1 Month Keto Weight Loss Challenge is OVER – Final Results

1 Month Keto Weight Loss Challenge is OVER – Final Results

1 Month Keto Weight Loss Challenge is OVER – Final Results

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It has been five weeks of nothing but pure awesomeness this this challenge it's been amazing so here I am live for the final challenge video okay so those of you that join me and participating in this challenge you know what this is all about I'm gonna wait for a few more people to join in here on this live broadcast we're gonna talk about what we.

Experienced we're going to talk about what we uncovered about ourselves of course we're going to talk about our physical results we're gonna talk about all of it okay so bear with me a little bit I did end up catching that creepy cred that's been flooding around through the Southern California area if anyone lives.

In Southern California and you know that pretty much probably every other person has whatever just going around right now I've ended it off pretty well considering so anyhow we're gonna wait for a number of people to join in here we've already got a couple hundred the whole purpose of this broadcast is to talk about and recap the overall.

Challenge that we did okay so it was a weight loss challenge those of you that aren't aware of what it was down in the description I went ahead and I posted a link to that initial video okay so the initial video that laid out the meal plan laid out everything and I know this isn't the ideal time of day to do a broadcast and I know normally I do them.

On on the Mondays but I posted up yesterday saying that I was gonna have to switch it up simply because I wasn't feeling well yesterday so as we wait for a few more people to join in here let's go ahead and see where everybody's watching from so you can go ahead and comment where you're watching from go ahead and hit that thumbs up button that.

Like button – that's gonna get some traction over here get some people on this broadcast so we can actually answer questions and we can talk about our successes with a good audience okay we got Boston we got Montreal we got Norway we got Texas we've got Ontario Philadelphia London Minnesota New Zealand Indiana Pittsburg Kansas Lake.

Elsinore California New Jersey Baltimore North Carolina Alabama holy cow Eugene Oregon Atlanta this is blowing up lots of people here we got more Boston more Colorado in New York Salem Oregon this is hospital are saying get some sleep I actually slept pretty darn well considering I was sick so I think that's why I kicked its butt pretty quick a.

Little bit congested but not too bad we got Fort Worth Texas in the house we've got someone says they're watching from McDonald's see in the house San Antonio we've got Idaho Orlando San Jose California the moon Lubbock Texas Chicago New Jersey this is awesome you guys please do hit that like button hit that share button let's try.

To get as many people on this broadcast as we can okay so let's recap really quick what this was all about those of you here probably are aware of it I laid out a fully structured meal plan that was a 30-day challenge for people to try keno in a fairly strict way where I could be here doing bribe live broadcasts and doing.

Things like that and that way we can be able to do it all together and be able to see our results so that link is down below I laid it all out with a whiteboard and I opened up a Facebook group I opened up these YouTube live broadcasts that I can answer questions that we can have some fun with it and so far the people that I have seen posting.

In the group and things like that I've seen people that have lost as much as 35 pounds just in the last month of doing this whole challenge so this is amazing personally I noticed that my mental clarity was significantly higher okay this was me personally and I think the reason that I noticed this was simply because I'm strict but when I have the.

Social accountability of other people there with me and people that follow me and people that truly respect what I talk about then it made all the difference in the world so I noticed a huge increase just in my overall cognitive function my ability to do videos and I think it was just because my ketone levels were naturally.

Higher based on everything so I want to go ahead and ask the audience and if I'm glancing over to the right once again it's simply because that's where the live feed comes through so that's where I can see how people are what they're saying and what people are talking about what questions and I want to be able to use today's video to talk a lot about.

What people can do going forward okay and then we're also going to talk a little bit about fasting and what you can do going forward and then we're also going to talk of course about you know some grocery shopping tips and some overall stuff that you can use just going forward with this and then lastly I want to talk about my own experience.

With my larger weight loss back in the day when I lost 100 pounds and what I learned from that whole situation just kind of a continuation of some of the stuff that I've talked about already okay so okay well I can see you let's say 15 pounds lost nine pounds 14 pounds lots of Wow a lot of people that have lost 15 20 pounds I'm curious.

Who's how much people have lost during this 30-day challenge 10 pounds total several inches 33 pounds 8 pounds 25 pounds 2 weeks 20 pounds wow that's impressive 90 pounds 10 pounds 4 point 6 pounds 60 okay so lots of people looks like the general range of people in terms of their weight loss it's probably between 10 and 20 pounds not bad for 30.

Days strict Aikido okay so really impressive and I think one of the things that I laid out really well in this plan was getting all the prebiotic fibers in so a lot of people ended up not having success the first couple of weeks and this is a pretty common thing and the reason that you aren't going to have a whole lot of success the first couple of.

Weeks is because we are introducing these different fibers in and these different fibers are sort of recolonizing the gut bacteria okay here's what we have to remember anytime we do any kind of fasting or we do any kind of ketogenic diet we have a pretty dramatic shift in our gut bacteria and at first it comes as a shock to the body.

