5 Commandments of Intermittent Fasting for 2022 – LIVE STREAM

5 Commandments of Intermittent Fasting for 2022 – LIVE STREAM

5 Commandments of Intermittent Fasting for 2022 – LIVE STREAM

Check out the video on 5 Commandments of Intermittent Fasting for 2022 – LIVE STREAM.
Hey hey what's going on everybody time to hop on live so we're gonna jump right into this it's a awesome what's the tuesday afternoon so i wanted to do this because this is just in time for the 24-hour fast that starts pretty much now for most people if you have been watching my channel i'm doing that challenge where i'm just.

Encouraging people to do that 24 hour fast along with me really basic thing just keeping moving throughout that fast anyhow i'm not going to go into detail about that challenge on this video that's for tomorrow's live broadcast but what i wanted to do is i wanted to set forth five new keto or excuse me intermittent fasting.

That kind of coincides with you know commandments okay so what i mean by that is when we go into this new year we have to remember that there's all kinds of new stuff that is popping up in the world of intermittent fasting i don't mean like new research touting specific benefits there's just things that we are learning about the body and i am.

Learning with you i'm continually evolving and finding new things so this video is going to break down five really cool new things that you should keep top of mind as you go into your new year with your fasting regimen so let's wait for a few more people to hop on here uh make this brief but for anyone that is hopping on you know the drill go ahead.

And comment where you're watching from i'll say hey what's going on paul good to see you here we got big joe we got maggie we got barbara holmes we've got maria jackson we've got riverdale we've got kelly gustafson good to see you we've got uh let's see uh rob ward we've got um so many shelley kearney sorry it's going.

Fast we've got okay cool we got victoria here goes now it's rock and roll hey if you can go ahead give this video a share hit that thumbs up button hit that like button that does help it out a whole lot so i want to jump right into things because i want to try to make this really useful a lot of times my live.

Streams kind of drag out a little bit but i want this to have good value in terms of replay too the number one thing that i want you to remember in terms of a new commandment for intermittent fasting as you go into the new year is movement okay now let me break down why okay sure we know that movement is good we accept that movement.

Burns calories does this does that sure that's all great okay but what we have to remember is what is one of the biggest concerns that we have when we are intermittent fasting if you ask me one of the biggest concerns is breaking down our muscle tissue now that's sure you're looking at me you're saying okay well that's coming.

From a guy that has muscle he doesn't want to lose his muscles sure no this is very important for everybody okay our muscle is what really sustains a lot of our metabolism we do not want to lose that right well think about it like this when we are fasting we are in a state in which our body is catabolic it is breaking things down.

Whether it's breaking down muscle whether it's breaking down proteins whether it's breaking down fat it is catabolic it is breaking things down so that begs the question well thomas why would you say we should be moving when we're fasting that sounds the opposite.

Like if we're moving aren't we going to burn more are we going to break more down well not necessarily okay because think about it like this if you are sitting on your bum while you're fasting your body is going to break down whatever it seems or deems unnecessary right so in this case if you're not.

Utilizing muscle your body says oh well this person doesn't really need this muscle it's not that important so let's go ahead and let's catabolize that whereas if you're moving during a fast even simply walking or lifting some weights or doing mild activity anything that stimulates the muscle what is happening is then the muscle.

Is able to communicate and tell the body and tell the brain i'm relevant right don't burn me the body doesn't want to burn what is actively being used right the body wants to preserve what is actually necessary for survival and at that point in time if your muscle is necessary by simply moving.

That is secreting myocaines and secreting these consistent signals that are telling the brain hey i'm being used so movement during a fast is so unbelievably important people think the opposite they think oh i'm fasting i'm not taking in calories i shouldn't work out maybe depending on your conditioning you.

Shouldn't be working out to a crazy degree you shouldn't be pushing it extra extra hard but one of the things that you may want to do is just drop and do a few push-ups or go to the gym for 20 minutes and move the entire body and try to just consistently move throughout your fast that's why if you've been paying attention to this fasting.

Challenge that's coming up over the next 24 hours it's all about moving trying to challenge people too fast but also get 20 000 steps in okay that has multiple advantages right it allows us to utilize more fat as a fuel source through beta oxidation while we are walking while we're moving but it's also again.

Activity that is telling the body the muscle is relevant don't break down anything else just break down the overall fat or you know majority of that right okay so now let's go ahead and let's move into the next one i'm going to answer five questions in between each commandment okay that way we're kind of going in a staggered sense so uh someone.

Asked what about alternate day fasting alternate day fasting is one of my favorite forms of fasting because that is exactly as it implies where instead of fasting every single day you're fasting every other day some people with alternate day fasting will do it where they fast for the entire day and don't eat them at all throughout that day and.

Then the next day they eat a surplus okay and then the next day they'd fast again some people do alternate day fasting where they do sort of they still eat dinner or they still eat one meal or something like that but in essence what they're doing is they're not fasting every single day they're fasting every other day which i think is really kind.

Of where you want to end up eventually because eventually you want to be at a maintenance level okay next question chris luterio says last two weeks i've completed two five mile runs at 37 hours fasted is there any benefit or anything bad with that uh chris that's a great question and a lot of it comes down to your conditioning a okay like if you're.

