This Chocolate Reduces Visceral Fat (Yes, Chocolate!)

This Chocolate Reduces Visceral Fat (Yes, Chocolate!)

This Chocolate Reduces Visceral Fat (Yes, Chocolate!)

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I'm not the biggest fan of rubbing chocolate on my belly but if it helps me get rid of visceral fat then i'm in there's some interesting research surrounding chocolate or should i say the fat that makes up chocolate which we'll talk about in a minute and having a positive effect on visceral fat now it's not the chocolate itself .

Okay what it is is the cocoa butter cocoa mass right it's stearic acid so stearic acid is a saturated fat and you're going to find it in fish you're going to find it in meat you're going to find it in cocoa butter okay you're going to find it in even like heavy cream and some dairy okay i just use chocolate because i'm just excited .

Because the main fat is being saturated fat of chocolate is stearic acid so i want to jump right into this study but first i kind of have to outline what visceral fat is in case you don't know visceral fat is the fat that is underneath the unsightly kind of jiggly fat it's underneath it it's the fat that surrounds your organs and potentially .

Gives you a pot belly right so it kind of protrudes everything out it has a lot of metabolically active components to it and that's what makes it so dangerous and so bad so when you look at a lot of different things we really say okay if we could lose one kind of fat it would probably be visceral fat because subcutaneous fat .

Although unsightly and although contributing to a bad bmi and all this and that and other metabolic issues visceral fat probably packs the most punch bang for the buck when it comes down to negative metabolic and just general health effects so there was a study that was published in the journal plos one okay now granted this was a .

Mice study okay so does it directly translate into humans not a hundred percent okay but we have to take things with a grain of salt or in this case a grain of mouse chow this particular study took a look at 40 mice okay and it divided them into four different groups okay one group ate a high stearic acid diet one group ate a low-fat diet okay .

Where they didn't add a whole lot of other fats another group ate a high corn oil diet and another group ate a high safflower oil diet okay and then they monitored them and then they checked some interesting things and the results were fascinating they found the stearic acid group ended up having a 40 reduction .

In visceral fat that's tremendous okay so what the heck is going on here how does stearic acid this random saturated fat really contribute to potential visceral fat loss well a lot of it is a hypothesis based upon what the researchers are looking at but it adds up pretty well what they found is that .

Stearic acid again the saturated fat that's in cocoa butter that's in like poultry in fish in dairy okay not palmitic acid not these other saturated fats but stearic acid promotes what is called apoptosis which is cellular death or cytotoxicity like basically cellular toxicity of a pre-adipocyte okay an adipocyte is a fat cell a pre-adipocyte .

Is a pre-fat cell something that can turn into a fat cell so if we have more pre-adipocytes we have more potential for them to turn into regular fat cells well if those pre-adipocytes go through apoptosis it means that they die those cells die i kind of want a pre-fat cell to die right or it can trigger cytotoxicity where they just .

Become essentially not working right okay now here's what's going on with visceral fat and here's how steric acid like plays a role with visceral fat we have a specific protein this protein is called ciap2 and what this cia p2 does is it makes it so that normally with visceral fat .

Apoptosis is prevented okay so when this protein is present apoptosis doesn't really occur we remember we want apoptosis to occur we don't want those pre-fat cells we want those preotypocyte cells to go away so in visceral fat this protein is overexpressed meaning we have even more of stopping this apoptosis well it looks as .

Though stearic acid comes in and sort of inhibits the expression of this ciap2 if we inhibit the expression of the ciap2 then we allow the pre-adipocytes the pre-fat cells to go through their sort of natural death cycle that they should be .

Going through so maybe we don't end up with this exponential like cycle of visceral fat growth now granted this was in mice okay so we can't 100 say it's going to happen in humans but i'll take anything that i can that tells me i can eat more chocolate today's video by the way is sponsored by thrive market so i put a link down below .

Thrive market is an online membership based grocery store and i mention them because they're relevant with this video because their chocolate selection is awesome so if you're like me and you like chocolate i'm not saying that any chocolate from thrive market is doing any specific thing i'm just saying i like their chocolate so they have a .

Bunch of different keto chocolates they have lower carb chocolates lower sugar chocolates anyway that link is down below so what you do is you can go there you can sort by different diet type it allows you to filter whatever your diet you're doing it makes life so easy and i guess it gets delivered right to your doorstep in a couple of days so the link .

Down below will save you 25 off of your first order but it will also get you a free gift when you use that link down below so big thank you to thrive for being a sponsor on this channel and check them out now i have an additional study and this one is with humans okay now this one is much more on like mitochondrial function okay so this .

Study was published in the journal nature communications and this looked at humans and what was interesting is it put people on a low-fat vegan diet for two days okay this is you know whatever right and then at the end of the two days it gave them a banana milkshake i would do anything for a banana milkshake right now it sounds sweet .

Actually banana doesn't sound like good i really want more i don't know what i want but i don't want a banana milkshake but either way they gave them a banana milkshake okay and one banana milkshake didn't have anything added to it another banana milkshake had guess what stearic acid that same saturated fat that we've been talking about added to it and they .

Wanted to look at a few things so they found that the group that had the banana milkshake with the stearic acid a few hours after having it ended up having improvements and increases in mitochondrial fusion we want mitochondrial fusion to occur because what happens is when mitochondria are the powerhouse in the .

Cell right they take carbs turn it into fuel they take fat turn it into fuel right over simplification but essentially very important for fat burning for energy manufacturing so mitochondria will fuse together and when they do that let's say mitochondria a is lacking structure from some components that mitochondria b has they'll fuse and .

They'll borrow resources from each other and fuse into a more powerful mitochondria instead of two decrepit ones so more fusion of mitochondria is unbelievably powerful okay so why this is occurring it's a little bit vague really researchers aren't even understanding completely why steric acid is .

Contributing to this but palmitic acid a different kind of saturated fat didn't do it but stearic acid did so it's not like it's just a fat thing it seems to be very specific with stearic acid the saturated fat so very interesting but the other thing that was really fascinating is they found that there were less circulating carnitines in the .

Bloodstream what does that mean so if we have less circulating carnitine in the bloodstream that means we have more carnitine that's being used to transport fats into the mitochondria suggesting that stearic acid consumption after this two day vegan low fat diet ended up improving the amount of lipids .

That were getting oxidized potentially improving fat burning whether that's from visceral fat or subcutaneous fat i don't know in that particular case with this study so it's just more evidence i love chocolate i probably eat two ounces of unsweetened or lightly sweetened or monk fruit stevia sweetened chocolate per day whether i am on a low .

Carb protocol or not i always find the benefits of it i'm always trying to find more research that further i don't know enhances my ability to go eat chocolate or at least enriches my desire to so as always keep it locked and here on my channel don't forget to check out our sponsor thrive market and i will see you tomorrow .

This Post Was All About This Chocolate Reduces Visceral Fat (Yes, Chocolate!).
This Chocolate Reduces Visceral Fat (Yes, Chocolate!)

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