3 Day Fast Results | Fasting Community Recap- Thomas DeLauer Live Broadcast

3 Day Fast Results | Fasting Community Recap- Thomas DeLauer Live Broadcast

3 Day Fast Results | Fasting Community Recap- Thomas DeLauer Live Broadcast

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There we go I think this is a little bit better sorry about all the confusion on that last one I I tried doing the broadcast from my phone and apparently my mic is just destroyed you know what I think it is I think the microphone on my phone is ruined from just putting it in my pocket all the time so is I probably full of Pocket lint and everything.

Everyone says way better okay so I apologize for that I'm happy to be able to hop on here and do this little recap first off I have to get something off my chest because I know there are some people that were confused on the the fast overall and I just want to explain something really quick before I go into the details of.

Things because I feel kind of bad because I think some people were confused and it left a lot of people hanging so when I posted that day one video the fast I had said guys like I'm gonna do as much as I can in a Facebook group like a private free Facebook group the reason I did that wasn't because I was trying to like neglect my YouTube.

Crowd at all like not at all that's the last thing I'd want to do the hard part is YouTube makes it really difficult I can't create like a little ecosystem to be able to communicate in a private way on YouTube it's like if I posted video updates about the challenge or about the fast everyone that's all my channel gets them and we had about 50,000 people that.

Said they were going to do it but we've got 1.6 million people on the channels that would mean everyone would be getting notifications everyone would be getting things even if they're not doing the fast so I figured I'll go ahead and create the Facebook group and that way everyone could just I posted tons of live broadcasts I did all kinds of.

Things and they were super interactive so for those of you that weren't able to hop in that Facebook group I apologize I didn't mean to like leave you hanging through the fast I just wanted to do most of the updates there let me say this was a it was a tough one okay and I'll be honest I'm curious to hear everyone's results and I know people are.

Already like rocking and rolling and and guys if you do I know I won't be able to read all these but if you can just comment where you're watching from because I'd love to say hello to a few people I know I've got Tammy C Allen Victor he can bottom man I I'm gonna be able to rattle off everybody's name is it's coming in so fast but go ahead and.

Comment where you're watching from just so that I you know can at least review later Jack what's going on in South Beach the British Baker you Connecticut we've got Jennifer in Dallas we've got oh my gosh it's going so fast you guys are looking at live chat it's crazy man this was awesome okay so let me go ahead and while people are coming where.

They're watching from and I can explain a little bit about what I experienced during this fast and share some of the things that well share some of the tips that you can use going forward and everything like that because after a fast you're in a perfect prime position to be able to change your life yeah your gut biome reset so many things reset so.

Let's take advantage of that but I'll tell you Mike I'll tell you my experience this weekend was my wife's birthday weekend so it was set for me to go ahead and have a little bit of some off time in terms of my diet so what I did is just had a clean or desert so there's this place local to where I have near Thousand Oaks Malibu area that is.

Called karma Baker so I had started Huff my fast the night before with having a really clean gluten-free slice of cake now clearly that kicks me out of keto so I think it made the first day of my fast really really really difficult because I went from a high blood sugar spike because I don't really eat a whole lot of carbs to the next day just plummeting.

So the first day I was so hungry whereas normally it wouldn't be an issue so first 24 hours just a serious struggle and but then the next day the second day you know things work out really well now this is my first rodeo I do a lot of three-day fasts but the fun part was this was how many people participated in it with me like it was.

Just amazing and and those of you that follow me on Instagram or anything like that probably saw I posted a couple pictures like I leaned out big time I lost 11 pounds in 3 days I was already pretty lean but it got me it definitely shaked me up quick so I'm curious those of you that did this fast not that the scale is all that matters.

What did you notice in terms of weight loss over the last three days I mean did this in the meantime I'm waiting for people to reply when I answer a super chat question says hey from Portland into that 44 heart pounding thought I had enough salt water might have been to caffeine next time yeah a ginger ninja that happens sometimes too much caffeine.

When you're on a fast can really mess you up so that's why I said actually been in the Facebook group I did a video the first day I said you actually may want to reduce your caffeine simply because you have so many catecholamines so much adrenaline so much epinephrine that's flowing through your system when you are.

