30 Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge LIVE Update (Update #4)

30 Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge LIVE Update (Update #4)

30 Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge LIVE Update (Update #4)

Check out the video on 30 Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge LIVE Update (Update #4).
What's going on everybody it's week four or update four I should say of the 30-day Tito and fasting weight-loss challenge so happy to be here for those of you that are unfamiliar with what this whole thing is about there's a link down below to the first video I always understand that whenever people hop on a live broadcast they may.

Not be privy to the details of everything that's been leading up to this so if you're wondering what the heck this 30-day challenge thing is about link down below about a month ago I posted up a video announcing a 30 day weight loss challenge with a full meal plan and everything like that so you can still hang around for this live.

Broadcast in fact I'd love for you to be here because we're live and can answer questions we can have some fun but I do want to make sure you check out that link down below to watch that video full meal plan everything free just it's all laid out for you Wow already had like 600 people on this broadcast awesome to see everybody here.

You know the drill comment where you're watching from say hello that way I can look over to the right where the live feed is going and I can just address everybody and say hello as much I can't address everybody because there's gonna be a lot of people but I can dress as many people as I can I see oh hi oh I see Louisiana I see Tony in Boston I see.

Australia I see Huntington Beach California I see whoa okay I love this I see eastern Pennsylvania I can't keep track there's not enough ketones in the world to be flooding my bloodstream be able to read this fast but it is so awesome and I always go through after the fact and scroll through and look at what people.

Where people are from and I always read people's comments after the fact as much as I can because obviously I can't answer them all the time now let me apologize I'm kind of like thrown-together handle on everything like that I've it's been a busy day I was just got finished with a workout later in the day which is normal.

Different from what I normally would do however I was at the end of a fast so that's a benefit what we're gonna do in today's topic today's video the topics we're going to cover surrounding our whole challenge I want to dive into supplements a bit more no product pushes nothing like that I just want to help people understand the things that work.

The best on keto because I know a lot of you that are doing this 30-day challenge are now having immense okay there's a Facebook group that we set up and seeing people have lost 10 15 20 there was one person that's lost 35 pounds already like amazing but also a lot of people that haven't really had their weight change but they've had a.

Lot of just body transformation that my weight stayed the same but I feel so different so I do want to just address that really quick people that are in this room who here has experienced that before where they start a new protocol particularly this one keto and they see their weight doesn't change the scale doesn't move but they look in the mirror.

And they see something totally different anyone experienced that just say yes I have okay already people say yes I see that that's me that's me that's me yep okay so that is exactly what's going on in a lot of these people right it's they're finding that their bodies are changing but the weight isn't moving a lot of things can happen that cause that.

Okay first of all you're probably not building that much muscle that fast but what can happen is density does change okay so you can have the body change in terms of where water is allocated for instance if you're normally just holding a bunch of inflammation and it's in your face and it's all over the place all of a sudden water is just reallocated.

Things are moving right you have that right what's called isotonic state where sodium and potassium are working properly and drawing water into the muscle away from maybe your face so what's happening is generally when your weight stays the same but you're seeing a massive transformation is you're losing some of that inflammation so.

You're not puffy in the face you're not holding a bunch of puffy water and all of a sudden the water is going where it's supposed to go fun fact 40% of our energy goes into just managing the sodium potassium pumps within our body that's a huge electrical system that takes a lot of energy within our body so 40% of our just baseline.

Calories go into running these electrical pumps that are run by minerals so when all of a sudden that system starts operating the way it should cellular functions and cellular systems just end up working more efficiently which means less inflammation less stress on the body that's what we have.

To remember is the inflammation the water retention all that it comes as a result of stress to the body okay when the body's on your stress it's gonna trigger inflammation throughout the entirety of the body which means you're gonna hold water which means the cells aren't gonna be able to send a signal as well very very important stuff okay so.

Really cool when you start seeing that transformation even if the weight doesn't change so what I usually say is the weight loss does follow it almost invariably does okay and that's because what's happening is now the system is able to run more efficiently and you're ultimately able to burn more fat and have more fun with everything right hey.

Real quick before we dive into supplements we dive into some other stuff can everybody that's here who I hit that like button hit that thumbs up button that just is going to help rank this video get more people to see it I want everybody that's doing this challenge to be able to experience this now I've seen a lot of people that have.

