Fasting and Ketosis COMBINED: Live Q&A Diet Coaching- Thomas DeLauer

Fasting and Ketosis COMBINED: Live Q&A Diet Coaching- Thomas DeLauer

Fasting and Ketosis COMBINED: Live Q&A Diet Coaching- Thomas DeLauer

Check out the video on Fasting and Ketosis COMBINED: Live Q&A Diet Coaching- Thomas DeLauer.
And I am here talking a little bit quiet because I've got the baby sitting on my lap I'm here sitting in the car just finished a workout in Las Vegas Nevada and I figured the wife and I are rotating off our timing like I went into the gym got a quick workout in for 30-40 minutes just to get what I couldn't done here well I'm traveling and now we.

Rotated Amber's in the gym I'm here watching a little kiddo so hanging out the car so I think what a good time to just do a quick keto and fasting live broadcast doing some coaching talking to people answering some questions but I do want to make sure sorry guys I'm talking a little bit quiet if you guys can hear me just let.

Me know if you can't hear me if there's any issues just let me know I've got the baby sleeping on my lap what's going on everybody crisp reto what's going on guys make sure you comment where you're watching from Trisha what's going on Catherine in Toronto what's going on Uriel in Brazil awesome okay Adam what's going on agent good to see you here.

Michael in Virginia what's going on wisconsin in the house Iceland in the house okay we can hear me great that's awesome Sylvester on I think I said your name right I'm sorry in France what's going on Queens New York New Jersey what's going on in the UK Austria Canada you guys are great as I want to make sure.

You can get a lot of likes on this get a lot of just Commons good engagement going I'm gonna talk this up for about two minutes before I start answering some questions and getting down to some science I just want to wait for quite a few people to jump in here it's Sunday morning here amber and I are in Vegas just for the weekend simply because for.

Christmas I'd gotten amber tickets to see George Strait so those of you that don't know I've been together since high school we've been together 14 years and George Strait was always something that was he's coming a common denominator for us just a great musician so that's why we're here in Vegas but anyway never.

Missing a beat still getting our workout in amber and I are rotating out our workouts while I'm here with little man guys if we can just get them look at this little guy just chillin just sleeping so anyway guys you guys are awesome so many people here we got Courtney in the house mark what's going on jersey shore.

What's going on Matt he's got got Jordan here everyone says George Strait rocks I've got a good group of people here what's going on Marc Anthony English good to see you here France again we've got tour tour in Serbia what's going on Kevin says did I just get in some cardio I did that kind of a hit style workout so I went in.

You know you guys probably know amber and I don't drink or anything like that so Vegas isn't exactly like a crazy town for us but it's still like being out late being you know the food the diet's just a little bit off and what it normally is feel a little bit just sticky so I wanted to just get a good high intensity interval training just.

Workout in so did some a little bit of a different kind of workout that I would normally do kettlebell swings things like that some burpees just wanted to get as much lymphatic fluid moving as possible so I felt like I had a little bit detox effect guys I'm gonna get into some questions here I want to jump right into it is you guys are awesome and.

Everyone that's here right now has been patiently waiting for me to get to the questions while I just say hello to everybody so one more quick time before I get rolling if you guys can just one more big C of hitting that like button everyone that's on here if you can hit that like button helps rank this video.

Up a little bit more and let's go rock and roll into some questions alright let's go I'm gonna just anyone if you have you know a good question just came up tips for vegans that fast it's the super good question I'm gonna answer this quickly the most important thing if you're a vegan that is fasting is during your eating window it's very imperative.

That you get in omega threes okay very imperative because you're gonna zip through your nutrient profile a lot faster when you're fasting to begin with because you don't have food in your system so then in the small amount of time you do have to eat you have to make sure you're getting the kinds of foods that normally vegans are a little bit.