Doing a fast that you almost don't need caffeine anyone else here experienced the most abundant mental energy and mental focus it was almost too much I couldn't sleep the second night because my brain had so much energy did anybody else experience sleeplessness I'm curious perhaps you know seeing a lot of people with all.

Their weight losses is awesome to see you guys just so just so you know I can't like holler out everyone's like shout out everyone out but man it's like blowing up my screen how many people are replying with their weight loss anything like that and I will see this so did anyone okay a lot of people saying they definitely had.

Trouble sleeping so this is a common thing all this has to do with is of course your body adjusting to all the different levels of catecholamines again so I use that word a lot but adrenaline epinephrine it's all flowing through your system at the high level because you're essentially in fight-or-flight mode and when you're in fight-or-flight.

Mode your body doesn't want to go to sleep so it's interesting like my body was physically tired but my mind was just wired it was crazy and then yesterday I yesterday was the day I broke my fast and I'll share with what I broke my fast within a minute but yesterday was difficult cuz I had and make some pretty serious decisions like.

In business I had to like you know move some things around and do some important stuff and I felt like I had so much mental energy that I couldn't concentrate like it was just so much that I felt like I needed to do like some crossword puzzles just to get the energy out of my mind which is really cool I mean it's a good thing it's it.

Tends to happen right but what I've noticed with fasting is fasting works really well if you're going to be focused on one task if you're focused on one task then fasting lend itself great because it's designed to get you hyper focus like if you think about our ancestors and how it would have worked there with longer term fasts we would.

Have become hyper focused with one area of our brain designed to go and hunt and ultimately you know get ourselves food the fact that we multitask so much in today's day and age is a relatively new thing in the grand scheme of things so fasting doesn't lend itself well to multitasking because we're in energy prioritization we're in conservation.

Mode so that conservation mode really makes us that we can be focused on one thing but it's really hard to do multiple things so did anyone else experience that just say focus if you felt like you were focused on one thing but the moment you had the multitask it was hard we have a super chat that came in from Hong Kurt.

And I just want to shout this out said had a blast doing the three day fast Thomas taking my angry girlfriend up for a steak tonight she's mad at me for skipping dinners the past three days so if you're still enjoying your bottles do you know here's the cool thing is that my wife was actually pleased she's like I don't have to cook so this is great.

The house ended up super clean why because I was doing anything I could to keep my mind off of food like I I usually don't even get that hungry but the hard part is is the way my wife's still cooking she's cooking and she's feeding the baby of course it's right in front of me and it's like oh man I'm hungry so and I'm human so I would just.

Go and clean the house I would do the dishes I was if you've ever seen the movie requiem for a dream I was like the mom on requiem for a dream I was like scrubbing the house everything my wife's like I love when you fast you so anyway it's really funny yeah so many people commented that they were focused it's wild so Thomas you survived.

Yes I survived I've got something kind of funny to tell you though I was I've been those of you that follow me on Instagram things like that might know this because I share a lot of my personal life on Instagram because again YouTube doesn't give me actually it doesn't give me the good ability to do that without flooding everybody right.

That's what's hard is I wish I could share more of just my personal life with the YouTube community but YouTube has to be set up for like my scheduled programming yeah that's what people are accustomed to and so people look for so I try to carry over a lot of like my daily life stuff over into Instagram but those of you the follow me or I've seen.

That I've been in the process of taking a helicopter pilot license lessons so I'm trying to get my helicopter pilot's license it's something it's just been a goal of mine for a really long time and ever since I was in Middle School and I figured and now is the time it's time to do a little self-care and actually do something that's fun so anyway here I am.

Two days into my fast and I go into a helicopter lesson helicopters are difficult to fly right they're not easy it's not and you're moving every appendage of your body you're controlling your feet or using the cyclic with your right hand you're using the collective with your left you're moving all every part of your body so.

Hovering alone is super difficult and when you're fasted I could do one thing but the moment that I had to start doing other things like I had to focus on talking on the radio and my mind just didn't work it was like the hyper phone this was there for one thing and I know so many people have said focus focus focus they experienced that another.

