30 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge Live Week 1 Update – Weight Loss & Muscle Building

30 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge Live Week 1 Update – Weight Loss & Muscle Building

30 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge Live Week 1 Update – Weight Loss & Muscle Building

Check out the video on 30 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge Live Week 1 Update – Weight Loss & Muscle Building.
Here we go all right so you're a few days into this sucker uhit's what January 6th so if you start on January 2nd it you're a few days in now first of all I want to apologize the lighting is terrible right now so it's just looks terrible simply because it gets dark a little bit early here and I have to have these like nasty fluorescent lights and.

That just makes me look washed out in terrible so I apologize in advance but welcome welcome everybody if you're here you probably know why you're here and simply because this is broadcast number one for the 30 day intermittent fasting challenge so I'm stoked to see everybody here we've got a lot of ground to cover we're going to talk about.

Muscle building we're going to talk about fat loss but most importantly I want to be able to answer questions as many questions as it possibly can so can everyone do me a solid and please comment where you're watching from which a lot of people already are and that way later on and when I go through this I can look at all the amazing people from.

Just all walks of life all corners in the world so we've already got over a thousand people on this broadcast which means we are going to rock it I want to hear just who is already having success okay I mean I know we're just a few days into this and sometimes just having a regimen and having a structure is all it takes to rock and roll and have a lot of.

Success with this so if you're already seeing some success after just four or five days into this go ahead and just comment the word success I'm excited to see how many people are probably already having success success does not have to be measurable by your fat loss doesn't have to be measurable by how much muscle you've put on or anything like that if.

You are simply feeling good and feeling like you're conquering a little bit more of I don't know sort of those mental barriers that you encounter well then you are successful so I want to wait for a few people to join in here because the audience is climbing okay we're at one point 3,000 people here and a little over a minute into this broadcast so I.

Know that that number is going to grow so before I start getting into a lot of the details and answering a lot of questions I want to make sure that we've got a good number of people here so you now we're at one point four thousand so lots of people already saying success Wow holy cow you've already got people saying I've already lost a few pounds.

And just a couple of days into this now I do want to make sure anyone that's watching this you may or may not have seen the videos that I've posted over the last couple of weeks talking about this challenge so forgive me for those of you that are aware and you have to just you know regurgitate this information this is a 30-day.

Internet fasting challenge that started January 2nd however if you're joining us now you can start at any point in time there will be links to the video that I posted that broke down the entire meal plan as well as each day one video that motivates you to get started so the original video was posted on December 26th which broke down the full diet pan.

Gave you the structure gave you the meals and I know it's somewhat limited but you have to understand when I'm creating a meal plan that's gonna go out to the masses I can't exactly create something massive because well everyone's going to have lots of different questions it's easier to make it granular in detail and if people need.

Specific substitutions we've got that face for a group of people can get the help in that Wow okay lots of comments already okay we've already got someone down 11.6 pounds another person wants six pounds how this is awesome ten pounds in five days see the reason that you're dropping weight so quick isn't because you're just magically losing all.

This fat let's be realistic a lot of it could be water but what does that mean is that bad no it's not bad if you're losing water weight sea water weight will end up resulting in official weight loss later on down the line now what I mean by that is if you are holding excess water and you lose that water by changing your diet and eating.

Cleaner obviously that water wasn't supposed to be there and it was probably there in the way of cellular inflammation that was probably there causing problems throughout your entire body so that water leaving is usually your first step towards being able to lose more weight okay so don't be disappointed if you lose a bunch of.

Weight and again I mean you're thinking oh it's just water weight no that is a great sign that your body is well on the way now you may have noticed in the thumbnail I was holding up this old picture of myself I don't know if you know this but I keep this picture on my desk I wish you could kind of see okay I can't so you're like if you look my.

Guess there's my desk for real okay I legitimately have pictures of myself what I used to look like okay and the reason that I do that is simply because I honestly want to be reminded of why I'm here and why I'm continuing to do what I do so the reason I'm even showing you this picture is simply because I want you to remember why you are doing.

This this was me at 290 pounds 285 actually so closer to 90 all right this was me before I started intermittent fasting before I started playing around with Kido before I started getting focused on metabolic health and metabolic adaptation and just being metabolically flexible as was this one this was me sitting with my grandparents.

At the time okay so people will look at that this thing well you're not like extremely overweight no I was extremely overweight this was about I don't know 15 pounds into my weight loss journey already okay then this picture was at my sister's wedding okay that's a friend of my sister's she was at the Air Force Academy I mean you see the acne on me.