Hopped on here in the live chat that are saying what there was a challenge I didn't know that what the heck don't even worry the cool thing is is that that challenge is gonna stay alive so what that means is the video that laid out the full meal plan and everything that's down in the description that is up for life okay you can always go to.

That video and always use that meal plan and then you can watch the subsequent live broadcasts that occur throughout the challenge it's going to be up forever and that Facebook group is going to stay up forever because there's almost 20,000 people in there now that are loving it and having a blast so I'm going to keep everything going I can't.

Continue with the weekly live broadcast for this but you can still do the challenge so if you're watching this by all means okay so let's go ahead and see some weight loss results people that have lost some weight can you go ahead and comment how much weight you've lost since this challenge began mainly because I want to see it now but I also.

Want to see when we're done with this broadcast and I can go back through the live broadcast later and check it out okay 14 pounds 20 17 10 18 point three eight fifteen fifty thirty four twenty three oh this is great 25 pounds down it looked different without the he was so great this is 50 pounds 12 pounds 10 pounds okay so I'm seeing the bulk of it.

Between 10 and 20 pounds in just a few weeks that people have lost this is amazing and have you noticed that there's nothing really wild about the diet protocol that I laid out okay that structure is pretty straightforward so much of this is all just about getting the right amount of just nutrients in the body so that the body.

Can run more efficiently the ketogenic diet has all kinds of amazing benefits that we talked about last week I went into deep detail on the dual nature of ketones and histone deacetylase and all this stuff all these powers that ketones have outside of just being a fuel well today I want to talk more about just lifestyle okay because now we're getting.

Near the end of this whole challenge and is there anybody that's in this room that did this Challenger is doing this challenge that now wants to continue this as a lifestyle just go ahead and type the words continue okay because I want to see I know a lot of people just did this to lose some weight and that's great they might go back to similar.

Lifestyle habits there's also a lot of people that just have no desire to yes see overwhelming response of people that want to continue okay and you're probably wondering well what do I do okay because I've got this amazing protocol but I don't know if it's truly sustainable and the fact is is yeah the the diet that I laid out although it.

Would be sustainable it might be a little bit boring you might not have that much fun just sticking with it forever so I want to start talking about realistically fast food options if you're in a pinch I want to talk about restaurant options if you're in a pinch and I want to talk about just general rules of thumb and general macros none.

Of this is going to be the the end-all be-all okay it's going to be stuff that you can utilize just to help make your life a little bit easier you know I do as someone sent a super chat that said I noticed you have stretch marks in your arms I do too is there any tips you have to reducing the appearance of them time and fasting has helped a lot I don't.

Know if you guys can see these I'm going to show you I've got some pretty gnarly stretch marks see they were all you can barely see them I've got stretch marks everywhere I think I look like I got mauled by a cougar but I'm proud of it there was a time back in the day when I was doing photo shoots and I was doing a.

Lot of stuff in the fitness industry and there was a lot of photographers that wouldn't even photograph me because they're like I owe you too much work in Photoshop to clean up your stretch marks and I'm they're going don't clean them up like I'm pretty darn sure that it's going to be motivating for a lot of people but no I.

Got turned down time and time and time and it was a lot of work to even get myself into the magazine world because I had to constantly about that if you look closely at some of my magazine covers you see my stretch marks and those were the publications that didn't care Muscle & Fitness didn't care you know some of the ones that did obviously I probably.

Shouldn't even say their names but you know a lot of them didn't care a lot of them did point is is own it okay and the ethics got stretch marks on my arms I've got him everywhere I've got them all through here I've got him I you know held a lot of fat my arms I had a lot of fat in my back I have stretch marks all over my back but mainly just in my.

Stomach and you have to own them okay that's the main thing but I will say that fasting has helped a lot because there are studies that show that the autofit Chi effect of fasting does actually eat some of that extra tissue so the loose skin that I have has tightened up a lot stretch marks are hard to get rid of I.

Wouldn't say that you can get rid of them but you can definitely reduce the appearance I found that witch hazel for some reason seemed to help I don't know why probably cuz it's an astringent and maybe it's just changing the oils I don't know I'm not an expert in that field but it's definitely helped and then collagen seem.

