Getting Started with Intermittent Fasting: Everything You Need

Getting Started with Intermittent Fasting: Everything You Need

Getting Started with Intermittent Fasting: Everything You Need

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What's going on everybody it's thomas and we're doing something a little bit different today and we got my little blue blocker glasses on just because i've been staring at the screen a lot today doing this in portrait mode which is different anyway so figured today was originally going to be a very detailed video breaking down the.

Most recent series the how to stay lean series however upon reading a lot of the comments i realized that a lot of people are just hungry for something a little bit more introductory something a little bit more basic surrounding i don't know what's kind of evolved in.

The way of intermittent fasting and how to go about doing intermittent fasting in the first place so this video is going to be a little bit different in that sense it's going to be basic and i'm kind of known for going in depth now don't be fooled a lot of this is still.

Going to end up going in depth ultimately but i wanted to be able to make it basic so that people can just pick up on the tips pick up what they need to run with and just run away okay you don't need to be watching my videos every single day what you need to be able to do is grab a tidbit of information and rock.

And roll so yes some of this might be basic some of this might be repeated from videos that you've seen over the years but i think it's going to be helpful for people and it's going to be nice for people to see it in a live format so they don't think that i'm just you know throwing a bunch of big words.

Around i'm trying to make this as simple and awesome as possible okay so the first thing i want to start off with is what is intermittent fasting in a nutshell okay because if you're starting this and someone asks you well what is this that you're doing what is this that you're you're taking part in.

It's easy for you to tell them intermittent fasting is not a diet it is a meal timing system period okay it plugs and plays with any form of protocol you are doing if you are vegan vegetarian carnivore whatever you can plug intermittent fasting in all.

It is is a consolidation or time restricted feeding that's all it is so you're taking a period of time in which you are not eating in a period of time in which you are anything above and beyond that is more advanced mechanisms right things that we do throw into the mix so anyhow that's just getting that out of the way.

Simple example is yes i'm going to fast for 16 hours and then i'm going to break my fast and i'm going to eat for a consolidated amount of time in that eight hour window okay plain and simple that's all there is to it let's touch on benefits really quick because i just need you to highlight this stuff okay the three big benefits.

That we're talking about here one is mental okay anytime we have a reallocation of resources in the body a lot of times it goes to the brain okay from an evolutionary standpoint it makes perfect sense okay our brain is our strongest tool when it comes down to survival our brain is what.

Really allows us to be superior when it comes down to surviving some animals have bronze some animals have big giant teeth we have big brains okay so our bodies have very cool capabilities of reallocating resources to our brains okay so the biggest reason that a lot of people in silicon valley and all this.

Stuff decide to start fasting is because they get a very big cognitive benefit it's simple what happens is you have what is called peripheral insulin resistance okay now this is a fun thing that you can throw around and tell people what actually happens is the cells.

Within your body itself start becoming a little bit resistant to carbohydrates yeah that's right they don't use them as well because they don't need them as much and it shuttles them to the brain so you end up with a surge of yes believe it or not glucose in the brain to some degree.

Which at first glance sounds crazy why do we want carbohydrates to to go to the brain well because the carbohydrates are still fueling the brain even through longer fasts okay we don't just magically start running on fat it's not that simple the brain uses glucose and what.

Happens is the cells in the body say hey i can start using fat so i can reprioritize the glucose to go to the brain it's pretty cool hey do you want to make sure anyone watching comment where you're watching from by the way because i will come back through later and answer some questions okay then.

There's of course the physical piece the physical piece is sort of the obvious one okay we're intermittent fasting we're going to have this period of time in which our body is going to start utilizing stores from another area okay it's going to start tapping into fat yes.

Okay and i know a lot of people out there when they say that and they'll say that's not exactly how it works it starts breaking down muscle look it if you're in a caloric deficit your body will break down tissue in general fat muscle whatever but given the fact that you are in a fasted.

State and you have specific hormonal advantages at this point in time your body actually preserves muscle and we'll talk a little bit more about that as this goes on but your body is going to truly try to utilize fat okay nine calories in a gram of fat versus four calories in a gram of.

Carbohydrates you tell me why from any efficiency standpoint your body would want to be utilizing muscle or carbohydrates muscle is going to only yield four calories per gram whereas fat's gonna yield nine calories per gram kind of makes sense right your body's.

Going to go with whatever is the most energy dense because that's going to give it the most fuel okay so that is great that means that we're going to get a big shift in our body composition now lots of ways to talk about that lots of directions we can go and we'll talk.

About training we'll talk about this at some things we're going to cover we're going to talk about how long you should fast we're going to talk about how you should start your fast you should we're going to talk about what you can consume during a fast what you should break your fast with what drinks are good to go during a fast.

And which ones are not we're talking about how often how frequently i think you should fast uh probably going to talk a little bit more about strategically timing your workouts uh before and after your fast we're going to talk about fasting for men versus women.

We're going to talk about thyroid effects and we're going to go into a lot of this stuff so just hear me out on and then the third reason that people generally intermittent fast is going to be for cellular rejuvenation simply for longevity simply for trying to improve their body's ability.

To process and i'm going to make this very simple because i know you're probably somewhat experienced with this but it's called autophagy which is a very powerful thing an autophagy is again a reallocation okay think of autophagy like robinhood okay so what happens is.

You have weak portions of your cells cells portions of the cells that are not contributing much to anything so they're not contributing to the better benefit of the body they're just kind of wasted space like parts on a car that aren't being used so what happens is this robin hood comes in and it takes these wasteful parts.

That aren't doing much and it packages them up and it feeds them to another area of the body or feeds into another part of the cell okay it says this area needs help this area does not let's reallocate and give the energy there give the fuel there and then what happens is after you.

Refeed later on then you have the resources to restore that area it's a really cool thing so basically it's like the robin hood of your body so whenever you're fasting you're calling in robin hood to reallocate resources from over here to there it's pretty cool so talk a little bit more about them so.

I want to go ahead and jump in how do you properly start a fast common question that comes up does my fast start when i go to bed or after i'm done digesting or does it stop after the last bite of food comes in simply put it's after the last bite of food comes in.

And here's what's going on okay you cannot possibly determine your level of how fast you digest okay i'm going to digest at a different rate than someone watching this right now okay it's just that simple it just we cannot try to measure that i'm sure if there was a fancy way to do it it.

Would be interesting but it also is going to depend from someone that eats cottage cheese which is going to digest very slow versus someone that might drink a whey protein shake which is going to digest very fast okay so what i generally recommend is airing on the side of caution and consuming something that does break down.

