30 Day Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Challenge – Update #4

30 Day Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Challenge – Update #4

30 Day Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Challenge – Update #4

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What's going on all right I know I'm late sorry about that everybody Wow we've already got a bunch of people on here this is great it's like everyone was sitting on waiting for me who was sitting here late right I did post that I was going to be late so I apologize about that we had an OB appointment as you may know my wife is pregnant more.

Due in May so we had an OB appointment and it just ran over and it just ended up throwing the wrench and the whole day so I apologize for being late but I tried to post and let people know anyhow this might end up being a really good time to do these kind of broadcasts because it's a little bit later and maybe people are home from work maybe.

People are able to sit down and just enjoy the live broadcast and talk about everything so you may have seen in the thumbnail I got a little bit of testing done laughing of last week and I'm down 2.9 percent body fat which I was already pretty lean so I'm pretty happy about that that's pretty cool now I will say you know this was with a hydrostatic.

Weighing so I'm not gonna go down that rabbit hole the point is is that there's probably a little bit of discrepancy there however point is is I'm down 2.9 percent based on the same kind of testing that I did at the beginning but this isn't about me it's about you guys so I want everyone to comment where they're watching from comment just let's.

Start with that go ahead and comment where you're watching from and then let's go ahead and let's get into some questions I want to use this time to answer questions and you guys may hear I have a little bit of congestion I barely caught that little chest bug that's been going around and then it just kind of kind of lingered just for a little bit.

So I apologize that is this kind of congestion okay we've got Florida we've got holy cow okay we've got Michigan I can't even keep up with this this is awesome guys okay so we've got almost a thousand people on this broadcast oh my gosh Wow I don't know if I've ever seen it blow up like this this is crazy welcome.

Everybody we've got New Jersey in the house we've got Ohio we've got Montana we've got New York we've got more in New York who got Australia we've got Woodlands Texas we've got San Francisco San Diego Dominican Republic Nashville Tennessee Wood Haven Michigan Porterville holy cow this is awesome all right you guys well let's go ahead and.

Let's dive right in I do want to make sure you hit that like button hit that thumbs up button that way we can get a bunch of just good you know good engagement here and I want to talk about where pee right now see how people's overall success with the intermittent fasting challenges so far and where the.

Struggles are for people because I want to be able to address how we can make this a long-term change okay how we can actually make this something that we stick with for a long period of time and what you can start to implement in terms of your internet and fasting regimen to continue this path right to make it a long term play because the issue is when.

People start intermittent fasting they start thinking that oh shoot this is great I'm going to continue this as a lifestyle and the next thing you know they can't keep up with it because it's I shouldn't say they can't keep up with it they plateau because they end up doing it so much that they get their.

Metabolism to a point where it's not adjusting anymore so I think we need to talk about longer term fast we need to talk about some other things that we can do and just different ways that we can kind of implement different tools different supplements different exercise models all that kind of stuff yeah some ones that sounds like I have a little.

Bit of a cold yep I just mentioned before I'm just on the tail end of this little thing you can't beat it when you got kids in the house doesn't matter I mean you know you can do as many ice baths as you want but the point is when you're in close proximity to that stuff sometimes you're just gonna catch it but it's not.

Too bad it's fine anyhow so the first question that copped up that I thought was really good I've been doing alternate day fasting and can you recommend something for when you break your fast in the morning okay so this is a question that's come up a few times and I apologize lighting is a little bit weird right now I'm testing.

Out some new lights but the other simple fact of the matter is it's dark out so I have to use the overhead fluorescents and anytime I have overhead lighting it's gonna give me raccoon eyes and stuff so I'm sorry about that okay so people may have seen my videos talking about alternate day fasting where they are actually having to break.

Their fast in the morning and I feel like it's a good question to address because it's just a common one the same rules are still going to apply okay so when you break your fast in the morning more than likely you're going to be very very insulin sensitive okay now at the end of a fast you're already insulin sensitive okay what that means is that.

Whatever you consume your body's gonna really absorb but in the morning you're already even more insulin sensitive and then assuming you're working out in the morning you're going to be really insulin sensitive so if you are breaking your fast first thing in the morning it is very important that you keep it exceptionally lean now that being said.

From a genetic standpoint and there is a BMC genomic study that talks about this our bodies can actually handle more fats in the morning so should that mean that we should go ahead and have those fats no it means that we have more leeway more flexibility to potentially have more fats but that doesn't necessarily apply with intermittent fasting and I.

