10 Common Intermittent Fasting Questions – LIVE with Thomas

10 Common Intermittent Fasting Questions – LIVE with Thomas

10 Common Intermittent Fasting Questions – LIVE with Thomas

Check out the video on 10 Common Intermittent Fasting Questions – LIVE with Thomas.
What is going on it's been a while since i've been here on youtube live took me a while to figure out the lighting situation here so sorry about that anyhow i'm going to jump right in the whole idea behind this live since you may or may not know this past june we've been doing this whole.

Intermittent fasting challenge maybe you missed the video i don't know if you saw it or not but if you didn't you can go back to beginning of june's videos and you'll see there's a 28 day intermittent fasting challenge so in honor of that whether you're doing that challenge or not i wanted to hop on and i wanted to answer.

Some of what i would consider to be the 10 most common intermittent fasting questions it doesn't mean they're the best questions the worst questions anything like that i just want to go through them because these are ones that just hit in the comment sections all the time so the whole idea behind.

This 28 day challenge was really just building community i love doing that with this audience i love doing that with you guys i try to do challenges like once every six months or once every three months so anyhow if you're hopping on here if you're live go ahead and introduce yourself say hello say where you're.

Watching from that way i can shout you out say hello as well so we'll spend the next minute and a half doing that just saying hello to people so if i'm glancing down to this side of the screen it's just that's where the comment section is so what's going on matt what's going on christine awesome seeing.

You here pat casey good to see you we've got uh let's see gabe good to see you here we've got gary we've got awesome great stuff we've got soquel we've got smelly cat in socal we've got jason in california we've got little b in new york we've got rachel delong in ohio we've got john we've got wow this is going in.

So fast holy cow so here we go we've got man this is awesome it's just blowing up okay we've got c amanda victoria jay i can't even go this fast you guys are awesome all right so we've got a good amount of people on here already so i want to just you know keep on just.

Getting this momentum going getting a few more people on here before i dive into the details and just again i'll kind of recap this 28 day fasting challenge was all about doing sort of an alternate day fasting approach but really what is called a 175 25 or a 5 2 approach which was more about consuming.

A lot of food on your feasting day and consuming 25 of that calorie count on your fasting day so it was sort of alternate day fasting but it was more so really strict intermittent fasting one day followed by not intermittent fasting and that's really the pattern that i.

Like to follow and i will talk about that as we get into the details here so let me go ahead and start off with what i would say the number one question that has been coming up recently is and that is how frequently should you fast okay well this is a very relative question.

How frequently you should fast really depends on a number of things i will tell you my opinion and what i do personally and then i'll kind of share what you might want to figure out so personally i like to fast every other day or i'd like to fast like three to four days per week now the reason.

Behind that is i like fasting to remain the anomaly and what i mean by that is i always like fasting to be the shock to the system i don't want it to be the norm because my metabolism adjusts accordingly and i talk about that in my videos a lot so for me it makes a lot more sense for.

Me to fast like every other day or even less frequently than that so that when my body receives that signal of a fast it still gets the shock from it and i still get the body composition effect whereas it's not becoming the norm see i don't want my body to establish fasting as the norm and then when i don't fast.

Have that be the anomaly where my body holds on to the extra food so that's very very important to me now the question for you might be okay well i'm not necessarily in it for body composition or i like fasting and i want to fast more well then you have to just ask yourself are you okay.

With following this intermittent fasting lifestyle for the rest of your life and following the pattern that you're doing and there's nothing wrong with that but if you were doing say 16-8 intermittent fasting every day your metabolism is going to adjust to that so you need to be okay with the fact that that might be.

The norm for you because when you do go outside of that continuum then you're going to end up in a position where it's a lot easier for you to gain weight so as long as you are okay with that being the norm then that's totally fine hey can everyone just smash that thumbs up button please that would really help.

Us out a lot make sure this video ranks well and make sure that everyone that's on my channel can see this video at some time in the future um that way just you know that little thumbs up button would help out a lot another thing that you can do to determine how frequently you should fast okay you can look at things like your.

