20 Common Intermittent Fasting Questions – Answered Live

20 Common Intermittent Fasting Questions – Answered Live

20 Common Intermittent Fasting Questions – Answered Live

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Hello everyone this is a little bit different going live this time I will wait for a few people to join in but this is gonna be a little bit of a different style live practice if you've been on my live broadcast before it usually I'm exceptionally interactive answering a lot of questions and things like that and I love doing that.

But I feel like the narrative of this needs to be a little bit different I wanted to do this live broadcast to sort of a rapid-fire answer common intermittent fasting questions that have been coming through and the reason I think this is I know right now people are really pressed for time like they just want quick little bits little.

Answers they don't always have time to watch 20 videos to get 20 answers to there and written fasting questions so I figure this would be kind of fun before I do dive into these I do want to say hello to everyone if you can please don't forget to hit that thumbs up button don't forget to hit that like button don't forget to comment where.

You're watching from even if I don't shout you out I recognize you're here and I love the fact that you're here so without further ado I am gonna jump right in I know some people aren't subscribed to my channel so you haven't already please do hit that subscribe button don't forget to turn on notifications I've had.

The 20 questions pulled up in front of me so if I glance the screen now and then that's why I've just got 20 questions and I'm gonna totally do this off the cuff this isn't things these aren't things that I have rehearsed or anything like that figure these are organic answers not going to be filled with tons and.

Tons of research it's just going to be point blank I'm not gonna get you the crazy nerd facts anyhow by the way awesome to see so many people here awesome to see just a big group of people already hope everyone's you know staying safe and all that alright so first question that comes up a lot okay is there a difference between fasting.

And time restricted feeding what is the difference between fasting and time restricted feeding so fasting the end of the day it really is still time restricted for you the biggest difference is time restricted feeding is usually smaller smaller fasting periods and it's more so just consolidating your eating to a specific like 12 hour period.

Or 10 hour curry but for all intents and purposes when you hear people talk about time restricted feeding or time restricted eating versus intermittent fasting they are ultimately one in the same one is just taking a look at the eating window and one is looking at the fasting window arguably time restricted feeding looks at the benefits that are.

Coming into your body during the time in which you're eating whereas intermittent fasting looks more the benefits that are having into your body during the time of fasting so it's really just semantics to be honest it's just kind of switching up and the the verbage there okay the next question that's a very common do the benefits of.

Fasting come from simply eating less it's a tough one again sir but the short answer is no it is not just from eating less now if you watch enough of my videos then you know that I'm very very big on talking about every little neo secrecy every little bit of information every little bit of benefit right and the reality is a lot more what happens.

To your body through fasting that's positive has to do with hormonal changes and has to do with what's called ampk pathways when your body is specifically deprived of a specific nutrient for a period of time so it's less about the caloric restriction and more about the secondary impact that has a cascading effect on the body okay now that being.

Said the caloric restriction is still a very very very very positive thing it's just not the benefit so we see a lot of people saying that intermittent fast and the benefit is largely coming because you're just not eating as much well that really isn't benefit in some ways but it's not the main benefit it's not what we're after okay and that's exactly why.

I generally say not to fast every single day which is a common question that comes up we have a lot of people in this broadcast this is really outstanding guys don't forget to hit that thumbs up button please that does help us out a whole lot okay I'm gonna move right along so everyone you guys are freaking awesome I love that you're all here and.

They're all already asking questions okay next question what are the different types and lengths of fasting and what would be the ideal length for someone just starting out or for someone advanced okay Stav there is a 12 hour on 12-hour off a 1212 fast I always think that for someone just starting although a lot of.

People would say that that's not even really fascinating that is the way to start okay start out doing 12 hours okay the different other kinds of fasting that you would do 16 hour fast is the most common 16 8 those of you that are watching my channel this might seem very very good briana very entry level but hear me out on this okay the 16 hour.

Fast is a great way to start because it's largely just skipping breakfast very very simple okay then when we kind of progress the next kind of fast that you can do it be an 18 or a 20 hour fast different benefits come from each let me break this down 12 hour fast you're getting the benefits still reduced insulin levels you're still getting the.

Benefit of some AMPK activation you're still getting a huge amount of fat mobilization still getting a big hormonal response 16 hour fast you're getting lower insulin levels so even more of a potential fat loss results okay you're getting more on that ampk activation you're getting more on the growth hormone response okay so things.

Benefits start to trickle in hear me out because it has a tipping point I'm going to skip ahead to 24-hour fast get 20 hour fast you start getting more benefits why because there's some research that does show that after 16 hours is when you really start to get the deeper benefits more ketone production it's when you start to go.

Through what's called gluconeogenesis more so you start activating different cellular pathways so after 16 hours is really the sweet spot so my favorite limb fast generally is a 20 hour fast but you have to work up to it it 24 hour fast is obviously a great one too ok then you start getting more benefits more hormonal benefits more ketone.

