Does This Break a Fast? Complete List of 39 Things that DO & DON’T Break a Fast

Does This Break a Fast? Complete List of 39 Things that DO & DON’T Break a Fast

Does This Break a Fast? Complete List of 39 Things that DO & DON’T Break a Fast

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what's happening everybody it's Thomas de Lauer video is going to be kind of a rapid-fire does this break your fast or does it not break your fast we had great successful life last live broadcast that just went a little bit faster so ordinarily my live broadcast would be insanely interactive sometimes.

To the point where it's annoying for people I'd still like to do those I still like to interact but I'm going to go somewhat rapid-fire because there's a lot of different things that I want to cover on this video what this is is going to be a simple does it break my fast live broadcast so I've got a list of 39 items that I've compiled and I.

Will be honest I struggle to find 39 but I know that there's so many different ones out there and people always have different questions regarding what breaks they're fast and what doesn't so we're gonna have some fun with this and what I encourage you to do is after this broadcast make sure you utilize the comments.

Section to post different questions that you have on items that break it fast and I'll do a follow-up video on this perhaps we can make it kind of a fun series so the cool thing is big thing we have to know big-picture about this in general a lot of things will break a fast but the biggest thing that we have to factor in is does the positive effect.

Of what we are consuming offset the potential negative aspect of it breaking a fast simple terms if something is five calories but it has such a powerful effect that it actually enhances our fast perhaps it's worth the five calories because the net benefit of the fast is better so we're not gonna have any sane insane amounts of biochemistry.

In this we're gonna make it pretty simple make it fun one thing I do ask please hit that thumbs up button please hit that like button is that helps this video get out to all the subscribers all the people that want to see it we all know that YouTube is a different ballgame now and even with over 2 million subscribers you're not going to.

Reach all your people it's just the way it is so without further ado let's go ahead and have some fun first one I'm going to start with one that you probably all know is good for fasting still have to start off with it because it's basic and it's simple black coffee black coffee is good to go on a fast for two key.

Reasons 1 caffeine is going to help stimulate what is called lipolysis it helps stimulate mobilization of the fatty acids out of its storage form and into the bloodstream when you have the fatty acids in the bloodstream if they become a lot more readily available to be utilized for fuel not only is this tremendous for fat-burning but it's.

Tremendous for energy and it's tremendous for all the different energy sensors that pick up on the fact that you're utilizing fat once your body is utilizing fat as a fuel source during a fast it's not just that you're losing weight no you're giving hormone signaling effects you're getting all these different sort of gene expression.

Things that are going on that are very very positive and very powerful ok so black coffee is powerful in that sense the second reason is the polyphenols in coffee literally the polyphenols which are just like the plant extracts if you want to call them that are powerful at inducing Auto Fujii by themselves now if you're new to.

Fasting you may not know it on top of G is on top of G is the cellular recycling that occurs during the fast on top of G is a phenomenal thing very powerful and what it does is it takes old wasted parts of cells and it's basically cannibalizes them consumes them the cells consume the wasted old parts of cells and turns them into energy ok so.

It basically gives the cell of survival of the fittest component well coffee because of the polyphenols in coffee induce auto fatigue as it is so that alone is going to boost your fast because do don't forget to comment where you're watching from as well even if I don't get to reply and say hello right now it's always fun to go back and see.

Where people are watching from and please do hit that share button if you know people that are fasting that might get a kick out of black tea let's move on to the next one black tea not as good as black coffee because black tea the main benefit that we're getting from black tea is really just the caffeine okay and some won't even say that the.

Tannins that are in black tea counteract some of the enzymatic processes that are elevated during a fast does that mean the black tea breaks so fast black tea does not break a fast it's ok on a fast it's just not as good as black coffee or the next one we're going to talk about green tea green tea yes caffeine tremendous but.

Two things that make it very cruel for a fast one Feeny Feeny is in green what Feeny does is it helps calm your mind a little bit what this does is for purely psychological reasons but also some physiological helps you get through that fast a little bit better okay it helps you deal with it helps you cope okay it makes you a little bit calmer cooler and.

Collected I use C mean in green tea when I'm filming and I'm fasting because I like the energy that fasting gives me sometimes my brain is going too fast you can probably see it some of my videos when I start going a little off it's nice to be able to be calm and focused and collected that way the other thing is when we are fasting the main benefit.

That we are getting is coming from our body sensing that we are in a state of Calvary deprivation okay yes the fat-burning thing is great but what's happening is our body says oh we're burning our own source of fuel so it activates a different pathway called the AMPK pathway okay ampk I want you to think of as just a simple energy sensor.