Address that only because I've talked about it in videos before and I want to make sure that people understand it okay so what that means is that from a genetic standpoint our bodies typically can utilize more fats in the morning without them going to storage but that doesn't necessarily apply with intermittent fasting because with.

Intermittent fasting you're manipulating your insulin so much so my advice for someone that's breaking a fast in the morning is going to be to keep it as insanely mean as you possibly can okay so we're talking like really lean chicken and we're talking really lean protein shake it's essentially the same as what you would break your fast with.

Otherwise except there's going to be extra extra extra critical critical with it okay another question that comes up says during the fed period do you have to be in a caloric surplus to build muscle so I've talked about this before but caloric surplus is relative right if I were to eat a on a piece of chicken right now would I technically be in a.

Surplus at this very moment in time yes I probably would be right for this nanosecond I would be in a surplus so the word surplus is kind of relative right so you have to look at like when your hormones are aligned when your mTOR levels are or imp or activation is aligned and what that means is like when you are in the mode of building muscle.

That is the only time where a caloric surplus matters and when I say mode of building muscle we don't really know when that mode is right we don't oh we can't always tell that and what I mean by that is that like if I were to go work out right now my protein synthesis might be elevated shortly after the workout but I don't know at what exact.

Point in time my body is quote-unquote building muscle it might be building muscle right after the workout it might be building muscle six six hours after the workout I don't know so only if we are in a caloric surplus during the time that true protein synthesis is occurring can we guarantee that we're going to build muscle and have that surplus be.

Effective so my point in saying that is that you don't necessarily need to be in a surplus for the day you need to be in a surplus for that point in time so if you have a short and consolidated eating window and you're trying to build muscle as long as you were in a surplus during that eating window then you're gonna be fine.

Okay so let's just break it down into a kind of a mathematical situation here just for those that are a little bit more mathematical if we're supposed to eat 2,000 calories in a day okay this is totally hypothetical but a simple math if we're supposed to eat 2,000 calories in one day that would imply that half of our day we should eat in 1,000 calories.

Right well if we fast for half of the day and this is purely hypothetical just by example for example if we fast for half of the day then anything more than 1,000 calories is going to technically be a surplus for that respective period of time okay because we're supposed to eat 2,000 calories over the full day then adjust that for a half a day it.

Should be a thousand calories if we're eating 1400 or 1200 calories during that half day then technically were in a surplus for that period of time so if we're in a surplus for that period of time then as far as our bodies are concerned for that period of time once again we are probably going to build some muscle okay so hopefully that makes.

Some sense for everybody and now it's a little bit convoluted and it's a little hard to wrap your mind around but that's the simplicity of it okay we've got so many good question okay guys make sure you do hit that thumbs up button please that really does help me a lot if you hit that little like button that thumbs up button okay someone says I'm stuck at.

14 percent body fat how can I drop lower I'm doing keto and 24 hour fasting okay I didn't want to address this kind of stuff because obviously we have people that are getting plateaus right now there are three four weeks into this challenge and all of a sudden they're they're getting plateaus okay they've had good success I'm gonna ask everyone.

Their results here so far in a minute but you know I want to address this so the first thing that I usually tell people to do and this goes against the grain of what a lot of teto people will say is to actually the first thing you wanna do is like actually reduce the fats a little bit now why do I say that because gram for gram.

Fats still store easier than carbohydrates I know that sounds crazy and I know it sounds completely wacky but fats still from a simple molecular standpoint will store easier than carbohydrates does that mean that you shouldn't be eating fat and you should be eating carbohydrates absolutely not no what it means is that if you go over.

If you have an overage or you're in a surplus it is easier to accidentally gain weight via the surplus of fat than it is a surplus of carbs so when you're doing keto if you slip up and you go overboard you have a higher potential of that getting stored now when you're in a deficit you have more power so I know that's it's so complicated to say in the.

Short amount of time but with great power comes great responsibility is basically when it comes down to with keto okay so with keto if you're in a deficit you're gonna burn fat really fast on keto if you're in a surplus it's easy to gain fat so I usually say with keto you don't want to go too far overboard surplus because it's easy to.

Gain fat but it's ok to go aggressive and burn fat so when I come back to answering your question if you're hitting a plateau trim the fats down I always suggest backing the fats down about 25% to start ok you can even go less than that but 25% all you got to do is back it down a little bit back it down and then you'll see some pretty.