Heart rate variability now i know that's a little bit more complex but i'll throw it out there anyway and i'll touch on it for just a second so if you use an aura ring or you use a whoop strap or anything like that you can measure your heart rate variability and that's going to tell you your strain and how stressed out you are fasting.

Is going to stress you out it's normal okay so if you start feeling like you're really worn down or you're like scores if you're measuring your hrv you're showing that you're worn out then that's not exactly the best time to fast and you may want to wean it back a little bit so it's not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Like three days per week might not always be your norm sometimes you might be able to handle more like four or five some weeks if you're really getting sick or anything like that you might be down to like one day a week and i modulate that all the time so it's something to definitely be paying.

Attention to um someone asked can i skip dinner i absolutely recommend skipping dinner i think skipping dinner is actually even better than skipping breakfast as far as what it does for your circadian rhythms as far as what it does for overall fat metabolism now i've talked about this the hard part.

Is i do so many videos not everyone gets to see everything all the time right so we have to look at the big picture here so when i look at fasting i look at just varying different times i like to fast through breakfast sometimes i like to fast through dinner sometimes all depends on what i'm doing for fat loss i do think that you do a.

Little bit better if you break through dinner fast through dinner but that's hard to do for families it's hard to do in a lot of cases so what i would typically recommend is periodically throw that in there and it's going to remain a shock remember you want to be fasting through all different.

Time periods it's really great you have different gut microbiome you have different things happening at different times of the day and if you fast through those different times you're getting different results each time right so if i fast through breakfast i have my own set of.

Gut bacteria and everything that's happening there hormones and stuff and i fast through there that's going to elicit one response fasting through dinner is going to elicit an entirely different response so it's nice to kind of mix it up all the time okay then when i move into the next.

Question let's say oh should you work out fasted now it seems like a little bit of a blanket vague question but i'm going to touch on it just in the utterly most simplistic way if you are fasting your body is going to lose what you don't use your body is in a very survival oriented mechanism.

Oriented time at that time so it's really like ready to survive and preserve and whatever you give attention to your body is going to preserve okay so if you are sitting on the couch doing nothing while you're fasting your body is going to see that as well i don't really need.

What this muscle because this person's in survival but they're just sitting there let's preserve something else but if you keep a little bit of tension on those muscles and you activate them a little bit it can do a big big service for you in terms of your body recognizing oh i'm in survival mode but he's still.

Using these muscles so let's do what we can to preserve them because they're clearly important to survival so the bottom line is yes workout how intensely should you work out that's gonna depend on you and how frequently you fast and how you know for for someone that's just starting intermittent fasting.

All of a sudden you start working out a bunch while you're fasting it might be a little bit heavy on your body but if you've been fasting for a year or two years and you've been practicing it you can probably handle a lot more because your body's going to be able to deal with that strain much more okay you know omar you said how to make.

Fasting easier or less painful i actually answer that question towards the end of this it's one of the questions so let's go ahead and kind of keep on moving on hey guys can you uh remember to hit that thumbs up button as well and just also uh for the record this is that 28 day intermittent fasting.

Challenge so if you are doing that challenge could you go ahead and comment say i'm doing the challenge just so i know who here is a part of that if you're watching this podcast on replay or later on in the year and you're not doing the challenge you can always go back to the beginning of june.

When i have that content released that lays out the full protocol and everything so just might help people out if you're looking for the meal plan that kind of goes along with this live broadcast that i'm talking about also a big thank you and a shout out i put a link down below for thrive market just so you guys know uh it was a.

Special deal for those that were doing the challenge but if you're doing this broadcast you can still check them out that link is down below for thrive market so that's going to get you 25 off of a membership as well as a free gift if you utilize thrive market so getting your keto stuff getting your fasting groceries all that so there's a.

Link down below and a big thank you to them as well and thank to you guys for again allowing me to create this content and for supporting the sponsors that make this all possible too moving on should you restrict calories during the eating window i love this one because intermittent.