In your body it's just like a sensor in your car it recognizes when fuel is low so it initiates different processes this ampk pathway is very cool and it's what we want activated during a fast it just turns out that there's a few journals that have published studies that show that green tea itself activates the ampk pathway so it's great in a lot of.

Different ways okay does it break a fast no in tea does not it helps okay herbal tea common one does herbal tea break a fast if it has the little chunks of fruit and the little chunks of flowers in it which you can sometimes see in the teabag it's better safe safe to assume that it will break a fast there usually are a few grams of.

Carbohydrates in those and I don't usually recommend it however I am okay with things like chamomile tea like some lavender tea things like that to help you calm down help go to sleep at night because sometimes when you're fasting it can be pretty difficult to false so hopefully that helps you out a little bit there guys and I know it's a.

Saturday so I don't expect a ton of people on this broadcast right away probably expect more people to hop on when they see this in a review but if you can please do hit that thumbs up button and then also hit that share button too that does help us out a lot and just doesn't me a solid favor by getting this ranking higher with our.

Audience okay next up bulletproof coffee this is where you take coffee you combine it with butter you combine it with the coconut oil MCT oil you name it yes indeed it breaks a fast and some of you might be saying well duh okay that breaks fast but believe it or not it's a very common question and it's rightfully so because a lot of people have marketed.

Keto coffee and bulletproof coffee as a fasting friendly beverage when in reality it has three or four hundred calories in it depending how you make it that in no world is fasting frankly now the only exception could be if you are doing what's called a liquid fast where you're just consuming liquids and you're trying to give yourself a little bit of.

A digestive benefit but remember even though there's a lot of benefits to a bulletproof or keto Coffee it definitely breaks a fast it does not send you into that deficit that we need that ampk pathway activated okay in no world other than a exceptional liquid fast is bulletproof coffee or keto coffee okay that being said if you fast frequently.

Bulletproof coffee is a great way to just have a quote substitute breakfast and feel like you're fasting but just know that it's not officially a fast so you could have bulletproof coffee one day and then the next day legitimately fast then have bulletproof coffee for breakfast the next day then legitimately fast Wow okay this is great haven't seen.

The audience is growing a lot live broadcasts are always hard to get a lot of people on especially on a Saturday so thank you all very much if anyone is having questions you can always go back to the beginning of this broadcast and watch the recap okay let's go ahead and let's go on down the line the next one is a popular one is bone.

Broth does bone broth break a fast again yes and no but generally speaking yes it breaks a fast there's calories there's a good amount of gelatin in it the gelatin involves digestion creates a little bit of gastric juices which by default would slow down what's called the migrating motor complex.

Within your gut it starts peristalsis which is the grinding the you know the motion of the gut that's digesting food which in turn turns off a lot of fastening processes however I've been specific videos talking about bone broth fasts there are forms of fasting where you're legitimately consuming bone broth as your sole source of fuel that's an.

Exception I will say bone broth is tremendous to break your fast with or at least as a precursor to breaking your fast a lot of times I recommend hey if you're how about 30 minutes before your actual physical meal of breaking the fast it's perfect for that but there's still calories in it we're still talking 40 to 100 calories depending on what's.

In it it still involves digestion it's still going to get the pancreatic enzymes going it's still gonna have a little bit of a beta cell response so yes technically it breaks it fast so be careful with that next one uh sorry list here vegetable broth that's what rough is gonna be in the same category although it is a lot closer to just.

Being a brine bone broth is phenomenal stuff when it comes down to the government coastal layer when it comes down both sigh love bone broth and it's great but because it's hard to digest because it has a little bit of fat in it because it has that extra protein collagen it's more difficult where it seems difficult whereas vegetable broth.

Or stock it's more like bullion like if you were to take a bullion cube and break it down into some hot water I'd be hard-pressed to say that that's we're really going to mess up your fast but then you have to ask yourself what are you trying to get is it just the flavor because you could really cross that same bridge by just having some hot water.

With a little pissed salt in it to be completely honest and that's not going to break your fast which we'll talk about in just a little bit another one I wanted to mention that's kind of a random interjection because I noticed that some people have comments about it B vitamins B vitamins are not going to break it fast but you have to ask.

Yourself do you really need them because B vitamins aren't going to help you unless you have food that's being metabolized and glucose metabolism occur okay our next one comes up diet soda I know that there's some people here watching this wondering if diet soda is going to break their fast diet soda depends on the sweetener that's used I.

Have to be I mean I have to be totally forthright with you when I say this I don't like aspartame and I'm not a fan of it I'm not a fan of that artificial sweetener that's in Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi things like that's called aspartame there's quite a bit of evidence showing that it's an excitotoxin that it isn't.

