30 Day Keto I.F. Challenge – Live Coaching Q&A with Thomas DeLauer

30 Day Keto I.F. Challenge – Live Coaching Q&A with Thomas DeLauer

30 Day Keto I.F. Challenge – Live Coaching Q&A with Thomas DeLauer

Check out the video on 30 Day Keto I.F. Challenge – Live Coaching Q&A with Thomas DeLauer.
What's happening everybody thomas delaware here and in case you missed the video last week where i announced the four-week keto shred challenge i'll go ahead and recap it here real quick but there is a link to that video down below in the description so you can pop over there and watch that full meal plan.

Video at any time purpose of this video educational coaching let's bring it on let's make sure people get a chance to comment get a chance to ask their questions specifically about this challenge but also just about this whole process in general.

And the specific methodology i have behind this 30-day what i'm calling keto shred challenge now it's a challenge in the sense that i want to challenge everyone to embark on something that's going to be difficult but it's really more of a community thing so please do comment where you're watching from.

Go ahead and just you know let it all hang out just show me where you're at what's going on if you're starting this journey if you're starting this process if you're starting this challenge for those of you that don't know me i had my own transformation i had a 100 pound transformation from about a 300 pound corporate executive into what.

I do now so being someone that's gone through my own transformation i know how brutal sometimes getting over that plateau can be and how difficult it can be so that's the purpose of this whole challenge is to really bust through plateaus yes there's going to be.

People that are just getting started and aren't going through plateaus but anyhow we're going to have some fun with it so lots of people that are in this video already i'll recap a little bit of the challenge as i go but just to save time i'm not going to drill into the full meal plans in a.

Separate video hang tight what i'm going to do is i'm going to open up in this other window that i have open right now i'm going to try to open up the live chat so that i can see it outside of just here but i don't know if that's gonna work anyhow let's go ahead and let's go rock and roll so the whole purpose of this.

Setup was to do a three day rotation and what that means is you're going to have one day of higher fat sort of traditional keto and then the second day is going to be a lower fat higher protein keto day and then the third day is going to be an intermittent fasting day okay let me explain the methodology.

Behind all this so that it makes some perfect sense because it sounds a little crazy at first the purpose of the higher fat regular keto day is just like it sounds okay the goal there get your body indoctrinated into ketosis get your ketone levels higher with higher amounts of fat.

Okay and then we want those ketones to be elevated and then the next day what we want to do is we want to pull fats out of the equation a little bit okay we're going to decrease fats aggressively now remember the full meal plan is in the video down below you may have seen it last week maybe you didn't if you haven't seen it i encourage you.

To check it out because it's about as free as free gets on the internet to be completely honest full meal plan everything so anyway and it's no gimmicks i'm not trying to sell you anything it's just down there okay so the idea behind the higher protein lower fat day is now that we've gotten ketones.

Elevated and we've gotten our body conditioned to utilizing fats we take away the dietary fat for a little bit so the body doesn't really have much of a choice but to tap into our stored existing fat okay it elevates different uh gene expression of different things so ppar alpha.

Uncoupling proteins all these different gobbledygook that i talk about in my videos okay then the third day in each cycle in each sequence is an intermittent fasting day so essentially we're taking eagle for 30 days now to give you a breakdown of why this.

Works it's really coming down to one specific thing that's called ppar alpha now ppar alpha is a protein that gets activated when we fast it's a protein that gets activated when we uh go through any kind of basically keto too whenever our bodies are utilizing.

Fats so what ends up happening is this gene gets expressed but then we end up eating so many calories a lot of times we suppress the activation of this gene so what does this do well it makes it so you're hurting your progress a little bit.

In terms of really getting as lean as you possibly can so anyhow i want to go ahead a video that was posted up last week they're not signing up for anything it's nothing like that this is purely just i try to do this a few times per year to drive some really good engagement and really good community.

Uh julie says yeah you just do it so let's bring on the questions people that are doing this challenge bring them on because i think that's going to uh um so someone says uh when you say do not mix fats and carbs brown rice with avocado don't eat brown bread with peanut butter.

Yeah i do not generally recommend combining copious of fat because the mitochondria doesn't really like to process both what's going on the whole buffering thing anyway um hopefully everyone can hear me now is everyone rocking rolling okay i think we're good.