Amazing results I don't care even if you swap out the calories for protein if you want to get complicated with it you know if you want to cut down 25% of your calories from fat and replace it with 25% calories from protein I'd be totally ok with that the point is is that we need to reduce the fats because for whatever reason.

That's probably why you're plateauing ok it doesn't go for everybody but it's usually the case it's usually the simplest solution for people now I don't want everyone to reduce the fats too much but you see we live in this world with keto where we think that fats are everything no no our body has plenty of fats to burn trust me our body can pull.

From lots of different fat stores ok I was 7 and a half percent when I started this Challenge and trust me even at seven-and-a-half percent my body had a lot of stuff to pull from okay so let's go ahead let's move on some other question so we've got lots of good stuff coming through here okay so one says I'm.

Actually just lost it hey Thomas I've been doing a 20-hour fast for our eating warrior diet for a month and a half I've lost thirty thirty-five pounds so far and I've never had a cheat meal is it okay to have two to three donuts tonight you know it's a good question you know okay don't and donuts aside.

Okay first things first I would probably suggest finding a cleaner cheat meal okay I the reason I say that is simply because when you look at a doughnut you've got a massive amount of gluten massive amount of inflammatory response it's gonna happen within your body plus you have a bunch of sugar I understand with a cheat meal you're gonna have.

Sugar it's all good I get it but I would highly recommend probably going for like gluten-free doughnuts if you can just to at least reduce that impact on your body make it a little bit easier the short answer is yes you're probably gonna be just fine because every once in a while your body needs leptin to actually send that signal let me explain how leptin.

Works and how leptin works with cheat meals because this is a really important thing to know especially if you've been doing a lot of fasting and you're hitting a roadblock you're getting a little bit of a hurdle and you feel like you need to change it up okay leptin is a communication signal that goes from your fat to your brain to your.

Hypothalamus okay so it's really simple the fat cells essentially call your brain and they say hey brain we have plenty of fat on hand okay so go ahead and rev up the metabolism it's fine basically it's the fat calling the brain saying hey we got plenty of us laying around go ahead and burn us it's fine so we want leptin signaling to be high okay.

Now what happens is when we diet and when we reduce calories it reduces that leptin signaling it slows down how much the leptin calls the brain and when the left hand doesn't call the brain as much guess what happens well then the body doesn't turn up the metabolism in fact it turns it down because the brains no longer getting the phone call from the.

Leptin right the brain is like hey leptin hasn't called me in a while telling me to burn fat I better turn off that burning okay now when you have a cheat meal specifically with carbohydrates that cheat meal is going to restore those leptin levels at least temporarily okay it's going to restore them so that all of a sudden.

They pick up the phone the fat cells call the brain again so it really does make a difference so you might notice that with your cheat meal sure you get a little bit of a leptin spike now there's a very big important thing that everyone that has a cheat meal needs to know okay two things one the false hunger I call it false.

Hunger and the false fat-burning okay how many times have you had a cheat meal and the next day you feel like you are just ravenous like and you feel like oh man this diet has to be doing something today because I am hungry I am hungry hungry hungry okay I'm sure a lot of people have done that right okay that situation is quite simply explained that.

Is purely a blood sugar response blood sugar goes up from the cheap meal and it comes crashing down okay big problem right well that's gonna make you feel hungry and that's going to give you the illusion that okay yeah maybe I burns maybe I'm burning fat yadda yadda not really the case now the other thing that you have to be aware of is in order to.

Truly get a good leptin spike you actually need to have more than just one cheat meal now I encourage people to look at it like this from an evolutionary standpoint if you were to be living 1,000 years ago and you went out or miss a 2,000 years ago and you went out and you made a kill okay well would that kill just provide one meal or.

Would it provide a good amount of food for probably a week or so well depending on your try i have depending on all that so it probably is gonna give you food for a few days so to truly restore left in levels you actually need to have a surplus of calories for a few days okay so have a cheat meal because you need the mental reprieve okay have a cheat.

Meal because you need it psychologically don't try to kid yourself into thinking that you're doing something physiological that's gonna magically change the course of your diet sometimes just the mental break is all you need and it helps you out of time okay so go right ahead with that now I will say in terms of a cheat meal sure enjoy that.

If you're ever trying to do a refeed the strategy needs to be more like a few days okay it needs to be three four days of slight caloric surplus maybe 20% above baseline for a few days 20% above your baseline calories and that should reset you a little bit more okay hopefully that answers that question okay I do want people to go.