Exactly the best thing for you that being said it doesn't have any metabolic response so out of all the sweeteners not counting stevia and monk fruits artificial sweeteners I should say aspartame is actually the most fasting friendly but again you ask yourself the question do you want that poison in your body during a fast when the ultimate.

Purpose is cleansing right so just bear that in mind you're not gonna break your fast by having a diet coke but you're certainly going to trigger a lot of different cravings psychologically and you probably take being taking two steps backward and one step forward if you don't okay now that brings us in the next one which is you know what actually.

You should talk about a couple other guys so if you get diet sodas that are sweetened with stevia like zva that's an okay one Zoop if you get other ones that are sweetened with sucralose sucralose which we'll talk about in a minute does marginally break a fast so we'll talk about that as we move on okay next up in the line is.

Going to be gum gum falls into the same category okay most gum is sweetened with aspartame which means technically it doesn't break a fast however what are you really after once again okay there's a lot of natural flavors natural flavors are going to be a question mark okay as natural flavors can have up to what are called incidental additives they can.

Have a hundred and fifty different incidental additives in them so we don't ever know because there's no way for them to disclose it on a label and the FDA doesn't require disclosure of it what those natural flavors are okay so even artificial flavoring natural flavoring though that can contain calories pure and simple.

So gum you have to be careful there's a gum out there called spree SPR I've seen it at Whole Foods I don't know much about them other than what's in it or it may be a surprise for your sprite baby sprite SPR why anyhow that's a really good one just because that one is not sweetened with any kind of aspartame so that one would be a little bit better.

For you during a fast and I understand it then you're not eating you want to be able to chew on something totally get it and that kind of falls in the same category with breath mints a lot of breath mints first of all gum you're not ingesting much physical material okay with breath mints you're actually dissolving a.

Physical material that's constituted with you know some kind of binder right so if you take a breath mint that is artificially sweetened and have sugar in it you're still digesting and ingesting like the actual physical component of the breath mint okay which means it could be a form of a starch it could be a cellulose it could be a gum.

You're so you're just ingesting it and that involves digestion so I highly recommend let's se so it doesn't talking way too fast and they make a bad reference saying that I'm on something anyway no I'm not I'm just trying to get through a list here I can't win people if I go slow then people say hurry up and get through the list if I talk too.

Fast and then okay maybe I'll just talk like this and see how many people leave the broad cast maybe any okay so that's the sake with the case with the breast with breath mints all right so then we get move into spices okay cinnamon cayenne any kind of spices like this I divide them into two categories when it comes down to the spices we have herbs.

Where you're like ingesting actual herbs oregano and things like that you're ingesting the leaf right that I mean you get kind of granular no pun intended but that's kind of ingesting something is it gonna break it fast not really I mean you're talking a marginal amount like negligible amount maybe one or two calories at the most but then what are.

You getting out of that that's really getting your benefit okay cinnamon I think is good to go and the reason I say I think is because yes it has a couple of calories but my opinion on cinnamon is that because it has something in it known as a methyl hydroxy chalcone polymer see if I remember that one it mimics insulin within the body so it can.

Actually help them lower blood sugar and get you into that fasted state even faster so cinnamon can be your friend especially towards the end of a fast then we have something like cayenne where technically it's the ground pepper so technically you're ingesting a pepper right so are you breaking it fast in some eyes yes but again the positive.

Benefit of ingesting something like cayenne the thermogenic response the capsaicin or caps a canned potato kitano depending who you are where you are is going to be powerful for you it activates thermogenesis in the brown fat it activates mitochondrial intense brown fat tissue okay so it can help you utilize.

That more so I think for the sake of this video I want to give you something conclusive stay away from the herbs and things like that during a fast and lean more towards the spices ok like the cayenne and they like the cinnamons and things like that then we got ok con when tobacco that's tobacco break a fast you know the interesting thing is even.

Smoking tobacco probably has a metabolic effect ok you're activating that nicotine pathway which is definitely doing something with your metabolism we have various ways that we activate that even through typical nutrient metabolism it's going to activate that same cycle and that dopamine cycle within the brain does it metabolically actually break.

Your fast digestive Lee no cellularly krebs cycle yes there's a little bit of activity there chewing tobacco definitely breaks a fast because you're ingesting a good amount of it so be careful with that vaping mmm-hmm that's a tough one ounce there's no real conclusive answer and that's why sorry I can't give anything there vitamin C does.