A tiny bit slower because a lot of the processes of fasting don't necessarily begin when the food is done assimilating it begins when the insulin response is done and the insulin response is when you eat something your pancreas produces insulin okay the beta cells in your pancreas produce insulin and they.

Signal the cells to go ahead and soak up whatever you're eating well this occurs for generally one to two hours after you're eating no matter what okay now sometimes you have protein that breaks down a little bit slower and protein will leach amino acids into the bloodstream.

And allow you to have some fuel for recovery there and protein synthesis but that's not really counting against your fast i'm focusing more on insulin so if you want to get into that fasted state a little bit faster the best thing that you can really do is have moderate amounts of fat and a fairly decent amount of monounsaturated.

Fats or slow or faster digesting fats lower saturated fat so an example of what that might look like is perhaps a little bit of high quality organic cottage cheese and maybe um if you want i mean it's kind of weird but if you want to have just a tablespoon of olive oil i'm just.

Giving you an example of a really good monounsaturated fat another thing that might be good is a little bit of fiber okay so perhaps you could sub out that or the olive oil for a little bit of avocado a very good oleic acid very good monounsaturated fat i'll save you the the details and the.

Time on this video because what you could do is you could literally go to google after this video and just type in uh high quality monounsaturated fats and just look at which ones are there the reason that i suggest monounsaturated fats is because they break.

Down fast but not too fast and there's a lot of benefits as far as ketone production goes not getting off from too much of a tangent but to make a long story long what we're doing is we're hoping that the body can take these fats and start to process them into ketones as quickly as possible.

As that's going to give us the larger benefit of the fast okay we get into different benefits at different points in time okay and we'll talk about the different lengths and things like that in just a second but it's important to know what you should start your fast with so moderate amounts of protein i.

Would say no more than 30 grams of protein your last meal and probably no more than 30 grams of fat to be fully honest pretty pretty straightforward you guys make sure you do hit the thumbs up button hit that like button i know we've got a lot of people watching this so i'd appreciate if you just hit that.

Little thumbs up button it would just help us out a lot in terms of just getting this video out to the subscriber base youtube makes it tougher and tougher to reach our own audience these days anyway again forgive the simple quality here i just wanted to do something simple i'm down in my little guest.

Bedroom here doing this um let's start let's talk about different lengths of fast for a minute okay different goals there is such thing as a 12 hour fast okay 12 hour fast is not going to get you a world of benefit but a 12 hour fast for just a moment.

Is something called time restricted eating that's that's plain and simple i think that is in a nutshell time restricted feeding because all you've done is you've taken just a smaller period of time to eat your meals 12 hour fasts are not going to be a total game changer for you.

However i put them on this list simply because there are a lot of people out there that are just inching their way along into intermittent fasting and i do not want to dissuade them or demotivate them because a 12 hour fast is effective and it is beneficial.

So please don't be afraid of that the benefit you're getting from a 12 hour fast is largely going to be just body composition related as far as again the reallocation of calories okay so when you're looking at the benefits of intermittent fasting from a calorie.

Standpoint what happens is this okay you are generally still going to eat roughly the same amount of calories but what you want to be doing is over the course of a week consuming a slight less slight bit less calories than you would.

If you were counting daily like i don't want you to say oh i'm supposed to consume 2 000 calories today and i consume 2100 it's game over the next day you can consume 1900 and as long as your net balance at the end of the week is negative you're probably going to.

Lose weight however the benefit with intermittent fasting is that you don't have to necessarily be in this finely tuned perfect caloric surplus or or deficit okay so anyway that's a 12 hour fast the most common fast that you probably know of is the 16.

Hour fast just 16 hour fast and eight hour eating window an example of that is i don't know stopping eating at maybe 8 a.m or 8 p.m excuse me and fasting all the way through 12-ish 12 p.m the next day that is a very common form of fasting.

And the benefits of a 16 hour fast are quite great okay yes you get the caloric reduction benefit but at 15 hours you start to have a shift and i'm going to get a little scientific but i'm not going to go super super super dense on them at 15 hours you have an up regulation or an increase in what.

Is called gluconeogenesis that means instead of your body burning carbohydrates for fuel at this point in time your body tends to start to pull it from different energy sources that are usually protein related hear me out on this and it transforms them through a process.

Called gluconeogenesis into glucose does this mean that you're breaking down muscle no not necessarily okay it just means instead of running on glucose for glucose it runs on protein for glucose there's still a separate fat burning process occurring separate and apart from this it doesn't mean that you're.

Burning muscle and not burning fat my point in saying this is this is a metabolically expensive process okay so when we look at metabolically expensive what i mean by that is how many calories does it take to make a calorie how much energy does it take from your body to.

Create one calorie worth of energy well if you had some you know fuzzy little carbohydrates floating around they're readily available and it doesn't take much energy for simple math let's just say to burn a regular carbohydrate takes this is totally hypothetical to burn a.

Carbohydrate takes point two carbohydrates to burn or 0.2 calories to burn let's just say that well if you were to burn that same carbohydrate via gluconeogenesis process it's going to take like .7 calories okay or a full calorie it costs a lot from a caloric standpoint to create energy.

That way which is a tremendous thing because it activates what's called ampk and it gets us into a deeper fasted state faster because our body is reading a net loss of calories every time it tries to create energy from that so my point in saying this is that 15 hours a lot of magic starts to.

Happen okay 15 hours is a really nice little number and then most people fast to about 16 hours if i can give you just one little bit of advice uh if you're used to doing a 16-8 fast i would highly recommend pushing it one extra hour and going to 17. if you can go to 20 it's even better but.

Try to push it to 17 because remember most of your benefits are kicking in at 15 16 hours and if you break your fast rate then in there you might be holding yourself back just a tiny bit uh guys don't forget to share this video too just fyi okay there's a little share button it would just help us out a whole lot.

Okay so let's talk about two other forms of fasting there's plenty more but a 20 hour fast is sort of the next one okay a 20-hour fast is where you're basically just eating dinner okay where you're basically not eating throughout the course of the.

Day and then you're eating dinner a lot more benefits coming in from a cellular rejuvenation standpoint okay there's something called the vascular endothelial growth factor which is a big thing you essentially start to grow new um a new vascular system in a way it reinforces it it gets it stronger okay.

So that's a very important thing to note so if you're looking for a little more of a longevity cardiovascular benefit 20 hours is a tremendous tremendous fast then the last one i want to talk about and of course there's plenty more but in this case of intermittent fasting i would consider 24 hours like the.

Longest that you would intermittent fast that's just like the name implies you're fasting for 24 hours where the benefits come in with 24 hours well you get a lot more gut restorative effect okay because after about 16 to 18 hours you start seeing a shift in your gut microbiome okay now.