And can trigger a little bit of water retention we have to remember we have gram what's called gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria in the gut so what will happen is the gram-negative bacteria are technically the bad bacteria but they still play a pretty critical role those tend to die off fairly fast so once we start keto once.

We start fasting those gram-negative bacteria start to die in the gram positive bacteria start to flourish but there's a period of time when the gram negative bacteria are coming down and the gram positive bacteria are coming down now they come down slightly different rates so if my left hand is gram-negative and my right hand is gram.

Positive good bacteria bad bacteria in essence they're gonna both come down but the gram negative bacteria might come down a little faster so what's happening is even though the bad bacteria is going down our total bacterial count is coming down so what's happening there is digestion sort of gets a little bit wonky we don't break down food as well.

And we have to start rebuilding that and the way that we rebuild that is with the pre my attic fibers the asparagus and things like that so what happens in the beginning is you take in all this fiber you take in these nutrients and your body just doesn't know what to do with it because the bacteria levels are down and it takes a.

Little bit of time for that fertilizer if we want to call that just sort of rebuild that gram-positive bacteria and build your levels back up so then all of a sudden about two weeks in weight just starts falling off of people and if anyone is experiencing this let me know because I think this is a pretty common thing it's.

Like you come on this diet protocol that I laid out first two weeks maybe a couple pounds here and there some people even gained weight the first couple pounds then all of a sudden just start falling off such a great indicator because it means that you're getting keto adapted things are working they're doing what they're supposed to do guys.

Can I ask you a real quick favor and go ahead and hit that thumbs up button we got 800 people on this broadcast but I want to make sure we're hitting that like button that is super super super critical to the success of this challenge in these videos so that they get out there to the entire audience you may ever you know wonder why I have two.

Million subscribers but only a hundred thousand people see videos because YouTube plays algorithmic games want to make sure that everybody sees the content so a lot of people also talk about losing water weight in the beginning now in the first couple of weeks you certainly can lose some water weight but the interesting thing is is a.

Lot of times people don't even lose that water weight and their weight stays the same and they're wondering well am i doing Aikido wrong because why am I not losing any weight we have to remember that muscle is built relatively easy on keto so we ended up with more a little bit more muscular density in some ways so what ends up happening is even though.

You're not losing weight your body is changing now I'm curious who's experienced that has anyone ever lost weight or sorry not lost weight stayed in a plateau but they've noticed their body is significantly different people are commenting people are saying this is crazy like you look amazing and you're going the weight hasn't changed.

One bit there is suck look at a lot of people saying that's happened I mean it's it's actually really frustrating because and I encourage people that I've worked with in the past to just throw away their scales when that happens because what the heck like it's almost like what's good as this scale like I look insanely.

Different but this scale is telling me that if anything I've gained weight I just don't know what the heck to do okay well there's a lot of different reasons for that one you could be losing inflammation that's at a subcutaneous level okay so hear me out on this we have water that can be on top of our muscle.

Okay underneath our skin in an inflammatory sense so when we first start and dietary change that goes away because we get healthier and we modulate inflammation right well once that happens that water is going somewhere else that water isn't necessarily getting evacuated on to the body it could get drawn into muscles it could.

Get drawn into other areas in the body causing the muscles to be fuller so your muscles actually look leaner and denser and more full but you have less subcutaneous water making you look puffy so there's a clear example or a clear explanation as to what happens there it's it's absolutely normal so I just don't want people to get discouraged if.

The scale didn't move if you see the change with how you look okay so really really important stuff there so I just wanted to make sure I said that and also again of course the fiber thing and the gut bacteria thing that I wanted to talk about now another thing I wanted to focus on is the sodium potassium balance a little bit now I talked about this a.

Little bit in last week's live broadcast but what can happen is when you're on keto you can lose a lot of sodium but you can also lose a lot of potassium and other minerals and you never really know what mineral is thrown off for you in particular okay so what happens is sodium sort of the the epicenter for it all okay so sodium will end up getting.

Depleted initially and when that leaves the body it takes a lot of other minerals with it the hard part with measuring that is we don't always know what other minerals we lost okay so we replenish sodium and we handle one part of the equation okay we we handle the equation where we put the sodium back in but what about the other minerals.

Magnesium potassium this is where you have to test things out because if you get depleted and you lose sodium and you lose other minerals and then you only replenish sodium then you're out of balance right okay so we need sodium potassium magnesium but sodium and potassium are the two they're really important those of you that watch dr.

Berg's channel know that he is a huge proponent of supplementing potassium I am a huge proponent of supplementing potassium as well simply because on keto you should be adding sodium but if you just adding sodium and you're not getting potassium it might be an explanation as to why you feel a little bit foggy in a little bit off so what.

I've been doing and recently I literally just get from Amazon basic potassium chloride like it's basic potassium okay because if you were to go get potassium from a supplement you're gonna be limited to 99 milligram tabs those 99 milligram tabs that doesn't do a whole lot for you the daily recommended allowance of potassium is like 4,000.

