4 Week Meal Plan and Weight Loss Challenge LIVE (Week 3)

4 Week Meal Plan and Weight Loss Challenge LIVE (Week 3)

4 Week Meal Plan and Weight Loss Challenge LIVE (Week 3)

Check out the video on 4 Week Meal Plan and Weight Loss Challenge LIVE (Week 3).
Hey everybody it's 4 p.m. here on the west coast gonna wait for a bunch of people to join in for those of you that are just hopping on here and have no idea what I'm talking about let me give you a quick look down this is for people that are watching the replay and everything I am doing this four week keto weight-loss.

Challenge where I've laid out the full meal plan I've laid out supplements I've laid out everything for everybody so if you're wondering what the heck this live broadcast is about and for some reason you miss some of the action just want to make sure that you're brought up to speed just not everyone sees the older videos so for those of you that have.

Hopped on here and you're wondering there's a link down below to the week one official video that launches everything okay so I went all the way out on this I put together a full meal plan that everyone can do I created a Facebook group that everyone can follow and be a part of I'm doing these live broadcasts I don't want to leave.

Anything back so literally probably the only place on YouTube that you get a literal full meal plan so that link to that video with the meal plan is down below entirely free anyway that's just for people that maybe didn't know what this was about who here is loving what's going on okay who here in the room is having success.

If you're having success so far we're three weeks in go ahead and just type the words success with exclamation points I want to know who the heck is having success I want to know who's happy because right now like I have been hearing nothing but positive just amazing uplifting motivational just amazing.

Stuff and it is got me so amped I think I've seen literally two negative comments come through about this challenge in the entire few weeks it's been going on so oh my gosh all the people it is like a sea of the word success popping over here and if you guys see again if I'm looking off to the right the live chat is populating over.

To the right so if I look off to the right of the screen it's just because I'm looking at what you're chatting and what you're saying guys please if you guys are having fun can you please go ahead and hit that like button hit that just that thumbs up because that's gonna get this video ranking again it's what we do just to.

Keep keep the momentum and keep everyone excited okay everyone comment also where you're watching from I love just to hear where people are from that's the way that we start this we get everyone warmed up we get everyone talking to each other get some engagement going thank you all for the thumbs up and thank you all for.

Everything people of people are asking I'm seeing they're saying how do we get started yes the link is down below in the description for the first video that outlined the diet plan and all the instructions and then I will link out all the other subsequent live broadcasts that have occurred within that description so you can get all the.

Coaching and see everything with this there's also a link to the Facebook group and also a link to butcher box you can get the grass-fed meat if you're doing the challenge okay so let's go ahead and let's dive right in so at this point people are starting the intermittent fasting portion and getting kind of in there in the groove with that.

Who here is liking the fasting and having success of the fasting just I'm just out of curiosity because I know some people in the Facebook group we're saying oh I'm loving this challenge but I'm not digging the fasting part the fasting is too hard that's okay I just want to maybe give you some steps to kind of help you through that a little.

Bit more intermittent fasting can be a little bit tricky if you're not used to it so I want to give you some tips so on and can I give you the breakdowns I want to give you just a few things that you may want to tweak even with the existing plan that I laid out now granted remember anyone that's watching this video later the advice that I'm giving.

Is based upon the plan that I have laid out although some of this advice could still work even if you're not following this plan I just want people to be able to you know take what they can from this if you're having trouble with the intermittent fasting throughout the course of the day like in the morning or getting hungry I encourage you to try.

Something different I encourage you to try something that I've been playing with that it's very very effective and that is shifting your fasting window okay so let me give you a hypothetical example I have implied that you guys should probably just plan on skipping breakfast and then break your fast around lunchtime mid-afternoon because.

That generally seems pretty pretty easy and it's just what a lot of people would like to do but let me break this down a little bit differently for you because this little nugget might be something that helps I don't catapult you into more success with intermittent fasting if you're ready for it try stopping your eating a.

