How Carbs and Fruit Turn to Fat | Thomas DeLauer- Live Q&A | Fat Loss Advice | Diet Tips

How Carbs and Fruit Turn to Fat | Thomas DeLauer- Live Q&A | Fat Loss Advice | Diet Tips

How Carbs and Fruit Turn to Fat | Thomas DeLauer- Live Q&A | Fat Loss Advice | Diet Tips

Check out the video on How Carbs and Fruit Turn to Fat | Thomas DeLauer- Live Q&A | Fat Loss Advice | Diet Tips.
What's going on everybody in YouTube land its Thomas de Lauer and today I'm talking to you about carbs I'm talking to you about fruit and I'm talking to you about how that process works in your body and how carbs and fruit technically get turned into fat but specifically I want to be talking about fruit quite a bit because I've been getting a lot of.

People talking or commenting asking me questions emailing all about how fruit works specifically when you're on a low-carb diet but realistically how it works in general so what I do want to ask everyone to do is while you're hopping on here as always make sure you comment where you're watching from so that I can say.

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Sorry about that guys so what I want to be talking about today is exactly how what is known as the glue to transport system works in the body okay it looks like I'm gonna be holding this because my my gimbal is not working for me right now so basically inside our bodies we have a very unique mechanism that allows us to metabolize fruit and the biggest.

Problem that we end up facing as people is that we're instantly told that fruit is extremely important this fruit is extremely imperative when it comes down to being healthy when it comes down to a healthy metabolism when it comes down to healthy detoxing and the simple fact is I'm not anti fruit but it's very important that.

We understand exactly how fruit is metabolized in the body because if we don't have a solid understanding of how fruit works in the body then it can be very very difficult for us to ever really get the bodies that we want so it's important that you know what is known as the glue to transport system and the active transport chain within.

The body this is a very specific way that fruit is metabolized inside our body when we consume regular carbohydrates our body breaks it down with traditional pancreatic lipase we actually start having a process where our body takes the carbs it starts breaking them down make sure it's turned into glucose I bought it utilizes it and.

It's all fine and dandy but when it comes down to fruit the body uses things quite a bit differently you see we can only metabolize a small amount of fruit at a given time so what ends up happening is this fruit goes straight to the liver straight to the liver and can actually not only contribute to what's known as a fatty liver but also does a.

Ton of other things in the body and goes through a process that's known as de novo Lippo genesis may be basically meaning that gets stored as fat really easily now I want to get into a lot more detail with this but I know the audience is still building and I definitely want to get a lot of people here because I want to be able to share with you not.

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Science and I'm going to this thing is driving me crazy I'm sorry guys usually I have this gimbal and it works really really well usually but today it is just falling apart on me it's not working well it's making me look like an idiot so bear with me one second guys otherwise you have to deal with me shaking all the time so it's either.

Having this collapse and be a total pain or deal with me shaking anyway my whole purpose of coming out here today was I got a comment that came on a video a couple weeks ago that started telling me that I was terrible because I made a comment about fruit and made a comment that we should probably be controlling our fruit consumption because of how its.

Metabolized in the body I'm gonna be very very simple with this our bodies only have the ability to metabolize 20 to 30 grams of fruit at all okay that doesn't mean that fruit is bad but what that does mean is that our bodies tend to use fruit as a source of fat very very easy the way that it happens is simply like this when you consume fruit.

Your phone Falls that's what happens when you consume fruit I'm really sorry guys when you consume fruit it goes into your stomach and it immediately goes through something called the active transport change chain excuse me so that active transport chain delivers the glucose directly to the cell now the problem is that we can only handle so.

Much of that because we only have a small amount of this so I want you to think of it like this when you consume regular car hydrates those carbohydrates are getting on the train they're getting on a train and they're going places for energy train that has 1617 cars and can carry a ton of different carbohydrates and.

Glucose when you consume fruit it's getting on a short little school bus tiny little bus maybe even just a little chauffeured car you can only consume so much and only so much can be carried at a specific point in time the rest gets turned in to oh my gosh this is gonna be the death of me I'm so sorry guys at least you know I'm human here I don't.