Not going into crazy detail again keeping this high level if you're new to my channel there's probably tons of different videos you could just type in de lauer and anything that you want to learn about fasting and it's probably going to come up okay but with your gut.

What happens is when you're fasting you actually lose a volume of gut bacteria okay but what happens is once again survival of the fittest a reallocation good bacteria tend to thrive bad bacteria tend to not do as well so you end up with less overall volume but you actually.

End up with more species diversity through good bacteria that means you have more diverse plethora of bacteria in the good category why is this good because then when you do eat food again all that bacteria that you started to grow flourishes.

And longer fasts allow this to happen a little bit so i'm a big fan of cycling through different kinds of fasts okay i have a whole different category for like different things okay and a whole different plan and schedule depending on what i'm doing people ask what i'm always doing.

You could never keep up with what i'm doing and i'm not saying that like you can't do it i'm saying like my own wife thinks i'm insane because i'm constantly conducting experiments on it i mean i'm sure there's plenty of males out there whose wives think that they are insane if you're watching.

But anyway the point is i can't even keep track sometimes i have to look at a calendar okay because i'm always experimenting new things for the sake of myself and then i share it here on this channel because that's the purpose of this channel contrary to what some people think that i just like to produce content for.

Content sake i just like to share the stuff i learned to be completely honest let's see okay so the next one i want to talk about i put some notes here so that i don't go totally off and then we got how long should you fast and okay what can i consume during my fast this is a very big one.

I'm sure there's a lot of people that want to know what they can consume coffee is good to go black coffee okay black coffee is one of the best things in my opinion you could consume while you fast does that mean that there's not other people out there on the webs of the intergalactic web whatever the heck we.

Call it that don't agree with me of course there's people that don't agree with me someone's probably going to create a video about me on this because they want to rob my name and get views off of it go right ahead point is i think coffee is beneficial i have good results having coffee when i fast.

I've been doing it for years it hasn't hurt me it's affected me in a positive way and i have some science to back it up okay coffee is rich in the polyphenols that actually drive autophagy more remember autophagy i talked about the beginning of this autophagy is that cell.

Cellular reallocation okay that uh robin hood in your body if you will well we can activate more of robinhood we have more robin hoods in our body if we're drinking a little bit of black coffee if you go overboard and you ultimately get yourself to consume 500 calories with a black coffee.

Then sure it's not going to happen but if you consume 500 calories with a black coffee you're gonna be in the emergency room with probably a heart arrhythmia and probably a brain aneurysm so that's not ever going to be the case because you'd be passed out before that would ever happen.

Point is if you have one or two cups of coffee three or four or five even it's probably helping you out more with your fast than it is ever hurting it so yes could that one or two calories end up technically breaking your fast yes but the net impression on your fast is positive.

Because that's what we're after so don't be afraid of that black coffee tell anyone that tells you that black coffee is bad to come talk to me okay then you have green tea green tea is my favorite thing to fast with i love coffee because i get the energy boost.

Okay but green tea is my jam okay and the reason is green tea has a really interesting process in it and again sparing you the crazy details here but it has to do with again what is called ampk okay ampk is an energy sensor in your body okay someone okay i'm going to answer this really quick.

It says fled fitness says coffee raises cortisol thus creating an insulin response when you are i'm sorry i don't want to be rude when you're fasting cortisol is through the roof anyway okay remember fasting is a stress response fasting is stress that's the point you're trying.

To get your body to adapt and get stressed out so that you get stronger when you go to the gym you lift weights and you stress your body out so you can build muscle and get stronger okay when you fast you're resisting calories and you're you're stressing your body out.

Cortisol goes through the roof when you fast does that mean it stays through the roof no no no it comes back down after you eat cortisol is only bad please hear me on this cortisol is only bad when it's in the presence of calories and insulin otherwise cortisol drives what's called hormone sensitive.

Lipase it drives fat burning okay cortisol is not the enemy cortisol is okay it's like the old 1990s infomercials that led us to believe that cortisol is the enemy it's not so anyway i rest my case i just get so tired i have to just fight this constantly point is if it doesn't work for you it doesn't work for.

You but green team okay so get this big activation of ampk which means it's just putting you into a fasted state a little bit sooner so ampk is what i like to consider a fuel gauge in the body okay it's a fuel gauge but it's more so a fuel sensor that communicates with your brain.

So when ampk is triggered on it's like the fuel light went on in your car okay telling you you need to get gas okay so that sorry i said something to pop up there distracting so that fuel light tells the brain uh oh this guy doesn't have.

Food so he needs to start burning stored fat okay that is what we want we want that fuel light to come on it's a weird thing but we actually do okay if that fuel light doesn't come on the brain isn't sending the signal to activate fat burning processes green tea elevates ampk very high.

So what do i do i usually alternate my fasting days where one day i'll do uh coffee another day i'll do green tea coffee green tea coffee green tea why because there are different feelings different effects green tea has feeding in it which helps me feel calm which is great when you're fasting.

Because it's very easy to have a lot of energy anyway so i don't want to go into too much detail in there point is coffee that stuff's all good artificial sweeteners please be careful it's better if you're doing a 16 hour fast there's not a real reason to need them to be completely.

Honest if you need some artificial sweeteners to get through your coffee you probably need a better quality coffee to be honest because coffee in a good quality one shouldn't really be bitter try going with an organic smoother coffee or go with a cold brew i don't really like the taste of coffee.

But if it's cold brew i can get it down black no problem artificial sweeteners you're okay they're not going to break your fast but i just don't think that you should be jeopardizing the fast with them especially if you're after a gut microbiome shift okay studies have indicated that sucralose.

Can have a negative impact on your gut biome aspartame can have a negative impact um stevia is generally okay monk fruit is generally okay so yes i will say stevia and monk fruit during a fast you know not too big of a problem but the artificial ones be careful.

And just a word to the wise anytime you get a little packet that powder that's in there is nine times out of ten maltodextrin and maltodextrin is a pure carbohydrate which will spike your insulin and it will end up making it so that you break your fast sorry adjust my camera so that's something we want to just.

Avoid now another thing that we can look at is going to be any kind of creamers or anything like that i do not recommend that you have any kind of creamer okay simply because the creamers are going to have calories that are going to break that fast so please please please try to stay away from that try to stay.

With all milk keep it simple okay lemon lime that's totally fine if you wanted to add that into some water apple cider vinegar is good to go and again it comes back down to once again that ampk activation but here's what's really cool sorry i haven't cut my hair here in california because.

Barber shops are still closed so now you get a hat but the uh where was i oh yeah apple cider vinegar so really cool stuff with apple cider vinegar check this out apple cider vinegar has something in it called acetic acid and this acetic acid goes into the cell in an effort to get turned into.

