Best (HEALTHY) Fatty Foods to Buy at Target

Best (HEALTHY) Fatty Foods to Buy at Target

Best (HEALTHY) Fatty Foods to Buy at Target

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What's up everybody hey we're going to do this a little bit different this time normally I would do a top five XYZ foods while they're at the store while I'm in the studio but I figured hey let's actually do this live so I actually have all the products right here I know it's a little bit of a sneak peak but I want to be able to do this live so we could.

Also have some interaction I thought this might be a little bit more of a fun way to do this so what I did is this morning I went to Target and I had to pick up some stuff and I was like wait a minute target hasn't really interesting like just good kinds of fats and so much about fatty acids in general just I.

Don't know people just don't know the full cold hard truth right so why don't I do a video where I actually break down the different kinds of fats but break down my favorite fats whether it's keto or not that you can get at Target because a lot of people have targets close by and a lot of these you can get at Walmart too but I am going to break.

Down specific brands only because the price point there is no paid promotion in this whatsoever this is purely just things that I would buy at Target so that is a promise and I just based it upon price and also upon hey this is a good healthy fat so you're gonna learn some interesting stuff I do ask that you please go ahead and hit that thumbs up.

Button hit that like button but then also comment where you're watching from and that way we can just get some good engagement going here and we can have a bunch of fun with this okay so let's go ahead and dive in now one that you probably aren't surprised to see here who's going to be macadamia nuts okay well first of all I will say.

Macadamia nuts that are sold at Target for whatever reason have a really good roasted nutty flavor it they're roasted but they're not roasted in any oil so when you're looking at nuts and I did like a full like Costco video on this it's coming out soon when you're shopping for any kind of nuts at all and you look at roasted ones you want to.

Make sure that they're not roasted in any kind of oil okay so here's what's important if you airfryer them or or excuse me err roast them or anything like that dry roast them you're going to be much better off a lot of things we'll do is I'll take a perfectly good fat from a nut and then they'll put it into a canola oil or vegetable oil and it'll.

Completely throw off the fatty acid profile it's not like we're just looking for a fat to zooom whether we're on a ketogenic diet or not it's not like we're just looking for a basic fat we actually have to pay attention to certain things so what do I like most about macadamia nuts extremely extremely high in monounsaturated fats.

Probably one of the best fatty acid profiles for just overall monounsaturated fats what that means is that is a stable fat that's going to provide you with a a little bit of energy when you're on a ketogenic diet but most importantly very powerful antioxidant properties what I really liked about the macadamia nut however is.

One that people don't talk about a whole lot you see people will say well macadamia nuts aren't that high in omega threes so is it really that good of a nut well let me tell you something omega threes when they come from any kind of plant source are negligible to begin with okay that being said you still do want nuts that are high in omega-3s.

That's a different story for a different day the point is it's relatively negligible okay that's not what you want to worry about so when you go to the grocery store and you see oh omega-3 rich nuts oh my gosh come on you're gonna get more omega-3s out of one fish living out of that whole bag of nuts so I just encourage you to not really worry.

About the omega-3 profile too much because it's not the biggest thing but what you should be concerned with is what's called the omega-6 profile okay the omega-6 profile is what is damaging and most nuts are very high in omega sixes so especially when we're following a ketogenic protocol we want to have you know nice abundant omega-3 profile if.

Possible but more importantly a low omega-6 profile these little suckers macadamias three percent omega-6 whereas a lot of nuts are like 50 60 percent so significantly significantly better I'm gonna turn the camera just a little bit just because that light behind me is washing me out a little bit I think I'm gonna say you guys there we go okay so.

I've got all them got a lot of things here kind of keeping them off the screen just a little bit a so they don't block me of a piece I don't get totally get everything away I just want to shouts people out say hello really quick we've got Tracy in Long Island we've got Stan what's going on lost over 50 pounds following this.

Channel that is so awesome we've got Ted in Tulsa Oklahoma we've got Gary in Denmark wow we got Tristan we've got man Dani Ortega 35 pounds in September so awesome Katarina Fort Worth Texas we keep on common and where you're watching from that's that's honestly even if I don't reply immediately even if I don't.

Talk to you right now I go back through and I look at this stuff because it's really really important to me to see like where people are coming from and and all that stuff yeah I probably should have sat out front it's getting kind of dark already oh well anyhow let's go ahead and let's continue so here's the thing with the.

Macadamia nuts very low phytic acid content too so what that means you're gonna have a very low level of anti-nutrients normally with a lot of different nuts you have to be careful of anti-nutrients you have to be careful of things that will essentially chelate minerals in your gut and chelate vitamins and stop them from absorbing.

It's kind of a big beef if you want to call it that that a lot of the carnivore community has but like the plants right now is the anti nutrient thing so if you're looking at nuts macadamia nuts usually are the best pili nuts are probably the best best but you're not gonna find them in a regular grocery store and this is stuff you're gonna.

Find it Target okay so this is go down your neighborhood Target you're good to go yeah we've got like 500 people in this broadcast but only 75 thumbs up and I know that the video doesn't suck that bad so can we go ahead and just hit that like button hit that thumbs up button it really does help this channel out and.

Just gets these videos out there so anyhow the big thing with macadamia nuts outside of just the overall fact that they don't damage you is they're very high in oleic acid as well now who knows what oleic acid does probably a lot of you because I talk about it so much on my channel to the point where probably drive you nuts oleic acid has really.

