THIS Concept Will Change How You Workout in Ketosis

THIS Concept Will Change How You Workout in Ketosis

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full disclaimer you don’t have to do this this isn’t thomas telling you this is the only way but if you look at how energy is created in the body when we’re working out this is a pretty surefire strategy to still be able to get really positive results with your workouts and potentially building muscle while doing a low carb or ketogenic diet hey do you want to make sure you hit the red subscribe button then hit that little bell icon so that you never ever ever miss a beat and also after this video there’s a special link down below to save you a couple bucks on chomp sticks chomps are the grass fed grass finished beef sticks venison sticks turkey sticks super awesome stuff big supporter of this channel but who doesn’t like getting a little price break so check them out down below in the description after you watch this video okay so to quickly understand uh where i’m going at with this we have to have a brief kind of embryonic understanding of atp and how energy is created in the body and how that kind of changes a little bit on keto first off sophomore biology uh atp adenosine triphosphate okay that is the energy currency within your body it is created by adding a phosphate molecule to something called adp basically energy is released when atp loses a phosphate molecule so atp adenosine triphosphate three phosphate molecules one phosphate molecule is ripped off okay chemically and this creates a spark of energy that causes our muscles to contract so this is happening thousands of times per second right okay now when we’re on a ketogenic diet we don’t have as much anaerobic energy okay so what that means is the type of fuel that we would normally use for lifting weights is going to be carbohydrates okay it’s normally going to fuel us through uh you know anaerobic glycolysis where we burn carbs for energy or glucose well because we don’t have carbs coming in we start to lose a little bit of that anaerobic performance so what you want to do is you want to gear your training towards utilizing what is called the creatine phosphate system so what that means is you want to start training quite a bit heavier if you can handle it do not injure yourself as a result of this okay but here’s how it works creatine is not just a supplement creatine is in your body okay you store it in your muscles you store it from the food that you eat you can supplement with it and i do generally recommend it but it’s coming from the food a lot of times so what happens is to recreate or to make phosphate back connected to the adp to create atp we have multiple systems to do that one of which is creatine okay where creatine has stores of phosphate it’s called creatine phosphate it takes the phosphate molecule and it plugs it into the adp to create energy again but there’s one glaring problem with creatine phosphate it only works for the first one to three maybe four reps depending on how conditioned you are but if you are in ketosis you are very likely to not see a decrease in your strength in the one to three repetition range so my advice to you to be able to maintain mass to be able to continue to grow is to train at least one or two times per week in an ultra heavy but safe range okay so that you utilize that creatine phosphate system and also with your interval training your cardio things like that train in seven to ten second sprints and then recover for a long period of time so that you have enough time to restore creatine okay so creatine gives you quick very quick bursts of energy but then it takes between 30 seconds and two minutes to replenish again so if you’re training utilizing the creatine phosphate system you allow yourself to still be able to train heavy in spite of whatever diet you’re doing whether you’re loaded up with carbs or whether you are completely devoid of carbohydrates you still have your creatine phosphate system and you can hack this a little bit by adding creatine as a supplement okay very common muscle building supplement that you can take at a you know two or three gram dose okay but if you tailor your training to leaning into the heavy workout a little bit more you don’t have to rely on that anaerobic energy system as much so then what you do is you contrast that with high rep training on your off days so then by the end of the week you sort of net it out with the overall rep load on your muscles so an example might be something like this this isn’t perfect but just to give you an insight mondays and thursdays do your very heavy creatine style training where you’re going to train in that one to four repetition range with adequate recovery and then do some cardio after the fact and then your other days maybe tuesday friday saturday something like that train a little bit higher rep full body higher rep maybe 20 24 repetitions where you’re not going to see as much of an effect from not having glycogen these little tips and tricks can completely be a game changer for you when it comes down to how your workouts are affected with the ketogenic diet so anyhow if you want me to do more content like this make sure you put it down below in the comment section and i’ll see you tomorrow

This Post Was All About THIS Concept Will Change How You Workout in Ketosis.
THIS Concept Will Change How You Workout in Ketosis

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