Thomas DeLauer Weekly Q&A | Fasting Plateaus | Vegan Keto | Foods for Autophagy

Thomas DeLauer Weekly Q&A | Fasting Plateaus | Vegan Keto | Foods for Autophagy

Thomas DeLauer Weekly Q&A | Fasting Plateaus | Vegan Keto | Foods for Autophagy

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More specifically, you want help with Thomas DeLauer Weekly Q&A | Fasting Plateaus | Vegan Keto | Foods for Autophagy?

it’s that time of the week again where I’m gonna answer your questions now if you’re new to this channel or you haven’t seen these kind of videos before what I do is I take questions and comments that have come in from previous videos and I allocate all my responses to a video so dedicate an entire video just to answering comments and questions now obviously I can’t answer everyone’s comments so I try to cherry-pick as many as I can I try to rotate through so I’m not hitting the same people over and over as well so I’ve got a couple of weeks where the videos to go through here because we had the holiday so I missed a week so let’s go ahead and get right into it we’re gonna start with the video how to boost auto fiji without fasting this was a super cool video it’s a video talking about how using reishi mushroom and how using a couple things can actually improve Auto Fuji and induce autophagy even when you’re not fasting so really cool stuff so let’s get right to the questions Vasilis Tana says Thomas what about putting that mushroom powder in a large cup of green tea instead of playing hot water yes you can definitely use lion’s mane reishi any of those mushroom powders along with green tea you don’t have to just mix them in water totally good to go me LAN kook buss says does drinking plain tea count as h2o hydration needed for the day when fasting yes it does so what I usually say is if you’re gonna consume tea you’re gonna want to just deduct about 20 percent of the water that you consume so if you consume misses do ounces to make it simple a hundred ounces of water or I’m sorry if you consume the hundred ounces of tea then you’d want to count that as 80 ounces of water now with coffee I cut it in half okay you’re still getting water but you’re gonna lose a lot of it cuz the diuretic effect if you consumed a hundred ounces of coffee please don’t you would end up counting 50 ounces of water okay the next video was fast fat versus slow fat the speed of fat digestion this whole video was talking about how fats need to sort of have a glycemic index like we should count that because fats are digested slower or the digested faster and they give us energy faster or slower just like high glycemic versus low glycemic carbs so I encourage people to look at them differently definitely recommend you check that video out Nico críticos says hey Thomas quick question how does the antioxidant properties of fasting compared to antioxidants and foods so there’s not really antioxidant properties of fasting it’s more the Papaji effect so where the cells actually recycle so the difference like cells recycle their actual working parts during fasting where as antioxidant is really like the fact of fighting off oxidative damage like cellular waste so slightly different cellular waste removal reverses cell recycling and efficiency building is really best way I can put it nick new UN says question some people who don’t have a gall bladder meaning don’t have bile salt can’t break down triglycerides into micelles do those triglycerides or fat gets stored as fat or get dumped out of the body in the stool good question actually people that don’t have a gall bladder still produce bile salts the bile salts are produced by your liver the gallbladder is just a storage mechanism form so people that don’t have a gall bladder just have a harder time they don’t have it readily available their liver actually has to produce it on demand so you still have the bile salts but they answer your question any excess fat is just usually put through the stool it’s usually not stored that gall bladder doesn’t affect you actually storing fat Stephanie a Costa says what about the fats that we have stored to be used is it broken down the same way is it a long chain triglyceride good question so they’re broken down into free fatty acids which are individual fatty acids so when they’re in their storage form they’re different but once they’re mobilized and used then there’s there they’re not even short chains they’re just free fatty acids so basically have long-chain fatty acids medium chain fatty acids short chain fatty acids and then you have just fatty acids so the short chains are just short chains of fatty acids the medium chains are medium chains of fatty acids so fatty acids are the singular so that’s basically what we’re after Tamra Townsend says should we be should we avoid rapid fats in your bedtime and aim for longer fats or aim to have most of our fats earlier in the day no it doesn’t really matter but I would actually say have the rapid fats actually it’s not like it’s affecting your blood sugar the rapid fats actually going to digest faster therefore you’re gonna end up hitting that fasted state faster effectively if you have a longer digesting fat then it’s going to take longer to get through your system and your fasting window it ultimately becomes shorter next video was three ways to break intermittent fasting plateaus this was three ways that you could like totally get through these plateaus that you when you’re fasting when you’re fasting we all reach these points where we’re just not losing weight anymore so I wanted to break down three surefire ways and honestly is a great video if you are an intermittent faster and you have not seen that video iya 100% promise you you will get something out of that please go check it out the first question comes from Baris Carol our he says really enjoying your videos man what about let’s say keeping 18 6 but changing eating hours throughout the week like some days eating 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. other days 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. totally I encourage you to switch it up