Know why this thing is just dying on me constantly I might just have to go handheld here which kind of sucks but yeah okay I'm going handheld hang on guys it's gonna be shaky for a second let me take this off of this gimbal there we go all right we're gonna handheld so if it's shaky forgive me anyway once it's on that little skinny's.

Small bus or that little teeny thing that it can barely handle any excess carbohydrates or excess fruit is going to end up getting stored as fat that's a process known as de novo lipogenesis and basically all that is is when our body only has so much carbohydrate that it really can use that it has to put it through a process where it's getting.

Converted into fat it's a pretty amazing process that is quite honestly a survival mechanism for us so it's not a really a bad thing but we have to understand the fruit can only go so far so people always talk about good fruits and bad fruits and different glycemic index of fruits and berries are good because their lower glycemic and this.

And that guys it doesn't matter fruit is fruit is fruit fructose is fructose and if you are on a ketogenic diet or you're on a low-carb diet fruit definitely can mess you up now people are probably wondering Thomas oh my gosh you telling us not to eat anything like what are we supposed to eat what are we supposed to do the truth.

Is is nothing you should just eat err no but realistically you just need to make sure that you're eating certain things in moderation and the whole purpose of me talking about this is simply because you are not missing out on a lot of fruits are excuse me minerals and vitamins by skipping out on fruit you really should be getting those vitamins.

And minerals from veggies anyway so I'm not saying don't eat fruit I'm just saying to you lies it at the right point in time which means very small amounts and use it really sparingly use it as a treat okay that's how you have to completely actually really just moderation really so I was reading something on here.

Someone says love how thomas has changed his position on fruit before when he liked everyone thought fruit itself a Yati but today he changed his physician based on science fructose as sugar i'm not sure if you're saying that i'm a bad person but i'm not changing my stance I've never thought that fruit was something that should be eaten in.

Abundance I've always thought that anything that's coming from the earth has good properties and I do feel like fruit has some amazing properties and definitely has some good effects when it comes to the digestive system but we just need to make sure that we're doing it in moderation so de novo lipid Genesis basically what.

Ends up happening is when we consume these carbohydrates they ultimately get converted into basically long story short into acetylcholine so that we can use them as energy well what ends up happening is when we don't have enough in the way of the active transport chain or we don't have enough in the ability to actually carry these glucose.

Molecules and enough to carry these carbohydrates well then the acetylcholine basically goes back into another cycle and our body says okay well we can convert this and use this as fat later on and it's a really complex model but essentially carbs do ultimately turn into fat and that's exactly why we need to control them now.

People ask the question all the time what about calories do calories matter you know do we end up having not enough carbohydrates or too many carbohydrates does it really matter because if we don't have too many calories then we're never going to gain weight and if we don't have too little calories we're not going to lose weight well let me put it.

Like this calories do matter calories in calories out but there are some things that will supersede that in small amounts all we have to understand is timing is everything if we're having carbohydrates when we shouldn't be having carbohydrates or we're having fructose in high amounts that will supersede the fact that we're having too.

Little or too many calories so in essence what I'm trying to say is even if you're eating 1000 calories a day if you're eating a lot of fruit of that 1,000 calories your body is still going to store the as fat now here's the thing will your body break down muscle tissue possibly will you still lose weight.

Probably thermodynamics still apply you still end up having calories in versus calories out but that doesn't change the fact that de novo lipid Genesis is still going to occur and your body is still gonna try to store that fruit as fat simply because it doesn't have the ability to utilize it we can only utilize 15 to 30 grams of carbohydrate.

From fruit period okay so I want to make sure that I'm still reaching out to a lot of people we've got a ton of people that just hopped on this broadcast guys I apologize for the shakiness I was using a gimbal but it's just kind of crapped out on me so it's not working really well can you guys please comment where you're watching from please that I.

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Brazil West Australia Texas you guys are amazing thank you all for hopping on here is so great to see you guys please make sure that you continue to hit that like button I want to give you guys a real quick tour of an awesome place that I'm at and what I am happy to now call my studio kitchen hanging on the way flip this camera.

