30-Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge (update 1)

30-Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge (update 1)

30-Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge (update 1)

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It is 4 p.m. on the Pacific West Coast alright super stoked to be able to do this hopefully everybody can hear me I want to dive right in the stuff so I'm gonna try to keep this under 25 minutes or so but I promised everyone that I'd be doing a live broadcast every single Monday with this challenge now I gotta.

Wait for a few people to come in here I can't just jump right into it but the whole idea of this challenge is obviously to help coach people through this process to help people get motivated to do Kido to do it right I've got the live chat popped up over here on my right so if I don't Lansing over the right it's just because I'm gonna see.

Comments that are coming in so as we get started anyone that is doing this 30-day keto challenge can you please just comment and say I'm in I want in comment where you're watching from okay so I want people to just I want to know where people are I want to be able to just do this as a community I know I have the Facebook group but it's not the same as.

My YouTube community right the Facebook groups all for banter look at all these people everyone's saying I mean this is awesome seeing everything popping up Long Beach in the house we've got Carlsbad California we got some statue on North Carolina whoa holy moly okay this is what I'm talking about so the main.

Purpose of broadcast number one which is obviously right now is to get everyone motivated okay we are fresh into this if you're following the sort of curriculum that I laid out you've completed a 36 hour fast and you're on day one or day two of your actual Quito journey with the meal plan that I laid out for those of you that are hopping on this.

Broadcast that haven't seen the meal plan or anything like that down in the description I put a link to the original video that lays out kind of all the details lays out the meal plan lays out exactly what to eat you see I've seen what's happened is a lot of people have joined the Facebook group and people are asking well what do I eat well that's.

Because just the variety of things everyone's come into the Facebook group but they haven't actually seen the video that breaks down all the details so in the description there is a link and that's gonna show just go to the basic video that outlines what this challenge is about what everyone's learning and also what the meal plan is literally.

Gave you guys all a meal plan now here's the thing to consider you might look at this meal plan and you might say well this seems like a lot of food and it might be but you have to understand that I created this challenge for a large amount of people we've got 20,000 people or so that are committed to doing this right now so you might have to.

Adjust the amounts of food a little bit but my point in doing this is showing that the macronutrients themselves being able to kind of break down that ratio how we have the food set up is enough to get your body into ketosis and then from there you can start to make adjustments we've got a thousand people in this broadcast already which means people are.

Here people are commenting I do need to ask everyone one favor if you're excited about this challenge and you're amped and you're ready to make this a part of your life forever please smash that like button smash that thumbs up button so we just get a bunch of engagement a bunch of likes and people just see this video because I.

Don't want people that are doing this challenge to miss out on the live broadcasts okay I want to go ahead and I want to address a couple of things mainly substitutions and I know a lot of people are gonna have substitution questions the most important thing that I could say here is we should try to keep substitutions to a minimum so I'm.

Going to give very basic substitutions and if you have more ideas on substitutions can always put them in the Facebook group but there's very important things here so you look at the meal plan like I pull it up right now I've got it just kind of on another tab here okay we've obviously we've got the first.

Meal one we've got one whole egg plus two yolks okay so that's gonna be very very important there the reason that I have one egg plus two yolks I want more of the fat from the eggs versus the egg white well that begs the question I don't like eggs what can I do can I substitute anything else so I mentioned in the initial video.

Doing some kind of breakfast sausage that's a good clean organic kind that's a good substitution I want to try to keep away from the ground meat drop my spoon of ground beef first thing in the morning cuz it can be a little bit hard for people to break down so I try to go for like a chicken sausage or a turkey sausage or some kind of pork sausage.

That's just a higher fat content there we can keep our fats higher in the morning and the reason that we can is because there's some interesting stuff and there's a study that was published in BMC genomics and I think I mentioned in the initial video that our bodies can handle more fat in the morning without storing them so you notice I.

Kind of progressively get us leaner throughout the day so embrace the fats first thing in the morning because it will help you even though it can be hard for people especially if you don't have a gallbladder area of gallbladder issues things like that so the best substitute for eggs is going to be going over – like pork sausage like three four ounces.

You don't need much of it at all okay and then the next best thing after that is going to be realistically probably going with some kind of shape now I hate saying that but the protein would be coming from the chicken what I would recommend in that case is probably a pea protein shake with like probably two tablespoons three tablespoons of coconut.

