Alternate Day Fasting During Quarantine – Weight Loss Challenge Q&A

Alternate Day Fasting During Quarantine – Weight Loss Challenge Q&A

Alternate Day Fasting During Quarantine – Weight Loss Challenge Q&A

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Buddy all right it is Friday evening and I know this is not usually the best time to do a live broadcast but what the heck right everybody's stuck at home and Wow someone hops on immediately says you look sickly well maybe it's because I've been stuck inside no but realistically the lighting is terrible hence why I'm in the truck so I wanted to hop on here.

Do a live broadcast we are talking about the quarantine challenge right now right everybody's looking at weight loss everybody's looking at how can we just not gain weight during this time but the main thing that I wanted to focus on was alternate day fasting so for those of you that are taking part in this challenge or those of you that are.

Utilizing the meal plan that I put out you know that I talked about alternate day fasting so I want to make sure that I well come on here do some live broadcasts and get some engagement because what the heck else are we gonna do on a Friday night when we can't really go out and do much so apologize for the lighting hopefully everyone can.

Hear me okay I wanted to make sure I literally had to go out into my truck because it's weird lighting right now Plus toddler in the house it can be very loud disruptive so anyhow sitting in the truck doing this broadcast and I want to focus on two main things okay the first one is going to be being healthy right but the second thing is going to be.

Answering questions talking about alternate day fasting talking about what we're experiencing in this challenge so far so how many people are watching this broadcast right now are participating in the weight loss challenge did I put forth the other day on the channel I just want to say just by show of hands via comments section whatever you want.

To do just say yes doing the challenge I know there's gonna be a lot of people here that aren't necessarily doing that challenge as well okay cool lots of people already perfect okay so hopefully everybody's been able to get started and only everyone's been able to you know at least get the process going and I know that there's going to be questions that.

Come up in time because this has only been what two days and realistically by the time the video went out to now you've probably only been doing it for one day if we're even lucky so anyhow I'm gonna give you a couple of days to really formulate questions but I want to make sure that I at least address some of the common things that have been.

Coming up already the big one that's coming up is the process of alternate day fasting and why I'm having people do alternate day fasting versus fasting everyday well it comes down to the fact that alternate day fasting in this particular case is going to be a little bit easier on our bodies okay we're not trying to.

Get the same effect that we would normally get during a fast normally I'm all about doing an extended fast normally I'm all about doing fasts relatively frequently but in this particular case given the situation I want people to be able to get not only a fat loss benefit but I want them to keep their immune systems in check okay there.

Is clear evidence that if you're doing longer-term fasting it puts stress on your body which can inhibit what's called the nlrp3 inflammasome from really doing its job effectively now I'm not trying to scare people away from fasting at all that's not my point but and actually super googly you just did a super chat I'm literally answering that.

Question right now so extended fasting can compromise the immune system short term fasting like 1820 hours not going to be a problem okay especially if you're adjusted to fasting so let me go ahead and just address the one big thing that's been coming out a lot if you are currently practicing an intermittent fasting.

Regimen if you are currently or you're used to fasting it's not as big of a problem it's not as big of a concern with compromising your immune system it's mainly for people that are not fat adapted that jump into fasting all of a sudden that could be immunosuppressive does that mean you should never fast no absolutely in fact there's lots of.

Evidence that shows that doing fasts over the long term is really good for your immune system really really good for your immune system it's just when you are like in the acute stage when you first are doing a longer fast it's hard on your body so that nlrp3 inflammasome it's the job of that inflammasome to essentially release specific.

Interleukins like interleukin 1 interleukin 1 8 and what these things do is they trigger a massive cytokine storm a massive inflammatory storm within the body to try to neutralize a virus we don't want to reduce inflammation too much when we're trying to fight a virus we actually want inflammation to do its job but we don't want inflammation to go.

Crazy and have too much of it so that's where we have to kind of have this balance so when we look at things like the ketogenic diet when we look at intermittent fasting the biggest benefit to them come is the fact that they suppress inflammation they really do so that means once you are already potentially sick then.

It can actually have a very positive effect but if you're concerned about getting sick you probably shouldn't be doing fasts longer than 24 hours during this time now that's my opinion based on some research that I've seen that quite frankly I have to be honest the research is done in Mouse studies so we I mean it's you could call total BS on a lot of.