Powerful ways of activating what is called PPAR alpha ok PDA our alpha is a genetic process so it's a gene we turn on this PPAR and it allows the activation of what is called an uncoupling protein what this means in simple simple terms is indirectly macadamia nuts in the oleic acid in them actually trigger these proteins to.

Activate in your body that dissipate heat so I want you to think of like a dorm room college dorm room it has a cruddy little radiator heater okay so the radiator heater dissipates heat well um if you plug it into the wall the electricity is gonna go down the cord and it's gonna go to the radiator it's gonna dissipate as heat see how the.

Other radiator here well it's doing the same thing inside your body when it comes down to uncoupling proteins these proteins dissipate your calories as heat it's a really cool process so that's why they make the list now I'm just gonna show you really quick again okay see I've got these foods here so we're gonna have some fun with that.

Okay then I encourage you to stick with me through this whole thing I know people are gonna be coming and going throughout this video so it's all good we've already covered macadamia nuts these are all things you can get at Target I'm not at Target right now let's go ahead and let's go on to see this one okay mayonnaise so it's easy to find.

Mayonnaise it's not we're gonna have an issue you can go to a gas station probably find a little tub or a little packet of soybean oil mayonnaise but mayonnaise is a superfood and if you pay attention to the right kinds of fats that are in mayonnaise you can actually allow yourself to have a pretty darn cool almost like fat-burning experience.

Because the right oils with mayonnaise really end up making just a delicious treat so the cool thing that I put with Sur Kensington's here this is that labrum and again there's no paid promotion this is I just went to Target and I shopped around a little bit to find the best fats okay so search Kensington's avocado oil.

Mayonnaise and by the way the macadamia nuts we're just regular Archer farms which is like the Target brand okay I think these were like $8.99 for ten ounces which sounds expensive but macadamia nuts are expensive together okay and then sir Kensington's this was like 399 on sale which is actually a pretty good price for good quality.

Avocado oil mayonnaise so here's what we've got we got avocado oil we've got certified humane free-range Oaks we've got water distilled vinegar salt lime juice concentrate mustard flour mustard extract black pepper and lime oil super clean ingredients the next best one was gonna be the primal kitchen now the primal kitchen probably.

Was a little bit better because the ingredients were organic not the oil though the oil wasn't organic and the eggs technically weren't organic everything else was organic well because of that they were able to charge $8.99 for and I wanted to make sure that this was bang for the buck here sister Kensington's being 399 for actually a.

Same sized jug is what you would get with primal kitchen for $8.99 it just made more sense with the Sirkin Jenkins now we talked about the fatty acid profile once again there is a little bit of saturated fat in this let's say we've got yeah well one gram it's not bad okay and then we've got a high level of once again the monounsaturated fats now again.

We're talking oleic acid here avocado oils very high in that oleic acid so if you're just joining this broadcast oleic acid has an indirect way of generating body heat within the body if we can generate body heat obviously it potentially allows us to burn more fat so I'm all about that really interesting stuff what I really like.

About avocado oil about this mayonnaise in particular is avocado oil has something known as Omega 7 which is palmitoleic acid Omega 7 isn't talked about a whole lot and I think it's simply because it's just not this is not popularized yet people aren't always talking about Omega 7 it's just not that sexy sounding but Omega 7s increase the.

Bioavailability of Omega threes within the body so imagine this imagine you don't consume a lot of Omega threes but you want your body to utilize the smaller amount that you do get in well therefore Omega 7s are gonna help the availability of the Omega threes in the body so big fan of that but also avocado oil is just much more stable it's a very.

Stable oil so one of the things that I always concerned with with any kind of mayonnaise is the instability of the oils right okay you open it up it gets exposed to oxygen and then once it's exposed to oxygen you're dealing with all kinds of well oxidation and those kinds of fats that are unstable like olive oil mayonnaise I don't like that.

Because oxidize is a lot easier although it is still a better mayonnaise you have to make sure your refrigerating it avocado oil is just much more stable okay so it here's I'm once again a monounsaturated fat and this is just a good deal for that there I think even a Whole Foods it's like $6.99 so again this is all just target stuff now we do.

Get on down the line and – let's go yeah let's go with this one okay so this is olive oil and again for those of you just soften on here zero paid promotions on this okay this was me going to the store and so I know I'm talking about brands but I'm telling you the best best bang for the buck 649 for a good organic extra virgin olive oil okay.

Organic does matter with olive oil absolutely because they are heavily heavily treated you have to be making sure you're getting olive oil in a dark bottle if it's not a dark bottle you know it's cheap okay if they try to show you the oil and things like that it's not real or it's not good very very important.

It's a very fragile oil high monounsaturated fat once again 73 or 75 percent I believe so we're talking probably one of the most abundant monounsaturated fat profiles what that means is we again have that oleic acid content and I've done some videos that talk about you know avocado oil versus olive oil.

I would have grabbed an avocado oil over this olive oil except for the fact that I already grabbed the avocado oil mayonnaise and I wanted to have good talking points and didn't want to be redundant with the avocado oil I do not recommend that you cook with olive oil remember olive oil is a lot more fragile okay it doesn't have as high of a smoke.