Cream like in that can that you have coconut milk coconut cream add that to that drink add that to the shake mix it up some almond milk okay that's gonna be your protein source there I still recommend that everyone have something in the way of veggies where you have some bok choy some spinach and you saute it with some coconut oil and things like.

That yeah we got so many questions coming in people asking substitutions and everything like that I like this Chevy it says egg whites used to be very high fashioned now we're talking about yolks I mean that's so true we are it used to be all about egg whites because they're a low calorie now.

We're obviously with keto we want the yolk just for clarity there the egg white is inflammatory that is what is essentially feeding and growing the chicken right so I say chicken with air quotes because people don't like to think of the yolk as a chicken but it is and what's happening is all the nutrients but also all the cytokines all.

The inflammatory components are in the white feeding in the yolk the yolk is just the fat and the vitamins so we want that as much as we can so if you cannot digest eggs please go for like a pork sausage if you know you want a plug it's not a product plug but I guess the end of the day it is there is the link down in butcher box you can get their pork.

Sausage and stuff like that the next thing that comes up is going to be substitutions for avocados this can be difficult a gross substitution that for some people honestly would be having some mayonnaise one tablespoon of mayonnaise would be the equivalent of about a half of avocado and I say that simply because you're still getting a.

Lot of the fats that you would get from an avocado some of these mono and polyunsaturated so I usually say okay in that case have some mayonnaise but mayonnaise in the morning I don't know might not always be the best right but mix it up with some of those the ground chicken or the ground turkey or.

Anything like that it's pretty darn good it's the other thing I say turkey bacon or regular bacon in the video I mentioned both of them I mentioned turkey bacon and regular bacon and I say that simply because there's a lot of people that have either religious or other issues with pork bacon but I did a video last week that broke down from a.

Fatty acid profile you're actually better off with the pork bacon so if you didn't watch the video and you just look at the description and you saw that there was turkey bacon in there I highly recommend watching the video and checking out that you can do regular pork bacon if you don't like bacon that's gonna be tough but I would take.

The eggs that you have and mix it with a little bit of ground chicken or little bit of ground pork and make sort of a joe scramble kind of thing there okay if you can do eggs but you can do the you can't be the bacon okay and I'm pulling up just the meal plan here so I'm just okay then we've got the coffee where I say go ahead and add three tablespoons.

Of coconut cream now I highly recommend you keep the dairy to a minimum with this particular meal yeah dairy is going to be hard on your body first thing in the morning and simply because there's a lot of inflammatory responses that go up there and I'm not anti dairy you've seen my videos I talk about dairy all the time.

But with dairy first thing in the morning sometimes we end up just getting an inflammatory response ends up having weird cravings throughout the course of the day and the other thing is that dairy is very very addictive it activates opioid receptors in the brain so which means it actually triggers you to want to eat more dairy and I wanted.

To do this protocol as like a clean keto protocol to teach people for 30 days if you do keto in a clean fashion what can actually happen okay now we can all do keto where we eat a bunch of just burgers from a fast-food joint no bond and stuff you can all get into ketosis that way but I want to teach you about doing it a clean way really being.

Able to make it happen that way so that's the whole purpose here and it guys really I'm flipping back and forth the two tabs because I'm looking at some of the different meals and some of the questions that have come up okay so in between breakfast and lunch I'm totally okay with you guys just sipping on salt water and it sounds funny but it doesn't.

Need to be super salty we're talking one to two teaspoons and a half gallon to a gallon of water okay then when we get into lunchtime I want it to be very much leaner now I put as kind of a meal plan again doing a burrito bowl or doing some kind of taco salads it just would work really well and if.

People want to do more of a lettuce wrap burger thing they can but I figured this is something that almost everybody likes and I'm keeping it lean meats here because again we started the morning off with higher fat content so I can go ahead and I can bring it up a little bit leaner here's how it kind of works I want you to think of a lawnmower for a.

Second you prime the pump on the lawnmower to get the fuel into the line okay have you ever started a lawnmower that has like the old primers in them I know some lawn mowers today don't even have them but you have a little primer you push the button and it gets the fuel into the line and then you can start the lawnmower well the way that we're.

Starting our day with higher fats is that same philosophy okay we're getting the fat into the lines and we're getting the body running on those fats and then it's like boom boom boom and it starts to run right starts to run it's running on fats then come me after noon I start to pull the fats away a little bit because what that's gonna allow the body.

