These 5 Foods Reduce Inflammation (and help weight loss)

These 5 Foods Reduce Inflammation (and help weight loss)

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you could find any food that’s out there and pull some component of it to say that it’s anti-inflammatory okay but this video is not going to be like that this video is about giving you the true most anti-inflammatory foods okay you see I can grab a Snickers bar and I could be like hey there’s chocolate in a Snickers bar so there’s anti-inflammatory properties and would that mean the snicker bar is healthy no absolutely not so the purpose here is to give you the true truly anti-inflammatory foods so we’ve done is we’ve broken down categories so I’ll give you the top anti-inflammatory food in the protein category and then in the vegetable category in the dairy category in the beverages category and then in the overall fats category so without further ado let’s go ahead and dive in please do hit that red subscribe button and then hit that little bell icon as well so you always get notifications all right let’s jump in so salmon is going to make the mark as the number one protein when it comes to the anti-inflammatory world okay obviously we know it’s high in omega-3s I don’t need to just beat that absolutely to death right okay omega-3 is EPA DHA really really powerful when it comes down to inflammation modulation within the body but the British Journal of pharmacology published an interesting study okay they found that Omega threes actually inhibit the transcription factor of nuclear factor Kappa B okay what that means is you’re basically changing the body’s ability to respond to inflammation so nuclear factor Kappa B is kind of a trickle-down right it’s like the war plan for inflammation in your body so the interesting thing is that salmon makes it so that this war plan never gets written in the first place if you’ve ever seen the older movie called Minority Report where they can predict crimes before they happen that’s kind of what the EPA and DHA allow your body to do so very very powerful plus they convert into what are called resolved ins now resolving just like the name implies I want you to think of this if you go to the gym and you inflict a lot of inflammation on your tissues by working out really intensely well you’re gonna have inflammation but then it’s gonna resolve over time well resolve ins are what bring that back to homeostasis okay so really simple they resolve the inflammation but salmon is cool because it has an additional component that works with the omega-3 it’s like you could just pop a fish oil and be good to go there but salmon has something known as acids Anthon astaxanthin is what gives Sam in the red pigment and it’s extremely powerful when it comes to anti-inflammatory mechanisms you see it works in a couple of different avenues first it has a free radical oxygen capacity 6000 times that of vitamin C meaning it can neutralize so much in the way of free radicals but it’s also an epic multitasker now what I mean by being an epic multitasker is most antioxidants have the ability to maybe neutralize 1 to 3 different free radical compounds at a time astaxanthin could neutralize 20 at a time so when you combine the omega-3s with the astaxanthin you are in a great spot with salmon alright so let’s go ahead and stop into the next one which is going to be in the vegetable category good old-fashioned avocados which are technically a fruit but who’s really keeping track all right so we’ve got the carotenoids known as lutein and zeaxanthin that’s really cool and all and we could focus on that but that’s just gonna waste your time let’s talk with the unique stuff with avocados turns out that avocados have a unique sugar in them okay this unique sugar is called a v1 1-9 now you might be thinking sugars inflammatory why the heck do I want sugar and you’re right sugars are inflammatory but this interesting study found that a v1 one-nine also blocks nuclear factor Kappa B just like the omega-3s do okay so they found this out of the University of Naples Italy so really cool stuff right here let’s have some more fun with it so a 2013 study published in Food and function found that literally just adding a little bit of avocado to a burger neutralized the inflammatory effects of having a burger does that mean that if you add avocado to your burger that every time it’s gonna net neutral out the burger no not necessarily but pretty cool research nevertheless that avocados are that anti-inflammatory so they take the cake in the vegetable / fruit category by all means so the next we’re going to talk about is going to be dairy ok dairy is by all means pretty inflammatory but did you know that there’s actually a certain kind of dairy that’s anti-inflammatory hey really quick also I do want to make sure if you’re doing keto or if you’re doing fasting or anything like that it probably should check out thrive market down below so a lot of the foods I’m thing about you can get through thrive but I just want to make sure that I just extend that out to you so there’s a special link down below it’s an online membership