Thinking of Doing Keto Long Term? Interesting Results

Thinking of Doing Keto Long Term? Interesting Results

Thinking of Doing Keto Long Term? Interesting Results

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so many people out there telling us that our lives are gonna be shortened because of the keto diet now we sit there and we talk about how you don’t understand like I feel good on this it’s doing so many things for my health but we always tend to lack the concrete data to show that it’s actually good for our lifespan and it gets us back into corners I’m sure you’ve been in that situation before and if you’re someone that hasn’t started the ketogenic diet or a low carb diet and you’re here because you’re concerned if it’s something that you can do and if it is safe for you long term hopefully the evidence that I lay out based upon some pretty interesting journals it’s gonna help you really formulate a solid opinion because I’m not here to push you one way or the other I’m just here to give you the science and show you that there is some concrete evidence when it comes down to the ketogenic diet in longevity now I’m also going to jump to some conclusions based upon other things that we know here so although this diagram looks fairly complex and scary and brings you back to sophomore biology class I promise you we’re gonna make it fun we’re gonna make it interesting but this isn’t the typical kind of hey let’s go to in-and-out or let’s go to the McDonald’s and get a lettuce wrap burger kind of video we’re going to science class a little bit so go ahead and get your glasses on okay I want to make sure you hit that red subscribe button and then also hit that little Bell icon to turn on notifications and then after this videos wrapped up go ahead and check out Sun warrior down below in the link in the description Sun warrior has something called a warrior blend so it’s a really cool ketogenic friendly protein powder that’s plant-based so it works for those that are doing Aikido as vegans vegetarians or those that aren’t so I just highly recommend that you check it out if you’re looking for something on the go while you’re doing a low-carb protocol or living a low-carb keto lifestyle alright let’s go ahead and dive right in so basically what we have here is a diagram that shows the different things that happen on a ketogenic diet mainly as related to a study those published in the journal Cell Metabolism so for the sake of this video what I’m going to do is now and then I’ll come back here and reference specific points but then I’ll explain it on the diagram so it all makes sense so just bear with me because it is going to all come together now it is important that I note that the ketogenic diet most of the studies that our longer-term have been done in mice and they do long term lifespan studies with mice because they can measure things faster there are lots of long ongoing studies like the vertical study that have to do with humans and the ketogenic diet and I’ve done videos on those and it’s showing that can reverse diabetes and has lots of positive results long term but I wanted to show you overall lifespans so we’re gonna zoom out and we’re gonna look at it with mice so that we can get a big picture here okay so first of all this study that’s published in the journal Cell Metabolism took a look at lifespan it took a look at different things that are occurring in the body so we’ll start here the first thing that we have to notice is that the ketogenic diet decreases insulin that is a very important thing to note and first and foremost should be mentioned decreasing insulin has a myriad of other positive cascading effects within the body okay insulin has been shown to have effects on Alzheimer’s on diabetes on all kinds of chronic diseases and inflammation within the body so if we can decrease insulin levels we’re already ahead of the ball game okay so I’m gonna jump around a little bit so what this study did is it took a look at three groups of mice okay and it divided them into a controlled diet group which was not low-carbon all into a low-carb diet group and into a ketogenic diet group okay so these three groups all went through their life as normal but just eating the same amount of calories just different kinds of macronutrients so the first thing that they discovered is the median lifespan with the ketogenic diet was thirteen point six percent longer the ketogenic diet group that’s not a small amount thirteen point six percent longer than the control diet and then the low-carb group was somewhere in the middle okay so we find that the lower the carbohydrates were the longer the mice lived that is powerful stuff so all this is is a massive justification for that okay now they also found there is a big increase in cognitive function how they notice this was as they were aging and on these ketogenic diets or low-carb diets their affinity for novel objects increased whereas the standard group or the control group would just kind of go out and play with toys that were they were familiar with whereas the other groups the a group in the low-carb group would actually go out and experiment with new toys and new things that’s a very positive sign of cognitive function when you’re looking at my studies it means wait a minute they’re actually interested in new things and their brain is working even as