So here we got the studio kitchen you've probably seen some of my content coming in there so fully functional kitchen gonna start doing a lot more stuff there you're gonna start seeing actually some live cooking videos which are gonna be great and we start doing some live broadcasts that are actually live cooking videos so you guys can engage.

You're gonna have a lot of fun with it so I'm super excited to bring that to you guys but you guys ready for this you guys have asked for it I want to make sure before I click this camera around and show you what's going on behind me that you guys comment and let me know if you want to start seeing some helpful workout content check this out I am.

Pretty stoked to finally now it's not fully done yet don't get me wrong I don't have the mirrors up yet I don't have you know the logos up yet but we've got everything that I can start showing you some awesome awesome equipment awesome awesome workouts some pieces are still down like I haven't fully assembled the cable machine yet you know.

Got everything set up squat rack everything is gonna be awesome nice leg press you guys notice something getting going on here and that's the fact that I don't have a lot of machines I'm all about as much in the way of just functional training as humanly possible so how cool is it that we can go from gym and just be like hey guys it's time.

To cook so I am super super stoked to be able to bring this to you guys and I have to say this is all just a big big big thank you to you guys you guys have made this channel possible you have made so much possible and because of that I'm able to bring them even better content because of you guys liking my channel because of you guys following what I do.

Because of you guys being here being a part of this I'm now able to bring you even more content so the kind of content I'm gonna bring to you as far as workouts are concerned believe it or not are not going to be the typical fitness style content it's not going to be that kind of thing it's going to be much more in the way of what can you do to feel.

Better to train better to be healthier just like all my kitchen content is okay when it comes down to ketosis when it comes down to all these things training properly and doing things right are going to be absolutely critical for your success with any kind of diet program so I want to make sure that I'm teaching you guys the right way so get ready to.

Start seeing some more of that guys if you can please hit that thumbs up button please hit that like button it's gonna help me out a lot help this video out a lot someone just asked when do you train if you're doing a 24 hour fast that is a really good question if you're doing a 24 hour fast train at the beginning of your fast.

Simply because it's gonna activate a lot of different hormonal responses in your body and if you were to train at the end of your fast at a 24 hour fast you would be very very very tired okay now you have a lot of benefits that happen in a 24 hour fast right you get a lot of mental benefits you get a lot of beta-hydroxybutyrate benefits you get.

Immune system benefits you get so much but what we have to make sure that we're aware of is your overall glycogen levels are gonna be low you're not going to be in a position to really be working out at that point in time so what you're gonna want to do is work out the beginning of your fast start you listening that metabolic response.

Elicits a good fat-burning response get your body leveraging fat as a source of fuel and then go right into your into your fasting period I will tell you it's going to make the beginning portion of your fast significantly more difficult but that's okay it's okay the first couple hours are gonna be tough but the benefits are gonna be significantly.

Better so I hope that answers your question any other questions that want to come in regarding the world of fascinating or regarding someone asks what's the relation to actually those a good question we go back to that what's the relationship between caffeine and insulin I'd imagine it's best to only drink water during your daily fast super.

Good question caffeine does actually affect your insulin levels but here's the big button caffeine will only affect your insulin levels if you have sorry about the shaking guys caffeine will only really affect your insulin levels if you have a lot of carbs in your system already caffeine has an interesting ability to.

Actually take the luggage in out of the muscle and put it into the bloodstream which means that you can artificially spike your insulin by having caffeine because you're pulling that glucose back out and that can't have an effect on your insulin but that doesn't mean that caffeine is not okay during it fast I consume caffeine during it fast it's.

Okay and someone says I should that I'd mentioned before you should train in a fasted state yeah when I say that I mean at the beginning of your 24-hour fast if you went to bed at say 9:00 p.m. and you would stop eating it then that you know prior to that get up in the morning and then train so you're still fasted when I say training in a.

Fasted state I'm talking to people that aren't necessarily fasting I'm talking to people that just got out of bed and they're starting their day I want them to still train when they're in that fasted State so that's what I mean by that I hope that clears it up so anyway caffeine and a fast you're okay just don't add the sweeteners to it.