It if you wanted to because the studies are done in mice but the reality is with longer term accelerated studies you can't look at influenza virus you can't look at these things in human models it's just very difficult so just bear with me I didn't do the research I just interpreted it so the point here is I recommend alternate day fasting during.

This period of time and if you look at the weight loss challenge that I put out on Wednesday I talked about that I say okay let's do keto but let's practice an alternate day fasting approach what that looks like is doing more of a 18 to 20 hour fast one day and then not fasting the next day then an 18 to 20 hour fast the next day and then not fasting the.

Next day so you're literally just like the words imply doing an alternate day fasting and then Johnny Boz says I've been alternate day fasting for two months now and I've had great results mentally there's something powerful about alternate day fasting I really think that it mentally it allows you to just recharge I like it because I can.

Say hey I'm not fasting to say if my calories are a little bit over it's all good but then I borrow I get too fast and then it's just so easy mentally okay someone asks does Co Q 10 break of fast yes it technically does please have coq10 during your eating window hey can everyone that's on here please go ahead and hit that like button Joel Espinosa.

Thanks for mentioning that I just appreciate if you can hit that thumbs up button hit the like button it does help out a lot and make sure that I can at least get the traction that this video needs thank you everybody super appreciate it so back to the alternate day fasting so what does that look like.

Now I encourage everyone that's watching this live broadcast to go back and check out the challenge video that I posted because it lays out the full meal plan so fYI for those of you that are watching I laid out a full meal plan that I want people to follow during the time of their in quarantine in isolation because quite frankly we all just need.

Something to follow we all just need a little bit of guidance myself included and it just helps so after this video go back and check out Wednesday's video just might log okay so back to the alternate day fasting what I want you to do is on the non fasting days don't change anything with your calories don't do anything.

Different okay just do what you would normally do with the ketogenic diet or whatever and then on your fasting day I want you to fast all the way until around dinner time close to dinnertime and then you're gonna break your fast as you usually would and then with your dinner I want you to have 25% more in the way of protein that you normally.

Would okay this is very very very important because we need the extra protein right now for a our immune system but B for gluconeogenesis or the conversion of that protein into extra glucose when it's needed what's important to know is extra protein is not going to ruin your ketogenic state extra protein is not going to mess you.

Up in fact extra protein is going to as driven by demand to get converted via what's called gluconeogenesis into glucose that needs to be used now why that's important and I hope that everyone's listening here is that when you are fighting a virus okay a virus demands glucose and I know that that is.

Very difficult for people that follow a ketogenic diet to wrap their heads around it was for me at first too but again you look at various studies published in the journal Cell a couple that were published in the journal Cell okay bacterial infections respond really well to starvation flu viruses and viruses respond better to glucose so.

That means that not you need you don't need to break your ketogenic diet if you're doing keto or anything but you do need to increase your proteins so that if there is a demand okay hear me on this increase your proteins that if and only if there is a demand for glucose your body has an easier means to create it because your body will create glucose.

From protein operative words if needed if needed okay so that extra proteins not gonna ruin keto it's going to give you glucose if you need it and someone says viruses need sugar to reproduce that's actually not true okay viruses don't what they do is they seal Philippa dome the phospholipid process when in de novo lipid Genesis so it's.

Not that they use sugar directly they take fructose that's getting converted into fat and they steal the fat to protect their phospholipid membrane so there are very interesting creatures viruses is weird anyhow I don't want to have this be too much about a virus conversation I want it to be a little bit more about a fast so people are.

Still getting the wrong idea Leeloo I'm not saying eat sugar I'm not talking about eating sugar I'm talking about if you consume protein then the protein can get converted into glucose and glucose is needed in your body okay it is glucose is created in your body even if you're not consuming it okay so anyhow I hope that that makes sense.

To people point is when we are talking about alternate day and I'm sorry I know I stone it's kind of serious here but it's very important that people really do grasp this and and not misconstrue what I'm saying because I'm not saying that people need to go off keto I'm not saying that people need to not fast I think there's just extra little.