it makes it so your body doesn’t just get super adjusted to something so absolutely just try to have a day in between so you can recycle and you’re back on track liliane loan skew says so do you recommend applying all three of these techniques at the same time meaning the two weeks that I’m taking off standard if’ should be the same weeks where I do the Kido bulk and shift workouts or should I be stacking enough to the other I would say you don’t want to necessarily stack your all them but I would try to be stacking two at a time the reason I don’t want you to stack all of them is simply because then you don’t know which ones working keep something in your pocket keep something in your arsenal so go one at a time let that do the trick and then see if you hit another plateau and then implement another one don’t use all your bag of tricks all at once Tyrone says when you still get the same fat burning effect working out fasted with ten grams of BCAAs I feel like I can only worked out with BCAAs otherwise I feel burnout without it I know BCA’s technically break my fast but theoretically with this improving my performance heavily without actually consuming any calories wouldn’t I still get much better results very good point you see that’s the given the take right if you perform better and your net net burning more calories because you have more power from your BCAAs then yeah at the end of the day it’s a win right I’m a logical guy like I’m not just gonna be stuck in my ways and say no BCAAs what’s interesting is that BCAAs I would actually say are somewhat okay during your training window what I don’t want you to be doing is consuming BCAAs at any time just to consume BCAAs throughout you’re fast you see what happens is aminos trigger mTOR mTOR is the opposite of etapa JEE anyway so what’s happening is when you’re working out you’re already triggering mTOR so you might as well just have your aminos then – because you’re gonna trigger mTOR which is going to turn off on top of you to begin with so if you’re going to have BCAAs during your workouts the time Michael Pan Cody says hi Thomas thanks for the video just a question how often should you take these two-week breaks whenever you need them hit them when you start to hit a plateau when you go a week without changing a single tenth of a pound implement one next video was how I tie my carbs for fat loss this was an interesting video obviously this implies that I’m not in Quito all the time which is true I’m not so it talks about when I structure my carbs mainly allocating them towards the evening time if you’re interested in this you should go back and watch the whole video because the questions come from first one comes from oMG or baby how much protein and fat should we be eating around dinnertime I know that you said this is the best time to put in carbs so I’m guessing a moderate to high amount but still not an I need a hundred percent of your daily value but I’m confusing the protein of fat amount if I had to guess I would say high protein and low fat ding-ding-ding you actually nailed it yeah you want to keep the fat nice and low because you’re having the carbs in the equation moderate amounts of protein bin tip says what about if you’re doing exercise in the morning so if you’re exercising in the morning then you’re just going to want to actually nothing’s gonna change you’re still gonna allocate your carbs in the evening time nothing really changes there Robert church Meyer says could you please explain carb timing with intermittent fasting for muscle growth I know you said before to break a fast with a small serving of high glycemic carbs or spike insulin but now I’m curious about the rest of the day what are your thoughts on using PHP for energy first off bhp for energy no throw that stuff away you don’t need it as far as carb timing for muscle growth it’s still the same you’re gonna break your fast with a little bit of bone broth in the first real solid actual food you have something high glycemic and in the next meal after that moderate glycemic carbs along with your protein and low fat next meal after that low carb moderate protein higher fat okay next week’s questions this is a week of twelve thirty one first video is why carbs are raising your blood pressure and why everyone punishes salt okay this video was awesome flipped everything on its head people think that salt is why your blood pressure goes up nonsense is not the case there was like a couple studies that showed that it’s more about the carbohydrates and mainly the sugar yeah really interesting stuff you have to go check that video out David Ray says do you recommend electrolyte supplements like salt sticks etc is Powerade zero okay should I stick the lemon water and pink Himalayan salt go for like Redman real salt that stuff is a really really solid very diverse mineral profile super good electrolytes the main mineral you want is going to be magnesium anyway another company that has a good magnesium is jigsaw magnesium I’m on their advisory board they have an electrolyte that’s magnesium based mary-jane chamber says what are the best sources of Lokar potassium I’m not eating sweet potatoes or bananas yeah low carb potassium honestly meat believe it or not so like chicken and beef and sound like that you’re gonna have a lot of potassium in that people always overlook that also bok choy Swiss chard really high sarah wind muller says hi Thomas as for the soy protein aren’t they not all bad for you isn’t fermented soy like tempeh and natto and me so much healthier for you than tofu are the fermented soy like miso soup miso and tempeh still a phytoestrogen yeah there’s still a phytoestrogen but you are right if they’re organic non-gmo and they’re fermented some of the estrogens are gone so you’re still not gonna want to have them all the time but yeah in moderation absolutely fine in fact I am a fan of tempeh I just try not to consume it all the time next one was vegan keto it’s easier than you think this video was breaking down why the vegan keto diet is not that hard it actually lends itself perfectly and too much to