Fasting is in some eyes seen as caloric restriction like is fasting itself just reducing calories because you're not eating and you're consolidating your eating window and therefore you're going to consume less calories in some ways yes but the question still remains like should you try to restrict.

Calories more when you're actually eating and the answer is no but i don't think you should gorge yourself either okay you should eat somewhat ad libitum how it feels right okay what i don't want you to do is restrict calories aggressively during your eating window and put yourself.

Into a deficit uh to where your body feels like you're just doing a low-calorie diet there's plenty of evidence that demonstrates a low-calorie diet versus intermittent fasting and the low-calorie diet does not perform as well because a low-calorie diet is going to trigger that metabolic response for everything.

To slow down intermittent fasting actually speeds up your metabolism during the time that you're fasting because it's a shock and it's adrenaline spike so when your adrenaline gets going your body is like freaking out trying to figure out what to do so it up regulates everything to give you energy so that you can survive.

Because your body sees it as i'm fasting i need energy i need to go and find food let's give this guy whatever he needs okay it's not until late late stages of starvation that you actually start getting lethargic and sickly okay so in the beginning you're actually up regulating metabolism.

So what you want to do is you want to eat sufficiently when you do feast that's why i'm very adamant about calling it fasting and feasting because when you eat you should feast that doesn't mean you eat donuts and then you eat ben and jerry's ice cream it means that you do good things and you.

Choose the right foods but you eat sufficient calories should you try to get to your daily calorie count like if you normally eat 2 500 calories should you try to eat 2 500 calories in your eating window that really is a hard question to answer because it depends on how long you're eating.

Like how long you're fasting how long your eating window is if you're eating windows only four hours i wouldn't necessarily suggest trying to cram twenty five hundred calories in but you should eat ad libertine eat enough for that respective meal but definitely don't restrict it because you're going to dig yourself into this.

Metabolic hole your body is burning calories when you're fasting your body is burning calories when you're eating okay with fasting you are really getting this additional benefit of an accelerated metabolism during the fast it's not just calories in calories out.

Although that does matter the fact that you're not eating food during your fast is absolutely relevant but you're also getting this additional bonus of an extra percentage of your resting metabolic rate increasing meaning you are burning more calories simply at rest during your fasted period okay it seems.

Kind of backwards but it is that way um okay guys don't forget please hit that thumbs up button we got 340 likes i'd love to see this at we got over 700 people on this broadcast so let's get those likes up to over a thousand so youtube knows i'm not not a total chump um okay then number four this is a common question does.

Coffee or tea break a fast no it does not break a fast as long as you are not adding creamer as long as you are not adding sugar i am even okay with a little bit of artificial sweetener although i'm not the biggest fan of it i'm okay with monk fruit i'm okay with stevia if you want to use splenda.

Or aspartame that's really on you i'm not going to tell you that's good bad or ugly because i know that's a sensitive area for people bottom line is the 5 to 10 calories that you're getting from coffee or tea are not going to affect your fast negatively if you ask me simply because they can put you deeper into a fasted.

State and they help with lipolysis they help mobilize fats so lipolysis versus beta oxidation lipolysis is where you have the fat stored in the adipose tissue and you're actually releasing the fats into the bloodstream during fasting you burn the fats that.

Are circulating a lot easier so what you need is tools to help liberate fat more coffee and tea help liberate fat more so i'm not saying that you're not going to have success if you don't drink coffee or tea but what i am saying is don't worry about having black coffee don't worry about having black tea or green tea.

That's unsweetened or doesn't have creamer it's only going to help you i don't think it's going to hurt you there are some people out there that will say yeah yeah yeah it's going to stop autophagy it's going to do this there's also a lot of evidence that shows that coffee induces autophagy.

Or the cellular recycling and repair so i don't want you freaking out about it i think it's a really moot point i think it's such a negligible thing and if you're trying to fast for absolutely like spiritual purity reasons then yeah you should keep it clean that's a whole different ball game but metabolically speaking i think the.

