CLEAN Keto Trader Joe’s Haul 🥓🧀 (Filmed LIVE)

CLEAN Keto Trader Joe’s Haul 🥓🧀 (Filmed LIVE)

CLEAN Keto Trader Joe’s Haul 🥓🧀 (Filmed LIVE)

Check out the video on CLEAN Keto Trader Joe’s Haul 🥓🧀 (Filmed LIVE).
What's going on everybody it's a little bit of a different style i'm gonna do this kind of home movie style i i had to run down to uh southern california to do a little bit of filming so i'm in probably a recognizable place here where i'll do a lot of filming but i'm only here for a few days so i.

Wanted to pick up a couple of goodies at trader joe's and obviously i'm keto and i do keto in a very clean way so i figured nothing better than to just do this on a whim right do it completely unstaged completely unproduced and just show you what i got for a few days.

At tj's really really simple so trader joe's if you're not familiar uh if you're not in the states trader joe's is a great just healthy grocery store has all kinds of different options but i wanted to make this just kind of fun so i know it might be a little bit shaky because i don't even have a tripod with me right.

Now uh what's going on steve atkinson good to see you we've got vonda little what's going on we've got uh lulu good to see you here uh don't forget uh to comment where you are watching from and that way we can rock and roll and i can say hello we've got tara chapman.

What's going on courtney elizabeth uh man lots of people on here so without further ado let's go ahead and jump in because i know a lot of people are going to watch this later on on replay and i want to be cognizant of that now full disclaimer this is not like a full-blown crazy.

Keto haul where i spent thousands of dollars i spent like 40 bucks and i was just getting some stuff for a few days but uh so it's not like everything you would need okay this is just simple stuff i have a few things here that'll tide me over in terms of like cooking oils and stuff like that so.

Let's jump right in okay so tj's you guys have probably seen these before okay these are their pasture-raised eggs that they have now i'm kind of beating a dead you-know-what when i talk about the egg thing right eggs if they're cage-free it doesn't really mean anything if they're organic it doesn't really.

Mean anything so you really want to try to look for pasture raised whenever possible although at the end of the day with eggs usually the standards are not the greatest a lot of times the eggs are going to be fed soy it's just the way it goes so try to look for ones that are a.

Little bit more enriched with omega-3s because that means they're at least feeding the chickens flax and sometimes a little bit of things that have omega-3s in them which does believe it or not transfer into your body a little bit not to get super super scientific but the omega-3s that we get from eggs the.

Omega-3s that we get from meats usually pretty negligible amounts it is called alpha linolenic acid now people will tout these are omega-3 rich eggs and yada yada yada when in reality the omega-3s that are in them don't really translate into a usable form too much within the body however.

These are pretty darn good quality for the price okay so today they were 3.99 okay not the cheapest eggs in the world but considering what you're getting not bad at all chris rodriguez says hello from the 805 that's where i'm at as well represent the 805. okay we got new zealand in the house we got tamara in.

The house what's up madison uh we've got elvira in fort worth texas good to see you don't forget to make sure you comment where you're watching from all right so we already covered the eggs let me see what else i got here ah oysters okay now one of the reasons that i get to eat oysters now is because.

When i'm not home i can eat them because my wife doesn't like it when i eat them at the house because they kind of stink yes so i usually go outside and eat them out of a cur as a courtesy of my family anyhow uh kind of cool the reason that i go for oysters is because they're super.

High in zinc in fact one of if not the highest zinc food that you can find so you might find them super gross that's totally okay this is my little pre-filming snack that i might have tomorrow if i'm not fasting which again i'm not sure i might fast before i film tomorrow uh i will usually have some oysters i.

Find that i just get a nice little mental kick now here's the thing most oysters that you're going to find are going to be in a really cruddy oil okay these ones are kind of cool and this is not a plug for this brand okay so these are actually in olive oil which is rare okay usually don't find them in olive.

Oil i usually recommend consuming sardines or oysters or anything in water so that you're not having to get the extra calories in the oil if you don't need it but the fact that these oysters are in olive oil is a nice little plus this is a novelty item for me you don't have to be getting this this is.