Little bit at a different time so in other words rather than fasting from 9 p.m. until lunchtime the next day try starting your fast a little bit earlier maybe like 2 p.m. and then fast through the afternoon skipping dinner instead of skipping breakfast and then go to bed hungry oh my gosh if you go to bed hungry ok but get up in the morning and.

Work out when you're in a deeper state of a fast it's amazing I'm not even kidding I don't know how many years I did intermittent fasting before I even had the cognitive wherewithal to think about shifting the eating window it is a game changer and it's not something you want to do every day but if you're if you're.

Someone that just is hungry in the morning and you have a hard time because I know a lot of us intermittent faster we're never hungry in the morning and it's hard for us to even fathom what it's like to be hungry in the morning but news flash we all come from different walks of life here and there's a lot of people that might be hungry in.

The morning so you might be the candidate that is better to eat your breakfast eat your lunch but then start your fast and skip dinner go to bed get up in the morning workout and then break your fast with your breakfast after your workout it's wild trust me on that has anyone ever tried that I want to say if anyone.

Here has tried that just type the words overnight fast because it's a whole different world it's a whole different okay already people saying that it just puts you into a deeper fasten state so if your add a little bit of a plateau maybe you're not getting the results that you want I recommend trying that but don't do it more than a few days per.

Week okay so here's some interesting science really quick but what's been interesting to see when you look at can't remember the specific journal but intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet does something really interesting when it comes down to preserving your muscle there was a study that took a look at.

Test subjects that lost 45 pounds over the course of four months and they saw they had no in there resting metabolic rate no change at all so they lost almost 50 pounds but they're in tabble ISM didn't slow down the reason is is because the ketones that are produced while you're in ketosis or the ketones that are.

Produced while you're intermittent fasting act as an anti catabolic and they prevent muscle breakdown in and of themselves so very very fascinating stuff there so that's why while you're on this ketogenic diet while you're doing this four-week protocol you can effectively train or workout later in near fast without the risk of losing.

Muscle let me say that again one more time slowly you can work out in a deeper fasted state without running the risk of losing as much muscle okay very very beneficial for you if you are doing this protocol and you're trying to lose a lot of weight okay now I don't want you to lose a ton of weight in a short amount of time but I will honestly.

Say that with the ketogenic diet because of the beta hydroxy butyrate and because of the the the anti catabolic effects it is the best way to safely lose weight fast without rebounding okay so I already saw someone there a once II went from eight to six point two this is what I'm talking about this is the kind of stuff all right this is cool like seeing.

Actual you know potential reversal of some things that's really really awesome okay so what I want to kind of address too is obviously training in a fasted state is going to be powerful but last week we talked about not making any changes or making changes to the diet before you implement exercise for those of you that are still at a plateau okay.

If maybe you've only lost a couple of pounds so far in a few weeks it might be time to get aggressive now let me be honest with you if you're already losing weight I don't suggest that you employ these techniques I suggest that you continue and do the most with what's already working for you before you employ these techniques because we're.

Going to get a little bit more aggressive for those that aren't having success okay those that are not having success with this protocol as of yet I wish for you to no longer have the breakfast meal any days okay normally I wouldn't want you to intermittent fast everyday but we're only we only have a couple weeks of.

Challenge left so if you're not having success no I cannot overemphasize this enough everybody please if you're already having success stick to the few days that you're already skipping breakfast and don't go seven days a week but if you need an extra fire under your booty because you're not losing the weight go ahead and intermittent fast.

Every day but break your fast you know either either way I suggest skip breakfast or do the protocol that I suggested okay I'm trying to give you lots of different solutions here you have to understand that I wish it was a one-size-fits-all but when I do these broadcasts I have to kind of give you lots of different ammunition lots of.

Different things to try okay maybe I'll try intermittent fasting every day or maybe I'll try rotating my fasting period like you suggested I don't intend for you to apply all of these because if you apply all of them I think your brain will explode but you're also going to be in a situation where you've pulled out all the stops those of.