Something called acetyl coenzyme a okay now acetyl coenzyme a is going to actually cost energy to manufacture in the body so once again apple cider vinegar ends up costing the body money or metabolic energy money to be able to turn it into fuel that's really cool stuff so a little bit apple.

Cider vinegar is going to help you out so i definitely people call me out on my glasses yeah glass these are blue blockers i'm just i i've been in front of the box a lot today i mean fyi just a little personal note for saying i'm in california as much as you probably know our entire.

State is on fire so um been inside a lot because it's insanely smoky and that means that i've just been working getting some stuff done been staring at the computer staring at the phone a little bit too much so i've got blue blockers on and yes they do work but this is not a sponsored.

Plug it has not have anything to do i'm just answering why the heck i'm wearing glasses today um let's see i've so i've got some notes on where i want to go with this next i didn't want to make it two hours long oh yeah i did want to mention anything like when you are doing a fast like anything that's going to.

Spike your insulin technically resets the fast but you can argue that anything is going to spike your insulin so i don't want to like go into a lot of detail on that okay how to properly break a fast i think this is a big one and this is one that is constantly evolving so.

I see a lot of hate mail come through because i evolve my stance on how to break a fast i never throw a curve ball to the point where i'm telling someone that what they've been doing for two years is entirely wrong i constantly try to evolve my or or should i say fine tune the way that i.

Break a fast okay you can very easily say that i over complicate things and a lot of times i do but i'm not trying to over complicate them to confuse you i'm trying to constantly make myself better and this channel is a reflection of sort of my journey to take the people that want to be better.

Along with me to constantly make themselves better because that's the purpose of science is to challenge your own hypothesis and to get better all the time okay so i want to get better i want to make sure that i'm fasting properly and i'm going to continue to dive into research but the other thing i'm going.

To do is i'm going to experiment myself so sometimes things do change now that being said i have always stood by the fact that when you break your fast it should be lean clean protein okay so just remember that it rhymes okay you're breaking by fast when in doubt keep it lean keep it clean.

Keep it protein all right that's that's the best thing that you can do when you break a fast why is that because you don't want to have a massive insulin spike when you break your fast unless you know how to control it so that's an advanced practice practical application there if you want.

To add carbs into the mix okay so i don't recommend that you do that unless you know what you're doing okay lean protein is just where it's at why not a big insulin spike okay you're able to control it and it's going to satiate you much faster.

So that 30 or 60 minutes later when you do actually eat something larger you're able to be controlled i don't know who you are i don't i'm sorry i don't care who you are but the fact is when you've been fasting for 20 hours and you have something delicious in front of you the temptation to eat the.

Whole thing is very high okay i don't care if you're jocko willink or joe rogan who's going to you know drink his own urine and eat worms just to get a result if there was a cupcake in front of him he'd want to eat it okay the point is is that if we consume some protein first it helps us out so.

What do i usually recommend i recommend a lean pea protein of some kind okay or i recommend usually a lean poultry or a lean fish or like a lean shellfish okay shellfish is awesome because it's very high in thiamine okay talk about that but i don't want to.

Go crazy crazy details i'm already a half an hour into this thing okay why lean poultry and wylene fish well mainly because it's going to be of course the lowest fat i love lean lean red meat i do it's just a tad high fat for that first thing that's going in your body do not eat a bunch of vegetables right.

When you break a fast i know it's tempting to want to eat something clean and feel like it's nourishing and healing you but the veggies have their place later on in the day after you've broken your fast the veggies are going to be very hard on the gut so remember this remember how i.

Said your gut biome is the volume of bacteria is smaller okay the volume is smaller but the species are wide so what that means is that if you were to you have a you have like a bunch of how do i put this it's like a bunch of weeds ready to grow.

Okay you just have a bunch of weeds and right now they're not doing much harm because there's just wide diverse bacteria that's really good but it's only bad if it were to go crazy okay now all of a sudden you eat some veggies that give yourself a bunch of prebiotic fiber well those weeds and those plants are.

Going to go okay you're going to go to bloat city i talk about bloat city a lot it's a terrible place it's worse than like it's i don't know it's just terrible you don't want to go to bloat city so the point is is that if you keep it lean and you keep it clean you keep the protein right when.

You break your fast it's a lot easier for your body to assimilate that protein and then what you want to do is 30 60 minutes later then you have a little bit more flexibility okay then you can consume the veggies then you can consume the fats okay so a lean protein shake or lean.

Chicken lean fish is even better like a lean lean lean sockeye salmon is stellar because there's only like two or three grams of fat in a fillet of lean stock sockeye salmon atlantic salmon has a lot of fat in it okay other kinds of even keta salmon higher fat okay sockeye is usually pretty lean.

And it's also very high in what's called astaxanthin which is what turns it red i could go i can go on i'm so full of useless facts by the way thank you to thrive market by the way if you watch my channel you know i talk about them all the time i put a link down below i have fasting boxes and things like.

That so thrive market's an online grocery store so i have things that i typically eat during my fasting period in those fasting boxes but i get a lot of my groceries and my pantry items and stuff from thrive market so there's a link down below they're an online membership based like.

Grocery delivery service you don't have to go to the grocery store especially when it's weird and crazy right now so anyway check them out down below big thank you to thrive market they're big support of this channel they support a lot of my fasting content so i want to give them a big big big big big shout out and make sure you.

Check them out after we get all wrapped up with this broadcast um someone did ask about eggs and that's actually a great thing oh you know someone also asked about bone broth bone broth is tremendous to break a fast with but i consider that your pregame okay so again speaking of which bone broth is something that you could get at.

Thrive market so please do check them out i really do highly recommend it plus it's a tremendous way to support this channel because they support me so thank you guys uh but bone broth yes it breaks your fast but i don't consider it your first real meal i consider it uh what happens is.

It's a hydrophilic colloid and that means it draws water in and it draws gelatin in to your gut and what that means is it's actually going to draw enzyme potential to where you are digesting so if you were to consume some bone broth first it actually.

Hydrates the mucosal layer helps restore the v-lag in the gut and then when you do eat protein you have less risk of lipopolysaccharides and less risk of potential contamination from the gut biome leaking into the bloodstream long story short it's very very very effective but it's not always.

Something that people want to do another thing you could do is even just a little bit of veggie broth i know it's not bone broth doesn't have as much gelatin but it does make it so that you can at least get the digestive process kick-started and i do recommend that you actually have a tablespoon of apple.

Cider vinegar shortly after consuming whatever your breakfast meal is let's see okay moving into well the next meal you'd want to do just by the way after you have your protein that's when you want to go ahead and you want to increase your fats okay i do recommend keeping your carbohydrate.