Deficient in we're talking we're talking things like omega-3s we're talking things like b12 so if you're a vegan that is fasting try to get some extra b12 in the mix try to take an omega-3 supplement just because it's very hard to get those foods on a vegan diet just nicotine break a fast that's a good question it's interesting no it doesn't.

But the interesting thing is that nicotine does trigger a metabolic response so if you're truly doing a true true true fast then yes nicotine would technically break it what's going on we've got we have so many awesome awesome people Mathias I asked fasting if you're in school you know honestly just fast a couple days a week you know.

It's gonna help your brain performance quite a bit so it's really great does a riff through tall break a fast erythritol guys just so you know that's things like Truvia that's the sugar alcohols I consider a riff through tall breaking a fast because it is a sugar alcohol so if you go with something like stevia straight up stevia like stevia.

And the raw your you're not gonna break it fast but a rifra tall has a different metabolic effect erythritol actually has about four calories per gram or sorry I'm sorry three calories per gram um actually I take that back some sugar alcohols have three calories program I think erythritol has 1.8 I'd have to.

Double-check on that but yeah pretty much that is going to break it fast so try to go straight stevia if you can guys we got so many people on here can you guys just to make sure that everyone's here is hitting that like button Omega 7 supplements on keto yes definitely take omega 7 supplements if you can Omega 7 start awesome can you.

Gain mass on internet and fasting yes absolutely you can you can definitely gain mass when your intermittent fasting mainly because what's happening is your insulin sensitivity is so high that when you do break your fast you're in a terrific position to be able to start maximizing your day and simply because you're able to absorb what you're eating.

That's why it's so important to eat the right food when you break your fast see you've got so many questions guys coming on why does my blood sugar stay high and heat Oh Samuel this is a good question and I want to address this this is actually needs to be a whole separate video.

Why does my blood sugar stay high on keto I had the same issue so I was trying to figure this out I'm just like constantly testing my blood sugar even if my ketone bodies were high my blood sugar was still high too and I was finding it was really frustrating I was like sitting at like 90 95 blood sugar I'm like what is going on it's never.

This high so then I started researching it a lot more and I thought there's something called the dawn phenomenon it's also the dawn effect and this happens with diabetics a lot so what happens is the the the liver dumps a lot of glucose when you start getting low in glucose in an effort to hang on one second I'm gonna whiten this screen off.

There we go that's better my screen is little bit dirty so the liver dumps a bunch of glycogen and dumps a bunch of carbs in an effort to get the blood sugar up so the blood sugar drops too much and if your protein levels are tad too high then it can cause your liver to just dump extra glycogen and spill carbs out especially in between meals so the.

Trick is dramatically lower your protein for one meal that's what I test it out now this isn't going to be for everybody this is for people that this is for people that find that they have higher blood sugar whenever they are in keto try taking one meal and drop the protein down to like 10 15 grams of super super low guys come on let's get.

Bunch of likes on here we've got 700 people on here I know that we can get a little bit more in the way of thumbs up I'm doing what I can taking some time on a Sunday to answer some questions any advice for young athletes Adam best advice for young athletes that are doing keto and fasting is listen to your body you know if you are an athlete that's.

Doing a lot of different kind of you know performance movements and everything like that you really have to listen to your body and sometimes you might just need to add carbs into the equation that's just all there is to it and you guys this is great you have so many people on this broadcast if you can can you please just share this if you're.

If you're watching this right now just hit that share button share it to Facebook share to youtube share it and get a lot of people on here so I can answer some questions you know there is a like option on the mobile app I just can't remember where it is it should be like run the bottom left gosh you guys are so awesome okay someone says.

Maintaining strength on keto Thema that's a really good question so some people find when they're new and keto is that they end up you know two weeks into it they start having this big decline in their overall strength levels and it's really frustrating and it's less of a decline in strength but it's almost like this stale feeling right you feel really.

Stale like so your strength is there for the first four or five reps but then after that it just kind of dies like I know exactly what you're talking about and I can explain it real quick with some science and what's going on guys if you ever feel like you're getting weak when you're on keto let me tell you what's happening you are in a situation.

