These DAIRY Foods are the Healthiest (and most unhealthy)

These DAIRY Foods are the Healthiest (and most unhealthy)

These DAIRY Foods are the Healthiest (and most unhealthy)

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I went to Target and I got a bunch of different dairy options there okay I got kind of one from each category because I wanted to be able to help me break down and understand what the best options for dairy are when you go to a store like Target now you don’t have to go to Target I just did target because it was easy and a lot of people shop there a lot of people just get their basic groceries there so we’re gonna go ahead we’re gonna dive right in you’re gonna learn about cottage cheese you’re gonna learn about regular milk and you learn about cheese I’ll try to make this brief and as informative if possible so you know what to avoid and what to have let’s start with good old-fashioned and regular milk all right milk is a little bit sketchy to get in the first place most of the protein that comes out of milk is going to be a beta casein protein about 30 percent of it now word to the wise casein protein is not the best kind of protein for your body okay here’s the thing usually it’s very high in what is called B C m7 now BC m7 is a bioactive opioid peptide which means that it quite literally has an effect on your opioid receptors just like some street drugs would so it’s not good stuff you have to be very careful with that so the reason that I grabbed a two was because it’s a very clear example of getting good clean dairy good clean milk you always want to opt for any kind of good quality dairy that’s gonna come from an a2 protein which I’ll talk about more it’s not a brand recommendation it’s literally just to get the point across we have a1 proteins and a2 casein proteins okay a 1 K sin is the kind of casing that you’re gonna see in most modern-day milk most modern-day cows ok it’s a genetic mutation that’s occurred over the last 5000 years five thousand years ago all cows produced a2 milk so now some farms have focused on producing cows that only are a two which means that it’s potentially easier to digest but it doesn’t have that bioactive opioid known as B C m7 case in point though milk is a complicated area to navigate and you should probably just avoid milk altogether especially if you’re on keto then the carbs just aren’t going to work for you in the first place alright let’s move on to Greek yogurt it’s important that you know a little bit about Greek yogurt again it’s not any particular brand or anything like that go for organic whenever possible but here’s kind of the facts about Greek yogurt so basically they take milk and they add two kinds of bacteria usually third will and some forms of ball Geragos so these two types of bacteria get added to milk and they’re allowed to ferment and that’s essentially what starts to create the yogurt culture then it’s strained and it’s strained multiple times to ultimately leave you with a little bit more of a solid protein right so when you look at regular yogurt it’s strange twice draining some of the way out draining some of the liquid out but you’re still left with a lot of sugar a lot of carbohydrates the whole point with Greek is it strained three to four times so that’s why it’s thicker and that’s why you have a higher protein content and a lower carbohydrate content because along with the water goes the way and also goes a lot of the milk sugars so Greek yogurt generally is still pretty darn good however if it’s not good quality you can still end up with those casein proteins that can be hard on the body and still be potentially inflammatory we have to remember anything dairy related we could have an inflammatory response too we just have to make sure that we’re exercising best efforts to get the highest quality stuff so Greek yogurt would be good to go on keto cuz it’s lower carb than regular yogurt okay now let’s talk a little bit about heavy cream versus half-and-half here for a second people will generally think about half and a half is the better option to go with because it’s going to be lower calorie yes it is lower calorie because it’s only about twelve percent milk fat whereas heavy cream is going to be thirty to forty percent milk fat and again at first glance you think well milk fat I don’t want milk fat well there’s actually been studies that show that the specific kinds of fat that come from dairy are actually good when they’re isolated so those specific fats can actually contribute to a healthy heart so studies that show that it’s a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease I’m not gonna go down that rabbit hole right now I want to focus more on the fat burning side of things talking about conjugated linoleic acid so when you look at dairy fat you have something known as CLA conjugated linoleic acid now CLA has some powerful effects within the body it’s technically an omega-6 but again not going to go down that rabbit hole so there’s a study those published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that found that particular isomers of CLA so components of milk fat could alter white adipose tissue to ultimately impair adipose tissue from being stored so all in short what that means is that dairy fat could change the structure in how our bodies store fat in the white adipose tissue does that mean if you consume a bunch of calories from heavy whipping cream you’re not going to gain fat it doesn’t mean that at all it’s not what I’m saying just saying there are some indirect effects from conjugated linoleic acid so you want to opt for the higher fat option whenever you can but more importantly on keto this is going to be lower carb with the heavy cream and it’s also going to have less of the milk in it half and half is just like the name implies half cream half milk which means you’re getting all the milk sugars and you’re getting more of the potential B cm7 in the low quality milk with the half and a half raise you have a higher ratio of heavy cream in fact linked in the heavy cream so it definitely recommend you go for heavy cream if you’re gonna put something in your coffee go with the heavy cream don’t use half and half it’s a waste of your money you get more bang for your buck and it tastes a heck of a lot better with you go with the heavy cream now we get to my favorite alright cottage cheese so cottage cheese is cool so how they make cottage cheese is they take milk and they add specific cultures or specific acids to it and they allow it to curdle it’s the one time we really want it to curdle right so they allow it to curdle and then they allow it to dry a little bit so they take that curdle how it’s kind of all up in I guess it kind of gels up and it curdles up and they drive that out a little bit then if they cut it even more so that more liquid drains out of it so they literally cut the curds so that way and water and sugar comes out of it then they dry it and heat it a little bit more so yes it’s processed in that sense that it’s heated again but that cooks out even more of the water more of the way and more of the lactose so you’re left with a really pure form of protein now in essence it is pure casein protein very little whey protein some of you might be watching this video thinking that whey protein is good but whey protein is only good in moderation whey protein does trigger an insulin spike now the benefit of cottage cheese it’s gonna be something that you’re gonna want to eat maybe before bed because