To help a lot but fasting by far I think it's been the biggest thing for my stretch marks so anyhow the best thing I can say is just own them okay and if any of you guys don't like my stretch marks there's the door because that's just who I am anyhow back to lifestyle maintaining what you're doing now as a true.

Lifestyle I did a video talking about fast food options and I want to be able to give you just some guidelines if you are can continue this keto lifestyle okay the main thing that you want to focus on is if you go out to any fast food or any restaurant unless it is some specific organic restaurant or anything like that you're always going to be.

Better off with the beef than you are with the chicken why do I say that because normally I'd say go with the leaner meat the thing is is when you're going out to eat turkey poultry chicken it is usually lower quality and harder for restaurants and fast food to get their hands on good quality poultry very difficult in fact in fact most of the.

Chicken and poultry that you get at a fast food place is extruded meat that's gone through a pretty gnarly process being soaked in ammonia and every like that so even those chicken breasts and you ever noticed that chicken breasts at a fast-food place is almost like looks kind of nebulous like you cut it and it's it looks like a wheat like a.

Web like inside it's not dense it's like webbed so that's because it's been extruded and basically soaked in like an ammonia to kill all the bacteria and some beef it's easier for fast food to get I shouldn't say high quality but higher quality beef so that's number one rule is don't think you're making a good decision by going for the chicken if you.

Eat a fast food your rule of thumb should just be if you're going to fast food just keep it simple with just a burger patty in no cheese and if you want to put some kind of fat on it to get more fats you're better off putting the mayonnaise than you are the processed cheese because most of the cheese that's out restaurants and most.

Of the cheese or shouldn't at restaurants but at fast-food places is not real cheese it's okay it's processed it's not in fact it even has a higher carb content so that's what I would I would recommend just keeping the cheese out of there and you're better off going for mayonnaise even if it's low quality soy mayonnaise then you probably are.

Going for processed cheese remember this is not the ideal situation okay I want to make sure this is abundantly clear that if you're going to fast food you're already like not eating what you should be eating but I also understand that on the road you have to do these kinds of things so the video that I did explained a few.

Things but Taco Bell you can get a skillet bowl okay and you just say no sour cream extra avocado and you get rid of the beans right get rid of the beans and rice and just do a skill a bowl that way that works really well only do that if you're in a pinch Carl's jr. or Wendy's don't use any of the cheese just use straight-up meat if you can because.

Their meat is a little bit higher standard so anyway the point that's the main thing I want to talk about now I'm gonna do some more videos that break that down in depth I know not everyone wants to hear about this people are asking about pork what about pork in fast-food settings I don't know enough about pork pork actually has believe it.

Or not decent standards when it comes down to what's going to make pork clean I'm not a pork farm or pig farmer so I can't really just test it out but I will say that when it comes down to the kind of law hierarchy if you will it's gonna go beef pork fish poultry in that order for fast-food beef being the best okay and.

Then pork and then of course fish is still pretty low because it's usually going to be a mixed mash of low quality fish or farm raised fish and nine times out of ten breaded and then poultry at the very bottom it's barely even me okay so someone says yeast and citric rats I'm not sure I think someone was saying.

That rat meat is in fast food I'm not quite sure with that anyway so I wanted to address that now what about when you're going out to eat okay well here's a general now it's not fast but just going out to eat in general general rule of thumb when you are going out to eat do not chase the fats I think that's one of the biggest rules that is not out.

There surrounding keto that should be said so many people are pushing eat the fats eat the fats eat the fats eat the fats because it's keto and you want fats we do have to remember that fats store easier than carbs now saying you eat carbs okay don't do that well you can't if you you're doing that but here's the thing I can't remember.

The exact study but there was a study that broke it down that said that 90 to 95 percent of excess calories that come in from fat okay operative word being excess okay notepads here okay 90 to 95 percent of excess calories that come from fats gets stored 70ish percent of excess carbs gets stored as fat what does that mean that mean you shouldn't.

Be doing keto not at all my point here is saying that fats are still very close to our adipose tissue in terms of molecular structure okay it takes a lot more energy for our body to take extra protein or extra carbs not on keto but just in general to convert them into fat on our body it takes extra energy to a point where less if it's going to.

Actually get stored because it costs a net amount of energy to create that okay so if I have a hundred extra calories of fat nine to ninety five of those calories are going to go towards body fat if there's extra if I have a hundred grams of extra carbs it costs me energy to convert those carbs too fat so only 70.