Point now you know it's still a very very very high quality fat it has a higher level of some-some polyunsaturated fats which make it a little bit more unstable so we have to be careful with that what that means is that a monounsaturated fat has one hydrogen double bond okay it means that in essence to make this very short for.

This video it's very very stable okay it's almost a stable as a saturated fat saturated fat is very stable obviously it doesn't get oxidized as much it doesn't denature because it's saturated when it's essentially at a cooler temperature monounsaturated is as close to saturated as you can get without it being saturated and then you have a.

Polyunsaturated fat which have multiple double hydrogen bonds which leave lots of spaces open to be denatured and what that means is that although a polyunsaturated fat can be very very very very healthy it doesn't have a long shelf life so things like a fish oil right if you cut open a fish and you leave it on your counter how long is it.

Gonna take before it just reeks okay right okay hey I'm gonna call this guy out so Chris money says so first me tells us that microwaves are bad for you and now he's trying to tell you to get organic products okay Chris I'm gonna call you out on that because yeah yesterday I did a video talking about and put out a video talking about.

Microwaves first of all I think a lot of people didn't necessarily like pay attention to the full piece there when it comes down to the nutrient profile of your foods it doesn't damage them as much to microwave as it does to boil them okay does that mean that there's electromagnetic field issues okay yeah they're very well could be but the other.

Thing we have to consider is when you cook foods at any temperature especially like over a hot grill the heterocyclic amines and the advanced glycation end-products have an effect on your body are vastly worse than what has been proven with microwaves and I do look at the science doesn't mean that I cook with a microwave all the time heck no.

But there's people that watch my channel that want to know that information and it's been asked time and time and time and time of time again do microwaves kill the nutrients of vegetables know as a matter of fact microwaves make the nutrients more available in vegetables is there some distortion of proteins there has been.

Like two studies that show the distortion of some proteins in terms of unfolding but you know what else unfolds proteins guess what putting them in an oven and guess what leaving them sitting on the counter also unfolds proteins okay so we have to always challenge the hypothesis no matter what and I encourage everyone no.

Matter what no matter what okay challenge my hypothesis too but do not do not be a jerk okay so you could challenge my hypothesis all you want because I am going to look at research and I'm going to find things out and I'm going to put it out in front of people and they can I can disseminate however I want I'm not going to preach but I will.

Put it out there for people and if people want to form their own opinions on it they are absolutely entitled to do so but I will stand by the fact that when it comes down to vegetables I don't really know about protein and quite honestly a lot of people don't know about the proteins you are going to preserve more nutrients with a microwave.

Because there aren't a whole lot of proteins to distort okay when it comes down to the preservation of water soluble vitamins water solving violins and minerals that get heavily denatured and leached out when you cook via different methods cooking via a microwave actually preserves those vitamins and minerals so when we are.

Addressing that a question that is all there is to it now regarding the RF sure there's a big difference between EMF anyway I'm not gonna go into miss rabbit hole enough I just had to Chris you bounce okay I don't want the negativity let's go ahead and let's get back to fun all right next up on the list after we've covered olive oil let's go ahead.

And let's do this actually a spooky Sookie I've talked about GE all the time okay and yes I am gonna suggest that you go for organic ghee for one main reason okay whatever is being fed to the cow is more than likely going to transfer into the fat it's going to transfer into the dairy it's going to transfer into the.

Fat so the fatty acid profile up milk is super super super super important D is clarified butter now here's the cool thing very high in short chain fatty acids which directly directly fuel the actual and taro sites and feel the cells when in the lining of our gut right so the endothelial cells so what happens with G is they take milk fat okay and.

They completely clarify to the point where there's no dairy and so why does it make my list at Target well first of all this was a really good deal for this this I believe was 679 which for organic ghee is a really really good price and target doesn't have a whole lot of key selections but you're starting to see ghee more and more and.

More more stores so it's pretty exciting to see now when we talk about the saturated fat it's important that I mentioned this we have different kinds of saturated fats okay we have myristic we have plumb it ik we have steric and not all fats are created equal we have to remember this fats are not created equal so even a saturated fat that we.

Look at is not just a saturated fat so we might see some saturated fats you know just this once again I'm just kind of hiding from the light here a nice outdoor setting based of works out kind of well actually you know what while I'm readjusting Sony new people have hopped on here I just invite everyone to comment where they're watching from so.

Please go ahead and just comment where you're watching from say hello in that way I can shout you out and say hello by the way I just appreciate so many people so many people standing up for what I put out yesterday with the microwave thing okay I'm not ever ever saying that people should absolutely use a microwave in fact I would probably say I use a.

Microwave a minimal amount of time but I think a lot of people do they nuclear water with it then you could anyway I just appreciate everyone okay we got Kansas City we got San Jose we've got Pittsburgh Minnesota Livermore Louisiana we've got California we got SoCal we've got Manhattan Deb Jordan what's going on we got Angela we've got Deanna we've got.

Man you guys are awesome mark Castro in Fontana we've got Alicia in Brea California I'm just going so fast I'm trying to cut out who I can Chris money says which microwave an avocado probably not see we've got Spain in the house we got Madison Wisconsin we've got Luxembourg so much international this is super super awesome thank you guys and.

