Fasting: Is Long Term or Short Term Better for You: Live Q&A- Thomas DeLauer

Fasting: Is Long Term or Short Term Better for You: Live Q&A- Thomas DeLauer

Fasting: Is Long Term or Short Term Better for You: Live Q&A- Thomas DeLauer

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What's going on what's going on YouTube it's Thomas de Lauer Tuesday evening it's Halloween and I figured wow you know there's probably some people that aren't out trick-or-treating or have already gone trick-or-treating out on the East Coast and are into getting some good fasting content going out there direction so.

Here we are ready to talk about intermittent fasting or short term fasting versus long term fasting and how to determine what is for you okay so as always guys with my live broadcasts with my coaching videos I want to make sure that you're commenting where you're watching from Adam what's going on what's going on Alex in Houston what's.

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On Chicago nick in canada glasgow phoenix cyprus against serbia in the house well that's a first okay what's going on Jose in London Sacramento Oscar Martinez Brooklyn Stephen in Nashville North Dakota in the house city Sacramento California West Virginia Ireland Ottawa Denver Baton Rouge Louisiana Australia battleground Canada.

Toronto Greece is like a game getting better at at Charlotte Houston Australia Sacramento Sweden you guys are super awesome this is gonna be some good content I'm gonna touch on the two different types of fasting that I talk about a lot and the first one of course is intermittent fasting and the other one is prolonged fasting two different.

Types of fasting that I talked a lot about and what I'm trying to do with these live coaching videos and these broadcasts in general is I'm trying to address the common questions that come up in comments because you guys are super awesome you're always engaging and commenting on my videos and all this stuff and I don't always have the time.

To reply I do a really good job either myself or a member of my team goes through and answers the health questions the best that we can but a lot of times I take note of these common ones that come up and I figure these are perfect opportunities to hop on a live broadcast and talk to my fans talk to my followers to talk to my subscribers and be able to.

Answer as many questions that possibly can so we're gonna talk about these topics in less than two minutes here I just want to make sure I say hello to as many people as possible because we still have a lot of people on here and as always guys if you can't hit that thumbs up button give this video a big ol like and if you can.

Really quick if you're new to my live broadcast I want you to press the number one if you've never been on one of my broadcast before and if you have been on one my broadcast I want for you to press the number two and comment that the reason I do that is that I have an idea of who's new who's returning we got a lot of new viewers see that's awesome.

That's exactly what I'm trying to go for trying to get as many people on here as possible because I do these frequently and the more people we get on here the more questions I can answer the more engaging they can be I try to have a lot of fun with these so guys you make sure you turn on.

Notifications so you can see when I go live in the future Wow yeah I'm sorry this is awesome I'm blown away what's going on Matt we've got so many people Kathy and Rhode Island it's good to see you here and a lot of people jumping in Ted Potter from Madison Mississippi Tracy and Las Vegas and returning viewer Pakistan in the house vermilion Ohio.

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Get down to the topic so I don't keep a lot of people waiting that are here looking for the juicy content all right intermittent fasting okay my definition of intermittent fasting is literally fasting in a period of time where you're eating window is between five and eight hours really okay that's intermittent fasting where.

You are going 16 18 20 hours a couple times per week that's intermittent fasting and there's loads of benefits when it comes down to intermittent fasting you guys have probably seen my commercials out there for you know fasting you've seen my videos out there I'm all big on it intermittent fasting is main benefits come from the fact that.

You are seeing a lot of results as it comes down to body composition intermittent fasting is much more geared towards being able to restrict the time that you're eating and being able to maximize the hormonal benefits of when you eat so if there's one big takeaway that I want you to take from this video on the difference between the benefits.

Of intermittent fasting and the benefits of prolonged fasting it's gonna be this and I'm just looking at the headcount in here and it's just climbing up we're at 600 people now it just tons and tons of people so guys I want to give you the main difference here but if so many people are still hopping in here please make sure you hit.

That thumbs up button I really would appreciate that any thumb you know hit that like button and get a lot of engagement going so it helps out the YouTube algorithm intermittent fasting the benefit comes during the eating window prolonged fasting the benefit is coming during the fasting window now don't get me wrong there's benefits that.