It break it fast so it doesn't break a fast digestive leap but it does kill the benefits of the fast and the reason that I say that is fasting we are after what is called a hormetic response where after a hormetic stressor okay we are stressing ourselves out by fasting on purpose so that the cells become more resilient because so our.

Tissues become more efficient and so that our bodies adapt vitamin C is a tremendous antioxidant and although it's tremendous and good to use after fast during a fast it's acting it's cheating it's giving your cells a break in fact there is a study I can't remember which journal is published in but I've talked about it in a few videos where they.

Actually found that auto 50 was inhibited and cellular adaptation was inhibited in those that took vitamin C during a fast so it's been around just to save your vitamin C after you break a fast anyway because then it's gonna help come back what's called superoxide dismutase come at some of the free radicals and reactive oxygen species.

That occur after you break your fast okay moving on down the line vitamin C now it's getting some other vitamins we've got fish oil fish oil does indeed break a fast there are calories in it one typical softgel is still 10 to 15 calories of pure polyunsaturated fats pure official oh good oil absolutely.

Good for a fast no it's good after you're fast okay any kind of omega-3 is going to be an oil as well as omega-6 or any kind of oil soft gels should not be taken during a fast you should be consumed after your fast or directly prior to okay those calories Institute pancreatic lipase or initiate pancreatic lipase sorry and that's going to trigger.

Your faster break it's gonna stop at AMPK pathway I will go ahead and say just for a second guys you'll see a link down below for thrive market those of you that are watching this broadcast probably watch my channel all the time so you've probably heard me talk about thrive but I didn't want to give them a big shout out because I've been able to.

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Now we get into magnesium magnesium is one of my favorite things to take during a fast no it does not break a fast it's actually very very awesome for rating fast or for you food for during a fast and for in the fast benefits to both during the fast it is going to help relax your muscles but it does not relax what is called the cardio tonic effect.

Of fasting that means that it works on a very distinct pathway within the muscles to keep you calm and keep your muscles feeling good but it doesn't stop the positive stress that your heart is getting during a fast with adrenaline noradrenaline point is magnesium might actually make your fast quite a bit easier so I do recommend you try it out.

I usually am a fan of die magnesium male 8 which is a chelated form that digests pretty slow anyhow there's a lot to learn I'm using just don't get magnesium citrate or magnesium oxide I'm using situates gonna make you run to the bathroom and easy my oxide is just garbage guys please don't forget to hit that thumbs up button to.

Okay we got a thousand people on this broadcast and only 400 thumbs up and I have a hard time believing that 600 people are just having a terrible time right now all right I hope everyone's having a good Saturday by the way Amber's finally getting a little bit time to go get her hair done a little bit she's dead.

You just had a kid of 9 weeks ago we've got a toddlers that's been all crazy during this crazy time and Tommy was taking a nap in the other room probably noticed a pattern with my live broadcasts almost always going to his attack time because it's the time that I can catch a break this is what I do on my breaks anyway then potassium.

Potassium the same but okay got to remember magnesium potassium levels they go down during a fast okay but they only go down at the serum level they don't necessarily go down in the aggregate they go down serum level and then they move over to the cellular level yeah and that's going to make it so that.

You can basically for all into the person at the blood level you're deficient but in the failure level you're not but you should still keep your blood level stable so that when you do break you're faster don't have this crazy ion exchange what that means is potassium is could be sorry rambling salt salt also good to take during the.

Past as a matter of fact it's not only not gonna break it fast it's going to again help keep your blood levels of salt stable so that you don't have this crazy effect of osmolarity okay the law of osmolarity means that when you have salt that he's going into the cell but it's not in the blood you're having this crazy imbalance and if that ever does.

Flood the other direction it causes this massive membrane damage of the cell that can make you feel like garbage okay hang on one second my wife's been texting me off the hook I want to share things okay I'm laughing because I thought it was an emergency or something just when I get a lot of you guys know that family they if you get like five texts in a row.

You check it it was just saying that our couch so we've been getting delivered from wayfarer has been delayed three times now it's been four months since we so I was not paid to say that Wayfarer is not good but they're not pictured anyway I move on ok then we move into stevia okay stevia is definitely good to go during.

My fast but one thing to keep in mind is the little packets of stevia have multi dextran in them and the multi dextran will break it fast so try to find stevia that easily either pure stevia or a liquid version of stevia okay stevia drops are great and things for that things like that moving into monk fruit monks are even better but use extra.

Caution because a lot of monk fruit sweeteners also have a rift brittle in them which is nothing wrong with that okay there's nothing wrong with the result it's fine but it's not fasting friendly okay I don't like every thrill adult erythritol turing a fast it's not the best it does cause some digestion erythritol is interesting because it.