Ahead and comment how much weight they've lost so far on this challenge okay because this challenge has been immensely successful I think we have I know we have over 400,000 people viewed the original video so that's pretty awesome and hey guys just so you do know I say this in all the live broadcast with this challenge in case you didn't.

Know the special discount for butcher box that's down below in the description was extended throughout the entire challenge so I put a new link down below but your box sponsored this challenge and provided the meat for a lot of people doing the challenge I think something like some crazy amount of people so I'm like six thousand people.

Or something took advantage and you just put your box for it so super cool but I mentioned it last week I mentioned it the week before the link down below is now still valid originally it was only going to work at the beginning of the challenge but we had so many people that were still coming through we wanted to extend it so that link is just the first.

Link down below in the description to get the special pricing on butcher box so grass-fed grass-finished me to your doorstep it's just right down below so just make sure you check it out after you watch this video no pressure or anything like that it's just a good price on it and it's worth checking out ok now we've got a lot of people holy.

Cow 12 pounds 14 pounds 20 pounds I'm just gonna read through the 7 kilograms 12 pounds 9 pounds 15 pounds 11 pounds 11 pounds 18 pounds Wow Johnny that's awesome 14 pounds so I'm just looking at the live chat here 8 pounds 6 pounds 18 pounds 12 pounds holy cow guys this is great ok this is so I think we have a lot of people that are.

Definitely going to be continuing with this kind of challenge or continuing this as a lifestyle so we have a good question that comes in here says thank you TD never have done intermittent fasting didn't lose weight but it's been interesting I was already keto for eight months and fatted that that happy to try switching.

Out 20% fat for protein yeah see that happens to a lot of people that did have been doing keto for a long period of time and then start to do fasting it's because you are fat adapted now it's so interesting because a lot of there's a lot of scientific literature coming out now that says that we've been fat adapted for a long period of time.

That you actually do need to potentially switch back for a short period of time to make sure that your body continues to thrive on being fat adapted so that's why I am a big fan if you've been doing keto for a long time usually it's a great strategy to implement intermittent fasting with carbohydrates and I know I'm gonna see people drop off of this.

Video when I say this because you know people get crazy about their carbs and/or anti carb I should say but that's a great strategy right so like you you do keto when you're not really doing heavy heavy intermittent fasting and then when it's time to implement your carbohydrates that's when you get a pretty a bit more aggressive with your.

Intermittent fasting it just allows you to be in that caloric deficit remain fat adapted but still get your body a little bit of that glucose so you don't become glucose intolerant that is a concern that people have with keto is if you do keto for two long-term you do become now this I say this with a grain of salt or should I say a grain of glucose you.

Become somewhat glucose intolerant is that really bad I personally don't think it is I think glucose intolerance isn't necessarily a bad thing just the worth of the words themselves sound bad but it just means that your body doesn't process glucose as well but the point is we don't really need it to process glucose that well so who cares however.

When it comes down to fat loss if we want to be able to get the most bang for the buck out of our keto and intermittent fasting lifestyles it is good to cycle on some good healthy carbs for a little bit and that's exactly what I recommend go three months keto with periodic intermittent fasting and then dive into a month of really.

Aggressive intermittent fasting with 3 days 4 days 5 days per week even if you're experienced and have the carbs in the mix it's amazing you will probably see that your muscles fill out and you've you get more volumize with your muscle but then you'll also see that at the same time oh I'm leaning out and I'm breaking.

Through this plateau it's just something to consider about so many good questions guys let me go ahead and try to answer a few more let's see you've talked a lot about the types of fasting but can you speak more to the different time periods in different frequencies okay yes so what I would generally recommend intermittent fasting three to.

Four days per week works phenomenally well for most people I like to do a 24-hour fast one day per week I find that a 24 hour fast is just a great number I fast from evening to evening one day per week it's usually on a Monday and it just works really really well what I mean by that is I didn't do it this week but like last week for.

Instance dinnertime on Sunday was 6:00 6:30 p.m. and then Monday came around and I had dinner around 7:00 so I went a little over 24 hours that's such a great strategy it's such a great just to do once per week okay then when we look at say other prolong fasiq 48-hour fasts doing those once a month or once every six weeks is a really good number for.