Precautions that we can take now I am NOT an infectious disease expert I don't want to do this I don't want to like talk about the virus I'm talking about what I know about the immune system and what I know about inflammation and what I know about our response to viruses it's fascinating stuff but I don't want to be construed as like a medical.

Professional or anything like that if so anyway back to the alternate day fasting what I've really focused on was making sure that you're still able to fast but you're doing so in a controlled fashion so any how can people go ahead and if you've got some questions I know there's been some great things someone asked if I could do a veggie meal plan.

For the challenge you know I would love to but I just don't even have the time to create oh I just shouldn't say a time inventory on the channel to be able to create a new video Hosea asked what's a good collagen brand I usually recommend perfect keto I do want to introduce something we've got a good amount of people on this.

Broadcast right now so if you look in the link bully in the description below after this broadcast I don't know if you guys have heard of the app zero so zero is a fasting app I just got off the phone with Nick one of the creators of that app and we talked about how do we get people motivated so we were thinking what if we did Monday's as just.

Community fasting days or what so whether you're doing this challenge anything totally loves your awesome to hear that guy's not even a link for me to tell you to click ok literally if you fast you probably know zero FYI spoiler alert if you guys love zero you're gonna love the fact that I teamed up with them and you're gonna.

Start seeing me on the zero app so now you can never escape Thomas hahaha anyhow so I'll be on that app so anyhow cool thing is we've kind of was talking with Nick and we're like hey what do we think about doing a just yeah community monday fast so who here would be on board with just fasting on monday it's just as a community and then we can come.

Up with a hashtag for it maybe you know if you have ideas for a hashtag on the monday fast i just think like a quarantine fast would be kind of cool right and the reason i say that is just i don't know we all need direction we all need something right we all need it's just all of us are confused right now we don't know what the heck's going.

On we we don't know what to believe you don't know what to quite frankly it's frustrating we're watching our economy go to you know tank we're watching the world economy take we're all frustrated ok it's just frustrating so what's one thing that we can at least control together as a team what's one thing that we can control for ourselves we can at.

Least control what we put in our bodies and when we're stuck at home it is very difficult I think I ate a pound of pistachios today ok it's just it's so difficult to control so you almost need to have something set in stone so let's just let's commence this let's do fasting on Mondays whether you're doing the challenge or not let's do fasting on.

Mondays and we can just spread it all over Instagram where you spread it all over YouTube and we can hopefully get a lot of people doing it so we can turn this into something healthy I like that hashtag fast Monday so that's perfect super simple so anyhow if you haven't use a 0 app I recommend you try them down below but anyhow so let's.

Go ahead and answer some questions if it's regarding that meal plan orange you said that's a good question can you do a meal plan of what I eat Monday I have a video coming out that is like MTV Cribs except it's Thomas de Lauer's pantry yeah ok on my home I might as well do videos of my pantry right so I've got a video literally up this is what's in my.

Pantry right now so suppose I ate McDonald's today forgive me it okay I love it hashtag fast Monday ok and we might come up with other hashtags too but it's going to be cool Phillip says you've changed my life down for 6.2 pounds since January that's awesome okay I'm glad the audio is working really good to MTV Cribs my gym I.

Couldn't do that so my gym is nothing that impressive someone actually it's a really good question so I want to say I want to go back and address that if you could cut out all dairy like ghee eggs goat cheese could you replace key with mac nut oil i wouldn't cook with macadamia nut oil okay although it's sorry i'm trying to.

Get this to scroll back down here there we go because it's still somewhat fragile to cook with it's more of a drizzling of oil okay there we go isolation starvation that's pretty good that's a good one Azzam there's the whole idea of this broadcast just to have some community.

Have some fun how many hours for the Monday fast I'm gonna say 18 ish is a good number Shane Moran day nine of Kido awesome my man that's really cool Arlene yeah I think let's do 16 18 hours a lot of people are saying I've never felt so good since this little cove in thing I've heard that I heard a number of.

People say that and I think it's just because some people are able to get their head in the game and like really just use this as a time to challenge themselves so I appreciate that went to by Mayo there's no mayor on the shelves do I have a recipe I do if you literally just type in on YouTube Thomas de Lauer mayonnaise recipe I have.

