Coconut Oil Study | American Heart Association | Weekly Q&A Thomas DeLauer

Coconut Oil Study | American Heart Association | Weekly Q&A Thomas DeLauer

Coconut Oil Study | American Heart Association | Weekly Q&A Thomas DeLauer

Check out the video on Coconut Oil Study | American Heart Association | Weekly Q&A Thomas DeLauer.
What's going on everybody it's Thomas de Lauer and it is Wednesday evening today I'm talking about something that all of you guys have probably heard quite a bit about and that is the good old coconut oil study that the American Heart Association came out with or at least started front-facing over here in the last few days the last week figured had.

So many people asking about this one so many people talking about it no better time to go ahead and hop on here and give you my true thoughts about what's going on but I have to wait for good audience to build up I want to make sure everyone can see me make sure everyone can hear me make sure the quality is good make sure everything is rocking and.

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Amsterdam we've got Reno we've got California Romania you guys are epic thank you so much make sure as you're joining in this broadcast a comment where you're watching from share with your friends but also hit that like button so we get some good engagement going I'm going to talk a little bit about what we've heard recently.

Regarding coconut oil and the good old American Heart Association and I want to give you my true thoughts and what's going on here so we can actually talk about it a little bit so in case you didn't know what happened last week there was a study that came out that was fairly popular or at least getting a lot of momentum surrounding the world of.

Coconut oil with the American Heart Association saying that coconut oil was unhealthy and continues to be unhealthy based on some pretty pretty flimsy evidence to be completely honest what they did is they looked at some studies they looked at a couple of things they looked at a couple analysis that saw that there was an increase in LDL.

Cholesterol when people were consuming excess amounts of coconut oil I'm going to close this blind to you really quick because it's just driving me crazy hang on there we go that's a lot better huh so essentially what they were looking at was saturated fat and the overall relationship with LDL cholesterol well a.

Lot of us know that that is kind of old science Glenn Gibson what's going on we've got Glen Gibson from Newberry Park California that's where I'm at good to see you man so what I really want to talk about on this video is less about what the aaj did wrong more about what's really happening in your body with coconut oil because so many people have.

Been asking well what we have to look at is in that study they specifically say you should be still consuming polyunsaturated fats you should still be consuming canola oil you should still be consuming olive oil it even mentions that it's okay to fry your foods as long as it's in olive oil or canola oil well if you ask me that's pretty evident that.

This is a study that's been funded by probably the wheat industry the corn industry it makes pretty darn obvious right they're obviously saying that it's okay to use canola oil but don't use coconut oil well when you start looking at how the study really plays out it makes a lot of sense but what we have to look at here is coconut oil is a.

Saturated fat versus a polyunsaturated fat like olive oil or canola oil well what's the difference and what does it really mean when it comes down to what's happening in your body and how it affects your cholesterol levels and how it affects some of these other things okay well for instance a saturated fat the best way to describe it is like a.

Dinner table okay a dinner table that has every single seat at the table occupied that is the hydrogen bonds of the saturated fat so every single seat of the dinner table imagine a big sort of Last Supper style dinner table with every single seat occupied no one else can get in no one good no one bad okay now I want you to envision another table.

Okay a table that has a couple seats available well those couple seats available act as basically bought our open seats where anyone can go and sit down a good person a bad person not so good smelling person just anyone can go and sit there well the saturated fat is the one that.

Has all the seats occupied it's saturated right saturated with hydrogen double bonds nothing else can get it very very stable okay then you look at the unsaturated fats the polyunsaturated fats they have lots of room for bad things to come in they have things where they can get oxidized so it's a lot easier for those unsaturated fats like.

The olive oils and canola oils to actually go rancid and go bad and make you sick compared to saturated fats so the fact the American Heart Association has the audacity to actually say that you can go ahead and fry your foods it doesn't matter if you're eating fried chicken our feet and fried this or that or eaten beer-battered fried this as.

Long as it's fried in coconut oil or excuse me fried in olive oil or canola oil you're fine right okay so you're now taking a fat that has the ability to become extremely oxidized and extremely toxic and extremely inflammatory to so many different components of your body and you're now going to heat it to where it's not stable and you're going to.

You're going to allow it to become totally oxidized not saying you could fry your food period you shouldn't fry your food and coconut oil either but come on how one-sided can we possibly be and obvious and I hate to break it and I hate to be this kind of guy which by the way guys if you guys are just joining to make sure you comment where you're.