Happen with both okay don't get me wrong at all intermittent fasting with lots of benefits like a toffee and all these cool things that are happening during your fasting window but the benefits strongly occur on an intermittent fasting program during the actual eating window when you're breaking your fast and you're strategically implementing.

These types of foods prolonged fasting the benefits are occurring because you are forcing yourself to not eat for two or three days that right there that triggers a big response in terms of cell regeneration tells the cell self eating immune system stimulation macrophage stimulation lymphatic drainage all kinds of amazing things so we have two.

Different sides of the equation here we have prolonged fasting which is very very good for long-term health for helping your body recover for helping cells get back helping your body really recover from injuries reducing chronic inflammation really helping things like that then we have intermittent fasting which is a little bit more of a.

Lifestyle so I have to make sure there's a clear-cut difference between those two okay we've got intermittent fasting and then we've got prolonged fasting now I hope if that makes up or clears up some of the confusion there I'm gonna go into some more depth here I want to say hello to a lot of people that are hopping on here guys be sure if you just stop down.

Here to comment where you're watching from Arthur in South Carolina what's going on pinball Steve you say you're on day eight of your first extended fast holy cow man you're a dresser that's intense someone says what about fasting twenty hours forty hour eating window every other day that's not a bad question.

That's not a bad question at all that might be a little bit aggressive but it depends on how advanced you are that's definitely a good good strategy when I fast I love fasting for 1820 hours I'd like to fast sort of that intermedia longer-range that's just how I do London in the house Brampton Canada you guys are super awesome hello from the.

Philippines what's going on Alabama in the house Roman in North Carolina shout outs from Malibu California Rocky Mike not too far just over the hill from you I'm in Thousand Oaks West Palm Beach Florida Atlanta Georgia checking in Sweden in India Charlotte North Carolina someone asked if fasting is good for type 2 diabetics I am NOT a doctor so I.

Have to say this and you have to make sure that you take this advice with a grain of salt but intermittent fasting has been shown to do some pretty dramatic things when it comes to blood sugar long term not just affecting the day that you're actually fasting so there are some big benefits there Vancouver Canada now why shouldn't women.

Intermittent fast every day that's a good question I touched on this last week when I did an intermittent fasting coaching video and the thing is is what it does is for women it can disrupt the thyroid stimulating hormone response in the body it can disrupt how the body starts to process thyroid hormone that's not the end-all be-all it doesn't.

Necessarily mean it's gonna happen it's just being safe okay so females I highly recommend if you're going too fast you fast just a couple days per week don't fast every single day you can still do intermittent fasting protocols you can still move my fasting protocol you can still follow my videos just don't fast every day at least until you get your.

Body adjusted to it you guys can we make sure that we hit yet everyone hitting that like button I'm not doing it for my ego I'm honestly if you hit that like button it helps me out a ton it gets these videos ranked better and as you can see this YouTube channel is finally starting to get some of the credit it deserves putting on a lot of money a lot.

Of effort into this channel making it good content and we're finally starting to grow a lot and it's thanks to you guys for keeping it engaged hitting that like button always commenting so I appreciate that like button is the little thumbs up button that's directly underneath the video you should see that then you want to bring up a good.

Question you say that you did a 20 hour fast you had an upset stomach so here's what happens I've talked about this in a lot of videos so you've heard me say this before just just get ready because it's basically what ends up happening is when you go through any kind of extended fast your gut mucosal layer starts to break down.

Okay it's kind of normal it's part of the resale works to me the cell rejuvenation process your your gut mucosal layer breaks down and it starts to rebuild so you're very very sensitive right at the end of a fast very very sensitive and what that means is that when you do eat certain acids can really irritate your stomach or if you took I.

Haven't growth in or if you had something that might irritate you that can be pretty rough so you want to make sure that you're really careful of that drew lumber you say bone broth when you break your fast yes that's one of the things I highly recommend I also highly recommend having some kind of high glycemic small amount of carbohydrate.

Like a rice cake something like that Robert Wow fifty pounds and three and a half months thinks the internet and fasting in Quito awesome I'm so glad these videos been able to help you sardines and sauerkraut good for breaking it fast if you are in Quito that would be a great way to break it fast and sauerkraut is tremendous.