explain right here and I don’t want to waste everyone’s time but if you’re interested at all in like doing a vegan keto even for a couple of days watch that video in February I’m going to do a vegan keto challenge where I’m gonna go vegan keto for two weeks I’m not gonna plan on staying vegan keto but I want to do it for two weeks I want to see how I feel and I want to also prove that it’s not that hard to do so Cass says thoughts on hemp protein and proteins good solid complete protein I just prefer pea protein it’s a lot more evidence with it my creative agent says one question on the top of go mega six and omega-3 conversion rates that omega-6 inhibits omega-3 intake my understanding is that omega-6 and omega-3 both rely on the same enzymes and for that reason to a much of a go six is bad if that’s true would it be sufficient to separate consumption of omega-3 and omega-6 to some extent very good point and you are correct enzymes so basically they compete the enzymes they compete for the same enzyme so the enzymes that break down omega-6 and the same enzymes that break down omega-3s so when we consume them basically if we have too much omega-6 which you almost always do those enzymes are preoccupied and don’t get to breakdown omega-3 so that’s why when we get out of ratio it exponentially just goes down a bad direction so your question actually raises a lot of interesting thought hard parties were always metabolizing we’re not just digesting it’s not enzymes in the sense of the enzymes that are breaking it down in our stomach its enzymatic pathways enzymatic processes happening at the cellular level which we always have a degree of it so separating them out timing wise isn’t gonna do a whole lot the fit vegan chicks kitchen says our chickpeas okay on a keto vegan diet in small amounts they do have a good amount of carbs so I would say no more than like a quarter to a half-cup one to two times per day Bharath says why are you not a big fan of way his whey protein as nutritious list nutrition less as the pasteurized milk that’s obtained from the heart with whey proteins is just inflammatory that’s the thing I don’t like about it pea protein is cleaner in my opinion and it doesn’t spike your insulin quite as much next video was three ways to reverse adrenal fatigue okay very simply put it was how to control your cortisol and to fight back against adrenal fatigue Erin Forrest says can real salt work too instead of Himalayan salt yeah Redmond real salt the same type that I mentioned just previously Elizabeth Coker says I have organic ashwagandha root powder would this do the same as a pill form absolutely alright sorry that was a quick one there but next video and the last one is the top three mistakes people make when breaking a fast super good topic very well received already has close to a hundred thousand views like really quick blew up fast the whole idea of this video is to just say what people usually do when they break a fast and why a lot of times it’s not the way to go so Patricia beachin says so what do you break your eighteen six fast with if you’re in Quito examples please I rotated up but honestly you can go two ways you can go either just the fat direction or just the protein direction so with me it’s gonna be simple it’s gonna be like bone broth with some coconut oil dissolved into it melted into it okay or it’s gonna be just a lean protein with no fat in at all so it’s gonna be like maybe a well in this case usually a pea protein shake something plant-based is a little bit easier to break down in that case and then I move into the meats later on Jack Buster says Thomas in other videos you talked about breaking your facet bone broth can I use bone broth protein powder yes and no if it’s just the dehydrated bone broth or like that’s fine but a lot of times they add other stuff like collagen and other multi decsions and stuff in there just be careful just try to get it pure Emily says breaking a fast with homemade kefir is that good or bad if you can make water kefir then yes that’s good I would not go with milk kefir Kieffer’s like from coconut water stuff like that where the sugars ferment that will work but you don’t go for the milk one the dairies is hard on your system Nathan says Thomas does this apply to someone doing one meal a day unfortunately not it’s a whole different that’s why I’m not the biggest fan of one meal a day it’s because you load your digestive system really quick I know the guy fledged Fitness out there Edward he’s probably not a big fan of me talking about that I’m not anti Oh Matt I just I find some issues with it for my digestion standpoint so I just don’t know if that’s the route you want to go long-term but I would still say start your meal with something light and then maybe wait 5 or 10 minutes and then consume the rest of your meal just to at least get a little bit of a soft effect the Joe champ says what bulletproof coffee count is that first small meal which breaks the fast you could but it’s pretty acidic with coffee so go for a low acid coffee and try to keep it dairy out of it so go with maybe like the if you would go get slow dairy lower like it’s dairy but it’s lower like in terms of the metabolic effect and the lactose and everything like that and coconut oil MCT oil be fine just try not to go for the butter in there and if you can go for tea and of course remember you’re gonna have caffeine in it so if you’re trying to sleep you don’t to be having that caffeine within like six eight hours of your bedtime alright that sums it up I know it was a lengthy one I will see you guys in the next content answering video if you have any other types of video ideas or anything like that coming down in the comment section to guys soon

This Post Was All About Thomas DeLauer Weekly Q&A | Fasting Plateaus | Vegan Keto | Foods for Autophagy.
Thomas DeLauer Weekly Q&A | Fasting Plateaus | Vegan Keto | Foods for Autophagy

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Thomas DeLauer Weekly Q&A | Fasting Plateaus | Vegan Keto | Foods for Autophagy…

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