Or 75 are going to go to storage of fat mind you this is general terms not keto point is that if you overeat on the fat it will still store as fat so my point is when you go out to eat you should really make a concerted effort to keep it lean because at a restaurant lean is probably equal to normal at home because at restaurants they drench everything in.

Oil they cook everything in oil unless you specifically ask and even then it still usually has a bunch of oil okay so you could get a chicken breast that's normally lean and it's going to be smothered in oil okay you get a salad that is supposed to be lean and it's going to have a dressing that as point is is order lean and err on the side of.

Caution you are not going to have any negative side effects if you keep your fats too low other than you might have a little bit low energy but this is supposed to be a temporary thing does everybody does this make sense for everybody I just want to make sure that everyone's understanding what I'm saying can you just say I understand this makes.

Sense or just say I understand or something I wanna make sure that people are ok people are saying great tips yes yes makes sense understand understand good and I'm sorry I don't mean to sound like a jerk I know I'm like on a soapbox I'm not trying to be like that I I get serious when I really would adamant.

About something because I don't want you to fall off the wagon after this I'm seeing so many amazing stories and results and I would hate for you to make an innocent mistake okay a mistake that absolutely could be changed just by a little bit of knowledge okay so basically what we have to look at is keeping it lean and then you're going to.

Naturally get enough fat it's just better to keep it lean than to try to get extra fats my kind of my humble opinion is that people tend to subconsciously think that it's okay to add the fats because it's oh it's keto it's got to taste extra good and we can add the fat so we can add the fats but you don't need the.

Extra fats in fact you're going burn more fat if your body has an opportunity to pull from its own body fat stores so when in doubt go lean at a restaurant go lean at fast-food and then you know you can make adjustments you know here and there if you need to I also recommend always having healthy fats just available so I wish I showed.

You the inside of my car right now inside my center console and or my glove box at all times I have some sources of healthy fats I have little packets of coconut oil I have macadamia nuts that I rotate out so they don't go bad but like I wrote you that macadamia nuts just for an emergency.

I have cans of oysters I have cans of sardines and I have like it's like in a little emergency packet sometimes I have those little chomps beef sticks depends on the time of year and things like that but anyway point is I have a lot of that stuff just in my center console and that gives me my emergency food oh and I usually have a little bit of pea protein.

And that way I can just add it to water if I need to that is my emergency food here's a hot tip that's gonna change your life okay before you go into a restaurant or before you make a choice at a fast-food restaurant have a controlled amount of something that you keep in your center console okay so for me a big thing for me is before I go.

Into a restaurant I will have a scoop of P protein powder or I will have a controlled amount of coconut oil or something okay it all depends on what the day is but the point is is I have a controlled amount of something clean so then when I go into the restaurant I'm not operating out of emotional hunger okay I'm not operating out of this like.

Crazy I need to satiate myself response I'm able to think logically because different parts of the brain get activated when we're hungry right we all of a sudden start going into this the wrong mode and then we eat one wrong thing and the nucleus accumbens portion of our brain just lights up like a Christmas tree and that causes all these.

Addictive Nate this addictive nature it causes us to continue to eat the wrong things so it just makes sense so this is a good tip for you guys and notice we've got a lot of people on this broadcast but not a whole lot of likes on the video and I think I'm given some pretty good tips so if you guys could just hit that.

Thumbs up button hit that like button and also hit that share button that way we get lots more people on this broadcast we got 1.3 thousand people I'd love to see this closer to two thousand because I know we have 220 or like over twenty thousand people actually doing the challenge so okay great people are saying great tips.

Biggest weather this challenge learn to love asparagus okay people are asking about quest bars I've seen that come up a few times no just keep the quest bars out of the equation honestly we just we don't need the extra sugar alcohols we don't need that stuff someone says I'm trying to lose weight is it okay for me to lower the fat intake I personally.

Think it's always okay to lower the fat intake okay we always have enough fat on our bodies okay and I about this last week so it might sound like a broken record but basically I believe that our bodies want to burn our own body fat more than fats that are coming in I think that it's it's it's more biologically identical so it makes more.