Milligrams and if you're losing it then that means you're gonna be taking 40 tabs of potassium pills so I recommend just getting potassium chloride and taking like a quarter teaspoon and mixing it into your food and that way you barely notice the difference but it's interesting because sodium let's water or or sort of lets the electricity.

Into the cell and potassium lets it out it's let me explain this minerals are really wild like and they're super hot right now people are talking about minerals everywhere because I think they're uncovering that it's sort of almost a hack to feeling better so sodium in essence is kind of the opposite of potassium sodium turns on.

The electrical signal to into the cell okay so it creates the electrical gradient so that energy flows into the cell then once the cell uses the energy how does it reset okay you pull the trigger but what what pulls the back again right like how do you actually pull the hammer back if you're actually trying to reset well in this.

Case potassium and I also use it in essence like refreshing your computer imagine going to Google and sleight typing something in and it allows you to search one time and then the computer just loads and never actually or refreshes but never actually loads right it's just you get the circle of death on the Mac right that's exactly what's.

Happening at the cellular level if you don't have potassium sodium is allowing the electrical signal to be sent but there's no potassium to reset it so you don't have the resetting capability so what happens on keto is you lose these minerals and replenish sodium and then you're like okay I have kind of some energy but I feel like I'm bonking fast.

Potassium is gonna be your answer so I wanted to just give you this because the number one reason why people quit keto they feel like they get fatigued and it's usually two-part equation with what's going on one it's a sodium potassium thing almost invariably okay and then the other piece of the equation is they start by law of attrition they.

Slowly start having little bits of carbs okay and then it just it gets them out of that zone they just have a little bit of carbs here a little bit of carbs there and they're not being consistent about it so it ends up completely throwing them off so I just I wanted to touch on that because I felt like it was a really important piece let's go ahead.

And let's touch a little bit just on on some grocery shopping and some techniques here just because I've done grocery haul videos but they're always really long and I know that you don't always get the full effect and I guys again I'm apologizing I'm congested the reason I didn't do the broadcast yesterday was because I was under the.

Weather and I just didn't want to push it so if you're just hopping on here this is a recap this is the end of the one with the keto challenge but I do want to make sure that everybody knows that all the data all the meal plants everything are going to live ever glean on YouTube so you're going to be able to be rock-solid you can be able to get.

Content you'll be able to get the meal plan if you haven't participated in this challenge you just see in this video now you can use the link down below to get over to the keto meal plan videos that way you can watch it you can join the Facebook group everything is going to remain alive because so many people have had success with it we've got like.

400,000 views on that video so I know that it's successful people are saying I love your grocery haul videos so let's talk really quick about that so one of the first things that I recommend with keto there are so many keto snacks out there these days you should head into the grocery store and always do your perimeter shopping first just because if.

You're if you're on a budget you need to make sure that you're getting the essentials to actually eat clean first so always go if you're gonna eat meat go to the meat department first handle that portion allocate your budget there because honestly you can get the most bang for your buck in there okay next step is then you're gonna go over to the.

Produce department and you're gonna get your next bang for the buck there then you're going to start you have to kind of hit the aisles because you need to get some of the fats the oils and stuff like that so you can't just perimeter shop but that's the inset that necess the order that you need you need to go meet you need to go.

Veggies and then you need to start going down the center aisles by all means any of the keto snacks pork rinds things like that should be the last things that you generally buy until you are very seasoned with you know grocery shopping on keto simply because it is very easy to fill up the house with those kinds of things and I have fallen victim to that.

Time and time and time again so where I load up my pantry with amazing keto treats oh look at this cool new keto item just came out I'm gonna go and put it in my pantry and the next thing you know I'm eating it and I'm eating it all the time I'm like why don't I feel is good well because I just loaded up with a ton of erythritol I just love you know.

And we have to be honest like I'm not anti erythritol but if you have too much of it you get bloated okay does any has anyone ever experienced that with a river tall like where you know everything fall being the sweetener that's in a lot of keto products when you look on the back it's not bad and it's not unsafe but if you have too much.

Of it you get bloated so anyhow and that just plays into a big effect so understanding that simple concept of meat veggies inner aisles he's going to be perfect another thing that I also did I just created a video that's gonna go out in a couple weeks surrounding what to get and you go out to eat at a Chinese food restaurant what.

To get when you go out to eat at a Mexican food restaurant Indian Thai food so I've broken it down into all these different kind of resources for people when they're going out to eat so I think you're gonna get a big kick out of that a lot of people end up saying saying that they were getting bloated okay we've got a lot more people on here.

Could everyone comment that hasn't commented yet how much weight they lost or the success that they had during this challenge I'm just curious I like to see this and I always go back through later on and read this live chat so I can see the success that people had and if you can't hit that like button hit that thumbs up button cuz it does help us out.

A ton by getting a lot of people in here wow I'm just reading through some of the things people are saying this is awesome holy cow this is 17 pounds 12 pounds this is awesome okay cool so still keeping going 8 pounds 9 pounds 13 inches 65 pounds in 3 months 3 pounds but stuck it out first time checking in ok make sure if you.