Because it's adding the probiotics into the mix you're definitely on the right track very very good there's so many questions coming in someone said I previously mentioned nitric oxide for cold hands cold feet while fasting any other recommendations for this problem aside from wearing gloves or hand warmers yeah so nitric oxide is a big.

One I'm also a big fan of just getting some giving the core body temperature up so you know apple cider vinegar with a little bit of cayenne things like that things are going to stimulate blood flow acetic acid is going to help the mineralization of body it's going to help your body utilize minerals a little.

Bit better which means that you should be able to get a little bit better circulation you may want to check your blood glucose too and see if you're having these massive fluctuations that could be causing that Roger you ask a good question to what do I think of taking cold showers I need to do a video on that actually because cold showers.

Can do a lot of different things for the nervous system basically what you're doing is you're you're stimulating the sympathetic nervous system to kind of go on and off you're artificially putting yourself in the sympathetic nervous system so that by contrast when you're not in that cold shower your sympathetic nervous system is disengaged now what I.

Encourage you to do if you do cold showers and try to do that kind of therapy for stress management anxiety management is try to do some deep diaphragmatic breathing and this is good for anybody actually to be completely honest I know I'm gonna I'm gonna go slightly off topic I'm fasting for a second talk about diaphragmatic.

Breathing is that something has changed my life a lot diaphragmatic breathing is when you you take a deep breath but you try to keep your ribs and you try to keep your from moving up okay so it's like you take a deep breath and rather than going and letting the chest come up elevate your ribcage you keep the chest down and.

You try to breathe and inhale your lungs while keeping your chest and your ribs down what that's gonna do is it's gonna get deep into the alveolar air that alveolar air down deep in your lungs and it's gonna allow you to tap into the parasympathetic nervous system a lot better so you're able to actually get into a state of relaxation and able to.

Lower your cortisol levels I know I sound like a crazy person talking about breathing techniques now but all this stuff comes together everybody it all makes a big difference someone talks about Sara peptides actually did a video on Sara pep days and someone says can't take ice cold showers or baths forget that it's.

Definitely tough can you do intermittent fasting if you have adrenal fatigue intermittent fasting is actually really good for adrenal fatigue because you can reset some of those cortisol values you see you have cortisol that's out of whack when you have adrenal fatigue you have aldosterone this out of whack and your adrenal fatigue and basically you.

Have it's called the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis that's your pituitary and communicating with your adrenals and what ends up happening is when you're constantly overstimulated with high levels of cortisol your brain is a protective mechanism shuts off cortisol production for a little bit simply to protect your.

Brain high levels of cortisol will damage your brain there have been studies and I think it was hell water was a person that did a study on a Welsh guy that took a look at the effect of cortisol prolonged on the brain and it can be pretty damaging so your body shuts down cortisol production so when you fast you actually allow that to.

Reset a little bit anyway I'm starting to digress a little bit Leo Alex you ask the 16:8 protocols okay for women just a couple days before week you're fine can I drink lemon water in the morning during the fast technically some will say lemon breaks a fast but I think you're totally fine in this case 16-8 fast every day okay I think that's.

Probably fine because a 16-8 fast isn't a super aggressive fast I want to get back to the topic at hand of the prolonged fasting this is a intermittent fasting in just a second but guys make sure if you're just joining in here please a comment where you're watching from but if you haven't commented already comment the number one.

If you're new to one of my broadcast and comment the number two if you're returning if you've been to of them before that way I know who's new who's who's been here before Rob in Baton Rouge what's going on touch on fasting headaches that's a good question a lot of people do get headaches when they fast and it's usually just a blood.

Sugar and caffeine withdrawal thing that's happening right at the very beginning of adjusting to a fast so don't worry too much about it they usually subside if it continues to happen you may want to consider getting some electrolytes in you getting some magnesium getting some sodium and possibly a little bit of potassium there.

Sometimes it can just be that balance right then and there but a lot of times it's just a withdrawal thing so that hopefully that answers that okay let me get back to intermittent fasting versus long-term fasting someone asked what do I define as a prolonged faster at long-term fast anything over 24 hours but if they're.