That okay so I recommend that alternate day fasting is also a really good strategy if you're trying to get a little bit more aggressive about it because that is essentially doing almost a 24-hour fast every other day so that's a little bit more aggressive but it's not a long-term strategy I don't think because it's just hard to just avoid.

Food altogether for an entire day for the rest of your life so something to consider this is not a brand plug I'm just gonna have a sip of this this is one of those kavita probiotic drinks it's like a kombucha except there I'm not even gonna I don't I don't even want this to seem like a pitch so I'm gonna cover the label but if you've ever had.

Water kefir it's a really really good stuff it's a good alternative to come bootjet it is not fasting friendly but it is keto friendly so it's just a really good one if you're wanting to get the probiotic effect but you don't want all the sugar that's in the kombucha so water kefir is where they ferment basically the water like a culture in.

The water weather whereas kombucha they're fermenting the sugar and the tea or the tea with the sugar so something to think about anyhow I digress okay some other questions here Thomas I recently watched your videos on extra skin and I want oh and I wanted to know how do you properly use witch hazel okay I think I should just address extra skin.

In general a lot of extra skin and things like that is largely going to be a genetic thing okay if you have a lot of extra skin like I did I was genetically predisposed to hide genetically don't have the greatest skin Jay my mom it's awesome my dad bless his heart you know they didn't have the best skin okay they for.

Whatever reason okay they they burned easily so their skin aged easily and didn't have a lot of elasticity now I know that I got some of those genetics so I knew when I had gained a bunch of weight that's why I got stretch marks my skin just didn't have a lot of elasticity now fasting like I've talked about in a lot of videos and does allow.

You to tighten up your skin much faster than other means of weight loss and that simply is because of autophagy because it does help you recycle some of those skin cells it does help you recycle some of that extra skin but more importantly it helps that migration of type 3 type 1 collagen and allows that to actually form the way that it should which is.

Really important for your body when it comes down to rebuilding structure okay if your collagen stores are not operating properly if they're not migrating if they're not changing you're not having type 1 and type 3 like you actually should then your skin is just gonna remain saggy and and downright fasting improves that I will say if you.

Suffer from saggy skin or anything like that I hate to break it to you but you have to do some longer fasts you just have to don't make it a huge habit but you do need to probably try to do some 3-4 day fasts because that's where and the loose skin really tightens up and I know it's not what everyone wants to hear but it does make a big difference.

With that now you asked specifically about witch hazel because I've talked about that in videos as a topical witch hazel isn't a stringent so it does help pull some of the oils but what I noticed it did for me is it helped the elasticity I don't know why but it would help me tighten things up I don't know if it would just help pull the oils or.

Help pull some of the extra moisture I don't know what it was because it seemed counterproductive but I had heard it from a doctor friend of mine back in the day and he had classic surgeon he used to have all his patients apply witch hazel after they'd have tummy tucks and things like that to help it tighten up so he suggested it to me and it worked.

Really well so I wish I had really solid answers for you but in terms of how to apply it I was applying it like three four times per day I was just always on where I had loose skin most of the loose skin that I had I still have it is around like my love handle area in the back if you look at some of the pictures of me and things.

Like that I I have some serious serious stretch marks they're like they're bad they're really bad on my back and I still had extra skin there so okay huh that's or some more questions here apologize for rambling on that a little bit let's see what kind of healthy carbs you recommend besides quinoa I prefer any kind of.

Carbohydrate that's not going to be the typical grains okay so quinoa technically is a grain but it's in a different classification so quinoa yes okay I liked f te f f EF is a really interesting grain one that's gonna be a lot better in terms of lower no gluten and it really so lower amounts of what.

Are called Pro lemons which can have an effect on your body so I recommend things like that small amounts of sweet potatoes I also recommend messing around with what are called resistant starches a resistant starches are where you let's say a good example is heating up some baked potato or heating up some rice preferably a.

Baked potato because rice the grain issues are bad okay and then you let it cool and then you reheat it what that does is that changes it from resistant type 1 to resistant type 2 RS to starches I have another video coming out in that March but basically when you manipulate the the heating of those starch chains it changes how they absorb.

In the body so hey I asked everyone to please hit that like button we've got one point five thousand people on this broadcast and I would love to see that like button that like number hit up over a thousand that would be awesome so just appreciate and everybody just smash that button if you can let's see let's see how to prevent muscle loss while losing.