You that watch my live broadcast in the last few times know that I'm always about doing incremental these little incremental changes okay yeah we've got so many awesome people here we've got 1.2 thousand people here can we get everyone that's here to hit that like button hit that thumbs up button that way we can just just get a bunch of.

Traction on this video because last couple weeks we've had 2,000 people this week we don't have nearly as many and I think it's just probably cuz people are just getting numb they're probably tired of good old Thomas doing this thing so if we can just hit that like button so we get some more people in here Nathaniel just wanted to say thank you.

For that super chat says this isn't enough to repay you for the life changes you've helped me make love you man appreciate that I really do appreciate that that's that's some powerful stuff to hear okay so now there's some other stuff that I wanted to implement first some of these people actually for everybody I've talked about this in.

Videos in fact I have a video coming out this week called five nerdy ways to lose fat and it's kind of cheesy but the point is is one thing that people overlook a lot is lymphatic drainage so we have this thing called the lymph system in the lymphatic system right within our body we have a system a network of tubules that process that.

That move lymph fluid white blood cells fatty acids things like that what happens is we don't have something that actually pumps lymph through our body our muscles are responsible for pumping lymph so it take for example our heart pumps blood through our veins okay well the lymphatic system doesn't.

Have a heart so how does lymph fluid move well it moves by the contraction and relaxation of muscles like this moving fluid through so what happens is fat gets mobilized into the lymph system okay so fat gets processed and mobilized that way and if it's if we don't have that movement then fat can't get mobilized right.

So this is where Believe It or Not utilizing small amounts of foam rolling actually help you I don't mean spending hours on a foam roller you know those little cylindrical things that you lay on or roll on but i mean spending five minutes at night getting some extra lymph fluid moving by rolling out it sounds so like a again like a witch.

Doctor or something but trust me it does help you at least with energy I can't guarantee it's gonna help you burn more fat but in theory if fat is mobilized in lymph and we're not mobilizing lymph then we might run into you know an issue right so what I do is we've got a lot of lymph nodes in our armpits we've got a lot of lymph nodes behind our knees and.

Things like that use a foam roller and roll out on your your lats your armpit area that way you're a relieving tension it feels good be potentially mobilizing white blood cells and see potentially mobilizing fat okay so I just highly recommend it okay so go for that if you just want an extra little little boost I want to talk high entities interval.

Training here for a minute too because now we're getting into a mode where people might be doing a little bit more in the way of exercise and they might be doing some more just cardio and hit into their workouts is anyone here a big fan of doing hit high into C interval training if you're a fan of doing hit just type the words hit just type orange.

Not the words with the letters HIIT hit I'm curious how many people here do a lot of hit simply okay lots of people okay lots of people say in hit lots of people say him has everyone seen my videos talking about the right ways to do hit okay so here's the things the right hit is and I've talked about this in actually another.

Live broadcast so forgive me for repeating myself but I want to make sure everyone sees it high-intensity interval training needs to be done properly it needs to be done in a way where you are really going a hundred percent for 10 15 20 seconds and then recovering however long you need to recover in order to exert yourself all.

The way on another round so for example most people like to do one minute on one minute off or two minutes on two minutes off or 30 seconds on 30 seconds off that's great in theory but it doesn't really get what we want okay what we want is we want maximal maximal intensity with as much recovery is necessary in order to go to the max.

Again so what that means is it looks something like going 10 15 20 seconds of a high-intensity sprint or elliptical or bike or anything and then rest for maybe a minute maybe even a minute and a half however long it takes for you to get your heart rate back to normal so that you can exert a hundred percent on your next interval and a good round.

Of high-intensity interval training is really only gonna be like maybe 7 to 10 rounds of that we're talking 7 to 10 rounds of 20 seconds it's actually not a whole lot of work but the reason that people don't want to do it is because it's intense and it's always hard for us to just swallow it when it comes down to what we have to how we have laid out in.