Coffee and tea will actually help you um yeah so many good questions what about sugar-free hazelnut i really wouldn't add that during a fast still almond milk with coffee nope i would still keep it black coffee how to combat hunger during fasting we'll talk about that in just a moment so i'm just answering some questions.

Here um scott matheson bro your tips helped me drop 30 pounds in four months awesome news i love hearing that stuff any tips on what to do the day after binge drinking or eating don't be reactive be proactive do not try to fast as a result of doing something bad the day prior.

That builds a really bad binge like mentality and i feel like you're better off to plan than to react okay so just roll with the punches get right back into it um what does let's see athletic greens breaks a fast yes it does because gaba break a fast no gaba would be okay 13 pounds down in one month.

Crystal that's awesome mct and butter in my coffee it's a different kind of fastening uh so as it pertains to today's video i would say no but i have done videos talking about mct specifically during fasting because it can help ketogenesis and it can help fat adaptation and it can help you get the ketogenic.

Benefits of a fast so it's a little bit different so mct in a fast there's a specific use case for it guys please don't hit that thumbs up button it helps a lot and then also just a quick reminder again just because they are a supporter or sponsor check out thrive market down below.

In the channel or in the channel description excuse me and in the video description so that's 25 off thrive market for all your keto all your goodies so again that link is down below again that's just for people that are on this broadcast that 25 off so make sure that you check that out.

Afterwards again that's like special discount also gets you a free gift when you sign up using that and a big thank you to all of you for putting up with me and putting up with my sponsors and everything like that i know it can be frustrating sometimes it is how the channel keeps going and i try.

To pick ones that are relevant okay um here we go let's what's the longest that you should fast was another question that came up that i felt was really really good and that is a very relative question once again i've divided into three categories okay intermittent fasting the longest i think you should.

Fast is 22 hours i think that's just a great length fast for intermittent fasting meaning you're doing it multiple times per week okay that's category one for prolonged fasting that is like uh body composition oriented i wouldn't recommend going more than like 72 hours if you're just looking for body.

Composition and that would be like once a month okay so 72 hours for body composition because after that you start to have a little bit of a diminishing return you can actually start losing some muscle then when it comes down to autophagy when it comes down to cellular rejuvenation when it comes down to.

Potential stem cells when it comes down to those kinds of things i would say seven days now is that the utter maximum you could ever do absolutely not i know plenty of people that have done longer fast that's totally on you i'm just dividing into these three categories that i think are for.

Lack of a better term and i'm not a doctor safe in my opinion okay and relevant okay so 22 hours if you're doing it multiple times per week uh prolonged fasting for body composition effects up to 72 hours and longer fast if you're doing it for purity reasons and for that kind of stuff.

Then i'd say seven i hope that that answers that question um you know people keep asking about apple cider vinegar yes that's absolutely okay on a fast let that be known apple cider vinegar is good to go actually deepens the ampk state which means that it actually allows your body to sense that you're.

Deeper in a fast therefore up regulating the liberation of fatty acids and up regulating even the release of glycogen from the muscle tissue so when your body sees that you're deeper in an ampk state it basically registers in your brain and your hypothalamus that you're deeper in a fast deeper than you are which is pretty cool.

Let's see um some questions here better just get breakfast or dinner i still skip dinner uh will this stream stay up after it's over yes it absolutely wait uh well fiber and water uh i would add your fiber after you break your fast don't do it during your fast it's still very.

Metabolic on a feasting day how far apart should you aim your meals um good question i usually say 60 to 90 minutes i keep them pretty short but it depends on how long your feasting period is once again hey guys thanks again make sure you keep hitting that thumbs.

Up and i know we got a lot of new people hopping on here and if you're just hopping on right now we're live but you can definitely go back and watch the beginning of this video we're about halfway through um okay the next one is do electrolytes break a fast.