Count pretty low the first one or two meals after a fast and the reason behind that is simple when you're 14 15 16 hours into a fast no matter which way you look at it your body is starting to upregulate ketone production that means that you're getting a huge huge huge benefit.

From a cellular signaling process okay ketones are not just a fuel they're a signaling device and they offer a load of benefits when it comes to helping your brain when it comes to helping cells recycle and recover when it comes down to what's called gene expression again not to go into crazy detail but.

It's effective at helping your genes sort of unlock their potential so you can recover and restore the second that you have some carbohydrates that ketone production stops so whether you're doing a ketogenic version or not if you at least allow your carbs to be out of the picture for at least like the.

First couple of meals you get to continue to ride that ketogenic wave for a little while which is really really cool it's basically like extending your fast without actually extending your fast it's pretty cool anyhow next up how often should i fast now this all depends on how new you are.

To fasting i see a lot of people when they're brand new to fasting fast every single dang day and when you're first new to it there's not a whole lot that can go wrong with that i mean you're going to put yourself into a stark contrast of calories.

Where your body is adjusted to 3000 calories and all of a sudden just by nature of the beast you're consuming 1500 it would be weird if you didn't lose weight but the hard part is you get 20 30 40 pounds into your weight loss and then all of a sudden you stop and then what other variable do you.

Really have you've already restricted calories half of what they were before you're fasting every day what do you do what else can you do start running on the treadmill for two hours a day in addition to that and what else do you do then you start doing two day fast and three day fast.

And four day fast and five day fast once a month i just don't recommend that i don't like the trajectory that that puts you on intermittent fasting is implied to be intermittent okay if it was about the time in which we were eating it would be called intermittent eating.

It's intermittent fasting because you are intermittently fasting it doesn't mean that you're daily fasting so what i would recommend is right now because i know that if you're watching this video you may have jumped into intermittent fasting and might have started doing 16 hour fasts every day i know it's a tremendous.

Lifestyle to skip breakfast but take a couple days out of the week and just replace instead of not eating breakfast have bulletproof coffee have coffee with a little bit of butter and a little bit of ghee two or three days a week because what that'll do is that technically makes it.

So you're not fasting but it does make it so that at least you're having calories in the morning so you're not going to put yourself into that huge deficit okay the benefit let this stick with you guys if you don't have a piece of paper maybe you should get one or maybe you should type this into your phone or.

Something okay because this is very important the benefits of intermittent fasting come because they are purely a sporadic and spontaneous caloric restriction you say that one more time intermittent fasting is beneficial because of the spontaneous and the.

Sporadic caloric restriction that doesn't mean that it's only about calories not at all but it's a way to remember that unless your body goes into some form of a shock because it's not used to being in a deficit.

You're not going to get the benefit you just evolve into being comfortable with fasting daily so let me tell you paint a picture of what i tend to do i tend to lean on 18 to 22-hour fasts three times-ish per week why because they're longer fasts that can be aggressive shocks to the body.

But then i have periods in between where i can be in a caloric surplus and remember at the beginning of this live broadcast i talked about how your deficit should really only be looked at over the course of a week okay now i talk about this a lot and some of you watching this channel probably just.

Making a voodoo doll of me to be completely honest given how the internet is these days but i talk about this all the time but fasting is designed to allow you to be in a caloric deficit just over the course of a week but let me paint a picture again for you.

Just in case people don't remember this sometimes i even forget things i talk about if i were to eat a peanut right now at this very moment in time this is a very nano second that peanut would put me in a caloric surplus okay it would put me in a caloric.

Surplus because i ate a peanut at this fraction of a second okay now if i were to suddenly start jumping in place right now like this okay and i did that for five seconds during those five seconds technically during those five seconds i'm in a deficit because.

I'm not consuming and i'm burning more than i'm taking in so you see what i'm talking about here okay calories and calories out are not always the end-all be-all they're a way to somewhat keep score but it changes constantly so the nice thing with fasting is we accelerate how we are utilizing.

Fats during that time if joe is burning fat at x rate not doing fasting and bob is burning fat at a faster rate during his fasting period then that's a win okay so the long and the short of it is fast somewhat infrequently or fast every other day.

Or if you are fasting every day just add some bulletproof coffee and just get some calories in there because i don't want you to get two years into this and be stuck in a plateau that the only way you could get yourself out of is doing six months of reverse dieting okay i probably should do a video on how.

To properly reverse diet for people that are stuck in plateaus but then you have to start getting aggressive and you have to start really doing things so anyhow let's move into working out guys can you give me a big solid here and hit that thumbs up button got a lot of people on this broadcast.

It's doing very well very happy to have so many people here it's awesome and i hope that people share this i hope people really can get this out here because it's really good just consolidated version okay um so hit that little thank you there we go people that's awesome and thank you for everyone hitting that super chat and.

Throwing a couple bucks i appreciate that not necessary by any means i love doing what i do um it's the reason that i have sponsors is to make sure this channel stays afloat so i appreciate that but it's definitely not always necessary so thank you guys working out okay working out is.

Only going to benefit your fast okay now there's a couple things to remember now i've done videos similar to this context like where i go into detail about how to start the cool thing is is things are always changing and always evolving like i've talked about okay so because of that it means that.

I learned new things and what i've learned recently is that when we are fasting we have a good degree of muscle protein breakdown now that means that the body is breaking down protein in our muscle which to the naked eye naked ear that sounds.

Like we're losing muscle but it's actually not the case what happens is the protein breaks down and it goes through and it recycles to other areas that need it more it doesn't necessarily leave the body as nitrogen which would mean that we are in a nitrogen imbalance okay and then when we do eat those.

Protein structures are repaired so actually it's been seen that if you lift weights during a fast you activate localized mtor mammalian target of rap magazine what that means is that in your body mtor is a master switch i want you to visualize this for one.

Second here you have a switch and if that switch is on you're building muscle if that switch is off maria says uh nice hat thank you laguna seca representing my my uh my dad so bless his soul rest in peace uh he was a big race car driver.

If you ever wonder why i am such a gearhead and why i am so nerdy with my old classic cars that is why and i live near laguna seca and anyway point is this mtor switch and it's on you're building muscle when it's off you're not it's that.

Simple there's no real in between fasting by its definition by nature is going to put you in the off switch okay that scares a lot of people it keeps a lot of actually in my opinion just talking about bodybuilders for a second it keeps a lot of tremendous bodybuilders from becoming what they could be.

Because they're afraid of losing muscle in that sense because that process turns off turns out that just the mere act of putting your body under resistance load doing some curls doing something is going to activate mtor at the muscular level.