Gonna prolong fast fast for extended periods of time guys the results and the studies are crazy most of the scientific evidence out there points to longer term fasts being really really good to do when I say intermittently I truly mean intermittently long term fasts done like once a month maybe once every three weeks and what.

You want to do is you want to be fasting for 24 to 48 hours but the real effects like the effects that actually a 2,000 percent increase in your human growth hormone levels 167 I'm sorry hundred 80 percent increase in your free testosterone levels 67 percent increasing or luteinizing hormone those are the kind of things that European.

Final journal of clinical nutrition found that that you know that huge huge increase in luteinizing hormone which increases your testosterone levels just from periods of fasting now also you can go back to my logs of videos and see a lot of them but I talked about prolonged fasting and what it does for the immune system it's phenomenal it's absolutely.

Freakin amazing now where the magic really starts to happen is using prolonged fasting as a tool throughout your diet regimen okay so I'm talking about doing prolonged fasting maybe once a month no matter what protocol you're doing but it's very very important that you understand someone says it looks almost looks like a fake kitchen well.

Because it is a fake kitchen but I guess I did a good job if it only almost looks like a fake kitchen but I guess I could do better if it still looks like a fake kitchen but anyway the whole point is prolonged fasting is there for you to really get a health benefit and then intermittent fasting is there as more of a lifestyle someone.

Says what about fasting after a cheap meal yeah okay so there's two ways that you can use fasting and and cheat meals or refeed meals you can fast leading up to achieve meal or you can fast after a cheat meal I've done it both ways I find that I'm less bloated if I actually fast after the cheat meal like I find that it just handles thing I handle things a lot.

Better basically what ends up happening is you'll have the cheat meal have the refeed meal then the next day going into like an intermittent fasting phase where I'm fasting for 24 hours or something like that that can make a big difference just in helping your body reset get back into ketosis or whatever keema you ask a good question hang on it's a calorie.

Deficit how long can we implement for weight loss because that's a good question cuz that comes up a lot what happens when someone is fasting for extended periods of time and their their weight loss is what's happening how long can they continue to fast before they just don't see results anymore it all depends on the person to be.

Completely honest but that's exactly why intermittent fasting shouldn't necessarily be done every single day even the intermittent fasting program that I just released the one that I put out on I think a lot of you guys probably watch me on the six pack abs six best short Six Pack Shortcuts channel which is another one of my.

Channels that I have a ton of subscribers on even in that protocol I still don't recommend going more than like four or five days of fasting you really should be having a couple days where you just eat as normal it's really important so best app for counting nutrients I'm a big fan of my net diary not as big of a fan out of My Fitness.

Pal I think it's kind of cumbersome I think it's kind of annoying so someone says workout regime for when you're prolonged fasting business-as-usual just go through your workout but don't push it too hard just go through the same routine I'm a huge fan of doing full body routines doing full body getting the lymph moving we got to remember that.

We need to mobilize the lymphatic fluid okay we so Thomas was live in our on Tuesday I guess they have been following on Tuesdays okay but you want to make sure that your kind of keeping the lymph moving keeping that upper body moving and lower body moving so you're mobilizing fat I've talked about in other videos this is.

Really really interesting you guys are gonna like this I'm going to touch on it but I'll be doing a full-blown video on it in just a little bit fat mobilization and fat actually enters the body and goes in through the lymph it doesn't travel in the bloodstream the way that we think it does it does partially travel in the blood but for.

The most part it travels in the lymph now you know your glands like when you get sick or you know the glands are in your armpits or anything like that those glands get swollen when you have an infection well its limp that is moving through those okay lymph fluid lymph mobilises fat and moves fat so your fatty acids and everything that you.

Consume are coming in through your lymph now lymph does not get moved by the heart okay remember blood is pumped by the heart boom boom boom boom moving blood through the arteries coming back through the veins but lymph needs its own subtly its own delivery okay it doesn't have muscles to move it what is moving lymph then how are you delivering.

The nutrients how are you delivering the fat to be burned through movement and if you're getting a muscle pump where you're working one body part what are you doing you're putting lymph into one area of your body that's swelling that pump that you're getting it's not just blood it's lymph and what you're doing is you're isolating it to one area.