I know we had a super chat that came in and says do you know much about benefits of taking boron supplements i want to keep this relevant to the challenge that we're doing so boron is usually used for uh sex hormone binding globulin reduction helping testosterone production if you do a quick search.

Type in thomas delauer boron you'll find some videos that i did on that but someone had asked before before i lost connection if weight training was good on this plan absolutely i would highly recommend that you're weight training whenever you're doing keto simply because all for one you're going.

To be elevating that core metabolic rate that's kind of what we're after the benefit of the ketogenic diet in the first place is that it makes it so that when you are losing weight you usually are retaining a good amount of your muscle mass which is a large driver for your metabolism.

So when we're looking at doing this kind of plan we have pretty high amounts of protein which is allowing us to maintain what's called in the blood now if you do some weight training you can at least corral some of that protein into being muscle sparing.

So yes absolutely do recommend weight training on this plan is there such a thing as too few of calories on keto i haven't been losing weight on 400 calories is it okay if i go as low as 1000 calories my bmr is a 1400 tremendous question can you go too low low of calories on keto you can go too.

Low of calories on any diet okay calories that discussion is almost a separate discussion separate and apart from any other kind of dietary pattern that you're doing okay so the reason that that is the case is because we still have something called.

Thermodynamics which is a law of physics really it just implies that if we have more energy coming in or less energy coming in things are going to adjust now with keto we have different variables we have insulin that plays a role we have different gene expression that plays a role which means we are activating.

Different genes different enzymes so you have a lot of different variables but if your calories are low your calories are low and you might simply be at a stall because your body is just developing an efficiency for what's going on so when i say inefficiency it means your body has gotten in a groove with.

Keto and it likes to utilize those fats but it also becomes very efficient at utilizing them it's kind of a common theme with a lot of my videos where efficiency is kind of the enemy right envision this you go on a treadmill for a little while you start going the treadmill for i.

Don't know two three months and suddenly the treadmill stops working well you've become very efficient at utilizing that treadmill so your body gets better at the movement it gets better at moving those muscles it becomes more efficient so it becomes less effective so you switch to something that's more.

Difficult perhaps you try the elliptical or you try stair stepper all of a sudden the weight starts falling off again because you are challenging that efficiency so you need to be doing that with your diet now and then too and you don't always want to be doing it by just reducing calories.

Which takes me to kind of the valid point of how this meal plan is set up in this challenge everyone that is asking this meal plan it's free it's not like i'm selling a meal plan it's a meal plan down below from a video that i posted last week but thanks to our friends at youtube.

Not everyone sees the videos that i post so it is down below in first line of the description you can watch that video and that meal plan was totally laid out nothing nothing to take just there okay the purpose of this plan is to make it in such a way where you're not having to consistently.

Drop calories what we're doing is consistently adjusting macros so for example day one when your fat content is high and your protein content is moderate your calories are still the same okay and then the next day we do not change calories but we drop fat and increase protein.

And make up for the calories there so in other words the net calories at the end of the day are the same but the protein content is higher and the fat content is lower yielding us a different ratio but more or excuse me the same overall calories what this is going to do is it's going to kick-start the body into utilizing.

Different mechanisms that's going to sort of shock the body at all times at an enzymatic and a cellular level that's the whole idea behind all of this and then we move into that third day where we add more fasting into the mix just for 16 18 hours and voila you've activated it in different ways um.

Someone says can i incorporate or ask a question about lazy keto is this plan similar to that no this plan is actually very very i don't want to say strict but it's very very regimented this is for people that are super serious that are ready to kind of like you know break a plateau and get through it for 30 days because it's not.

Going to be easy it's 30 days of something that i laid out that i spend a lot of time planning that i feel like people are going to get a lot of benefit from constipation on keto this is definitely a common thing and i would definitely be recommending a little bit more in the way of magnesium.

To help you out with that it's a pretty common thing i've been doing alternate day 36 hour fasting since the end of march should i stop and get ready for the flu season hon eraser that's a good question you may want to start adjusting to shorter fasting that's a little bit more maybe frequent you know maybe go one day.

On one day off with like a 16 to 20 hour fast kind of thing okay let me kind of break down how can i find my macros you know the best way that you can do that finding your macros is just using a simple app log through the use myfitnesspal use mynetdiary anything like that.

