Big BEGINNER Fasting Mistakes – LIVE Q&A Session

Big BEGINNER Fasting Mistakes – LIVE Q&A Session

Big BEGINNER Fasting Mistakes – LIVE Q&A Session

Check out the video on Big BEGINNER Fasting Mistakes – LIVE Q&A Session.
Right and we're live and so I'm doing this a little bit different this time I'm sitting in my car and I figured hey I had let's do something a little bit more impromptu a little bit more live so earlier today I was sitting in the waiting room with my wife had an OB appointment because we had the baby due and you're like wow I do all this.

Complex content on fasting a lot of times I just miss the boat in terms of just doing really simple beginner content so today's live broadcast is geared to be a little bit more of a QA and here to be helpful to cover some very beginner type stuff and we're going to cover common beginner intermittent fasting mistakes because quite honestly.

They're common okay so I'm excited to have a lot of people hopping on here I'm in the truck so every once in a while the AC might kick on because it's actually pretty warm here today so if you get to a point where you can't hear me very well just let me know but please do go ahead and comment where you're watching from we're gonna cover a lot of.

Things I actually I wrote things down when I was in the waiting room and I'm just gonna touch on on them briefly because I know people that hop on this live broadcast later probably want to just know hey real quick what are these issues what are these mistakes and I want to be respectful of people's time I'm gonna go into a lot of detail I'm.

Gonna ask question or answer questions excuse me but for those of you that just want to know the quick stuff I get it okay so we're gonna cover how people generally have a tad too much in the way of sweeteners like artificial sweeteners things like that during their fast so we'll talk about how that works I will talk about how people have a tad too.

Many calories in one sitting after they break their fast very common beginner mistake we'll talk about how to kind of mitigate that issue and then we'll talk a little bit about taking specific vitamins during a fast and how it can actually mess things up and then we'll talk about consecutive days of fasting and how sometimes that can throw people.

Off then we'll go through specific creamers that are allowed and aren't allowed because that's a very common thing we'll talk about how coffee is actually quite beneficial so we'll cover some really cool things then we'll talk about exercise we'll talk about why people do a little bit too much of specific kinds of exercise and not.

Enough of the other so we're talking about hit versus low intensity and things like that and then we'll talk about fasting when you're stressed out or fasting you're sick and we and you should kind of module II got so we'll cover a lot of cool things here I just wanted to touch on those so you knew what we are gonna.

Go through now I've got a lot of people here so do you want to say hello we've got wow I mean going way too fast to be able to say hello to everyone we got Bosnia in the house I see that we've got Texas we've got Wow we've got the UK we've got this is awesome Oklahoma North Carolina we got Illinois South Carolina this is.

Super super super awesome so how many people here are new to fasting okay if you go ahead and just comment I am new to fasting because I know a lot of people that watch my channel aren't necessarily new to fasting but perhaps they they just want to know that beginner mistakes still so I'm curious who's new so I want to see like we have.

A bunch of people that are relatively new because I think it's gonna be a great conversation if we can just get some good questions coming in just to give those of you that don't know me a little quick background I lost over a hundred pounds primarily utilizing the intermittent fasting later on the ketogenic diet as it became a little bit.

More of sort of my day to day plan so anyhow okay a lot of people saying very very new very very new new to fasting well welcome to the channel first of all and welcome to learning about fasting because there's a lot of different things that we can cover everybody go ahead and hit that thumbs up button hit that like button because that lets.

YouTube know hey people are watching this broadcast this is a good one let's go ahead and make sure we serve it to the rest of Thomas's audience so that really helps if you just hit that thumbs up button really do appreciate it well let's go ahead and let's dive in let's go have some fun with this okay so the first one like I wrote down in my little.

List of ones I want to cover is going to be having too much in the way of sweeteners now this sounds like an obvious thing right like we we don't really want to be having of course sugar we don't want to be having calories but you see a lot of people having a lot of diet sodas they even have things like zbs and and things like stevia based.

Sweeteners and which mind you are okay to have during a fast now and then but a lot of times people lean on them too much so I want to just advise people that are getting started with intermittent fasting or are new to intermittent fasting to just be cognizant of the fact that particularly sucralose and particularly one called.

A spurt aspartame but then acesulfame potassium so when we look on a label it's gonna say ace a or acesulfame potassium if you see that on a label be very very concerned because studies have shown that acesulfame potassium triggers what is called a cephalic insulin response or Sofia activity blasts right what that.

Means is that it's so hyper sweet on the palate on the tongue that it triggers the pancreas to produce insulin so we have to be very very careful with that so I see people that are doing Internet and fasting but they'll drink diet coke – Diet Pepsi or Diet Mountain Dew throughout the day and I totally understand it I get it and it's a step.

In the right direction to at least be reducing the food intake and going that route but I just want you to know that when were fasting the primary goal is to get your insulin levels nice and low so that your body kick starts other hormonal processes that do not kick in unless insulin levels are lower so we have these kind of mystery sweeteners.

And things like that where we don't quite know how the body is responding it can trigger a response so I'm not saying 86 them all together I'm just saying be very very cautious and I would say the safest one that's out there is monk fruit right now the reason that I say that is because monk fruit doesn't cause an insulin response.

There's even question that stevia might trigger a small insulin response now again I'm talking to a lot of newbies here and I know there's some people that aren't newbies but I want to make sure that I'm not going too deep in the science here and I don't want you to get hung up on things what I would say is if you're new to fasting limit it to one.

