Carnivore Diet | Diet Challenge Update | LIVE Broadcast- Thomas DeLauer

Carnivore Diet | Diet Challenge Update | LIVE Broadcast- Thomas DeLauer

Carnivore Diet | Diet Challenge Update | LIVE Broadcast- Thomas DeLauer

Check out the video on Carnivore Diet | Diet Challenge Update | LIVE Broadcast- Thomas DeLauer.
What is going on everybody it's say what time is it it's about 1 o'clock p.m. you're Pacific time figured what a good time to try to hop on see if YouTube live would actually work and let me do a quick carnivore challenge broadcast just to chat with everybody bear with me just a second I'm gonna try to open up the chat window it's a little bit funky so I.

Can't always see the chat so I could always see who's here give me one second they're with me all right so those of you that are here just so you know I just wanted to do a quick recap on the carnivore challenge wanted to I shouldn't say a recap but go ahead and break down what I've experienced so far what's kind of happening I'm sitting.

Here in my my dining room and baby's napping right now so figured ok I've got a couple minutes wife went down to the horses I have some time to be able to sit here and talk about what I've been experiencing it's been interesting so I'll kind of break down for those of you that don't know what I'm doing and don't.

Know all about the carnivore challenge and everything essentially what I promised to do was take two weeks at minimum and go ahead and do the carb or diet I wanted to go ahead and see what I would feel like if I only ate meat and really just kept it to that now I personally made a few modifications I changed some things in terms of how I.

How I structure some of my fats so I did add some fats to the mix I did add some coconut oil someone said that's not true carnivore but if that's the case if that is how it really goes then that means that adding spices to your meat is not real carnivore so you know if we're adding say cayenne pepper or anything like that technically that wouldn't be.

Carnivore either so there's a lot of gray area here but what I wanted to accomplish was I wanted to see overall what happened to me digestive Lee because that was the big concern that's the concern that a lot of people have is they always want to know well what happens when when you go carnivore and you don't eat fiber can you still do.

Still digest like you go to the bathroom but things work those were the big questions I was asking myself but I was also very curious from the inflammation side of things I want to see overall what would happen what I feel cleaner what I feel clear cognitively how would I feel is I feel pretty good when I do Kido but doing carnivore would.

Be a little bit different because obviously the fats are gonna be just having and flowing all the time you guys bear with me really quick here for some reason still not letting me see comments so I need you guys to just hang with me for one second oops hang on to evidently it's not gonna let me pull up the comments so right now.

I'm not able to see anybody who's talking which are commenting which is really not cool bear with me one second guys hang on this is how you know this is really live Wow this is disappointing there's not letting you bring up comments okay so I'm just gonna have to roll with it and then if it allows me to add comments.

Later on we'll just go with it but in the meantime you have me live just can't even answer comments I do want to say those of you that are watching this video if you can hear me if everything's working okay can you go ahead and hit that thumbs up button that way at least no if I see those I see that surging up at least know you can hear me because.

Normally I can do these and I can see people commenting saying hey we can't hear you this and that okay looks like people can hear me thank you for the like thumbs up I appreciate that anyone that is in front of the computer if you guys could go ahead and hit that thumbs up icon that way it does also let YouTube know that this is a real live.

It's the real thing so I'm gonna break down how I started so when I first started carnivore I had my first week was sort of an evolution I had to learn the right way in the wrong way for me it was really intriguing so that first week like I mentioned in the video on the day one we're sort of broke down a diet plan the first thing.

Is I got destroyed on that video like I posted this video explaining what I was gonna do as my diet plan for my experiment and if those that you wanted to follow with me on my specific style of eating that's what I recommend eating I mean I've never been so destroyed on a video in the comments it was kind of funny like people just blew me up.

Basically saying that's not how you do carnivore and and I appreciate I actually appreciated the passion like there was a lot of frustration coming towards me because I'm like I'm just trying to put this content out here to help people do a challenge and there are so many people that are out and that's how you do carnivore man you're doing it.

