Bone Broth Fasting Recap: Day 1 of 3: Thomas DeLauer Q&A

Bone Broth Fasting Recap: Day 1 of 3: Thomas DeLauer Q&A

Bone Broth Fasting Recap: Day 1 of 3: Thomas DeLauer Q&A

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What's going on everybody it's end of day one on the bone broth fast so I wanted to go ahead and do a little bit of a recap answer some questions hopefully we get some people here connectivity isn't real good right now on my phone so hopefully broadcast is all good everything is all clear so I'm going to wait for a couple minutes here.

For some people to join and then we'll go ahead and go through kind of what happened David day ketone levels glucose levels just the overall big picture so if you are doing the bone broth fast with me then awesome happy to have you here sorry for the cruddy lighting right now I'm literally in my truck because I stepped outside because the baby just.

Went down for a nap or went down for bed not for a nap hopefully a long seven or eight hour down awesome to see so many people here so many people already say and they're feeling really good so the whole purpose of this video is to go ahead and recap how everyone's doing on their bone broth fast how they're doing on this first.

This first day for those of you that are familiar with the fasting challenge then you're already good to go you know what's going on but let me give a little bit of a recap as to what we're doing because there's already people saying hey why today why are you talking about fasting today well the reason is I'm doing a three-day bone broth fast and I.

Posted up a challenge post it up like a really fun thing for everybody to do just to do some fasting alongside me throughout the week so basically you could do three to five days with a bone broth fast that's kind of how it ended up going I started mine today so obviously I'm only one day into a fast no big deal I do this kind of stuff all.

The time but it's a little bit different because I've got a lot of people doing it with me so for those of you that didn't know about the bone broth fest you could still participate this week again I'm doing it today through Wednesday but you can do it any days this week so yeah Kevin says drop the broth and just fast totally down for.

That I love doing that I do that myself but I'm trying to do this as a little bit of a challenge for a lot of people and I wanted to make it as entry-level as possible but at the same time still a good challenge for those that are looking for a longer fast someone asks can we drink herbal or matcha green tea on the bone broth fast yes you.

Absolutely can just don't add any sweetener don't add any cream or anything like that so everyone that's here right now that is the bone broth fast can you just go ahead and say I'm doing the bone broth fast just type it just so that I know who's doing the challenge with me for those of you again that aren't I think.

You're gonna learn a lot just from what happens over the next few days if these posts and what I end up posting at the end of the week when I give you my full recap lots of people doing the bone broth fast awesome lament or Michelle awesome good huge or Tiffany glad you're doing it John awesome ok so let me go ahead and just give you a little bit of.

Feedback in what happened then again guys I do apologize for the lighting here I'm literally it's dark out I'm sitting in my truck I just wanted to pop in and do this really quick so what I noticed today was that the bone broth actually in some ways made me more hungry than just fasting through and through so like if I didn't use the bone.

Broth I think today would have been easier so I fast 24 hours all the time ok it's like really pretty easy what's interesting is that adding the bone broth into the mix actually made me a little bit more hungry so I think it had something to do with I was still triggering that dopamine response so it was really interesting to see that did.

Anyone else experience that like for those of you that we're doing this fast along with me if you're experienced with fasting did you notice that having the bone broth actually made you a little bit more hungry than if you were just fasting without it ok David Walker says he agrees yeah exactly drew exactly dopamine response ok a lot of people.

Saying that you know it's interesting because normally the protein the collagen can give you a little bit of a satiation effect and that's totally cool but what's interesting I think what's going on with this bone broth fast is that it's the dopamine response so what's going on is when you're fasting you're not having these constant.

Dopamine hits in your brain telling you that you're eating or telling you that you're satisfying this response so that response turns off your craving response sort of shuts down you don't have those cravings but when you're fasting with bone broth you are still triggering that dopamine hit so you're consuming some broth has a couple of calories and.

You're satisfying that dopamine hit that's making the cravings come now I'm not saying that's good bad or ugly I'm just saying it's an observation that I've noticed that doing this bone broth fast today I when I'm actually taking notes and doing what I'm doing for this particular challenge to kind of self experiment.

