right so I totally get it but see any other questions do you see any studies on keto and cardiovascular issues well there's a number of them as far as like the ileal.

Cells go and everything like that so that if we can modulate inflammation and of course that's gonna make a big difference right and the heart health how many days should I wait to drink alcoholic beverages after fasting I think just one day you mean as long as you're not having it shortly after a fast.

Remember that alcohol is going to disrupt your gut biome and when you're fasting you're already balancing out your gut biome so that's kind of the nice thing you're doing a gut reset by fasting because everything kind of goes back to baseline a little bit and then alcohol has been shown to be pretty significant contributor to get dysbiosis.

And be careful there niko appreciate the kind words it carnivore diet a good choice so here's the the only concern that I have with the carnivore diet so I did a carnivore challenge where I went carnivore and lived in it for a little over a month felt pretty good the let me point out the pros and the cons the pros very.

Inflammatory right you don't have a lot of different things coming in when you have a lot of different foods coming in you have a lot of different risks as far as inflammation carnivore makes it so it's very limited so you have less risk of inflammation the hard part is you become pretty narrow in your scope right you can only cause you're only consuming.

That so what happens when you get narrow in your scope well you get narrow with your gut diversity too and the gut diversity is very very important to overall health so that's my concern with it is that if you go too long and you're not really aware then you are not supporting a diverse gut biome which has.

An effect via the enteric nervous system on an overall neurotransmitter of fact overall brain health everything like that it's yet to be discovered right it's we don't really know what is going on long term with carnivore but the other thing that I really have that we just have to be careful it's more of a mental things is where do you go next.

Okay I've noticed keto was hot and in different variations of keto and then a more restrictive form of keto being carnivore it seems like it's just getting a little bit more restrictive restrictive restrictive now I'm not saying that's again carnivore works for a lot of people and it worked for me for a little bit that I did it I just I like.

My veggies too much I don't want to get rid of them I enjoy it and I feel good when I you know but if you you start keeping going like what are you gonna restrict to next it's a common knowledge that we're just want to progress anyone with half a brain wants to progress and not take a step backward so you're always willing to move forward so keto.

Worked for me so carnivore must be better well carnivore worked for me so what must be better and that's exactly the issue we followed you with fasting sometimes – right so and someone says is why is it important to have a diverse gut if you only plan on eating cardboard for life that's a good question and again this is not here to poke holes or.

Make fun of anyone that's doing carnivore like I love the fact from an anti-inflammatory protocol if you can guaran-damn-tee that you're not going to be coming off of carnivore then then sure that could be great but I would argue that a lot of the reason that we've been able to make advances in so much you know.

Q and advances in technology is because we now are in a situation where we have foods coming in from multiple different angles of the world all the corners of the world we have a diverse plethora of food that we can eat which provides us with a more diverse gut bacteria which therefore has the via the enteric brain in the gut brain axis it has sort of an.

Effect on our brain serotonin for instance can be manufactured in the gut and indirectly affect the brain indirectly grow serotonin in the brain or produced serotonin in the brain so if we have a diversity there with gut bacteria then perhaps it's allowing our brain to actually expand and unlock new potential with the brain if you're not.

In flames right so if you are limiting your gut bacteria in your diversity there then one could argue that yes maybe we have less diversity occurring as far as what is getting up to the brain so meaning your scope can get limited the caveat there being if you are living a truly anti-inflammatory lifestyle while doing carnivore then the.

Inflammation would never be in your brain and you probably feel amazing anyway so yes see see how it balances out if you're truly gonna do car horn you're gonna stick with it and that is your way of eating for life then I think you're gonna be totally fine but where people end up having issues is you're gonna be more susceptible to.

Inflammation when you do go off of it so it's just important to know and again it's not saying ones bad ones good anything like that it's just that's the way it is and I know I lose subscribers every time I talk honestly about carnivore but I feel like everyone needs to know it's like that's just the way that can potentially be the same issue.

Could arise with keto right we still limit some starches which grow gut bacteria that's why I'm a proponent of every now and then introducing some starches now I've done videos on that but I by and large I do keto I've been doing keto for 10 years but it's just important to know Wow ok so many people here what's your opinion on drinking.

Kombucha good question so kombucha kind of a it's a probiotic right so you're just adding a certain about it we have trillions of bacteria in our gut and you're talking about adding a couple million to a couple of billion I think it's a pretty small amount it's not going to do a whole lot so does it taste good is it a net.

Neutral kind of thing yeah I think it's probably solid let's see here want to answer one more question is it normal to have ketones rise after a meal easy carnivore 1 2 3 asks it is it all depends on what you eat so I'm gonna take by your by your name that you're probably carnivore so it probably makes more sense that your body is less.

Inflamed and you're having a higher ketone rise so that's pretty normal a lot of people see their ketones drop after they eat unless they're eating straight fat so it can go either way some of it comes down to just how your liver process is everything guys I am gonna go ahead and I'm gonna jump off because it's been 45 minutes I had to.

Get everything ready we're got a company party tonight just a little get-together so I can have just the team come together I just want to make sure everyone knows that what I do would not be possible without my team and it would not be possible without you guys supporting this channel and being here and just appreciating the content.

Because every day when I check YouTube and I see how many lives are being changed it just really and it makes me do what I do and I promised I will take better care of myself and not let myself get too stressed out I'm gonna take a couple weeks we've really loaded up on videos these last couple of weeks in terms of filming because I'm gonna take.

A couple weeks off they'll still be content coming out because we've loaded up the last couple of weeks so I'm gonna take a couple weeks off and then I go relax a little bit and I'll be back still in first week of January but don't worry content still gonna be here everything's good pretty much every single day sometimes.

Twice a day you guys Rock so so so much I did put a link down below just for just to my website that way if you want to subscribe to my newsletter or anything like that cuz I do you have any email list that I I don't I do not spam I just email when I have good videos and I don't know a little research pieces that I find and things like that so.

Check it out now in the description you guys Rock have an amazing holiday Merry Christmas happy Kwanzaa Happy Hanukkah you name it happy holidays just love you all for being here see you guys soon
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