It's gonna break it down for you and make it pretty easy just to see exactly what it looks like um okay jcbt says my hematologist told me don't do keto your cholesterol is going to go up that's kind of an old argument what you need to ask your doctor is if he can pull a what's called a fractionated ldl panel okay so.

Remember that fractionated ldl now what that means is that means that's going to test the actual particle size okay so that's going to allow you to be able to um see if your cholesterol really is high or if it's good cholesterol that's high.

Because even even ldl can be good uh no i'm not alternate day fast or against alternate day fasting someone asked people just ask about the immune system and you don't necessarily want to do super long fasts anything over 24 hours all the time if you're worried about an immune system.

Thomas solari there's an indian actress who died from kidney failure while doing keto only a few days ago thoughts on this yeah i saw some of that she had a lot of other things going on it wasn't just keto she was doing keto it doesn't mean that that was the cause is there a certain macro percentage we should be hitting each fat.

Protein fasting day um if you kind of add it up you'll see that the fat content on day one is closer to like 65ish percent on day two the fat content is closer to like 30 35 and on day three it's a little bit more uh flexible depending on what you're doing with your intermittent fasting.

Um how many hours of hit or exercise will deplete all of your glycogen stores kunal asks well that very much so depends on you and how much muscle mass you carry so it's a very hard one to answer shayshae says i'm excited because i need to break this plateau but i just went to the grocery store.

And i hope i have most of the items yeah i hope you do too but i think that you can you know play around with a little bit just to give you guys a breakdown um so first meal of the day like on day one you're looking at simple kind of thing eggs avocado maybe a little bit of lox i tried to put like.

A mediterranean spin on everything and again people keep coming on here saying like are you selling a plan i'm not selling a plan this is not what this is this is a 30-day challenge for my community so the link to watch that video which was a video posted on youtube for free.

Is down below um i'm just trying to get as much community going so i promised i would do weekly broadcasts throughout it to make sure that i'm engaging and answering questions um david says one gram of protein per one pound of body weight per day or more depends on the person i think one gram per pound is plenty okay i think that.

There are times when your body might demand more but you need to listen to your own body and see what is working for you if you feel like your strength is going down there's a good chance you need more you feel like your strength is going up there's no need to add more.

Incre you know keep it where it's at there's a lot of different variables there um marisavita says thank you very much for doing this you are super welcome this is what this channel is all about someone says sell the plan make that money trust me i'm cool with capitalism if it's positive and it's good but.

There's also a place where i think dietary information should be out there for people don't worry i'll make my money selling things in other ways that are going to be beneficial so anyway um ryan vanderlei says what should i eat if i have food poisoning that's a tough one answer you should.

Probably just keep it nice and light and easy yes for everyone asking the challenge technically starts today today's technically day one however the meal plan went up like four days ago so that video is up um okay kevin says can you advise in some fish and nut alternatives.

So for those of you that don't want to eat the fish that's in this plan what i would recommend that you consume is if well okay first of all let me pack up some people just don't like the kind of fish that i laid out but if you want to switch it over to like a tuna or something like that i'm not opposed to using tuna despite some.

Mercury but i would prefer that you use chunk light tuna not the albacore because the chunk light is going to have much less mercury content okay the albacore tends to be very very high but a good alternative for that is actually going to be just fine chicken breast now it's not going to.

Have the omega profile it's not going to be as good so what i would recommend is that you do chicken breasts and add a couple fish oil pills along with it or possibly even better like a krill oil just to allow you to get some of those omegas that you would get otherwise and nut alternatives try to go for some.

Seeds macadamia nuts are technically not a nut they're technically a seed even they are they are considered nuts so macadamia nuts shouldn't be an issue although you know some people still don't want to have those uh you could also use tahini okay so like tahini measures just the same way.

As almond butter does one tablespoon of tahini is equal to one tablespoon of almond butter and tahini is going to have a really nice antioxidant profile from what's called sesame and sesamoland which are antioxidants that are in the sesame biohackers out there are going to tell me that sesame is high in omega-6s and.

It's not good but there are some really funky reasons that the antioxidants in sesame actually make that not true um someone asked about keto with gout yes just keep your protein levels a little bit lower um uh luke says hey thomas i'm five foot five and this year your videos helped me.