Don't add the creamers to it things like that someone asked if I could do a video discussing bone broth I've done a number of videos that address bone broth I could do a specific video on bone broth those of you that know me I mean you know that I I work with the guys at kettle and fire so I'm always talking about bone broth just because I work.

Closely with a bone broth company which I think upset a few people because I've done some videos that talk about bone broth and I promote kettle and fire but guys I'm gonna talk about products that I like and promote products that I like I don't promote many of them so but yeah I am gonna do more around the bone broth and help you out a little bit more black.

Coffee for energy boost won't kill you're fast correct it won't can you fast on a CV that is a tremendously good question technically yes okay technically it's not gonna break a fast technically you're okay but if you want to get super super technical there is some calorie impact so some people will say that it.

Will break it fast there's not an insulin response so I don't think it's gonna break it fast I consume it I still test my blood markers I don't feel like I'm breaking it fast a lot of people don't feel like they're breaking it fast but the diehard people will tell you that it does break it fast so use your discretion on it you're gonna get all.

The benefits I've tested my hormone levels I've gotten the blood work done and I do know that I still get all the benefit of fasting when I still have apple cider vinegar Joe Jeff you asked about lectin so you are saying that veggies are great but now all the buzz that veggies are lectins I did a video I filmed a video last week on lectins.

Because so many have asked so I want you to make sure that you're staying close by in the next week because I will post this video up about lectins the long story short lectins are not bad okay you just have to control them don't eat a ton of beans don't eat a ton of black beans in one sitting okay that's how lectins work you just don't to be.

Consuming a lot of them so anyway I digress but that's gonna be up next week and you can learn a little bit more that for those of you that just join in can you please someone says you wish I'd relax and speak slower I have a lot of ground that I try to cover on these things because I only have a small amount of time so I would love to be.

Able to relax and speak slower and relax all together but I also try to engage as much as I can and get as much as I possibly can done in like 20 minutes Brian you asked about carb cycling and ketosis and carb cycling good question the thing is is technically speaking when you start carb cycling you're breaking the ketogenic diet right so.

You're not really going into a full-blown ketosis diet but what I want you to understand is that there's really a couple different ways that we can look at ketosis okay excuse me there's therapeutic ketosis where we're going really high fat low carb moderately low protein excuse me I have a coffee but then there's flat-out just carb.

Cycling and more of a bodybuilder fitness style approach to ketosis that is something that you know you have to decide internally what you want to do if you're just going that cycling approach you don't get as many of the therapeutic benefits like the anti-aging effects of ketosis you don't get like the same anti-cancer effects that you might get.

You don't get the same immune system effects but what you do get is the fat loss and physiological effects so you have to ask yourself what are you after you know are you after the long term ketosis effects that are gonna admit you a healthier person long term or are you after for the really the cosmetic benefits now don't get me wrong.

Living a low-carb high-fat lifestyle in my opinion is a healthy way to be no matter what whether you're going full-blown keto or you're just going low-carb so I'm not negating it at all but I am definitely saying that you want to make sure that you're doing your ketosis diet for the right reason by carb cycling you've knock yourself out.

Of ketosis and you wreak some havoc on your body it's very taxing to go in and out of ketosis all the time that being said when I am on a heavy lifting regime when I am on a period of time where I'm doing a lot more lifting and working out a lot more I will carb cycle I will once a week I will go ahead and I will fast and when I.

Break my fast I will load up on some carbs okay but I will load up on the right carbs load up on very low glycemic carbs so I hope that that helps we've got our cheese's Thank You Thomas I'm a doc have written a book and appreciate your approach to health fitness and fasting diet hope we talk soon and I appreciate.

Even a doctor coming on here and saying that that means a lot to me that's the that's awesome guys if you just join it in here please make sure you comment where you're watching from but also please please please hit that like button we've only got 400 likes on this video as of right now and I need to get those likes up simply because I'll tell.