You know these are like 2.99 for this it's definitely a more expensive treat but it's like having ice cream for me guys don't forget to comment where you're watching from please don't forget to hit that thumbs up button don't forget to hit that like button don't forget to smash that like button.

So we get a bunch of thumbs up on this video and that people see this later on all right now let's move on down the line okay normally i get this in the organic version but they did not have it this time so i'm gonna live for a day all right i'm not perfect i have food that's not organic sometimes.

Right this is called the broccoli and cauliflower duet now this is pretty cool because it's super super easy all pre-washed pretty good to go why do i want broccoli why do i want cauliflower okay obviously good healthy green yadda yadda but in this case.

I'm after the anti-estrogen effect i always find that i hold less water when i consume more cruciferous vegetables so when i'm consuming things like broccoli or cauliflower brussels sprouts i tend to feel like i hold less water now that could just be me but i've always found that it does help with.

Estrogen modulation there's something in broccoli in cauliflower it's called the indole methane dim and what it does is it helps the liver metabolize bad estrogens so we have good estrogens we have bad estrogens in the body all right now the bad estrogen is the ones that.

Cause a problem those are the ones that cost a lot for the body to break down now when we help break them down at the liver level we can excrete those toxins we can excrete that bad estrogen a little bit more so in this case i find i hold less water i find that i.

Feel better and i just have a better skin glow okay that's just kind of again i know whatever it's it's vain i guess okay now again i got some organic cottage cheese here's the thing i'm a touting uh fan of good culture right good culture is usually the brand that i would lean towards.

This one however is going to be halfway decent if you're going to get cottage cheese at least promise yourself that's one food that you try to get organic okay cottage cheese is a case in protein it's almost pure casein protein that's not a bad thing it just means that if you get the wrong.

Kind of cottage cheese you could be running into a problem there are multiple multiple studies and my own experience that shows that when you have case in protein it's the wrong kind you have a pretty high degree of inflammation now what's going on is there's a specific strain or a.

Specific amino that is missing in modern day case and proteins now what that means is that when it reacts inside your body and it breaks down it causes a little bit of a histamine response that means that you actually get a little bit of a small literally allergic reaction that's.

Occurring which is why people sometimes feel like they retain a lot of water when they have cottage cheese when they have a bunch of dairy or even a bunch of regular cheese the quality of your cheese matters and i'm going to talk in just a second about a specific kind of cheese because i have it in this bag that'll actually.

Blow your mind with science okay it's pretty cool stuff and i'm sorry for the shaking i'm sorry for you know the camera i'm just literally holding this someone said dude slow down i can't win guys i either go fast and go through all this stuff or i go slow and make this a two hour video uh either way haters gonna hate right.

Okay now we get into this this is the cool stuff trader joe's has goat cheese slices i just think that's cool am i gonna finish these in two or three days no i'm not but i'm going to take them home with me you can be i'm sure that all right so the goat cheese is exactly what i was talking about.

With this goat cheese is a different kind of casein protein so that means that your body utilizes it different than it does with cow protein or cow casein protein this is cool because a it doesn't trigger as much of an inflammatory response within the body but b it means i can have more of it and.

I can have more cheese it's going to melt and taste good but i like it in slices because i don't like to just mush my hands into that goopy tube of goat cheese that you usually get at other stores it's kind of cool to have it in a slice but if you are a keto person let me tell you why goat cheese.

Is the bee's knees or why it's the goat's cheese it's kind of weird anyway i guess what i mean by that is goat cheese has what is called c10 mct in it you've all heard of mct oil okay well mct oil is obviously big in keto okay it's very helpful for us because it helps us create ketones but did you know.

That there are foods that contain mcts if you don't just get it from an oil it's not you don't just squeeze it from the mct tree okay it's cool stuff and it comes from most of the time coconuts it comes from palm oil things like that but goat cheese is like 30 percent uh.

Actually it's between 25 and 35 depending on what kind and whatever uh mct okay so you're getting a good amount of c10 now c10 is not the best mct but that means that goat cheese is a cheese that you can eat that can help you produce ketones more yes you heard me right with that okay and that.