To do is pull the fat from our body fat tissues rather than having to pull it from the dietary sources it's like we've conditioned the body to use fats and now we deprive it of dietary fat so I know it can be really difficult because you're like hey Thomas this seems like a pretty lean keto plan that you're doing here the reality is and.

This is what we want we want to start higher fat and taper a little bit throughout the day someone says a lot of people have been asking for on-the-go ideas like lunch on-the-go ideas and I would say with lunch I am okay with you going and getting a lettuce wrap burger okay go to a restaurant and get a burger without a bun but I really unless you.

Absolutely need to please do what you can to not have the cheese for this challenge I want you all to lose weight I want you all to have success and I want to enjoy cheese too but if we have mayonnaise instead of cheese on the burger we can have a little bit more success simply because we're not going to have just additional nonsense that's.

In most restaurants cheese okay it's not the same as good quality cheese that you're gonna get if you have control over it and for the sake of this challenge I just want to have as much continuity as possible okay so mayonnaise 1 to 2 tablespoons on your burger if you're on the go and you just need to swing by and get something.

Ok as far as a side dish goes anything like that you could have a little bit of a green salad with maybe two tablespoons of ranch okay with that for those of you out there that want to do some kind of a seizure or a Cobb salad I would say go ahead and do a Cobb salad but keep it down to like four or five ounces of.

Chicken at the most okay and then I want you to go ahead and do what you can to get a non-dairy dressing most Cobb salads are gonna be high fat dairy ranch I'm not gonna kid something a broken record I'm not anti dairy but I do want to keep this challenge congruent with everything okay so what I want you to do is try to get some kind of dressing like.

A vinaigrette or something and have your cop Sol with that I'm okay with the bacon I would prefer if you'd be keep the blue cheese crumbles off and I would definitely be okay with you having to egg in there and try to get if you get a Cobb salad or something have them make it with spring mix or mixed greens instead of romaine romaine if you've.

Ever noticed it doesn't have a lot of nutrient value okay it's very crunchy and it's cellulose and water for the most part at least go with mixed greens you're going to get a lot more of just chlorophyll and the nutrient-dense foods that you actually need we have so many people writing comments I just it's so hard to keep up I do want people to go.

Ahead and ask questions someone says Jeremy says you discuss the omega-3 situation with grass-fed beef versus regular however the omega-3 beef are low anyways it should I just eat regular be from who's higher mega threes like salmon yeah it's all a balance there so his question essentially was you know I'm.

Trying to get high omega-3 content should I just eat salmon instead of beef to begin with well the truth is yes you're right fish is going to be higher omega-3 profile but we can't just eat fish all the time I would say with lunch if you can do salmon do salmon but I had to create this meal plan with something that most people would like and there's.

Too many people that don't like salmon for me to put it in the general meal plan someone keeps asking again replacements for breakfast I encourage you to go back to the beginning of this video because I actually did talk about replacement for eggs and so going with pork sausage and stuff like that these MCT oil anytime of the day so here's a.

Good question if you are accustomed Aikido and you're just doing this as a little shot in the arm I would recommend taking your coconut cream that you do with your coffee in the morning you can cut that amount and a half I recommend three tablespoons you can cut it in half and do one and a half tablespoons coconut cream one.

Have tablespoons MCT oil that's going to just give you a little bit of a different mix if you have not used MCT oil before i recommend that you're on this plan for a week before you try that and again I know there's so many questions coming in the whole purpose of this is to try to outline what I think are the most common ones and what I've.

Seen coming through in the group so I can't get through to everyone's questions someone asks of cauliflower pizza crust is okay it would be okay but I would prefer if for the first week that you keep it directly with what I wrote out they try to keep it as clean and possibly can if you have to understand the toss-up that I'm here.

That I'm in here because I want everyone to get motivated to do keto and I don't want everyone to have to stick to sort of this almost like ortho x''k look at food you know I don't want people to say hey this is exactly what Thomas says and this is going to be boring and I don't really want to do it I want to be able to have my cheese I want to be able to.

Have foods across I understand that but I also want people to have the most success during this 30-day period so as much as I would love to be able to say do all these things that are great for a healthy sustainable keto lifestyle I'm trying to create this as sort of a boiler plate setup when it comes down to fasting intermittent fasting is going to.