Doesn't really go through passive diffusion like other sugar alcohols do but it goes through and actually absorbs into the bloodstream and it absorbs into the into the urine so it's excreted via that urine it's a weird thing and it's okay during a keto diet or anything like that I'm not anti erythritol but it's not good for a fast so monk fruit that.

Is also sweetened with erythritol is not the best during a fast I talked about in LeConte o all the time LeConte o like their granulated monk fruit is with the river tall don't use that term fast okay but the liquid monk fruit which they do have two is great during a fast by the way that's in my thrive box well so I told you some of.

These things are in my thrive box so if you use that link down below for thrive market you can find that monk fruit liquid sweetener pure liquid is just liquid month sweet water okay moving on down the line alia lows another tremendous sweetener for keto or for low carb but not keto friendly or excuse me not fasting for them erythritol we.

Already talked about sucralose big question with circulars sucralose has demonstrated in studies to trigger what is called a cephalic insulin response a cephalic insulin response means that to pure sweetness of sucralose triggers the pancreas in the beta cells within the pancreas to produce insulin it is sort of a adaptive.

Mechanism for the body to say you've got sweet stuff coming in let's get the insulin process start before this glucose gets ingested so it thinks that its glucose sucralose does this aspartame does not and if you invite away the two out I would probably take super lows over aspartame as far as toxicity goes within the body.

However sucralose is not good for fasting as far to me aspartame it's part of me is okay now that being said sucralose is also not exactly good for the gut biome a couple of different studies show that it can kill off up to 50% of your existing gut bacteria which is definitely not something good hey guys please do hit that thumbs up button.

If you don't mind would really appreciate that also by the way I did put another link in the description doesn't video isn't necessarily sponsored by them but they're awesome I don't know if you guys know the Xero app if you've ever heard of Xero it's a it's a fasting app that uses a fasting timer things like that a.

Lot of this doesn't break your fast we actually have in specific series on that now it's not my app but I have a lot of videos on that app so check out zero at the app store and you can check them out the Google Play Store everything like that I know a lot of people probably lose zero so it's great for different variations of fasting timers it sounds.

Very simple but the community aspect of it is what's really cool totally free app just do Becca menu check them out okay moving on down the line fat burners fat burners depends on the fat burner that you're using most of the fat burners that are out there are usually just caffeine and a couple other random things to make you feel like you're.

Burning fat that's the idea behind a fat burner okay to make you feel like you're burning all this energy and burning all this fat when in reality you just have extra energy which will help you burn fat if you utilize it fat burners are only good if you exercise or utilize what you're getting from them so will it break a fast it depends what's in it but.

Most of the time a fat burner is not going to break your fast in fact a lot of the time the components that are in it aren't actually beneficial to a fast well you have to be careful of is liquid fat burners and powdered fat burners that have different amino acids in them because a lot of them you know acids will break a fast now as we get down the.

Line I'm going to talk about BCAAs branched chain amino acids which I know me talking about this alone is probably stimulating that thought so stick with me we'll get through that and I've got a few more to go we're a little over halfway through this list yes awesome by the way this is a nice little broadcast for a Saturday.

Adaptogens what is an adaptogen an adaptogen is something like mushrooms like reishi mushroom or lion's mane I don't mean literally going to the store and eating a mushroom or picking one please don't just randomly pick one out of your garden lets you know what you're doing that will be very interesting fast but it's the mushroom extracts like.

Lion's mane and reishi and cha that we see a lot of like adaptogens but also things like ashwagandha maca root these are adaptogens because what they do is they trigger homeostasis they trigger hormones to balance and they've been used in our Vedic medicine and everything for a long time they're really cool things but do they break a.

Fast usually there's no metabolic response it almost operates like a almost like a supplement in a way or a comp or a vitamin or medication so yes they're okay because a lot of times I talk about taking coffee that has lines made in it to boost a fast like for sig Matic which I talked about in my videos all the time.

So like lions made coffee chaga coffee ashwagandha is okay to take during a fast rhodiola rosea is okay to take during the fast definitely okay with that moving on heavy cream probably been answered somewhat by now but heavy cream does break a fast okay there's calories in it especially the casein proteins are.

Hard to break down and those saturated fats that are in it are definitely not fasting friendly if you had to rate the fats that are the best for a fast and if that's none of the worst anything saturated is not good turning a fast because the hydrogen bonds are so tight and those carbon chains are bound with hydrogen it makes it so that your.