Guess don't forget to hit that thumbs up button because it really does help this video out a lot and the purpose here is to really just get these content out to as many people as we can and we see on YouTube it's harder and harder to get our content out there so I like doing this stuff live because at least allows me to be able to interact with people um.

Okay so let's get back to the key for just a second why I'm a big fan of ghee for the most part though is because the short chain fatty-acids and because it doesn't Danai sure when you cook with it so yeah you get a bunch of different benefits but when you're feeding butyric acid which is what like c4 okay so when you.

Have a fat chain it goes for a carbon chain you have a fat it goes from various carbon chain lengths so you've got maybe you've heard of different MCT oils that have different lengths right if you google that you're gonna see oh there's c8 there's c10 there's the c12 what the heck does that mean well that is how many carbon chains are attached.

To the fat that's all it is so the fatty acid with a tail and the tail is a carbon chain so the shorter the carbon chain the faster the fat digests well butyrate okay well butyric acid is a c4 it is very very fast to digest and what that means is in essence it's not really digesting it's moreso fueling so the gut.

The actual cells within our gut and the endothelial layer eat this stuff and this stuff is also very stable to cook with and I was starting to say before I jump to conclusion orders before I jumped over excuse me about saturated fats the saturated fats do make a difference because there's different forms of them now is the saturated fat.

In ghee the best form of saturated fat not necessarily okay now I'm gonna get some really interesting stuff when I talk about one of these other saturated fats it's here in just a second but ideally I would use this for cooking and I would drizzle it over a little bit of broccoli and things like that remember whenever you have some good quality.

Saturated fats like this you're going to help yourself absorb some of the fat soluble nutrients like vitamin K and things like that that normally don't get absorbed unless you have some fat with them so I always recommend having a little bit of fat even just a quarter tablespoon or something like this with with your veggies it just helps you out.

A lot but the best part about this only 2% polyunsaturated fatty acids okay what that means is it's exceptionally stable and that is exactly why I ladies and gentlemen it can just hang out on my counter and doesn't have to be in the fridge super stable takes a lot for this to go rancid okay so man I'm so glad there's a lot of people saying that this.

Is the first time they've been able to catch me live so I'm stoked and I know this is an odd time here we are you know probably closing in on 6 o'clock Eastern Time on Valentine's Day so I'm well aware this is just a video is gonna be watched on replay by a lot of people so I appreciate everyone that's being here guys can you please go ahead and hit.

That thumbs up hit that thumbs up on that I'm just gonna help this video rank a lot more so we can just get it out there okay next up on my list that's butt over here just to recap you guys I know a lot of people hopping on here we have macadamia nuts at Target okay I think $8.99 for these guys then we had organic.

This one was tera dallisa I believe organic it was like 649 I believe for this organic olive oil another top fat and then I had sir Kensington's avocado mayonnaise it beat out primal kitchen simply because the price point and because I saw the primal kitchen was using organic ingredients only on the ones where they had to use small amounts.

Of ingredients saving some money but still being able to claim organic whereas Sur Kensington's just wait for the good stuff then we have the key okay so we've got key and now we're moving right along my personal favorite dairy of all time goat cheese alright so I'm not the biggest fan of Gary right I keep it minimal the dairy I.

Do have is usually the goat cheese technically ghee is still dairy the neat thing about goat cheese is it is a different kind of protein okay so you have different proteins and you have what are called casein proteins and dairy and casein proteins digest really slow but when typical cow dairy the casein proteins are what are called an.

A1 beta casein this goat cheese is a 2 now what that means to you is it's a genetic different there's a genetic mutation that causes cow dairy to be a 1 thousands of years ago cow dairy was actually a 2 but now it's called a 1 because of a genetic mutation that's occurred within the cows now that a one protein converts into something known as.

B cm7 within our body ok this b c m7 is bad news because it's a bioactive opioid opioid and triggers some stuff in our brain to occur goat cheese is an a2 so that means it doesn't have the addictive properties and it doesn't have the issues downstream that we have with say like a a 1 now what's cool about the goat cheese 2 is it's got a high degree.

Of medium chain triglycerides in it so if you are doing a ketogenic diet it's got a lot of caprylic acid in it if you ever wonder what the taste of the cheese comes from that kind of tendinous that bite that you get in the back of your mouth that is from the MCTS the caprylic acid actually gives it an interesting taste so.

Of all the ketogenic cheese's out there this is going to be the cheese it's going to generate ketones the best yeah it is a darn good cheese and this was 349 for a big thing of goat cheese okay I'm not gonna go through this in a week and the nice thing is goat cheese is pretty stable it actually stays well in the fridge for a long period of time now.

I do want to talk about the saturated fat for a second because it's pretty important technically MCTS are well some will say that they fall under a saturated fat but they kind of doubt like okay they're in a way they're saturated short-chain or saturated medium-chain but it's more so I don't even like put them in that.

Category but there's a lot of saturated fat in general and there's a lot of saturated fat coming from what's called palmitic and mystery' gossiped which is not the best saturated fat so I'm gonna explain something to you this is why cheese in general needs to be in moderation hey guys can we please make sure that we you know hit that thumbs up.

Button I'm not sure if people just don't know where it is or anything like that but I do want to make sure we hit that thumbs up button because it does help us out a lot and also there we go now it's going up and also make sure to share this video okay this is gonna be one that people can hop on and ask some questions now let's go ahead and smooth.