A really cool healthy manage recipe so this Nathan says take a deep breath we'll wait for you and you won't seem so stressed it's not that it's just I've got lots of things popping up in front of me so I'm always high energy on this stuff SP says I've lost 37 pounds since January 2nd hang on they did the January challenge for 30 days and I've been.

Following the keto lifestyle ever since Thank You Thomas for the information education you are very welcome SP thank you my man I'm an athlete thought I would try keto I was hesitant I'm back on the clean carbs only at dinner during quarantine I totally understand that I think that what I would recommend is if you're going to go back on carbs go back.

On carbs on your fasting day okay so it might look something like you do your regular keto day and then you have your fast and then at the end of your fast you break your fast with something strategic and then you add your carbs with dinner Sarah I would not recommend grapeseed oil grapeseed oil is actually a very on one sense my neighbors aren't.

Socially isolating yeah they did just go back home I will say in California like nothing's even different like it's there's more people on the road it's kind of disappointing there's more people out driving around because they're not at working they have nothing to do is they're just driving around I my office which is my gym is like a half.

Mile down the road and that's when I go there I see all these penthouses the point is what products do I recommend during keto I have a lot of videos on that you know right now basic pantry staples sardines things like that then you can get you know get your hands on normally I'd have other topics for that Vegas is crazy right now I know it's.

Super that's what I've heard what's my opinion on goat and other alternative dairy products and goat cheese is my jam I absolutely recommend goat cheese and the nice thing is there's a lot of it on the Shelf right now it's so funny I went to the store a couple days ago to stock up and saw goat cheese is there's just ton of it like.

It's like people aren't grabbing goat cheese probably because it's an interesting taste but I would recommend that during this keto plan apple cider vinegar yes I talked about that in the the video as well so I highly recommend having a CV with every meal in this case Jimmy says I'm a fast reader I have to I have to like caffeinate up before I do.

This because the stuff comes in so fast so anyhow I would definitely say just generally I don't know if people ask about macadamia so yeah that's easy for me to lose my lose my train of thought sorry hang on one second guys bear with me there we go okay sorry I thought it was just connecting so jumping back to the.

Apple cider vinegar for a second when you're stuck at home I do recommend the apple cider vinegar with each meal okay but have it with a little bit of water so you're not hurting your teeth the reason I say that is a for digestive purposes but B for blood sugar purposes okay that's really really important because right now and you're stuck at.

Home you have to kind of override this extra dopamine responses in your brain that just wants you to eat more so goat milk I wouldn't really necessarily recommend goat milk because it's still gonna have high amount of carbs in it so hey can everyone that's watching this please if you know where it is could you hit that.

Thumbs up button that would just help out a lot just that like button thank you guys very much just cuz it gets this ranking a little bit more right now it's it's tough so just to give you some insight into how YouTube kind of works during this quarantine isolation thing there's not a lot of weight loss content out there right that people are wanting.

To watch and rightfully so people's heads just aren't in that game so what's happening is YouTube isn't ranking channels that have weight loss content very high because most people are just wanting to watch news reporting and things like that so what that means is that hurts our subscribers that hurts the people that want to see our content.

Because YouTube naturally isn't going to serve it to them so I just need as much help from you guys as I possibly can get in terms of sharing content liking the content because we're battling that we're battling battling automatic algorithms much like the stock market Jackie says fell off the wagon with sweets and alcohol what's the best way.

To get back on track best way to get back on track is not to do anything radical but to just get right back on that horse okay a CD capsules Richard I would not recommend them you're not going to get as much benefit out of it at home the hit work out I do have a couple on my channel you could search for how do I.

Know if my body is glucose for workouts when I'm fasting with high protein there's a very good chance you probably don't need it you're not going to really know per se but I do think that if your protein is high enough your body's going to be able to draw glucose when it needs it additionally over time your protein.

Levels that accumulate will allow glucose to accumulate in the way of glycogen therefore giving you those energy stores that you need so my recommendation would be to continue to keep that protein high and don't try to add glucose and – absolutely need to thank you all for the super chats and for the kind words -.

I appreciate that how many days a fast and get back into ketosis CJ that largely depends on how fat adapted you are just as a matter of reference for an extreme example I've been doing keto for close to 10 years I can have a bowl of like rice if I wanted to and I would pop you back in Quito in about 16 hours okay so my body gets back.