Body has to create lots of pancreatic lipase to break them down this is definitely going to stop a fast okay so heavy cream has those saturated fats has the conjugated linoleic acid things that are very difficult to digest and definitely break you fast which leads me into coconut oil also saturated fat lauric acid which is an MCT oil.

Technically an MCT but also categorized as a long-chain fat don't need to go down that rabbit hole but it does indeed break it fast that being said once again yes and no to some degree because coconut oil I have done coconut oil before where I go two days and only.

Consume coconut oil there's two benefits of doing that the lauric acid the MCTS yes they're great sources of quick energy they help your body produce ketones a little bit more so you get that histone deacetylation inhibition effect that's positive as far as hormonal response goes but then also we have a good degree.

Of the lauric acid which converts to mono born and it's very good for your gut biome so it's a good gut Restoration effect so I encourage you to try that out every now and then but it's not a typical fast do 24 hours of only having one tablespoon of coconut oil for breakfast lunch and dinner actually feel pretty good doing MCT oil falls within a.

Very similar category yes and no to breaking it fast again dr. Berg talks about MCT oil he says that it doesn't break a fast it depends on what your goal is again if you want zero metabolic impact and zero digestive load avoid the MCT oil if you're trying to create ketones and you're trying to get maximum ketone levels during a fast then yeah it.

Could make some sense moving on down the line exogenous ketones do eggs adjust ketones break a fast they don't break a fast but what they do is they step in front of the benefits of the fast remember the benefits of the fast don't necessarily come from the ketone production the benefits of the fast come.

From the AMPK activation what's PPA our alpha PG c 1a which is these different gene expression that occurs that triggers different cascades of processes in the body that's what we're really after not necessarily just the caloric deficit or the ketone production so exotic e tones give your body a form of fuel to utilize.

Instead of the fuel that you could be burning endogenously the exhaust means it's coming from the external endogenous means it's created internally whenever possible we want our prime our body to create it internally it helps out a lot more just for the overall benefits of the fast that we're after so exhaustion is ketones safer after your fast or the.

Days in between your fast flavor extracts now I say this like vanilla extract or raspberry extract or anything like that if they are 100% organic natural flavor extracts I'm okay with you using them so if you wanted to put that in your tea or put little bit of like liquid raspberry or liquid or vanilla extract in your iced.

Tea which by the way tastes good it'd be okay just make sure it's 100 organic because there's no natural flavors that have a metabolic effect that are organic on the market presently so if it says it's an organic flavor it's usually good to go I could be mistaken because things change all the time but as about 6 months ago that was.

The case moving on down the line now natural flavors I say natural flavors because you see a lot of beverages that have quote natural flavoring this comes right back to what I talked about before ok natural flavors has a lot of gray area are there some natural flavors that are truly genuinely good natural flavors that will not break a fast absolutely.

Scouts honor they are out there ok it's just hard to determine which ones they are right the downside of natural flavors is that there's so much wiggle room 150 different what are called incidental additives that can be added to natural flavors that the FDA does not require disclosure of there could be even some toxins and.

Carcinogens in there and they're in such small amounts that they're allowed to have them on one hand I understand why because there's not another resources to police all of that but on the other hand come on that's dangerous stuff and it really upsets me point is you've got to be really careful with natural flavors you can almost email a company if you.

Really like something for example I say really like a beverage during a fast and it has natural flavors in it you're just concerned go ahead and email the company contact them and ask them what they're using as a natural flavor sometimes they will tell you ok moving on down the line flavored coffees falls into that same category ok so a lot of these coffees.

Have like vanilla flavoring in them and they're flavored with natural flavors so you have to look like the inexpensive Keurig type ones yeah those are usually garbage but then there's some coffees that are really good quality organic peruvian coffees things like that thrive market once again in some really good organic flavored coffees they're using.

Good organic flavoring in there just like a little hint of vanilla that's not going to break your fast please do by the way also speaking of thrive if you're just hopping on this broadcast check out the link down below that is going to take you to thrive market where you can check out my intermittent fasting bundle.

My Kido bundles things like that where I assemble groceries into specific boxes that people could get what I would get at the grocery store online membership based grocery store super easy no more going to the grocery store just gets delivered to your doorstep all healthy good stuff keeping going here flavored coffees we just covered an apple cider.

Vinegar apple cider vinegar is good to go alright I'm gonna have a lot of people that say it's not because there's a couple calories in it the benefit of apple cider vinegar even if there was 20 calories in it would far offset the negative aspect of it having a couple calories okay not only do you get the benefit of taking the load off of.

Digestion a tiny bit which is one of the first steps towards getting into a deeper fasted state it also is one of those foods that up regulates again that ampk pathway I talked about good stuff when it comes down to activating the different gene expression or triggering the gene expression that we need for the positive effects of a fast okay plus.