Be really really powerful now I remember I recommended that you implement intermittent fasting if you can and if you did that 36-hour fast then I know that you're going to be doing a really good job anyway you know that you can do it the intermittent fasting normally people would apply poke holes and the fact that I would say break your fast.

With a strategic type of meal right I usually say break your fast with XYZ and then proceed on to this for the sake of this meal plan I was encouraging people to just try intermittent fasting by skipping breakfast and again for those of you that are just kind of learning this this is what I want you to do just get in the habit of a couple days per.

Week skipping breakfast and practicing intermittent fasting right but for those of you that have already done a bunch of intermittent fasting you know that there's specific ways you should be breaking your fast I will say for the sake of this challenge it needs to just be simple okay everyone here just needs to know that we're doing this just to.

Get people motivated and to get people on the wagon and do this as a community really quick can I get people that are just hopped in here anything like that just a comment where they're watching from that way we just I know where some more people are again I've got the a live chat feature going off to my right beer so I'm looking at this and.

Seeing almost people commenting and it's just amazing also if you can hit that thumbs up button hit that like button that helps this video get out to all the people that want to see it because we've got so many people that are doing this challenge but they may not know that these live broadcasts are popping up because YouTube doesn't always turn the.

Notifications now if they get a bunch of thumbs up YouTube is gonna say oh wait a minute people want to see this video so highly highly encourage you to do that so many people here we got Miami we got Oregon Canada I can't even keep up with this okay I know someone had asked something about about pregnancy in Quito it's important to know that if you're.

Doing this challenge and you're pregnant anything like that first off let me say I'm not a medical doctor and I'm not here to replace your doctor some will say that I give better information than a lot of doctors but that's not really fair it's not to say I'm not competing with them I just trying to disseminate good information.

And good research if you're doing this challenging you're pregnant I cannot condone one thing or the other but I can tell you that my wife was Tito and she was pregnant and gave birth to a very healthy 9 pound baby boy and she felt significantly better had no morning sickness something like that so I know that's a common thing that people ask.

Wow we just got a bunch of thumbs up that came across this and this is awesome it's definitely working okay anyone have any specific questions surrounding dinner because I'm gonna move on into the dinner plan here just so we can talk about that so what I had said with dinner you know I'm just reading straight from my plan here is we.

Want to have moderate fats to help the body generate ketones before we go to bed so we started with the fats high in the morning and then we brought them down lower to allow the fat to start being burned from our body and then we slowly start bringing them up to a moderate level in the evening time so the body can start ramping up ketone.

Production again so we get the restorative effect because ketones do something interesting remember we're not just trying to lose weight by running on fats ketones have a dual ability what that means is they act as a hormone in the body too so they have all kinds of modulating effects they have genetic altering affects gene altering affects a.

Gene expression altering effects they have all these powerful mechanisms that actually change how our body works and I like a lot of these to occur overnight so I don't want to bring our ketone levels down super I want to keep the fats back up again so our liver can create some ketones all that gobbledygook ultimately what I'm.

Saying is we're bringing the fats up a little bit more so this is where I say dinner should taste good you should have a nice moderate cut fat Amin moderate fat gratitude so I like you know a fillet or something like that where it's got a little bit of fat or maybe a slightly just battier piece of ground beef or anything like that I'm.

Okay with you getting a little bit in the way of the animal fats there again down below in the description I put a link out to butcher box if anyone wants to still take advantage of kind of a special offer that they had for the challenge I said chicken thigh would be okay if you don't use the skin okay remember very important stuff that I.

Talk about in my videos if you're going to choose a fattier cut of meat a fattier red meat is better than a fatty or white wheat why is that it has to do with the fatty acid profile you're gonna have practically no Omega threes in chicken okay but you're gonna have a good amount of omega-3s in reddening so if you have to go for a fatty or cut of.

Meat I recommend a fattier red meat if you don't want to do red meat if you can do fish that's really good and again there's all kinds of ways you can get your omega-3 smooth fish but sockeye salmon ken-oh-sama is gonna be good you need those wild caught salmon and then I said go ahead and do one cup of cauliflower.

Rights okay and cook it steamed it one of my favorite things to do is to take cauliflower rice and steam it with a little bit of bone broth steam it with some bone broth throw some seasonings in there and then steam it in the bra it tastes so good then put your steak over that and then have a little bit of artichokes or a little bit of asparagus.