You see I was very unhealthy okay so this is the reason that I am here and I know you've all heard me talk about that and I know you've heard me mention that before and I know it gets a little bit of old just hearing me talk about that but it's motivating for you and it's motivating for me so anyhow I do want to make sure that we get into some.

Questions so where I want to start is in the facebook group that we laid out for this intermittent fasting challenge I know some of you aren't there and that's fine there was a post that was put up that'll listed out a bunch of questions so this way I can get started with some basic questions and then as we get going I can answer more of the questions that.

Are coming through live here so let's go ahead and opening this up really quick okay so let's start with this first question please address when to take your vitamins and minerals while you are fasting from watching some of your videos I'm thinking that minerals should be taken in the a.m since you need electrolytes for fascinating and.

Vitamins after dinner since you're not fasting at that point Jennifer that's a really good question and more or less you're right you can honestly consolidate all your vitamins all your minerals everything to the evening time it all depends on how far you want to go I personally think that if you just add a little bit of salt to.

Your water throughout the day when you're fasting that you're getting plenty of minerals you're not going to deplete yourself in minerals that fast you're not going to get so depleted in magnesium potassium and everything through out of 16 18 hour fast is it going to help you feel better yes it will yeah you could definitely put.

Yourself in a spot where you have more energy because you will have a little bit more of that electrical signal that's actually able to work and your brain needs electrolytes right eat that's sodium potassium balance but do you have to do it while you're fasting I think it becomes a lot more critical throughout a longer fast so don't.

Concern yourself with trying to load up vitamins in the morning and buy them in the evening I would highly recommend just take your vitamins take yourself remnants all in the evening time that way you can just consolidate them make it super easy that way anything that is going to be considered an antioxidant or anti-inflammatory or anything like that.

Is going to quell the effects of your fast so there is a particular study I don't remember where it was published right offhand but it took a look at the effect of vitamin C on a fast C vitamin C is supposed to be an antioxidant where it is an antioxidant well believe it or not when subjects consumed vitamin C it negated the effects of the fast because.

The effect of the fast is all a result of stressing yourself and letting your body develop the ability to adapt to stress if you give yourself a supplement or a vitamin that makes that easier then you're doing yourself a disservice so you don't want to take any kind of antioxidants any kind of vitamin C or anything like that during your fast you.

Actually want your body to be somewhat under stress the only thing that is somewhat ok is gonna be the salt and you wanted to take your potassium your magnesium you could do that too but I would say in this case just consolidate it to the evening time let me go through some other questions here how does wine affect insulin can we.

Still have wine or alcohol during this challenge and I understand I did not address that during the introduction videos so I appreciate that you brought up I would highly recommend for these 30 days that you just keep it out of the equation why it's not doing any good and remember your liver is going through such a massive cleaning and detox phase.

During a fat do you really want to burden it more because once you do consume food your deliverer is taking a little bit of a hit right you've gone for a period of time without eating your liver is getting a chance to clean its hepatic etapa G liver on top of G where cells are recycling your liver and things are.

Working great and then all of a sudden you're bringing about food in that's already stressful on the liver and alcohol is going to be even more stressful we have to remember is acetaldehyde which is what comes from alcoholism but basically what is alcohol when it's in its broken-down form in our body is highly highly toxic to the liver.

Yes it is a poison and that means that the limit is going to prioritize the metabolism of that and I'm not trying to scare people away from alcohol I'm not like I'm a realist okay I understand I get it but we have to remember that our liver is going to prioritize the metabolism of whatever is most toxic because it wants to get rid of that so.

That means the food that you eat potentially takes a seat takes a backseat right it's on the back burner because your body's having them metabolize the alcohol okay so I would highly highly recommend that you just do not drink during this challenge but if you absolutely feel like you must then I would recommend triple or quadruple.

Distilled spirits or something like that or drinks of that kind simply because they're easier on the liver yeah plain and simple hey can I ask everyone to hit that thumbs up button really quick hit that like button would really help out a lot okay all right guys just that way it just ranks the video up to people that are doing this challenge to make sure.

That they don't miss it yes so we've got 2.2 thousand people on this broadcast right now so I know that this challenge is definitely rocking and if you are just joining us make sure you jump back the December 26 video that will link out to all of the meal plan and everything like that I'll make sure that I put it in the.

Description below after that's been gets done okay let me open up some of these other questions I'm going to apologize again for those of you that are just joining me lighting is terrible I'm having to deal with fluorescent lights right now we can starting to get dark outside so my complexion looks terrible I promise I don't look this unhealthy.