Wrong you're doing it wrong and at first it was frustrating but then I appreciated the heck out of it because what I realized was I'm talking to a really passionate crowd the people that do carnivore are so passionate about it and it is such a team and a family that does it and I think I kind of went against the grain of some of that stuff.

And it upset some people and I totally appreciate it and respected it and at the end of the day a lot of you guys were right how I was doing the carnivore diet for the first week when I was really taking a fat loss approach with it I felt like archaic I didn't feel that great and what I was doing was I was.

Keeping my fats somewhat high in the morning and then I was dropping them down lower midday so that I could get my body to utilize more of its own stored fat so the way that I think of things went out doing traditional keto is I keep my fats really high in the morning and then I drop them down midday and the reason I dropped them down midday is.

Because I'm basically trying to get my body adapted to utilizing dietary fats in the morning and then stripping those away midday so that my body has no choice but to start Stora pulling from my stored body fat it's a very effective mechanism when you're doing traditional keto the hard part is when you're doing carnivore you don't know how much you're.

Getting in the way of fats so it's really hard to modulate it so it was really hard for me to get higher amounts of fat in the morning without adding plant sources of fat for example coconut oil macadamia nut oil avocado oil things like that and that really is kind of defeating the purpose in some ways of carnivore so the first few days was.

Really interesting I was like getting to this point where I just I had never felt so weak and I was like oh my gosh do I even update I posted some updates on Instagram and those of you that were wondering where the updates where YouTube wasn't letting me do a lot of live so I ended up taking over to Instagram for most of it and I posted on.

Instagram was like okay I'm not feeling too great like this is this is interesting what's going on until I realized that I needed to just throw in the towel and put some of my kind of put this put some of my my ways of thinking to rest a little bit and adopt what other people have had success with in terms of carnivore I'm not a big.

Big steak guy I usually can't eat a lot of steak digestive ly I don't do too well with it so if I eat ground beef I'm okay because mechanically it's easier for me to digest but I found that the steak was usually an issue I said okay I've gotta kind of suck this up I've got to go for the fattier cuts of steak I've got to do it I've got to have some.

Brisket and what happened was I went to Salt Lake City I was visiting some clients out there as doing some work out there and the travel had beat me down so much because I was so weak from doing carnivores somewhat incorrectly then I kind of threw in the towel and said I'm gonna go ahead I'm gonna have some go to the barbecue joint I'm gonna have some.

High fat brisket I'm gonna do this stuff even if it messes me up digestive ly I'm gonna do it because I can't live like this anymore that was just not having fun I had that brisket and I'm not even kidding you within 30 minutes my body felt so much better so what's wild here is something about.

The carnivore diet as your body adapts to this stuff and this is again everyone just so you know this is only my experience in my opinion I can only go I'm not a carnivore expert that's kind of what's cool about this I'm a keto expert I am a fasting expert carnivore I am just learning some things so please this is not the gospel this was not.

Thomas de Lauer's learnings and it could be totally incorrect but what I was just what my hypothesis was was that because I was doing carnivore and I was adding these other oils that weren't truly carnivore and I was having to keep so lean in low calorie my body was having a hard time producing enough ketones it just simply wasn't because I wasn't.

Getting enough fats but I was still eating so much protein that I think I was blunting some of the ketone response because so I just was in this gray area where I wasn't creating a lot of ketones I felt weak and then once I went to Salt Lake City and or I guess I was a Provo technically and I had that brisket boom all of a sudden I was like my body.

Needed these animal fats because whatever was going on my body was so adapted to the animal protein it's like it genetically needed the animal fats along with it so from then on out I kept the the animal protein and animal fat higher and I switched to the red meat a little bit more.

And here's the crazy thing I found that I ended up needing about a third less overall volume of food than I did before and probably even less calories because my body seemed to be utilizing those fats more those saturated fats so then I started doing some more research so here's where things get wild I haven't seen anything about this in terms of.