Thing I noticed I don't usually get that for some reason I got this time that probably had something to do with the fact that I started out with carbs was dizziness I got some lightheadedness that I didn't usually get and almost to the point of like I went for a walk in the evening again to keep my mind off of everything and just keep going and it.

Felt like I was floating I don't know if that makes sense to anyone did anyone else kind of experience that anyone I just call it the word floating I mean floating is the wrong word but floating is kind of what it felt like is like I was walking and just felt kind of Numb like it was just weird I was just walking I'm like what the heck is going.

On like I didn't even feeling light isn't even the right word it was like I was just it's so difficult to describe those of you are saying floating you get it you get it I was walking like Kido to the park and I'm like coherent and clear but I just felt like everything was just kind of mildly numb everyone says they felt that okay you know I guess and as.

Long as you know what's going on it's kind of fun but if you didn't know what was going on and be kind of scary so anyway it was kind of cool and what I did is I dive into a little bit of research later on and usually what that is is that's usually the act of gluconeogenesis actually taking place and you sometimes have some ammonia.

Byproducts that can make you feel that way now that's kind of interesting stuff Chris lothario has a super chat says thanks for everything tvl you've helped me more than you know can't wait to meet you in Toronto you've taught me so much yeah this is a good chance to say guys just so that you know I'm gonna be in Austin Texas this weekend speaking at.

Quito con I don't know if anyone here is interested in going to that but I will be there I will be speaking on Friday I'll be speaking on Saturday and I'll be doing some signings at the Redmond real salt booth and also at the cauliflower foods booth just because I'm trying to consolidate where I where I meet people so that I can meet as many people as.

Possible so if you're in Texas if you're close to Austin I highly recommend that you come check it out and go to quito con that way I can at least meet you and then I'll be in Toronto at the end of August speaking at the pro so make sure that you check that out and then I'll be speaking at dr. Eric Berg's event the last weekend of August in Maryland so.

That's just a little bit up where I'll be so you guys if you're in the area and you want to come meet me and you want to hear me speak or I just want to say hi that's gonna be where you can meet me let's talk really quick about how we break our fast on Facebook in the Facebook group I talked a lot about about this I'm a big fan of.

Breaking the fast with just lean proteins okay and the reason I'm a fan of breaking it with just lean proteins is because if you break your fast with too much in the way of fats it's hard for you digestive lee after a three-day fast you see your gallbladder and your liver sort of ramps down production of the bile a little bit when you stop.

Eating so if you flood it with a bunch of fats it's really hard on the body and you might get bloated you don't feel so good plus you can actually convert into insulin through a mechanism known as a CP isolation stimulating protein won't go into the details there but long story short is it can cause some issues and then I keep the carbs lower simply.

Because I don't want to spike my insulin super high to spike my glucose really high I want to keep it under control so I kept it just lean protein Amber shredded some chickens so I had shredded chicken with literally cooked bone broth into it so shredded chicken then mix it up with some bone broth so it had some flavor a few spices mild spices I ate.

That and then about 2 hours later I introduced fats and that's when I had my what I call my chocolate mousse that I talk about all the time so it's where I take almond milk or coconut milk I take like 2 or 3 tablespoons of coconut cream along with cacao along with a little bit of stevia or monk fruit mix that up in a Magic Bullet Blender type thing and it's.

Like a really tasty kind of high fat high hot chocolate in a way that's sugar free that was my way of introducing fats I wanted to introduce them through a mild way such as you know using the coconut cream and I found that was great so I went really lean chicken and a couple hours later introduced fats and then called it a day and went to bed the.

Biggest part of fasting honestly the most discipline is required when you're actually breaking your fast the discipline when you're actually fasting is easy because it's just black and white but once you have options is where things get difficult h-how'd another super Jack come in from ginger ninja I just want to shout out.

Said have the focus floating issue to GK I went under one though what's your advice on good timeframe to try again it's a good question so those of you that are looking to do another three day fast I would give it at least a month especially if this was your first one give at least in LA I don't recommend doing.