So much i went from 85 to 60 85 kilograms of 60 kilograms since february i just binged a whole week worth of carbs but it was worth it sometimes you just gotta let loose it's all good um the ideal weekly workout plan for fat loss uh chloe if you just type in thomas de lauer hit h-i-i-t workouts you'll get covered.

Up with a few videos that i think are very effective for you um outcast says thanks for all the info you put out i'm 80 pounds down from 300 size 44 to 36 since last november it's going slower now but still working on it you are my main source of keto info heck yeah well i hope that this plan.

This 30 day plan gets you over that little hump home is all you need do i recommend a 10 day fast i'm on day two quite frankly i don't recommend a 10-day fast unless you really want to do it for mastery or spiritual reasons i don't see tremendous tremendous body composition benefits coming from anything over like.

Four days now that's just me i'm the fasting guy and some people might you know shame me for saying that but i just don't know if it's super super effective to go that long can my joint pain be related to keto it's not uncommon to have a little bit of joint pain with keto when you get.

Started and later on and the reason behind that is simple okay muscle glycogen goes away a little bit so muscle volume shrinks so what ends up happening is the actual contractile force of the muscle tends to go down a tiny bit and if your tendons aren't accustomed to.

Kind of these changes it can put stress on your tendons it's okay though it does clear up okay i've experienced it too and sometimes all i have to do is come off of keto for three four weeks and then come back on and i'm good for another six months uh someone says how about orange roughy fish orange ruffy is totally.

Totally good to go uh just keep it keep it clean try not to get the farm-raised stuff if you can um using maca powder on keto any thoughts yeah totally okay with maca there's no reason that you can't use that should i do keto with diabetes type two um i'm not a doctor so i'm hesitant to.

Comment on that uh however i have seen a lot of people including very close family members that have had him in success with it so unfortunately because of the law i have to say consult with your doctor uh is bulgarian yogurt good for this plan yes in fact there's some places where i literally have.

Yogurt in the plan and then i say use bulgarian or greek but prefer bulgarian i also the people that are doing this plan you've probably seen the video that i laid down like the specific meat sources and everything like that so i laid down all the kinds of protein you should be consuming and what quantities so it.

Might and just so you know i'm going to be doing these coaching broadcasts every monday around the same time so probably in the ballpark of 4 to 5 p.m pacific time i might have to shuffle next week but i'll make sure i post up so that people know.

Can i use cottage cheese instead of yogurt you can as long as it's organic good quality cottage cheese what brand of greek yogurt do you recommend any kind of good quality organic one if you can't find an organic one that fire brand is totally gonna be okay at least for a short amount of time uh labna is absolutely okay chris.

Luterio that's a great question lomna is amazing okay that's if you can find it sometimes specialty places have it i know smart and final out here in california has it hey guys can you do me a favor please hit that thumbs up button too um sometimes you don't see it but if you're on mobile it's kind of you have to.

Scroll down a little bit to see it but there's a little thumbs up thumbs up button and that's going to like this video and that just helps people that watch my channel see a little bit more um i just wanted to read this one comment out says i just wanted to say thanks for all the information you're providing as well as the inspiration.

Doing another factor for tomorrow used to be 22 stones now i'm down to 17 stones that's impressive man good job can i use the meal plan that you laid out to my everyday 16.8 so the meal pan that i laid out is not designed to be intermittent fasting every day it's intermittent.

Fasting every third day so this could work long term my concern for it being used long term is your calorie content might be a little bit low so you may not want to do it you may want to do like 30 days of this plan then come off into a maintenance 30 days of this plan then come off into a.

Maintenance which might work out really well um so anyway this is you know designed to be more of a 30 day kind of sprint to get people ready and originally if you watch the video originally this was a summer shred challenge originally it was supposed to be for people.

That were wanting to get ready for summer but as everyone knows summer kind of got canceled so we couldn't post this up because it was a summer shred and i wanted to wait for a more realistic time maybe when people are starting to just get in the groove a little bit more.

And just get in that weight loss mode it's a very difficult time so um anyway i broke my 48 hour fast with bone broth then tuna is that a good lean protein yes it is uh how many carbs a day are we aiming for each day well it's a keto plan so you really want to just i would say keep carbs as low as possible.