This is your first time checking in all you have to do later on just go check out the link it's like literally the first link in the description of this video so you can go and watch the meal plan cuz I know you know this channel is gaining about a hundred thousand subscribers per month so I know there's a lot of people that have joined.

My tribe if you want to call it that long after this challenge started so I invite you to just go back relive the challenge relive all the live broadcasts all the video updates and everything are linked in that video so that you can actually watch the live updates and learn with people as they go – it's really really fascinating to see just.

People's success and I also have a Facebook group that has about 20,000 people in here now just based upon this okay let's talk a little bit about steps going forward and also talk about how often you should fast and what you might want to incorporate later on I'm sure a lot of you ended up having success implementing the intermittent fasting.

Portion of this protocol so what I highly recommend that everyone that has success with that does is do not start adding more fasting days just to add more fast in case that's one of the biggest mistakes that people make so what they'll do is they start having success with fasting so they say well what the heck we'll add more if you.

Watch my video on Sunday I talked about that being one of the biggest mistakes that I made in my weight loss journey is I was getting emotionally addicted to fasting it's so easy to have that happen okay so for example you slip up on your diet so the next day you decide that you're gonna fast well it's not the best way to do things but that's up creating.

This really unhealthy relationship with food it's my goal with all of you guys and gals to make sure that you have a healthy relationship with food and what I mean by that is that you're not constantly demonizing certain things and you're definitely not demonizing food in general right with fasting we have a tendency to be like food is bad until.

It's time to eat and then we gorge ourselves and it creates this binge and purge mentality which is just not a good attitude to have towards food in general food is fuel we do need it okay but we don't want to have this relationship where we feel so good fasting that we fast all the time and this is really really important to remember but from a.

Metabolic side of things and from a success side of things it's going to affect your way los if you fast too much yeah your thyroid levels will start to decline and that's not what we want you want your thyroid levels to stay nice and elevated and the way that we do that is by continually having calories coming in.

But having the fasting beasts or the spontaneous weight loss that we need when you look at any kind of medical journal or any kind of clinical study the results come through and they talk about spontaneous calorie restriction as being a very powerful catalyst for weight loss that is really what's important we want fasting to continue to.

Be spontaneous caloric reduction if fasting happens every day no longer is it spontaneous okay then it's consistent is just your eating pattern so I tend to totally twist it up to be completely honest some weeks I don't even fast at all some weeks all fast three days some weeks all fast for some weeks all fast.

One I try to keep it somewhat random and I don't really have a whole lot of reasoning behind which days I do fast in which days I don't other than just being practical with what I'm doing that day if I'm traveling it's a great day too fast if I'm busy and I'm mentally gonna be engaged and I'm filming it's a great day too fast because I don't have to.

Concern myself with food I don't have to concern myself with breaking the pattern up I can just go through today and not eat it's easier that way and that way I'm not necessarily creating the relationship surrounding food I'm creating the relationships surrounding my daily life eating is just it's just easier to not eat on those days right so.

I encourage everyone to think about it like that because if you fast too much you just set yourself up for failure and I don't want to see you in six months be at a total plateau because you're just having a hard time with this okay so let's go ahead and let's open this up to a few questions and I do want to talk you know about things that I've.

Experienced with my weight loss so I invite everyone that's here to try to hang in there I know these live broadcasts can be a little bit nauseating to watch because I ramble on and there's so many questions and things like that but I encourage you to stick with it because I do want to talk about some very important things that I.

Discovered during my weight loss and things I think are gonna just powerful for you guys someone's asking about ACV pills versus the drink apple cider vinegar pills versus the drink the drink is always better but the ACV pills will still get you the acetic acid the acetic acid is what is important when it comes down to modulating blood.

Glucose however it's the prebiotic effect of the mother that's really powerful with apple cider vinegar fun fact on apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar is not probiotic like people talked about it's prebiotic it's the pectin so when you talk about the mother it's kind of funny because Bragg's apple cider vinegar is always talking about.

Their proprietary mother like it's this the mother it's called the mother in apple cider vinegar is what makes their product unique and in some ways it is but all the mother really is is the cloudiness which is the prebiotic fiber like if you let apple cider vinegar settle it goes to the bottom it's just chunks of prebiotic fiber and.

A really fine-tune way so it's pectin when you shake it up you get that pectin that basically feeds your gut bacteria so have you ever noticed this is kind of funny when you're unhealthy apple cider vinegar bloats you but when you're healthy and when your diets in check it does the opposite does anyone ever notice that okay the reason is is.

Because prebiotic fibers grow bad bacteria just as much as they grow good bacteria so we want to have our body in that state where we have slightly more good bacteria than bad it doesn't mean that you shouldn't start ACV immediately because it has other health properties that are gonna help you out lots of questions coming in okay come on sorry.

If you asked about keto for nightshift workers it's coming up in like another couple of weeks I mean it's filmed already it's edited it's ready to go someone says plateau at third weeks should I add a workout definitely ok if you're plex telling the third week you should add some workouts in I wanted to keep this a little bit more nutritional.