Carnivore out there in terms of the research but the myelination is myelination the myelin sheath is like the outer layer you've got nerve okay here's your here's your nerve right okay so your nerve that's like the axon where you've got action potential and energy going down a nerve to create a signal create response well we have a thing.

That covers the outside of a nerve okay it's called the myelin and that myelin is largely made up of saturated fat and that myelin is what protects a positively charged ion going down a nerve from negatively charged ions on the outside of a nerve that would slow down the ability of a brain to send a signal to a part the body what I think.

Was going on was I wasn't getting the proper saturated fats in the proper stearic acid and possibly even palmitic acid that I needed to support the myelination of my nerves so my nerves were not able to send the proper signal my brain was not able to send a signal to my extremities right so I felt weak I felt like I couldn't contract my muscles.

And then all of a sudden I increase the saturated fat from the brisket from the ground beef and things like that and things got better so this is all just my hypothesis like what can I say like all this whole diet I don't want to say it's new but the research on it is so new that it's hard to determine know what's really going on now the one thing I.

Really didn't want to touch on and I'm sorry I can't really interact a whole lot so it's really frustrating that the chat feature isn't working so I just want to stop for a second and say thank you to everyone that's here this is actually so far my most successful live broadcasts I've never had one point five thousand people on a single broadcast so.

Just thank you guys for being here and I will be able to see your comments later so if you could just do me a favor and there's comment and post you know what's on your mind but let me know if you're liking this kind of interaction that I'm doing and those of you that can't hear me and you're logged on can you please go ahead and hit that like button.

Hit that thumbs up button it just first of all helps my ego a little bit I'm not gonna lie it feels kind of good right but also it does help the algorithm the YouTube channel like our channel is doing so good it's all thanks to you guys it's blowing up we're getting a lot of attention and it all has to do with engagement so I appreciate you guys.

Hitting that thumbs up button and everything like that for those of you that just joining us so I'm recapping a little bit I'm still on carnivore technically I'm scheduled to end Sunday night I think I'm gonna push it a little bit further I actually feel really good I don't know if this is a lifestyle that I'm going to stick with.

Because I actually I really like my veggies like it's just something and you guys can kind of see I mean you guys see me on video all the time one thing that I'm noticing this is maybe a narcissistic thing to say I don't know but I noticed my muscles are fuller like you can actually see like I I don't know I feel like my I feel like.

My muscles are fuller I feel like carnivore is actually filling my muscles out I was starting to look a little deflated there for a little while you might have noticed in my videos I was kind of rundown the last few weeks I've been having some sleep issues and I think it's just been a lot of stress going on we're moving you've got a lot.

Of stuff going on seven sleeping is good so my muscles felt like deflated and so carnival came in a really good time to give my body a reset all of a sudden it was like boom muscles inflated again strengthless back up as soon as the healthy saturated fats were there so I'm trying to make these connections here and I don't know if it's the protein or.

The increases in saturated fat but there's something happening to my nervous system that I'm really enjoying so let me jump now back to why people usually do carnivore in the first place usually people do carnivore we take this back usually people do carnivore because it sounds cool you'd eat a lot of meat but from a medical standpoint you've got.

Various doctors that have condoned this sort of eating protocol because of where it brings you back in terms of an anti-inflammatory standpoint and in terms of autoimmune conditions those of you that are watching this video you may or may not know I was 280 pounds before I suffered from my own slew of illnesses my wife has suffered from autoimmune.

Disease or with autoimmune disease for a very long time and that's one of the reason we first got into keto was because of that now when we look at carnivore you're getting down to the cleanest most simplest way of eating you possibly can I think some vegans out there might refute that but I'm not here to fight.

With anyone I did a vegan challenge to I'm not saying one is better than the other right now the purpose is you get yourself down to baseline without all these potential allergens yes Thomas de Lauer sounds crazy when he says that tomatoes could be allergens nightshades could be allergens various and nuts could be allergens when I say allergens.