But try not to exceed 30 and that includes your fiber okay so 30 to 35 with fiber any recommendations for an egg replacement if you're allergic to eggs or you're having a histamine reaction to eggs tracy that's interesting you say that because i for many years had a histamine.

Reaction to eggs and then i took some time away from them slowly introduced them and that went away it's funny how things change okay different environments different places you live can actually impact histamine responses it's pretty wild but if you do have an issue with eggs.

You notice that in the plant i wrote down egg yolks uh a couple of eggs plus additional egg yolk a long avocado and along with lox one of the things you could do is you could add a little bit more in the way of the smoked salmon so you're going more of kind of a fish there okay and then if you have a good source.

Of like organic cream cheese or anything like that just make yourself some kind of locks roll up okay so take the locks put a little bit of cream cheese in it roll it up and then if you've ever tried making like those two ingredient flax spreads a quick google search everyone that's.

Here you can type in on google two ingredient flax bread and there's like a dozen different recipes for making a flax keto friendly bread with two or three ingredients so i would recommend that as just like a good breakfast replacement if you can't do the eggs thomas can you please do a 30 day.

Challenge where are we fast but just count calories and see how well we do dawn because that's a really good idea to just make it simple um and i will definitely think about doing that possibly beginning of the year um best nutritional info on the planet thank you kent appreciate that my man um.

Let me say what about wine i'd love to have a glass of wine or two at night uh every other day i'm okay with you having a glass of wine that would be okay try to go for a dry red wine it's going to be the lowest carb content lower sugar content um the sage weight loss plateau.

Tried to lay off fasting but nothing happened i think this plan might actually work really well for you this was what i used when i uh kind of got into a plateau through my weight loss but you may recall i did a video back in february i did this plan like similar structure to this and did a self-experimentation.

On it did a whole video i had really tremendous results i lost a couple percent body fat in three weeks and i was already pretty lean um let's see jigsaw mag srt yes that would be a good one magnesium to use eric ackerman says any thoughts on a two-week bone broth fast for middle-aged men who are obese.

Trying to lose more weight stalled on keto but no weight gain rather than do a two-week bone broth fast you might be better off to just do a five-day true fast because when you're consuming bone broth you're turning off some of those other fat burning processes remember it's a very very simple metabolic switch.

When our body shifts over into fasting mode it activates that ampk pathway which basically turns on all kinds of different energy systems in the body it just is desperate to create energy if you're constantly kind of tweaking it by having bone broth coming in and stuff like that you're not gonna get the same.

Result i'd rather have you just do five days of true fasting without the bone broth you'd also find that bone broth fasting although effective is really only effective for like a three or four day fast after that you start feeling kind of miserable because you're bringing in.

Just enough calories to kind of get your body craving stuff and then you rip it away how often do i fast i typically when i'm not doing a plan like this i'll fast every other day usually 18 to 20 22 hours uh yeah five-day fasting is intense uh someone says thomas you really are.

Making a difference with improving people's health quick question can we fry sardines and get still get omega-3 benefits terrific question really good question so omega-3s are fragile which means they should not be fried okay the benefit of sardines is going to be that you're typically eating them.

Cold i do not like recommend cooking and cooking them because sardines are so fragile polyunsaturated fats they go through what's called lipid peroxidation where the fats oxidize and turn bad very easily so glad you asked that uh someone says you're awesome dude keep up the work also is there a male female.

Difference when using the real salt for the sodium intake in the gallon water not really to be completely honest we could get down to super particular details but one of the things i'm trying to be really careful of now is not getting so granular pun intended by you know stalling people.

I've realized over the years that i create so much content and i put so much information out there that sometimes it makes people paralyzed and not want to make changes i'm working really hard to help generalize some things and then go into detail in other videos i figure there's.

A time and a place to go really deep in science but there's also just a time and a place to be generally motivating and provide good information so no for the sake of men and women how much sodium they should have on this plan i wouldn't really get down into the details it's just gonna probably trip.

You out too much um raj says how long should you do keto at one stretch you uh you're right how long excuse me got a question um and how long break before start again okay so basically you're asking how long of a stretch you do keto before you take a break then how long of.