Benefits you start getting secondary dare I say healing effects okay at 24 hours 28 hours something magical kind of happens 28 hours your body no longer is demanding glucose for the brain so you're it's still this but not as much so you're running on ketones a lot more which means that your glucose levels in your blood tend to go down.

After 28 hours so what that means is after 28 hours you're really going into much more of a lifestyle kind of fasting shouldn't safe lifestyle excuse me totally they're not lifestyle more life altering health benefit fast okay so 28 hours it's like that tipping point at that point you're fasting more for a health.

Benefit versus fat loss fat loss can even slow down a little bit after that 28 hour mark so again sweets box 20 hours beginning start at 12 start at 14 I usually recommend people just get used to it with that just being strict for a little while yeah you guys are awesome laughs this is really grown we've got a lot of.

People here almost a thousand people don't forget to hit that thumbs up button everybody that does help us out a whole lot okay and I know I'm kind of talking a little bit quiet I'm in my downstairs little home studio you probably seen you do a few videos Amber's upstairs literally putting Tommy down for a nap.

So we might get her to throw a fit here in just a minute because he's going to nap strike as always okay question number four based on how long I like to fast how often should I fast per month that's a tremendous question okay and that question has a multifaceted answer the reality is I don't like the fast more than 15 days out of the month.

Okay so I don't like to fast more than every other day now does that mean that fasting more than every other day is bad or detrimental I don't think it's detrimental but you use you have a different benefit in the benefit of fasting frequently is that yeah you're consistently eating less calories you're consistently having less let's call it a.

Carbon footprint on your body but as I've said in many videos one could argue that you're losing the potency of the fast because your body's just too getting adjusted to fasting you need to be able to keep your body sort of guessing and have a little bit of a shot once again to sound like a broken record most of the research indicates that the.

Benefits of intermittent fasting are as a result of spontaneous and sporadic caloric reduction indicating that when our bodies are accustomed to a higher caloric and then have a random drop we get a lot more benefit so let's not erase that so I say 50/50 percent of the month if you're fasting great okay if you start.

Going above that then that means that that becomes the majority of your diet I hope that makes sense to everybody and I know we've got some tremendous questions coming in and I wish that this was the kind of rock where I was just answering those but based on a lot of feedback from people people really want to need to do some.

Live just answer questions compiling questions and answering them so they could see me in the flesh see me raw not scripted no notes nothing just talking off the cuff so you know it's real okay anyway number five says what if I'm getting hungry during my fast what is the best way to manage hunger one of my favorite ways to manage hunger.

And some people say that it breaks of ask is going to be apple cider vinegar and it's not because it's a miracle compound that's gonna do all this stuff I mean I will say it's pretty awesome stuff but when it comes down to blood sugar management it has a big effect and a lot of times what ends up happening is your body's just on a rollercoaster ride.

When you're adjusting the fasting so your blood sugar is kind of like whoa your body's trying to stabilize trying to find what's going on the nice thing about apple cider vinegar is that is the big thing that I can do it does help with blood sugar stabilization so that's one of the main things that I would recommend another thing usually I'm.

Sipping on green tea we've driven on some black tea today actually straight up black tea super easy the green teas usually my go-to but I just felt like switching it up it's amazing what a little bit of caffeine does you don't and the nice thing about having some tea or something like that is just getting kind of this.

Little flow of caffeine you're not jolting yourself another thing that you can do is quite honestly go for a walk because once you start going for a walk and you get moving you're getting ketone formation okay you're eating these ketones form because you're mobilization again mobilization blood mobilization fatty acids all this stuff is going to.

Regulate within the brain that you're not as hungry I know it's generic and of course you know I can go super deep but I'm not doing that in today's video I'm just giving you answers okay okay someone says how is fasting going to affect that number six or how is fastly going to affect my blood sugar both during and after practicing fasting.

For a while that's a very good question it kind of piggybacks off of what I was just talking about I'm not a doctor so I have to be careful how I answer this and you probably notice me saying that a lot more lately I'm just I'm being very careful because YouTube is starting to throttle a lot of content surrounding health misinformation and people trying.

To step in the lane of doctors and say that night I know we all have our opinions there let's not their point is I have to dance that line right so I'm not a doctor so commenting on blood sugar and how this can affect it is still nebulous but the point is the research indicates that fasting long term does being down overall fasting.

Plasma glucose levels okay so it brings down your overall blood glucose your blood sugar now during your fast you might find that your blood sugar goes up when you first start this is somewhat normal and again it's a response for your body it's called peripheral insulin resistance what ends up happening is as your body gets adapted to fast and it.

Gets used to it the cells within your body peripherally they no longer need to use glucose as much because your body is sparing it for the brain so they become more resilient and they say well I don't need glucose I'm good at using fats I'm good at using ketones so the glucose is spared for the brain well if it's not getting taken up by the.