With everybody I am definitely noticing that I'm more hungry than if I were to just do normal fast so interesting and a lot of people asking about coffee on this bone broth fasting challenge yes you're totally okay coffee is totally good to go just no creamer try not to add stevia I would really like this fast to be more about not having any sort of.

Excited talks in response or any sort of sweetener response at all someone says I don't get how you'll have bowel movements with us fast believe it or not it's gonna actually help clean you out you're gonna find that there's a lot in there still even from days prior and it's gonna help clean you out by day two or three you're gonna feel really really.

Good vegans can definitely do this you can use regular vegetable broth you're not gonna get as much of a college in effect hey can you guys do me a real quick favor just as a as a just a courtesy can you go ahead and hit that thumbs up button really quick I'm trying not to do a whole bunch of the normal constantly asking questions and being.

Really annoying on a live broadcast but I do want to ask you guys if you can if you're watching this if you can hear me I would just really appreciate that you hit that thumbs up button that like button only because what that does is it makes it so that the other people that are doing this fast actually see this video YouTube makes it so that yeah you.

Can see it in your feed if people actually like it so how much water is needed if you're gonna be doing this fast I want to answer that question drink as much water as you possibly can especially you're gonna find that in any kind of fasting state you're going to start losing some of your extra minerals the nice thing with this bone broth fast.

Is we're getting that we're getting the minerals in a little bit more we're getting the sodium in we're getting that so let me go ahead and give you guys a little bit of a breakdown on how my day went and I'm gonna give you some full disclaimer on yesterday how yesterday wet because that leads into a lot of how.

Today was and how my experience was with day one now again for those of you just joining in we're on day one of a three-day bone broth fast so should be interesting okay so I started at 190 pounds okay so that's my starting weight last night I decided before going on this bone broth I wanted bone broth fast I wanted to have a little bit of fun I.

Wanted to actually have some enlightened like halo top ice-cream with my wife and actually enjoy a little bit so went to a vegan bakery and I got a vegan doughnut it's made with spelt flour and really you know super healthy donut as far as things are concerned but anyway it was a lot more carbs than I would normally have I figured okay I'm.

Gonna enjoy myself so what's interesting is that my fasting blood sugar today when I woke up was 95 for those of you that are familiar with these kind of numbers for someone like myself that's fast a lot and does keto a lot to have woops hang on guys I went dark I later I told you I'm sitting in my truck hang on I gotta turn the lights on this one bear.

With me one second I'm still here there we go I'm back so sorry about that guys there we go okay so for someone like myself that is pretty darn high right that's really high now the reason that that was going on because I've actually done videos talking about this when someone is actually fat adapted what happens is you end up having what's.

Called glucose cells actually get less efficient and using glucose so what happens is because of that they actually start to reject glucose a little bit and therefore my blood glucose it ends up being quite a bit higher now this will balance out as I start you know consume if I were to consume more carbs right so what was really interesting.

Now my ketone levels were pretty low my ketone levels were 0.2 so that was pretty interesting but can you guys hear me hang on a second guys can you guys hear me okay because what happened is I really turned the car back on to accessory it might have picked up on my bluetooth so I just want to make sure okay you guys can hear me now.

Though okay cool I appreciate that I know it cut out for a second there's just the Bluetooth kicking on so fasting blood glucose 95 which is high but that basically means that it was just my body being glucose refusing so your cells stopped accepting glucose a little bit easier ketones were at like 0.2 0.3 which.

Wasn't a surprise they were low because I had carbs okay so then I went I had some black coffee just straight up cold brew right so that was straightforward pretty easy I went out and I worked out and I did my time style worked out that I advised everyone to like that style of workout pretty high volume because I had the carbs I.

Wanted to do a little bit extra so I did a little bit more volume than I normally would have done so I did a pretty intensive full-body workout with a focus on legs now then I did like 12 minutes a hit cardio afterwards here's what's really wild after that workout guys my blood glucose was crazy high my blood glucose was 109 now that was concerning.

To me because my blood glucose is never that high so I think that the glucose refusal situation that I was in after then coupled with that with a hard workout it was really wild I think it really skyrocketed my blood glucose so I know I said no cardio you don't have to I I guess that my situation was a little bit different I went out and I did some.