Set for it i'm a big runner so for me it doesn't affect me right i go on fairly long runs i'll run 12 15 miles faster it's not a huge deal but i'm very adapted to that right so someone that isn't adjusted to that it could be hard what you have to do is you have to see always listen to your body and how you feel the next day.

How are you feeling the next day because that is a very strong indicator of how much you broke down and how recovered you are so pay attention to that okay because it's very arbitrary it's very like uh you know almost subjective in a lot of ways but you still need to be able to say okay i ran five miles at the end of a long fast and the next day i.

Felt great well that's a good indicator that perhaps you were fine for that but if you're broken down and you know totally wrecked then it's a different story hey guys uh so we've got three more questions i'm going to answer and then i'm going to move into the next commandment that's how this is going to work i would prefer if the questions can.

Kind of be surrounding the uh the commandment that i just mentioned so we have some relevance here but in the interim could you guys please hit that thumbs up button for me and then also please if you can give this video a share and then also of course please leave a comment because it helps out a ton i.

Really appreciate that um okay and then we have let's see if i'm looking at some other questions that popped up um let's see looking for looking for a good question here that's uh okay um.

How do you how do you deal with let's see i'm sorry this one was apple cider vinegar worked during a fast okay that's a great question and i know it doesn't relevant with movement but i was trying to look for a question that came up with that yes apple cider vinegar in short is great during a fast and yes capsules will work as well apple cider vinegar.

Does tend to spike ampk because of the acetic acid a little bit which although it's a relatively negligible effect it's beneficial rather than detrimental to during a fast it's it may be subtle and it might be not be this extravagant like thing to add to your fast but it's one of those things that might actually help you out a.

Little bit so apple cider vinegar during apple cider vinegar capsules are still concentrated acetic acid you're usually good at that how much should we fast if we're already pretty lean asks zach cardiff great question okay uh that's a tremendous question because i don't think that you need to.

Consistently put yourself in deficit if you're already lean so the question you have to ask yourself is well how many calories are you taking in even on a fasting day right how many calories are you cramming during your eating window better yet something that i sound like a broken record with a lot is to count your calories over the course of one.

Week versus each day you should be at maintenance at the end of the week right if it's 3 000 calories a day then that's 21 000 calories at the end of the week some days are gonna be more some days are gonna be less but at the end of the week you end up with that same net zero right so that's what i would recommend for me someone that's already lean and i.

Practice intermittent fasting i fast three four days a week sometimes more sometimes less depending on what i'm doing but i'm always trying to find that net zero calories in calories out at the end of the week uh to balance things a little bit because although there's a lot of different pieces that play with insulin and you.

Know that entire piece right with carbinsula model so we can't completely throw that aside we also can't completely throw calories and thermodynamics aside we have to see how the interplay okay there we go another question how do you deal with diarrhea during.

Fasting that is a good question that comes up a lot of times people deal with more those kinds of issues right after they break a fast so uh i would look at the things that you're consuming during your fast are you consuming coffee are you consuming tea because those do increase gut motility to a certain degree and if you're empty.

If your gut is empty then that could really aggressively accelerate that so okay should we carb cycle along with intermittent fasting that's a great question uh yes if you're doing keto and you like strict keto then by all means apply that with intermittent fasting i do keto and.

Then i have periods where i don't do keto where i carb cycle and i combine that with intermittent fasting i think that allowing your body to still know how to assimilate carbohydrates is very important however i also give a solid nod to the fact that when someone is addicted to carbohydrates it's very difficult to have just a small amount of.

Them okay remember i used to be 300 pounds i was definitely addicted to carbs so it's something that i pay attention to okay i'm going to go ahead and move into this next one which is it is so unbelievably important that as you go through your fast and in your eating period that you are not developing.

Micronutrient deficiencies this is a newer commandment for 2022 right you may remember years ago i did the ten commandments of intermittent fasting which was like the basics right we're always evolving we need a new one we need to change we need to grow we have to we can't be living in the past all the time.

So one of the things that i've learned over the last year in 2021 has been that micronutrient deficiencies are a real problem for people that aggressively fast that fast a lot because what happens is stomach distensibility your stomach shrinks you take in less calories when you take in less calories what's.

Happening well by default you're getting a lesser amount of nutrients right so you find some people a end up in a very very very strong caloric deficit which could be detrimental over the long term they don't allow their metabolism to come back but i think almost even more importantly we're missing out on things we're seeing.

A lot of b12 deficiencies we're seeing some iron issues insufficiencies there we're seeing uh you know definitely seeing things in the way of vitamin a vitamin d deficiencies and that's a problem right so how do we deal with that diversity of foods okay this is important for micronutrient deficiencies but it's also very important for the gut.

Microbiome one of the things that i have become obsessed with over the last year has been the gut microbiome because what we are learning now is that how our gut impacts the rest of our metabolism is way further than what we thought now we're still just scratching the surface here but when we are fasting.

We do tend to see a change in our gut microbiome okay now it's not in everybody it's not in every situation but when we fast what happens is i mean for lack of a better way of saying it to make it very colloquial and very simple your certain bacteria are thriving in that fed state.