A break it is absolutely up to you but the first time you go into keto i would recommend minimum 90 days because 90 days is where we really see the science showing that people get fat adapted okay so you're not getting the full benefit if you're not going for 90 days the first time.

Through okay so later on after you've been more fat adapted you can go like 60 days on 30 days off 60 days on 30s off and play with it wherever you really feel good um someone asked about ugino matcha you can use their matcha that doesn't have the sweetener in it the erythritol the carbs are sugar alcohol carbs so.

They're not actual carbs hey on my my computer where i have my the live chat just uh timed out there we go okay so uh do you fast every other day and are you keto on the off days i am keto on the off days but as you've probably seen i put out some videos talking about when i do have.

Carbs i am what i call an experimenter okay keto is my baseline it is my neutral it's where i feel the best and it's just that remember everyone science stays constant our perception of it changes and what i mean by this is that there's.

Always going to be what's actually working in our bodies but we don't always know it and we can try to uncover it we can try to figure out exactly what the golden ticket is but the science is there and we are only human to uncover it i go with what feels the best i go with what gets me the best results.

And the reason that i put the content out that i put out there is because people tend to gravitate to the fact that i have a passion in it and i think that passion helps them develop a way that works for them so the point with saying that is that you don't have to do keto all the time uh if you do keto you can take some time.

Then go off of it then try something else okay so there are definitely periods of time where i come off keto and i go paleo or i come off keto and i test out vegetarian i test things out because that's how i do things so i encourage you to always have an open mind with this.

But default back to what makes you feel the best so i will always go out on the fringes but i will always default to what absolutely worked best for me when i lost 100 pounds because for years stuff did not work and i'll tell you keto and fasting worked is crystal light.

Okay on keto it is it will not kick you out of keto but it is full of aspartame so please be careful uh pescetarianism for me says u-haul i'm with you man uh to be completely honest i love eating lots of fish it's a little bit hard to do in a house.

With a wife that doesn't like fish so i mean you're stuck cooking it on the grill claude says thomas i gotta thank you a lot for your content over the years you introduced me to keto two years ago which got me from 110 kilograms to 94 kilograms that this stuff makes me smile right in.

A world where so much just animosity and hatred right now just seeing people being able to change their lives like this just maybe i'm just going to do these for self-serving reasons um been going on straight keto for one year i feel like it's so much don't want to get off yeah then don't.

You know you don't don't need to even get even with this plan if this plan is working for you and you feel good that is your best barometer for what's working people go on diets and they starve themselves and they don't feel good but they're getting a good cosmetic result so they.

Lead themselves to believe that that's the way to go you really need to kind of you have to have all these different parameters in line you need to be feeling good number one then you need to be losing weight if you need to lose weight and you need to not be losing weight if you don't need to lose weight.

Okay it's all about how we feel because if you feel better you can work out harder if you feel better you can perform better if you feel better you're happier and make better decisions do what makes you feel good and the rest will follow suit i had to do that when i was 300 pounds.

Because i believe it or not tried going vegan i tried going vegetarian okay and it didn't really work because that was the first thing doctors tried to throw at me it didn't work okay but when i started doing keto because yes i liked meat and yes i liked cheese.

And yes i liked coffee and butter and i liked that stuff it worked well for me at first because it was easier but then it worked well for me because i had the best energy with it it doesn't mean that it's the gospel for everybody so anyhow bob snyder yes and you will put on less.

Fat doing a keto i agree with what you're saying if you can gain uh gain muscle let's see um your channel has helped me make some real change my life still working out which foods are best for me exactly so many good questions during this challenge what is your recommendation to.

Gain a bit more muscle good question i think you're going to find uh edgar that with the higher protein day you're going to be totally set you don't need to change anything what you might want to do is on the higher fat lower protein day actually bump up the protein a tiny bit more so.

It's a higher calorie day so in other words right now it's high protein lower fat we're seeing higher fat lower protein followed by higher protein lower fat your earlier first day should be higher fat moderate to high protein that's the only thing you should change because we still.

Need to keep you lean in the process how should i deal with keto rash tremendous question because keto rash comes in usually in the very beginning so it usually goes away there's not a whole lot of solid explanation there is some evidence that shows that there's a weird reaction some.