Hit I don't recommend that you go doing like low intensity cardio while you're doing this I was trying to get more of an anaerobic anaerobic effect so what was wild was that that blood glucose was so high but interestingly enough that actually made sense that's why I was having these cravings on this fast so that would normally not have so I'm not.

Concerned and I don't want you guys to be concerned with your blood glucose being a little bit higher if you're someone that normally does keto or you're normally fasting a lot and then you were to have carbs that's totally a normal situation but I want to take this time I want to answer some questions regarding the bone broth fast anyone.

That is doing it along with me and you probably have some questions and I want to know how you're feeling someone actually says is chicken bone broth better than beef bone broth okay so personally I like the taste of chicken bone broth better but the beef bone broth in this particular case is gonna have more collagen so I would.

Recommend you go with the beef bone broth if you can guys anyway if someone says does a bone broth temperature matter does it have to be warm or hot can you drink it cold you absolutely can drink it cold there's no reason that you can't it's a little more satisfying to have it warm that's for sure and then it's making your own bone broth.

Okay or preferred definitely okay definitely okay to make your own can you explain collagen and Ron that's a good question so collagen is something that makes up 30% of all the protein in our bodies as is okay so collagen is what makes up our hair skin or nails our ligaments or tendons things like that it's also one of the first places that.

The body will pull protein from whenever you're doing any kind of fast or whenever you're going through what's called gluconeogenesis okay so that's why it's so important to supplement with it or take it in anyway just because it's what your body's gonna draw from from that's why it's so popular on keto someone asked if the.

Green detox like greens powders are okay on a fast actually no try to keep them out of the equation obviously I formulated that product but I don't have it on a fast so someone says what is the best sorry there's eight ounces for breakfast eight ounces for lunch someone asked what the quantities are eight ounces for breakfast eight ounces for.

Lunch and twelve ounces or more for dinner if you guys start getting foggy or anything like that you can add coconut oil into it John Reichert this fast is three days so started today going through Wednesday but you guys can do it any day this week this whole week is dedicated to this bone broth fast so I can encourage more.

People to do it can you put carrots in your bone broth not for this fast this really just needs to be the broth basically what we're trying to do is give the digestive system a break Steven you bring up something great what have I ever had issues while fasting when it comes down to sleep yes and there's a very good.

Chance if you haven't experienced this before that you're going if you've never done this kind of fast before it that you're going to probably have some rocky sleep tonight it's a little bit normal it's basically the body sort of rebooting you have this all these catecholamine responses these different stress responses that are occurring.

Because you're fasting so don't be surprised if you end up sleeping a little bit wacky tonight it's just kind of par for the course Kevin asks does the bone broth prevent auto Fiji to some degrees it does yes but that's not the purpose of this fest this fast is more about a a caloric deficit but B also the leaky gut awareness really trying to.

Really reboot that gut as much as we can so that's really the goal there can you add more collagen normally you can but not on this fast I don't want you to add more calories no spirulina don't add that to it it's vegetable broth okay yes you absolutely can use vegetable broth okay cinnamon yes you could add that in does.

It affect Hashimoto I think this would be a great fast to do if you're someone that is dealing with a thyroid issue if you need to reboot a little bit do you work out all three days good question totally your prerogative I'm gonna work out all three days tomorrow I'm gonna do another full body work routine with a little bit more emphasis.

On back so still another big body part I'm trying to push it quite a bit on this you know I I got some I had some carbs yesterday so I'm just like okay let's see I'm just gonna push it so that's just me you don't have to work out all three days how am I going to break my fast is is a great question because normally I would say break your.

Fast with bone broth okay you're already consuming bone raw so it might not be the best bet there in this case if you're doing keto i would recommend breaking your best making your fast actually with still a small amount of bone broth but this time add like a tablespoon of two tablespoons of coconut oil in it and then wait an hour and then.

Consume something very easy to digest I would recommend if you're doing keto something like some salmon it's easy to palate it's easy to get down it's easy to masticate easy to digest okay so I would recommend something like that try to keep the veggies out until probably the next day because it's gonna be a little bit hard on your gut if you are.

Not keto when you break this fast you can go ahead and break the fast with something as simple to digest as I get corn tortilla or they make these amazing little potato tortillas they're just like tortillas made from potato starch try not to have any gluten anything like that it'd be just really hard on your system supplements in chlorella yes.