Based but I know that people are gonna ask questions surrounding the workouts yes if you're still plateaued ik for three weeks sprinkling a worked out but don't go balls to the wall just add an in it's a simple catalyst let's see sorry answering some questions and there's a lot so give me a moment while I scroll through should you do one.

40-hour fast per week someone says I think one 40-hour fast every three weeks or so is probably the best someone T Krinsky asks um I'm always in ketosis it's a good question no I'm not always in ketosis and I've talked about this pretty openly I've been doing keto for close to 10 years now probably one of the the oldest.

Veterans in that world but I do what's called targeted ketogenic diet where I have periods of time where I go off of keto but usually what it is it's more like four five months on keto and a month off you know so it's kind of a a cycle like that where I give myself a little bit of a break but the lion's share of the time.

I'm on keto you can usually tell when I'm on keto or off key no it's kind of funny if you look at me when I'm off keto I hate to say it but like the circles under my eyes I I'm Tuffy like to my standards I just feel like I'm puffy it's kind of wild but then a couple weeks after then it starts to subside as my body Justin then I go back.

Into keto and it's like it's just wild if you watch a lot of my videos you can probably notice fact Thomas is on carbs in that video Thomas is is kind of funny just something to look for someone has keeps bringing up zinc so zinc I don't know if it's gonna help you with feeling cold they asked the question let's talk about.

What makes you cold when you're fasting because here's what smile look just kind of glitched on me first thing I think we're all good okay so the reason that you might get cold when you fast and let me ask this first if anyone gets cold when they fast for sixteen hours or anything like that or more can use common cold because I'm curious how many.

People get cold because not everyone does just common cold I'm gonna look over here and wait for people okay already coming in people saying cold cold cold okay wait for a sec bring some water again guys forgive me I'm at the tail into this cold freakin freezing someone says alright cool so we got lots of cold people I'm gonna get you excited.

Here so I found out some recent evidence as to why you're getting cold when you're fasting and it doesn't have to do with your metabolism it has to do with the migration of specific uncoupling proteins I'm gonna put this very very simply we have normal body fat called adipose tissue and that is white fat that is on our abdomen and it's the fat.

That's like visual that we see it's unsightly fat well this white fat has a degree of brown fat properties what that means is a white fat doesn't do anything other than insulate us brown fat has thermogenic properties meaning it has what are called uncoupling proteins which have sort of a.

Mitochondrial effect of generating their own heat so there's certain kinds of fat on our body fat that generates heat and fact that does not okay fat that generates heat is actually more preferential for the body so the body tries to hold on to brown fat believe it or not because the brown fat is likely to keep us warm so the body actually.

Wants to burn the unsightly white fat a lot of times it just doesn't have an opportunity to so what happens is when we fast they've noticed in studies that during fasting there is a migration or a shift in standard fat in our adipose tissue gaining visceral fat like properties what that means is we have brown fat that is actually turning to.

White fat so people say well when I'm fasting that means that my fat that burns heat is going away that's bad I don't want that well while you're fasting you do want that you want the brown fat to go away because the body's gonna utilize the white fat when you're fasting so when you get cold the reason you are getting cold when you fast is.

Because you are temporarily burning more of the white fat which means the brown fat is becoming white fat to get burned so what you're feeling is literally the switch over from the body generating heat to actually burning fat for fuel that is why you get cold it's not your metabolism slowing down it's actually your metabolism in a lot of ways.

Speeding up now the other thing that we have to look at is we have something called orexin orexin is a neurotransmitter that does affect our body heat now in studies with mice they found that mice that had defective orexin neurons neurons that couldn't reproduce orexin they found that those mice ended.

Up having a serious issue with getting cold when they would fast they would go seriously hypothermic whereas the mice that did not have defective erection levels ended up keeping their body heat elevated so what we found is that orexin plays a role in how warm we are when we fast so what's wild about this is sometimes.

You find people that don't get cold when they're fasting and sometimes you find people that do what does this mean for us it means that some people have higher levels of Rx and neurotransmitters or neurons that produce orexin than others so how do we how do we increase our X and levels two ways one is to eat okay but we can't eat when we're fasting.

Because that's not gonna work the other is coffee coffee stimulates orexin levels so we can actually get ourselves warm by drinking coffee in a two part way one it's a warm beverage but two it stimulates the neurons to produce our xn which actually cause our body heat to elevate anyway okay now I noticed a couple of good questions come in there's.

A there's a feature with live chats called super chat and so sometimes you see these brightly colored chats come through the live chat what they are is they're people asking questions in a paid fashion YouTube has an option for people to send a super chat where you add money to a chat and think it's highlighted so it just pops out but it's.

Also I always appreciate people doing that you don't by all means so you don't have to do it I'm just saying they stand out and I answer those questions someone says I sell them at coffee buy kedo gonna give me any spike is oh no you're not gonna have an insulin spike with that then life of horses TV says hi can we use potassium.

Citrate too or is potassium chloride better how much sodium do we need each day I like potassium chloride because I feel like it's a more general potassium citrate can give you a little bit of diarrhea so just be a little bit cautious of that I was talking about potassium earlier in this broadcast talking about getting yourself some.