One more than one three day fast per month try to do a three day fast like every two months for me personally 36 hours is my jam I love a 36 hour fast part of it is just the mastery the element of mastery so like a 24 hour fast is great because you go from like dinner to dinner or something like that but for me I think you really develop a.

Good degree of mastery and accomplishment when you go through a full evening cycle of skipping dinner and going to bed and those of you that have done longer turned fast don't you realize that did you experience that it's like the element of accomplishment where I survived an evening because evenings are so tough like because you.

Come home and you just want to eat naturally you come home from work and just want to eat but when you push through it and you go to bed hungry and then you get up and you're ready to roll and then you can break your fast that's a great feeling I really recommend that use of you try that a 36 hour fast I do those like once once a week to once.

Every two weeks usually once every two weeks they do at least a 24 hour fast once a week I feel good with those but I think that if you just implement that into your life a little bit more you're gonna feel really good with that another question came up how was training that's a good question okay super chat that had come in from keys bang so yeah training.

Was awesome so training the first day I felt unusually strong I made a point to orient mine just it was a regular strength day not a lot of cardio in that day did a little bit of post-workout cardio but it was a upper-body day so I did some upper body moves a full upper body insanely strong and I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I had.

Had cars before I went into my fast so it was probably just some glycogen buildup but then the second day I was scheduled to do a run so I did like a 1200 elevation foot elevation 1200 foot elevation run it was only about a four mile run up and back but it's a lot of elevation gain that I swear I could feel like fat from my love handles just.

Getting incinerated it was so awesome that so it was really cool so I don't know what kind of workouts is you guys do um Sally you said do you recommend a fast for a plateau I do but you also have to be careful you don't want to just fasten you the plateau because then you can you know control your metabolism bring it down a little bit more.

Usually recommend for a plateau to actually take a diet break actually take a week of just going up to maintenance calories and then hit it with a fast if you just hit a plateau and say I'm gonna fast right now sometimes that causes something problems because you're already in a deficit you're putting yourself in a deeper deficit which isn't.

Always the answer so I recommend going up in calories just a little bit for like a week it's called a diet break and then go into an aggressive drop with a fast that's gonna work a lot better notice we've got like 1.4 thousand people on this broadcast do you guys mind if you're watching this video can you hit that thumbs up button.

Hit that like button what that does is like YouTube does rank videos to some degree based on a like to dislike ratio so I do appreciate if you can just hit that like button if you're there on the desktop or if you're on your phone if you pound that little thumbs up button it just it ranks this video a little bit higher so that way more of the.

Subscribers see it it's not about it's not about like Facebook where I'm trying to just get other random people to see it I just I want my subscribers to see this I don't want to get buried a lot of people did some really good workouts a lot of people did some high-intensity interval training what did you what did you feel when you were working out so.

Yeah I actually felt I had that kind of floaty feeling where I just felt kind of Numb but all in all I felt like I could have kept going at a relatively low intensity it wasn't until I started pushing higher intensity that things got tougher on like the second and third days but strength was decent endurance was decent I just felt like I didn't.

Have that high super high aerobic capacity Ted says he had zero energy during workouts William said he was floating during his free weights so Jacob says I'm a milkman so I workout all day yeah you definitely do you were definitely burning some fat there so Wow oh man so many people coming in with their and you guys are just joining here.

Can you please also comment where you're watching from it just it helps helps me know where people are watching from where my fan base is where people that did this Ryan a super checked it okay to do blood work during a longer fast yeah just know that your results are gonna be skewed your triglycerides might come down a little bit more your liver.

Enzymes might actually go up because sometimes the liver processing actually increases the liver has to do a lot of work during a fast because remember the liver is cleaning the livers your janitorial crew when you're fasting the liver sometimes upregulate enzymatic activity so I've actually seen my alt and my ast enzymes.

Go up during a fast like actually registering numbers I shouldn't register and then offer fast or just the normal 12-hour fast like you do for blood work it comes back to normal so definitely interesting that's why they say fast for 12 hours if you fast longer than that sometimes other things happen so you just have to you know.