Front of us it's a hard pill to swallow we have to go in there and we have to leave it all on the table for 15 or 20 seconds and that's relatively speaking ok what you know someone that is 300 pounds or 100 pounds overweight what is intense for them might be different than what is intense for someone that is fit ok it's a whole.

Different world ok so I wanted to touch on that I do recommend that at this state in the game if you've been doing some exercise now is a good time to implement some hit okay it's a good time to try that I recommend doing it in your fasted state still I highly recommend doing it after an overnight so if you you know ate lunch went.

Through the rest of the afternoon went through the evening time and then we're in a deeply fasted State that would be a phenomenal way to do it but I want to go ahead and I want to answer some questions now okay with using a lot coming through ask away but I'm going to have to warn you that there's you know over a thousand people on this broadcast.

And I will try to do my best to answer ones that stand out a little bit so please please please if I don't get your question I'm sorry I'm gonna try to just see ones that pop out okay someone says I'm allergic to nuts what kind of substitute and nuts and almond milk with okay almond milk absolutely it depends if you can do.

Coconut milk coconut is technically a nut so you might have a hard time with that so coconut milk would be okay flax milk would be okay and hemp milk would be okay in fact I need to do a video on nut seed milks anyone will know would anyone want watch that if I did that okay and then a substitution for the nuts themselves avocado is always.

Good olives are always good simply because I'm trying to get the same kind of monounsaturated fats okay nuts are between usually 50 and 90 percent monounsaturated fats predominantly you know ones that are going to be heavily readily utilized by the body so I'm trying to mimic that as much as possible you can't replace almonds with coconut.

Oil okay you can't replace almonds with pork rinds you can't replace Brazil nuts with cheese okay those are different kinds of fat so I'm trying to get similar fats you see it's not all just about the facts right it's about just what kind of fats they are very very important stuff and that's that's the misinformation that's out there in keto.

That just frustrates me is it's not all equal and that's what's gonna be the downfall unfortunately of this diet in in the long run is just misinformation that's out there so avocado would be great you know if you can if you can do seeds a lot of times people that are allergic to nuts aren't necessarily allergic to seeds fun fact something.

Called palmitoleic acid is in macadamia nuts so if macadamia nuts are quite a bit of a different mint than most nuts and a lot of people that have almond cashew and other nut allergies don't have allergies to macadamia nuts and it's because they have such a low phytic acid content in such a low mineral chelation.

Aspect but also being that they have that Omega 7 Omega 9 palmitoleic acid it converts into something known as oliel olio ethyl and Olamide that's a hard word to say olio lefel an amide also known as Oh ay OH ay e a has been shown to affect the pancreas in such positive ways it affects the beta cells in our pancreas and makes it so that they're.

Less impacted by glucose in fact you could almost argue that if you wanted to really look at it that way it could have a big healing effect in the world of diabetes so macadamia nuts are one of the few in fact the only nuts that really have palmitoleic acid so highly recommend those and test them out now if you're allergic to nuts I don't want you.

To just go test yourself with one but you might find that okay people are saying headaches still headaches generally is a dehydration issue it's also I talked about this last week common side effect I posted a tremendous video called the side effects of the ketogenic diet that went out live on Saturday morning that video actually.

Talks about a few things and I highly recommend you guys watch that video if you haven't already just type in you know after you watch this video Thomas de Lauer side effects of keto great video that breaks down what you might be feeling Wade Bowen says any suggestions for constipation again I don't want to sound like a broken record because I did.

Talk about this last week but these common questions if you get constipated you're better off to increase your sodium and your magnesium and your potassium levels than you are to try to add a bunch of fiber adding fiber is like adding more vehicles to an already jammed up freeway okay it can actually make it worse and make things move.

Slower so drinking lots of water also I hate to say this cuz it sounds so funny but the squatty potty using one of those little things that goes by your toilet that kind of makes you crouch in a unique position it helps a lot because it helps relax the muscles that are going to get things moving we do need to make sure that we're taking care of our.