This is like terrible lighting some other questions forgive me here I'm opening up the list of questions that came through okay Oh someone says can we drink the almond pre bed drink with raw cacao instead of the Greek it's less hard so it might be okay yes you absolutely can do that Bridget says can I take a pre-workout on a fast I.

Would recommend making your own pre-workout and what I mean by that is getting some black coffee and then getting a little bit of citrulline a light okay so it's CIT are you ll ine new word male 8 ma la te will someone type that into the chat box so that people can see it citrulline malate that inexpensive.

Get that on Amazon and you want to take between one into 3,000 milligrams of that I know that sounds like a lot trust me it's not that much that's going to give you a little bit of that pre-workout energy and then you can also try a little bit of what's called beta alanine BT a new word alanine ala and I and II if someone could type that to you.

That'd be great that what people see it and mix that with your coffee it's not going to taste amazing but it's amazing fasting friendly pre-workout I actually have some videos that broke down that full recipe so that way you can try that out highly recommend you get better shot this is not a product plug by any stretch of imagination it really isn't.

But one of the things if you do like something that's a good pre-workout high ball energy drinks aren't bad so they're unsweetened of a straight-up carbonated water with organic Khurrana organic caffeine super simple super clean Matt asks a really good question says how do you control over eating after breaking a fast also is there a.

Limit to the amount of pink Himalayan salt the drink ball fasting Matt first of all regarding the salt I wouldn't recommend having a ton of it you don't need to totally load up on you just remember that if you have an excess of sodium your body's going to excrete it but you do need to keep that balance with potassium and it's very easy to.

Throw your like your lights out of whack but I would recommend just a small amount that I mentioned and making the meal plan you don't need to go overboard I know sometimes it gives you that sense of satiety and makes it feel like you're satisfied a bit more but no need to really add a bunch more in fact sometimes I'd like to go fasting days.

Where I don't have sodium in just drop a little bit of excess water weight and then the other question that you had was regarding the oops so you kind of cut out there oh how do I how to combat the overeating usually if you have that small meal first it's going to help you out that over here yeah the reason is is because you're.

Spiking your insulin right with that initial break fast meal then it's going to plummet your blood sugar is going to plummet and you're going to eat that larger meal if you have your timing set properly you should be fine what I would very very very highly recommend that you do is set a stopwatch of some kind so that you know when to go ahead and eat.

Your next meal where people run into a problem is they break their fast strategically and then they forget to eat their next meal and two hours goes by and their blood sugar just drops so much that they eat anything and everything all right so it ends up just raining their pantry that's where you run into a problem set a timer the most.

Strategic time for you after breaking it fast or is really after you eat that first meal between that in your next meal okay you've got a lot of people asking some questions here and I know there's been a couple super chats and I know I just want to make sure at least touch on some of these what about keto coffee Neal doesn't keto coffee.

Technically would break up fast so I don't care if you do it on your non-fasting day in lieu of breakfast you could absolutely do that now and they're talking about keto coffee they're talking about where you take black coffee and you put a little bit of coconut oil or a little bit of ghee or a little bit of grass-fed butter and you.

Mix it up that's called keto coffee or fat coffee that is a suitable replacement for breakfast but it is not fasting frankly I repeat it is not fasting friendly so if you are on your fasting day do not do the fat coffee or keto coffee because there is still two to three hundred calories in that sucker.

By all means that breaks the fast okay so it be careful with that but have it as totally fine as a meal replacement someone asked Windows otology start so for those of you that don't know about auto Fidji it's the cellular recycling process where your body recycles all proteins and old organelles and components of cells things like that.

It's always happening to some degree in our body as on or off at different rates of time and it might eat on in one section of the body it might be on in the liver while off in another part of the lip my body it might be on in the scale tissue or the muscle tissue or anything like that where it's often another spot.

So it's always on and off so it's hard to say when it officially starts okay but most people start to see an influx of hepatic autophagy liver on top of G after like 12 hours yeah that means you're going a long time without eating so your liver starts to go through ecto fatty liver on top of G is generally what we measure because that's the most.

Active ordinance so if you have a topic G going down what's not the most active that's a lie but in terms of metabolically speaking it's very active so if we're abstaining from food then that's going to go through on top and that starts to occur after 12 hours or so that's really what we're after I know we've got lots of questions coming in.

Let me go ahead and go through this list sorry a lot of people had posted questions before it I'm going to touch on some of these exercise program that's a good one people want to know about the exercise piece of this just like when I did my Aikido challenge I highly recommend that you keep exercise the same way that you were exercising before.