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Now I'm going to get into the good stuff and get a little bit heated about this whole situation I did a video on Facebook and it went totally epic viral talking about just this okay what ends up happening do we really think that the American Heart Association really truly has our best health in mind let's be real for a second okay and I'm not being.

Some guy that's just coming out here and being anti-establishment that's not what I am I'm a realist okay but do we really think the American Heart Association do we really think that these big big associations like this really have it in for our best interests in our best health what did they have to benefit from that.

They would much rather have us be sick and have us being a pawn in whatever scheme is going on there right it just makes a lot more sense so when we look at studies that start talking about how certain things are bad and how all of a sudden since coconut oil has gotten so popular all of a sudden the American Heart Association is telling us that.

It's bad well newsflash it kind of means that the industry is going away that they don't want it to go meaning people like you are actually watching these videos and learn it right so we are learning right I'm here standing in front of the camera explaining real health explaining alternative health explaining things that in a lot of ways.

Hurt certain industries and you guys are being a part of that by learning how to take care of your health in an alternative way from what the mainstream typical studies will show you this means you're going out you're buying things like coconut oil it means you're going out you're buying things like flax you're doing these different things.

Right well that's hurting a lot of these industries imagine what that's doing to the corn industry imagine what that can be doing to the wheat industry really think about it it's hurting them because you're going out and you're making better decisions that are for your health but not stimulating the economy they want to be stimulated so that is.

Why I'm happy that the aaj came out with this by the Nha coming out with this study proving to me at least that this kind of stuff is working hopping in front of the camera people that are you know personal brands whether it's dr. axe dr. Mercola Mark Hyman whatever all of us are making a difference the point where we're.

Making a big enough impact that the American Heart Association has to say we have to come up with something to try to stop these people from buying as much coconut oil as they are now I'm not here to say that you should go out eat a ton of saturated fats hopefully you've seen my videos on saturated fats and yes there is a correlation between some.

Saturated fats and VLDL levels of cholesterol okay but we have to remember that there are also like 16 or 17 different kinds of LDL cholesterol there's vldls there's regular LDLs low-density lipoproteins very low-density lipoproteins and saturated fats don't always affect those if we go back to the 1950s 60s or the whole Ancel.

Keys thing I'm going to go down memory lane here for a second Ansel keys was someone who talked a lot about saturated fats being bad back in the early days he was one of the ones that really made the big impact on why fats are bad why we need to go with a low fat high carbohydrate diet Ancel keys did a study where I think it was either 22 or 24.

Countries and he wanted to prove that saturated fats were horrible for a philosopher rose is horrible for cholesterol and were overall just bad well what ended up being found out with mr. keys was that he found with his study that saturated fats did in fact increase LDL cholesterol and they did do some bad things but this is a huge but.

What was found is that he only found he only referenced six of the studies are assuming six of the countries of the 22 or 24 that he looked at so later on down the line when everyone looked at all of the countries it was found that the other remaining 18 had improved levels of cholesterol he improved increased HDL lower LDL lower VLDL and overall.

Healthier people but that wasn't included in the study because it didn't benefit the direction well come around 2016 everyone finds out that the sugar industry was behind a lot of these high carb low fat promoting diets right the sugar industry was behind some of these studies that made fats out.

Be so bad there's not much of a difference of what's happening right now the problem is they're purposely attacking something that's a lot more I don't know how do I say this it's really going to hit home with a lot of people because we're not just hitting fats in general right we're hitting coconut oil it's almost.

Like I want to create a shirt that says save the coconuts if you guys agree with me just go ahead and come and save the coconuts I just think it's awesome I think I almost want to start a campaign it's like hashtag save the coconuts it's it just drives me crazy that we're picking on one particular fat okay you're not coming out and they're not.

Saying that chicken thigh fat is bad or they're not coming out and they're saying like fat from your rib eye steak is bad no they're going after coconut oil they're going after the healthy one and they're doing that simply because they know that a lot of people are mislead right so they're trying to prey on the fact that people are going to go.

Out there they're going to buy coconut oil just because they hear from some guy on the internet so they're going to say hey the American Heart Association can come in here and actually tell you what's right and what's wrong and what you need to do to save your health it's extremely frustrating and you can totally tell that I get a little bit.

Passionate about it because when I saw that study came out it blew my hair back I couldn't believe it I thought that we were making the right steps towards being truly a more healthy country I really thought so and then this comes out and just blows me away and all the work that I've been putting in over the last year towards promoting coconut oil.