Potassium chloride simply because it's going to help balance out that sodium potassium pump which fun fact 40% of our daily energy comes from operating that sodium potassium pump so hold that hold potassium thing I talked about very important someone asked question Sara says what do you do when you're not on keto could we get a video on that how.

Much does it change too much give you some quick outlines on that if you're not on keto or you're gonna come off keto first of all I do have a video talking about how to come off of keto but I highly recommend you the main goal is keeping insulin levels low okay so really low glycemic carbohydrates when you're coming off of keto and I still.

Don't ever keep my carbohydrates over like 120 grams even when I'm off keto okay so very important okay so I haven't seen other questions coming here coffee or caffeine regarding Rx and coffee specifically there's a lot of it's the polyphenol effect hey I want to talk really quick about thyroid for a second too because actually I've seen a lot of.

Things popping up keto and I don't know if anyone while doing this challenge how their thyroid levels tested it's not uncommon to see your thyroid t3 levels go down on keto but it's not the end of the world okay we don't have to be paying attention to keto I mean excuse me your thyroid levels because what's important is your TSH levels okay so let.

Me explain something really quick here t3 is the active form of thyroid in our blood this is the thyroid hormone that regulates our metabolism okay but it's not the level of t3 in our blood that matters it's the level of t3 that's actually getting utilized in the body okay because if we have excess t3 that doesn't get utilized it does us no good.

So what's important is that we actually have thyroid that's getting utilized and this is where thyroid sensitivity comes into play so let me compare it to insulin sensitivity because everyone knows what that is for the most part insulin sensitivity or insulin resistance right where your cells no longer use or respond to insulin because.

They see it so much it happens with thyroid to imagine your thyroid levels being so high for so long that your cells are just kind of like talk to the hand thyroid because like you're just pumping out so much I don't even know what to do with you anymore okay that would be an example of somewhat PHY roid resistance where it doesn't matter if.

Your thyroid levels are high or not if they're not getting utilized by the cells who cares but when it comes down to thyroid sensitivity keto seems to improve it so what that means is our thyroid levels might be lower but we're actually utilizing the thyroid that's in the bloodstream so effectively our thyroid is actually doing better so I.

Just don't want you get hung up on that for those of you out there especially the women that are really concerned about that okay very important to not be concerned about it but one thing that you can do to boost the thyroid sensitivity anyway is tech sync I usually recommend like 40 milligrams of zinc that's a good amount.

That's gonna help you out significantly remember zinc plays a big role in cellular recycling and production of new cells so you see it manifest zinc deficiencies manifest in cells that have fast turnover so for example zinc deficiency you're gonna see hair loss zinc deficiency you're gonna see a suppression in your immune system zinc.

Deficiency you're gonna see a change in your taste buds if you noticed that you literally things taste different you might need to start supplementing zinc okay so very very important someone says do you believe green eggs and ham will help you drop weight not in a car not in the plane not in a vote not on a train my friend I'm sorry how do you terminate.

Your run that's honestly you can just sprout them that's just kind of a random question okay someone says they've been having trouble sleeping while they're on keto pretty common thing fun fact again a small amount of MCT oil is shown to elevate tryptophan in the brain which means that it can help you get to sleep a little bit easier hey can we get some.

Thumbs up here I noticed we've got like 1.2 thousand people on this video right now I just want to have people hit that like button hit that thumbs up button because that really does help get this out to the other subscribers I'm more concerned with people that are doing this challenge seeing this video more than anything else hey let me talk about.

Muscle and my results really quick just from a purely statistical standpoint I started this challenge this 30-day weight loss challenge at 189 pounds and I am now at 180 4.5 so I lost about 5 pounds I feel like I tightened up I feel like things improved I did actually test my vo2 max but it's not super important I test it frequently I had a about a.

Half a percent improvement in that so decent improvement my vo2 max probably because my training changed okay I also had a slight improvement on my squat which I always do as a front squat because my back just is jacked up being overweight for so long so I had about a 5% improvement on my squat benchpress stayed about the same.

I actually lost some strength in some of my auxilary lifts I lost strength in the shoulder press which is interesting anyhow not a lot of this matters but I just documented things but considering that I had strength improvements upon weight loss was pretty powerful for the most part I only lost strength in one overhead and move and there's so many.

Different variables there so it's kind of funny I don't know if anyone also experienced strength increases while simultaneously losing weight but pretty fascinating stuff I wasn't here to do an experiment for myself I just always document things so you know you look at that stuff it's just pretty interesting I recommend people always document.

Whatever kind of their I don't know whatever workouts are you and whatever things like that just so they have an idea because if you're not data driven then you're just guessing all the time okay so what I do want to do here cover one more thing I know we got a lot of people one more thing before I start talking about some of the things I.

Experienced with my weight loss because I figured it's a good time and I've got a lot of people here one of the most common things that people keep talking about is cheat meals we have to talk about them because everyone that's doing this challenge right now is probably at a state where they feel like they can have a cheat meal one of the things that.