Therefore turning on protein synthesis at the muscular level even though globally the entire body globally protein synthesis is actually off or down right so mtor's off but at the muscle it stays on what does that mean that means that while you are fasting if you lift some.

Weights you actually preserve muscle while you still have autophagy and other things going on inside your body it's the most freaking amazing amazing thing so yes that's why i have been intermittent fasting on and off for almost 10 years and yes i've lost muscle compared to.

Where i was when i was fitness modeling but i wanted to because i don't want to be 195 200 pounds anymore i like being 180 and being athletic i don't lose muscle because i make sure that i consume enough in my eating period and i use my fasting period for the.

Proper restructuring and proper reallocation of nutrients proper reallocation of protein breakdown versus muscle protein synthesis and that delicate balance okay so very important you know that and that means that when you are working out during your fast you're going to get more benefit.

Out of some resistance training from a muscle sparing perspective but your body is utilizing fats so you might as well go for a walk and burn some fat i mean if your goal is not to preserve muscle which i highly recommend that everyone watching this video has a goal of preserving.

Muscle because that is your metabolic that is your metabolic driver but if that's really not a focus for you at all you're just like i just got to get this fat off of me period a slow slow walk is going to be greatly beneficial for you and then jumping into one other thing.

High intensity interval training can be very very effective for you but what i've learned recently is that high intensity interval training really does need some calories afterwards so i tend to do my high intensity interval training towards the end of a fast if that's the.

Case okay so if that means i'm going to break my fast at 12 i might do high intensity interval training at closer to 11. weight training you could do any time low intensity cardio you could really do any time so anyway this is the constant evolution i know i change a lot with the workout.

Stuff but the science in physiology and exercise physiology is phenomenal especially when you combine it with you know fringe science from the fasting world so anyway that's kind of the workout piece but i would recommend not working out for longer than say 40 minutes keep it light during a fast.

Now that being said if you're doing short fast like a 12-hour fast or even a 14-16 you're probably okay and then that begs the question do you need to eat right after your workout plenty of science that demonstrates you don't need to eat right after your workout in fact protein.

Synthesis stays elevated for 72 hours after a workout remember it's not just about insulin and absorbing protein it's about the metabolic switch and if a good resistance training workout is done you're going to have that metabolic switch that's going to allow you.

To be able to get that benefit and absorb that protein later on let's go ahead and next one are there different types of fasting and this is important that i know because some people enjoy more extreme fasting which i don't really want to go into a lot of detail on this video since it's relatively introductory.

And getting started based there's something called dry fasting which is where people do not drink water during their fast i've done it a number of times i find it effective for various things but also pretty intense and remember this video is for informational purposes only i'm not a.

Doctor i'm some dude on the internet that's it okay so i have videos on dry fasting i would just recommend you go there because there's a lot more science and i don't want to give you any like spare basic random details here excuse me rather you get the full.

Effect other kinds of fasting there's what is called broth fasting where people just consume bone broth different benefit there okay and then of course there's water fasting where you just only consume water okay that where you're not consuming any coffee anything like that okay.

Uh what about some supplements and things like that that you should or shouldn't take during a fast i'm sure this is something that people want to know um someone says thank you for being the best some dude on the internet appreciate that that's what i try to be i don't want to be a doctor.

Definitely not what i want to be i want to actually be able to speak the truth when it comes down to supplements during a fast i usually recommend that you don't consume a lot of them and the reason is is because why okay again the process is trying to get your body to be able to.

Get into its own groove okay magnesium is one that i would recommend you take you don't have to but magnesium is very beneficial during a fast magnesium can allow you to basically remain your keep your electrolyte balance where it needs to be but more importantly it helps you produce energy because magnesium is.

Required to bind to atp it's called mag atp okay so when you create energy you need magnesium so very very important during a fast but also it helps keep those blood electrolyte levels a little bit more stable uh it's okay to have some salt during a fast i consider it a supplement because.

It's still additive you're supplementing with it a little bit of salt maybe a quarter teaspoon per half a gallon or quart that you drink you know kind of see how you feel you should feel a little bit energized if you go the opposite you feel sluggish when you have salt you're doing the wrong thing okay you.

Don't need to have it i would recommend that you avoid having salt right when you break your fast okay there is something called refeeding syndrome and that's just where your body is trying to balance a long story short wait like an hour after your fast before you have a bunch of salt.

Uh do not consume fish oil during a fast anything that's a soft gel okay anything that's going to be oil is going to have calories so the soft gels that has calories which mct oil please do not okay please do not have mct oil during a fast there are a lot of supplement companies out there that tell you that mct oil is.

Going to allow you to burn fat yes it will allow you to burn fat but the problem is that it still comes at a caloric value so you're burning fat but you might just burn the fat from the oil that you consumed and you're stopping the process mct oil is good somewhat.

After a fast because yes you can get a thermic effect anyway just don't just no oils just say no to oil during the fast period okay vitamin c antioxidants big no no after your fast absolutely because after a fast you have a massive load of oxidative stress that's happening you.

Just consumed food food is inflammatory to begin with every time we eat something we have a spike of inflammation whether you like it or not it's just the way life goes nuclear factor kappa b the master switch okay tnf alpha tnf1 alpha all this stuff activates.

It's normal but if you've been fasting for a long time and all of a sudden you consume a bunch of food that's going to be a big insulin spike that's going to be a big inflammatory spike in a big oxidative stressor more so than your body could probably handle so when you break your fast or sometimes during that eating window it's.

Not a bad idea to take some i don't know vitamin c take some asa xanthan another reason why i suggest breaking the fast with like a lean salmon or eating lean salmon shortly thereafter like a sockeye salmon that's very deep red is that deep red pigment is astaxanthin okay it isn't the antioxidant.

If you want a quick fun nerd fact the reason that salmon is red is because of that antioxidant and the reason that salmon needs that red antioxidant is because what is salmon doing salmon is busting their butt going up a crazy stream.

Working out like a maniac for that salmon to swim up white water is like you and me doing like six hours of battle ropes and airdyne bike and you know squats so what that means is they're creating a bunch of metabolic waste by doing that they're sprinting they need a natural built-in antioxidant to.

Combat that that's what that red pigment is turns out that astaxanthin is between six and eight thousand times more powerful than vitamin c so it's a very powerful thing anyway i highly recommend that someone say they get diarrhea after they break a fast that's not uncommon.

Again it's usually just an improvement in what is called the migrating motor complex which is just gut motility and then also you eat something that's just moving through you fast okay fasting for men versus women for just a second okay so fasting for men is not as.

Different than people would typically that people typically think um women you just want to pay a little bit more attention because yes you have you know a hormonal cycle to be cognizant of does that mean that it's a total game changer no.