Diet soda okay that's just a great place to start with the goal of getting yourself off of them all together because you will find that the cravings go away altogether when those things start tuning off so if I'm fasting I'm gonna have something sweet it's usually going to be stevia but lately I've been gearing more towards a monk fruit just.

Because the science is starting to point a little bit more towards monk fruit as being a slightly better option but I will say fasting tends to get better result I tend to get better results in fasting when I'm not really even having any sweeteners whatsoever but super lows and acesulfame potassium on a label do not touch it if you can avoid it that's.

Really really important someone asked what my take on swerve is all this touch on this look like swerve is stevia plus or if I would not recommend consuming it during a fast so a rifra tall is questionable because a river tall technically by definition is a sugar alcohol and because it's a sugar alcohol.

It doesn't technically absorb or metabolize but to some degree it does because it causes an osmotic effect where draws water into your colon so that means it's changing processes in your body and it could trigger some hepatic liver activation which is what we're kind of trying to avoid and trying to be cautious up okay so just be.

Careful and have that stuff after you're fast all together um just to note you probably notice and probably if you watched my videos all time you might notice it all the time but I put a link down below thrive market big sponsor in my channel they make this channel possible to be quite honest I've created like fasting boxes with them so there's.

A link down below that has like foods and things like that Thomas recommends after you break a fast so after you're done watching this broadcast don't do it right now just letting you know there's a link down there where you can kind of get groceries that I would recommend and stuff like that I'll talk a little bit more about it later on hey what's going.

On in Denton Texas nice to see you here what about three-day water fast Eric guests a little bit more of an advance pushing through this particular topic but I'll touch on it briefly three-day fasts you're really going for a different result you're going for longevity you're not necessarily going for the fat loss goals although you'll.

Get some so I recommend focusing on really keeping it clean there hit that thumbs up button please just really appreciate it it really would help simply because YouTube looks at this content as hey who's liking it who's enjoying it and that way they get it out to my audience more so thank you appreciate that guys if someone asked.

About branched chain amino acids branched chain amino acids will break a fast again I want to I want to resist the urge to go down these kind of nuanced e areas at least until the end because I know I want to be respectful of people's time so number two that I have written down here having too many calories in one's sitting after or fast.

Okay some of you okay I mean this channels growing fast right this channel is growing a few thousand subscribers per day so not everyone here has seen my videos talking about being careful after breaking it fast but a lot of times what people do is they'll break I'll have a huge amount of calories in one sitting and they'll say well as long.

As my calories for the day are less than what they normally are I'm gonna lose weight well let's say that was totally true even if that was true and you were losing weight in the short term what happens when you consume so many calories at once is it triggers a pretty severe metabolic inflammatory response and what that means is your body is.

Suddenly having to process a lot think about your computer for a second if you were to have video editing software open while also watching a movie while also I don't know playing a video game while also emailing your computer would run pretty slow and it might even crash right well I want you to consider your metabolism right we're not superhuman I.

Would argue that computers are probably even more superhuman than we are to some degree and if computers were crash wouldn't we crash so we just don't want to be having a bunch just come in at once and what I usually recommend is keeping it under like 4 or 5 totally ingredients that are coming in when you're breaking a fast so there's.

There's experts out there that swear up and down that the more ingredients that come in at one sitting the more your body has difficulty simple example is if you look at a label and it has 20 different things in it that's 20 different directions your body has to go and when you start watching my channel more and you start kind of understanding.

How the body works you realize that there's enzymatic processes and gene expression and different genetic things that go on for literally every single nutrient that we put in our body and every single ingredient and when we start breaking things down into wow we've got benzoyl peroxide we've got this we got that we've got this where.

You get that body has to go a thousand different directions well think about it from the sake of you just finished a fast garbage man's here so might hear some noise you just broke up at you just if you're finishing up a fad so your insulin levels your body's so sensitive right your body just wants to just absorb whatever you take in but suddenly.

You take in a bunch of food all at once you need you just consume like 1500 calories in one sitting what that's going to do is that's going to trigger an inflammatory cascade in your body just to process that food so even if hypothetically you were to still lose weight that way you would cause such an.

Inflammatory response down the line that you could trigger metabolic distress three months from now especially if that became a consistent thing so what do you do what's the alternative what's what if you don't want to eat just eat a bunch of food right at the end of the fast now what do you I always say just like spider-man with.

Great power comes great responsibility with a fast your body becomes a powerhouse and if you feed it properly and you just give it a couple small bits of food it's gonna process it a lot better okay it's going to be able to handle that food so I recommend lean protein and possibly a little bit of carbohydrates if if you're not doing.

Keto or anything like that I've got some great questions coming in though what if I drink soda water I'm fast yes that's okay natural flavors tough tough one to answer because natural flavors can be a lot of different things natural flavors can be because technically have calories and they can technically be extracted from things.

That are highly highly processed so you do have to be very careful with that I'm sorry I'm look at you some of the questions that are coming in here thank you appreciate all the kind words does it make you feel really fatigued after breaking the fast please answer if you have a lot of food at once yes and that's a great way to indicate that.

You're having too many calories if at the end of your fast you end up feeling super fatigued after you eat it's a great indicator that your body is overworking okay you shouldn't feel super lethargic after you eat it's just not the way that should be unless you really stuff yourself so yeah we've got more questions coming in we also have.