I always recommend that I was sitting with a client of mine last week that came to visit me and was sitting in front of me and I saw his eyes line up and kind of a like walk me off when I explained this to him cheat meals should almost never be planned why because it develops again this unhealthy emotional relationship with food cheat meals.

Should be at random and they really shouldn't be cheat meals they should be refeed meals you want to know what my strategy is for a cheat meal most of the time it's waking up that morning looking at my wife saying do you feel like having some ice cream tonight sure okay let's do it that's my definite it it's not like I said hey it's been.

Exactly two point seven weeks since I've had a cheat meal I need to have it people think that I get super analytical about when I have my cheat meals no I don't I get analytical about the calories afterwards I mean I pay attention to everything but let me explain more about the point is if I were to sit there.

Constantly trying to get myself a reward for food then I'm associating food as a reward it's the same reason like potty training my son right now right these two a little before two years old he's successfully potty trained by the way at under two years which I'm very happy about the tendency is to want to reward him when he goes potty with with a treat.

With food right the tendency is to really do that a lot and we start realizing my wife and I realize like okay well we can do this and we do it on occasion but that starts to create a little bit of an unhealthy relationship with food and I'm not trying to get parenting advice I'm giving an example right next thing you know happiness is.

Associated with food or reward is associated with food so you know we reward him with praise and we vary it so he has all kinds of different rewards point is is that when we do that to ourselves next thing you know we feel like we are in some kind of we're holding ourselves back when we're not cheating right because now all of a.

Sudden that was the reward if you feel like having it and it fits into the realm and you feel like you've been good and you feel like having something good that's when you have it but don't have this premeditated approach on it it's okay to have get excited and have a reward I'm not trying to take the fun out of it but you just don't want to.

Have that be a normal thing all the time it's that it's gonna mess you up now what about recovery how do you recover you okay maybe it was a plan to cheat meal maybe it wasn't you're gonna hate me for saying this but there is no protocol after a cheat meal really okay people say well should I just fast well when.

You think about it that's actually a pretty scary way to do things thatthat just instilled in your mind that you can binge and then fast I love fasting and quite frankly I love all you guys that are watching these videos and I don't want you to develop issues with eating I just don't it's so important and it just I can't bear to.

See that happen so I've been there and this is leading into some of the things I'm gonna talk about with my own weight loss and falling on the sword with just being totally honest with you I don't want to see that happen you need to just roll with the punches after a cheat meal you course-correct by going right back to what you're supposed to do.

You don't trim calories you don't say up I ate too much last night so I'm gonna trim a little bit off today no don't punish yourself get back on the wagon and get back on the straight and narrow okay you don't fight addiction by going completely the opposite direction to completely overboard right okay you don't but that's fighting one addiction.

With another addiction and you're finding an addiction to a cheap meal with an addiction to fasting a finding addiction with addiction is never a good thing okay so that's just it's gonna help you out a lot okay and I'm sorry that that might rub people there I saw some people saying shut up in the thing I don't I.

Don't understand why people say that kind of stuff but the point is is that that's important to me for your longevity and that's why I want to talk about some of my experience so hang in there I'm gonna talk a little bit about what I kind of went through why I lost weight like why I what kick-started my weight loss process and hopefully this.

Will help motivate everybody here okay so I was working in the corporate healthcare world okay I was running what's called an ancillary lab services company I was overweight I was unhappy I was managing about 1,200 physicians at the time and for me it was something that had just clicked and that okay people talk to me sure I knew I was.

Overweight but something just clicked one day there was no crazy call to action and I developed within two months of starting to lose weight this insanely unhealthy relationship with food to a point where I was obsessed with logging my food to the degree of being really unhealthy okay like I would log everything I would log my sips of water.

And I thought at first I was just being data-driven but then I would find myself getting depressed okay so I would find myself longing my food and I would say things like this I'm gonna be completely honest because why the heck not okay I would eat almonds I would lock my almonds and like it would be an Alex was like 24 elements well I would have 27.

Almonds you know whatever right and then I would say things to myself like oh you fatty like I talked to myself like that this is horrible negative self-talk because I was trying to just make myself feel like crap about what I was doing about how I'd have three extra almonds it was turning into this horrible vicious cycle and this is.

A paraphrase enos in convincing us the point is I was developing such an in healthy relationship with food but then I would just in an effort to avoid the damage to myself that I was casting upon myself through this negative self-talk then I just avoided food altogether because I didn't want to succumb myself to my own negative self-talk if that.

Makes sense it's like I was avoiding the abuse of myself because I knew inherently and invariably every time that I would log something I would find something wrong with it and it's that was a serious problem so I would avoid it I would avoid logging and I cascaded into this world of fasting where I would just fast for 3 4 days.

And guess what Plateau upon Plateau upon plateau upon plateau simply be every time I would do that the point in me saying this is what I mean you don't even need me to explain the point you get it right ok so it's you have to be able to just keep it real and you have to be able to have a plan and that plan is exactly why I had laid this meal plan.