their age declines pretty powerful stuff okay now how this likely happened was through a couple of different mechanisms one a decrease in insulin indirectly but to the presence of ketones themselves actually does it so what it does is it up regulates something known as fo x o3 a-okay which is an anti-aging antioxidant protein that got up regulated it’s explain it in a minute which actually then elevates superoxide dismutase so what that’s going to do long story short is it’s going to increase the antioxidant capacity of the body so that in short effects our cognitive function it’s basically making it so that the brain has less oxidative damage so very very positive stuff with that now there’s a lot of other reasons that the ketogenic diet could boost cognitive right obviously we know that a cognitive increase is going to occur simply because ketones can fuel the brain we’re talking about from a lifespan side of things here so the up regulation of superoxide dismutase and things like that are improving the antioxidant capacity as someone gets older so what this means is cognitive health stays elevated as someone gets older we know that ketones can make you feel smarter and can make you more efficient but we’re talking about with aging and with overall cognitive decline so big power there okay now the other thing that we have to look at was a significantly lower instance of cancer now what happened here is the keto diet again with the elevation of ketones they found that there was an upregulation in something known as p53 tumor suppressor now this does a lot of different things but basically what they found here is that cancer incidence was lower due to the acidity therefore triggering increase in p53 basically what it did is it it broke down certain components to activate different proteins p53 tumor suppressor just as the name implies help mitigate cancer risk okay so very powerful there so they saw a decrease in cancer in the mice that were doing the ketogenic diet group compared to the control group and intermediate results for the low-carb in between okay now additionally they saw a massive reduction in inflammation and you can see the chart that’s gonna pop up on the screen here now okay and then they had an increase in HDL cholesterol their good cholesterol this alone can have a positive impact on cancer okay just because inflammation being lower so that’s really really powerful there of course just for obvious health reasons can then there’s one other piece I had to kind of draw a loop-de-loop here ketones triggered mTOR to be suppressed in the liver in the brain in tor stands for mammalian target of rat myosin and it is anabolic now mTOR is the opposite of Auto fatigue if you’ve ever heard of intermittent fasting before you know that fasting is beneficial because of autophagy it encourages cellular recycling okay it encourages the cells to recycle and basically rebuild in a stronger way so a force of the cells sort of eat their own internal parts right so we want autopsy if we want to live for a long period of time mTOR makes us build muscle and helps us be anabolic but it’s also known to be very I guess Pro aging is what you want to call it so they found that there was a decrease in EM tor in the liver I forgot the are there I guess I need more ketones there is a decrease in import in the liver okay and possibly decrease of mTOR in the brain exactly what we want but there was an increase in inter in the muscle which would make sense as to why the mice got stronger okay so they found when they did these studies they found okay well these mice actually not only improved in their cognitive function they improved in their physical strength so they did like hang wire tests and everything like that where they actually have mice like hang on little wires and things if you’ve ever seen my studies probably seen it before anyhow the mice were significantly stronger on the keto group as they went through aging process because their import was elevated the muscle so basically they had import elevated at the right places the ability to build muscle could be really powerful there all while suppressing the aging component of mTOR in the liver and in the organs in the brain so showing that when we couple it all together it all makes sense why the ketogenic diet group lived for 13.6% longer they had overall all these different links that increase their life span physical strength and decrease in import liver increase in lifespan antioxidant capacity cognitive function increase in lifespan decrease of inflammation increase of HDL increase of p53 tumor suppressors and other proteins as such ultimately subsequent decrease in cancer also links to lifespan so now we see the whole big picture that the ketogenic diet could be something that helps us live for a long period of time not making us live a shorter life and die younger so anyhow take this all with a grain of salt or a grain of fat whatever you want to call it with keto that way you can do your own due diligence and see if this is for you or if you want to justify it more to your friends and family so as always keep it locked in here in my channel I’ll see you in the next video 

This Post Was All About Thinking of Doing Keto Long Term? Interesting Results.
Thinking of Doing Keto Long Term? Interesting Results

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