Or starved state and vice versa right so when we starve ourselves and we're fasting certain bacteria die off generally speaking from the research you see a lot of the pathogenic bacteria tends to die off and the better bacteria tends to grow and flourish so that means okay well when i'm fasting i'm having a beneficial effect on my gut flora but.

That can only go for so long because eventually you're going to run out of fuel that the gut bacteria feeds on because what happens is the gut bacteria feeds on things like fibers right so if you have a fiber here the gut bacteria comes in it feeds on it and it creates short chain fatty acids it creates this.

Other kind of system right this other like byproduct and then certain bacterias are broken down by other bacteria or by you know certain foods are broken down by bacterias and then you have other bacteria that come in and do what's called cross feeding the long and the short of it is it is so important after you fast to eat.

A diverse amount of food so what does that look like all kinds of colors sometimes even starches don't be afraid of the occasional carbohydrate after you fast because what's going to happen is you need to have that diversity in your gut okay think about it like this and i've said this many times on my channel if you have a.

A forest that has a bunch of wolves and a bunch of squirrels in it and all of a sudden you have like the population of squirrels just goes bananas right okay well well actually it makes it easier the population of wolves goes bananas right okay all these wolves start eating the squirrels and suddenly there's no squirrels left okay.

Clearly that's called gut dysbiosis right so all the squirrels have been just eliminated from this forest and you're left with just wolves one dominant species of bacteria that has certainly some good properties but also has some bad properties as well so we don't we want diversity right we want a circle of life that's going on so.

When we allow just one strain to just dominate like when we're fasting and we don't bring in a plethora of different foods after we fast then we're not supporting let's say you just eat one kind of food consistently every time you break your fast all the time like during your eating window you're just continually growing that particular kind.

Of bacteria that likes to thrive on that food so you need to just change it up i guess that's what i mean what you eat during your eating window try to change it up get a diverse amount of fibers do things like that get diversity in your diet and on your non-fasting days make sure it's a diverse different bunches of foods so.

You're always feeding the gut bacteria in a different way i cannot overemphasize how important that is someone had asked about probiotics with that as well during your eating window yeah don't take the probiotics during your fast take probiotics during your eating window but still somewhat on an empty stomach okay.

What happens with that is uh you want to be taking a probiotic when you are actually going to be allowing the gut bacteria to grow and have something to feed on if you take a probiotic in the middle of a longer fast it's not really having a whole lot to thrive on okay it could still be at the mercy of what is the most dominant.

Bacteria at that particular point in time i did put a link down below for the probiotic that i use because i knew that question would probably come up uh 20 off of seed probiotic sponsor on this channel which is awesome they've also sponsored this live broadcast but that link down below so thomas20 will save.

You 20 off of the seed probiotic uh you probably heard me talk about it just fyi cool stuff it's got that capsule inside of a capsule so it's a uh it's what's called a symbiotic okay so it's really cool so like when you look at most probiotics they're like just a capsule with a bunch of powder in it but with this seed probiotic if you break it open.

There's powder inside it and there's also a capsule inside of it that secondary capsule is utilized for the better colonization so the bacteria can kind of get to where it needs to go and stages a little bit better it's really cool technology but they've helped me out a whole lot with research in terms of like identifying.

The right studies and they've kind of put their money where their mouth is with the studies and stuff so it's pretty cool so the link is below you know no harm no foul if you don't want to jump on it but i will tell you that that's literally the only probiotic that i use these days so it's at least got my stamp of approval on it which is.

In my opinion pretty cool because there's not a lot of probiotics that would get that so that links below let's uh let's answer some questions about this uh chris luterio says cranberry seed oil ingredients of my fish oil supplement good or bad not necessarily fasting related but i would say that that's.

Neither good nor bad it's probably being used for some kind of urinary tract thing or something like that who knows i wouldn't worry too worried about it uh don't be too worried about gabe says i always break my fast with sockeye salmon any thoughts yeah i think soccer salmon is a great way to break your fast some people are.

Gonna say thomas you always say have lean food lean food is soccer salmon lean sockey salmon actually is very lean it's not like keto salmon or atlantic salmon sakai salmon is quite lean the marbling in it there's very little fat in it and the fat that is in it is omega-3 oriented so that is a huge thing with intermittent.

Fasting i'm always a fan of having omega-3s during your feasting period during your eating period because they stimulate mtor in a very positive way so when you're fasting you are really down regulating uh rejuvenation or you're upgrading to rejuvenation excuse me rejuvenation but you're down regulating um recovery because you don't have.

Protein coming in things aren't really coming in and growing tissue remember that growth and tissue repair is just as important of a part of all this as autophagy and taking a break from food okay so it's very important that we still stimulate into to get the proper recovery what will happen otherwise is okay you you fast and.

You're fast and fast you break your body down and you'll feel good okay so yes sake salmon i think is great uh anything else with thiamine so like chicken uh turkey is really good as well uh let's see another question is bloating common early on during your fast um it's a good question early on during the fast.

Not necessarily common i don't think that's a very common thing but i do think that bloating after you break a fast becomes pretty common sometimes it could just be exactly what we talked about it could be a massive shift and then gut dysbiosis like gut biome that dysbiosis there it also depends on what you're eating on.

That empty stomach right if you normally have a starch to kind of absorb things you normally have something else to kind of help break down or kind of diversify what you're consuming but maybe you're on empty stomach and now all of a sudden you're consuming electrolytes or you're on an empty stomach and all of a sudden.