On the side the reason that I have you have been eating so much asparagus and again I encourage you if you're trying to find substitutions for the asparagus and things like that I encourage you not to unless you absolutely can't do the asparagus here's what's happening there's a big reason behind what I'm doing when we go.

Keto our good bacteria is here and our bad bacteria is here when it starts right let's say our bad bacteria is higher Kito's gonna bring these levels back down to baseline and it's hopefully gonna bring the bad bacteria down here so our good bacteria is sitting a little bit higher then we give ourselves prebiotic fibers okay.

Coming from artichokes and asparagus especially at night well that's gonna do is that's gonna act as a fertilizer and grow the good bacteria when we are earning the right balance if we add fertilizer who in working negative bad balance when that bacteria is high it's going to cause the bad bacteria to grow more so yes good.

Fibers can still grow bad bacteria we need to get our gut biome reset first which is exactly why we did a 36-hour fast which is exactly why we are doing a clean keto and adding the prebiotic fibers at the end of the day to grow the good bacteria by the end of week one your cravings should be down not simply because of the ketones but because your.

Good bacteria your Bacteroides is elevated instead of your Firmicutes okay you've got good bacteria ratios there someone has said should you have fat in every meal yes okay so if you look at the meal plan it is set up that way but if you're really trying to get aggressive you can go periods of time where you restrict the fat a lot of.

People talking about constipation this is gonna be a big one so a recent study came out I'm actually just recording the video I haven't published it yet talking about fiber so I want you to think of fiber like this link II know you don't need as much fiber period okay if you try to get a bunch of fiber you're potentially going to kick.

Yourself out of keto however if you feel like you need it you should have it think of your colon like a freeway okay and you have all these cars in the freeway when you get constipated you get a traffic jam okay fiber is bulk that's like adding more cars to the traffic jams so once you're constipated on keto I do not.

Recommend trying to add fiber or psyllium husk it's actually gonna make it worse and then when it does break free you're gonna be miserable and potentially have a lot of diarrhea it's not comfortable no nobody likes that okay so what you want to do is you want to reduce inflammation because inflammation okay you think these are.

Little like this that outside your freeway all the wings in there right just like this okay if you have inflammation in your gut it's like we have traffic cones on the outside lanes and you're just restricted it even more we need to reduce the inflammation how is the inflammation going to get reduced ketones have inflammation modulating.

Properties they modulate nuclear factor cavity anyway they indirectly trigger inflammation to subside which means after a couple of days inflammation the guts going to relax and you're gonna have the ability for things to get moving again so hydration and if you need to increase your magnesium up to six to eight hundred.

Milligrams per day do so people we're asking before what kind of magnesium to take I recommend die magnesium male eight very powerful but sustained release so you're not going to end up having half the rent of the bathroom so that's died magnesium male eight they di magnesium so di M AG and ESI um die magnesium male eight mal.

A te okay highly recommend people are asking about swerve I recommend avoiding swerve and even things that have a lot of erythritol now I like erythritol in certain goods with this diet you will notice it's all about being barefoot keto right I like I call it that occults that barefoot just bare bones bare naked keto and you're not having anything else.

Coming in even though I'm a fan of a lot of these treats that have a written call in them I want to keep it clean so I would try to keep swerve to a minimum and just use straight-up stevia extract if you can some people are saying that coffee is making them feel a little bit sick in the morning I actually just recorded a video on why.

Green tea might even be more powerful in coffee when it comes to fat burning so this might be a good opportunity with all of you getting a lot more abundant energy to be able to switch over and see like matcha green tea instead of coffee for a little bit I love my coffee but here's a little fun fact I actually cut out coffee a couple of months ago just.

Because I wanted to see the effect on my sleep I was going through a bout of insomnia for a lot of different reasons I think I was just had a lot of stuff going on and it just happens I've always battled with anxiety I'm very open about that you see my videos like I dealt with anxiety I was prescribed xanax when I was younger it sucks things I do signs.

But anyway the point is is that I still have these bouts of anxiety that causing the not sleep very well so I'm like I'm gonna cut out the caffeine a little bit so I switched over to green tea and I've actually been feeling really good and I think that my fat-burning effect have been getting better so I've been diving into research I love coffee so do not.

Get me wrong I'm not taking away your coffee just because Thomas made a switch doesn't mean that you need to I'm getting from my own anxiety reasons and all that anyway try matcha try warming up matcha and making it the same way that you would your coffee your coconut cream okay with a little bit of tea well trust me it's.