Gut biome that's a huge thing and remember when you start keto your gut biome goes through a radical shift and that could mean that you know you have all kinds of different things going on someone says keto for women over 40 I actually did a keto for people over 40 and general have a video coming out.

Specifically on intermittent fasting for women someone asked if Kido can affect administration yes it can and oftentimes it's not affecting it in a negative way a lot of times it's actually putting you kind of back on track one thing that's important to note for women is that there can be an estrogen cortisol kind of loop that happens increases in.

Cortisol when you're getting fat adapted can increase estrogen which can cause just your cycle to just get a little bit thrown off so just remember that and just play it safe with it you know just keeping track guys can we make sure we hit that like button please please please hit that thumbs up button oh so you got one point three thousand people.

Here but only 690 comes up so I know there's not that many people here that are not enjoying this video it does sounds cheesy it's not me just wanting social validation YouTube at the end of the day is still algorithmic and you guys hittin that like button commenting and engaging and being here is important for overall just for the channel it.

Helps my again I'm gonna step aside for one second I don't know if you guys realize this but I post a video every single day sometimes twice a day and a lot of you probably here are probably going what I don't see I don't I don't get a notification I don't notice that you post every day it's because youtube doesn't show everyone every single video.

We create a ton of content so every morning pretty much 7:30 a.m. Pacific time there's new videos so the reason not everyone sees them is because we have to keep engagement high Oh someone Ren you ask your thoughts please on aloe vera juice and elderberry extract both are okay in small amounts on keto and your timing is really strange it's.

Almost like you're inside my head tomorrow there is literally a video in the afternoon coming out on my channel on elderberry for immunity so just stay tuned for that so people are saying how how do I hit the like button you know it's it varies whether you're on mobile or whether you're on desktop it's kedo safe for people with high.

Cholesterol okay this is a great one to talk about and I have some in-depth videos coming out on this how many people here have experienced their friends or their loved ones or maybe their doctors telling them that they think they're crazy for doing keto diet and that their cholesterol is going to go.

Through the roof just by show of hands anyone here experienced that okay everyone's saying yep yep yep yep yeah it's like I get people all the time that will come to me and they'll say like Thomas I think my family's gonna disown me like they just they just don't even they keep telling me that I'm crazy for doing this and it's so hard to explain.

To them how this works but okay we have to look at it like this does anyone want a little bit of cholesterol science really quick because I I can explain this if you want but I don't want to go down track if people aren't interested just just you want to go to cholesterol science alright I think that's a pretty so I think that's a couple of guys like.

No way okay I'm going to explain it I'm gonna try to keep it under a minute because this is gonna be really good stuff LDL and HDL are not our cholesterol okay they are boats that carry cholesterol LDL is a boat that carries cholesterol to a cell and HDL is a boat that carries cholesterol from the cell to the liver we need cholesterol we.

Absolutely need it okay but believe it or not it's the job of the LDL to to carry triglycerides not cholesterol think of it like this here's a great analogy that a good friend of mine mr. Nick Norwood's over at Oxford University he's a great analogy broke it down like this cholesterol is the boat triglycerides are the passengers.

Cholesterol are the life preservers so the triglycerides are actually the reason that we have LDL and HDL and triglycerides we want mobilized when we are burning fat we are mobilizing triglycerides which means we are in need of more what if we have more passengers than we need more it's like Blue's Clues boats okay so my handy-dandy notebook.

Those of you that have kids watch Blue's Clues okay anyway so we need more boats need more boats to carry more triglycerides because we're burning more fat so on keto when people's cholesterol first goes up they're like no no my cholesterol levels are but I'm telling them if your LDL is up it's not the end of the world that.

Means that you have more boats because you're a thriving boat company that needs to move lots of fat it's all good now if you have fractionated small particle LDL okay that is a different story but that's not measured on normal lipid panels those are like dysfunctional decrepit boats that have a bunch of holes in them.

So then they go out to sea they just sink and they can't dock properly and they just screw everything up but that has nothing to do with keto so anyway I know that was a little over a minute but did that make sense to the boat analogy make sense point is don't worry about it okay if your small particle your fractionated LDL is high then you have.