Really quick whereas someone that is not as cattle feed a keto adapted or fad adapt it might take them two days right so it all depends you have to kind of test yourself and find out also fYI guys I know that you guys are not everyone here is doing that meal plan challenge that I laid out but just a quick reminder for people that have hopped on.

After you watch my live broadcast here the reason I'm doing this is because it was a whole you know weight loss challenge I want to get people motivated and do a Q&A with it Wednesday I posted the full meal plan so the meal plans there and a whiteboard video a downloadable option so you can literally download the PDF if you don't want to go.

Watch the whole video but I recommend you do and then also within there I put a link down below just literally in this description fat snacks which is the keto cookie company they sponsor the whole challenge because right now it was it was really tough I had to shuffle a lot of videos because some of the brands that I was doing videos with needed to.

Push back because of inventory issues so fat snacks actually jumped in and was like hey we'll get behind this challenge like we'll do it so they put together a special link and I put it down below for a bundle of the keto cookies that you can get through fat snacks that I actually intertwined into the diet plan for that reason so you guys are all set.

It's only how special link down below you guys can use those awesome Jonathan's got his fat snacks Joe got his fat snacks very very cool excuse me not to call no I don't have covered I'm just talking fast lots of big questions coming in your thoughts on bitter herb can't really comment on that to be completely honest chomps are awesome yes.

I put chomps in the meal plan to hang on here's a good question Mahalo Thomas from January 6th I was 293 now today I'm 50 pounds no exercise yet just keto I have a nomad much love to you from paradise what about those keto ice creams well what about those keto ice creams hang on I can tell you the keto ice.

Creams hang on what's okay the Kido ice-creams you kinda have to be careful to be completely honest because a lot of them are just full of erythritol and sugar alcohols I would typically say that my favorite is gonna be rebel Creamery when people are asking about butcher box fYI butcher box has had to go to a.

Waiting list I know it's wild but they've had to go to waiting list because so many people wiped them out during this time hang on I gotta tilt my phone back up yeah rebel ice cream is a lot better I like it just because it's I don't know it's just turned good can you alternate dry and water fasting in a 72-hour.

Period you can my suggestion would be right now and not to do that I would not recommend that just because it can put a lot of stress on your body remember fasting elicits stress on the body but it's all about doing long term like a long term apt ation right you're trying to get your body to adapt over the long term so in the short term when you're.

Fasting you're listening a lot of stress on your body and I don't recommend that people are doing extended fasts or dry fasts or anything right now okay Anthony says I've lost 80 pounds and now to stall 10 days with working out 4 days a week what I would recommend first is take a couple days of just stripping the fats down okay definitely that's the.

First thing I usually say if you hit a plateau tribe reducing the fats for a few days and usually it kick-starts the process because you got to get your body to activate what's called PPAR alpha which is a special receptor protein that allows the lipid mobilization to occur okay so well actually it's vice versa PPAR alpha is a genetic process so what.

Ends up happening is when you are mobilizing lipids P P R alpha ends up upregulating so if you deprive yourself of dietary fats for a little bit let me back up and make some sympathy since this is otherwise I'm gonna ramble when you're on keto you're giving yourself a lot of fats okay so you're giving yourself so many dietary fats that your.

Body doesn't have the chance to really tap into its stored fat unless you have a period of time in which you're not eating right well if you get your body adapted to using a lot of fats and then you take a period of time where you strip the fats away minimally well guess what your body starts mobilizing fat from your store tissue which elevates.

Pprr alpha which has a whole bunch of different downstream processes with uncoupling proteins and other fatty acid knock sedation properties and all kinds of different thermogenic effects it's quite honestly very badass like so if you just deprive yourself of fats for like a couple days on keto then all of a sudden.

Boom you I know I totally should have some water with me I I literally was thinking that when I pulled the headphones out to cough like dang it I forgot water anyhow just Richard you've asked a couple times is fasting good for people with diabetes yes but I'm not a doctor so I have to say that loosely okay I absolutely do.

Think that people with type 2 diabetes can have some serious benefit from doing shorter term fast but I'm not a doctor I encourage you to watch some of the content that I've done on keto and fasting surrounding diabetes do I have any info I say sorry another question am i against drink my against drinking with like vodka and things like that I'm not.