You're consuming coffee and maybe you're reacting to that are there any kind of foods that you can suggest to help induce autophagy asks nick newest i've done some videos on this turmeric is a tremendous autophagy booster okay so i definitely think that's one of the best ones okay so turmeric induces autophagy not just by.

Activating what's called ampk and kind of stimulating more of literally like more of a energy deficit kind of switch but it also activates autophagy through a pathway that's independent of the ampk pathway and in human terms what that means is it's coming out autophagy from two angles so instead of autophagy just being there because you're in an energy.

Deficit and fasting it's also triggering autophagy just by a mechanism within the curcumin itself so turmeric during a fast i think is great for that reason um what fast uh see does turmeric break a fast in essence or that no it does not uh coffee and capsaicin during a fast um yeah that's totally fine capsaicin.

Has been demonstrated to have an epinephrine-like effect or stimulates these catecholamines which could be beneficial during a fast so basically it amps you up a little bit more uh systemically you may not feel it mentally but systemically it's doing that uh what about breaking away the hunger around lunch and things like.

That yeah you know one of the things that i really suggest with that is you know green tea is huge on appetite suppression okay that's a that's a very big piece turmeric is also very good for that cinnamon is also very good for that believe it or not salt is really good for that i talk about salt all the time.

Because salt is so powerful when it comes down to being able to uh kind of numb that hunger and that sweet craving because there's a region of the brain called the nst receptor region so this this region of the brain there are these things called nst receptors and what.

They essentially do is they kind of regulate a little bit of the communication with aldosterone and salt sodium levels the kidneys everything like that but what happens is they are there to kind of keep you in place when you are craving sodium they're not just set up for that they have a much bigger role but essentially like that.

Communication pathway gets disrupted so a lot of times it'll trigger us to crave sweet things so you'll notice if you have some salt during a fast a lot of times you stop craving sweet things and then another question someone had asked about what kind of veggies should i consume for my gut bacteria okay that's a good.

Question i would say usually brussels sprouts things like that are great cruciferous i'm really a big fan of broccoli brussels sprouts i'm a fan of asparagus high prebiotic fiber content those are really like my big go-to's i have some other ones like you know fennel some leek stuff like that is actually really good too so.

Any real veggies onion is also phenomenal garlic is also phenomenal and you couple that with taking like a good probiotic that can be really powerful for you too so diet comes first supplementation comes second remember it's always going to be about the diet but the supplementation could potentially help you a little bit more.

There again if you want to try out seed the link is down below so thomas c.com thomas yt and then use code thomas20 it's 20 off you can share that with your friends for a little bit too it's just a temporary discount through the holidays okay the next one is going to be changing the times in which you fast.

Wow okay this is an interesting one because what we really have to look at is we used to say the length was what we want to look at let's increase the length let's uh let's let's start going fast longer and longer and longer but let me tell you what's going to happen if you if you just continually just do longer fasts all the.

Time you're going to put yourself in a situation where eventually what are you going to do do like one week fasts i mean like i was kind of joking like i do seven 24-hour fasts a week right you have to find a way to advance it without just increasing the length because then you're just gonna be you're putting yourself in an.

Interesting camp of people that just fast consistently and never really give their bodies a break so what i suggest you do for true sustainability and longevity and not burning out on this is shuffle the times in which you fast in terms of the time of day that you're fasting so for example what i do is there's no rhyme or reason a lot well.

There is because i have a plan for almost everything but a lot of times there's no rhyme or reason when it comes down to just how i would structure this it's uh sometimes i'll skip breakfast and lunch and i'll eat dinner and that's how i fast then the next time i fast maybe i'll skip dinner.

So i'm fasting through different periods of the day casting the fasting benefit upon my body when it's going through a different transitionary period of the day we have all kinds of different things happening in the morning than things that are happening in the evening.

Way different in the morning we're way different people in the morning than we are in the evening biochemically so if we fast during different periods of the day and we shuffle when we're being deprived of food we can elicit a different effect on the body.

So if you're stuck in a plateau that's one of the most powerful things that you can do is shuffle the time of day in which you're fasting okay i've even done something as crazy as i get up pretty early anyway but i mean if i'm up at like say 4 30 a.m i will even do something as weird as this i'll get up and i'll eat at like 4 30 or 5 a.m and.

Then i won't eat again until like i don't know 7 8 at night which goes against the grain of it with a lot of things that i say but my point is like that's like a random 15 16 hour fast in the middle of the day i ate in the morning and i ate at night but i just had this long fast throughout a long day my point is saying not that you need to.

Do that the point of saying is that i go to all kinds of different extremes to just be fasting during different periods of time i don't think that you should set an alarm clock for midnight to eat so you're fasting over a different period of time but i do suggest occasionally skipping dinner or occasionally skipping breakfast and.

Switching up the period of time in which you're fasting that way your entire lifestyle is flipped on its head and the time in which you are doing things is uh coinciding with a fast and a different period so let's see questions surrounding this let's see um okay what about bone broth.

During a fast that's a tremendous question i love this one because bone broth during a fast i'm gonna adjust this camera so bone broth during a fast is a great tool for a number of reasons but there's one big glaring problem there's a fair amount of calories in bone broth uh there's collagen protein in bone.