An issue but your triglycerides are getting mobilized you're burning fat okay Justin I just wanted Justin gave a super chattiest wanted to say thank you he says thanks for everything I'm a fireman and up all hours of the day and night running calls that any gum or mints they're acceptable yeah use a spry SPR why that's a that's.

A gun that's got its stevia based I believe and Justin just so you know does anyone here you're gonna like this video but also anyone that's interested in this I just filmed a video last week on keto and intermittent fasting for people that work night shifts or rotating shifts because it's so important and there's different things.

That you need to know so this is why it's important that you have notifications on this is why it's important that you check my channel constantly because I have specific content that comes out that people miss so I want you to keep an eye out for that Michael Davis you ask thoughts on beef protein powder don't waste your.

Money all it is is basically broken down aminos just amino acids that they add some basically amino spike it everybody they basically take tendons and add aminos bear with me one second my wife's just texted and want to make sure that what time I'm gonna be home for dinner this is how you know this is real life she just said she said it's chicken soup.

Still stealing good for dinner say taking basically the same kind of meals that we have and I'm just adding some bone broth to it making it into a little bit of soup just getting a little creative you know just real life okay so someone says how do we fix fraction into cholesterol now that's a good is a good.

Question and that's one that probably needs to be handled in a video because it is in depth but in short so much of cholesterol issues end up being inflammation related mainly sugar related so when you start reducing sugars when you start modulating blood sugar and things up I mean illness says I made chicken soup with coconut water.

Hey that sounds kind of good okay try I'm trying to get some more something says American cheese no please avoid American cheese that's processed cheese it's not real cheese person Silva says I was wondering if one meal a day at 7 p.m. and working out before eating is great I'm gonna already answer that this is very important guys can we also.

Please hit that thumbs up button please please please please please one meal a day please don't hate me for saying this okay because I think one meal a day is really powerful and really good and helps people lose a lot of weight okay but one meal a day can leave you susceptible to something very funny sounding it's called meta flah Mason.

Okay it's a made-up word but it was given that term by a scientific journal just because they were trying to find a word from it we have these particular things in our body it's called PKR so it's a specific kind of protein when we go for a long period of time without eating and then we eat all at once we have this elevation in PKR.

And this elevation in PKR triggers our immune system because PK r's normal job is fighting off viruses and fighting off things that come into our body as invaders but what happens is when we eat so much at one sitting this was tested with mice but when they eat so much at one sitting it elevates PKR because there's such a rapid influx of nutrients.

That the body doesn't know what to do so it actually attacks the nutrients and crushes your metabolism it's called meta Flom a shin because it's literally inflammation that's rooted through your metabolism and the processing of nutrients does that mean that no one should do oh mat absol not but I recommend that you consider.

This before making it your only lifestyle I am all about intermittent fasting nomads however you need to wiggle it in but Oh Matt is something to use as a tool maybe once once a week or so I mean okay so I just want you to use some caution there I'm not trying to tell you it's bad I'm not the kind of.

Person that's a fear monger I try not to do that but I try to protect the fans that I love the people that I care about and I don't want you to a year down the road hate intermittent fasting because you have metabolic damage from this so just use it sparingly okay another question have popped up someone had super chatted says I'm losing 3 pounds a.

Week in restricting calories to 500 calories daily that idea I really want to hit Michael I wouldn't recommend restricting to 500 calories unless you really have a solid or restoring or kind of restoration plan it can be pretty tough ok constant muscle soreness first thing I would say if you have constant muscle.

Soreness would be to add add some magnesium potassium into the mix ok second of all it's going to be hydration third of all is going to be getting to the root of some inflammation issues if you have halfway decent health insurance I would highly recommend getting some things tested getting c-reactive protein tested.

Getting nuclear factor Kappa B test and getting me possibly if they can test the nlrp3 inflammasome and interleukin 1 interleukin 6 okay good I want to see if you have some inflammation bouncing around that's making it so you're not recovering okay so I'm looking for some other questions best protein powder without way Michael.