Up until at least week 2 of this challenge so what does that mean I'm going to kick on some random hypothetical names let's say we've got Bob I'm sorry if your name's Bob let's say you got Bob Bob was not working out prior to this challenge I would want Bob to continue to not work out at least for the first week or two of this challenge.

Why because I want Bob to be able to get the benefits of the fast in the the nutrition portion first and then add the workouts into the mix why because if we add it all at one point in time we have no idea what is he listening the best response is it the workout a fast it makes it really hard to determine there's too many variables now let me.

Give you another example let's say we've got I'm gonna pick on the name Mary okay sorry again of your names Mary yeah Mary worked out like an animal in December she always worked out like an animal and then she started this intermittent fasting protocol and she's trying to figure out how she should work out she should continue to work out the way that.

She normally does for the first two weeks that one to two weeks I should say why because we don't want variables I don't want cut off training I don't want her to add more training I want her to keep the training the same way because I don't want to jack up that variable I want you to know that the diet is doing the job.

And then when you start to decline in terms of your results with the diet portion then you change your actual workout fortune okay so what should you be doing what's your best workout what should you be doing next week I highly recommend if you haven't thought about this already then you focus just mainly on weight training why because you're in.

Such a caloric deficit with fasting that you have such an adrenal load your body is taxed because it's stressed out you know fasting so I don't like the idea of you adding a lot more stress by way of an intense amount of high-intensity interval training I know I talk about that as a benefit it'll you know there's large benefits of that but I also.

Recognize that you a lot of you have not fasted before and this is new to a lot of people so I don't want people to just jump into that and really eat their bodies up weight training is going to be a little bit easier on the body in that respect because you're not totally jacking up your cortisol you're just kind of be listening metabolic stress on.

Your body kind of at the individual muscle level as I'm really sorry this liking is killing me hang on I know it looks looks terrible who would want to take health advice from the guy that looks like me right now it's like so washed out I'm really sorry everybody go through a couple more questions here so I would like to test ketones with my.

Kido meter what time of day do you recommend the test while doing this intermittent fasting challenge I actually have done some videos where I talk about that I highly recommend that you test throughout the course of the day simply because it's going to vary throughout the course of the day so don't test it just one specific point in.

Time if you tested this one specific point in time then you're never going to be taking into account the fact that some days your you may have fasted the day before and some days you may have not eaten as much the day before it's going to constantly change and you're always going to see epping and flowing levels of ketones in your blood so by.

All means please just measure consistently and try to keep a journal on your ketone levels because I think what you'll find is that you do this challenge you're actually going to have less and less ketones in your blood after about two weeks simply because your body's going to get fat adapted and what happens when you get.

Fat adapt is you don't need as many ketones in the blood because your body is becoming efficient and utilizing them I know we've got some chats that have come in that I want to try to answer you how do you suggest working apple cider vinegar into this plan is 2 tablespoons before bed and 2 tablespoons before breakfast ok and will it break the fast.

It's zero calories I am okay with apple cider vinegar on this I do not think that it breaks so fast I will say that if you are someone that's doing a strict long-term fast I would not have it in there but for the sake of a 16 hour 18 hour fasting yes I would say that you're okay to have it first thing in the morning and then.

Also the pork bed especially if you are doing the carb plan if you're not doing the keto plan then you're definitely going to want to try to add it into the mix whenever you consume carbohydrates so I would have a tablespoon each time you have carbohydrates just to help with blood sugar control okay another question will thank you for the kind.

Words okay now people are saying the line is fine I know but it's you have to remember when I do these videos I opened myself up to so much scrutiny you would be surprised like there's a couple times when I've done these live broadcasts the Lighting's terrible and I end up with screenshots being posted on Instagram.

From papers I guess that'll just be like oh look at this guy he looks pale and I can't control the lighting here it's so dark in here right now and I probably should have said to do these a little bit earlier the day but I wanted to establish them at a time of day where people could maybe watch him afterward getting stuff like that so apologies.

There okay someone asked a substitute for avocado this is a question that has been coming up a lot what can we do in the way of avocado avocado is a universal food because it can be mashed into so many different things it can be made into the guacamole it can be made into a dessert that's why I put them in there it's it's universal.

But the monounsaturated fatty acid profile and the oleic acid fatty profile of it is so good the next best fat is going to be all the foil now olive oil obviously isn't as universal as it is like an avocado right just make guacamole magically from olive oil but you can get olive oil from in fact olives always have a couple of.

Carbs in them but if you have a quarter cup of black olives or a quarter cup of kalamata olives you will still get some of the fats but I would say recommend doing is take some olives and make like a tapenade or anything like that with olive oil that's gonna be the closest fatty acid profile you can get to the avocado if you've ever had eggs with.