An amazing stuff and it works really well and as you get further along this kitto journey you might not need the coffee okay we've got a lot of people asking so many questions now people ask me can their kids do keto or can they do keto at a younger age I would recommend after puberty you're okay hey guys can we get one more round.

Of people hitting that like button and getting this just smash that like button again we got one point three thousand likes on here we got three thousand people live which is amazing chef pea thank you so much for the super chat there Lia thank you again for the super chat people are asking in if you just hop on here where is the meal plan after.

You watch this video there is a link down in the description okay in the description there is a link to the original video the original video is the one that I posted last week that lays out the entire meal plan and it's in the description like I I just gave it all up like right like I'm not here to sell meal plans that's not what I do.

Okay I'm not here to sell my coaching or anything I figured my philosophy is give it away okay give it to people and then they're gonna then they're gonna want to learn give it its knowledge and I want to share this knowledge and try make money different ways okay I make money on this channel from sponsors that like what I'm doing make money from getting.

Good views but most of all from making my viewers happy that keeps people on the channel so how do I keep my viewers happy I give good information and I give meal plans and I give these things because I want you to learn so that link is in the description and you can check it out and it'll be a great place just to get started and then it has all the.

Links for other items the Facebook group and everything like that someone says we need ground beef for lunch and dinner yes I'm okay with that if you can't do the you want to display and you want to do ground beef I live on ground beef when I'm really on a budget like it just makes it easy especially with butcher box just because I just.

Have a countess makes it really easy thank you so much for all people that are doing the super chats to like you guys don't have to do that I appreciate it it's something I just learned what super chat was it's like where people I guess give like little bonuses like on the live chat so it's super awesome I appreciate everyone doing that but never.

Feel like you have to do that I just appreciate you guys one little thing if you guys end up hitting some kind of stall and you guys by the way if you looking off different directions it's because on one tab I have a meal plan on the other tab I've got the live chat going so I'm just kind of bouncing back and forth if you feel like we've hit a.

Stall sometime in the first week after five days I'm okay with you taking one day and doing a luck what I call it coconut oil fast fat fast or you just say for breakfast lunch and dinner I mean it's like I'm gonna fast but it's gonna have coconut oil for breakfast lunch and dinner like one to two tablespoons sounds crazy but a lot of.

Times it gives you a little bit of a gut reset that you need if the weight isn't budging a whole lot in the first few days do not panic because your body has to go through a really stressful period in fact tomorrow I have a video coming out talking about fat adaptation and fat adaptation is the period of time in which your body is getting used to.

Utilizing ketones as a fuel source and believe it or not that's a stressful time on the body so before you get into ketosis your body's under a lot of stress okay so what that means is cortisol levels go up when you first start keto what who would have ever thought right cortisol goes up and it's because your body is trying to learn to.

Adapt to ketones and that's one of the big reasons the keto flu occurs you're stressed out and it goes away once your body and your mitochondria starts to get adapted it's called mitochondrial biogenesis it's a really cool thing the energy powerhouse within your cells starts to get you to luck I used to using fats and then the stress levels.

Come down so sometimes when cortisol levels go up and have a subsequent increase in what's called aldosterone and that aldosterone is going to allow water to be held in the body so you put some water but stick with it don't try to do anything crazy it will get better is okay some very good question what about adding collagen to their coffee.

Yes I would be okay with you adding collagen if you want to add it to your coffee perfect keto has some good collagen another one that I would recommend is Great Lakes collagen that's just pure bovine collagen it's super easy people are asking about the MCT oil I've already covered that in this video I don't know the timestamp exactly so.

I'm sorry I can't get it to you right out the gate the last thing I want to cover in terms of everything here is going to be the supplementation what I recommend I recommend taking copious amounts of fish oil but good quality fish oil so some of the things you should be looking at is the DHA content of your fish oil the reason that I'm so.

Big on butcher box and I'm sound like just a total sellout because I talk about them all the time is because not because I'm a sellout I mean I do have to make money but I'm not like make money to a sellout status I just need to support this channel the reason I honestly always talk about them is because they make a.

Big push for omega-3s and that's like a huge part of my life and a lot of my research that you've done some work at UCLA on probiotics and stuff and how they have it anyway it's interesting so omega-3s are super important if you're getting it from your meat that's great but you have to remember you are consuming a lot of fats which means that.