You this honestly YouTube is becoming a lot more like Facebook and which sucks it's why I got into YouTube instead of Facebook because I didn't want to be persuaded by the social validation and the polished reality of likes but I'll tell you why the thumbs up really work on these cases YouTube wants to see videos that their fans like ok so.

YouTube looks at these videos and they say Oh Thomas's fans like his videos they thumb them ups a lot they they give them good feedback they comment on them those kinds of things help because now YouTube sees me as an engaged personality some of us engage with my channel which I always try to do I'm really good about.

That so I want to make sure that you guys understand that's why I'm asking you to hit that thumbs up button it's not just because I'm being annoying it's because I sincerely sincerely I'm asking a favor of you guys to do that because it helps out a lot I will say honestly you guys here on YouTube are way better than the Facebook group anyway someone.

Says what's the like' button it's just that thumbs up button you should see it you guys ok I'm gonna take two more questions and then I got a roll I got to go home and I'm having you're gonna like this I'm having some almond sprouted almond crusted chicken salad so it's really really awesome and if you go on Facebook I'll put a picture up of it.

Anyway guys any can you eat too much fat actually someone asked a really good question microwaves good or bad that is a really good question to ask here's the thing I did a video a little while ago then the microwave is I'm gonna get some haters for this but the truth is I want to give you the honest truth okay I'm all about living an organic.

Down-to-earth lifestyle right but here's the thing the microwave is not bad unless you're standing close to the microwave has been shown to actually preserve more nutrients now I sound crazy saying this and personally I will tell you I don't cook with a mic with much do you see one in this kitchen no but I'm gonna give you the facts.

Because that's how it goes the microwave has been shown to actually preserve more nutrients and veggies than other methods of cooking now that doesn't mean that it's good that doesn't mean that it's a great thing to do that doesn't mean that you should cook all your food in a microwave but it does mean that at least when it comes down to preserving.

Nutrients and veggies it's probably the easiest way to cook them but I will say this with a big butt if you're standing in that proximity of that microwave that is not a good thing to be around all the time that has been proven ok so take it with a grain of salt do what you want to do with it but I'm just giving you the honest opinion and giving you the facts.

Ok someone had asked another question about fasting I'm happy to answer some of the questions someone asked intermittent fasting ok to do if you're trying to build muscle absolutely because you can actually spike your insulin when you break your fast and get a big benefit of it heavy whipping cream good or bad guys I think you know my.

Facts on dairy I'm not a big fan of dairy do whatever you can to keep the dairy and minimal I know it's hard to avoid on a ketogenic diet but you do want to do what you can to keep it low ok you got things like B C m7 we've got all these other components of milk and dairy that are not good and that's what we need to control ketosis is an.

Anti-inflammatory diet don't add inflammatory compounds to it guys I have to jump off here but if you like these broadcasts do me a favor just comment more broadcasts and comment what days of the week are good for broadcasts for you guys I'm trying different days to see which days work best for people but sometimes it's hard to really get an.

Idea of it before I go for those of you that just joined in let me show you a quick tour of the studio ok I got the kitchen studio obviously you know that part everything is all good there ok doing a lot this is kind of the wood backdrop that I do a lot of educational pieces on put a TV and whiteboard up there sometimes alright so now I've got.

Cable machine all set up got a nice totally cool leg press I'm usually not a big fan of machines but I like leg presses ok you've got the bench press got to go vkr machine got my squat rack all squared away there got the barbell rack and I'm really happy to have dumbbells at least up to 100 so that way I can start bringing you.

Guys some good content anyway you guys I'm gonna go ahead and sign off you guys are super awesome thank you for being a part of this broadcast thank you for watching my videos as always and I appreciate you being here and keep posted I'll make sure that I keep putting up the videos as I always do if you have ideas for videos posting them.

Below I will read through these comments I always do make sure you share these videos with your friends and as always please please please keep on staying healthy and doing what you do to be the best version of yourself I love you guys you guys are great see you soon
How Carbs and Fruit Turn to Fat | Thomas DeLauer- Live Q&A | Fat Loss Advice | Diet Tips
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