Broth and collagen still has a tiny bit of leucine which is going to be an insulin spiker so and small amount small amount don't freak out but the point is is that it's going to stop sort of a fast that being said there are reasons that you would sometimes bone broth fast you know for.

Gut uh gut resets and for different kinds of things for a change of pace you would probably still lose weight it's not like as soon as you have a spike of collagen protein your weight loss stops but you're not really getting an official fast per se it's literally a bone broth fast for that reason so what i'm a bigger fan of is having bone broth.

Like close to the end of my fast and considering it part of my fast breaking strategy um let's see great questions that are coming up here is there a specific time frame that's best to get rid of gut infections that's a tough one because like that could be a number of different.

Things going on there so i would generally say you know whenever you would normally find yourself having the most bloat that would be a good time to kind of try fasting through and check it out um let's see what should go in my protein shake to break a fast that's a good question.

If you had to kind of mix one up and make a perfect concoction let's see i wouldn't be opposed to say even having a little bit of creatine in there like one to two grams of creatine now that's i'm saying if i could like make my perfect cocktail i don't necessarily like condone just loading up on a bunch of powders it's not i would recommend.

Going you know whole foods whenever possible right but if you were adding things into a shake uh i would spike it with a little bit more collagen perhaps a little bit of creatine definitely make sure there's um some like cinnamon or something in there that kind of have an insulin genic effect so it's uh or extremely insulin.

Mimicking effect rather not insulinogenic the shake itself is insulinogenic so you want to have a little bit of that kind of cinnamon that can mimic insulin and make it so potentially getting more of that protein into the cell a little bit faster but really right when you break a fast keep it simple like right it's always like.

Kiss keep it simple stupid that's always the way you want to keep it eric ashaya says is autophagy the primary benefit of fasting no i don't think so i think because our bodies are going through autophagy all the time okay all the time we've got autophagy occurring uh i've got autophagy occurring in my like pinky toe on my.

Right leg right now right so there's global autophagy that's happening at the grandiose scale and then there's small amounts of autophagy that are happening during exercise and during times of dormancy and even when we're sleeping right so we're always going to have a period of that but when we're fasting it's.

Certainly accelerated so i don't think that that's the primary benefit but i think it's one of the huge benefits and it's sort of this ancillary additional benefit that i think is just tremendous hey we've got so many people on this but not a whole lot of likes on this video and i'm inclined to think that people are enjoying this content so i'm.

Surprised why there's only 288 likes on on this broadcast so can you guys please go ahead and hit that thumbs up button please go ahead and smash that and make sure please please please make me make sure after this broadcast that you leave a comment in the regular comment section not just the live chat because that's what's going to help the algorithm get.

This video so that it's like getting out to people um you know definitely fighting the battle with youtube kind of really burying intermittent fasting topics right now so it's kind of tough so it's hard to talk about this because youtube just does not bring it to the top so need your help with that um.

Okay let's see we've got let's see how to break a fast when you don't eat meat uh generally with that i would say something like hemp is good i'm not a big fan of tempe because i don't like the soy but hemp would be okay i would say like a pea protein shake would be okay with that uh.

Let's see one more question before we get into this does autophagy occur after 16 hours uh autopsy can occur after just a few hours but it definitely does accelerate after like 16 18. okay so here's the interesting one this is commandment number four which is on the days that.

You are not fasting eat more and move more okay what the heck you're telling me to eat more okay i'm not telling you to go to subway and get like six foot long meatball subs that's not what i'm saying at all okay we have to really have a clear line of.

Delineation between what is eating more and what is binging okay do not binge but there is this this is going to be complex so if you're ready for some biochemistry ready for the interesting stuff here we go because i hope i don't lose you i'll keep it simple in essence you would think if you had two people.

One person that consumed 2 000 calories per day and burned 2 000 calories per day and then you had one person that consumed 3 000 calories per day and burned 3 000 calories per day you say hey they're both eating x amount and burning x amount but they're going to be at net neutral calories right wrong the person that is eating more.

And burning more actually ends up with a higher resting metabolic rate it's this thing called g flux now g flux is essentially the cost of burning calories like that whole energy cost that's associated with that and what i mean by that is on the days that you're not fasting it actually works tremendously well to increase your.

Calories by a couple hundred above your normal baseline and also move more okay you don't need to just eat more and sit on your bum you eat more and move more so it's kind of funny because there's that old saying that abs are made in the kitchen kind of but kind of not okay abs are really made and losing weight is.

Really made by like movement and also like energetics along with that so what we need with fasting is we go from a day when we're fasting we're not really consuming a whole lot we're going to have metabolic slowdown it's naturally going to happen because we're not eating right on the days that you are eating.

You want to eat more and you also want to move more because you want to stimulate the metabolism to be moving all around so eating more and subsequently moving more so you're still at maintenance you're still at balance but just at a higher level so instead of eating 2000 burning two thousand you eat three thousand and burn three thousand.

Hypothetically because that is going to actually yield you an additional three or four hundred calories increase in your basal metabolic rate so you're actually burning more calories overall you're actually going to lose more weight that way it sounds crazy but you can look it up it's called g flux.