Out I wanted people to be able to have a structure and to be able to tell you this is when you should fast and this is when you should not fast because you don't want to be going down the road of just messing yourself up ok so if we kind of continue on some of the experiences that I had I would fast and then I would end up going to.

Jack-in-the-box was usually my advice okay I would usually end up at jack-in-the-box and I'd usually end up with you know three or four those cruddy little tacos that they would have and that came from years of running track in high school where after track I would go and I'd get like six of those jack-in-the-box tacos because I can get.

Away with it you know I was running miles and miles miles and I was an athlete and then all of a sudden Here I am trying to lose weight at probably about 260 pounds at this point and I'm still I'm defaulting to what was instilled in me at a younger age when I was an athlete as a reward because a point is is that we always fall right.

Back into our same and if you don't have that plan and if you don't have that structure set up you're going to encounter that and that is exactly we didn't have what we have today when I was going through this we didn't have we had YouTube but we didn't have people doing what they do as much today I didn't have a Thomas de Lauer.

That I could turn to for motivation people will watch my videos and it's not always about just learning the next fact I'm curious actually out of the people that are watching this broadcast right now who watches my videos for motivation inspiration and accountability okay yes he's already know a lot of people I.

Talked to so many people and people will watch my videos because they want to remain motivated and reminded not just because they're trying to follow every little if you try to follow everything I teach you're gonna drive yourself nuts okay come on don't kid yourself if you follow literally it you're gonna never have a life and also you're gonna find.

There's so much conflicting stuff that you're just gonna be stuck it's motivation and it keeps you accountable and that's why I put out so much content because I didn't have that and that killed me okay and it took me longer to lose the weight than it should have because of that it took me a couple of years you know which isn't bad to lose.

100 pounds I guess but I talk to people that lose a hundred pounds in less than a year and keep it off you can do it absolutely you know you know if people would always give me the worst advice and it was always just Thomas you're gonna you know get rid of your friends or this is gonna happen if you continue going down the path that you're going.

And most of the time I would dwell on it and it would cause a problem and it would just send me down this horrible spiral I'm gonna start doing more content on this because I feel like it's important I feel like people need to know it and if you want to see more of this content and you go ahead and just comment say like more you know more of.

Your story I'm just totally curious if I did more content like that would people watch it because I think it's important for people to know it personally but someone says following you drives me crazy okay well then there's the door you can leave yeah see a lot of people do want the story I think it's I think it helps.

People and it ties things together because I don't know I just think it's an important piece but I wanted to put this all together and ended on somewhat of an emotional note and remind everyone just how important it is to have a support system to have a plan to not go overboard to remember that you don't have to fast for the rest of your.

Life even though it feels absolutely unreal and amazing okay remember that science is only as good as what the science is today because the science is gonna change again tomorrow okay and it's going to it's going to constantly change it was my job to continue to put that out there I just want to shout out Sarah is super chat here she said I.

Swear I feel better immediately when starting Quito just because of the positive mindset you put me in because of your videos that's a good point that's actually what I really want to end on it's get a big thumbs up and a like button for positivity because we can't trick ourselves into being positive I wasn't always a positive guy.

I've probably one of the most negative pessimistic depressed people that you would have met you could see it in the pictures when I was overweight this was a learned behavior to be positive I don't try to sugarcoat things and become positive simply because I have an ability to I try to legitimately look at the world with a different lens and.

Sometimes even my wife will say Thomas you have to take off the rose-colored glasses for a minute and I'll say I like my rose-colored glasses you know because that's what gives me an honest look at what is what is with the world to me I'm also a businessman and I also understand the way that you need to look at things and that you need to be able to take an.

Objective and look at things right that doesn't mean that I have to have a pessimistic or negative look so I really encourage everyone no matter what the situation to try to just stand firm in your positivity not change it just because someone tells you to and just because you're being positive doesn't mean you're being weak it does not mean.

That you're sugarcoating things it means that you are choosing to keep your cortisol levels low so you can make educated decisions you've all seen me pissed off and upset and videos before so you know it's true anyhow thank you so much for being here I think you so much for being a part of this challenge and thank you for being on this live.

Broadcast and engaging and I'm gonna try to do these more often specifically on on given topics and do more Q&A another thing that I'm thinking about doing is maybe even like a monthly Q&A kind of thing where I can have people kind of send in their questions ahead of time there's so many I can never answer all the questions but I just love being.

Able to help as much as possible guys make sure you're keeping it locked in here on my channel videos just about every single day you all Rock thank you so much and I will see you in the next video in the next challenge oh wait you know what guys one thing to remember January in the beginning of January I'm doing another challenge.

Specifically geared towards intermittent fasting so not so much on the Kido but teaching people how to intermittent fast so mark your calendars okay who's in go ahead and comment if you're in to say I'm in and you'll hear all the details about that early on in the early on in the year or I probably towards the end of the year awesome so many people and.

You guys Rock see you soon
1 Month Keto Weight Loss Challenge is OVER - Final Results
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