Davis hands-down either Sun warrior warrior blend which I talked about on my videos all the time it's not just because i'm a sell-out it's because these are products I like the other one is naked P very very good stuff guys I also just so you know you probably have experienced with this challenge a lot of it has been the meat and the the beef.

And the chicken and stuff that people are using has been provided by butcher box so there is a link down below also in this description if you haven't taken advantage of the pricing from butcher box for this challenge I went ahead and had them extend it through the life of this challenge so down below in the description there's a link to butcher.

Box so you still get started on this whole plan so if you go from here you go to the the first video that has fixed the whole the meal plan it breaks it down for you then there's links there to get everything situated get your meat situated all that anyhow I just wanted to make sure that I extended that said.

Everyone knew so that it wasn't you know so it wasn't going away said someone says so people are saying they're having issues finding the thumbs up button sorry as I'm looking over there's so many questions coming in what about coconut water okay coconut water it's a good question.

Coconut water just look at the carp count on it okay it all depends on the brand coconut water does have some sugar in it so you just want to be careful there Daniel Selina says no question just very grateful for all the content that you put out for everybody's good you've helped me and countless others on this health journey hey guys guess what.

I got some cool news I'm actually on Wednesday night I'm flying out to YouTube headquarters and I actually get to meet with YouTube on Thursday so pretty stoked hopefully it's all good stuff hopefully they like my channel hopefully they like what I'm doing so that'll be fun yeah okay uh someone asked about.

Oxalates let me give you a breakdown what aux let's are and I actually have a video that comes out this next week on oxalates oxalates are something they're chelating compounds so basically when you have things like spinach it have box lists in it it's said that they'll chelate excess minerals it is true but oxalates generally chelate excess.

Amounts of calcium for the most part that's all good we don't need excess calcium we we need less calcium calcium sits on the UH aggravates the NMDA receptor gets rid of the magnesium makes it so we get stressed out anyhow it's all good okay hey what's up TD this question from dental I've been following the diet.

Pretty much on point without a keto background anyway can I squeeze in soy milk and whey isolate in this diet are they not good for keto I would HIGHLY advise against soy milk um okay we don't need the phytoestrogens whey isolate I'm okay with okay I'd prefer you get it from pea it's just cleaner but whey protein isolate is better than.

Concentrates so I'm okay with that life with horses TV says how do we find out if we have oops what would that go how do we find out if we have fractionate cholesterol and how do we fix it if we do you have to ask your doctor if you have fractionated cholesterol they're gonna have to run a small particle test another question.

Says hi Thomas thank you I'd like to know if the levels of ki the blood decrease over time five weeks in Quito I've lost 8 pounds and my blood Quito is 0.1 I swear I don't eat carbs am i adapted to fat very good question as you get more keto adapted your ketone levels will actually drop okay you would never believe this.

God I've been keto for 10 years and guess where my ketones usually are and I could be even straight coconut oil and they're still gonna barely get to 1:1 normal so it doesn't mean much it means that your cells are so efficient at utilizing those ketones you don't have to have as much circulating in the blood okay you've become more efficient your.

Body knows how to use it so don't be upset especially if you're getting the benefits and things are working it also depends on what time of day you're testing remember in the morning you have the dawn phenomena you have a natural spike in cortisol and a natural spike in blood sugar that's going to make it so that your ketone levels aren't going to.

Be as elevated okay so it's totally okay don't worry about it all good I want to talk about some interesting stuff specifically on what's called the dual nature of ketones so we always say I'm gonna get on my high horse here for a second because this is cool stuff and let me actually you guys mind if I rant for a second drink some water before.

This one dramatic pause thirsty all right little rant I think the ketogenic diet is going to die a slow death because of people out there marketing cruddy stuff it's sad what really needs to be a big push through the medical community and a push through therapeutic uses and a push through legitimate peer-reviewed scientific research from a.