Weight okay well the simplest way is keeping a nitrogen balance high keeping your protein the whole sigh that's that's the simplest way but it goes much more beyond that I would highly highly recommend again training if you're concerned with losing muscle workout in the morning and break your fast shortly.

After your workout okay so that's like switch your schedule around so that you're working out in the morning and breaking your fast in the morning your workout so you might start eating breakfast like breakfast and a lunch and then fasting throughout the afternoon and evening and then working out what that's going to do is it's going to.

Allow you to capitalize on your testosterone levels being elevated in the morning you're gonna capitalize on growth hormone levels being a little bit higher the pulses in the morning you're also going to capitalize on the fat-burning state of you're fast and you're going to capitalize on insulin sensitivity I know it's difficult for.

Some people but that's a really powerful tip okay so it definitely makes a big difference do not worry about sipping on things like BCAAs all the time you don't need to do any of that stuff timing is everything when it comes down to preserve your muscle ted asks why can't we past every day you can fast every day and I talk about this I sound like such.

A broken record but you can fast every day but the problem with fasting every day is what's gonna happen is your body's just gonna adjust to that so as long as you are okay with that and fasting every day then that's being part of your life and that's okay okay someone says my visceral fat increased when I was doing keto and fasting what.

Gives it all depends on when you test yourself so some of the studies show or at least allude to that when you are fasting then the studies are with fasting not with keto but I'm gonna assume that they're the same because it's very similar mitochondrial function and very similar uncoupling protein and browning of white tissue and things like.

That what ends up happening is visceral fat is largely brown fat so it's kind of confusing because visceral fat which is the unhealthy fat that leaks inflammatory cytokines into our liver triggers inflammation triggers all these issues it's technically a brown fat which is good okay brown fat is good but we don't want visceral fat so what gives.

Well the problem is keto and fasting encourage the Browning of white fat by increasing the number of uncoupling protein 1 and uncoupling protein 2 so what ultimately this means is that we could be taking adipose tissue that's just our unsightly body fat and it migrates to our visceral fat now if you're early on in your keto and fasting.

Journey this is bad because you're noticing it if you continue with it then your body starts to burn that okay so yes you have a temporary migration of white fat to brown fat adipose to visceral but it does go away it does end so it's just interesting you know because I'm glad you brought that up it's a very.

Intriguing question and very intriguing thing to bring up based on you know all the research that I've seen I literally film the video like two three weeks ago called thin on the outside fat on the inside specifically talking about that because one of the gentlemen that's on my medical advisory board that is at Oxford University uses.

A ketone PhD researcher he talked about some of these case studies that he's seen and some of these subjects that he's seen where it's the same kind of thing where they test and they find their visceral fat levels go up it's very interesting stuff but all totally okay once you actually start understanding how the science works but.

If you get concerned always check with your doctor sorry guys I'm looking to see any more questions okay we've got does the l-carnitine have any significant fat burning effects when working out fast it if you are fat adapt that's actually a great question and it's somewhat of a trick question I'm gonna write it down because I want to do.

A video on this one later so clear with me okay see I wrote it down because I want to see it later I want to do this that's a really great idea for a video I'm still gonna address it here in this chat so karma team and the carnitine transfer is that that shuttle okay that is responsible for allowing fat to get into the mitochondria okay for allowing.

Things and glucose and all that acetyl coenzyme a everything to get into the mitochondria when you are fasting you don't need to do that if you are fasting long enough or if you are doing keto why because that that carnitine carnitine transfer is that carnitine pathway that shuttle pathway is not required to get ketones into the mitochondria so if you.

Are fasting long enough to where you have ketones present your mitochondria will fuel from those ketones which therefore does not require carnitine so if you take a carnitine supplement while you are fasting or doing TM it's not hurting anything but it's wasting your money because you don't need it okay.

Those ketones and when your fat adapted you have a lot of them you don't need that carnitine because that can just cross those ketones cross through what's called the double membrane of the mitochondria so the mitochondria is normally somewhat shielded and it needs this carnitine to kind of shuttle it in so normally you know these these fuels.

Will ride on carnitine to get into the mitochondria to create energy not in this case not necessary because ketones are special in that case JP says come visit Australia with the family I would love to come boström never been to Australia and would absolutely love to and it would be really really cool to set up some kind of meet and greet.

Out there in Australia so I know I've got a huge amount of Australian fans okay meg says sorry I'm fat adapted but I have days that I also have some carbs I think I'm eating too many fat so it's not much my question is when my man yeah okay when I'm seating yeah basically what she asks is if I'm.