These things that I have to answer when I go through the big mistakes right so we've covered having too much diet soda or having too many sweeteners okay we've covered that one appreciate you guys all sticking through through this with me and please don't forget to hit that thumbs up button don't forget to comment where you're watching from okay then we.

Cover Tunney calories in one sitting the next one is a tricky one it's taking antioxidant and vitamins during a fast now there's a lot of nuances with this one a lot and I can't go into super super detail because it's gonna freak everyone out okay but here's the very simple explanation and when people start asking you about your intermittent.

Fasting lifestyle these are good questions for you to know answers to what you are trying to do is trigger controlled stress within your body okay so you're trying to cause some stress so that your body is forced to adapt that's the benefit of fasting yes there's fat loss but that's just an adaptation what you're trying to go after is when you.

Abstain from food your body has no choice but to engage these add up adaptations these adaptive mechanisms to basically make you stronger and that's why it's so good for your metabolism why it's so good for strength why it's so good for muscle mass because your your metabolism is getting adaptive we have natural very natural antioxidant.

Properties okay we have superoxide dismutase we have glutathione peroxidase we have MDR we have all these different things that get rid of bad stuff like reactive oxidant species they get rid of the oxidative stress that we would normally take an antioxidant to get rid of those things typically upregulate a little bit when we're fasting and it.

Forces them to get stronger okay so our immune system gets stronger with a fast because we force it to get stronger because we deprived it so during the fasting period itself we are actually somewhat weak but after the fast we get a lot stronger so if we take an antioxidant or giving ourself a crutch okay we're making the fast at a cellular.

Level become easier and we don't really want to do that you're not going to notice a difference or not if you take vitamin C during your fast but studies have shown that taking vitamin C during a fast actually hurts some of the autophagy benefits of a fast the same thing goes with antioxidants so there's only a few things that I recommend.

Taking in a way of supplementation and that's going to be caffeine that's going to be magnesium and that's gonna be potassium and even people like an argument with magnesium but magnesium doesn't cut down the fat burning effect that's very complex stuff and I'm not gonna even touching on this video but I do talk about it in other videos let's.

Answer a couple questions Sarah says us hoffa G after how many hours of fasting widely varies on how fat adapted you are how much you've been eating before but I would generally say starts to kick in around 12 hours fish oil do not take during a fast ask Scott right no I recommend taking that.

Later on after you've broken your faster that's Soilers calories am I in a Costco parking lot no I'm actually in my office parking lot they're doing some construction in my office because in case if you've been following my channel you've probably seen I'm expanding the gym area for my own selfish reasons I don't train people.

In the gym I don't it's not even open to the public I just we move some office stuff around to make some more space I've got a new baby girl come in in May and I wanted to be able to have just more flexibility to work out with my wife once the baby comes so anyway they're doing what worked in that so I'm parking lot so lots of good questions.

What about cold medicine well actually believe it or not I don't know if you have the time to stick with me through this whole broadcast but I'm going to cover that later on ok I do want to say once again just you know part of its as a thank you part of its as just you know realistically couple you'll see down below in the description I put a link to.

Thrive market as just so you know they're like the title sponsor to my channel so you'll see them all the time but they're it's not like it's they're there because they're a grocery store and I can talk about all kinds of different foods so anyway there's a link down below I'm able to create fasting boxes and keto boxes and everything.

Through thrive market so you can get gross till our recommends so after you watch this live broadcast feel free to check them out down below interruption zero pressure no obligation this isn't a sales video I just like to mention it because they support the heck on this channel and even if you don't like them you don't like me they at least so how.

Allow me to keep doing content I want to keep moving on so actually someone asked some great questions breaking a fast with a whey protein isolate okay if you don't have an issue with way and yes it's absolutely fine if you just hop in on here don't forget to comment where you're watching from to do ok and then also please do go ahead and hit that.

Thumbs up button so right now if you just hop on here we've covered number one mistake or these are no particular order one mistake too much diet soda or sweeteners to too many calories in one sitting predominately when you break your fast or just in one sitting in general three taking antioxidants during a fast now.

Let's cover number four which is a mistake that a lot of people may fasting more than two days in a row now I've recently changed a little bit of my mindset on this i used to say do not fast any back-to-back days whatsoever however I realized I was hurting a lot of people that would normally get some serious benefits if they could fast.

Back-to-back days and the reason I say that is because I was scaring them by saying hey don't fast back-to-back because here just slow down your metabolism now I've kind of altered my way of thinking in terms of like if you're a beginner and you're only fasting for 16 hours and you're only fasting you know shorter amounts of time.

Like that you're okay to fast two days in a row you're okay to fast probably even three days but I usually like to say let's set a rule two days in a row then give yourself a break then two days in a row give yourself a break and the reason that I say that is because I don't know your metabolism I don't know exactly how your body's.

Working but I can talk about what I've seen in thyroid levels I can talk about what I've seen in metabolic adaptations and generally speaking if you start fasting too much you do slow your metabolism down is that bad it depends who you ask a slower metabolism isn't necessarily a bad thing if your fat adapted and you can get by.

With eating less but what the concern is is that if you're doing intermittent fasting as a weight-loss tool and not as a lifestyle you run a concern you there is a concern I should say of developing this kind of a addiction to it where you need it in order to even maintain so you have to be very very careful with them so what I would usually recommend is.