Sense for our body to be able to pull from our tissues and it is to try to like break down specific mono polyunsaturated fats into usable fat this is total hypothesis but it just makes sense so anyway something to think about okay I do want to talk about supplementation a little bit no product pitches I'm not.

Doing any of that okay the only product pitch that could potentially occur out of this video is recommending that people hit butcher box down in the description because if you're doing this challenge they're just a good source of meat delivered to your doorstep so no product pitches other than that.

Honest one while you're continuing keto I highly recommend that everybody invest in a good quality fish oil okay and if you can't consume fish oil pills do algal oil okay which is fish oil fish oil omega-3 that's coming from an algae source here's what we have to remember and I've talked about in this videos Omega threes.

Aren't magically existing in fish fish get their omega-3 content from the food chain and what they eat which starts through a natural fermentation process that's in algae so if you're vegan vegetarian you may want an algae form of an omega-3 now when you're looking for a fish oil the small the fish the higher the quality and also.

The less toxicity from heavy metals and things like that you want to look at the back of a supplement label and you want to see a higher ratio of DHA to EPA okay so let's see this one is a maybe the best example because this doesn't doesn't break it down actually yeah that's okay so this is an alcohol oil and I'm not even gonna show the brand.

Because I don't want anyone to even think that okay but you can't really see it unfortunately but it says total omega fatty acids 693 and it says omega-3 fatty acids I'm sorry EPA 113 DHA 500 okay that's the kind of thing you want to see you want to see higher amounts of DHA over EPA krill oil is usually good I like.

Calimary noil there's a few different brands cala marine CA la ma RI any it comes from calamari and one of the reasons that I like calamari is because because of just the natural kind of exoskeleton like thing I'm not a squid expert so I can't tell you what it's really called it basically it rejects some of the heavy metal toxins they also.

Have a short lifespan so they're not in the water for a long time absorbing heavy metals it's been found that DHA makes a huge huge portion of the fats in our brain 90% of the fats in our brain are doukas a hexanoic DHA that's the same reason that I recommend consuming omega-3 supplements is the same reason I recommend grass-fed grass-finished for.

Me high omega-3 high DHA content fun fact that I've just learned in the last few weeks there is something else called it's a specific like.oh DHA and if you have ever eaten raw or masago if you've ever have sushi or if you ever have anything like that anyone here know what masago is just go ahead and type masago if you know what it is.

Yep people are saying masago i just want to see a lot of people saying no they don't know what it has a lot people saying yes masago masago cycle okay so i know not everyone here likes sushi but masago those are the little teeny orange spears right there little fish egg that's what they are so caviar.

Masago row actually probably one of the best forms of DHA that you can get okay now the reason that they're so good and I hopefully I know I know notice for a second started to get glitchy so hopefully you guys can still see me okay okay cool basically these these fish eggs are really really high in a specific kind of omega-3 known as.

Phosphatidylcholine DHA now phosphatidylcholine DHA is unique in that it goes into the brain significantly better okay so it allows you to have just a better functioning brain on keto you get more out of it so I highly recommend that okay can everyone see me okay I I'm noticing on my end I'm really delayed in coaching.

When I look at my own image just wanna make sure everyone can see me okay okay cool everyone says we're good okay cool it was just for some reason glitchy so that that's the things I'm and people are saying are you saying DHA or DHA I'm saying DHA d.h a okay spend the money on that I'm not gonna even give you.

Specific brands so that you don't think this is a pitch okay another thing that I think is very very important is magnesium and I talked about this obviously in the initial video die magnesium melee after you watch this video check out my videos on the nine types of magnesium just type in Thomas de Lauer nine types of magnesium okay.

It'll come up it's better for me just to defer over to that video so that I'm not taking up your time here and then potassium okay I recommend three to four hundred milligrams of potassium long-term as you continue keto remember what I said about forty percent of our overall energy metabolism being related to potassium that sodium potassium pump.

Okay I want to give you some signs that you might need deficient in potassium so if you have two of these okay you really need to probably be supplementing potassium and getting some spinach in your diet or getting some more fish in your diet getting some things that have potassium in them okay so listen very very carefully okay first.

One is going to be muscle cramps this could also be a result of magnesium issues but more than likely as you continue on keto it becomes a potassium issue okay muscle aches and stiffness so like you're just dealing with just overall just chronic stiffness not really aches but stiffness more so then digestive.