Starting to actually experience it coming out the other end a lot does that mean that I'm eating too much fat common question not quite always phrased in the terminology that you use that I'm not going to say who's kind of funny you could have a little bit of a gallbladder issue okay if your gallbladder is not functioning super super well for.

Whatever reason genetic biological DNA whatever okay it could just be that you're not metabolizing a lot of those fats and it's causing you to just expel them it doesn't necessarily mean too much fats in the way of your for your metabolism or for fat loss or anything like that but if yeah if you're having that issue you need to back down on the.

Fats a little bit ooh good question can cinnamon produce similar results as metformin I love this question because I have talked about taking cinnamon capsules just before breaking your fast because what it does is it brings glute fork transporters to the surface of a cell and it has a similar response to the body as insulin it works a lot like.

Metformin so for those of you I'm not a doctor so I have to be very careful saying this that are diabetic or anything like that are familiar with metformin you will know that that's a very important anyhow it's a it's a it's a compound of drug pharmaceutical it's used to help regulate blood sugar cinnamon has a very.

Similar effect so when you are about to break a fast and you're gonna have carbs if you have some cinnamon right before it will stabilize your blood sugar and it will make it so that even if you do have a little bit of potential glucose intolerance it's going to make life a little bit easier so yes cinnamon is very very good it also can help lessen.

Cortisol levels which means when you do break your fast you have less potential of fat getting stored now what I do want to say especially for those of you they're starting to make this more of a lifestyle make it a habit to control and reduce stress right before you break your fast okay whether that be through supplementation whether that be through.

Meditation through exercise whatever cortisol when elevated is only bad if you are eating in conjunction with it so if you have levels of insulin that are high alongside cortisol levels that are high that's when you store fat okay that's when cortisol causes you to store fat otherwise cortisol is not that bad so what we need to do is we need to.

Lessen the cortisol levels before we break our fast because when we break our fast insulin levels will go up so we don't want cortisol levels to be up too so we want to go ahead and we want to calm ourselves before we break our fast cinnamon can do that but it also helps lessen the impact of the glucose of the insulin okay so it has that powerful.

Effect there so anyhow I just definitely recommend that hey guys I do want to say really quick just like I mentioned before just because they're a big sponsor of this challenge and they've helped everything out down below special link to still get the special pricing on butcher box and also I'm going to be doing a giveaway where I'm going to be.

Giving away ten boxes of butcher box so I want you guys to just keep checking back on the channel in the community tab so if anyone's interested in just participating in a giveaway it's gonna be super super easy it's not like you have to be involved in a whole lot I'm just gonna I'll make it super simple be giving away like a 300 dollar box of.

Butcher box to ten different people so if everyone is interested in me doing a giveaway just comment in the live chat just say yes giveaway okay because I don't know I like doing these a few times per year because I like giving people that maybe I haven't gotten a chance to try it I'm gonna give it a shot.

Yeah it looks like a lot of people are into the giveaway IDs so perfect I just like doing those kind of things I also have that chomps giveaway going on right now let's see some other questions here okay someone says I've heard you say combining fats and carbs are bad when breaking it fast what about fats and protein post-workout.

Does the fat still go into the cells so here's the thing that when you break a fast after or actually even just after a workout we have to remember two things okay fats are gonna slow down the absorption of the protein okay so why do you really want that like really whether you're keto or not you have to ask yourself.

Like why why they're not doing anything other than slowing down the absorption of the protein which is slowing down your protein synthesis like it just doesn't make sense I think we we have to remember that especially with this keto culture in Inked it's funny think is like I'm the keto guy on YouTube right but I also try to be real because we.

Have to address what some of the key to zealots are talking about that makes no sense like why should we just be loading ourselves up with tons of fats when there doesn't need to be a practical like use form at that point in time so right after you're done working out it's easy to think oh I want to have fats because I want to stimulate my ketone.

Levels but it's not going to help you much it's not gonna do anything for you because it's just gonna slow down your protein absorption and it's gonna stand in the way of you burning more fat the other thing you have to remember is you have independent like insulin receptors that are separate and apart from your liver that are individual like satellite.

Insulin receptors and insulin growth like or insulin-like growth factor that's in your in your muscle cells when you're done working out and you consume protein and/or carbohydrates you stimulate those satellite insulin cells or insulin growth like their insulin excuse me insulin-like growth factor but also you have this peripheral insulin.