Cells in the body it's going to go to the brain well meanwhile you have higher levels of blood sugar in the body does that mean that it's bad and unhealthy no it means you have peripheral insulin resistance and the cells in your body aren't accepting the glucose because they don't particularly need it so it's not uncommon to see your blood glucose.

Go high during a fast but then it's going to come back down afterwards and you'll notice that overall your blood sugar generally comes down as you become more as fasting because part of your lifestyle a little bit more stop for one second to say hey look wow we've got over a thousand people this is what I'd love to see I think this format is great.

Rapidfire doing things with that there's people watching this broadcast now and going shut up Thomas let's get on get on with the show so I'm gonna do that I'm gonna keep on rocking alright number seven question that came in how does fasting affect your mood a little bit of a newbie question but obviously again everyone has to be respectful that we.

Have people of all different categories on this broadcast okay fasting will affect your mood in multiple ways I remember the first few times that I fasted I was expecting to feel this euphoric feeling that everyone talked about I was expecting to feel like I was just invincible but no I felt like dog crap I felt tired I felt weak I felt.

Like it was wrong ever since the feeling but then it took about one week before my body all of a sudden started to change and it made a huge difference in my mood that has to do with that adaptation so you're going to go through some carbohydrate withdrawals you're going to go through some withdrawals which is going to affect your mood.

Negatively but once fascinating becomes more integrated into your life it's very very very quick that you start to feel mental benefits now think of it like this from an evolutionary standpoint okay what is our major survival weapon as humans just think about it for a second it's not our brawn there's plenty of animals out there that have more.

Brawn than us right if we are in a survival situation and we are starving we're hungry our best chance of being able to survive is using our brains because we are smart so we have the ability to craft tools or do track or to hunt or to gather or whatever in a strategic smart way so it makes sense that the brain would do whatever it can.

To prioritize or the body would do whatever it can to prioritize energy for the print consequently we get this hyper sense of focus and hyper sense of energy in the brain but one thing and to this day you will notice with fasting and I notice is your ability to multitask you shouldn't be doing anyway goes to total pot it sucks okay your your ability to.

Focus on multiple things is more when you're fasting very ability to focus on one thing is phenomenal and that's just what the brain is doing is probably worked icing it's shuttling glucose and shuttling ketones to whatever portion of the brain you are using at that point in time however the caveat to that is whatever area of you're bringing you're.

Utilizing its going to get a heightened respond if you're anxious it might make you more anxious if you're depressed it might make you feel more depressed if you're focused in a good way it's going to focus you in a good way so I hope that that helps number eight question was is there anything food or drink that you would recommend I.

Consume during my fast very common question you probably saw me I was drinking some black tea normally I'm drinking green tea or matcha green tea throughout the day I would start my day usually with some cold brews and black coffees and cold brew it's just smooth there's less acidic so I feel like that's a great thing.

People asked often about bone growth during a fast bone broth does break a fast so please do not drink it unless you're doing as a strategic or specific bone broadcast I'd like to consume saltwater I caught a little salt in my water I'm on the fence with specific sweeteners usually I keep sweeteners out sometimes.

I'll have some stevia or some monk fruit during my fast but in my honest opinion keeping it unsweetened it's probably the easiest way to go other things that you can consume apple cider vinegar like I talked about one of the things that I like to do is I'll take apple cider vinegar put it in a little bit of water and I'll put maybe a little bit of lemon.

Juice in there you know negligible amount of calories can make almost like that little unsweetened lemonade those kind of things make a big difference the pectin in lemon has an effect that allows you to feel a lot more satiated as far as food to consider your fast I would not recommend chewing gum I would not recommend eating.

Anything that's like a food okay it's going to stop the digest or it's going to start the digestive process and the digestive break is one of the biggest benefits that were getting during this fast so please be very careful consuming anything unless you're doing specific fasts that include that Wow this is so cool this is a very.

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That's not fun back to the stuff that you all are here for I just want a big shout out to a bunch of box cuz they're just awesome and good things okay so the next thing could fasting slow my metabolism okay tremendous question and it's something that has to be addressed wholeheartedly fasting will slow your metabolism but is that bad see we have.

This common thought process that a slow metabolism is a bad metabolism that's not the case okay again I hate to they're like look back from an evolutionary standpoint all the time but you know even just a few hundred years ago right regardless of where you stand from evolution anything like a month I'm talking about even just a short turn a.

Few hundred years ago someone that has a faster metabolism isn't the person that's necessarily going to survive longer they have the benefit of not storing as much body fat but are they going to survive longer if food supply ran out the person that has a slightly slower metabolism arguably is better off so I just want you to change your way of.

Looking at my tablet we don't always want a lightning fast metabolism it's just that the paradigm is shifted today in today's modern world where we don't have food shortages generally although we might be experiencing that now with some supply chain issues right but to the degree what we might experience you know have a you know having one even.