Manage that a little bit man I can't believe how many people are on this broadcast is so great to see this I want to say how many people how many people that are watching this right now how many we will was it their first three day fast I want to see really quick just by a quick show of comments just say first that way I know because I think.

We've got a lot of first-timers and then if it's your second comment your second I just want to know okay already a ton up first that's great news motive tank super chat says recently did a four day fast was much easier than when I applied your tips I'm going for a seven I'm glad that the tips worked I'm really glad because honestly putting.

A little bit of salt in your water or having a little bit of green tea reducing the caffeine on a longer fast they do help you out Wow how so many people did this is like their first time that is crazy so that right there makes this worth it for me because so many people did this for the first time and now they've realized that.

It's not as difficult as they thought and it is attainable and they can absolutely do this again so that makes me really happy right then and there some people saying second some people saying it's their third three-day fast so I recommend you know make this part of your lifestyle every three months or so you know implement it when you can't.

48 hour fast once a month 24 hour fast maybe even once a week once every two weeks play around the 36 hour fasts what time of day was the biggest struggle for all you guys did you for me it was the evening again because it was like in the evening it was so difficult for me because amber was cooking food the baby was eating I had to be there and but.

Some people say the mornings the toughest I personally felt fine in the morning I think I had enough just natural CCK cholecystokinin kind of pump in so I felt good in the morning I feel good in the afternoon a lot of people saying lunch was tough a lot of people saying midday interesting see I think I set my day up so that I was ridiculously.

Busy let me show you who's kind of funny you guys are gonna find this money like these are these were my days like I just back to back to back to back to back to back meetings and scheduled things because I was like I'm gonna keep myself occupied and that's the goal because the moment that you let yourself get inside your.

Head is the moment that things start to happen so you got to keep yourself occupied that's the trick and coming evening time I'm settling down and I'm no longer occupied and mine is just taking over so a lot of people say midday so that's a common one too though not a lot of people saying morning C morning is pretty easy it's like you.

Wake up and you can just pound your water have some salt have some coffee and it's coffee is such a powerful appetite suppressing effect so here's something kind of cool here's what was happening inside your your your gun your whole gut just so you know when you go for an extended period of time when you're fasting you're finally.

Getting a chance for the cleaning crew to come in so I always say that gut motility increases the reason you get the rumblies in your tummy is because that is gut motility your gut starts encouraging movement because it's trying to clean the system so that rumbling is that your stomach muscles contracting but it's also your gut motility things.

Getting moving now that's gonna be something that's going to help you out and what ends up happening is vision it like this when you leave the office is when the janitorial cut through crew comes in and starts cleaning your office right well the same kind of thing with fasting we mean the food leaves your sister is the only time that you can.

Truly get a deep cleaning so you are getting a deep cleaning that's what's pretty cool so you actually might find that you digest things a little bit easier but those of you that are now eating are you finding that you're super full easy and then you actually get bloated easy Brett Charles says what do you recommend.

For your fasting schedule for the next week I'm gonna – two days off from fasting then I'll do a 24-hour fast on Friday and then I will get back to a normal regime on Monday so because I'm gonna be in Austin I've got some dinner functions to go to so I know I'm gonna end up eating and I just I want to eat the food that's gonna be there it's.

Gonna be some good high quality foods so I just want to enjoy so that helps you out a little bit yeah a lot of people saying they're feeling bloated and in socrates is another super chat says just a thank you for all the value given me by the way this is Socrates on IG thank you and how amber like the birthday ukulele DM I.

Don't know if she saw that I'll ask her I appreciate that though thank you very much sorry for the there's like this spam chat that keeps coming in and I'm trying to find a way that I can block it really quick but hang on real quick I think I figured it out there we go okay so I was able to just hide the chat.

There was just a bunch of spam coming in someone's just posting links so get back on track here so anyway that's kind of the whole idea behind the gut motility thing it's your janitorial crews actually getting a chance to come in and do the job guys can we get one more round of just people hitting that like button to notice we've got like one.

Point four thousand people on this but six hundred and forty likes I'd love to just if you hit that belt loud that's a bit like on I've been filming all day so you know my intro how do I say hit the bell icon I guess I'm in that mode and I'm not gonna lie my brain doesn't feel amazing after breaking the fast it's like once the food came back in it's.