Up eating cooked spinach and like we have right now doesn't mean that goat cheese is bad because it has just a different kind of saturated fat that I normally wouldn't recommend not necessarily okay so we've got lauric acid we've got myristic acid we've got palmitic acid and we have stearic acid.

Those are the common saturated fats that we're gonna find in beef in some plant sources and cheese things like that let's talk about them for a second have you ever noticed that if you eat a lot of saturated fat your LDL cholesterol goes up adjust this okay well it doesn't mean that saturated fat is bad but there is a reason that saturated fat triggers.

Your LDL cholesterol to go up LDL is not bad in the first place get LDL cholesterol just isn't even cholesterol the transporter that delivers cholesterol to the cell okay it goes from the liver to the cell point very simple okay here's what happens saturated fats for no particular good bad or ugly reason they turn off the.

Receptors in the liver to LVL so what does that mean so if LDL is just a boat that is traveling around carrying cholesterol we want it to be able to dock at its docking station well it turns out that certain fats certain saturated fats disarm or turn off the docking station at the liver so that means normally LDL would come in and it.

Would just dock right but in this case the dock is closed so the LDL is just like can't get in so the LDL has no choice but to continue to float around the bloodstream waiting for a dock to open up so that is why saturated fat why it does that we don't know it just deactivate certain LDL receptors I'm not worried.

About LDL levels being high I'm really not what I am worried about is them being around for a long time LDL cholesterol is oxidized easily and when LDL cholesterol gets oxidized that's when we have a problem so let me tell you something LDL only becomes a problem if it gets acted upon by sugar or by other oxidative damage right so LDL in.

By itself it's actually perfectly healthy and perfectly normal but when it gets acted upon by sugar we have a problem so the longer that it's in the bloodstream the more opportunities we have for sugar to hit it the more opportunities we have for something to damage it so we're always looking for saturated fats that are not going to.

Disarm the liver as much all dairy fats are going to say to us on the liver that's kind of a not true it doesn't disarm the liver but just for analogy sake okay so goat cheese is better than some of the other ones so again in the world of cheeses that aren't the best thing for you goat cheese is gonna be the best feta is gonna be a next second.

Anyhow we're recapping really quick we've got macadamia nuts probably the best fat-burning nut that's out there also the lowest carb lowest anti-nutrient lowest omega-6 okay we have olive oil organic olive oil okay this brand was Tara dallisa okay then we've had Sir Kensington's avocado mayonnaise go for avocados oil.

Mayonnaise not olive oil man is and definitely not soybean oil or canola oil mayonnaise which is 99% of them I just film the video done I did at Walmart where we tried to find a mayonnaise we couldn't even find a mayonnaise we could not find a mayonnaise that didn't have soybean or or canola okay then we've got Nicky Hank really.

Good price on key here I think I want to say was 699 649 I can't remember I've got the receipt I could show you hey really good bargain on this and then we got goat cheese okay got a couple more fats to go through and an IND on the very last one I've got two more okay so please don't leave because we're gonna go through these two even if you have to.

Mute the video and walk away and come back please don't leave okay then we get into Target brand simply balanced unsweetened coconut milk dollar 29 and we're talking California prices here okay like I'm in Monterey County right now and Monterey County's not a like like the grocery stores are pretty expensive so I was impressed with.

Dollar 29 so you go to like Middle America you go to the Midwest you go to South East this might even be like 89 cents at Target this is one of the best fats that you can get and it's so overlooked because everyone is going for they're always like trying to find like the cartons of coconut milk as like a beverage there's a big difference so.

Normally I would go for coconut cream but I could only find coconut milk there and this one is it says light but it's still still pretty decent the only difference between coconut milk and coconut cream is the ratio of coconut meat to water okay that's all there is to it if you are lucky enough to have a target that carries coconut butter that.

Would make the cut instead of this coconut butter is like peanut butter but made from coconuts it is so unbelievably awesome the stuff is just epic epic epic ooh rich good question I just saw this and I talked about it a lot yesterday high oleic sunflower oil okay I gotta stop okay how many people have seen that on a.

Label before high oleic sunflower oil oh it sounds like a terrible preservative or something it's actually not bad okay sunflower oil is not that stable okay sunflower butter sunflower I actually if you can get it really fresh it's great but sunflower butter isn't that great but when they take the what they do is they take the oleic acid.

Which is the stuff that's really good that we talked about in olive oil everything I got and they concentrate that now if I was turn again to get back in the light hang hang on guys there we go okay so what that's better everyone see me right hey I got my screen it looks really really dark a bit anyhow so they take the oleic.

Acid they concentrate it and they take that oleic acid and it's more stable so they use that to make it shelf stable is it amazing stuff is it something that I would seek out no it's not something I would seek out because it's still high oleic it's still not that great it's still processed okay but it's not as bad as people think it's not like some crazy.

Preservatives it is an oil that is much more stable and it's still a high higher quality monounsaturated fat than a lot of these polyunsaturated fats I would much rather see high oleic sunflower oil then I would see some kind of trans fat or hydrogenated okay you've grabbed these back over again so when we look at lying any kind of coconut cream or.

Anything like that again we're looking at the MCTS we're looking at the healthy saturated fats that are helping us out and we're looking at basically just the stability of it so make this with no curry or anything like that okay now I'm gonna show you this one but don't you dare go to Target and wipe it all out because if I go to Target and I.