You know what's actually wild is women get more benefit from a fast than men because they have more of the type 1 muscle fibers that actually utilize fat as a fuel source how cool is that that's pretty awesome sorry this guy says the bowl in the background says thomas is talking bowl that's that's exactly why i put that.

There can you this guy he figured it out i put a bowl behind me so that people would know that i am just bs in you god who would have ever thought you win the prize okay million dollars all right anyway women have more type 1 muscle.

Fibers and that means that they are utilizing fat that much better because type 1 muscle fibers are designed to oxidize fat okay men have more type 2 muscle fibers it's why men generally i'm careful to say because there are some pretty impressive explosive performance women.

Out there men generally are faster with explosive moves from the central nervous system whereas women are generally better with endurance so kind of wild but that's usually the way it works now there's probably some evolutionary way that we could explain that and and justify that point is women have.

Bodies that utilize fat more so when you get into a fasted state women actually kick start the fat burning process sooner than men the difference is that women will probably benefit more from doing longer duration cardio during a fast whereas men might get more of a benefit from doing more resistance.

Training that's kind of what it comes down to i also recommend that women start with slightly shorter fasts 12 hours inching your way up two hours at a time every week until you get to a number that you feel good at also simply because you have a reproductive system that is.

Trying to make sure that it has a checks and balances of what's going on i have a full video for any ladies that are watching this uh after this simply type in my last name delauer on youtube and type in delaware women's fasting guide that video has i think over a million.

Views and it's a very detailed breakdown for women men the main focus is just going to be trying to preserve muscle while you're fasting because you are going to be driven a little bit more by that metabolic drive than women would be since women are better fat oxidizers so anyhow.

Point there let me say oh another thing that i was going to talk about is something called intraomia cellular lipids during a fasted portion or fasted workout your body can take fats from an interesting from what is called the intramyacellular lipid a fat that's stored like in the.

Muscle fiber and it burns that fat significantly faster um trying to remember what the study was i think it was journal of physiology had published it and it found that in a fasted state the body burns like i think it's two or three times more.

Of those intra myocellular lipids than in a fed state so and a quick note for people that are trying to build muscle if you work out towards the end of your fast you actually get a pretty big benefit there okay if you work out towards the end of your fast it makes it so that you are have higher.

Ketone levels so you don't burn muscle but also makes us that when you break your fast uh you have a bigger insulin spike okay a quick reminder too by the way just because i have lots of people coming in and coming and going coming and going please do after this live broadcast.

Please check out thrive market down below in the description they're an online membership-based grocery store talk about my videos all the time it's relevant to this video because i have fasting boxes and fasting bundles with thrive so if you want to say hey what does thomas usually eat during an eating.

Period it wouldn't be everything that i eat but there's a good plethora of things that i would typically say are approved within an eating window and thrive market is just awesome because they're so much cheaper than the grocery store for a lot of foods and it gets delivered to your doorstep in just a couple of.

Days so check them out down below there's a special access link for all my awesome subscribers and people that watch my channel so you'll want to check them out afterwards um oh and arizona says and here's this advertising part of the bs so you get 52 minutes of content.

And i talk about a brand for 30 to 60 seconds i want it's pretty interesting the nerve to actually think that that is going to upset someone something that's relevant i'm sorry but probably going to irritate people by even talking about this and addressing this.

But it's so funny because this channel that takes 50 to 60 000 a month to run isn't supposed to have some support this arizona existence guy hey can everyone just flame the heck out of him for a second okay anyway so now we're gonna go back to uh a little bit more on the thyroid.

Piece because when we talk about women in fasting there's a concern generally over the thyroid okay so the thyroid is something we have to look at a little bit differently than what people typically think when you look at the thyroid you think okay the thyroid.

Is slowing down that means my metabolism is slowing down okay yes and no okay an underactive thyroid to an extreme level is bad but if you're in a fasted state yes your thyroid levels are going to drop but that doesn't mean that you're really having a slow metabolism okay if.

You had a fast metabolism all the time it wouldn't be a good thing it would mean that your body is going to rev up and break down muscle a lot too okay your body is supposed to throttle and slow down when you're fasting so if you were to go and get your thyroid levels checked during a fast.

There's a chance they'd be low yes that's true but also remember that just to metabolize carbohydrates alone your body has to upregulate thyroid production so the reason i bring this up is because when you talk about men and women during a fast it's one of the most common concerns that women have women are more prone to hypothyroidism i.

Don't know if it's because of a metabolic thing or if it has more to do with the fact that from an autoimmune standpoint they might be more susceptible i don't want to speak out of turn because i'm not a physician and i'm not i didn't go to school for this i didn't go to school for endocrinology.

And i don't want to give the wrong advice but i can tell you what i see time and time again upon my own research and myself having a wife that has autoimmune disease i get it okay another thing that i want to touch on really quick is just the stem cell piece i forgot to mention it with a longer.

Term fast if you are concerned or you're trying to rehab an injury intermittent fasting can actually be beneficial as there have been some studies that show that you can actually replenish some stem cells or create more stem cells so just something to know there.

One of the things that i want to kind of wrap up with because it's only going to let me go for an hour here anyway or that's all i've got today is going to be um the muscle loss piece for men and women really quick and then i'll come back to a couple things and answer some questions muscle loss is not that much of a.

Concern with regular intermittent fasting muscle loss definitely becomes a concern when you are doing extreme fasting or i shouldn't even say extreme because it's not that extreme longer than 24 hours you just have to remember that when you break your fast.

When you're eating you need to be able to consume food and you need to be able to consume enough to restore muscle period okay so anyway i appreciate everyone saying what they said about the whole like hater thing it's hard not to see that stuff but you're gonna see it and that one.

Particularly um it just mind boggles me when people don't understand like the economics of youtube i'm not here asking anyone pay to be here just yes i shout out brands that i use that are on brand let's open this up to some questions for.

A little bit and let's go ahead and have some fun um man already questions coming in okay um i have a problem with nausea and vomiting on my lengthy fats what should i do to avoid these issues i find that sometimes if i have green tea during a fast i get nauseous so if you're doing that you might want to cut.

That out i would also recommend consuming a little bit of magnesium as that can't help another thing that you might want to try is glutamine some will say during a fast isn't that good but i'm okay with it it's just not something you want to be having a bunch of.

Sometimes it has to do with just the gut mucosal layer someone says i break my fast with protein powder but i get bloated immediately why is that it has to do with just a lesser amount of gastric juices i would try having a small amount just a couple ounces of bone broth.

And then let that settle and then have a glass of water with maybe some apple cider vinegar before you eat and that might help quite a bit just by getting the gastric juices going thomas pot belly not reducing with intermittent fasting santhosh what i would recommend is i don't know if you're doing this.