Like oh my brains like no I missed the facts so but anyway guys I really just wanted to hop on here say thank you but also again for those of you that came in a little bit later I wanted to explain the reason that most of these should I got a super chat I want to answer really quick before I'd say this Tom Woodall says is daily sixteen eight plus one.

Three days per month a good balance about top fifteen anabolism I'd say it is but I'd back down here fasting to five days per week or four days per week so you're not fasting every single day give your chance or body a chance to recover a little bit there and then Robbie races lemons and limes are both off of a fast for short-term fast 24.

Hours lemons and limes are okay for longer-term fasts try to push it without lemons and limes my acceptance says I'm a chef so it's always tough to fast as the chef and required to taste foods my cooks I try to take a small take yeah I thought about people like you I was like how does that happen because you've got to taste what you're cooking.

You can't just anyhow it's a as let me go ahead and explain something really quick though because a lot of people have popped on here the reason I didn't do live broadcasts on YouTube throughout was because I didn't want everyone to just get plastered with notifications that's why I created the Facebook group I did that not because it was a money.

Thing the Facebook group was free like it wasn't like I know some people I'd said oh you only created a Facebook group for the money no no no that's not like the Facebook group was free I just wanted to create a place where people could have a community where I could post frequently because I posted like five live.

Broadcasts a day in that Facebook group so it's trying to get people there because it's an easier place to be able to continually post and not hammer them with notifications so and I know not everyone has Facebook but there was no ecosystem YouTube for me to do that it would have just been sending notifications and just bothering.

Everybody honestly we would have lost a ton of subscribers it would have made it really tough so that's why I did the best that I could and my best idea was okay well I can at least create a Facebook page or a group where people can go and I can do as many updates there as possible and for everyone else I'll do a recap video and we'll talk.

About things and you know we'll have as much fun as we can so I apologize if that upset anyone I really wasn't trying to disclude anybody I was well aware that some people wouldn't have Facebook but guys like you gotta understand like my hands are tied think about all the different people I have to try to satisfy just trying to do what I could.

To get as many people involved so I really do from the bottom of my heart I apologize I don't want people to feel like that that's like the whole purpose of this challenge was to get people excited and motivated and feel like a community so I just I'm sorry I saw that in the comments in today's video and like so many people felt discouraged.

Because they don't have Facebook I was just trying to do a good thing so I'm sorry about that but anyway YouTube is better Facebook quite frankly Facebook sucks face but as far as a group functionality I wish YouTube had a functionality for me to create a private group so like if I did a challenge like this wouldn't it be cool if YouTube had.

An ability for me to create a group like a like I did on Facebook like a YouTube group you know like hey these are the people that are doing the challenge so I want them to be in this group and I can put out videos that only go to that group like it would be so nice because then I could talk to you guys directly not upset or piss off anybody else I.

Don't know so just yeah everyone's saying yeah that would be super awesome so anyhow guys I ended up losing close to 11 pounds so I don't know where it all came from because I thought I was pretty lean but I was I was pretty happy so anyhow I think I'm gonna hop on off I gotta go get ready cuz I'm leaving tomorrow for.

Austin Texas do we have anyone anyone that's in Austin right now that lives yeah we delete this got an annoying spammer this is the second one I've had a lock there we go anyone in Austin Texas go ahead and just comment Austin because if you're in Austin I'm going to be speaking at Quito Con this weekend so.

I'm going to be in Austin so I highly recommend it's at the Palmer Event Center in Austin and it's really inexpensive to go there to to this event and I'm gonna be speaking at 1:40 p.m. on Saturday so highly recommend if you're in the area you have nothing to do and you want to come meet me that's gonna be the place to do it so lots of.

People in Austin awesome alright you guys I appreciate everything if you can just you know continue to chat amongst yourselves do it everyone but I gotta hop off go get ready to go to Austin thank you guys very much and talk to you all soon
3 Day Fast Results | Fasting Community Recap- Thomas DeLauer Live Broadcast
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