Against it but I do recommend that you really keep it in moderation and don't do it on fasting days I'm sorry there's some really good questions coming in Paul's patio says if you're breastfeeding okay let's save that question when I hail anything vinegar I call violently yeah you could just be very very.

Sensitive to it love your work today I'm on my fifth day of a full fasts and feel great when should I stop what signal shall I be aware of okay full of spammer guys I'm not a doctor it's not to be careful even answering this I would say if you feel a sudden sense of extreme tiredness okay so similar than when you get the flu.

Like you you just you hit a wall okay now again folder slammer I'm not a doctor so everyone that's watching right now know that this is not medical advice I'm not trying to talk about symptoms of Cova or anything like that I'm just saying from fasting in my relationship with the flu and what I've experienced if you end up feeling like.

You just hit a wall really hard that is a very clear indicator that the nlrp3 inflammasome is activating okay and I mean explain what this looks like in a second – okay at that point you should break your fast but you still need to do so strategically because for someone that's been on a longer fast like beyond 2 days when you break your fast it's.

Going to trigger inflammation – okay so you just don't because you all of a sudden you're bringing a bunch of a bunch of food into your system it activates what's called PKR protein which is a specific protein that's actually an antiviral protein in the first place point is a little bit of protein easy.

To it and then have some carbohydrates even if you're a keto person okay let's talk really quick on what this looks like as far as the nlrp3 inflammasome is concerned and I know this is going to be somewhat complicated can everyone please promise me that unless you absolutely absolutely have to jump off please listen to what I have to say in its.

Entirety right now you don't listen to the full piece of it it's not going to make sense and you're gonna be left confused okay period because I was I almost quit reading these research papers until I actually stuck with it so please please promise me this what it looks like when a virus enters your body is very similar.

To what it would look like if a terrorist were to enter your country the first line of defense is going to be first stage of attack okay the second line of defense which is the most important piece is assembling the actual neutralization of that threat so when a virus comes in your body your body recognizes that there's something that.

Shouldn't be there okay so that virus shouldn't be there or pathogens shouldn't be there your immune system or nlrp3 inflammasome elevates and what happens is t-cells begin to form what they're supposed to do but t-cells take awhile to figure out what they need to do but when they do figure out what they need to do they're very effective at it.

I like to consider them almost like a sniper right they have the ability to just neutralize a threat and be very very specific about it okay now because it takes a long time for that t-cell to assemble your body has to be able to neutralize the threat the best that it can in the meantime so it triggers a bunch of different inflammatory.

Cytokines and a bunch of different processes to attack the pathogen until the sniper has time okay so what that means is right when a virus enters your body you have a huge surge of inflammation that is supposed to be there and if that inflammation isn't able to be produced then the virus can overrun you and that's how you can get.

Immunocompromised and sick okay then basically what happens then is then the t-cell does its job to try to neutralize the threat but viruses are unique because they enter the cell okay they penetrate the cell and they go into what's called the endoplasmic reticulum of the cell and when they're in the endoplasmic reticulum they cause all.

Kind of stress and they trigger the different folding and unfolding of proteins that actually can trigger a cell to become decrepit this is what makes the virus very interesting but we're fasting and keto can come in handy is they increase what is called gamma delta T cells which is a specific secondary T and it's normally involved.

In tumor prevention okay so the cool thing is these gamma delta T cells they order the cell that has been infected to self-destruct okay they order the cell that has been infected to die and that in effect stops the virus from spreading because viruses are RNA DNA dependent they have to bind they have to enter a cell before they.

Can replicate before they can multiply so if we neutralize the cell and kill the cell then the virus dies too and that's what gets interesting because when a virus invades a lot of tissue it can cause a lot of problems so what everything that I'm trying to say here is that although the key of genetic diet and fasting can lessen inflammation to.

Potentially make you more susceptible to a virus it washes out because as you're actually infected the ketogenic diet increases these specific cells or these specific t-cells that actually can help get rid of it faster so the point is if you're already doing keto you don't need to change things people will look at the science in the preliminary sense and.