based grocery store that ends up being a lot cheaper than the grocery store anyhow I don’t waste your time I just wanted to throw that out there so after this video check them out in the link down below okay so what kind of dairy is anti inflammatory well goat okay goat milk and goat cheese and fun fact I don’t know if you’re doing low carb or keto but this is gonna be really interesting to you it turns out that the bacteria that gives goat cheese and goat milk its unique flavor is actually a bacteria that breaks down certain components of the cheese to become caprylic acid which is an a’ medium chain triglyceride not to mention the most ketogenic medium chain triglycerides so what that means is that unique flavor you get when you have goat cheese that’s actually the caprylic acid that’s a medium chain triglyceride which goes into ketone production a lot easier but there’s another cool fact okay the endocrine metabolic and immune disorders drug targets Journal published an interesting study that found that literally just having a little bit of goat cheese ends up cancelling out the immune system response to lipopolysaccharides and I know I overused the word literally but this is just I don’t know it literally is right what does that mean okay so a lipopolysaccharide is a toxin that leaks out of the gut into the bloodstream mainly in people that are suffering from a leaky gut so anyone that has chronic inflammation probably has a leaky gut so these lipopolysaccharides and leach into the bloodstream and they cause a bunch of chaos they trigger the immune system to activate so for one reason or another the bacteria that’s in goat-cheese seems to stop the immune response to those lipopolysaccharides so the lipopolysaccharides are still getting in the bloodstream but the body’s just totally Zend out and they’re just like I’m not gonna react to you I’m not gonna worry about it just keep doing your thing so no immune response equals no inflammation boom moving on green tea the beverage category alright gotta have an anti-inflammatory beverage and Sprite isn’t gonna be it for you green tea simply put contains catechins it’s not the caffeine it’s not necessarily the antioxidants it’s the catechins themselves at the gala catechin three gay late which is EGCG you see it all over the place been shown in multiple studies to neutralize the most inflammatory cytokines that are out there interleukin 8 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha so plain a simple sip on green tea throughout the day now we have the last one which is going to be the best fat olive oil now this one is for the long-term okay I’m talking about all kinds of things that you can acutely reduce inflammation and drop you know that inflammatory response and maybe get those resolved ins upregulated but olive oil comes in as the long-term player something you want to have a lot of throughout the course of your life to attenuate inflammation over time all right so what does that look like well there’s something in olive oil known as olio Kanthal and if you have a good quality olive oil you know what it is because it stings the back of your throat so if you have like a good quality olive oil you’ll feel that little tingle in your throat low quality olive oil doesn’t have it because the olio Kanthal is broken down well the International Journal of molecular science has found that that olio Kanthal is equal to IB Pro Fionn in your body a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory when it’s equal to ibuprofen what that means is it has a similar response in terms of being a cyclo oxidase enzyme inhibitor which means that you have a whole lot of different effects in the body and controlling inflammation at its epicenter but also at the joint level it’s a heck of a lot better than taking ibuprofen now I’m not going to say that you can just have a shot of olive oil and it’s gonna replace ibuprofen but when you look at it over the long term it’s going to attenuate inflammation in a similar fashion and work along the similar pathways as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory reward so anyhow here you have it five anti-inflammatory foods in different respective categories oh and quick bonus if you want a spice turmeric is gonna be the one but I don’t need to go on and on about that you 

This Post Was All About These 5 Foods Reduce Inflammation (and help weight loss).
These 5 Foods Reduce Inflammation (and help weight loss)

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These 5 Foods Reduce Inflammation (and help weight loss) – Thomas DeLauer

You could find pretty much any food out there and argue that some component of it is anti-inflammatory, even when it really isn’t. A Snickers bar, for example, has chocolate in it, but that doesn’t make it anti-inflammatory, does it? Today, we’re going to cover 5 foods that are TRULY potent anti-inflammatories. I’ve gone and broken this video down into the top anti-inflammatory in 5 different food categories: protein, vegetable, dairy, beverages, and fats. Enjoy, and I’ll see you in the comments!

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