Is a scientific fact if you eat more goat cheese you can probably produce more ketones now that doesn't mean that you're going to eat it and magically lose weight that's not how this works but if you're tracking ketones and you're trying to create more and trying to get deeper into ketosis.

Embrace the goat cheese but if i go to my trader joe's and they're out of this stuff i'm going to hunt you down because that means that you're listening to me but you're also taking all my goat cheese okay now let's move on down the line just for those of you that are just.

Hopping in please don't forget to hit that thumbs up button please please please okay that really helps us out a lot and don't forget to comment where you're watching from so first i covered the pasture eggs then i covered the smoked oysters okay then i covered my broccoli and.

Cauliflower that unfortunately is not organic but it's going to do the trick then i covered oh sorry then i covered my cottage cheese which is organic but it's still not the best because it's not made with an a2 casing and it's probably not grass-fed but again guess what oh my god thomas is human.

Oh my god you mean he doesn't do everything he says in his videos no because then i would just be breathing air okay my videos are a coaching system i talk or not a coaching system excuse me i talk about all kinds of things so yes sometimes i don't get exactly what i want.

This is it then i covered goat sheets alright so welcome everyone who's just hopped on here let's keep on rolling on down the line almond milk now they were actually out of coconut milk believe it or not normally i would use the unsweetened coconut milk it's not as tasty as the almond milk but at least the unsweetened.

Coconut milk does not have the phytates what is a phytic acid what is phytates what what you hear me talk about them i sound like a crazy person i am a crazy person but i sound like an extra crazy person when i talk about it and again everyone forgive the shakiness.

Forgive that it's just i'm holding this up and my shoulders are only so strong well phytic acid is a chelating agent and what that means is it will chelate minerals in our gut and it will make them so that they're negatively charged there's an electrical reaction that occurs when you consume.

A lot of phytates that are in almonds and cashews now you have to consume a lot of them okay it's not like it's you eat one in your your toast okay but people consume a lot of almond butter they consume a lot of almonds a lot of cashews on keto and those phytates chelate and they.

Negatively charge other minerals and nutrients in your gut making it so they can't pass through the gut barrier and you pass them out in your stool so that means that you're just not getting what you need it's not good stuff but it's not bad to like have an almond.

Now and then so anyway i have some almond milk there's no carrageenan in this let me tell you what i like and what i don't like about this almond base which is just filtered water and almond okay for the most part it's just straight up almond it's not almond skin which is going to have the phytic acid.

Tricalcium phosphate is actually not bad okay that's really just a mineral preservative it's not bad at all sea salt is fine natural flavors i'm not a fan of okay natural flavors there are 150 different this 150 different what are called incidental additives that they can put into natural flavors.

That the fda does not have to recognize so that means you could have up to 150 chemicals that we have no idea because the fda doesn't tell us what they are that could be in your food okay ashton jones says loser i am such a loser i know it's why i have two and a half million subscribers and.

Why i built a successful brand because i'm a loser people love to watch losers um okay sunflower lecithin not the end of the world not the greatest locus bean gum is actually fine vitamin a palmitate is really just kind of a form of vitamin a that's really just been um.

Not extruded what's the word i'm looking for it's like acts as somewhat of an emulsifier and then we've got d-a-d-l-alpha blade toronto blank dl alpha to sulfurol and acetate which is a form of vitamin e and then actually it looks like they removed a couple so they used to have a couple other things in here.

So what do i have that for mainly so i can make a protein shake that's about it all right let's keep going i'm a cheese guy i don't eat a lot of dairy but i save my dairy for the cheeses i just discovered this not organic but i'm gonna pace myself i am a sucker for havarti cheese.

It is not the best cheese on keto it is not is it better than like the cruddy semi-processed cheddar and stuff like that heck yes it is but i am such a sucker for havarti i love to put it on my almond like you know bread that i've made with almond flour things like that.

It is so good it's so buttery it is it's my favorite cheese i love it and then i just discovered that they had this light havarti okay i appreciate that super chat i'm gonna answer it really quick uh banjo says sorry to go off topic but how far should we space out our cheat meals i would say don't have them closer than.

10 days together so this is a light havarti now you might be thinking i'm keto like why do i need to have light cheese you don't need to have light cheese no go for the fatty stuff but let me ask you this are you chasing ketone levels or are you.