Though right point is is if you fast consistently your metabolism will slow down it's just one of the reasons why I'm a fan of like alternate day fasting fasting every other day or fasting a few times per week because your basement metabolic rate will stay elevated and then you fast and it's in contrast it's a small fraction of what your normal.

Caloric intake is so anyhow there's a long-winded explanation for that that's the short ones that I've been still rapid-fire question number 10 should I have any concern about losing muscle when fasting it would be foolish for me to say no okay you should not go into a fast willy-nilly not being concerned with losing muscle at all it's not magic.

And it's not like you're going too fast and magically not lose muscle if you go long enough without eating you're going to lose muscle the fasting period itself is strangely muscle sparing and it does this because your body's producing ketones and muscle is pretty important to the body but it's also metabolically expensive it's hard to the body to.

Maintain a lot of muscle so yeah your body is always going to be dancing a fine line between having enough fuel to maintain muscle and then starting to break down muscle that being said the body preferentially during the fast wants to burn fat which is interesting and this and it also wants to burn lactate okay it's kind of cool to see.

Like lactate which is a byproduct of just exercise and a byproduct of a lot of different things is the primary driver for what it's called gluconeogenesis now quick science lesson without getting too deep into this gluconeogenesis is where your body breaks down protein and creates sugar from new sources creates glucose it's.

Been thought that your body naturally wants to just break down protein from your muscles in turn into carbohydrates when you're in a fasted state but in recent science like 2019 science shows that the lactate is actually the preferred fuel source for the body so it takes a lactate which is a byproduct of just energy metabolism byproduct of.

Exercise and turns that so that that it's not our bodies aren't leaning on muscle as the secondary fuel source okay it's doing what it can to preserve it and the longer you go into a fast the more ketone bodies you have which are very muscle sparing so should you be concerned about muscle loss always should you be stressed about muscle loss.

You know because it's not nearly as severe as people think okay gospel truth here like get no performance enhancers here nothing like that say what you want I don't care I'm a hundred and eighty pounds soaking wet I'm not giant but I maintain muscle and I fast a lot okay and I arguably again say that the reason I maintain my muscle.

Is because I know when to Train timing lines I know what to eat after my fast and I know to train and allocate my meals at a specific time so that I'm getting the maximum effect when I break my fast so the short answer is if you're concerned about losing muscle make sure you are getting enough protein during your eating window and make sure that.

You are breaking your fast strategically and there are dozens of videos that I've done talking about that and unfortunately it's too clogged for me to be able to give you one solid answer on my video but if you just search Thomas de Lauer fast-breaking you'll come up with my ten videos that I've come out with it giving different circumstances.

One tremendous video I highly recommend you check out of mine that is a complete guide to building muscle with fasting that will help you understand how your body stairs muscle and how you can actually build muscle by strategically breaking your fast right but make no mistake during your actual fasting period you're not going to be building.

Muscle that's just molecular it's physically impossible but you build muscle after you break your fast by doing a strategically yeah this is one of the most successful live broadcasts I've done this is phenomenal and I'm really happy to see this guys if you if you're getting some benefit out of this don't forget to hit the like button.

Don't forget to share it don't forget to share this with your friends and family hopefully this answers 20 really big questions for people okay moving on down the line which is how should I break my fast so I'm gonna give you two preferred ways to break your fast but the important thing to note is that this does not mean that this is the end-all.

Be-all only ways to break your fast okay there are multiple ways to do this and there are multiple different reasons you should do it different ways excuse me Munson okay first and foremost lean protein and lean protein only is generally your best bet okay there's arguments out there that when you have any carbohydrates after.

Breaking a fast that it affects lipopolysaccharides and it triggers different inflammatory cascades that could be damaging I just recorded the video last week it doesn't go live for a little bit it talks about carbohydrates after breaking a fast trigger some specific inflammatory responses which could be detrimental to the effects of.

The fast that you think the benefits of the fast but you gained however if you have carbs timed right it can work out so the point is let's not get into the the weeds there if possible whether you are ketogenic or not just some lean darn protein some lean sockeye salmon some lean fish some lean chicken something like that some lean lean lean ground.

Beef like 96% when you ground you that's the best way to break your fast without anything else in it why because from a digestive standpoint and gets everything going it restores the nitrogen balance in your body so you start building the muscle again and you don't have the inflammatory response from the carbohydrates plus you get some.

Benefit of the omega-3s which can quell inflammation in different ways well that's called the nlrp3 inflammasome and so point is lean protein is always your safest bet if you're trying to complicate it with other things that's fine but when in doubt just lean protein it out actually me bet I'm on the spot I'm so funny okay now the other side of.

The equation is if you're someone who's trying to build muscle you're okay to have some carbohydrates but you don't need much the trick is keeping it lean protein and lean carbohydrates if you're going that route combined but the biggest thing to remember is that you're getting a small meal for both groups small meal upon breaking a fast small.