Issues mainly muscle function like if you were to just feel like your bowels aren't moving you're constipated but you feel like everything's just stopped up okay heart palpitations potassium plays such a critical role in how the heart functions so we have to be careful of that okay tingling or numbness or mainly like the pins and needles type feeling.

Is a very very specific nerve issue related to a potassium deficiency I'm not a doctor so if you have these symptoms coupled with others and things be careful okay mood changes also potassium usually a nerve function issue and lastly water retention because that's an imbalance with sodium so if you're doing these fasting protocols and.

You're loading up on a ton of sodium and you're finding that you're actually retaining water from that sodium that means that you need potassium so normally I say have a bunch of have a bunch of sodium while you're fasting okay but if you find that even when you're adding salt you are retaining water you need potassium okay it's an.

Imbalance issue so something keeps asking me if too many supplements will break keto it all depends on the supplements generally no but if you're taking lots of things like France teen amino acids and stuff like that then sure it can some people are asking other questions hair loss on keto you know I actually published a full video on that.

So I'll just go ahead and defer to that just type in Thomas de Lauer keto hair loss because there's a good you know good some good content there okay so potassium magnesium fish law okay what about from like the hormonal side of things okay here's where I think it's really important I've been noticing so much research lately coming out in.

The world of vitamin D now vitamin D plus vitamin k2 are probably some of the most critical things when it comes down to just overall hormone function and inflammation in our body I can go on and on and on and on and there's some formulas that you can use to really determine that but I think for all intents and purposes just about everyone.

Could benefit from 2,000 IU's of vitamin d now if you wanted to go and get some blood work done you could really determine how low in vitamin D you are just make sure whatever vitamin D you get is vitamin D plus Kate you vitamin D doesn't do a whole lot of good in the body without k2 ok so vitamin D plus k2 and try to get.

The k2 that's in what's called an MK 7 form it's just has a better half-life digests a little bit easier within the body as far as additional supplements having a pea protein powder on hand something like that as a meal replacement just in case and for those of you out there that are struggling with some hormonal issues.

Like maybe you're holding water from hormones I recommend taking dim D indole methane okay usually like 150 milligrams of dim for men and women is usually pretty powerful very powerful when it comes down to helping your body metabolize the one seven hydroxy estradiol is the excess to a lot of detail sorry some other questions coming.

Up could you just give us your supplements Cheri says you just tell us what you take to be completely honest Cheri I've rotated significantly depending on the time of year my vitamin D usage goes up way in the winter compared down to in the summer when I'm outside more it would be doing you a disservice to tell you exactly the.

Protocol that I use because I'm very very very specific in the given months with what I do now maybe that's a full full-fledged video I should do but is there a multivitamin recommended for Kido I don't believe in taking multivitamins simply because if you're not getting it from your food then you have a bigger problem the water soluble.

Vitamins are going to just go right through you on keto okay minerals are more important than the micro you know vitamins thus if you know that you're going to be because you should be getting those from food you should still be eating your greens you should still be getting that stuff so I'm looking at some other things that are popping up.

Here okay liver health actually someone someone had asked me before about milk thistle I usually recommend that people come off of milk thistle because milk this looks going to help you or causes you to retain water and usually throws things off so try to abstain from the milk thistle unless you really see a.

Need okay now the other piece that we want to talk about two people have talked let's see oh yeah that's another one someone people will bring it up if you're consuming carbs at all okay like if you do intermittent fasting you add carbs into the mix any kind of thing that's going to help you metabolize.

Carbohydrates like chromium and cinnamon those are really good supplements to take long-term okay now there's going to help you overall with insulin levels there's going to help your body there's something called C methyl hydroxy palmate I think chalcone polymer I think is what it is it's a long nerve.

Methyl hydroxy chalcone polymer is what it is that's what's in cinnamon that helps mimic insulin within the body so if you're someone that's diabetic or pre-diabetic I have to be careful saying this because I'm not a doctor but cinnamon capsules will help you out a ton okay they will help you out in terms of keeping that blood sugar a little bit.

More stable and I'm just trying to give you a shotgun just a lot of different things that you could take they're gonna help you out now one mineral that is becoming increasingly more important it's going to be zinc particularly for men from a testosterone side of things and women for the thyroid side of things it's hard to get zinc it's getting.