You're not mobilizing it to the liver so when you're fasting and your body is already burning fat the best thing for you to do as far as a workout is concerned is do moderate intensity lower and upper body work because then you're moving lymph from the lower body to the upper body and then it's going into the liver it's the furring process it's.

Being burned having major major success right that so keep your workouts kind of gentle guys can we make sure we hit that like button we have a lot of people on here and not as many people have hit that thumbs up button so I do want to make sure you guys do that huge huge favor for me to ask of you guys to just make sure you hit that like button a lot.

Of people know coffee does not break a fast let me go ahead and answer some questions is prolonged fasting okay for women that's yes it is again just in moderation pink Himalayan salt for long term fasting yes definitely you go with pink Himalayan salt or truffle salt or Brazilian sea salt fasting or keto type 1 diabetics you both have been.

Shown to be successful but ketosis has been shown time and time again to be successful for type 1 diabetics so I'm gonna go ahead and say that Janie Janie you say the six-pack abs yeah it's the channel as six-pack abs that's it's a four and a half million subscriber channel that I'm pretty much the face up site I do a lot of content on that.

Channel too I talk about slightly different things there than I do here you guys should probably be watching me on both cuz I put out slightly different content baby de Lauer is not here yet almost keto sticks to measure ketones something I talk about a lot I'm much more of a fan of testing with your blood or your breath keto sticks don't help.

You out too much because the number varies and it's not very data-driven you can't get a whole lot of good data do you prescription drugs like sorry I can require that and ossible I do often on salesperson but either way prescription you should always continue to you know consult your doctor and that I can't touch on that supplement prices in the.

Future I don't know what that's supposed to mean do I have a book I have a number of books I have a keto book I have an organic reboot book I have an intermittent fasting book how much calories are taken after a day of fasting you know that's just the thing you don't have to take in a lot of.

Calories a lot of the benefits of fasting come in simply because you are restricting your calories to a short amount of time so you don't need to be taking as many calories in as you think let it be just eat eat until you're comfortable and you're good tragic games asking them taking on new clients you know right now I'm not I'm.

Really focusing on growing the channel and getting a lot of good content out there so at this point in time my coaching is extremely extremely limited for those that are Hardy there you can always go to my website and apply and get put on a waiting list and kind of select but right now I'm not really taking anybody on carb backloading and.

Intermittent fasting yeah that's actually a very very powerful tool if you know how to if you know how to carve back load properly I probably need to do a full video on that in fact I'm gonna aim at make sure you write that one down carb backloading so I actually had one of my guys write that down because that really is a good one I've one of them.

Wanting to talk about is you know when do you time your carbs for fasting and everything like that depression and anxiety on keto that's a good question it's a good thing to bring up it's a serious issue and that's why I actually cycle out of ketosis now and then Sean thank you for saying happy Halloween man Sean.

McConnell sorry mo kaneki thank you very much anxiety depression when you don't have the serotonin uptake that you normally have when you are not in ketosis can be very very aggressive it can be very very tough that is something that you want to make sure that you're modulating or modern excuse to be monitoring and modulate by having.

Different levels of magnesium some sodium but also bringing carbs into the equation now and then gut bacteria and fasting that's actually a really good question too I've looked into it a little bit for the most part the fasting does allow the bad bacteria to stave off a little bit because bad bacteria usually needs to eat a little bit more.

Frequently than good bacteria that can survive quite a bit better so that's a good question though I do need to do a little bit more research into that vodka and tonic water probably would break a fast alcohol still has seven calories per programa it's just saw a good question come in and I want to answer it why does caffeine help your sympathetic.

Nervous system use white adipose tissue as fuel when fasted well it doesn't just use white it actually does cause to use Brown too but it's by and large usually white the difference between white fat and brown fat you have a good fat and a bad fat one is designed to keep you warm and insulate you one is designed to actually just be flat out just not good.

And just flat out fat caffeine has been shown to promote the utilization of the bad fat a little bit more now it's a little bit tough to determine whether or not that's a real thing but caffeine definitely doesn't mobilize free fatty acids it just probably all depends on the subject someone asked why brown fat is bad there's just different fats that.