Meal okay we're talking four to six ounces of meat okay we're talking 30 to 50 grams of protein and then 90 minutes later then a regular meal and enjoy yourself a little bit if that's the most important thing and I know I that constantly that's very very common a lot of you have heard that before okay okay question number 12 should I.

Fast on my off days or workout when I fast that's such a good question should you be working out on your fasting days I think if that loss is your goal you're doing yourself a disservice by not working out on your fasting days it's your chance to utilize that fuel utilize that fat as a fuel source by all means you you're you're wasting it you have.

This we could get again into the weeds of what kind of work that you should be doing and generally speaking I just think just a just a moderate scale not super intense workout of any kind is good shouldn't be the day that you go for the gusto shouldn't be the day you go for a PR if you're just gonna fast I recommend people train in a fasted state.

But it doesn't have to be in the end of a fast or the middle excuse me middle of a long fast okay now on the contrary fasting on a recovery day also has some benefits to okay fasting on a recovery day when you're not working out allows you to well keep inflammation nice and down because remember when you work out you're triggering inflammation in that.

Inflammatory response is actually quite good okay it's the inflammatory response when working out that allows us to recover it build muscle so if you're fasting during those workout days well yeah you don't you don't get as much recovery you're not going to recover better from a workout without food period.

You're gonna keep inflammation low but remember we need inflammation higher so there's a balance right so what I would recommend generally this is kind of a lame answer is don't change things because you're fasting one day or don't change things because you're not fasting by and large the best way to go about it is let your life be normal and let.

Fasting be the only variable otherwise you've got how many burials variables are you're juggling come on guys you guys aren't busy okay you've gotten there goes Tommy he's fighting that I can hear that's you know anyone that has toddlers knows it is exhausting this is a fight with everything right now so it's kind of fun.

Hey I digress your point in it if you have a lot of variables it's going to drive you nuts how many variables can you possibly someone says don't force your kids to now no he's just come on it's he always has his nap he's just having fun timing doesn't want to go down for a nap don't force him he used to choose his.

Nap time ultimately but no I don't need parenting advice thank you very much well in fact that really rubbed me the wrong way bounce you know or a block you okay anyway you're busy you have stuff going on in your life the last thing you need to do is figure out what you need to time this what you need to time with.

That what you need to time with this just keep your workouts the same your diet you know change it however you need to but let the fasting be the variable that way you're not having compounding variables all the time okay next question that came in if I'm looking to build muscle should I fast more or less than and I was trying to lose some fat.

That's a good question what you want to do is if you're shifting gears to the building muscle you usually want to try fasting less frequently but slightly longer so my fat our muscle building fasting strategy is much more geared towards fasting like two days per week but doing more like 20 or 22 hour fasts because that way what I'm doing is I'm.

Having more frequency of eating periods to allow me to build muscle but I'm having less frequent longer fasts that allow me to aggressively burn fat whereas I find if I have frequent fasting it's great for fat loss and great for maintenance or semi frequent but if I'm trying to build muscle these longer fasts allow my insulin levels to.

Come baseline lower which allows me to ultimately build some point as it's trying to build muscle try shifting to two days per week of longer fasting and work out at the end of your fasted possible so hopefully that helps hang some of my enforcer so you guys are awesome thank you for the support on the the NAP thing it's kind of funny ok next.

One is I'm ready to start fasting what's the best way prepared all right ok newbie questions is my favorite to answer because they're helping people okay so if someone is getting prepared too fast there's a lot of mental things that you can do but I think's going into starting your fast and what you should eat is a.

Very good thing to know and when you start a fast I usually recommend being as close to ketogenic going in that fast as possible even if you're not doing keto what I mean by that is going into a fast if you keep your carbohydrates and low for a couple meals prior to say your first fast you're going to have less likelihood of plug sugar crashing and.

Causing you all kinds of issues seeing a common theme there the most common thing that people are going to encounter that's going to throw the move is going to be the fact that their blood Sugar's kind of wonky right so if you can get yourself lower carb prior to going into your fast and keep your fats a little bit higher you'll enter that state where.

Your body's producing and utilizing ketones a little bit quicker in your fast which is going to make the fasting a lot easier okay so I usually recommend that just read some interesting papers on green tea prior to a fast which was wild because it had an effect on what's called basically lipo salt and lipopolysaccharides which are.

Inflammatory compounds that leak in the bloodstream from the intestinal tract green tea has an effect on the mucosal layer that protects it and it's wild I'm not going to go into a lot of detail here but drinking green tea a good copious amount of it prior to your fast will prevent some of the gut distress that happens later both short-term and.

Long-term so that's a great way to prepare for a fast the other thing that you want to do is you want to have electrolytes handy have your stuff handy because you don't want to be hastily shuffling through and making big mistakes get yourself a little checklist of some videos that are like the fascinating.