Chasing results okay the ketones are coming whether you eat fat or not if the carbs are out of the equation the ketones are coming don't worry about it your body will make them from your fat stores don't feel like you have to add a bunch of fats just for fat.

Sink don't feel like you have to add a bunch of fats just to create more ketones you don't have to do that okay so here's what you do you go for a lighter cheese why because a lighter cheese doesn't usually have other things added to it in this case pasteurized part skim milk cheese cultures.

Salt microbial remnant and vitamin a pulmonary vitamin a pulmonary you're gonna find in pretty much any cheese that's not super clean organic grass-fed so all this is havarti that's made from park skim i'm gonna take it it probably tastes just as good in fact i'll probably eat a piece on camera so you guys can see.

I'm not lying all right now guess what tj's came out with this which blew my mind i saw it a couple weeks ago roasted cauliflower that's pre-cooked okay they also had roasted broccoli which i have been getting a bunch at home and then they have roasted green beans without have a few more carbs hey guys.

Can you don't forget to smash that thumbs up button please please please i appreciate it so hit that thumbs up button don't forget to comment where you're watching from and for those of you that are on this video right now um i put a link down below don't forget thrive mark it down below in the.

Description yes this wouldn't be a thomas de la hour video unless i you know had a plug right because i put food on the table for my family because i'm a decent halfway responsible father anyway i do recommend you check them out they have a bunch of good keto goodies they have keto boxes.

Fasting boxes that i've created so please please please take three minutes after this video and click that link down below and check them out just to at least check it out and see what they've got because i think you'll appreciate it and it helps me out helps this channel out helps so i can keep producing content so.

That i can keep bothering you all and so that i can keep plugging products and being just a terrible demon this stuff is cool because look at the ingredients in it cauliflower florets olive oil sea salt and black pepper you heard it four ingredients cauliflower olive oil sea salt and black pepper.

What that's what my little toddler does now by the way tommy he just learned to start like saying that and he says it in this like snide sarcastic way every time i say something he goes what anyway it's funny i love they're using olive oil with this previously i think trader joe's would.

Have used canola oil i think they would have used sunflower oil now they're stepping up their game they're using olive oil so what i do with this you can literally put it in a saucepan and heat it up for about five minutes if even that it is so.

Freaking cool i will eat it cold too my wife has been doing some awesome stuff she made some stir fry with the roasted broccoli anyway this isn't even a plug for trader joe's this stuff is awesome but please don't wipe it off the shelves for me okay now we got some more stuff let's roll oh okay.

Now some of you are thinking oh no thomas is gonna put that in the microwave i'm unsubscribing he's a fake he's a phony you don't have to microwave these i like these because they're kind of pre-seasoned they're already halved and they already have a little bit of olive oil in there.

Okay so this you can cut it open and put it in a saucepan do whatever you want with it or if you care to despite whatever you think about microwaves i don't even want to hear it it's microwavable it's got a little steam pouch so if you're on the go.

Like if i'm in a hotel room i will microwave this and i will consume it because that's pretty darn cool to be in a hotel room and be able to use the hotel room microwave and have some brussels sprouts now it's just my wife and i and maybe the kids i'm not gonna invite people over after i've cooked brussels sprouts.

Because they will really think that i have a problem but anyway moving on look what else they have the same deal but with asparagus now brussels sprouts let me stop really quick very very high in prebiotic fibers so when you're on keto it's a benefit to have foods that are.

Going to have prebiotic fibers because the overall amount of gut bacteria that you have actually drops okay your diversity drops and the overall volume of gut bacteria drops a little bit because you're not feeding it as much fiber so i would recommend when you do get deeper into ketosis like three four.

Five weeks in you start adding prebiotic fibers and start adding the things like brussels sprouts now it also has something called sulfurophane that's why if you eat a lot of it you get kind of a sulfury smelling gas don't overdo it to that point but it's called sulfurophane and it's one of the.

Precursors that really helps us out with producing what is called glutathione glutathione your body's natural built-in ability to detox it's pretty awesome now i say that tongue-in-cheek detox i'm probably this video is probably gonna get demonetized off youtube because i said detox it's not like an actual detox but it's.