Where your body cannot have doesn't have the carbs to be able to create a energy through the anaerobic metabolism system so that means like the repetitions from like 6 to 12 6 to 15 reps those repetitions require carbohydrates ok the repetitions from like 15 on up that requires oxygen and fat called beta oxidation but what about the reps like.

One through five one through six well that utilizes something called the creatine phosphate system we have a natural system in our body that basically is a chemical reaction that has nothing to do with carbohydrates that gets us through the first few reps so it's really wild so then after we get through those first five or six reps.

Then all of a sudden we just tanked so basically for the first like five six reps we're running on the nervous system which means that we have the ability to maintain strength so that's why you talk to so many people that are in keto that can still lift really really heavy for the first few reps but then they get to a situation where they just feel.

Stagnant how do you get around that well the best way to get around it is actually just to work with the way your body is working so now take this with a grain of salt okay but it means to either train in the heavy rep range in that four to six rep range if you can or go the other end of the spectrum and go to the 15 to 20 range so what I'll do is.

I'll mix it up you know one day a week I will have a heavy day I'll have a heavy day where I decide to go like four to six reps and you know take that tiny bit of risk of injury because I don't like to increase the odds of an injury so I don't like lifting in that six rep range more than like one day a week and I never do it on the leg day yeah people.

Might make fun of me because I don't go heavy on legs but I also want to keep my spine intact when I'm 40 so that's just the way that it is so yeah and it says just do both Matthew that's a good point you know just play around with it but for those that are just trying to be healthy those are they're just trying to just live a natural good healthy life.

And utilize keto just stick in the 15 to 18 rep range and don't worry about going heavy and you'll be just fine Matthias who actually I'm sorry idea answered one of your questions even though that was a good question I want W you asked should I begin fasting with a 16-8 routine so the reason that I suggest starting with the 16/8 routine.

Is because it's so easy okay you know generally we go to bed and we don't eat for you know 10 hours anyway it's not that hard to push it to 16 so it's a great way to end Aki fasting into your life that's why I recommend the sixteen eight but I will say that the true benefits of fasting start coming in after 16 hours so I like to push it to.

18 to 20 personally and only do you know like maybe two three days a week someone says they're having trouble falling asleep when they're in kita well I've got a trick for you okay if you do have can carve like 20 maybe something like that allocate them towards the end of the day because what that's going to do is that's going to allow the insulin to.

Allow tryptophan into the brain tryptophan converts into serotonin serotonin converts into melatonin which was what helps you sleep if you've ever been traveling and you've taken melatonin to help you sleep well that's how you get your body to naturally produce it tiny bit of carbs that if that means like scaling back on them.

Throughout the course of the day and pushing them towards the end of the day then that's the way you do it does take a quick second here to make sure that everyone's just hitting that like button I want to thank all of you for being here I mean it's Sunday morning here in Las Vegas right now.

And so many people here to spend in their Sunday learning you guys are awesome and you make my world go round you know I was sounds so cheesy but last night it was at that George Strait concert there was something like 30,000 people there a huge huge huge event and I'm just looking at how George Strait is out there making I content with.

Everybody and how he truly loves what he does and it's such a smaller scale but I mean I'm like this is so awesome I feel the same way when I can hop on a live broadcast and talk to you guys and help you guys and motivate everybody and keep everyone going and full disclaimer one of the reasons I wanted to do this broadcast today was because didn't get a.

Lot of sleep last night got in late had Amber's brother in town through flew him into Vegas so that we could go spend a few hours enjoy this concert and get a couple hours away from the baby which was really really tough because we've missed him but got up you know only got about four or five hours of sleep at the most and.

Didn't want to work out today didn't want to do it didn't you know but I knew that I needed to and one of the reasons why I felt like it was really good for me to hop on this broadcast answer some questions do what I could because I also wanted to be real with you you know today is one of those days where I went through the motions I wouldn't say that.