Um you've probably seen a number of my videos that i talk about electrolytes so i'll just make it very simple electrolytes do not break a fast if anything they are going to allow you to go longer and a lot of times when we are fasting a lot of our loss of performance our loss of our mental function isn't due to.

Malnutrition it's because we end up having a deficiency in sodium or deficiency in electrolytes that are just messing up sort of our nerve signaling messing up some of our action potential so we're not actually signaling signal properly boris says i've gained weight immediately after a couple 40 hour fat.

That's usually just inflammation related your body's just responding so i wouldn't worry about that okay uh boris just wanted to answer that super chat question so the electrolytes if you add sodium into the mix actually allowing you to get i don't say deeper into a fast but it's likely not kicking.

You out now you have a choice of going flavored or unflavored um i would usually use ones that are sweetened with monk fruit or stevia and do not go with ones that are sweetened with splenda or aspartame or definitely look for ones that have.

Acid sulfame k acid sulfate potassium or ace k in the ingredients i usually recommend element i talk about them all the time so um you can always check them out it's lmnt and also thrive market has them down below so if you use the link for thrive market you can go on there and you can search for lmnt.

Electrolytes those are my favorite fasting electrolytes so if you're going over even 12 hours i would add electrolytes in because your body is still going to lose those electrolytes just because your insulin levels are lower and if you're doing keto along with fasting it's even more important because.

Your insulin levels are even lower okay sorry so many good questions coming through i want to make sure i answer a few of them uh herbal teas you're absolutely okay to have uh vaping yes you're okay um let's see wow okay someone's asked okay um hang on i gotta no come back there's one.

That's just been like i'll put there we go i gotta hide some user because it was just copy and pasting his question until i saw it so okay there we go our nutrition drinks like boost or ensure good for uh during your eating period yeah those could work pretty well uh again you're still getting a lot of.

Sugar and stuff like that but if you're just trying to get your calories up can you take pre-workout after breaking your fast after breaking your fast yes you're fine branching amino acids things like that you don't want to have during your fast okay let's see how should you break a fast which a lot of you probably already.

Know since i talk about it so much on my channel but breaking a fast in my opinion is simple lean clean protein get that out of the way okay it takes a lot of digestive load to break down fats and during your fast your body.

Restricts some things okay it up regulates your metabolism but also restricts digestive components and reallocates energy so you lose digestive enzyme potential which means that when you break your fast you don't have a lot of enzymes now fats breaking down fats require a lot of enzymes okay pancreatic lipase they.

Require that function well you're deficient in that so you're going to end up not utilizing those fats it ends up causing digestive discomfort but also just malabsorption so right when you break a fast protein is the best bet now carbohydrates are easier to digest but we run into a problem with carbohydrates.

We don't want this insulin spike right when we break our fast we want a protein spike that's going to trigger insulin but along with glucagon the bottom line is lean clean protein um someone asked for alternate day 20 hour fasting what's the best way to incorporate keto here should i keto on.

The fast days and maintain on them you know what if you're really strict keto dasar i would just say keto all the time keto on your fasting days and keto on your non-fasting days and just stay strict like that you're going to get much better benefit if you're trying to stay keto there okay so then when it comes down to how.

You should eat next okay so you break your fast with maybe 30 to 50 grams of lean protein no added fats okay and then 60 to 90 minutes later or even 30 to 90 minutes later you have your larger meal and that's when you can start adding vegetables in and stuff like that.

I don't like having carbs right you break a fast because you get a pretty big insulin spike which can be very detrimental to uh well for one thiamine levels but it can also be detrimental to the sort of the sodium gradient it can allow sodium to flush into the cell too much too fast.

Which lowers your blood plasma levels of sodium so you don't want to do that so that's why people get lightheaded after they have a bunch of carbohydrates after they break a fast so i'm not opposed to having carbs i just want you to have lean protein first then if you're having carbs introduce them 30 to 90 minutes later after you've.