Your body's ability to get rid of reactive oxygen species so what that means is broccoli indirectly helps support that so i tend to eat broccoli later in the day a so that i don't get bloated because it will bloat you but if i do get bloated it's at night and the only one that i'm.

Bothering is my wife i'm not bothering the rest of the world and my wife's been with me for 16 years so she's gonna put up with it she doesn't care right amber so i got two of those because i'll probably eat one tonight ah you're probably getting like hey where's the meat well believe it or not like i like.

Protein but i go through periods where i just don't eat as much but i got a couple bits of protein that are going to last me over plus i've got like three things of butcher box ground beef in the freezer here i'm so stoked to see that trader joe's now has organic ground chicken okay so here's the thing.

With ground meat ground chicken uh ground chicken you're usually going to end up getting fatty or kind of usually gonna be like eight percent not the biggest fan of poultry fat okay poultry fat uh chicken turkey things like that duck they tend to hold a little bit more.

Toxin in their fat it tends to be a little bit lower quality and that's only because by and large poultry are fed junk compared to beef okay beef is fed a much sturdier better diet much less soy than you see in chicken so when chicken when you start getting the darker meat like the thigh and stuff.

Like that it's not as good in that sense because that comes through and absorbs right into you that being said organic is always going to be better but it's still not going to be the best trader joe's had delicious organic ground chicken or excuse me had delicious ground chicken before.

But now they have organic ground chicken which is pretty awesome still eight percent fat so it says contains up to a one percent solution of buffered organic vinegar sunflower oil and rosemary extract i'll live with less than one percent sunflower oil but i'm stoked that they actually buffer.

It with organic vinegar that's pretty cool then what did i get for beef you guys are gonna really freak out on this and i've done this i talked about this in a meat video before 96 lean ground beef but it's not organic it's not grass-fed it's not.

Grass-finished well here's what's up when you have the ability to get lean beef that is this lean 96 is pretty lean like trader joe's has i'm totally cool with having it be non-organic why because the amount of omegas that you're actually going to get.

From this four percent is so negligible for the four percent fat that's in this 96 lean it's so negligible it's not worth spending the extra money a to get organic but b to end up with a 15 fat the only fat the only organic beef ground beef that trader joe's had.

Was a 15 fat beef i don't care if it's organic or not i don't want 15 fat right now why because that adds more than three times the amount of calories coming from fat i don't need the extra fat i hope that i'm drilling into your head that you should spare your fats for delicious.

Things that you want to have fats with if you want a fattier cut of meat and that's your treat then sure but don't have that fatty cut of meat and then also go to town on fat bombs choose the leaner cuts of meat and add the fats where you can with things like this macadamia nuts because that stuff is the.

Bomb why because they are and because they're super super low carb very high in fat and they're the lowest omega-6 profile that you're possibly going to find which means if you're going to go ham or go nuts on nuts you're going to want to go nuts on a macadamia nut because that means you can.

Eat a bunch of it and you're not going to have the chelating effect like you would get with almonds it's not going to chelate excess minerals and or kill any minerals and make it so you can't absorb but it's also not going to skew your omega-3 omega-6 profile and let me tell you if you're trying to do.

Clean keto one of the things that you need to pay the most attention to is your omega-6 to omega-3 ratio you absolutely positively need to pay attention to that and i cannot hone in on that anymore okay when we are eating more fats okay when you're eating more fats it's a lot easier.

To eat way too many omega-6s when you are just eating a traditional diet that's not keto your overall amount of fat you're consuming is so much less right so much less that if you have more omega-6s and fats are only 20 of your diet that extra omega-6 is not going to amount to much but if.

Your diet is 70 fat and you have more omega-6s those omega-6s are going to make up a huge amount of your overall aggregate right so we have to pay attention to it that's why i have things like the oysters in there to balance it out that's why i have things like macadamia.

Nuts because they're rich in pulmonary acid which helps balance that out it's why i go for the leaner cuts of meat so i don't get that omega-6 profile coming from the meat anyhow it's that simple so i'm going to recap a lot of the things that i went through here just because that's it that's all i got.