Like olive tapenade it actually tastes really good and I know that's obscure and that's weird I'm trying to get you the right fatty acid profile because avocados are very unique in fact just so you know I have a cool video coming out tomorrow talking about the benefits of avocado because I feel like it still is they still reign.

Supreme as like the superfood it really is amazing so you've got some other questions that come in Oh someone asked about one meal a day I would I strongly discourage people from doing one meal a day on this plan simply because what I've talked about before called meta formation where the body has so much in the way of.

Nutrients coming in at one point in time from one large meal that it can really actually cause chaos in the body so please please please if you're doing one meal a day strongly consider doing two meals a day and you don't have to change much just have that one meal that I talk about when you break a fast just that one small meal okay.

Then later on then have your larger meal that's all I ask you to do if you do want meal a day please that's all I ask you to do I'm just concerned that if you faster 18 hours and then you try to get 2,000 calories in or 1500 calories in in one meal you're gonna do some metabolic damage I'm just concerned with that based on the research that I've seen.

Okay I love the fact that one meal a day is so powerful for people but I just don't want people to do long term metabolic damage okay you know there's something that I wanted to talk about – I just want to not look at an audience of two and a half thousand people right in front of me right now the purpose of science and the purpose of a research is.

To test and challenge your own hypothesis okay so there will be times when I try different things to try to break the control and try to break what I know works or what I knew see one so what I mean by that is I know Kido works and I know this is fascinating but just hear me out on this I know Kido works is I've done Kido and.

Fasting for ten years but I also know that if I stick with one thing and I never challenge it I will never be able to know if it really is the right way so the purpose of science is to always challenge your hypothesis to make sure that really is valid so I go through periods of time where all add carbohydrates in the Nike agent evaluate.

To see what happens to see if it makes me feel worse or to see if it makes me feel better and what's interesting is over the last couple of weeks prior to this challenge I added some carbohydrates back into my diet strategically did I get stronger yes I got stronger I felt stronger in the gym but my mental.

Clarity did not feel as good so it tested tested against my hypothesis and yes I found that it is broken when I look at the physical strength side of things but the ketogenic diet when it comes down to the universal piece is very very powerful with cognitive function endurance stamina overall energy point in saying that is you are.

All here right now because you are experimenting with yourself you are trying something new you are following my lead on it but you guys are all pioneers and what I can do here is I can't even you can there's no saying right you can give a man a fish or you can teach a man to fish well I was just talking with my buddy Nick Norwoods.

Who's over at Oxford University he said something really powerful to stuck with me that I want to share with everyone else okay you can give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day you can teach a man to fish and quite frankly he'll eat for a little while well you have to get him excited to fish and what I'm doing with you guys is I'm getting you guys excited.

About changing your lives I'm getting you excited about changing your diet and implementing new things because that is the only way that you will ever be able to grow and be healthy beyond what we're doing here I will not be here forever I might not have a youtube channel forever YouTube might shut me down because I talk about the wrong thing but it is my.

Job today to excite every single one of you to do different things with your diet and find what works for you and that's why with this internet and fastening challenge I'm indoctrinating so many different things for people I want you to get excited so anyhow based on that can everyone that is excited about this.

Whether you're seeing results are not just comment that we're excited and get those around you excited let's generate some height and get people amped up about this because honestly this is our lives we can take control and we can honestly feel good again because I don't want to look like that anymore okay I don't want to be that guy I don't want.

To be this person okay look at that that's not this enough there's not happy I mean you know point is you guys are awesome so let's go through some more questions lots of people ask me about substitutions honestly if you guys need specific substitutions go ahead and comment foods you want substitutions for were down in the live stream box I don't.

Try to answer those people are asking about to use any kind of skinny syrup or artificial sweeteners in our coffee on a fasting day I highly recommend that you don't simply because I just want to keep it as clean as possible people are saying okay well what if I want to build muscle what should i do should I do anything different there's a.

Couple of different things that you can do if you want to build muscle while you're doing this intermittent fasting challenge one of the things that I recommend doing is pushing your workout right up to the end of your fast so what I mean by that is if you're supposed to break your fast at let's just hypothetically say 2:00 p.m. well I.

Would want you to try to workout right before that time for you simply because you're going to give a double whammy with your insulin sensitivity what I mean by that is at the end of the workout you're very insulin sensitive okay you can definitely you're going to what you consume he's going to get utilized but you're also at the end of.

Effects so your double insulin sensitive and I have found that I get the most just significant response when I push my work out to the end of my fasting period so you might be wondering well how the heck do I do that with my schedule I can't work out in the middle of the day you can take the meal plan that I laid out and shuffle the time periods they.