I don't mean like like I mean I'm so itchy my eyes are itchy allergens I'm not talking histamine I'm talking autoimmune and I'm talking idg IgA responses with our immune system examples my wife with her autoimmune conditions she doesn't have celiac she has some other ones where if she has gluten there.

Comes in contact with gluten she's sick okay like her immune system flares up face gets puffy she's on her ass that's how this stuff kind of works so when you go back down to pure clean like organic good clean grass-fed meat all like super clean you you erase a lot of this stuff and the true root of carnivore as much as this sucks to even say and to all the.

The carnies that are here so I the babies kind of Stern a little bit making sure he's he's kind of waking up but I think he's kind of a wake so and see ya so I guess this is how you know it's real he woke up for a second but he's only been down for like he's only been down for like an hour so he definitely needs to heal adapts for an hour and a.

Half so buddy you need to go back down to sleep he's probably here and you get all excited here so but anyway I don't have a whole lot more time to go anyway but I wanted to basically say that you're you're eliminating nightshades you're eliminating even these seasonings you're eliminating things that shouldn't be there on carnivore now a lot of the.

Truth about carnivore people are probably upset they don't wanna hear that and guys like I'm not disrespecting you I'm just at all I'm just saying that if we really got down to the autoimmune reason why we do carnivore is it's to get ourselves to a baseline so technically technically now I don't know a whole lot of people that abide by this.

And I'm not saying me too technically we shouldn't even be putting cayenne pepper or chili pepper or anything like that on our food because that's a nightshade and that could be inflammatory now again I'd say maybe 25% of people that do carnivore actually follow that rule so don't worry about it I'm just saying I tried.

To go that route so after I realized that I felt better with the saturated fats I was like okay well now I'm figuring this fat part out let me go ahead and add in just basic seasonings so I'm talking like I use Redmond real salt and this you know what yeah it is a product plug I like Redmond real salt okay sue me so.

I use them because I'm trying to use them as much as possible because it's full spectrum I used a little bit of black pepper okay I didn't use any chili pepper I didn't use any Cayenne okay I kept that out of the equation I didn't even use oregano I didn't even use basil because I'm like I just want to keep this clean I only want to use these.

Spices it was literally like salt and pepper I used a little bit of cumin at one point and it was kind of an accident we and I did that and this sucks to say because it's not exactly sustainable but once I did that is when I started feeling immensely better now I'm clean I'm clear I feel so much better I don't know if you guys can see it but my.

Complexion seems better there's a little bit there where I was like again I've tired so my complexion was just off it was kind of embarrassing for me it's areum I live health but I still am human right I still go through bouts where I don't sleep well just like everybody else I feel pretty alive okay let me touch on.

The digestive thing here though because this is where was frustrating for like three days I couldn't go to the bathroom TMI maybe but you guys asked for it and you want the real raw stuff right miserable and I think that contributed to a lot of why I felt so pretty you know when you're not doing your business you don't feel too good.

Then finally things started moving a little bit I almost threw in the towel and had some asparagus but I didn't I held back and then but again here I go once I got back on the saturated fats that came from the animal sources in this case things worked again the digestive system started working and you know I talked to some I talked to Sean.

Baker I talked to some of these guys that are big carnivore guys before I started this and they actually told me Thomas you should probably have weaned off of fiber a month before just so your body got adapted to it but it's all good point is I'm learning here so here I am like four or five days into really doing this right and I think I want to push it.

A little bit further so I'm gonna push it a little bit more than two weeks that I was supposed to cuz I want to get some more feedback for you guys in a real way I want to be able to tell you like what my solid conclusion is I'm also going to work on something I want to work on how I can I can reintroduce foods when I come off of.

Carnivore so I do think I think this is something that I can do periodically as an immune system reset and I kind of got off on a tangent if the baby started crying a little bit but essentially what I was getting at was when I got myself down to an autoimmune state where I just felt cleaner things started working better and that's the goal so people.