Find that I can't get this anymore because it's always out of stock I'm gonna shut this channel down I'm just kidding I am a huge fan of unsweetened baking chocolate and yes it is a fat and yes it is a healthy fat and a lot of people especially in kind of the I don't know I guess the there's a lot of communities that are just throwing a lot.

Of like chocolate in certain plants under the bus and stuff like that despite what some people will say chocolate is one of the best fats that you can get so what this is is 100% unsweetened baking chocolate ordinarily I'd want to try to go organic I didn't see an organic brand version there $2.49 for this it's easy to eat a bunch of it.

Though and you still have to remember okay eight servings per container serving size 1 square so 70 calories so if you were to eat this whole thing you're looking at 700 ish calories right you're looking at a lot of calories so be very very very very careful because it's easy to eat a lot of it good news is it's crazy crazy bitter so you're.

Probably not gonna eat all of it but what I usually do is I melt it down add stevia to it or melt it down and add monk fruit to it and then freeze it then it turns into a sweet chocolate that I just made my own inexpensive fancy keto chocolate that still gets me the really good fatty acid profile now we still get the endocannabinoid effect.

We still get all the effects of chocolate to help us feel good that gives us the antioxidants perfect stuff okay and and amide is the big one and an amide is an endocannabinoid that really does help you feel good and you know what say what you want chocolate does help me feel good here's the big thing about this remember all the saturated.

Fat that I was talking about oh yeah someone asks how many carbohydrates four grams of carbohydrates per serving three of which are fiber so one gram of net carbs this is target brand right so now people will say like the lilies chocolate now come on guys it tastes good but the lilies chocolate is like chocolate plus inulin plus erythritol.

Plus something I think chicory root I can't remember right offhand its bloat City guys you don't want to go to Austin bloat City and we'll all be miserable I don't hate Lily I was like I'll use it from down the time but if you have an option to make your own first of all Lily's is like $6.99 for some chips this was 249 I mean I don't know so the thing.

Is I I don't just like erythritol but I also see where some of these brands are going where they add inulin to it you ever noticed you get crazy crazy crazy like bloated after you have it yeah that's why it's not digesting heavy heavy heavy prebiotic fibers so the point your body can't even break it down so what I was saying with this the.

Saturated fat profile of this stuff is so bad to the bone okay remember I was talking about how certain saturated fats will turn off the livers ability to receive LDL therefore causing your LDL levels to go high there are specific forms of saturated fats that do not do that one in particular and it is called stearic acid okay and when we look at.

Chocolate the stearic acid in chocolate is very very very good for you but also does not have that effect on the liver so that means basically you want to be looking at that ratio of stearic acid to palmitic acid to myristic acid lauric acid and further on down the line very high amount I can't remember exactly what the percentage is it's it's.

A pretty darn good amounts like when you look at chocolate I want to say it's like 60% stearic or something like that it's just much much so point is of all the sets and fats that are out there it's got the best one your LDL levels are not going to increase with this saturated fat so.

Stable fat that means it could be actually cooked as long as you don't burn it and it's not going to break down so it makes my list so for those of you that are just joining in because I notice we have a lot of people that are jumping on here now we'd please go to hit that thumbs up button please please pound it keep that thumbs up and helps.

Us out a lot and then comment where you're watching from ok then we've got first off the roasted macadamia nuts ok got these at Target sir Kensington's Mayo got that at Target avocado oil Sorkin's Newtons male ok then I got Tara dallisa I can never remember that brand extra virgin organic olive oil then I got excuse me.

Ghee ok organic Carrington's brand and then I got goat cheese which I couldn't find organic there then I got coconut cream and then I got my unsweetened baking chocolate I am in heaven with all this stuff ok so we are all here looking at very low carbohydrate foods and whether you are keto or not these are gonna be a perfect choice for you simply.

Because they provide you with the right kinds of fats now word to the wise your body no matter what is always going to want to store fat from dietary fat so I should always take this stuff in moderation one of the things just FYI that I've been doing and this is just fun you know treat for those of you that follow me and like to know the weird.

Kind of experiments I'm doing I started playing around with taking a few days during the week and doing low-fat keto as a shock to my system because I've been seeing some interesting science that the body treats fat that it pulls through lipolysis different from fat that it generates directly through ketogenesis so basically fats that you.

Consume go to the liver and get turned into ketones but fats that you go through lipolysis and fats that actually get mobilized out of your body and turn into ketones might be more efficient you might burn through them faster hence why fasting burns so much more fat than just keto because you're actually running on your own fuel so the point was is hey.

Now and then this is not something anyone should ever do permanently take a day or two and just do keto but cut the fat down way down like 60 70 % it's very difficult and it's not sustainable by any means but I did notice like overnight Oh night just huge increase in my visibility of my ABS I mean it just was.

Like whoa this is earth-shattering because you automatically end up in somewhat of a deficit is it something you wanna do all the time no point is is I know all too well that it's way too easy to overdo the fats and so much of the low-carb community will just tell you eat the fats eat the fats you generate ketones your body is ruthlessly.

Efficient at taking your own stored fat and turning it into ketones so let it do that okay that's why I'm a big fan of fasting I mean people say I'm the keto guy I always try to correct them you're like actually I'm more the fasting guy keto is just kind of a you know also what I do but I'm more interested in the.