Already started to digest your protein so many great questions um geekdom someone says it's totally you're totally in geek land here how not to lose weight doing if keto in general lucas is a good question if you're not trying to lose weight i would probably only fast two or three days per week or.

Fast every day and make sure that your calories are sufficient so you you would be in the situation where you either want fasting to be an extreme anomaly or you want fasting to be the norm so your body adjusts to it okay another question that i just want to make sure i answer uh.

How to overcome a fasting plateau so you're stuck you've been fasting for a while how do you overcome this plateau what do you do well the first thing that i would recommend is when you start reaching these plateaus there's a number of things you can do but i would say on the days that you are.

Fasting after you break your fast keep it just protein for a couple days okay so like if you're fasting three days per week take two days out of the week where after you break your fast you're just consuming protein and veggies just keeping the fats out of the.

Equation keeping the carbs in the equation it's going to be brutal days but those are ways that that really does get you through those hurdles because your body is really trying to utilize fat as a fuel at that point and if you don't give it the fat after you finish your fast your body's going to keep burning that fat.

And you're at least giving yourself protein to allow your body to metabolize that and not break down tissue it's basically a modified what's called protein sparing modified fast which we can do during our eating days additionally what you may want to consider doing it sounds crazy is take two weeks off of fasting.

And just do some form of ika uh lower carb you don't have to go full keto maybe just allocate your carbohydrates um to the morning time or just definitely to the evening time so either one or the other and then take two weeks off of fasting and then go back to it it makes a pretty significant difference.

Another thing you may want to consider doing is reducing the fasting days down to like one day per week but doing a 22 or 24 hour fast instead those are very effective ways to break the plateau and you don't want to make it a norm per se you just want to do it occasionally just to shock the body but i typically.

Find that if i stop responding to fasting that by taking a couple weeks off and then just changing my workout intensity a little bit it actually kicks me right through those and i i clutch over different reasons mental body composition water retention whatever.

Guys don't forget to hit that thumbs up please okay we have uh what to do if you get hungry the first thing is if you're hungry during a fast a lot of times you should change how you start your fast so i would recommend starting your fast with something like having some soluble.

Fiber in there some chia some flax some fenugreek okay some galactaman and fiber some glucomannan fiber from like shirataki noodles those fibers hold so much water they keep you satiated for a very long time but they also feed your gut bacteria for a long time which can help glucose.

Tolerance which helps kind of the glucose signaling so you end up not having these blood sugar roller coasters okay so i would highly recommend adding more fiber to the meal you eat right before you break or start your fast and it makes a big difference in how you feel.

During your fast i promise you that additionally apple cider vinegar makes a big difference coffee makes a big difference because again it's going to mobilize more fat if you're mobilizing more fat you may not physically be eating but your cells now have fuel.

Okay there's two things you have to look at digestive hunger and actual metabolic hunger when you're metabolically hungry it means your cells are deprived of food and they're not getting what they need but if you're deep in a fast if everything is operating efficiently you should be mobilizing enough fat from the adipocyte.

Into the bloodstream the cells actually get their fuel and then the cells send a signal to the brain saying hey we're perfectly satiated even though this dude's not eaten were satiated because the brain got the signal that the cell got the food therefore the hunger signal stops so you.

Really need to look at ways how do i mobilize more fat one of my favorite things to do when i get hungry is go for a slow walk it sounds so counterproductive but i'm telling you when you walk you liberate fats and all of a sudden the cells are like nom nom nom nom nom i got my fat.

I'm happy i send the signal to the brain the brain shuts down that signal for ghrelin and you're good okay so it's very simple stuff but going for a little walk just makes a tremendous tremendous tremendous difference i can't recommend that more like low intensity too like 40 50 max heart.

Rate just go for a walk with your family take the dog for a walk plus mentally what it does but apple cider vinegar will put you deeper into that fasted state which will help the signaling coffee will liberate more fat green tea will liberate more fat herbal tea might just keep your mind off.