People with ketones and uh and that rash but it's hard to describe eric ackerman says keto is great maintenance for me i did not gain the weight back unlike every other diet type that's that's me too man it's like i am able to keep it off i'm actually just reached my uh 10-year mark of.

Keeping 100 pounds off so i posted that a little while ago so i was celebrating i celebrated with i don't even know what i celebrated with i think i took the dog for a walk but anyhow 10 pounds of keeping 100 pounds off or 10 years of keeping 100 pounds off and it was all just because keto worked.

For me and then it developed the passion for me um says hi this is dennis from the challenge i've hit 186 pounds from 222 pounds doing personal training three times a week and cardio on the fourth thanks for helping me change my life that's awesome man good to hear that um can i take magnesium citrate every.

Day for constipation with keto i wouldn't take magnesium citrate okay that's pretty intense stuff what i would recommend that you take is something more like whoops sorry i almost clicked something what i would recommend is that you take like magnesium dye magnesium malate or some kind of.

Lower more sustained magnesium that's going to allow you to kind of take it more consistently magnesium citrate just draws a lot of water into the colon and actually depletes you of minerals more is eating less fat on keto mean you burn more body fat versus the fat from food.

Sean venice you nailed it ding ding ding i don't know if you saw the beginning of this broadcast but that's exactly what i talked about there's a very important thing and if you're super engaged in this broadcast you don't have to but if you're super engaged in this broadcast i would encourage you to type this.

In so that it just drills into your head okay chase results do not chase ketones chase results do not chase ketones far too many people load up on fats because they want higher ketone levels ketones don't mean crap if you're not burning fat okay oh i should someone's gonna.

Clip that but that's not what i'm saying when it comes to body composition the ketone levels don't necessarily mean anything because your body is gonna regulate and your body has an ability to see a feedback right so it sees like if your ketone levels are too high and you're not using them.

There's a feedback loop that sends a message to the brain hypothalamus that sends a message to the pituitary that sends a message to ultimately the liver in the grand scheme of things that says hey we're creating a bunch of ketones but this guy's not using all of them so go ahead and pump the brakes a little bit.

Okay so when the brakes are pumped then you stop producing as many ketones and you actually down regulate the fat process fat burning process so by saying this i mean ketone levels are important because they paint a very big picture of where you are at in given situations.

They paint a very big picture of where you're at with uh certain meals and certain exercise routines but they are not the end all be all it helps people to know that my ketone levels i guarantee you i'm in ketosis i have less than 15 grams of carbs a day and i work out like a maniac so what's.

Going on well my body's efficient it doesn't need to have a bunch of ketones that's just all there is to it uh i'm from new zealand i've been following for about two years but i need to restart my weight loss plan i think this plan is perfect for you and those are you just hopping on again the first link in the description.

Leads you to uh a video that was posted last week that breaks down everything you need to know about doing this 30 day challenge with me so that you can join me on these live broadcasts for butcher box for this challenge so people that are doing this challenge with me.

That want to try butcher box you can try them down below in the description and there's a special promo for ground beef for life when you check them out so please do their sponsor of this whole challenge so people are saying why aren't you selling a meal plan well the meal plan is free and everything is free.

But i make a couple bucks by at least promoting a sponsor you don't have to do anything with it but i put it out there so anyway that link is down below uh um any recommendation for what foods may help with foods to avoid um that's a tough one.

Anything to be good collagen marine collagen so good kinds of fish they're gonna have marine collagen in them uh shellfish which is another thing you see probably a lot of in this plan um let's see i lost 45 pounds i started keto in february but i haven't lost any more recently do you have any.

Suggestions thanks for all the great information glenn good question i don't want to just default to what i've been saying but i think this plan is probably going to be beneficial for that going to allow you to kind of go through those surges of different fat burning enzymes um thank you thomas my new dessert snack.

Frozen blueberries awesome uh mad keto macros please for women 25 years old with slow metabolism ask kayla kyla the macros are tough but i would say on one meal a day it's very important if you keep your protein higher okay because on one meal a day you're going to be serious nitrogen.

Balance deficit so a net loss which means that you're going to be in a bad situation as far as the protein content is concerned so i would be leaning more towards like 50 to 60 percent protein okay 30 probably on the fats and then probably 10 to 20 on the carbs and i know that sounds a little bit.