it’s gonna digest slowly first of all mechanically it digests slowly but secondly because it’s the casein proteins those proteins gel up in your stomach a little bit and they take a longer time to break down so if you’re looking for something to continually feed your muscles overnight cottage cheese is good with that but full disclaimer cottage cheese is really really hard to find in a clean fashion so I will say Target is awesome because they carry good culture so you can get culture at targeted I’ve seen it at Whole Foods they’ve got it at sprouts they’ve got a number of different stores now and they even have some versions that are like their keto versions their heavy cream it’s like a six percent milk fat versus just a four percent which again adds into exactly what it’s talking about with the heavy cream it’s one thing to get the proteins but you can actually get the healthy milk fats in there too it drives the carb content down and it gives you the healthy fats the healthy conjugated linoleic acids along with the slow digesting proteins so highly recommend good culture I’ll go ahead and I’ll put a link down below so that you can at least check them out and read about them because I’m very very happy that Target carries them and super super awesome so something you need to be checking out if cottage cheese is something that has been missing out of your life because usually you have a bunch of different what you normally see when you see cottage cheese things in there you have a bunch of different stabilizers a bunch of different gels point is cottage cheese was out of my life until good culture came around and now it’s back okay let’s jump over to cheese’s for a second quick note on cheese’s the older and the more aged the cheese the better simply put aged cheese is going to be dried which means that the water that holds the lactose and a lot of the way and things like that gets dried out just naturally so when we jump over to cheese’s for a second I want to talk about parmesan because parmesan is probably the best cheese that you could get its unpasteurized so it’s not very processed but then it’s dried out so you lose a lot of lactose you lose a lot of the way and you basically are just left with again a casein protein and you’re left with some cultures so pretty clean stuff it’s also going to be a very very low carb content so Parmesan cheese is gonna be one of the best options that you can go with in that case then we jump over to goat cheese my personal favorite in the world of cheeses remember the whole a2 thing I was talking about well goat cheese by default is a – okay goats are not gonna be the a1 type protein they’re not gonna be that a one case and they’re naturally a two so goat milk goat cheese goat yogurt goat sour cream things like that are all really really good to go also a sheep’s feta goat’s feta would fall into this category – another fun fact goat cheese you know how it gives you that little tangy taste that interesting taste that comes from goat cheese believe it or not is caused by caprylic acid so there’s bacteria that is in goat cheese that reacts and creates caprylic acid which is a form of MCT medium chain triglycerides so yeah goat cheese converts into caprylic acid it converts into a form of MCT within your body and it just so happens to convert into again caprylic which is the highest ketone generating MCT that’s out there so if you are doing a low-carb ketogenic diet and you’re trying to generate more ketones goat cheese is going to allow you to create more ketones at least potentially and at least based on what we see in the research and on paper given that it converts into caprylic acid that’s just a fun fact that tangy taste that you get is actually coming from MCT oil that bacteria converts it’s pretty awesome stuff jumping over to sour cream for a minute sour cream very similar setup to cottage cheese except we’re not curdling it and we’re adding streptococcus a different kind of bacteria so it’s amazing how we learned that different bacterias that are in our guts do different things right well different bacterias will do different things to Dairy so normally sour cream isn’t going to make the cut simply because it usually has a lot of stabilizers and stuff in there too I grabbed one just to show you and if you get light sour creams you have to be extra careful because a lot of times they’ll add sugar into the mix to make it taste a little bit better so just be careful but sour cream is cultured and you do get a little bit of that probiotic effect similar to what you would get with yogurt and cottage cheese target didn’t have it this time around but good culture actually makes a cottage cheese too so you may have that in your whole food you may have that in your grocery store so just keep an eye out for that okay now I want to jump over to the process stuff for a second it just you have an idea very important that you know when you read labels what pasteurized processed is versus pasteurized processed product versus cheese food okay there’s a lot of different things so example if we look at this this is pasteurized prepared cheese product okay if it’s a cheese product that means it’s less than 51% cheese it fits a pasteurized processed cheese food it’s 51% and up and if it’s pasteurized processed cheese it can still be a hundred percent cheese okay so recapping pasteurized processed cheese can still be a hundred percent cheese okay then have pasteurized processed cheese food is 51% cheese and up okay and then pasteurized processed product is less than 51% so things like American cheese stuff like that then this is a good example of still processed cheese but it’s 100% cheese but still processed right so this is still technically a processed cheese but it’s not the same as processed food product or cheese product very important that you look for the word product it’s hiding in a lot of things a lot of times like pepper jack cheese and stuff like that you think you’re getting a good cheese but you look at it it’s either a cheese food or a cheese product or smees you’re not getting real cheese you’re getting more hydrogenated stuff you’re getting more toxins and poisons and you are actual cheese so hoping this gave you a general lay of the land if you’re going to a grocery store to pick your cheese’s I would say the best dairy that you could opt for it if I were to have to put them in order I would say cottage cheese from a good brand goat cheese that’s probably order number one and then I’d go it to heavy cream after that and then I’d go probably to Greek yogurt after that and then I’d go to Parmesan cheese after that and then the rest you can kind of do without to be completely honest so all these are pretty solid but that’s the particular order that I would follow okay I do ask that you please hit that red subscribe button and hit that little bell icon to turn on notifications and as always I will see you in the next video and thank you for watching [Music] 

This Post Was All About These DAIRY Foods are the Healthiest (and most unhealthy).
These DAIRY Foods are the Healthiest (and most unhealthy)

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These DAIRY Foods are the Healthiest (and most unhealthy) Thomas DeLauer

So I went to Target, and I bought a lot of dairy to see which types should be avoided, and which are worth being purchased. Let’s dive into the science behind each dairy option at Target, and I’ll see you in the comments!

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