They say oh virus is a need glucose or you need glucose to kill viruses I'm gonna jump off of keto you could do if you're already in keto if you're already keto adapted don't change anything but just don't add stress to your body so I know that this is very very deep stuff and it's hard to explain in a couple of minutes I literally did a full video on.

It's going to go out next week that's more like 10 15 minutes it explains it but the point is is that our body is much like a military response and if we just remember like too much of a military response is a bad thing a military response on your home turf is not necessarily a good thing hey just remember that and that's the simplest.

Way to really understand how your immune system is working hey everything can we please go ahead and get a thumbs up and just like hit that like button so I another good question that just came in thinking whoa you know wrong button Thank You Thomas been following you for months I've lost 20 pounds.

That's awesome Richard thank you so much man hang on guys bear with me on this she's a fast long-term with working out six times a week and trying to burn fat every other day just like I was saying hey thank you hoodie thanks for all the kind words love and fresh keto bed from Costco you know I saw it in my last Costco video.

But I didn't have time to jump over there because there was a big crowd of people so I want to check it out awesome someone said they're following the meal plan to the letter because f the haters you know it's to be honest the haters were in full force for a little while um but then they seemed to kind of die out I think they were just angry at this.

Whole thing that's going on and I don't know I think it's sometimes I you can't help it in like an industry like this to sometimes take it personal right like my brand is me so when someone on the internet is you know bashing my brand or whatever they forget that I'm a person right they're not trying to harm me but I still can't help but perceive it and.

Take it and internalize it so sometimes it can be really really hard and there's days where I really could just use talking to somebody right like it's just like it can get really really rough and I and it makes it tough because I want to be able to read all the comments but sometimes I have sort of a Pavlovian stimulus-response.

To avoid the comments because I don't want to see that negative stuff anyhow so I know Darius says some people hate success I think that's what it is I think my channels grown a lot of visibility anyhow do I still recommend Mediterranean keto 100% the only reason that I am not necessarily recommending.

Mediterranean keto right now is because it's hard for people to get good fresh food right now and I usually recommend fresh fish I recommend fresh lean poultry you know when you're talking about that so I totally understand that people can't get that stuff so if you have the means to be able to get that stuff right now please by all means.

Big worm says haters at least they add to the algorithm you absolutely are right FYI cool video coming out tomorrow again I'm just chilling out right like I just want to be able to chat with you guys and have some fun I'm bored just like you all are tomorrow be a fun video that comes out.

So make sure you you set your reminders it's gonna come out at 10:00 a.m. Pacific it's going to be 15 ways to not get fat when you're stuck at home it's good it's like 15 kind of unique ways there's different little things that you can implement to not get fat while you're stuck at home because I've seen so many people saying.

I've already gained three pounds already gained four pounds CJ says can you do a video showing me your normal day of eating looks like I have a fun two part day in the life intermittent fasting video coming out in about a month so make sure you keep your eyes open for that it's literally part one is the fasting portion and part two is breaking.

The fast and Beyond I want to do more of these vlog style things I want to do more but it's been so off-brand for me usually my brand is very authoritative it's much more in the way of like you know dishing out information and authoritative sense so for me to jump forward and all of a sudden do these vlog style things it's so different it's.

So different it feels weird and a lot of people that are kind of the veterans of watching my channel get turned off by it I don't want to watch you do this selfie style stuff I want to see like the typical kind of content you do so I don't know I guess I have to balance it I would love to see my wife eats in a day what's very very similar to what I.

Eat although she is almost nine months pregnant so which we're concerned about right now hoping that she can just hold hold it for a little bit until this all blows over love your channel Oh Matt and hitting Mac do I have any tips for Oh Matt you know if you can get over and this is gonna sound bad but I don't mean.

It directly like this with omadd's sometimes with omadd's sometimes you it's easy to have an ego and not want to have like you want to have it all consolidated into one meal I recommend just saying hey have one little meal when you break your fast okay like you know and then after that then go ahead and you know add your extra foods and.

Make it to Matt instead of Oh Matt and you'll be a lot better off I'm sorry I just had a good super chat that came in hitting plateau how low to drop fats catch a good question I would drop your fats 50% from what you normally do and increase your protein 25% okay so drop your fats 50% increase your protein 25 you're gonna be in a little bit of a.