It's pretty complicated when you read about it but if you don't believe me with it so it's like there's so much merit to saying eat more and move more okay but we also want to balance that with our fasting right because our fasting is what's going to trigger the recovery the autophagy the overall like rejuvenation so this is such an.

Important piece and the reason it's important is because i'm seeing far too many people in 2021 that have fasted so much that they're hitting plateaus and it comes back to me right because i hear it i hear it all like when it comes to i'm stuck like this isn't working well it's not going to work if you continually hammer your metabolism you.

Need to have periods where you're increasing but you can't just increase calories and sit on your leg that's not how it works that's not how the body works if you increase calories you move to burn them too and you create this massive furnace so it's one of those things where like i will occasionally enjoy some good food i'm not a freak.

Like well i kind of am but i'm i will go and i will eat a keto brownie or something right that's gonna be a three or four hundred calorie treat but you better bet your bum i'm gonna go hit the peloton bike and burn that sucker too right which i've kind of lately become a big fan of like the echelon of peloton bikes like for a competitive person like.

Me i don't know is there anyone else here that's like i never thought that i'd be into that like total digression i never thought that i'd get into that but i'm super competitive and like i'm up in tahoe right now and uh i'm just happy let me just share this with you i'm up in tahoe we got like six seven feet of snow and uh it's one of.

Those things where normally i go out for a run but it's kind of hard i got the wrong size little chain spikes that are going my running shoes so i got like an echelon which is like a peloton bike started doing that thing i've gotten addicted to it to the point where it's like because i have my real name on there right thomas delaware is.

My name i hop into i hopped into a uh one today and the instructor was like hey is that the youtube guy so you tell me like that's definitely pressure right so i have a name to withhold or uphold so i have to anyway it's awesome i don't know if anyone else is into that it's uh so vanlifebiker says he thinks that i'm.

Avoiding the question so i don't know uh i don't know what what question we're talking about um okay can you talk about lowering blood pressure real quick uh so the thing with blood pressure no i'm not avoiding that topic but i will say that there's a million different pieces that go along with it so uh.

Generally speaking it's if you're actually hypertensive sodium could be a factor right uh the other thing you have to look at is you know arterial kind of stiffness right like what is there's different things that contribute to um the epithelial cells right those cells that can make in an artery rigid and.

When an artery is rigid that's when blood pressure becomes an issue because when an artery is rigid then the blood that flows through it it's like the difference between putting your leg in a tight wrangler gene that has no stretch versus putting your leg in a uh a yoga pant right it's in like stretch versus like stuck in a wrangler jean so you.

Need to look up some ways like okay how do i improve like my you know vascular sort of uh flexibility if you will and honestly cardiovascular exercise is one of the best ways to do that i know it's not exactly the most exciting thing but by kind of stimulating that what's called vascular endothelial growth factor the egf exercise fasting.

Can actually stimulate that and actually make it more flexible so you know i talk about using electrolytes and stuff like that i'm not this you probably know this and sometimes i shoot myself in the foot with this but i'm not the guy that is going to tell you that like fasting and keto or like.

Miracle things right i'm not that kind of guy i'm a very realistic person and that means that we can't discount lots of research that does indicate that people that are hypertensive already hypertensive they may not respond well to sodium until they get their hypertensive situation under control.

Okay so you might be someone that does need to kind of modulate that which can make it hard with fasting but again just to keep the sodium in check so i hope that answers that question because i know it's stuff so anyway back to the whole g flux thing just eat more on your non-fasting days and exercise more too okay.

And then uh good ways to get over a sugar addiction that crazy toaster asks oh that's a good one okay sugar addictions are real okay we have a portion of our brain that mesolimbic system that really is part of kind of that reward system so one of the things that i would really recommend with that is.

I mean first of all like i've talked about before green tea is really good at that find yourself another little crutch of some kind one of the things that you know it's there's not a lot of good chewing gums out there you know they either have xylitol sucralose or aspartame none of them are great but i will say that you know chewing gum for.

People that have a sweet tooth really is a powerful thing uh it really does work and it's one of those just kind of simple life hacks that yeah you know i could sit here and i could tell you that the aspartame is bad the sugar lows as bad and the xylitols this and that but like who am i right who am i to like say that you can't do something that.

Actually works i would argue that having a couple pieces of chewing gum a day if it allows you to get off eating the donuts and lose 50 60 70 pounds that's going to be a more powerful effect so i would rather you do that so enjoy a little bit of chewing gum or something like that that's just it's simple and does it break a fast.

That's a questionable thing right but again negligible amount of calories and i think for you if you're dealing with sugar cravings if it gets you through it just do it uh another one is uh actually again i hate sounding like a freak with this but apple cider vinegar is very powerful with that um let's see.

Sugar addiction oh what about magnesium for fasting headaches so fasting headaches are generally believe it or not they're not necessarily mineral related they are well sometimes they are but they're usually sodium related if they are i'm a huge magnesium guy you guys know this but i think in this particular.

Case uh with headaches it's usually a hypoglycemia thing you're not adjusted to it so if you're consistently getting them then you might need to look at the sodium route but if you're just starting fasting and you're getting them then it might just be hypoglycemia in your body just trying to rebalance and once you.