Promoting healthy saturated fats it feels like I took two steps forward and four steps back because now I'm having to explain why I'm not a terrible person for saying that coconut oil is good for the last few years and I've had some people say Thomas you need to hop on and you need to do a video and just admit that you were wrong about coconut oil.

You know because the American Heart Association has come out and said that it's bad you need to Thomas you need to you know humble yourself and go out there and say that you were wrong guys I will tell you I am the first person to ever admit when I am wrong I will tell you right here on live broadcast in front of however many people are.

Watching this right now that I have been wrong in some of my videos with some of my studies but I always make a point of either putting in the description or making sure that mentioned if I am wrong or if science comes in and bites me in the ass later on I will fix it and I will put it out there because I'm honest and I will tell.

You that every single time so if I'm wrong you can expect me to tell you that I'm wrong and if I dive into more research on this coconut oil thing even more than I already have over the last five six years I will hop on here and I will own it I will tell you that I've steered you wrong but right now it's getting to the point where the eh-eh-eh.

Is taking advantage of people that don't know any better they're taking advantage of the mainstream population that just wants to just get healthy and they're looking for someone to help them get that down a path and one of the things we have to remember is us as people we are always naturally gravitating towards a fault.

Someone to follow right we're always gravitating towards a leader and I see that's why I'm here right I'm here I have the ability on the Internet to educate a lot of people I like being a leader I like helping you guys get along the lines and understand how well the eh-eh-eh and some of the other organizations they also know that people.

Need a leader and sometimes they go out to the blind and they ultimately become their leader by giving them information that is interesting or captivating like this coconut oil one so anyway I don't want to go into too much detail on a rant I just wanted to hop in here and clear some of that up so I'm going to do a.

More detailed video here in the next couple of weeks so do make sure that you're paying attention because that's going to come out it's going to be a really good video in the meantime we've got a lot of people that are joining in so make sure you comment where you're watching from and if you haven't already please make sure that you hit that like.

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So if you have a question will give me a chance to go ahead and answer it I'm going to answer three questions tonight and you can always continue to post your questions I will check them out later and whenever I get the chance I will pick out the ones that I think are the best videos to do Michelle good to hear that your seven day seven pounds down.

Awesome that's really really great Auburn New York what's going on and then we've got a Alikhan they got it's always coming on here saying disparaging things why haven't I blocked you yet I need to do that someone asked if oil pulling is legit I don't want to necessarily waste a question on that because I've already got a great video so if you go on my.

Channel and you just type in oil polling I have a video on that already and then coconut milk or cream good or bad – just drink straight it's a good question so here's the thing with coconut oil and coconut cream coconut or sorry you said coconut milk or coconut cream coconut milk and coconut cream are close to the same thing basically.

Coconut cream is a very concentrated form of coconut milk you're just getting a higher fat content so you still have a tiny bit of the lauric acid you still have a tiny bit of the MCTS the big thing is you're not getting as much of the usable fats okay you're getting more of kind of the fiber actually some of the even little bits of starches and a.

Little bit of sugar in there so you're not going to get as much out of it as you would be if you're just say having some regular coconut oil but coconut cream as you know I'm a huge fan of adding it to like some almond milk that you're going to drink before bed it still has a very high fat profile that's really good it's much better than a lot.

Of other fast sources a heck of a lot better than using whipped cream or using heavy cream or anything like that so hope that helps it out it gives you a little bit of a insight into it but a little bit of a tough question to use to answer excuse me will it so I someone says well MCT oil or coconut oil pre-workout ruin the benefits of working.

Out fasting that's a good question yes essentially Attwood so if you are using any kind of oil you're no longer fasting so even if it's MCT oil which is going to help you burn a little bit more that is going to do some things it's going to turn into the ketones in your body it's going to convert into acetyl coenzyme a a lot faster and therefore it.

Go through that process of creating more ketones well we have to remember that it's still calories and still breaking it fast so if you're fasting you're fasting and you got to make sure you keep the MCTS out until you're breaking that fast everyone makes sure you continue to comment where you're watching from so.

Yes that does mean that if you're doing bulletproof coffee it does effectively break it fast it's not officially a fast if you have bulletproof coffee and no it's not a biochem degree on the wall I wish it was no this was this has to do with my psychology background so believe it or not my background is psychology just so happened to fall in love.

Nutrition and worked in the right industry and worked in the right world being in the health care industry that this is where I fell into this is what I love got Australia in the house got North Carolina in the house and straight coffee is fine yes Freddy you asked about counting net carbs or total I have a video on that as.