Checklist okay so like yourself a little checklist and that way you can go through it and you can know that you're doing it right I've got my electrolytes or I've got my salt handy I've got my water handy I've got my green tea handy I've got my matcha I've got my fast breaking meal handy this is a mistake that I've made so many times even as a.

Professional and even doing what I do now day in and day out is not having my fast breaking meal planned having that one meal set aside plan will make all the difference in the world okay telling you that right now a wreck next question is I want to try doing any longer fast what should I change okay well aside.

From obviously the length of time in fast the best thing that you can do to start preparing for that or to really change things really is going to be the one time when you're going to go a longer fast I would recommend doing that one on a non workout day okay if you're going to stride doing on a 24 to a 48 not work fast then you may want to.

Consider not working out that day and the reason that I say that is because yes although I love the benefit of the workout it might make it so it's harder to get through that longer fast so give yourself a couple of days and let yourself just experiment with that fast another thing that you might want to consider doing prior to the longer fast.

Is hyper hydrating with a good amount of sodium so the reason that I say that is again your body is going to expel magnesium and it's going to expel potassium that's going to expel sodium and it's going to kind of throw things off if you sodium low and I don't mean a ton but maybe take in 30% more sodium prior to going into a fast you're going.

To feel that you're a little more stable so I just recommend that you change a whole lot otherwise the thing that you do need to be prepared for is your breaking your fast in the longer than fast the more I'd be concerned with consuming too many carbohydrates after breaking a fast but also concerned concern with fat intake the only fat.

That I would want you to see see coming in after anything longer than a 24 or actually I should say longer than like a 36 hour fast is going to be fat from olive oil or a small trace amount that might come from some weed meat or lean protein okay more questions coming in wow this is awesome you sold a lot of people here you guys are feeling really.

Great thank you so much for being here and don't forget to hit that thumbs up button and see here actually well I've still got a bunch of people here Hagan don't forget on the share a million meals thing that I was talking about – if you guys are on Instagram check it out at share a million meals and also follow up with your box and again I.

Talked about this excuse me a minute ago but basically butcher box is looking at donating a million meals so there it's called the feed America campaigns they're really really looking at doing that so also so share a million meals butcher box and also you can follow feeding America so obviously during this crazy time it's been tough.

But we're also trying to do it and we can to put our best foot forward to feed as many people as possible so what you'll do is just snap pictures of your food hashtag share a million meals all the details are down below in the description it's all for a good cause no one's asking anything of you other than.

To participate by taking pictures of your meals so cagney hashtag share a million meals and that way I can see what you're eating what you're breaking your fast with but in the meantime we can also be pushing everything forward and taking that right step forward in terms of helping out as many people as we can so big support there for me okay.

The next one jumping into the next question sorry I've said to reiterate that for people that hopped on should I fast from a certain time like evening to evening or morning to morning or should I just focus on the length for people who really enjoy eating breakfast what about yeah that's a perfect question very common.

I'm a fan of switching it up okay I've learned to not like breakfast as much because I typically would fast and skip breakfast but then I started learning the benefits of fasting from evening to evening or from afternoon to afternoon so I highly recommend that people should switch it up especially if you're someone that works out in the.

Morning so think about it like this you're going to get more benefit as far as fat loss is concerned from your workout if you're deeper into a fast so people often say well wait a minute I can't work out in the afternoon so I can't work out at the end of my fast what's stopping you from shifting your eating okay why can't you fast from.

Breakfast to breakfast or from lunch to breakfast so what I'll do commonly is all eat lunch then I'll you dinner or student always lunch then I won't eat dinner then I'll go to bed and I'll wake up and I'll wake up kind of hungry because I've been going for 16 hours at that point 17 hours and then I'll go work out because I'm working out at the.

End of a fast but then guess what I'm breaking my fast with a post-workout meal and then I get the double benefit right because then I'm getting extra fat loss during my fast as I'm deeper into a fast okay and I'm getting more insulin sensitivity and more so muscle building effect that's pretty cool I'm a big fan of that so the point.

Is is that doesn't need to be your norm but I recommend shifting it shuffle it a little bit and have some fun with it because you definitely can fasten place we have different circadian rhythms different or not different circadian but we have different diurnal rhythms that occur in different hormonal responses that occur we have a different set of.

Hormones that are coming up at night versus during the day you're getting different benefits with fasting and most of the fasting is looking from like 24-hour periods and they're not really necessarily looking at the time of day in which it starts but I think there's a lot of science to be unveiled with that ok next question says I know that I'm.

About to have a very stressful work-life period should I fast during this time or would it be too stressful it's a tremendous question it's a double-edged sword because with fasting you know that it makes your life a lot easier in some ways ok again you're eliminating variables you're eliminating stressors because meals this shuffling whatever so.

In one on one hand it makes your life more seamless it makes your life easier but on the other hand from a meta Bala or should I say adrenaline and kind of catecholamine response and hormone response it is physically literally stressing ok so what that implies is that well maybe I shouldn't be adding extra stress physiologically or hormone.