Saying okay if you're going to be doing that kind of fasting just go two days on one day off two days on one day off and if you're fasting longer than 16 or 18 hours then I really recommend alternate day fasting fast 20 hours hey there goes my neighbor okay fasting 20 hours then take a day off fast 20 hours take a day off okay it just I will say for the.

People that are more advanced that watch this channel yes are there ways to get around that are there ways to do consecutive days of fasting absolutely absolutely but remember I'm trying to talk predominantly to the beginner crowd here to make sure that they just know that if you want to have longevity with this.

Diet then or the search status timing system you want to make sure you're paying attention to that okay what about fasting for hypothyroidism asks Ron that's a great question it's still very effective at helping you lose weight but you need to just take extra precaution there Hinderer said have you ever wrote a book I'm actually.

In the process of writing a book on Mediterranean low-carb diet not even necessarily keto but Mediterranean low-carb that should release hopefully the end of this year writing it with a couple people from Oxford University and stuff so yeah see there's no other questions here can you drink water lemon during a fast.

Yes you can let's see I've got some great questions if you mean pea protein to break up fast Frank yes I definitely recommend P protein to break the fast does black coffee still cause an insulin response I'm gonna cover coffee so it can you stick with me for that for a little bit and we'll kind of get going on it.

Wow there's some great questions I've been fasting pretty much every day for about one and a half years is that bad well you're probably adapted to it but the question is you know and this is somewhat rhetorical are you still seeing a response okay are you still seeing a cosmetic response so again you ask yourself what is your goal is your goal.

To improve longevity or is your goal to lose weight if your goal is to lose weight you definitely want to fast periodically if it's just longevity and you're cool with just reducing calories overall and it's your lifestyle and what you plan to do I don't mean I think you're fine okay so just to recap guys queen anyone that is getting some value.

Out of this video I would just appreciate sharing it okay like if you can share it with your friends share it with your family because I feel like although this winds on because it's a live broadcast and that everyone's gonna have on the full amount of time to watch this I just I think it's a great somewhat informal way for people to.

Learn the benefits of intermittent fasting but also just the common problems right okay so we covered too much diet a diet I see that too many calories in one sitting oh we covered taking antioxidants during it fast and then we cover fasting for more than two days in a row and now it's time to move on to the next one people.

Make the mistake of adding creamer to their coffee I know I know it's it seems like it's such a negligible amount of calories that it wouldn't really cause a big problem but it does get coffee is – one two three calories really black coffee and tea is kind of in the same ballpark one to two calories well why can you consume coffee and tea that has.

Technically a couple calories but why can't you have the creamer well here's why because the coffee and the tea have additional benefits that override the one or two calories it actually takes more calories to burn coffee than is in coffee because what happens is when you consume coffee it elevates a couple of different things it elevates of course.

Hormones like or catecholamines I should say like adrenaline and things like that which are the master regulators the end of the day of fat burning but it also triggers what's called ampk okay which is basically your body's internal switch that says it's time to burn stored fat the other thing is something called the phosphodiester age inhibitor.

Phosphodiesterases inhibition means that it turns off the barrier to your body being able to tap in to fast fat-burning mechanisms so you kind of have this barrier that's up in your body and if you visualize like that there's this barrier that says hey it's not time to stop to tap into our stored tissue because it's not safe to do so and that.

Phosphodiester is is really that barrier Coffee actually drops that barrier so coffee kind of breaks down the Berlin wall if you want to call it that and that's what's unique about coffee is yes it has a couple of calories but it breaks down that barrier so cream runners cause a problem simply because there's usually a few calories and those.

At least like if you're gonna put two tablespoons of creamer in you're looking at anywhere from 20 to 60 calories sometimes more that is enough to kick you out of a fasted state and yes believe it or not if you are somewhat scientific and you grasp this fat still causes an insulin response just not as much it does so indirectly through.

What's called oscillation stimulating protein which is stimulated fat so anyhow for those of you that were questioning them so I usually would say you know and I just did a video I record a video hasn't gone live yet it shows that when you do any kind of how many kind of coffee you have to have more than 500 milligrams of caffeine to.

Truly dehydrated so you're okay to have coffee go throughout the day Deidre a fighter says love your channel Thomas just wanted to ask for a lean protein source that isn't fish since I'm allergic that pink older mama looks so good usually just lean chicken or really lean 96% beef would be good like that's about those leans you can usually find.

It so anyhow when we go back to the coffees and the creamers people will say well I want to do a bulletproof coffee thing I want to do I want to add MCT oil to my coffee mc2 don't confuse keto and fasting okay I mean just because I know a lot of people here on the fast that don't do keto and I have a lot of people my channel that do keto and go fast and.

Have a whole lot of people to do keto plus fasting although they're very similar in a lot of ways I don't want you to get them confused during the process just because MCT oil triggers ketone production does not mean that it's going to help you out and burn any more fat it doesn't work like that the MCT oil is still very caloric it's.

Still going to break it fast and it still will make you fat if you have a lot of it a lot of it ready so it's not safe it's not safe to have during a fast you have it whenever other other time you want to have it okay but same kind of thing with even if you have 10 calories with almond milk okay you're throwing off that metabolic process do.

You require digestive enzymes now I want you to remember this okay if you have let's say you have your house and you have a party at your house okay and you have like 25 people at your house and then the janitor or the maid comes in to try to clean the house but there's 25 people they're having a party they're gonna have a hard time cleaning up okay.