You have to consume even more omega-3s than you normally would to counter balance things so I recommend getting omega-3s also in a supplement form but you want to be looking for a supplement that has a lot of DHA in it so you look at the back of the label and you see it says DHA and EPA look for ones that have a higher amount of DHA than EP a ok DHA.

Stands for Dobis a hexanoic acid and 90% of the fats in your brain are made up of this very powerful stuff the EPA is still good its excess offensive Noack but that's good for modulating inflammation in your body we want to be able to help the brain in this case so that we don't have that brain fog and you can get into key there nice and.

Smooth okay so super-important there excuse me hyper okay then we have a coenzyme q10 coq10 is really really important because that's going to help the mitochondrial gradient so basically it helps with the electron transport chain and energy getting into the cell while we're actually creating ketones complicated we don't need to go into a.

Lot of detail there okay I also remind vitamin d3 in doing so much research in the world of vitamin d3 and k2 whatever you do just get a form of vitamin d3 that also has k2 in it okay bottom in k2 is sort of the stepchild that has to kind of be there with vitamin D you know what to actually help vitamin D do its job lots of lots of studies coming out.

Saying vitamin D has strong links but not only body fat belly fat but also white fat the brown fat conversion but also hormones and inflammation modulation believe it or not even all the way down to like our tonsils and how it affects me sleep I sound like a crazy person I I am crazy no much there's my salary's.

Person pelea cod liver oil tablets someone asks yes absolutely okay anything Lopez I appreciate this as a butcher box and thrive market are incredible I know they're probably my two biggest sponsors so I talk about them all time anyway it's I don't know some people give me grief about it but I.

Don't know okay I always mentioned this whenever I'm doing licensed it's a good opportunity for me to say it to people is that yes I have sponsors on my channel yes I reach out and find my own sponsors because yes I have to support this channel and yes I have like $35,000 a month and overhead just to keep this channel going and I also have a family.

To feed so I think it's a better option to have a few sponsors and products that I like than it is to just sell out on random stuff all the time so I don't you like it you like it you know you know that's just who I am so okay yeah someone has a good question April says can we reduce calories yes you absolutely can reduce calories I.

Said that the very beginning but I know a lot of people might have missed it this is a moderate calorie plan we're looking at like between 17 and 2000 calories 1700 2000 calories which means we might need to make some adjustments to work for you the whole idea here is though that we can get our body just fat adapted and then adjust the calories as.

We need I would highly recommend keeping with the meal plan that I set out for at least the first week before messing with the calories too much and mess with the calories via fasting if you want to because if you fast 2 or 3 days per week obviously you're gonna skip breakfast and you're gonna cut the calories dramatically anyway we need sporadic and.

Spontaneous calorie reaction not continual calorie reduction we need to have any like this calories calories calories calories boom no calories calories calories calories no calories if we do this then eventually our metabolism ends up here right by the way on Saturday for those of you that are watching Saturday I have a video coming.

As that coming out that is 10 ways to fix a broken metabolism ok so that's a video talking about like if your metabolism is actually like broken because it died it too much here's some ways to correct it because this is what happens ok we want to keep our calories here and then be like me Boop ok and those little drops are where we're gonna.

Burn the most fat right so that's why I have this process one last thing I want to cover workouts because I didn't mention it what should people do when holy cow Thomas Jones I just want to say thank you that's a tremendous huge super chat but absolutely doesn't have to be done and says thanks so much down 32 pounds since May 15th to go we'll go to.

Talk at burg summit next year about 300 other super chat you did not have to do that I want to tell people that is appreciated but you never have to feel obligated to do things like that I don't have a patreon account I don't do that because I love what I do and I'm decent at business and I know that I can make.

This channel work and I just but I do want to say I appreciate everyone's honest support there okay work house I recommend for the first week you can go back to some of my videos checks out I recommend the first week that you keep the workouts actually low-key and it has to do with that whole cortisol elevation that I talked about remember how I told.

You how I set you how I told you when you first start cortisol goes up because you're getting fat adapted well workouts raised for assault too so we don't want to have your cortisol levels go super high we want to have your cortisol levels slowly kind of be control okay so it's very very important there that we don't push ourselves too hard so what I.

Usually recommend is don't change a single thing with your workouts when you start this plan don't change a single thing from what you were doing if we have too many variables we don't know what's working if you go ahead and you change your diet right now okay and then you also go ahead and you change your workout you don't know what's working is.