Supplements are okay as long as they're water soluble if you go back and you watch the video that I posted yesterday there was like an actual produced video not alive I give you the breakdown on what exactly you should be doing can you add Great Lakes College in a standard organic organic broth that's a good question yeah you could add just like a.

Half tablespoon of that and probably get the same effect if you can't get bone broth not gonna be quite as good but still any substitution for cream of tartar that doesn't break it fast just pop up a potassium pill honestly that's why give me the simplest way and we have quite a few people on this broadcast gets do me a favor and just give me the.

Just hit that like button so it's a little thumbs up button should show if you are in portrait mode looking at your phone there's a thumbs up button a like button that just allows you to like this broadcast so that there you go there's like see people doing it that allows it to show up on other people's feeds simply because YouTube is a lot like.

Facebook in that sense they actually do want to see engagement and that's how actually show the video and rank the video yeah some people can't find it you actually usually if you're watching it you usually have to like close it out and kind of it's kind of funky but you might see it anyway I see a lot of people hit that like button so I.

Appreciate it should you eat carbs after your workout if you're doing this bone broth fest then know generally I'm not a big fan of that anyway still have a lot of people hitting the regular thumbs up button emoticon that's good for me too I appreciate that any comments things like that are great what is the unhealthiest food ever.

That's kind of an off topic question but I would probably say Oreos yeah so says you have to close the chat so if you guys are actually watching this broadcast and you have the chat open if you close the chat portion take it out of live chat mode then you can like that'll allow you to hit that like button so just close the chat portion.

Then hit the like button just like you would any other YouTube video Mike glad to hear you're doing the bone broth fest hey since a lot of people have joined in here I want to just go ahead and ask again who all here is doing the bone broth fast with me right now who's doing it again we're going from today till Wednesday.

Who here is doing it just say I'm doing the bone broth fast lots of people okay mark there we go Jamie awesome okay Cameron lots of people got Geoffrey Hall we got milah we got miss al awesome you and your wife I gave him got my wife to do it my wife is not a big faster she's a quito girl heart like through and.

Through but she's not a big faster I got her to at least come into 24 hours and I think she's going to keep going so Nancy awesome so many people Thomas Anderson awesome okay we've got a ton of people here doing this this makes my day Barbara awesome good to see Katie awesome Andrea says her boyfriend is 40 hours deep and go and Aaron awesome.

Jason awesome okay this is great so what's the general consensus and guess don't be shy you're not gonna hurt my feelings if you don't feel good I want to know the honest truth I'm not gonna lie I feel a little bit foggy today more so than I do if I'm fasting without bone broth so I'm just curious tell me how you feel I'm going on a scale of one to.

Ten ten being phenomenal one being like total dog crap what do you feel like right now just give me a scale of one to ten I just love seeing this community side of things and see how people are doing an eight ten seven Benjamin's a seven we got a lot of nines a lot of 9s coming in five six seven everyone's feeling pretty darn good I.

Would say that I'm a seven and a half to an eight right now myself so usually if this was a regular fast I probably closer to a nine I think tomorrow I'm going to be a lot better off lots of eights lots of sevens okay seven eight nine seems to be the content consensus here so that's really good that makes me really really happy.

Tomorrow is going to be the interesting day when you hit day two that's when things get a little bit trickier because like that 36 hour mark is the toughest mark I will honestly say after 36 hours it's been shown that gralen that hunger hormone starts to subside a little bit so that shuts off some other hormonal systems that shuts off kind of the.

Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis a little bit it changes it or actually amps it up in a way that actually protects you so you don't feel as hungry which therefore makes us so your brain is feeling a little better here's an interesting challenge for you guys if you are trying to like multitask and do things like that during this fast.

You're gonna find that you get really foggy and the point is is that your brain does a really good job at focusing on single tasks when you're fasting especially in a situation like this but the longer fast your brain gets really good at focusing on single tasks because it harnesses the energy and it tries to focus you because you're running on a.

Lower quote/unquote lower amount of energy so the brain sort of just funnels into whatever you're focusing on so you'll notice that if you're trying to do multiple things at once you feel really cruddy and if you're really focusing on one thing you can get super super focused you can really get laser targeted so that's what's really.