I want you to think of that like your body when you're eating you have people at the party cuz you have food coming okay now the party's over everybody leaves including you you go on vacation and the house is empty then the maids come in it's a lot easier for the maids to clean up the house now right yeah because no one's.

There to make a mess but that's exactly what's happening when you're fasting the maids are coming in they're able to clean up cellular processes and cellular waste trigger otology allow cellular membranes to heal allow the intestinal lumen to heal allow us to feel great and feel bright and feel fresh right now imagine in this particular instance.

That the maids are cleaning the house but then two toddlers little guys two little toddlers run into the house tracking mud and making a mess that's gonna slow down the maids ability to clean that house maybe not as much as if there's 25 people but if too messy toddlers are gonna come in there they're gonna clean make a dirty right okay I.

Rest my case same things happen inside your body if it's five calories of crud Bobby's gotta clean it up it's got to work with it does that make sense to everybody just go ahead and say yes that makes sense so anyhow I just want to make sure yeah Brooke says I know dr. Burke teaches that you can have heavy cream and coffee.

And it won't break a fast dr. Berg talks about that from the sense of just sustainability okay and I'm well aware of that he and I have talked about that but it dary especially triggers hormonal responses in your body dairy is somewhat estrogenic and one of the things that I'll reason and again it's perfectly okay like dr. Berg and I have a couple.

Small things that we don't 100% agree on and in there but we were friends like we're really good friends and the thing is is that that's the beauty of this is you have to go with like different things that that you can understand I appreciate fasting because of what it does from a hormonal standpoint and just for reference like for any of the.

Females that are watching you know a lot of the reason I got into fasting was to help my wife reset her hormones she bat has battled with hormonal issues and you know estrogen dominance and a lot of issues for a while and it was fasting and keto that really helped her so anyhow I I didn't want to go too far on that and now that we have you know have.

A lot of new people hopping on can we go ahead and hit that thumbs up button comment where you're watching from GN I'm glad you appreciate the analogies that's what I really try to be good at I'm not a doctor I mean I just I've been around the block with this stuff guys don't forget also just as kind of a natok kind of appreciation for this.

Channel if you can after you watch this video you don't have to but I did put a link down to thrive market below they are the title sponsor of this channel because they're a grocery store and they make it possible so when I do a live broadcast yes I mentioned them a few times because people come and go so I put a link down below that way you can.

Check out thrive market get my fasting box get my keto box I appreciate the heck out of them quite frankly I wouldn't be able to survive if it wasn't for the support of brands like that so anyhow let's move on to the next one just for those of you that just came on here we covered number one too much diet sodas and sweeteners.

Number two was too many calories in one sitting number three was taking antioxidants during a fast and number four it was fasting more than two days in a row and then we just covered number five which is adding creamer to coffee we talked about how coffee is good consume coffee will help your fast okay now okay number six this one has the.

Potential to get very complicated so I'm gonna try to keep and I've got a sweating in here it's kind of good well I have the AC like it's it's warm it's like almost ninety degrees here in SoCal today in February which is crazy it's not what we want we need the rain so I'm sitting in my car because they're doing some construction inside and I.

Don't want to crank the AC up too much because then you guys will hear it won't be like hear me so I'm kind of sweating you're a little bit so anyhow let's keep going so we're talking about workouts what kind of workouts should you be doing during a fast and what common mistakes do I see well I see two big mistakes I see one mistake people don't.

Move at all they think this is a fasting day so I'm not burning calories so I'm okay to or I'm not consuming calories so I'm okay to not burn extra calories well if you're not consuming calories that sounds like a phenomenal time to me to get an extra workout in and get a little bit extra calorie burn right like even if it's just a hundred calories that's.

100 calories that you're gonna just be able to incinerate so I do recommend getting moving because it's also going to allow all these different mobilizations of fats to occur it's going to allow PPAR alpha to to really activate them or to a the liberation of fatty acids can activate PBR alpha which sends all kinds of just genetic cascades.

And gene transcription and all this cool stuff great just metabolic health stuff that again it's probably advanced for this beginner video but great stuff if you want to dive into it on my channel further now I feel like a lot of times people end up doing too much in the way of the high-intensity work though okay.

I'm okay with it but here's the caveat here's what you have to remember and this is just very important in this where there's a clear line of what one person should do and what other person should do so please I was talking to my toddler right now I'd say ears okay here's I need your ears for.

Say if you have a strong athletic background okay if you have someone that is works out regularly someone that has a decent amount of muscle someone that works out more than three days per week already you are someone that can handle doing higher intensity weight training and higher intensity interval training during your fast because you have the.

Anaerobic capacity and your body is going to have what is called glycogen it's going to have stored carbohydrates that are okay for that fuel you'll be able to handle it if you are someone that does not work out more than three days per week or you would consider yourself a beginner which is absolutely fine and no one has to comment whether.

They're a beginner or not it's just you know keep it to yourself then you should only be focusing on cardio and when I say cardio I mean low intensity cardio on your fasting days remember this when you are fasting you're mobilizing fats when you are doing cardio you're burning fats so what we always want to do is mobilize that's the nutritional.

Protocols and then burn fat via activity okay remember the deprivation of food itself doesn't burn fat the deprivation of food releases the fat you still have to burn it okay so go for a gentle walk and but don't do too much hit because then what's gonna happen is you trigger a lot of stress on your body and the stress in this case will actually slow.