It the new workout is it the new diet what is it that's doing is it the supplements what's actually doing this so what I recommend is start with the diet change the diet first and keep the workouts the same keep them nice kind of similar okay that way you know any changes that are occurring in week number one are from the diet then once.

You're established and stable with the diet then throw a wild card in and a new variable in so that you know it's the workouts that are changing and you know that's the variable that's working it makes a very big difference so you don't end up just totally garbled in your mind trying to figure out what's working and what's not.

Trust me honest I've been down this road a million times myself and with other people another thing I do want to mention here Trudy thank you so much for the sweet super chat and the sweet note says wish it was more I appreciate info so much lost 20 pounds of six beats that's all I'm hoping that people that are doing this challenge lose so much in.

This week don't excuse me in this month but also this week and really get to learn how magical this is and I want to just be honest here for a second because I don't get to tell people this all the time and not everyone's watching this and doing this challenge knows my story okay so I was 280 pounds I was an athlete in high school I was someone who.

I thought I'd never be fat like how would that happen to me I was an all-state rugby player I was a track stir and then what happened was I started getting injured from playing sports to golf had some rugby injuries I had to track injuries and then next thing you know you know I went from running track and running cross-country.

And eating six or seven thousand calories a day the having injuries and still eating the same amount okay and then going to college and eating the same amount and then getting into a career and eating the same amount but sitting on my butt so I'm eating like I was I was eating 6000 calories I don't know why but I think other people X.

Athletes why make that mistake all the time you continue to eat like your training and like you're just gonna be able to eat like that forever and it took me it didn't take me much more than a year and a half to gain 100 pounds and I was under so much stress the industry that I was in in the health care world was just so stressful and it sucked.

It was just miserable anyhow if it wasn't for having some amazing doctors that kind of thought outside the box I never would have gotten turned on to keto so I got turned on to keto like ten years ago everyone before it was ever popular before it was ever a big thing right so I lost weight fairly quick I lost a hundred pounds and like a year.

And a half after that and intermittent fasting is a big part of it and anyway I mean I got into the science because I was just fascinated with my own transformation and it's just important for me to say here that this for me is my way of giving back to that so all these people that are doing super chats and stuff like that I appreciate it so.

Much but this is my way of giving back to the community for just giving me the knowledge that I needed at that point in time and be able to share it with you guys and be able to be honest with you it just makes me feel really good and seeing how many people are doing this challenge but I hope that my story can be motivating for people because I never.

Thought that I would be that fat guy I never in a million years thought that I would and I was and I was able to make a change and I went from being kind of a sorry it actually chokes me up even thinking about this I mean I used to be the guy that thought that he was going to have it all and then I went from just the pursuit of a career to pursuit of.

Money just anyway it sucks okay honestly so it's makes me really happy to be here and I'm sorry to get kind of choked up on that but it's just the shirts I want everyone to get motivated if you guys want to see any more of like my before story and stuff like that comment let me know because I am gonna do start doing.

More time and it talks about my story and my message because I feel like it's important to people and the anxiety and everything that came with it was just miserable so anyway people are saying I should write a book I'd love to write a book but I just don't know if I have the time right now anyway guys I'm not hop off.

I've already gone over time remember there is a Facebook group remember there is a Facebook group but there's also going to be more in YouTube live broadcasts okay so every every Monday at 4 p.m. Pacific time throughout the course this challenge I will be posting live broadcasts and I know and indeed they answer everybody's questions but.

You have to understand I was trying to keep it as straight up as possible with the big main factors that people need for week 1 in the Facebook group if you guys want to kind of band together and come up with a good list of questions we can put it in the Files section of the Facebook group and that way next week when I do a live broadcast I can handle.

A lot more questions and I keep seeing people saying I should go in the Joe Rogan podcast I I wish it could happen I don't know why he doesn't want me on the podcast it just doesn't ever reply I feel like my name is big enough now what I could I can do it anyhow we're we're enjoying a little bit of some R&R these next couple of days.

Taking the kiddo and just having some fun at the beach and stuff like that so I'll be around I'll be active in the Facebook group and guys please if you can please please please do me a favor and make sure you turn on those notifications and make it so that you can see the new videos that I post out and putting a lot of content out and it.

Helps me you guys see it all so thank you guys very very very much and let's keep motivated let's keep Rocking I'll see you next week live but I'll see you tomorrow in your video see you soon
30-Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge (update 1)
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