Harder and harder to get good quality zinc so I do recommend taking even 25 milligrams of zinc okay what that's going to do is that's gonna for women help activate the thyroid receptors so the thyroid that's flowing through your body can actually get utilized more and for men it helps you out on the testosterone piece it's kind of a.

Long-winded explanation but it does help the conversion dehydrate up it's a saucer oh and all this stuff additionally along with the zinc you can take copper again I don't want to shoot myself in the foot by explaining a lot of this stuff that could end up just confusing you I honestly would say that Ceylon cinnamon so just a couple hundred.

Milligrams of that 25 to 50 milligrams of zinc that's going to be powerful we don't need to go too much beyond that people were asking about specific supplements like sports supplements pre workouts things like that I highly recommend just making your own pre workouts you can also after this video type in into the youtube search Thomas.

De Lauer pre-workout recipe I've created a fasting friendly pre-workout recipe where it's just all stuff you can just get on Amazon again rather than me explaining it here it's citrulline malate beta alanine but I go into detail explaining everything there's so many amazing comments there so if people are talking about specific supplements for.

Fasting I want to kind of keep this just for keto because I want to help people just have an understanding what they can do long-term now I don't want to overwhelm you with a lot of this and I think I should do a more look a full-fledged feature on supplements during keto but all in terms of purposes that's kind of what I would recommend.

Just going forward I like to keep it simple I like to keep my minerals balanced and I like to keep my fatty acid profile good within my body but more importantly I like to keep my fatty acid profile nice just based on what I eat can we get a bunch of people to get into smash that like button that way we just get a bunch of likes get a bunch of.

Attention on this video so people can see this if they're doing the challenge and if you did just hop on this video just so you know if you don't know what the heck I'm talking about there is a link down below in the description that shows the week one video that explains everything okay explains the meal plan it links out.

To the Facebook group it links out to everything and explains it's an entirely free keto challenge that's going to continue in perpetuity it doesn't officially ends next week as far as everything live but it continues on in terms of people being able to access the content the videos and everything like that another thing that.

I'm thinking about doing is YouTube has a feature that allows me to you probably have seen it with other channels please listen to me entirely because I'm just explaining this it's not no no none of the free content goes away none of it it's all staying the same nothing changes but YouTube has an option for me to add a a paid feature.

Where people can pay like one or two dollars or something like that and then I can unlock extra things what I was thinking of doing was doing that and then putting a bunch of like PDFs and meal plans and things like that in that so it's sort of an option under the sort of what's YouTube's calling the membership option I don't know I'm.

Thinking about it if people think that it would be a good idea again it doesn't change any of the free content it just makes it so it unlocks additional stuff if so many people want handouts people want hey can you give me a PDF of what you explained in this video so I'm thinking about doing it another thing just to keep you guys apprised of all.

The stuff that I'm doing on this channel I'm thinking of starting two other channels that are branch offs of this channel and it would be one would be a very specific female oriented channel so if that's something that you think you'd be interested in just go ahead and comment yes female channel that way I can go and I could review.

Because I'd love to be able to just have a channel that's dedicated just a female content and I can bring in female experts and I can do all this and that way I'm not just like a hodgepodge of a bunch of stuff so I'll literally start and branch another channel in addition to what I'm already doing here and the other channel that I want to do is work.

Out specific teaching people a specific workouts and specific kinds of workouts and things like that maybe just do videos once or twice a week on those channels but specific information so that I'm not flooding people on this channel with very very gender specific and very very niche stuff it allows me to kind of branch out and grow those.

Audiences okay people it's clearly a win so people definitely want to do that so guys I'm gonna wrap it up cuz Amber's texting me and we're gonna have some yummy dinner but I wanted to be able to hop on here help you out with a supplement piece but most importantly keep you all motivated and get you all rockin and rollin remember there is the.

Facebook group I'm hopping on there a lot I've done some lives in there I've done some other videos in there and I just want to tell you how much I appreciate everybody being here and appreciate everybody just being a part of this challenge and remember take that video that's down below in the description and share it with as many.

People as you want to know where else are they going to find just a free meal plan like that that has the coaching system along with it for free so as always keep it locked in here on my videos and I will see you tomorrow morning for a brand new video
30 Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge LIVE Update (Update #4)
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