Into my body at this time so you have to weigh it out is today a day we're fasting would actually make your life easier and ultimately reduce your net levels of stress or is it a day where fasting is going to actually make it worse so you have to look at stress at a net equation if I'm going to be traveling and I'm stressed I'm not going.

To force myself to eat it's easier for me to not eat and keep stress levels low if I were to eat I think I'd be stressing myself out more trying to find a clean place to eat so I hope that that makes sense there now if you're going to be going through a longer period of life like it you know people have come to me with ok I'm going through a divorce I.

Know it's gonna be hell for six months should I be fasting during this time I still think you should maybe back it off a little bit because the last thing you want to do is have a major change in your eating pattern along with hormonal changes along with these other hormonal changes that are going to by and large let's review wait right there going over.

Attributed to weight gain you just got to be careful with that things like that so I definitely would recommend tailoring a little bit but at the back off entirely the one thing that I would say is if you're concerned about getting sick and you know during these crazy times and where we're all concerned about this kind of thing to.

Just a certain degree you may want to consider reducing the fasting you're not jeopardizing your immune system there's no denying that fasting does jeopardize your immune system it does change white blood cell levels it does have an effect there the long-term effect however of fasting on the immune systems is powerful anyhow I digress.

Okay so in the question 18 I normally take my supplements in the morning should I wait until I finished my fast some ones that are okay to take during the fast magnesium electrolytes are usually okay everything else take towards the end of a fast especially if it's a soft gel that is fat soluble and especially if it's an antioxidant okay.

So if item and see other antioxidants they blunt the positive effects of a fast are there certain people who shouldn't fast people that have severe adrenal issues should not fast people that are prone to eating disorders probably should not fast and I say this because it's easy to develop an eating disorder.

With fasting okay I've seen it happen many times I've been close to it myself okay you don't want to develop what's called a North or exit response where you're just getting you know so obsessed with it other than that I think a lot of people could have a benefit from fasting there's a lot of different medical.

Conditions which you shouldn't fast too many to list but they're usually more obscure they're not the more common ones finally number 20 I enjoy fascinating how do I get my friends or family onboard who think that I who I think I would we've been at the chrome accident I think the results speak for themselves people used to think that I was crazy.

For fasting as much as I did but I mean it wasn't even fasting all that much I thought I was crazy because especially eight nine 10 years ago it wasn't super hugely popular so the best thing that you can do is lead by example but I also think but showing them in indoctrinating them into what I called dirty fasting which by the way I have a video coming.

Out on this soon clean fasting where it says dirty fastening dirty fasting when you allow yourself to have a couple of calories during a fast you indoctrinate yourself into it teaches them that hey this isn't as hard as they thought and you also teach a lot of people that hey they're already close to fasting anyway they just might be you know just getting.

Rid of the cream in their coffee I know tons of people to skip breakfast okay but they think it's bad they perceive it as bad they don't fully skip breakfast they have coffee with cream in it which technically is not fasting so all they have to do is make one little shift and the whole metabolism would change so much so I know it's tough to.

Answer because it's really ambiguous and there's so many different answers but getting people to get on board fasting is much easier than you think I think it's much easier to get someone I'm worth fasting than this is someone on board with keto just saying that just for what it is keto you have to battle lots of fats you have to battle.

Cholesterol and fasting is just a tiny system you can work with any kind of diet okay I practice fasting with all kinds of things whether it's keto whether I'm off key I'm not on keto at the moment and I'm just doing a lot more fasting as a result then I'll go back on keto in a couple weeks shuffle it point is here investing is great for that hey.

Can we get some more thumbs up I'd love if we could hit a thousand likes on this live broadcast before I go we got 826 right now so hit that like button that would be awesome if we can bump it up this is cool we've got some we've hand them all 20 questions thank you guys everyone's hitting that like button he handled 20 through the 20 questions now.

I've got a few questions I wanna go ahead and answer someone did a super chat a while back I when I asked answer says I'm struggling with so much I've been serious keto for two weeks my appetite is minimal I have to force myself to eat I may eat 1200 calories day or less is that okay I'm down in 347 to 331 should you force.

Yourself to eat to get your calories it's a good question I never think you should force yourself to eat but you may want to consider getting some more calorically dense foods in this case okay you may want to consider adding a little bit more in the way of fats just to see if you can get the calories in but if you're losing weight you're.

Feeling good I mean if as long as you're not fatigued I don't I think you just listen to your body I go through periods where I'm ravenous and periods where I don't want to eat it all and you just have to listen to your body a little bit there think about it once again evolutionary okay are you gonna waste energy to go out and make a kill if.

You're really not that hungry probably not okay some other good questions that have come in what's my see someone says breast feeding during fasting Andreea that's a great question I would not recommend it meaning because of the dehydration but you have the check your own levels and kind of see there if your milk is kind.