Clean universities and from what needs to be that at the forefront is quickly becoming heavily marketed weight-loss protocols and keto for weight loss and keto this keto treat disc you I get it that stuff is great and I love a lot of them but here's the thing here's Kido is not powerful because it's an.

Additional macronutrient ketones are great for fuel fat is great for fuel but that is like so three years ago the science at that I don't know if you guys have any idea some of the literature and some of the the science that's come out of Oxford University there's a review article published in frontiers and nutrition I mean it broke down what's.

Called a dual nature of ketones so here's some fun stuff for you ketones act as a fuel and that's great but they act as a hormone in the body I don't know if you understand how powerful that is they are not just a fuel they have hormone-like properties that affect our DNA okay they affect our genetics carbohydrates don't do that.

Okay so when you eat carbohydrates is purely a fuel it's like a superficial fuel and that's it ketones it's it's an amazing fuel but it has 90% of its benefit comes from its healing properties in an entirely different ecosystem the way that I can explain this is it's like looking at Superman and saying oh cool Superman's amazing.

Because he has such cool hair but neglecting the fact that Superman has amazing powers and can save the world right okay you're focusing people focus on the fact that you can burn some fat so let me tell you one amazing thing that ketones do okay they act as what is called da ass Italy sorry deacetylase inhibition so what that means is we have.

Histone deacetylase inhibition in in our cells in our DNA we have our DNA rolled up in a blueprint really tight okay like our DNA is wound up tight and it has to get unraveled in order for the body to read the blueprint of our DNA to rebuild cells to rebuild structure in our button it turns out that Ketones unravel our DNA because they act upon it as a.

Hormone and a histone deacetylase inhibitor what that means is when we normally have our our DNA wound up really tight nothing can open it up so we can't have what's called gene expression where our genes get expressed and we suddenly get to like flourish and grow and heal Ketones unlock that ability that's way the.

Longer that you stay in ketosis the longer you have or the more opportunities you have to heal okay you up it's amazing stuff and this is the stuff that needs to get out there I'm trying to get this content out there as much as I can but it doesn't get out there as much because it's not super cool sexy information and instead it's.

Just the basic stuff but that's just one little piece the other piece is that it has antioxidant capabilities it has it up regulates other antioxidant capabilities in the body it's powerful powerful powerful stuff and I am so passionate about it and for someone that has built their life on not just keto but just spreading the right information.

It frustrates me to see lots of content creators just flooding YouTube with the same reiterated garbage and I'm such a positive guy and Here I am preaching on a negative which just makes me feel like I'm having an identity crisis but for once in my life I'm getting so irritated it's just youtubes just flooded with people just ripping people's content off.

They'll take even my content and spin it in their own different way but not actually regurgitate it properly so we're left with nothing but just heavily marketed keto fluff that's gonna end up causing keto diet slow death because no one's gonna ever get to see the true benefit so my point to this is a call to arms for all of you guys to be your own.

Walking testament not to show other people but to know deep down that if this Keough bus does go off the road that we we've had success with it and we know what it's doing inside our bodies and I don't want you guys to be victims of where the marketing might go stay true to yourself and do this with Whole Foods whenever.

Possible supplements are great they have their place but Whole Foods is where it belongs not literally Whole Foods stores but Whole Foods ok so I'm gonna leave it at that and I know that you know we got a little agro on that but you guys need to see that that's the truth right so anyhow thank you all so much next Monday we still have another.

Broadcast okay and we're gonna keep this rockin gonna keep this going make sure if you haven't already you check out the link down below to watch the week 1 video ok full meal plan and everything someone soo saying there's a lot people haven't saying Quito is carnivore so I do want to make sure I address that carnivore short stints.

I don't think long term anyhow alright you guys you guys are all awesome thank you again and please please please go ahead turn on notifications for my videos so you guys know whenever I post videos that way we can get them out there guys Rock see you soon
4 Week Meal Plan and Weight Loss Challenge LIVE (Week 3)
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