Down your progress because you jack up your core salt too high it was gonna lead into the next thing that I'm going to talk about here and it's very very very important so I've done a lot of videos talking about workouts and fasting and after this video feel free by all means to just type in on YouTube Tom stole our fasting workouts things.

Like that because it's just so complex I don't want to be able to I don't want to just lose a lot of people here I want to keep this simple and to sing so anyhow can we I know a lot of people are jumping on here now we've got some new people coming on these good questions it says nice shirt thank you I appreciate that is it okay for me to eat.

All my carbs in one sitting as a meal I usually focus on the income I would not recommend that I would not recommend eating all your meals and once today and someone says what about melatonin to help me sleep after I fast I would recommend going from magnesium instead of melatonin I think I'm going to answer that as well breaking your fast with.

Oats and fruit Drake obviously you're probably not doing keto in this case I would recommend keeping the fruit out of the equation and if you do have the fruit in there do it to minimum quarter-cup and try to do something like berries okay yeah someone's mental health very important intermittent fasting with gastric bypass nothing's.

Really gonna change to be completely honest I know you always say never to combine fats and carbs what about low glycemic carbs yeah you're gonna be better off and I don't want to confuse a lot of the audience here talking about the combination of fats and carbs but typically speaking generally you want to avoid combining fats and carbohydrates.

Because it just it can throw things off basically it spikes your insulin allows the fat to store because I know sweetie know we've had cumulatively I can see in my little ticker we've had like over 11,000 people come through this broadcast and I know not everyone hits the thumbs up button but I really appreciate if you guys could just hit.

That like button it really does help this channel out a lot okay then flaming Moe's says can I use refined coconut oil as MCT or is there a difference there is a difference between coconut oil and MCT however I recommend going with coconut oil over em CGD em CGD doesn't have any real nutritional profile it's a medium chain fatty easy that's great but it's.

Just it's just that there's no nutritional profile to it whereas when you look at the saturated fat that's in coconut oil you have a lot of benefits you you have lamorak acid which is a c12 lauric acid provides a tremendous microbial benefit so I recommend that plus you have about 15% MCTS and then you have other long change that's in.

There that are still very very effective so I write over MCTS okay let's talk about number seven super important here that is people make the mistake of fasting when they're sick or they fast when they're stressed out okay as this one question goes super first off thank you for all you do our families benefit greatly may be a tough.

Subject what are your thoughts on honestly I have to even be careful saying that word just YouTube will actually flag it but you know what I'm talking about because it came up in super chat I would say yes it does help and then Diana Torres says can you tell us which milk we should use to break the fast with our pea protein coconut hemp.

Or flax I personally love him simply because it's it's a full spectrum hemp milk with pea protein would be phenomenal anyhow I want to go ahead and the answer or go through this last one which was fasting the sticker stress so remember how I said fasting is the purpose of fasting is to get your body stressed is to get your body stressed so.

That you ultimately earn more fat and you ultimately develop more strength to cellular level okay when you are sick you will get more sick if you fast fasting is not designed to do to be used when you're already sick it's designed to boost your immune system before you get sick if you do not fuel your body with what it means predominantly protein.

When you're sick your body will have a hard time recovering and it will not likely pull from that it will likely pull from protein from your muscles and your joints when you're sick so if you feel yourself getting sick you shouldn't eat more but you should just eat clean because fasting is going to put stress on your body it is designed to be.

Stressful and the last thing you want to do is stress yourself when you know you're getting sick so it's tempting to want a fast because you feel like it's cleaning your body but it's cleaning different things it's not fighting a virus okay if we were going to war if soldiers were going to war we wouldn't say hey this is the time that we want to.

Clean your barracks and we're gonna call in the troops to clean the barracks we're gonna say no we need to fuel you guys up so you can go and fight right that's the same thing is happening the body does support your immune system same thing when you're stressed okay when you're really really really stressed you're immunocompromised you.

Just don't know it because the reason you don't feel it is because when you're stressed you have adrenaline an adrenalin masks everything so you don't feel the stress you'll feel that your body's how many times have you ever just had a crazy day and then you get home and all of a sudden the second you sit down on the.

Couch or relax your crash you're done but I didn't even know I was tired happens to me all the time because I guess the adrenaline of the day like I've been just rocking and rolling and then I get home and the kid and but you know a pregnant wife and everything's crazy and then I sit down for 30 minutes to watch a show on Netflix and I'm like.

Boom out my wife's like you never even last through it 15 minutes of a show it's because my Adrenaline's going and I fall asleep that's still happening so you just got to be careful there integrity construction says sugar-free monster keeps you out of ketosis if it has BCAAs it can sandy D says lost 45 kilograms intermittent fasting how to.

Break a five-day fast the same way you would break in regular intermittent fasting protein there's another question that came in via super chat supplements to take to combat soreness but not brick keto a creatine alternative well creatine is technically okay to take during a fast so you'd be okay but remember protein synthesis stays.

Elevated for a long period of time for 24 hours after your workout so you don't have to take a supplement to try to recover better you'll be fine so many good questions mr. J says what about bubble I'm assuming you're talking about carbonated beverages and if it's carbonated water you're fine it's not going to listen any additional response.