Crazy because that's pretty low fat but i would rather see you get the protein in the fat especially if you're someone that's overweight your body's going to be able to pull from your fat stores how many days a week do you suggest for cardio versus lifting i suggest as much cardio.

As you possibly can without feeling it's running you down i just want to say mickey fc thank you for that awesome super chat man that was amazing you did not have to give me a hundred bucks i appreciate that that's um very very very kind thank you how do you stay disciplined on the weekends weekdays are easy for me.

It's the weekends that are tough it's funny because it's actually kind of the opposite for me uh usually on the weekdays it's tougher the weekends i'm super active the weekdays you know where i'm home work it's just the weekends we're always out doing stuff so it's so funny uh it's different.

With different people but having a plan is always going to be the best you know even me like i will use a coach whether it's a nutrition coach or someone just to help me categorize my life better and everything like that hang on a second my wife just asked if.

Because we're about to have dinner so hang on that's how you know this is live okay my wife just pinged me she's like are you ready for dinner yet so can i lose 40 pounds just by doing cardio absolutely but you remember you have to see where your deficit's going to be.

Okay so how much cardio do you have to do to get yourself there right okay it's going to be pretty pretty aggressive amount of cardio so they say abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym i beg to differ i think you know abs might be made in the kitchen a little bit.

But bodies are made in the gym you know your full body and everything that's going to allow you to have a good result is made in the gym uh or doing cardio too i mean the point is you have to put the time in losing weight but how do i increase muscle mass any recommendations um i would recommend training in the.

Morning in a fasted state and then breaking your fast right after you are done working out so maybe start your fast a little bit earlier in the day early the next the previous day excuse me and then fast through the morning time work out and then break your fast that.

Way you can lose that fat still but you can allow your body to reallocate the carbohydrates and food that you're taking in into building muscle um thomas is fat loss just about calories it's not just about calories there are definitely other factors okay and i don't want to be the guy that says.

Calories and calories out because i go to war with guys like that all the time and i think it's generally a cop-out to say that because it's just the basic easy response but we forget the fact that like if you were to just eat sugar like what would happen to your body if you ate 2 500 calories a day of.

Just sugar if you lie if you say that calories and calories out is all that matters then one could imply that you just eat 2 500 calories worth of sugar and you're fine so the point is is that it's not all that matters but yes it's kind of a big fundamental overarching piece.

There's different things that we can throw into the mix to pull bigger levers within that thermodynamic category so hopefully that makes sense uh what are my thoughts on keto well considering i lost 100 pounds with it i'd say i'm quite a fan so that's like the whole idea of this channel i've been doing it.

For years kind of breaking down a lot of the common myths and craziness about keto is it true that fasting reduces hunger while on a caloric deficit yeah it absolutely does fasting reduces hunger because it reduces that grill and signaling and it reduces what's called uh amp.

Kinase so adenosine adenosine monocycline so it's basically amp so adenosine monophosphate cycle or kinase excuse me i always get tongue twisted on that one ampk gets down regulated in the brain making you less hungry up regulating the body making you burn more fat.

Am i able to build muscle in a caloric deficit kind of it all depends on different when you eat the food so it's a very long long answer to that can't have avocado what could you replace it with honestly the next best thing olive oil or straight up olives put into an omelet.

Uh can a vegetarian truly get into a keto steak absolutely i've done vegetarian keto and find it actually works very well eggs all that stuff you're good eggs dairy if you're lacto-ovo uh guys i better hop off okay the wifey needs uh me to come up and help the kiddos that.

We can get to eating some dinner uh you guys are all super awesome please don't forget to check out the video down below that has the full meal plan please don't forget to check out butcherbox and get some meat delivered to your doorstep they're a big supporter of this channel and they are awesome so please do there's a special link just.

For you guys down below and please please please i beg of you guys turn on notifications because every single day i'm posting a video and youtube does not push it out unless you have notifications on okay so turn on youtube notifications turn on the little bell icon and then make sure you.

Go to your settings on your phone go to your settings and make sure you enable notifications for youtube okay you can look up how to do it enable notifications for youtube and then turn on notifications on my videos so you always get posted because all kinds of content daily you guys are awesome thank you all so much and i'll.

See you soon
30 Day Keto I.F. Challenge - Live Coaching Q&A with Thomas DeLauer
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