Effects of fasting because wow you're running on your own fat tissue and you're teaching your body rather than just constantly priming it come on you guys know me enough to know that I don't just like keto I'm just saying I probably am more of a fasting guy if I had to pick one or the other so this broke it all down now let's go ahead and.

I've only got like 18 percent battery on my laptop here so it dies down pretty quick so let's go ahead and let's ask some answer some questions Tom Dalton you said where do you get pure monk fruit I like to get mine pure monk fruit I get it from LeConte oh they do have theirs that have erythritol timing but they also have the little liquids that.

Are pure much fruit let's see there's some other questions here a lot of people that's some really cool stuff yeah actually you're Ted you actually are right random random loser decays as clarified butter is not ghee close but not the same yeah you actually are totally correct clarified butter is a no animosity process but it is created a.

Little bit differently and clarified butter I can't remember random loser TK is is it gay that is pure or is it clarified butter and they're very similar yeah sorry I've got an airplane flying overhead so in case you guys are hearing that readjust this so I can see the screen here ready where to get peanuts.

Use a whole food test unit so you're good there question says can you make a video on what foods are recommended at theme parks that's a point I usually say just bring your own almond stuff like that because the home is that you are going to find they're just totally drenched and garbage otherwise you're going to find churros and stuff like.

That ventriloquist says Thomas key foods on a budget that's a good one like the top like ten food to have on a budget I would that's a really good one so I'll touch on a couple really quick lean beef probably gonna be the best just because you're gonna get the best best mineral profile.

Out of a meat source that way eggs okay you can go for cage free try to go for pasture-raised but relatively inexpensive and you're gonna get the most abundant profile there in terms of minerals off to do a whole video on that but that hopefully that helps you out good to start it so missus can you break a fast bulletproof coffee Shelley I.

Would not recommend that because I don't like having a lot of fats coming in right when you break a fast megabus says what's a good card limit add a 50 grams or 20 grams how about split the difference I'd say 40 somewhere in 40 okay and then because I will say down in the description below I linked out some of my other videos so if you haven't.

Seen like the complete guide to keto or the complete guide in our in fasting if you're looking to learn that process I put it down below in the description so you can check that out but also I linked out to my eating out cheat sheet so on my website I have like free downloads for eating out cheat sheets for sleep optimization tactics things like that so.

Just on-the-go things really really simple so you can check them out after this video see Andrew says from Charleston West Virginia you have great content we fast every day 18 hours 67 years old and feel like teenagers any harm with fasting every day just two meals a day yeah you can slow down your metabolism so I.

Would not I would not recommend do that every day Chris money says you're not gonna find healthy and organic choices at Walmart I will actually beg to differ so primal kitchen has a bunch of stuff at Walmart now I will say whenever I do Walmart hauls I'm pleasantly surprised each time I go back with how much of a change.

They're making you have to remember you know the Millennials are starting to become like stronger consumers right okay Millennials are getting up there where they're in their 20s 30s and they're buying and they have buying power now and they realize that Millennials are more health conscious so of course like you look at what Kraft.

Heinz bought primal kitchen from well kitchens all organic paleo stuff okay so clearly there's some thought there see Matthew says yeah I messed up and got addicted to Oh Matt it's so easy so easy Dennis yeah I saw pasture-raised eggs Walmart yes I saw them too that's really interesting.

Let's see Kelly says I'm just looking for questions guys are awesome chessy says i left you don't eating better now fasting is easy if you run out often do not want to stop fasting very very for true paan says does cold smoked salmon help preserve omega-3s yes it does cold smoked is always better and smoked.

Salmon is actually a nice way to preserve it I just recommend you'd be very very cautious try to go for smoked sockeye salmon ok the deeper the pink okay I did a video a couple days ago talking about how white pink salmon is better like the pink or the better if it's pale you don't want it okay that's usually one that's I could have.

Even been them sick or fish right in the world of wild caught the deeper the red the better it's more asses Anthon which allows it the fish had more antioxidants which actually protected the fatty acid profile of the fish so yes you know when you look at any kind of cold smoke it does preserve that better yeah and smoked salmon is crazy salty.

Aloha post it definitely is but as long as you understand that let's see walnut oil it's a good question walnut oil so high omega-3 content which is worth something very fragile oil though it is a novelty oil it is what I call it decoration oil it's not something I usually recommend cooking with it's something to make a.

Salad dressing with it is fragile so take olive oil take off excuse me walnut oil even some other forms of a Connell or even macadamia nut oil I wouldn't cook with yeah I drizzle it and I use that as a topic right I used that to make my salad dressings with him so very very good fatty acid profile it's just not something want to cook with his.

Bacon fat good to cook with bacon fats not bad to cook with okay but here's a hot tip if you're cooking bacon you want to actually cook that bacon with an additional fat in there like avocado oil or coconut oil what that does is it makes it so that the fats within the meat don't go through what's called a heterocyclic amine process so for those.

Of you that gave me some slack or give me some flack on the microwave video if only you knew how many killer units of basically advanced glycation end products and heterocyclic amines are created when you cook bacon it's insane so you cook bacon at a high temperature you turn that bacon into a carcinogenic bomb I'm not even kidding.