Thins us around organs a little bit more and can cause a few more problems for you you want the kind of fat that's just there to keep you insulated and keep you more I'm not the kind of fat that can actually really materialize into negative things someone acid out when you take alpha lipoic acid alpha.

Lipoic acid you can take around anytime you have carbohydrates because it definitely help you metabolize that sugar gree free gum technically won't break a fast aspartame as much as I don't like the stuff and I don't consume the stuff as much is usually what's in gum and technically it won't break a fast is adrenal fatigue a concern during.

Prolonged fasting usually not you know you can keep them monitor on your cortisol levels you can always go and buy a salivary cortisol test and that can be really powerful to how much potassium you need that's a very good question but it all depends on you and your heart because the heart can dictate how much potassium you're using I.

Recommend starting with a 99 milligram tab and try that we don't I do a video on supplements I offer my program other options to save money you know there here's the reason I don't do a lot of videos on supplements I will be completely honest because I don't want to come off as that guy that's pushing supplements because I'm not okay I.

Endorse a couple of companies and they're very small and they're very near and dear to me in companies that I know the owners of and I try not to do videos talking about supplements a whole lot because I don't want to come off like I'm just pushing supplements like all the other youtubers that are out there because that's not my goal.

Now that being said I would like to do maybe a live broadcast in the future that talks about recommended supplements that I take and not necessarily give brand names because that's really really important guys I also I want to address the elephant in the room while I've got my live viewers here that are like super devout followers just so that you guys.

Know every once in a while when I put a video out there I will endorse a product you know like I've gotten some bad you know negative feedback because I have kettle and fire in some of my videos there a bone broth company that I know them really well I know the owner I promote them within my videos because I believe in what they do.

And they also are a part of my brand so I just want to let you guys know why you guys are here that every once in a while don't be upset if when I put a video out there I tout or recommend a given product it's you know it's okay for me to give a shout out I don't sell out a lot I do try to sell out when I'm really passionate about product so I just I.

Just want you guys to know that I don't want you to think that I'm you know some kind of weirdo just because I'm promote a product every now and then I also will only promote products they truly stand behind and quite honestly this is a channel that has to be funded somehow and I'm reaching a lot of people and it cost me a lot of.

Money to make this content I've got you know a full video staff I've got a full team we're always doing this stuff it cost me money to create this stuff and the best way for me to do it is to reach out to brands that I work with that I already consume and find a way for them to help support the channel so I know that it upsets some of you but I want.

You all to know that it's not contrived it's not like people just come to me and I say oh cool I'm gonna go promote that because you you came to me know it's usually the opposite it's usually me reaching out to them so and me finding a way to incorporate them into a video because it's a product I genuinely like so I just want to put that out there.

Because I don't want you guys thinking that I'm a sellout anyway guys if we get a bunch of people to hit that like button really quick I got a time to answer three more questions and then I've got to go on a little date night with the wifey since we have the baby scheduled to potentially come on Thursday or to come on Thursday through.

Induction so I want to go have a date night so I can have one last night with my wifey before I have to hear a baby cry okay someone asked about intermittent fasting 18-6 every day I kind of answer that question are you guys are super awesome lots of just good compliments coming in peanuts would break a fast technically.

Question what effect what fastener Kito having a person who has ruinous disease you know funny my sister has that gets the orange dots and everything like that it is technically an autoimmune condition and fasting would probably help you out quite a bit so I think someone says I'm over 40 should I consider testosterone replacement.

Something you need to talk about with your doctor Chaz I know is the answer you probably didn't want to hear but I will say this to be completely honest most men over the age of 35 by and large if they were to get their testosterone levels checked they probably would probably be a good candidate to get to stas and replacement that's just my.

Personal opinion and it's simply because we have so many BPA's out there we have so many dioxins and environmental toxins people ask that they should listen to dr. Berg dr. Berg's a great guy he is a chiropractor he's not necessarily you know I think sometimes he pushes it off as him being an MD but he is a chiropractor he doesn't have a.

Background in nutrition but he does puts out a lot of good content so he's cool do I supplement glutathione or do I get it from food sources I actually patented a glutathione I on the patent called receptor cell mediated endocytosis so glutathione is body's inherent ability to detox you look up the company.