Of things so it's not necessarily going to help you immensely anyway so just kind of factor those things in someone says what are some examples of lean protein to break a fast lean chicken lean ground turkey lean ground chicken lean white fish.

Tuna shrimp um scallops any of those kind of lean shellfish i think are great also pea protein shake if you like whey protein you can do whey protein just make sure it's whey protein isolate and make sure you don't get like a if you feel foggy after having a whey protein shake it's usually a sign you shouldn't.

Be doing that when you break a fast i don't feel good with whey when i break a fast i usually use pee but i'm not opposed away i just don't feel great with it and then okay how many calories breaks they fast i wanted to end with this one because i feel like this one is so simple but so important.

I think if i just gave you a hard number 10 calories at a time okay and no more than 20 calories throughout the course of a day a cup of coffee is going to have three to five calories you're not gonna break it fast right so there's certain things you have to look at how many calories are actually going to.

Really break a fast is it going to affect the body composition effects of a fast is it going to affect the autophagic flux like the the liver sort of autophagy that's occurring those things all matter but i think a simple number is like you know no more than 10 calories at a.

Time but again you have to remember that the fda regulations and how they actually like look at calories like they'll round up so if they're six calories they'll usually round up to ten uh if there's one calorie a lot of times it'll round up to five okay so some brands will actually put the little.

Calorie but usually they round up so if you're looking at things like electrolyte packets are gonna have like you know five calories usually it's really more like one but anyway it's just something to pay attention to so do not exceed 20 calories throughout the entirety of your fast and it should all be coming from.

No fats it should be coming from just random little things polyphenols little bits of coffee here and there that add up you know the occasional two calories that might come from my crystal light packet you know for for a hypothetical sense uh the tsar says carbs to fat ratio on a lower carb day with fasted training six days a week.

How do i know how many carbs to consume on the daily you know that's a very personal question because it can vary widely but i would still skew more higher on the fat side like two to one fat to carbs honestly i would still recommend that i i'm not a big fan of going super high on the carbs.

Even though i'm not opposed to carbs which whey protein do you recommend lono if i use whey protein i usually use iso pure totally unflavored because it's literally one ingredient so it's iso pure unflavored whey which they have at walmart too and you can get it online too.

Kathy i already answered the plateau question um so you know hopefully if you didn't see it you can go back and check that out being in pain breaking a fast insulin increase with pain yeah you know that's how long without food before you are in a fasted state danny it's a great question.

That's a really good question it varies widely on the person i usually say like three hours you're like fasted you know most of the digestive processes have slowed down by that point guys i'm gonna go ahead and hop off i gotta get going to the family we are going to get away for a couple days go to.

Disneyland uh now that things are open in california so go have a little bit of fun anyway i will still be posting videos i have a video coming out this afternoon as always one to two videos so you guys are super awesome wanna answer this one more question what does it mean in your body break so fast what's stopping what.

Breaks autophagy that's the quest that's the thing it's totally random right what breaks the fast what stops autophagy what stops fat burning it varies widely so autophagy i'd say one calorie stops autophagy but it kicks right back up too okay so it's all kind of relative how.

Long does it typically take to reverse insulin resistance geekdom as much as i would love to answer that question i have to be careful answering anything that is um that is considered an actual disease so insulin resistance is something that i cannot speak to in terms of specific time.

Frames and reversal but i will say that a lot of studies have demonstrated that just six weeks of the ketogenic diet six weeks of intermittent fasting can have a very positive effect on that and i think you can see some effects even sooner okay hey don't forget to check out thrive market please please please even if it's.

Just to check them out and take a look i would appreciate it because it does help out this channel keeps us producing content that's how we're able to pump out the volume that we can because we have support from awesome sponsors and people like you so please do make sure check you out uh check them out.

Cruciferous vegetables are okay after you break a fast not during by the way howard all right you guys are awesome uh keep it locked and here my channel and i will see you you know the deal tomorrow
10 Common Intermittent Fasting Questions - LIVE with Thomas
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