Once you get adjusted to what I'm talking about when the meal plan and everything is not that hard to shuffle it like you can say okay instead of fasting from evening to evening I'm gonna fast from morning to morning then go through I'll eat my breakfast or whatever and then I won't meet the rest of the day and then.

The point is is you can take everything that I laid out and just shuffle the time period so that way you've still worked out in the morning and break your fast after your workout if you want to do that someone says well chromium and Co Q 10 cause extreme headaches Co Q 10 can cause some headaches just because the mitochondrial deficiency basically.

It can trigger a little bit more energy that potentially is in their brain so you kind of get these sharp little pains in your bearing but usually not I mean that usually and you're definitely not gonna see it with chromium at least my research that I've seen weight protein substitute Greek yogurt yeah you could definitely do that that's a good that's.

A good one remember that Greek yogurt is going to be slightly different protein compilation' than way is whey is protein that has really been isolated whereas Greek yogurt is a full spectrum protein all the way coming from dairy and anything like that does deer antler velvet break the fast technically there's a couple of calories in it so I.

Would say consume that after you're eating with Orton or even window something says I work in the medical industry I work really early in the a.m. and work out at night is it still okay absolutely in fact that works out to your advantage so I'm trying to read some of these questions they're going fast.

Todd Hall says this fast and kill off bad mitochondria well wouldn't say it's bad mitochondria but it does go through there is something called they've kind of coined it my toffee G my yeah my toffee G so it's on top of G that's occurring at the mitochondrial level so the mitochondria is what is called an organelle it's a portion of the cell.

That is just a portion of the cell it's an organelle so it's like an organ within the cell and that mitochondria can recycle so if that mitochondria is older and dysfunctional then it can absolutely change and recycles become stronger so it doesn't like get rid of bad mitochondria it just helps recycle to make stronger better more efficient.

Mitochondria because a lot of times we'll even have genetic defects that can make our mitochondria dysfunctional depending on how our diet is that's people that have a long hand standing history of working out a long-standing history of eating clean usually can end up just harnessing energy better because their mitochondria overall is healthier.

From a genetic standpoint let's see I'm sorry lots of questions someone says go hit that like button you have you guys can you need to hit that thumbs up button that like button and guys also just in case you didn't know I still put a link down below for butcher box but if you expand the description I also put a link for from my newsletter so I have.

Like an eating out cheat sheet so if you ever want to just have a little cheat sheet to bring with you when you're going out to eat that way print that sucker out so I call it my life optimization tactics so that way you can click on that and then also join my newsletter I'm trying to make sure that I don't know I have a ways to get.

Content out to people even if youtube goes away because we've all been seeing some of these changes but YouTube's happening and I want to make sure that I'm able to still keep in touch with everybody even if YouTube does change its rules and shut down channels I hope they don't but ok let's go ahead and throw a couple more questions here which.

Protein is used to best and this you is best in this journey whey protein Eissler or key protein isolate okay so I'm honest here people think that just because I talked about pre protein in a lot of videos that I'm only pro pea protein that I don't like whey protein and that I'm just gonna sell out because.

I work with Sunwarrior that's not the case whey protein has its place whey protein is going to give you a bigger insulin spike so whey protein is a really good post-workout there are some problems with it though whey protein is inflammatory just by Nature okay it's dairy so what that means is when you.

Break your fast and you have a whey protein is it going to absorb quick yes it's going to absorb a quick and it could potentially help you build muscle but you're not going to feel nearly as good as if you did if you had say pea protein but are you gonna get as much potential muscle to utilize the utilization out of it maybe not okay so.

It's all a balance you have to test yourself I love whey protein when it's been the right clean application for general meal replacement I think T protein is the best because it's less inflammatory load on their body in my personal opinion that's just my experience with let's see here we go some other.

Questions what can I do when my body wants to buy the feelings of weakness therefore making me eat a carbohydrate tough one there I would usually say drink some salt water to be honest that's always helped me whenever I feel like I am salt water or a little bit of green tea but I understand in the evening time you can't just have a bunch.

Of green team trying to find some of these other good questions and then I'm gonna go over just to the questions on the YouTube channel here so just one minute here's a good question Joanne Ramos says insomnia the past three days barely any sleep runny nose as well keto flu I need help I'm using a melatonin taking today they're still awake okay if.

You're having sleep issues on this challenge first of all it is probably just your body adapting it is fairly normal so here's what's happening remember that when you are in keto or anything like that you don't have high levels of insulin you have very low levels of insulin and the insulin is what allows things to get into the cell.