Core factor Kor FA ctor that's Kor FAC tio R that's actually my company ID C even then I own a supplement brand I don't put my face behind it I don't push it out there because I don't want that I really truly if I put a put a good proof that if I could talk it would be a start if I put a good product out there I put the product out there and I let.

The product salsa but yeah glutathione regardless is a tremendous thing to take one of my long-term health and business goals you know my long my business goal by the end of 2020 2020 is to have reached a billion people in one year you know so if I look at my overall reach in terms of my videos how many people I reach that's a soft goals I won't try to.

I want to say I've reached a billion people with my health videos and with my everything like that so that's what I try to do weed grass juice brakes too fast yes it does using the sauna during prolonged fasting yes but be very very careful very very careful there alkaline water good or bad I personally think it's kind of a waste I don't think you.

Need to spend your money on alkaline water it's it's gonna be acidic by the time it hits your body salt pre-workout yes even if you're fasting salt pre-workout huge thing you guys are super awesome you get good I come if you can try to hit that like button I'd love to get this video up over a thousand likes not wave me a nice new record if.

We get a thousand likes on a live broadcast water fasting for five days way to go Ashish awesome Elite sorry I'm trying to your name Elias Kelly please go on a tour just try and just want to shake your hand I would love to go on a tour I think it would be super awesome I've also been thinking you know about really putting on a live event and.

Actually trying to invite some people out here and doing some awesome things Jasmine you asked why salt pre-workout something is when you're fasting your body is usually deprived of minerals in the first place and remember it's that salt as sodium potassium pump that's driving energy in and out of the cell you might find that you end up having a.

Tremendous pump and end up getting a much better workout simply by having salt just before your workout it makes a big big difference salt really gets a bad rap salt is not bad salt is good we just don't want to overdo it and if you are someone that is hybrid you just want to monitor it okay someone asked about cryotherapy and hyperbaric.

Oxygen cryotherapy I'm a huge fan of just for regular just intermittent use hyperbaric I'm a little bit cagey on it all depends if wheatgrass breaks a fast what's a good substitute honestly you just want to have your wheatgrass like after you eat I mean that there's no good substitute for some good greens to be.

Honest salt ACB cream of tartar Chris you've got it good stuff what a burger knocked you out of keto really it's interesting I wonder I wonder if it was too much protein muscle building in long-term muscle building fasting is actually really good for muscle building please cover healthy non keto food options in.

Your vids I would love to because the thing is most of the people that are doing ketosis are always just sitting out there talking about cheese talking about bacon talking about this stuff that is not good it's not good alright how do you bulk I shouldn't say that baby Becca it's not good in excess the way people are consuming that constant.

Heavy dairy constant cheese constant heavy cream it's just it doesn't need to be that way how often should you carb up it all depends on the person I actually just did a video on this if you go back 1 or 2 videos I did a video talking about does beef broth bake does beef broth break your fast yes but it's something that you should use to break.

Your fast like the first thing you consume when you break their fast helps your gut doesn't remain fasting stunt teenage growth I would not do it more than one day a week if you're a teenager okay that's very important for you long term muscle building well intermittent fasting possible definitely definitely definitely because then you're able to.

Capitalize on the actual basically the hormone fluctuation the big insulin spike you get when you do break your fast just want to make sure you're getting a lot of calories in that window guys I'm gonna have to wrap this up I've got to get going home before my wife kills me my wife is just so you guys know we have an induction set for the.

Baby to be born on Thursday because he's a week and a half late so next time you've seen me on a live broadcast I will be a daddy can we get one last big round of just hitting that thumbs up button and one last big round of just saying hello and saying where you're watching from you guys are super super awesome thank you again for being here.

And as always make sure you subscribe make sure you keep it locked in here in my channel and if you're watching make sure you that little bill okay there's a bill down below that turns on notifications it should be on like the bottom right area you'll see it looks like a bill that turns on notifications so you want.

To make sure that you turn on notifications that way whenever I go live you get a push notification very very very important otherwise you don't you see these lives when they're not live and I want you guys to be here for all right you guys thank you very very much we'll see you on the flip side
Fasting: Is Long Term or Short Term Better for You: Live Q&A- Thomas DeLauer
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