Well so just go into my channel and type in net carbs and you'll find it Greensboro North Carolina what's going on guys make sure that you continue to comment where you're watching from but also make sure you hit that like button we've got some haters that don't like psychology backgrounds apparently that's all good this someone says on five the.

Only vegan that likes watching my videos you know I do a lot of topics surrounding the world of vegan and vegetarian as well in fact one of my main editors is a vegan and yeah she added a lot of videos even ones that aren't necessarily vegan related so it's all good but Michelle good to see you here I know you said you got to go.

You're on break so I'm glad you were able to hop on live because make sure that you do by the way turn on that little bell the little bell and the bottom right of your screen because that's going to turn on notifications so that you know whenever I push out a video I'm doing videos three to four times per week right now so I'm kicking.

Them out like crazy and I want to make sure that you guys are seeing them is everyone smile post one just like doesn't do very well and it's like darn it it kind of bums me out so I want to make sure you turn it on notifications so you see that I'm so glad that so many people have learned so much that's awesome so.

What do you do to get over a keto flu that's actually a really good question some of the best ways that you can get over a ketogenic flu like getting into that process of going into ketosis is to increase your salt intake and increase your water intake one of the biggest reasons that people end up feeling kind of cruddy when they.

First go into ketosis is their mineral balance just goes way off okay you're dropping a lot of water really fast – you're losing minerals and it ends up making it so you feel pretty lethargic so just simply increasing your sodium level will actually help help you out a whole lot so it really makes a big difference.

We got this one hater ollie on here he is just like loving it he's telling me that I should do all this dirty stuff like what is going on okay I need to learn how to block some people thank you guys so much for everyone that's saying thank you and let you're learning so much from the channel someone says can you comment MCT oil powder is better.

Than using exotic ketones that's a good question so here's the thing exogenous ketones MCT powder are essentially going to convert into the same thing in the body in a lot of ways but ketones exogenous ketones technically don't have the calorie count they're just the salts so when your body creates ketones your body is creating they're basically.

Distilled down to ketone salts and the exogenous ketones are the salt version so they technically don't have calories although at the end of the day energy wise they're all doing the same kind of thing Andy thank you so much for commenting and saying that the Grigios are great I'd really love it love doing these.

Videos low carb high fat is a vegetarian it's a little hard to do but it's definitely doable it's definitely good and someone says thank you for your service awesome I don't know how you knew that I was in the military but I appreciate it you guys are awesome and then Lilly Acela Keller says don't let anyone.

Discourage you and not don't worry it's just as these comments come in I like to read them and sometimes I read one that's really just random gizelle thank you for saying you love my videos Ryan see what's more effective for fat loss hang on for MSOE endomorph key or carb cycling still keto definitely carb cycling can be really dangerous on the.

Body just because you're constantly messing with your insulin level so it can be really really rough Trevor says stop giving the haters attention I know it's not that I'm trying to personally give them attention it's the fact that I'm scrolling through and I see them Dillon I was Air Force by the way thank you for asking can you do a shout-out.

From your wife we love your videos so hang on jafer I don't know what your wife's names but it is but shouting out your wife because you asked me to so don't know what her name is but here's a shout-out to Jay for his wife low carb vegan if you've got a low carb vegan in the house that's not easy to do so Andrea Cooper watch my videos every.

Day thank you for joining in thank you for chiming in guys if you can make sure that you hit that like button what are my thoughts on olive oil so olive oil is still you know parsley unsaturated fat so which means if it's not being heated it's okay if you're putting it on salad things like that it can be utilized as a lot of good things it isn't the best.

Omega-3 omega-6 balanced if you know my videos you know I'm always trying to keep a higher omega-3 profile so high room maybe 3 to omega-6 olive oil doesn't quite put you there so olive oil is good in moderation because it is good in terms of giving you the alpha linoleic acid that can convert into omega-3s later on down the line but it's.

Not nearly as good as say using like walnut oil or avocado oil or even straight-up fish oil or coconut oil can you eat more calories in a day if you play basketball that's kind of a no-brainer yeah you can someone asked I have a PhD nope I don't my background is actually completely in psychology that's but my whole world has been in nutrition.

So if you guys don't know my background I was in the healthcare industry I owned an ancillary lab services company for a while and I sold that back in 2012 so I worked really really closely with a lot of physicians the Mayo Clinic I worked with a lot of physicians in that world and that's how I got sucked into this whole world that I'm in now is I knew so.