Develop a little bit of what's called peripheral insulin resistance where your body understands to like like leave some glucose in the bloodstream then you'll be in a better spot um uh diet soda helps me with sugar cravings so species you know and that's.

Just the thing right like i sometimes i feel like and you know whatever you can repeat this sometimes i feel like you know i people really hang on every word that i say and when i create these videos that talk about things like diet sodas being bad because of xyz.

Sometimes i think i do a disservice to people that really just they gotta benefit from it because it's a simple it's a simple crutch that got them off of sugar and it got them off of just eating too much food because let's face the problem we don't have a problem with diet soda consumption in this world we have a problem with just over.

Consumption in general in this world and if a diet soda gets you through it then i would rather you have that diet soda than abstain from the diet soda and go back to eating cheesecake three times a day let me know what i'm saying so it's like i'm not saying that diet soda is the best thing on earth i'm not saying that at all saying that yeah there's.

Probably some weird stuff in there and it's definitely got some chemicals and some preservatives and diet coke has like sodium benzoate and i don't i don't want that stuff right but if it helps you and it's temporary we're all human right just do it it's okay it's gonna be fine um.

Let's see okay i'm gonna move on to this last one this is how you know it's time to take some time off okay very important if you start finding that your sleep is consistently suffering this does not count for someone that is like just starting fasting is when.

You're just starting fasting your sleep will probably suffer as you adapt because it's a shock but if you start developing like consistent chronic sleep issues that is a very good indicator that you're fasting too much okay and it usually warrants taking a good break because what happens is i don't.

There's there's no such thing as adrenal fatigue first of all okay like so anyone that tells you that adrenal fatigue exists is like really embellishing there's a thing called adrenal insufficiency which is kind of a clinical term and adrenal insufficiency is where you're essentially not producing enough cortisol and what can.

Happen is if you are pumping yourself so much up with fasting all the time you're having so much adrenaline so much epinephrine all the time it can kind of disrupt the feedback loop it can kind of disrupt like the hypothalamic pituitary like adrenal axis okay so this whole axis that's communicating with the brain the.

Adrenals it's a real thing and once you have consistent levels of cortisol and adrenaline that are spiking you can disrupt this feedback loop and it can slow down the adrenal function that is definitely going to affect your sleep it's not adrenal fatigue it's not that your adrenals are fatigued what's happening is insufficiency because.

There's something that's not matching up there's something that's not matching up with this hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis this communication between the two or three so when you start noticing that you're consistently not sleeping even on the days that you are eating and not fasting that's how you know i need to take a.

Break and why do i say this is a commandment for fasting like i know you want to hear that you could fast all the time you can fast every day but i want you to do this for a long time and i don't want people to keel over frustrated and have it hit the mainstream media that fasting is terrible because people are falling off.

The wagon with it and they're failing and it doesn't work it's not sustainable we need to get this message out there because otherwise we're leaving it left to the devices of like people that are just over marketing it and over hyping it i try to make sure that on this channel we keep it real we keep it evidence-based but we look at what what.

What works and we also keep you guys motivated so with that um i'm someone that you know with two small kids in the house like sleep is precious and i notice it quickly like i'm under a fair bit of stress right doing what i do is stressful i'm in the public eye a lot right if i want to go to the ice cream shop and have some ice.

Cream you bet your ass someone's gonna take a picture of me right and it's gonna end up somewhere and it has happened and it does happen and talk about a way to live life right so it's funny it's actually funny but the thing is that there's a lot of stress right so we i'm already a teenager on the edge so i.

Know that once i start fasting too much i don't sleep as well and i notice that's when i need to take some time off and i have no qualms about taking a week off i will compensate for it in other places i will train a little bit harder and eat a little bit more i will take it as a period where my body needs to recover so.

I'm telling you please please please just be real with yourself and do not always try to fast this is an amazing gem an amazing tool that has bad guys i can't say that word on youtube i always say bad ass properties really wicked cool properties let's keep it let's keep it in our possession and let's not ruin it okay five questions.

Okay and just remember that um there is a super chat function too which always makes it easier for me to see because i know this always goes fast but um okay i'm in my early twenties but you've helped me stop eating fast food and.

Start eating healthy i owe you you don't owe me anything brother but thank you um oh that's a good um the element powdered drink to get my electrolytes back up has one gram of carbs will it knock you off an intermittent fast uh if there's anything like any remote amount of carbohydrate in something even like less.

Than a gram uh they're required to say that there's a gram with it so i would not worry about it um i would not worry about it at all let's see uh paul i'm not going to count this as a question but paul rude says what are you doing joe rogan joe rogan just won't have me on i don't understand what's up.

Like i i think maybe like i maybe just because i've seemed pretty one-sided with keto and fasting and stuff and i i don't know it's it's kind of frustrating because like it's just deny deny deny i just don't know anyway if anyone has a hook up there or knows how to like you know.

I don't care what you feel about joe rogan it's a big platform right and it's kind of signifies that you've made it in the youtube world and three million subscribers i'm surprised i haven't been on it but i would love to just be able to talk to him about just a wide variety of biochemical topics so um peter pigeon says is cold pressed.

Rapeseed oil a good option no rapeseed oil is pretty hard on the body in fact there's components of it rapeseed oil is actually usually broken down into different products because grapeseed oil itself is considered toxic doesn't mean you drink it and you're going to die but it means that it's not exactly the best stuff in.