Modulates blood sugar that's pulley the most widely known effect of the acetic acid that's in apple cider vinegar common question that comes up and take a breath for a second do you need to worry about getting apple cider vinegar with the mother no no it's I look at I love Bragg's apple cider vinegar I love those guys I.

Love the sweet lady I love Patricia she lives in Santa Barbara which is not far from me I've met her number of numerous times I've been to her ranch the Bragg you know whole enterprise the mother I have to say I love you guys but the mother just doesn't matter that much it's a little bit of bacteria a little bit of.

Probiotic effect that you could get the same way eating some sauerkraut it's just not worth it and if anything is going to potentially break a fast it is the mother so it's almost like you want to let the apple cider vinegar settle a little bit and not worry about drinking the cloudy stuff at the bottom and just get the vinegar and some of the extract.

That's coming out of the top lemon juice because I usually say enjoy some cayenne peppers and lemon juice in some apple cider vinegar at the beginning of a fast because it helps you out helps get the digestion you going lemon does have a few calories so it is in that gray area I don't suggest having it a lot I think a little bit of lemon infused water is.

Fine like soaking some women some water some lemons totally fine you're not getting a huge benefit mainly the pectin which is gonna help delay some of the gastric emptying and possibly make you super fast goes a little bit easier you guys got over a thousand people on here about 700 people liking this thing can you please smash that thumbs up.

Button it's not just for my ego I promise you it does algorithmically tell YouTube that I am NOT spamming people and that this is good content they look at how many people watch the video how many people like it things like that trust me I'm more mature than caring about it for validation I don't care about that I.

Just want people to see the content that need to see the content moving on collagen collagen peptides do break efest significantly they in fact involve a lot of digestion the collagen matrix in our body is very difficult to break down and one would even argue that taking collagen orally is actually difficult because in the first place let.

Alone during the fast so I'll just keep that one simple collagen yeah don't bother with it until after you're fast it is tremendous after a fast though very good after fast okay then we go into powder creamers the reason I say powdered creamer is does a lot of people talk about different creamers I think I made it pretty clear that it has some.

Calories in it probably not one of me having it during a fast but powdered creamer czar commonly talked about because they're usually MCT powder or coconut milk powder and things like that they do break it fast so I know is just a little bit lame for me to say this but I just had to do this whole video and explain it yes they break it fast.

Pre-workouts who here likes to take a pre-workout drink okay a lot of people I know probably do okay and I'm okay with pre workouts there's just a few things that you have to look for okay they don't break a fast unless they have various amino acids in them amino acids are broken down chunks of protein.

Essentially that involves digestion but more importantly it triggers an insulin response particularly leucine so look at your pre-workout and see if it says branched-chain amino acids or see if it says leucine if it says leucine or l-leucine in there it's not gonna be fasting friendly doesn't make it a bad pre-workout no not at all they.

Put it in there as an aunt like catabolic so people don't lose muscle you're not going to lose muscle when you're fasting if you are taking proper precautions and doing things right unless you're doing extreme fasting and constantly putting yourself in a serious deficit so don't worry about that that technically breaks a fast the things.

That you can have you can have arginine you can have citrulline malate you can have beta alanine all these things that are in pre workouts I usually recommend just making your own I usually take a little bit of black coffee like or cold brew I take a cold brew 150 milligrams of caffeine makes a couple hundred milligrams beta-alanine a couple hundred.

Milligrams of citrulline malate and you're good to go okay that's pretty straightforward and a really good little thermogenic slash pre-workout that will not break a fast BCAA is next in the list does break the fast which I recovered glutamine is a tremendous one but you want after you're fast okay it directly fuels some of the.

Cells within your gut and it does help that IgA immune response in your gut which directly builds the gut mucosal layer which breaks down during the fats so glutamine is great during a fast but it is not good at origin great after fast but not good during the fast because it's going to affect the atrophy of the gut layer that naturally is.

Supposed to occur I talked about the gut layer breaking down during a fast like it's a bad thing all the time but it's actually supposed to happen so that it can rebuild stronger and better okay glutamine is going to cut that positive effect okay it's going to make it so it doesn't need to do that as much and the last thing the one that I want to talk.

About today is toothpaste does toothpaste break a fast yes and no okay once again look at what's in your toothpaste okay usually there's eyelet all and xylitol is okay a lot of things there's natural flavors but you have to do the best that you can to not swallow your toothpaste I'm not saying that you should you know.