For a few days and i'll probably take a bunch home with me so this was a quick trip for like three days and that's it now please do don't forget link down below in the description before i go through all this stuff again link down below for thrive market you can get a lot of things like macadamia.

Nuts you can get oysters you can get sardines you can get all that fun stuff through thrive so please please please do me a favor and check them out after this video if you want to get some good keto goodies all right recapping here and then we're going to let you get back to you tonight and i'm going to.

Probably watch a tv show that i never get to watch because usually i have screaming kits okay pasture raised eggs then we moved on down the line to my oysters okay my omega-3 little ice cream treat for me okay then let's see make sure i go in the same order or close to it.

Cottage cheese cottage cheese is going to be great in this case organic cottage cheese not the best one but i'll probably have a little bit here and there i don't like the sodium content so it kind of bothers me a little bit that trader joe's one's high in salt then the star of the show the goat milk.

Slices bada-boom okay my a-tube case in protein high quality not going to trigger a bunch of inflammation go to town cheese this stuff is the bomb okay goat cheese also rich in mct oil or mcts not necessarily oil per se that's going to help you.

Produce more ketones the most ketogenic cheese bada-boom okay now let's keep rolling i'm probably driving people so nuts right now everyone hates tom when it gets weird we've got actually jumping around too much make sure i get in the right order then i went all in milk i think so almond.

Milk okay now this one they didn't even have organic but i'm gonna live with it because the almonds are actually a pretty small constituent of it okay then i have broccoli and cauliflower broccoli and cauliflower rich in d-i-m-d endola methane indole-3-carbinol.

Really really good with helping the liver produ or process excess estrogens okay then brussels sprouts for the same reason then asparagus one of the best most ketogenic vegetables that you can consume because high in the prebiotic fibers it's going to help you out there okay.

Then we found this good stuff roasted cauliflower that is already roasted in olive oil so all you have to do is heat it up that is awesome awesome stuff and then my extra star of the show that i'm probably going to devour tonight the light havarti because i love my havarti cheese.

But it's not the best cheese to have on keto but light havarti at least takes 40 calories out of it and it's just made with skim milk instead of or part skim milk instead of regular milk organic ground chicken 96 lean not organic bam beef because it's not going to kill you to not have organic if it's lean i still would.

Recommend butcher box in that case but also just so you guys know thrive market does have meat options too i know i push butcher box a lot but thrive market has great meat options too and very sustainable stuff i'm not totally a sellout that's only going to talk about a brand that helps support the channel thrive has a.

Great lead option too okay macadamia nuts i get the unsalted ones just because i don't need the extra sodium sometimes and that's it all right so everyone don't forget to hit that like button please do it really does help and please share this video get it out there if you want me to do more live videos.

Like this with my grocery hauls and things like that i am super down to do it because i think this is fun i think being able to do this live and show you that hey i do have a knowledge about this stuff there's not looking at a teleprompter i'm not doing this stuff this is real.

And i said something the other day on an instagram story that resonated with a lot of people um it's so easy on the internet to hate it's so easy to spew hate it's it's fine it's the way it goes i have this channel not because i'm trying to be the king of education i have this channel because i like.

Talking about this stuff guys like i do this i intermittent fast i do keto because i enjoy it okay i like doing this stuff and i like talking about it and i do this stuff not because i'm trying to push an agenda i do it because i like sharing it with you guys and that's why i'm here so if it makes me feel good and the diet.

Makes me feel good and i want to talk about it it doesn't mean i'm pushing some agenda just because i like to share what i like so thank you all for being here and for being continued supporters of this because that's how we keep this rocking and that's how we continue to drop knowledge so we can.

Be the best versions of ourselves alright so don't forget in case you didn't know i am launching a new channel that is going to be workout oriented okay so that one is launching soon so please please please keep your eyes and ears open i will be dropping information on where it's going to start.

We've got some cool celebrity guests that are coming on that one it's going to be a fun show that's going to talk you a lot talk to you a lot about how to do all kinds of different workout moves but also the biochemistry behind it anyhow you guys are awesome i'm gonna have some.

Dinner that is a little too late see you guys soon
CLEAN Keto Trader Joe’s Haul 🥓🧀 (Filmed LIVE)
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