Or anything like that guys for those of you just hopping on please do when you get a chance to check out thrive market at the end of this video or whenever you're done watching I've linked them down down below big sponsor of this channel but like I've said before I've been able to assemble these little boxes of my favorite groceries for.

Intermittent fasting for Kido for thyroid health hormone optimization it's just a cool thing I can pick the groceries and anyway special link down below creatine keto and fascinating is it good or bad neither and I just know that you're gonna retain water from it and then we've got some good questions.

Glutamine after worked out unnecessary Marcela says hey Thomas for the last couple of weeks my keynote levels have been unusually high for TIFF I've been exercising less than these last two weeks oh yeah that's totally normal do you exercise less your ketone levels will go higher because when you exercise you.

Burn through those ketones plain and simple and you also elevate your cortisol levels can elevate adrenaline which can a lot of time also elevate more cortisol chain-reaction elevates glucose it's plain and simple I noticed that to my rest days I have higher ketones than my workout days does green detox break the.

Fast stuff and yes it does hey just FYI I used to work with that company you just probably see the ads all over this place they're still marketing it with my name even though they've changed the formula so I love those guys over at six-pack ABS they're good guys except for the fact that right now they've changed the formula in there still.

Marketing a product with my names so the green detox is not really my product even though they're using my name the things that come with having a brand I guess don't really want to go down that I love those guys they're a good company they have good products but I did change that formula and it technically wouldn't really becomes a lot of perfume that's.

Dirty laundry let's not go there they're obviously good guys it's just the formula is different from what I would want juicing and proteins are easier to digest to some degree can I do eea is on fasting no but you still have leucine which well is the big one anything if you look at a label and it says Lucy.

So like bang energy drinks has leucine rain energy drinks have a leucine you got to be careful with that Tasha says do you still recommend MCT old America fast if we're only worried about weight loss no keep it lean protein good to go there Gaming says Thomas Lauer hey fasting raise cortisol cortisol makes you store.

Fat right also how to change your workout that's such a good question fasting does elevate course all cortisol will not make you store fat unless cortisol is in conjunction with insulin so cortisol is only going to cause a problem if you have it alongside food so what you want to do is you want to go through a course on mitigation strategy.

I always recommend before you break your fast to try to get yourself relaxed okay I lose a lot of people when I talk about this but you can always try meditating you can always try doing a little bit of yoga where you break your fast there are lots of epidemiological studies and also lots of anecdotal studies and some concrete clinicals that show that like.

Things like yoga bring your cortisol levels down do I do that I don't need more there was a time period where I'm really stressed because I would try to do a little yoga to bring my stress levels down before to break a fast and I would honestly say my results were better they honestly where my opinion on perfect keto hearts.

I actually think they do a really good job I love perfect you do I actually their sponsor on this channel too so I talk about them mainly like their collagen and stuff like that I do talk about their bars but there's still some tapioca in there so use them in moderation does matcha with cinnamon.

Break a fast technically no you're good what are my thoughts with water stevia or sorry two tablespoons ACV in water you're okay with that ACV located good to go lots on the Oh mad diet I love the Oh mad diet but I also feel like if you can modify Oh Matt just a.

Tiny bit to have a small meal when you break your fast and then an hour later have your larger meal I think that's better problem we have with Oh Matt is like I talked about earlier in this video is that you have so many nutrients coming out to you from one angle at one time right so many different angles so you've got to be careful with that.

Thrive market is not available in Canada unfortunately I think they're working on it I recommend otherwise nattara market and a tea you are a it's similar to thrive but it's can't kind of Canada surged in there and then I say sorry lots of questions go and be carbs after needing our fast it depends so even mean who follows that typically.

Follows a ketogenic life though most of the time I can break a fast with carbohydrates and I'll be back in Quito in 45 minutes so one thing that's very important because I know we have a lot of new people to my channel on this live broadcast right now I am by no means anti car I mean I think carbs have their place and I think especially if you are.

Someone that's maintaining muscle that carbs work well intermittently you just don't need to have them all the time so like yeah sometimes I'll break a fast and play around with having some carbs or eggs okay to break a fast I would not his eggs can be questionable when it comes down to the inflammatory response I usually recommend P protein I usually.

Recommend a really lean kind of meat I usually recommend like a chicken or a lean ground chicken or a lean ground turkey pea protein hemp protein whey protein if you can handle it I have some things down again in my thrive box down below at the link that I would recommend breaking a fast with cordyceps or lines.

Meanwhile fasting yeah especially linemen cordyceps does have some ATP activation so you kind have to be careful with cordyceps but lion's mane is definitely good to go um let's see is eating too much soya like tofu bad yes it is no matter if it's organic or not low carb no leucine protein shake to.

Break capacity well no you can know a protein shake is gonna have Lucy Liu Singh's an amino acid so it's an amino acid it's in protein but it's the amino acid that he is going to spike your insulin okay when you break your fast because you're breaking it fast but spiking your insulin would imply to your body that you have calories or food.

Coming just flavored coffee with no Gary breaking fast now you're fine I mean be careful the natural flavors but how would you mixing cheat days with fasting days good question simple strategy fast and then when you break your fast keep it very controlled okay so what I usually say I talk to people all the time people to travel right.

Happens to me getting on an airplane going to a business dinner across the country right yeah what or fast that day I've been traveling so of course I'm gonna fast so what do I do uh well when I land most people would say okay well I'm just gonna go straight to the dinner and I've been fasting all day and I'm gonna feast I'm gonna enjoy.