Interesting about a longer fast like this a lot of people talking about the snake diet yeah Cole's a good dude so Cole is gonna be out in LA in January and we're hoping to get together and do some videos there so you know Cole is the snake diet guy interesting interesting approach a little bit extreme but I love the guy I love the.

Way his approaches wheatgrass unfortunately you cannot do in this fast you got to keep it super simple pink Himalayan salt you're good to go I'm a big fan of Redmon's real salt I tend to like that stuff a lot better Joe says no BCAAs added to added to broth since we're looking to improve gut health would glutamine be acceptable glutamine.

Would be okay I'd be totally okay with glutamine swallowing mouthwash you I would try to abstain from even using mouthwash during this fastest cuz there's usually some acesulfame potassium other artificial sweeteners in there man so many people doing the fast this is so awesome 88 out F fasting past 48 hours is tough.

Yeah it is you broke your fast at 23 hey still not bad we're awesome work did anyone is anyone logging anything I'm curious if anyone here is logging their glucose or their ketones or anything like that because that's what's really interesting I found this evening it took me literally just till this.

Evening to get into a state of ketosis again so I was back in ketosis in let's see Wow probably bout 16 hours 17 hours in that's what I thought was really interesting sometimes if I am actually not doing a bone broth fast it takes me a longer time to get into keto mega super Lionheart says Thomas de Lauer.

You're looking deflated you can't even see my body how do I look deflated I'm like in like horrible lighting in my truck I don't even understand 70 pounds down William seamen holy cow 70 pounds down from the videos that is amazing man so this just so you know Katie some people are asking about the bone growth fast I'm doing this bone broth fast.

Partially because my I just wanted to bring awareness to autoimmune disease to leaky gut to autoimmune conditions diverticulitis also irritable bowel syndrome but other other autoimmune conditions too like we're talking Lucas we're talking Hashimoto we're talking things like that because bone broth is really big on helping that leaky gut.

Aspect so I wanted to do this just to kind of bring awareness to that concept but also being able to just do something that was easier for people to do bone broth fasts are a little bit easier because you have something could that you're consuming it feels like you're actually consuming meals so it's nice to be able to do this as a group because.

It's great for the more advanced people but it's also great just for people that are beginning and I don't say that you have to do the three days you can do two days you can Dave one day but the nice thing is that we're doing this all together and the other thing I'm thinking of doing in February I was thinking of doing a challenge for myself.

Because a lot of people always ask now full disclaimer guys it's like full disclaimer I'm not vegan okay I'm not a vegan I'm not even but I'm not anti vegan I'm not anti vegetarian so I'm thinking in February what I want to do is encourage people to do one week of a vegan keto diet with me.

Because I want to try that out and I want to see how difficult it is and I want to give tips as we go but I also want to kind of prove a point to a lot of the vegans that are out there that it can be done if it's done properly and sort of give the basically just give the instinct on how to do it give the the breakdown of how to get your proteins.

How to so it'll be interesting so I'm thinking that I'll do another challenge it's really a lot of fun to be able to actually get a group of people to do this with me because otherwise I don't know you guys are just flying at it I'm just going at it I don't know it's a lot of fun awesome a lot of people are already saying they want to do that in.

February sweet I think it's just fun to do these challenges it's fun to do the self experimentation kind of thing and just learn some new stuff along the way so this is early on in this fast so guys just so you know I'm gonna hop on here again tomorrow and I'll hop on here again the next day and I'm gonna break down where I'm going with this and how.

I'm feeling and how things are going so guys just continue to ask your questions continue to post your comments I will try to come on in here tomorrow and answer some comments as much as I can but yeah this is almost like a form of Mira says like group therapy it is it's fun for us to go through this together so I hope that I answered some of your.

Questions but anyway I gave you a little bit of some updates on my fasting glucose on where I'm at with my ketones and let's go ahead and keep on rockin and I will see you guys tomorrow if you have any ideas or anything you have questions on post them down in the comments section below all right you guys are awesome see you guys soon.

Bone Broth Fasting Recap: Day 1 of 3: Thomas DeLauer Q&A
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