Response that is independent from your liver what that means is that you have an opportunity to have a good amount of protein even a little bit of carbohydrate that's gonna allow you to grow and build muscle without kicking you out of keto if you have fats you just stand in the way of that so I hope that that answers the question.

It's simple but I mean it really is true okay I'm gonna answer one more good question here there's a that's sorry that's not harder to answer right here one minute here you know a good question George says you say that ground beef is a fast protein how is it and it has fats and slows down protein absortion that's a very good question.

Well first of all it depends right depends how much fat you're consuming how much fat is in the ground meat I know I mentioned in a video I was talking about the fastest absorbing proteins and I did mention that ground meat is going to absorb now the studies have shown that okay studies show that the minced and ground meats absorb.

Faster than the non minced meats it's simple digestion so whether there's if you were to take it's it's apples to apples right if you were to take a steak with 20 grams of fat and the same amount of ground beef with 20 grams of fat the point is is that the ground beef is still going to absorb faster that's this all that means it's the mechanical.

Digestion okay minced meat will absorb faster if you're going to have a ground meat of some kind I usually recommend like a ground chicken or a ground turkey that is lean because then you get like that's why I whatever like I write plans for people or anything like that I talked about that I a lot of times have them break their fast with like ground.

Turkey like lean ground turkey because it's lean and it's ground so they're gonna absorb it faster than if they were to eat say a chicken breast or something like that so I hope that answers that question gives you a little bit of insight there anyhow you guys I've got to go ahead and wrap this up you guys are super super awesome I I mean it just.

Blows me away that so many people will take time out of their Monday night to hang out with me and do these lab broadcasts like I kind of want to continue doing them even after this challenge is over because I don't know this is a good way for me to connect with you guys we just got to get more people on them you know one point five.

Thousand people hanging on for an hour is great but I'd love to get more people and make this a big thing but I think a lot of it comes down to the hand of the YouTube gods it's out of our control right the YouTube gods control a lot of us and you guys have probably seen that algorithmically so many YouTube channels are suffering right now.

It's really tough I'm glad that you know we're growing five six seven thousand subscribers per day right now so I mean our channel is growing but I'm seeing a lot of channels really struggling right now because the algorithms have changed and it's frustrating that's sad because the YouTube game is definitely different and we're definitely having to create.

More and more and more and more content just to stay relevant and just to stay in front of you so if you guys notice that I'm posting videos every day first of all I love doing that so don't get me wrong second of all we're having to do it for a reason if we don't post every day then we cannot we cannot reach the audience.

Because YouTube is serving the content differently if I can also just be real for a second this channel is supported and continues to grow because sponsored placements okay if we cannot so in order to keep the channel going it's like we have to have more sponsors and in order to have more sponsors we have to be able to create more videos to satisfy those.

Sponsors too so you guys I hate had it has to be like this like the days where YouTube used to just be so great where you could just hop on and reach millions of people it's so different now it really is like on one hand it's great because it's forced me to run this like a business but on the other hand it's a bummer because you really have to beat.

Yourself up so if you ever wonder like wow Thomas posts a lot of content he posts like every day it has to get done otherwise we don't get the visibility and the channel can't stay afloat economically it's it's interesting so I just appreciate everybody here because everybody is really really understanding and everybody always I know you guys.

Appreciate my transparency and it's my mission I will always be truthful with you and I will always tell you how this channel works economically because you deserve to know you deserve to know that like their sponsors for a reason sponsors like butcher box and thrive and things like they're there for a reason not just because they need to be or want.

To be but I also if you understand the driving force behind like the economy of YouTube and understand I don't know anyhow I don't want to ramble the point is is that you guys are great is you guys being here are the loyal ones that are a huge part of my daily life and I just appreciate you guys so much and I know you appreciate what I.

Put out there too I don't think you have any idea how much I appreciate you guys so thank you so so so so much I will see you guys soon I'll try to hop on another one next week so that we can at least wrap up and recap a little bit in the interim have a tremendous week and keep on rockin and rollin it's got some amazing content coming out this week.

Let's get one last round of thumbs up and please guys just put your box a shot down below okay and also I put my free dining-out cheat sheet so it's like a cheat sheet to help you out with eating out and things like that I put that down below in the description as well okay talk to you guys soon have a great evening.

30 Day Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Challenge - Update #4
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