I killed it I wouldn't say that I've did this amazing crazy hard workout but the fact is it's about consistency okay remember you fail 100% of the time that you don't try so I figured what the heck I'm gonna go in I'm gonna at least get some blood moving and I'll control the diet today I'll fast today and make it really work work so anyway okay I'm.

Gonna get back to some questions here someone says what do I think about keto Esther's you know exhaustion ketones in general it depends on who you are if you're using for like in performance it can help for in performance I don't recommend using them for fat loss you guys can you guys please do me a favor we got 700 people on this and I know.

That not everyone has hit that like button what that the like button does just so that you know this isn't just like a narcissistic thing for me this helps rank the videos higher I want to get as many people in this broadcast I want to get to a point where I hop on a broadcast and can talk to a thousand two thousand three thousand people but I.

Want to start doing some live events to like real live in-person events and go on tour like I'm literally thinking about doing that at the end of 2018 and I can't go do that if I can't reach a lot of people so hidden that like helps me reach a lot of people so that I can justify actually saying okay I'm gonna travel I'm gonna go to Atlanta.

Then I'm gonna go to New York because I'm already speaking in Austin in a couple months I'm already speaking in Seattle in a couple months I want to be able to do what I can to talk to all of you okay guys so someone says you said you asked about l-carnitine on ketosis so ketosis is interesting because it doesn't necessarily when that body.

Starts utilizing ketones as a source of fuel the body doesn't need l-carnitine anymore because ketones can transfer fat through the double membrane of the mitochondria without l-carnitine isn't that interesting so esteban austin texas guess what i'm speaking at South by Southwest March 12th 4 o'clock I'll get more.

Details but I'm speaking in Austin speaking about Omega 3 speaking about oil doukasen hexanoic acid so I will be there so everyone that's out in Austin Texas just so that you know March 12 South by Southwest I will be speaking at South by Southwest spreading all kinds of health information so hopefully you guys can make it to that if you're in.

The ATX area I'm always in Austin Texas used to live there so basically back to what I'm saying ketones can cross through the double membrane of mitochondria normally they require normally fats require l-carnitine to allow them in that's the job at the l-carnitine it allows fats into the cell so in this.

Case were in a situation where ketones don't really need it so l-carnitine isn't quite necessary but it is necessary if you're planning on having cheat meals now and then to keep your body basically conditioned to be able to utilize that you guys are super awesome I got so many people here what is the minimum and maximum time to drive fast a.

Lot of questions been coming up about DRI fasting yeah because I did that video and it's definitely going viral it's been huge dry fasting is awesome I would say if you're gonna do a dry fast gonna do is you know put you in a situation where you can really maximize all the effects of it so you don't want to be just doing it for a short amount.

Of time because then all you're doing is just dehydrating yourself remember just full disclaimer I have to say this and I know to annoy some people dry fasting is extreme you should probably make sure that you you know at least keep track of your blood work and keep track of yourself and that's for purely educational purposes only MCT and coffee.

Before workout in a fasted state MC teas Wilber you're fast my friend so you want to make sure that you save the MCTS for a day that you're not fasting they will break your fast they are still a fad they're still eight calories per gram in them unlike most fats which are nine calories per gram they're not the same.

Long chain triglycerides they're a medium chain triglyceride which means there's still a fat they just absorb faster what caloric deficit should you be sorry Joseph says what caloric deficit should you be in if you're looking to gain mass and trim body fat yeah you know if that's the case being a deficit that's not that big you want to.

Be in you know like one to two hundred calorie deficit at the most and then on the days that you fast and do what you can to keep your calorie deficit actually a little bit I mean your calorie overage a little bit so you actually want to eat more on your fasting days because you want to be eating more and your fasting day so you.

Can capitalize on the insulin spike to actually gain some muscle then on the days that you're not fasting you want to be eating your calories a bit lower so for those that are gaining muscle on in fun in your mitt and fasting yes you can I want to reverse it a little bit and you guys are so awesome just limit or lime juice break of fast okay that's a.