Okay so if you have low levels of insulin it means that you're not able to get the amino acid known as tryptophan into your brain as well what does that mean well it simply means that tryptophan which is what converts into serotonin and melatonin eventually isn't able to get into the right part of the brain making it so that you don't feel.

The need to fall asleep taking melatonin can sometimes help you with that but in my opinion because you're not having a natural feedback loop with melatonin it's probably going to give you a hangover leg feeling and not something you really want to do so what I would recommend doing and I know this sounds crazy is have like 10 or 15 grams of.

Carbohydrates before you go to bed and I know that sounds insane because we always come in the school of thought that you should never have carbohydrates before bed because it's gonna go right into storage but that's not necessarily true especially if you're in a situation when you're not sleeping who cares if it keeps you out of ketosis for five.

Minutes if you're sleeping that's a win I would much rather have you kicked out of ketosis for an hour because you've got 15 carbohydrates then not sleep if you're not sleeping your blood glucose will be higher and then you'll ultimately be out of ketosis longer so if you're having trouble sleeping 15 grams of carbohydrates from a clean form.

Is fine I usually say have some berries to be completely honest have some strawberries have some blueberries that way they're low glycemic they'll help you you know cut the edge I love things while having yogurt with a couple blueberries in it just to help me fall asleep it's not that abnormal it happens a lot.

To people okay some other questions suppose as I've been losing hair badly whenever I do fasting what should I try zinc is the main one and I know that you've mentioned you take zinc but if anyone's having issues with dry skin or brittle hair while fasting take a zinc supplement 30 to 50,000,000 just probably all you need there sorry I'm.

Coming some other questions how does Todd's prepare his meals to keep it interesting so it's not the same every time honestly just changing up the spices does a lot but also changing the kinds of fats that you cook with you know you're fully welcome to go ahead and shift your coconut oil for say like a.

Beef tallow or some kind of healthy lard or some kind of it changes the flavor a lot because even or not fatty acid profile changes significantly with the kind of oil that you cook with so that's just a fun way can you substitute what can you substitute for meat that's a good question if you're not eating meat then what can you be doing the P protein.

Shakes are usually going to be a good strategy hemp a so it's like tempeh but it's made from hemp I recommend going him instead of tempeh because tempeh is going to be high in soy and even if it's fermented soy it's gonna be hard on your body so go for the hemp in that case another question has been.

Coming up are there any other food options or do we have to stick with this I would ideally like that you stick with this for at least the first week and then after the first week feel free to change up some of the proteins okay but the fats in the carbohydrates I would really prefer if you kept them the same simply because they are there for a.

Reason proteins we have a little bit more flexibility with I would like to see people utilize a little bit more red meat versus more white meat that sounds crazy but the studies are now showing that white meat has so much more in the way of the inflammatory omega-6s it has so much more in the way of.

Things that are really gonna mess us up as far as estrogen and soy everything like that if you need to sub a meat out I would prefer that you go for like a lean red meat versus adding more chicken but I also understand the simple don't like steak and I get it so chicken turkey whatever but I just do thing for the first week you should try to keep it.

You know even if you're starting to have some digestive issues I recommend that you throw in some like sauerkraut or some kimchi it does help with the proper you know gut recolonization here's what's happening our gut bacteria thrive on a diversity of foods so in its very essence the ketogenic diet limits the diversity of foods which therefore means.

That we have less gut diversity ok our gut biome shrinks right that sounds like a bad thing and in a lot of ways it is but if your body's adapting to that then it's fine but what I do recommend is that you try to introduce things that are going to support the healthy gut bacteria okay so if we take in things like sauerkraut taking things like.

Kimchi we do add some additional bacteria until they get and as long as you're eating your veggies that's going to continue to grow probiotics come from things like sauerkraut from probiotic tablets from kimchi from fermented and cultured foods yogurt stuff like that prebiotics or the fiber that grow the probiotics so if prebiotic fibers come.

From things like asparagus they come from veggies and those are like the short chain fatty acids that help our gut biome populate mate so what we need to do is we need to populate the gut with things like sauerkraut things like kimchi and then we need to supplement with the veggies to be able to help that grow so think of it as planting a seed.

Like with the sauerkraut and then watering it and fertilizing it with the prebiotic veggies and stuff like that so asparagus artichoke just a couple of the name knew a couple onions are actually really good garlic really good profile are prebiotics excuse me that's another thing that you can do is add a lot more garlic add a lot more onion.