Not take care of your teeth when you're fasting but if you're talking about a 16 hour fast you're better off to just eat your dinner brush your teeth right after dinner and start your fast then and then when you break your fast the end of six Sene hours or 18 hours and you eat your break fast meal then brush your teeth I.

Mean it's really not you don't have to brush your teeth I shouldn't say that you you should brush your teeth even if you're not eating but if you're only skipping breakfast you're just delaying brushing your teeth and you shouldn't be fasting every single day anyway but again it's so negligible you have to factor in like how what your bone.

Density is are your teeth really porous are you more prone to cavities so you have really solid teeth and you've never had a cavity it does play a role so I hate to be able to say that but you should definitely still brush your teeth if you're doing a five-day fast I would probably not want to hang around you if you hadn't brush your teeth in five days.

That's just me okay so it all depends on what you're after there's various toothpastes out there that are still good and I mean just because I don't lie now if you doesn't mean that I'm just kidding okay yeah someone actually says do brush without paste you can totally brush with that based in fact you could even use baking soda which still is.

Going to at least get you somewhat of an effect so you totally do that yeah and someone you know of either you say that insulin would probably fall back down within the hour you're probably right it's like brick you know eat your pre fast meal brush your teeth and you're good to go also guys don't forget if you just hop.

Down here check out the zero app – I did I put a lot of content on that app it's not my app but they're an app that is like a fasting timer and they have a pretty cool version with like myself at Peter attea who's a well-known medical doctor in the fascinating world really cool guy we've done a lot of content for them within that app but anyway it's a.

Free app either way and there's up crazy stuff you want that but the point is I did link out to them down below you can check out this your own app Ralph you asked about lemon I already covered that one with coffee-mate effect fascinating yes it would a lot of these ones that are coming in are ones that I have covered okay so I'll just roll through.

Them again and I'm gonna give you a quick yes or no for those of you that are on this without the explanation okay so some of you might get a little bit upset if you're just hopping on here okay black coffee does not break it fast black tea does not break it fast green tea absolutely is great for a fast.

Herbal tea generally no but sometimes yes bulletproof coffee absolutely breaks a fast bone broth absolutely breaks a fast vegetable broth question mark okay usually it's more like just a stock so you're probably okay diet soda with aspartame like diet coke die so Diet.

Pepsi does not break a fast but it's not good to drink during fast gum for all intents and purposes pretty much breaks it fast breath mints yes breaks a fast spices cinnamon cayenne pepper things like that are good to go herbs abstain okay tobacco yes metabolically breaks a fast smoking not as much ingesting it definitely.

Vitamin C yes breaks a fast fish oil yes breaks a fast magnesium no potassium no salt very beneficial yes very good for a fast does not break it stevia does not break it mom fruit does not break a Lilo's does break it erythritol does break it sucralose does brit fat burners if they're in a pill usually not adaptogens like ashwagandha things like.

That no do not bring it fast heavy cream does not break a fat or sorry does break a fast coconut oil yes breaks a fast mc2 yes breaks a fast exogenous ketones yes breaks a fast however will keep you satiated so if it helps you get through a fast then you go for it flavor extracts generally no natural flavors generally more often than not yes but a.

Lot of things – no – you have to contact because there's 150 different variations flavored copies generally yes but if you get organic ones than no apple cider vinegar does not bring it fast lemon juice does not bring it fast collagen does break a fast powdered creamers do break a fast coffee-mate does break a fast pre-workout does not.

Break a fast unless it has BCAAs in it or has leucine in it or other aminos glutamine does break a fast it's better afterwards and toothpaste is the big question mark that we ended on all right people are asking about medications I'm not a doctors have to be very careful commenting their level thyroxine things like that generally don't break it.

Faster okay to take those probiotics someone's asked a few times probiotics do not break a fast unless they're in a liquid soft gel form but really you we don't want to take them during a fast because your gut is going through a pretty natural selection process anyway so another one that came up baby aspirin and things like that allergy medications.

No you're usually okay I mean if you can do without it do without it you should have a lesson inflammatory response you're gonna have more of an immune response after you break your fast allergies and stuff so you might want to just allocate to did anyone kakaw does break the fast yes well if you hear that sounds like Tommy's away.

From his nap which has happened just perfect timing everybody so I better top off this has worked out great anyhow guys don't forget to check out thrive market don't get check out the zero app and yeah thank you again for watching don't forget to hit that subscribe button don't forget to like this video and don't forget to please turn on those.

Notifications that way you can see whenever I post a new video which is very very important all right you guys are awesome and I will see you all soon
Does This Break a Fast? Complete List of 39 Things that DO & DON'T Break a Fast
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