Gray area Jeff I always say you know I always do like 1/4 lemon with some apple cider vinegar even on days that I fast so I'd be lying if I said that lemon breaks it fast but if you go overboard you start doing like 2-3 lemons yeah you're breaking a fast so technically some will tell me that by having lemon water I am breaking it fast.

And I understand yes technically a true fast as a true fast and I understand that but lemon does make a big difference in terms of uric acid flushing and the body's utilization of fat so I feel like it's a wash and you guys are so awesome someone says no to pork rinds you know when you're talking about keto.

Pork rinds are okay just go for like the epic brand go for the ones that are super clean way on ketosis totally depends you know I'm a big fan of P protein when I'm in ketosis whenever possible guys I'm gonna wrap this up here really really soon so I want to make sure we can get as many videos I mean sorry videos my wife's just got.

Done with her workout so I want to make sure I just get a chance to answer at least one or two questions before I wrap this up and if we can guys please make sure we get one big round of comes up on this so we can rank it nice and high everybody knows I hop on here and do these broadcasts but real quick while I'm here is there a time of day or a day.

That is better for broadcast for everybody so that I have an understanding also wanna know if I start scheduling out broadcasts where I'm actually posting them up ahead of time or I say I'm gonna go live on this date or this time will that help you out a bit if you if that would help you out I just wanna know just type in.

Schedule just type in schedule because things that I'll know I'll go back to the comments later okay people that replied schedule want me to actually go ahead and put up a schedule time I think it'll help a lot I didn't realize that YouTube lets me do that from the mobile app now it's usually when I do live broadcasts I do them from the mobile app.

And you used to only be able to schedule from the actual desktop okay everyone's saying schedule I will start doing that I'll do what I can to schedule up broadcast I also want you guys to make sure that you're checking the community tab of YouTube because I've been posting polls on which videos I want to push out and everything like that oh wow this is.

Awesome okay everyone is saying schedule everyone is saying that okay that's awesome some great question that I think I want to end on how often do I come out of ketosis and do I recommend coming out of ketosis guys real quick bunch of likes come on hit that thumbs up hit that thumbs up and how often do I cannot have ketosis so I am more about coming.

Out of ketosis in phases versus shocking so what I mean by that is if I am in a hardcore keto mode I'll stay Aikido for a good month maybe even two months before I actually decide to pop out of it and when you pop out of it sometimes I'll stay out of it for a couple of weeks to truly restore so I'm not a big fan of going like five days in a cheap.

Meal five days in the cheap meal unless I'm really in a given training period so I recommend if you're gonna get the benefits of keto stay in keto you can implement some fasting with it and you could implement some carbs if you're fasting if you're doing that but if you're trying to really stay keto there's go keto and then take a break.

From Kido some will say Thomas that doesn't make sense you need to be keto all the time to have the results if you're doing it for therapeutic reasons then keto should just totally become a lifestyle but I like going through phases of keto just because it helps me out of time guys say hello to little Tommy he's gonna wake up buddy you wakey.

See how did you to see how to YouTube everyone say hi Tommy this is Tommy junior buddy are you doing everyone say hi Tommy Tommy what is going on he's seeing all those comments coming across the screen he's just going what the next Tommy that's little Tommy so Tommy turns three months old yesterday.

He's so awesome guys I was the big smile look at that big smile hey buddy wakey wakey I love you hey guys I think I got to wrap it up especially now that baby's awake so I will start scheduling my broadcast whenever I can if you have other questions just keep on comment them and then I will try to answer them in other videos someone just said please.

Answer wait in ketosis way is okay just wait I slit whenever possible try to go for a pee protein if you possibly can instead all right you guys time to chime off you guys are awesome see you soon
Fasting and Ketosis COMBINED: Live Q&A Diet Coaching- Thomas DeLauer
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