That have autoimmune conditions hashimoto they have a rheumatoid arthritis they have celiac autoimmune conditions big improvement by going carnivore because you're not having things they're gonna trigger different immunoglobulin responses powerful stuff so I think that I have some benefit to do this maybe quarterly even um I think.

My wife's gonna have an even bigger benefit of doing it because she really suffers with autoimmune conditions I was just fat I mean I was 280 pounds I was just I don't know I was just you know funk in my life and just eating garbage and focused on all the wrong things my wife has a true medical issue and my medical issues were all self-inflicted.

For lack of a better way of saying so because my wife actually battles this stuff I think she could get a really good benefit so the conclusion I have as of right now being 75 80 percent of the way through what I think I'm gonna do here is from a medical standpoint it's really good I really think it is good from a lifestyle sustainability.

Standpoint it might be difficult for some and one other conclusion that I'm drawing so far and I talked some people about this from a body composition standpoint I think carnivore would work really good for somebody that is coming from baseline not super in depth keto or maybe not keto at all for that person it is an evolution and a better version of.

Keto for someone and hear me out on this again because somebody's being honest or someone like myself who is very nitty-gritty in what I would consider advanced Kido i would say carnivore is actually a regret because I know my body so well with Kido that going carnivore has kind of skewed some of the things that I know about the.

Body as far as Kido so it actually has made me feel a little bit a little bit worse cognitively but again again case in point is that as I'm evolving in understanding this I'm seeing how it works so that's not like sentence down but for someone that already just does basic Kido and isn't getting into the.

Intricacies like I am carnivore is absolutely a clean way to go and definitely has some powerful benefits so that's where I'm at right now I mean I told you I'd be honest I told you I'd give you the recap that I possibly could I'm gonna film an official ending video when I give you all my details by the way just that you do know if any of you.

Are interested in stats for those of you who wants to unlike weightlifting stats and stuff really quick I don't want to poor people all I can do is I can't see comments so if I see a bunch of likes hit then I know that people want to hear some stats because I actually stats actually changed some of my my string okay not a lot of people hit the like.

Button so I'm not going to go there it's just been interesting to see how things how things have changed okay actually now that there's a little bit of a delay so now it's working I don't measure any of my one rep maxes so for those of you that are interested in this kind of nerdy stuff I have found that my I measure my five rep max okay.

And usually I'm like my 5 rep max on bench right now is 305 I don't bench anything outstanding I'm not a beast by any means so you know five reps 305 okay well now I'm at five reps 315 so my strength has gone up so that's a pretty I don't know whatever percent that is how much of its placebo effect I don't know okay squat I'm not a big squatter.

You know I usually squat you know I wouldn't even say some five rep max the five rep max is somewhere around 3:15 I've been able to bump that up to 325 the point is is I've been able to add more weight so that makes me happy so anyhow I'll break down more of my stats when I actually do a wrap-up video I see that our viewer viewership is.

Declining which is a good sign for me to go ahead and sign this off plus the baby's starting to squirm IKEA is gonna get up you know I owe this to you guys thank you so much for being a part of it if you guys are still interested in following some of my other little challenges and things that I do check me out on Instagram it's just at Thomas de.

Lauer real simple at then my name Thomas tell our Instagram shows a little more of kind of my behind-the-scenes and daily life and things that I do with my wife and stuff like that so you see me here on YouTube preaching everything I preach you see a little bit more in my real life and.

Maybe you won't hate on me so bad in the comments section and make me feel all bad all right you guys are awesome thank you so much for being a part here and there's still a link down the description for discounts on butcher box even if you didn't do this carnivore challenge just as a big thank you they supported this whole thing so they.

Provided me with all my meat so that I could do it even though I was only eating the chicken before and now I'm eating the fattier cuts okay so go ahead and check them out take advantage of that offer if you wants in the description and as always thank you so much see you guys soon
Carnivore Diet | Diet Challenge Update | LIVE Broadcast- Thomas DeLauer
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