This food yes I deserve it okay no try to control that break your fast strategically so I'll bring like a packet of P protein with me and a shaker cup and then I will just go ahead and I'll add some water to it or ever I'll break my fast in a controlled fashion maybe a couple rice cakes maybe a baked potato that I brought with me if I'm.

Doing carbs otherwise just the protein shake and then I wait I wait an hour and then I go to the dinner and then if I'm on a cheat meal day sure I'll enjoy my cheat meal but at least I've broken my fast strategically I hope that helps it's a little bit of a damage control my view on carnivore I don't know if this is really the place for it I think.

Carnivore is very very very effective for people that need to control inflammation for in acute period of time I don't think carnivore something you know so they want to do long term because it is very limiting and you could potentially reduce the diversity of your gut bacteria can you please talk about nighttime evening workouts.

Nighttime workouts are great if you can try to be trying to do them in a fasted state that's great we just shift your eating window but I think that's a different for a story for a different day peanut butter bacon on whole wheat toast sounds delicious but bone broth yes so I don't talk about it too much but.

Bone broth is something that you definitely can break your fast but bone broth and then immediately have your protein shake is bone broth although it has calories it breaks it fast I don't consider it a food I consider it a I consider almost a supplement in terms of how it works so you break your fast with bone broth and then kind of roll into.

Your protein also just so you know I have bone broth in my fasting boxes down in threat market that's a link below so do make sure you guys check that out again um I know I sound like a broken record but this is a live broadcast so I do kind of have to repeat myself and if you knew the economics of YouTube and how this stuff works then even you.

Wouldn't hate on me for talking about thrive every now and then a la alpha linoleic acid fasting do not pass on it what is a good P protein shake usually a fan of some Warner talked about them just cuz they're super clean so Sunwarrior brand P protein warrior blend is a good my wife wants to know if there's anything to be aware of with.

Keto and I F while breastfeeding so when it comes down to when it comes down to intermittent fasting I wouldn't recommend intermittent fasting breastfeeding because that's too much caloric reduction I also have to be careful I'm not a you know I'm not a pediatrician but I can tell you from my own personal experience sorry well major.

Flub there right my wife's personal experience that when she gave birth to Tommy my son she was not keto she went off keto like right after giving birth and her breast supply milk supply wasn't that amazing and then she went keto and the milk supply to fat content like quadrupled so the caloric value of her breast milk was amazing so anyway hope.

That helps someone says is no K to do a sauna or steam room all on a prolonged fast yes okay that is a good way to enhance and exacerbate a stressful portion of your fast so yes I'm okay with that heat shock proteins are great sardines an extra virgin olive oil okay we're gonna be Omega profile can't find in water yes if you can't find one water.

Spill okay I actually have a video talking specifically about that as I'm gonna go ahead and recap one more time so we talked about too much diet sodas and sweeteners being problem number one mistake number one let's talk about too many calories in one sitting after you break your fast okay so with the diet soda as I said if you're new to it limit.

It to one diet soda per day and try to wean off of them altogether try to lean on fruit which is going to be a little bit easier also in my which is in my threat box fYI and then too many calories in one sitting break your fast strategically small meal then sixty ninety minutes later have a.

Bigger meal try not to eat all your food in one sitting number three taking antioxidants like vitamin C and other antioxidants and during your fast wait until right after your fast fasting more than two days in a row if you're a beginner try to take it easy and try to wait until you're a little bit more experienced before you.

Push it like that number five adding creamers to coffee keep your coffee black and have as much of it as you want quite frankly but just know that fasting can sometimes make it harder to sleep so you may want to cut the coffee up a little earlier than you normally would to much high intensity interval training when you're not ready or the other side.

Of the equation not doing any activity everyone should be doing a little bit of when they're fasting because you're gonna get so much more of a mobilization of fatty acids and lastly fasting when you're stressed out or fasting when you're sick that is not a good recipe okay your adrenals are already taxed guys there's so many amazing questions.

Coming in here I wish that I could answer all of them Allen says Cheers you're very welcome to go to this man and then appreciate guess there's some great great questions I wish I could stick here and answer all of them it is important that everybody here knows I post videos daily okay every single day usually they usually go.

Out at like 5:30 a.m. Pacific time but it's very very important you turn on notifications and you select all notifications let me tell you unfortunately what happens if that doesn't occur okay if you don't turn on notifications what happens is you won't it's okay but you won't see my videos and then what will happen is eventually.

YouTube will just think you're not interested in my content so they won't show you videos even though you're subscribed to my channel and you'll have to actually navigate to my channel every day to find those videos so please do turn on notifications it will help it will make things a lot easier but also just know even if you don't turn on.

Notifications I am posting a video every day so if you're not seeing a video from me every day then it means that you're you're missing out because we do have that so now that you have one has the time to do that but I try to almost always keep them between like five and ten minutes and super super easy so guys I have to jump off I've got.

A call here in about nine minutes that I got to prep for it a little bit with some very interesting people talking about called bfr bans blood flow restriction and they're kind of the leader in the science of that so it's really interesting might have some cool content coming up as a result of this call in a couple of months guys one more.

Time thank you for being here and please do just do me a favor and just at least check out thrive down below in the description it's it's very very helpful for this channel but I think I'll be helpful for you too and think about their video ideas and I'll check back in the comments little bit later you guys Rock see you soon.

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