And don't hate me on this let me I'm telling you how to fix it you add coconut oil or avocado oil just like a tablespoon to it when you cook it at high heat and it protects it okay because what happens is when the animal fats get cooked too hot they react with the proteins in the meat in the bacon and egg like eight.

It's like carmelization okay so you're caramelizing and onion except you're caramelizing the proteins in the bacon and when you caramelize those proteins that denatures and unfolds they ever live in heck out of them and then your body doesn't know how to process them and you have glycation occurring which triggers oxidized LDL triggers all these.

Problems so people given me flak because I talked about a microwave being a healthy way to cook vegetables while they're meanwhile thinking they're being healthy because they're cooking their bacon in a pan at a high temperature without adding extra oil to it which is doing probably a hundred times more damage point is always always always.

Cook your bacon with a little extra oil in it it's not adding extra fats it's just adding a layer of protection so in cream says you only need bacon for the flavor not the fat I'm actually with you on that I'm tasman says thank you to Thomas and Flav City I love you both work together on foods applause yeah awesome I'm gonna.

Do more stuff with Flav City he's coming out to California again in March and we're gonna do some more videos Rebecca definitely Louis chocolate is okay and keto but it will blow to you tapi go start is in Lots yeah tapioca starch holy moly unhealthy not necessarily too much of it around yes so we ran into the same problem with wheat and gluten a.

While ago right gluten was never a big issue 50 years ago but there's a study I can remember what publication it was in that found that gluten triggered issues in today's blood samples but not in blood samples 50 years ago how's that well it means that we've changed because of the overconsumption of it when we over consume something our body starts.

Saying we've had enough of this we don't need it anymore so it sets up processes and antibodies to block it holy-moly so we don't even use the gluten it just gets turned into like you know the proteins on Yulin within our body gets elevated it triggers autoimmune issue I'm concerned that we're gonna start running into that issue with tapioca.

Because we're not supposed to be having large amounts of tapioca our bodies just aren't accustomed to that it's totally not just it's like a random thing so what's gonna happen in 5-10 years is we're gonna start developing in tolerances to it we're gonna see the same people developing issues with yoga that we were seeing with people.

Developed with gluten so anyhow it's really really wild there chocolate-covered bacon okay that's a good idea take the unsweetened baking chocolate I talked about here yeah very good Baylin says your plateau video is our lifesaver I mean stuck at 244 now down to two three Oh awesome.

I'm glad the plateau blaster video worked I actually need to do more of those what do I think about your Vermont a common question I'm a fan of it I think it's a nice energy boost I think it has some fat burning properties I just think you need to get ones that do not have carbohydrates added to them was it still connected to zaniel in Matthew.

Says gluten is I don't believe tapioca is there's nothing saying that tapioca is bad right now it's just what I'm seeing this a lot of it best way to get rid of bottom belly fat I'm flattered but you don't actually did some videos on that Majella quick zoom I just want to do a quick search for Thomas de Lauer belly fat wow there's so many good.

Questions here I need to hop on and do these more often for skinny people yeah Joel I actually have an awesome video coming out just stay tuned here in the next month or so called ketta top keto foods for hard gainers okay so people that I have a hard time gaining weight it's not like you just want to have a bunch of calories you actually have.

Specific foods that do specific things within the body you don't want to just add a lot of calories because that's just gonna just cause a problem we need balance why are there so many types of magnesium I have another video coming out here in March actually but this magnesium not that magnesium and it's because well for one marketability got.

Thing everyone's in business everyone wants a different form of magnesium everyone sell the different form magnesium that do different things so I would always say die magnesium malate is the best Bruno says what's up Thomas from Austin Texas just clarifying 100% non not grass-fed grass-finished but Flav City is on his recent live that.

Whole Foods to the 1% grass-fed is grass-finished it depends so if basically the way it works is like I know Whole Foods made that statement but that doesn't mean that it's been totally finished on grass or past your finished even for that matter what it means is they've given them grasped dead pellet sort of grass pellets at some point and.

They can still give them those within the last 30 days but it doesn't mean that they were able to consume only grass the last 30 days so what happens is they can still give them the corn and the soy and everything to fatten them up but then they add the grass pellets to so they can still say it's 100% grass-fed so you.

To be really really really careful there so you want to look for the words grass-finished because it doesn't always mean it otherwise why would some brands put it and some not it's not like it's a matter of space and the label they can easily fit grass-finished it's more about what they're legally allowed to say I'm gonna have to jump off here in.

Just a second yeah that's true and honest says there is GMO grass so don't let them fool you that's a very very very very very good point so organic grass-fed grass-finished in that case ii done best high heat oil ooh that's a good question okay I would still say we've got avocado oil in the next up in line I would.

Probably say beef tallow probably the best but you have to be careful with it because sometimes that you can't cook the beef tallow beef tallow is better than like leaf but you still I still want to cook it too I just depends what you're cooking okay so if you're cooking vegetables it's one thing if you're cooking protein you're still going to.

Gleich eight so in that case coconut oil probably the best I would probably say go for that anyhow you guys I've gotta hop off it's been awesome hopping on here with you all I've got a really cool couple of videos coming out this weekend so I ask of you all please do hit that notification button hit that little bell.

Icon it helps us out immensely and I want to keep this channel rockin and rollin you guys are awesome see you all soon
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