Caloric deficit but it's only for a couple of days and see how it ends up feeling okay if you watch my self experiment where I did my low protein or low Pro low fat high protein for like three weeks it was really pretty interesting I wanted to continue on with that but then all this kind of stuff happened any tips on avoiding so I.

Tried pure licorice as a sugar substitute I actually haven't I've heard a couple people mention that have you tried using the nuke yes I have I have used the new keto mojo ji ki meter it's really awesome in fact I've got a video coming out it was going to be in June but we they had to push it back so a lot of what's happened is you know I have.

Content that's been created with partner brands but sometimes when I post videos they get a lot of traffic at a lot of sales and even if it's just a casual mention so a lot of times so brands that know that they haven't mentioned in a video have asked me to push them back because they're dealing with shipping issues and of strange lead times right.

Now so it's kind of thrown a wrench in some of my content but anyhow the point is the keto mojo video talking about ji ki comes out this summer or I'll talk a little bit more about that meter cucumbers are sorry it's so many good questions no don't worry about Kelly not too much protein cuz it triggers insulin no you're gonna be okay.

Here's the thing yes protein triggers insulin but as long as you're not munching on it all day and you're having it just in your consolidated periods it's fine cuz you're having an insulin spike when you're eating anyway you might as well have it come from protein because remember 20% of the protein that you are digesting means up or 20% of the.

Calories in the protein ends up getting utilized just straight up in the digestion so 20% of the calories you eat from protein literally is just involved in digestion itself my wife said you should have braces to say what would TD do that's awesome when you're grocery shopping guys I better go ahead and hop off here you guys are super awesome.

If you guys want me to do more of these q a's just keep asking for them we've got to make sure that we get enough people on here doing them and and that there's good feedback because obviously it's very important that everybody's happy someone did just ask how many Amber's doing let me just give you a little.

Feedback into kind of our daily life amber is just about nine months pregnant and we are a little bit concerned with what's happening here the hospitals right like where they're talking now about which is really scary the CDC just put out today this is really just gonna break my heart and break Amber's heart they're talking about separating.

Sorry someone just said something the world is the world is scared and you're worried about losing weight okay anyhow really concerned as a CDC said that they're going to start potentially separating babies newborns from their moms at birth to stop the spread of co-head that was posted up by the CDC which would just be terrible terrible.

Because anyone that's a parent knows how important that is so yeah we're actually potentially looking at deliveries at home guys like that we're not going to deal with and they're saying up to two weeks so that's what CDC's are though it's like yeah so separating babies from their moms at birth for up to two weeks.

To stop the spread of kovat and most of the hospitals around here are already starting to not allow partners and for delivery so it looks like there's a good chance I won't be able to be there either way so we're I'm telling you amber I'm like our due dates May 5th and like just hold her in amber hold her and do what you can hopefully we can get.

Through this so we're thinking about going up we've got some family up in Carmel up in the Monterey area and it's much less population dense so we're thinking about well maybe we should go up there we have a better chance because like down here in SoCal in the LA area it's just so bureaucratic and they'll just like the hospitals are just you.

Know they're just gonna say okay la boum you're shut down this at least if we get up north a little bit more where it's quieter you might have a little bit more flexibility so anyhow I'm just keeping you guys a prize – someone asked I'm not I'm not complaining I'm not playing victim or anything like that I'm just explaining the situation it's we're all.

Dealing with different stresses it's just like that's so frustrating and my heart just goes out so much to Amber and any mom that's that's dealing with this right now by the way one quick thing to end on man woman whoever I don't care I have to say this those stay-at-home moms and dads holy cow mad respect mad respect mad respect.

Because I see what my wife is going through with this two-year-old I can't get an email out I can't get the most like just basic remedial email out so yeah so much mad respect for you parents that that stay at home and it's it's not you guys deserve a massive salary for what you guys do anyhow I just have to say I love you guys you guys are awesome.

Enjoy your weekend I'll see you soon and don't forget tomorrow's video don't forget to check out phat snacks and get your bundle there and also don't forget to please download the Xero app and last but not least Monday's lets community fast together everyone let me get a big hashtag fast Monday and let's in this sucker I'll see you soon hang on.

Alternate Day Fasting During Quarantine - Weight Loss Challenge Q&A
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