Of turn it blue and you're not really getting a lot of fat in it you might detect it back off a little bit just intermittent fasting boost testosterone doesn't necessarily boost testosterone but it does if you strategically eat the right kind of foods after you break a fast you potentially have a better benefit with that so hope it's kind of.

Hard to answer this who are you breastfeeding from as an adult I'm not hesitating but I do have a newborn so I kind of get to see it a lot excuse me okay someone says sorry other questions are coming in is it a good idea to consume ashwagandha cinnamon with my after workout way shape cinnamon tremendously yes in fact I would say.

Cinnamon is actually okay to have towards the end of your fast if does help reduce cortisol levels and it does help mimic insulin so therefore it makes it so you're gonna have a nicer smoother blood sugar response when you do these so send them in a little bit before breaking it fast is great just rolling through some other questions here.

Bulletproof coffee does bring a fast yes a lot of calories I'm on the fourth day the seven day water fast should I work out as normally Laura worked out just as you feel okay this is where the reading of perceived exertion comes in handy don't look at the weights don't worry about the weights don't worry about the speed in which you're running don't.

Worry about your time get rid of all data metrics unless that is your goal and focused purely on reading a perceived exertion give yourself a RPE scale of one to ten ten being the maximum one being effortless okay and you should keep yourself right in that six seven spot so relatively speaking your deeper and a.

Fast you might feel more fatigued you might not be lifting as much unite might be running as much you're fast right but received exertion wise you're putting out the next same amount of effort which means as far as a hormetic stressor on your body you're putting the same amount of stress on your body okay so don't push yourself down yourself let's see.

So other great questions here bear with me what about nerve damage that theme can inflict on the nervous system just in that nerve damage only really occurs if you're having a ton of it okay so I don't think you're gonna run into that situation Josh says I tried to hit Thomas level by.

Intermittent fasting Kido to be honest I'm just getting skinny to what I used to 6-month intermittent fasting I just got the keto flip into a keto for two months Josh you may want to just try backing off on the fasting a little bit and just adding a little bit more calories during your eating period bulletproof coffee.

Easy I mean it's probably penance so that's what kind of diet broke up my toddler on I'm okay he's hurting that question some people are kind of worried about that he doesn't consume any gluten keep it minimal grains he's not keto yeah I don't necessarily feel like I know that the ketogenic diet has such a powerful hormonal response I don't know.

If toddlers ready for that everything in our household is about reducing sugar or eliminating sugar reducing anything refined and really going just for Whole Foods as much as possible I will say it's kind of cottage cheese like good quality organic non carrageenan not that I really didn't care about that as much anymore.

But lots of cottage cheese kids loves eggs loves avocado so he eats a lot of good healthy fats I would say if anything he's eating more of a Paleo diet you know and kind of let him choose he doesn't ever choose sugar that's what's beautiful about me I don't want to get onto that too much is there a way to lose belly fat without losing too.

Much weight I'm happy with weight you know I actually have a video coming out Carl just on that here really soon on how to specifically target subcutaneous fat because people I don't need to lose visceral fat I don't want to lose weight in general I just want to lose just fat so I have a video coming out on that so I'm going to go ahead and save that for.

Then I'm gonna go ahead and I'm going to answer one more question on alternate day fasting when do you work out before or after eating that's a good question so alternate day fasting is where I fasted for 20 or 24 hours one day and then eat the whole day next day alternate day on a day off day on down and what I'll generally do is invariably.

Worked out in my fasted state so I'll work out in the morning on my fasting day and then I'll just go the rest of the day fast it okay then I'll work out again before I break my fast okay so it's staying consistent with training in the morning again to expand on that more but simple anyhow I'm gonna go ahead and.

Sign off of this guy's if you can again I know it's annoying there's some people here that if you are on Instagram first of all follow me if you aren't already because I do a lot more behind the scenes stuff I do a lot more daily life and I know not everyone is on Instagram but I will say like at Thomas de Lauer I post a lot more of just what.

I'm eating and things like that it's a lot more lifestyle oriented whereas here it's much more educational much more authoritative much more coaching style this is a lot more relaxed it's more of my life so if you are in Instagram I do recommend you checking out over there but follow share a million meals follow butcher blocks and follow feeding.

America and then what I want you to do is take pictures of your meals and a hashtag share a million meals but also tag me and then I want to see the pictures that you're posting up with your favorite people do it all the time and whenever I've had chances that comment like hey I would change this or hey I would change that whenever I can.

Or I have someone with my team do it so I need at least good feedback out there but it's a good way to participate because like I said put your box is really putting your best foot forward and trying to donate a million meals and feed as many people as you possibly can so anyhow thank you all for being here I hope this broadcast was helpful doing it.

And this more rapid-fire explanation format and yeah there'll be a new video tomorrow as always and I will see you all soon
20 Common Intermittent Fasting Questions - Answered Live
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