I just don't recommend you do that right and you break a fast because that can be pretty hard on the gut okay so people are saying way to hungry on the non fasting days that is common and what's usually happening you is your potty burning fat is what's happening the fact of the matter is when you're hungry it means your ghrelin.

Levels are going up and it means that your glucagon levels are going up and your insulin levels are going down which is a very good indicator that you're probably burnings in fat so I highly recommend that you embrace the hunger because that is what is helping you get to where you want to go six days in total fast shooting 431 that's awesome.

He's a RIF Rotolo king erythritol is okay not on your fasting days but it's okay to have any meals on your regular days security can i snack on non fasting days that's a very good question I highly recommend that you do not snack in between meals because in-between meals is where the magic happens try to break the thought process of snacking to.

Rev up your metabolism it doesn't quite work like that if we need to eat and then we need to take a break and when you eat and then we need to take a break because it is that period of time where we give the body a rest that our body actually gets to up regulate the hormones that allow us to burn more fat at least potentially right hormone.

Sensitive lipase gets activated glucagon gets activated which allows hormone sensitive lipase to get activated norepinephrine epinephrine all these things elevate in between meals so we spiked our insulin when we eat and there's no fat burning occurring while we're eating I hate to break it to you and then we don't eat and we burn fat in.

A little valley between meals so even on your non fasting days I highly highly recommend you just do not snack keep it straight I would rather you add a little bit of food to your scheduled meals then fast I'm like I would rather you eat a hundred extra calories with your breakfast lunch and dinner.

Then snack on fifty calories between the meals literally I would rather you have you consume slightly more calories but have it indistinct clear periods then eat lesser calories throughout the course of the day people ask if people are asking about when the best time to work dried seaweed in I would say with meal – okay meal one you can do it right.

When you break a fast but meal two is probably a good strategy okay simply because you're already on that first meal in your blood Sugar's going to be kind of stabilized and you're gonna be over get the utilization out of the selenium out of the actual nutrients there okay so one of the benefits of the we get the.

Iodine in the series that's what we were in long and wanted to get circulated I know a couple people have been saying they feel bloated a little bit normal not during your fast but it's normal to feel bloated after you break your fast and that's simply because your gut biome is and a little bit of dysbiosis it's going to take some time to adjust so if.

You are feeling bloated after you eat some of the things that I recommend you do or reduce the protein content and if you are doing the pea protein consider reducing that by half or substituting it for something else some people do not do well with pea protein and it's simply who knows if we only v'n know why honestly some people just don't do well.

With it other people thrive on it a lot of times the bloating comes from just unique too fast right when you break a fast – so try slowing it down pacing it also try having some bone broth a little bit before you break your fast and it could help you immensely you can also utilize you know meat right when you break a fasiq and just keep it.

Clean and keep it simple down in the description you'll see there's a link to put your box if you guys has one of the best ways that you can give back to me for doing this challenge I know a lot of people are grateful and I appreciate that but butcher box did sponsor this whole challenge in terms of making it so the meat was affordable for people and.

Things like that so call me a sellout call me whatever but you know in order to do this challenge it needs some support so there is a link down below you guys can check them out and get them you know meats delivered right to your doorstep super super inexpensive compared to the most and it's super convenient so big.

Thank you to them and honestly you may or may not understand how kind of it the internet world works and but I do have to give them a huge thank you cuz they've made this possible I love every time I talk about a sponsors I'm like 200 people drop off the video it's so fun anyhow a lot of people are saying tell what she wants to ship.

Internationally I totally get it I wish they would Lobby versus yogurt Chris super good question lob Nate is a is it loving this what what I can't remember what culture it is a very good high quality dairy it's but concentrated Greek yogurt if you can meet the man's on lab then mom may yes please do have it.

I've got to go ahead and hop off here my wife just texted me she needs some help with Tommy he's a crazy he's a little toddler so my wife is almost six months pregnant we've got our second kiddo due here in May and getting to a point now where I'm gonna have to be a little bit more all hands on deck hoping out with Tommy so guys please make sure you're.

Keeping it locked in here with all the videos please get this video we share and I'm gonna go ahead and I'm going to put a link down below for the day one video and also for the meal plan video so everyone can see it and please also in the description sign up for my newsletter just so that I can keep in touch with you guys be a mail too so I.

Can let you know when there's new videos because remember YouTube might be changing their rules a little bit if you have any questions that come up between now and the next video please write them down so that we can answer them in the next broadcast what's going to be next Monday at 4 p.m. I might try to hop on a little bit earlier to save some daylight.

– you guys Rock thank you all for the enjoy season
30 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge Live Week 1 Update - Weight Loss & Muscle Building
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