Many doctors that were sort of anti-establishment doctors they were these doctors that just didn't really believe in the conventional way because we were a third party ancillary lab services company we were working with a lot of doctors that weren't even on the insurance grid you know they were doctors that were fee-for-service.

Doctors meaning there were a lot of doctors that were working concierge medicine or working with patients that were paying them cash because there were things that weren't necessarily reimbursable so I worked with a lot of doctors that were really different and that's how I got in this world and fell in love with it when I was 280 pounds.

Before those of you that don't know I was 280 pounds before I was super overweight when I was working in that corporate world and it was a lot of the doctors that I was around that taught me what I know and that's how I changed my life that's how I got on the right track so if you don't already that's the whole.

Story behind I was really overweight and changed my life based on real legitimate legitimate medical knowledge not the stuff that's in the American Heart Association studies right now so we've got a reef fish malice as a physician here in my videos are legit and solid hey I appreciate that that means a lot coming.

From a doctor that really really does especially you know a good old physician because a lot of times you end up hearing well you know I mean Ishmael you doctors male you definitely know so many of the doctors out there they just go by the book and it's based on such Newtonian physics and such BS that really doesn't have to do much with how.

Our bodies are functioning today I mean it was built by the farm a lot exceeded by the pharma companies I know this because when I worked in the lab services company we were side by side with the pharma companies and unfortunately it's a really nasty world out there so anyway Hasaan production says it's.

His streaming and he wants to get a hundred likes on his stream maybe they'll hop over after this okay gotten a low battery signal so I appreciate a betrayer you say I'm a class act I appreciate that man really really means a lot cheat day allowed on keto I would recommend doing a cheat day maybe every.

Two to three weeks you're very very welcome for sharing my story it's awesome that's what I do that's why I'm here I think I need to relate to that story more often because sometimes it's easy for people to think that I'm just another fitness guy just another fitness model and it's important that you guys.

Know that I'm a real person I've been through the wringer I've been through stuff I was overweight I have changed my life I'm not going back and now I'm here doing what I do now because I try to help as many people as possible so someone says please do a full video on my story with before photos etc you know actually believe it or not if you look.

At the main video on my channel like the main video as if you were a new subscriber like the channel trailer I do I go through it I share it and if you guys don't already look at me on Facebook I've got my before-and-after pictures there all the time but yeah it's definitely no joke I wanted to be able to find one on my computer that I.

Could show you you guys bear with me really quick I mean one bear with me I'm gonna sit down real quick okay so here's what I'm gonna do I'm trying to finding one of my before-and-after pictures for you guys because I know a lot of people are asking so bear with me if you're just joining in guys just hang on there and.

All I'm trying to do right now is pick up one of my four and after pictures so that I can show you exactly what it's all about here we go okay you guys ready for this check this out I don't know if you can see that real well so that was me 280 pounds and that's one of my magazine covers so that's just the best kind of.

Before-and-after that I can show you right here so hopefully you guys saw that if you guys end up if you guys did see that let me know let me know that the the video came through or excuse me that the picture came through and someone says before Air Force actually believe it or not it was after Air Force so I was actually really healthy growing.

Up I was a cross-country runner then I went the military and sorry I did say holy s outloud I'm sorry guys hopefully I didn't lose some followers you guys know I do customers by the time someone says I like my office I did this last video too but let me show you a little bit of my office here oh look who's still here mr. Tinney wouldn't be a.

Video without Timmy right you guys I'm going to go ahead and wrap this up and if you can give me one last big round of likes one last big round of comments just that we can say goodbye and guess what I don't know if I have anyone watching from Alaska right now but I'm going to be in Alaska tomorrow which is Thursday through Tuesday okay so I'm.

Going to be in Alaska from the 22nd through the 27th if you know anyone in Anchorage or you're in Anchorage give me a shout out feel free to fire me an email feel free to fire me a message because I would love to love to see people so if you know anyone in Alaska let me know or if you have sort of good ideas on stuff.

To do in Alaska let me know I'm going to do some a little bit of fishing and probably do some halibut fishing and have some fun so you guys are super awesome thank you again one last quick round of likes you can just hit that like button I'm gonna go ahead and sign this off and give us a big ol share if you can as.

Well thank you again remember it's not always about what you read the American Heart Association isn't necessarily correct but what can I say I'm not a doctor so you can only take what I say with a grain of salt you guys are awesome see you soon
Coconut Oil Study | American Heart Association | Weekly Q&A Thomas DeLauer
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