The world so i would not do rapeseed oil if you're into seed oils that seed oil is probably sesame oil is hot sauce okay to chase acv in the morning good question i think it's fine because hot sauce is usually just water vinegar and some kind of red pepper which is like pretty much what i would put in apple cider vinegar so like you.

Could put hot sauce and apple cider vinegar if you wanted to put out it sounds terrible but it could actually work in fact i just write that down because i feel like that's it i am going to write that down because that's actually a video topic that would be interesting to do uh so literally writing that topic down i keep an.

Ongoing list of hot sauce and acv okay keep a lookout for a video on that probably in a couple weeks okay some more questions is sonnet and cole plunge okay while longer fasting ah that's a tremendous question that is a very good question cold plunges.

Induce a lot of stress on the body okay if you're in a longer fast then you're already stressing your body out so be careful doing a cold plunge a sauna stresses the body out but there's different benefits that come with a sauna that are different from a cold plunger cold plunge is much much stronger of a hormetic stressor as far.

As upregulating massive antioxidant properties within your body because it creates a bunch of oxidative stress whereas heat shock proteins that come from sitting in a sauna or whatever like that are chaperoning proteins that actually do kind of the opposite they actually help rebuild properly so a sauna coincides with fasting quite well.

Because you're actually chaperoning some of that autophagic flux that whole process of recycling uh cells and organelles within a cell and components of a cell so when that recycling happens then a sauna can actually the heat shock proteins may actually help with that in fact i'm going to write that one down too see this is what i mean i love doing.

These because i get ideas for videos because i think that's tremendous because it's less like what's better like sauna or cold punch cold plunge on your feeding days i think would be better uh walk outside and brace the cold says lynn williams yes totally uh brittany prieto says is it.

Wise to fast during a stressful time uh stress depends how stressful right like how stressful of a time because you know there must be a snow blower going or something i don't know we got a big storm coming in again but anyway stress is like subjective like there's eustress there's distress all kinds of.

Things right if you're someone like you just found out that you're going through a divorce that is a pretty serious thing and i don't know if fasting is the uh the best time for that right i have a good friend that that just kind of happened with and like he's into fasting and keto and i advised him i'm like just take some time.

Off but keep moving like work out work out keep moving work out but now is not the time to be putting yourself in a stressful state because uh you know already a point where stressed out to the point where hair's falling out that means you're pretty stressed out i've gotten myself there too right like pushing it to the limit and then like.

Literally it happens in guys and you get super stressed out and you can have like clumps of hair come out i've had that happen because i'm aggressively fasting during a period of filming a lot of videos with a lot of pressure with you know whatever so if you're stressed just because mild.

Stress at work it can actually help you cope so but if you're really really seriously stressed it's not worth it it's just not tomorrow's another day um uh oh uh question why didn't you seek ezekiel bread at sprouts in today's video i'm glad you mentioned that.

Ezekiel bread it still has gluten in it and i'm not like okay i'm not just like freak with gluten but i come from a family that has serious autoimmune conditions and the gluten definitely affects them with that and the sprouted it's still got gluten in it when you look at gluten for me it's like i am a big fan of if there's going to be.

Gluten it's got to be straight what's called einkorn which is like the kind of like base of it that is going to be made in like amish territory right so i'm trying to find like a way to locally source amish bread because that would be a way that you could like i feel like you really have good like sourdough or.

Good bread that's not gonna have a bunch of gluten in it so that's why i'm not a big ezekiel fan there was a time uh when i did like ezekiel bread but i found that i was always having flare-ups with my irritable bowel syndrome and having stuff because i've definitely had that and you know i had drones when i was younger so i definitely watch it.

Um help me find a fiber snack says big bad bill big fan of flackers crackers those are a good one um will fasting help after cheating with bad foods shelley kirini asks okay so it will but mentally okay that's creating kind of a negative loop that you really don't want right you don't necessarily want to associate.

Yourself with binging and then fasting as a reaction to that so a lot of times what i suggest is have your meal and then have like a regular day of eating where you're just logging what you eat you're being very controlled and then pick up fasting the day after everyone please don't forget to hit that thumbs up button whoa.

There's the italian in me knocking my headphones out of my own ears anyway hit the thumbs up button uh leave a comment after this video in the regular comment section and if you can please guys please please i beg of you if you can share this video to instagram share it over email whatever just get some eyeballs on it i think it's gonna help a.

Lot of people uh you guys have been great and tomorrow is another live broadcast two back-to-back live broadcasts because tomorrow is the live broadcast discussing uh the fasting challenge and just there to motivate and answer fasting questions so it's gonna be like 30 minutes of rapid fire questions that are being asked about.

Fasting you can do a simple search for thomas de lauer 24-hour fasting challenge it'll give you all the details but essentially it starts right meow and it goes through for 24 hours until tomorrow at dinner time all the instructions are in the video i hope you join me with it um also please if you don't already give me a.

Follow on instagram at thomas delauer trying to do more there short videos short convinced things just in case youtube ever decides to cancel me i'm at least diversified so at thomas delauer on instagram all right you guys i love you all you guys are awesome i will see ya
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