Already but you may want to consider trying to reallocate your cardio towards the end of your fast just to get a little bit more aggressive so if you're fasting for 18 hours at the 17th hour go hit a stationary bike for a mild you know 40 minutes or so i think you'll find.

That might shift some things up also on the days that you are not fasting try decreasing fat calories and increasing protein for just a couple days per week um ashley says i'm a registered icu nurse i work five to eight thirty eight five three and eight three how can you please touch on fasting how to eat for.

Us night shifters ashley i'm actually going to save you um an abbreviated explanation here if you were to literally type in on youtube thomas de lauer uh night shift fasting i literally have done a full video breakdown on that so i have broken that down because that.

Is a common thing and there are some things that you can do that can help reset the circadian rhythm essentially you want to just kind of pretend that the clock doesn't matter in essence chris asks what green tea i use when i'm drinking hot green tea any organic green tea i'm good with matcha i usually use.

Either ugido which is kind of a go-to matcha for me or i'll use peak tea crystals which is jason fung's brand losing my hair on keto that's not entirely uncommon and i actually have done a video on that too it's usually going to be somewhat of an iron issue but a lot of times it's a copper issue.

Okay so be aware of that so just make sure you're getting enough copper in travis says is fasting 36 hours twice a week too much no uh i mean that's an aggressive alternate day fasting when you think of it if you're experienced and you're doing them on opposite ends of the week.

I think you'd be okay with that there's a lot of benefit that comes to that i love 36 hour fast probably my favorite length fast but i usually when i was kind of in the heat of doing it i would do one of those a week and then do maybe like a 22 hour later in the week so i'd do one 36 hour fast.

And one 22 hour fast and that was very effective i saw some of the best results with that it just wasn't really sustainable because during the 36 hour fast towards the end is right when you hit that weak spot when you don't feel good and then after 36 hours you start to.

Improve thoughts on breaking your fast with pea protein and some berries is tuna or ground chicken better hey great question uh ground chicken is hard to get very very lean so ground chicken breast would be good tuna i would not recommend to break your fast unless you know it's really clean.

Low mercury tuna chunk light versus albacore please berries a small amount is okay and the reason is is because fructose doesn't have a big insulin spike but it does go through another process going directly to the portal vein and can go in through what's called the nova lipogenesis now the reason that i say.

That is it is actually an advanced technique to break your fast with fructose but i don't want to muddy the water because if i talked about it and i said break your fast with some fructose it would confuse a lot of people yes there'd be haters but more so would confuse people.

There's advanced variations if you're a seasoned faster i would be okay with you having 10 grams of carbohydrates from berries when you break a fast check how you feel and more importantly well not more importantly but also make sure you obviously look in the mirror and see if you're seeing a negative result of doing.

That break my fast with tomatoes feta cheese olives eggs olive oil that sounds like an amazing mediterranean dish but i would have that be your second meal not your first meal probiotics during my fast i would not recommend it i don't think it's doing much for you you'd more so be better to.

Take your probiotics after your fast as that's going to allow you to be able to restore that bacteria but you don't you want you don't want to mess up what's naturally happening okay mct supplements are effective just not during a fast for the person to ask i lost 10 pounds in two weeks eating.

Chicken and mix that's awesome um i know we had some super chats that had come in but unfortunately i can't access them now i've been intermittent fasting for some time i found i can't do more in 24 hours do an autoimmune illness what can i do to get more out of a 24 hour fast apple cider vinegar kicks you into that.

Fast quite a bit sooner okay high intensity interval training will help you out towards the end of your fast i would recommend just low intensity walks while sipping on some green tea i know it sounds crazy but that's what i do i live in an area that's very very hilly.

So if i'm doing a fast and i just want to get some extra fat loss on it i go for a walk and i push that double bob stroller with my newborn and my toddler and just grind it out dale says he orders says he has an apple cider vinegar recipe that you can drink during your if it will kick you out of a.

Long uh yeah you could totally do that then we have sorry alternate day fasting i'm doing keto on eating days is that sustainable long term can it affect my resting metabolic rate uh ramazan that's a tremendous question and the benefit with keto is you have such a maintenance of muscle.

That generally your metabolic rate doesn't drop in fact i can't remember this study i have so many studies but i can't remember where it was published the point is is that during a any kind of ketogenic protocol they find that subjects actually maintain their muscle significantly better uh and thusly their.

Metabolic rate so i think the subject the subjects like lost like 40 pounds in this particular study and they looked at after losing 40 pounds their basal metabolic rate stayed the same compared to people that lost the same amount of weight uh using different methods.

So 40 pounds losing weight via keto versus not and they maintain their metabolic rate because when they put them on a dexa scan they saw they maintain their muscle so as long as you're maintaining your muscle and as long as you're doing some resistance training on your fasting days to activate that inventory pathway and.

That you know bring that into our phosphorus excuse me phosphorylation to the membrane of the cell you could probably have a good benefit there uh eating fruits after fasting you'll as i just talked about that um let's see 190 pounds mostly six minute body fat i do fasting 22 hours i.

Eat the right amount of food i'm now 160 i have no body fat and losing muscle well if you have super low body fat you probably don't need to be aggressively fasting anymore uh you know you might want to back it off to two days a week for a little while until you can kind of regain that fire again chewing.

Gum great question again if you can get chewing gum like the brand spree or spry or something like that that is not with sucralose i'm not a fan of sucralose during a fast simply because during a fast it can affect the gut biome i'm not anti-sucralose if you want to have it.

After your fast anyhow fast people have been saying fasting for people over 40 or 50 for older males again i highly recommend after you get off this live broadcast that you type in de lauer fasting over 50 or or sorry fasting over 40. it'll probably pop up against another video it's got over a million views so.

Really good one i highly recommend it um omad not the biggest fan of omad uh simply i would love to do a collaboration with ted neiman by the way um not a big fan of omad because i feel like it forces you to be able to try to stuff all your calories into one meal which can be a problem so.

Guys i got a good jump off i can tell that my uh my kid was up in the nap and gotta go help out the wifey because it's sunday and i don't want to leave her hanging too much anyhow you guys are super awesome one quick reminder if you can just please do hit the link down below.

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Also just check out thrive market at least give them a shot see what you think as always thank you all so so so so so much i have an awesome video coming out tomorrow don't forget to smash that like button that thumbs up button and then don't forget to check out the series the stay yearly stained lean.

Year-round series which is linked down below in the description as well which was a full four day series on nutrition exercise recovery and supplementation you won't want to miss it check it out down below in the description there's a full playlist you guys are awesome.

I'll see you all very soon
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