The Worst Intermittent Fasting Pattern is…

The Worst Intermittent Fasting Pattern is…

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This Post Was All About The Worst Intermittent Fasting Pattern is….
The Worst Intermittent Fasting Pattern is...

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Healthy Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting:

Here is the worst intermittent fasting pattern and the best intermittent fasting pattern. Check this out. 

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This video is mainly for those first starting intermittent fasting. Of course, you want to do an intermittent fasting pattern that can help you achieve the massive benefits of fasting without the negatives like muscle loss and nutritional deficiencies. 

I believe the worst intermittent fasting pattern is the 5:2 diet, also called the fast diet. With this diet, you can consume your normal foods for five days. Then, for two days, you’re going to go on a low-calorie diet (500 calories per day). To me, this isn’t really fasting. 

You might experience some benefits during the two days of restricted calories if you’re consuming keto foods. But, the big problem is that it takes at least three days to actually get into ketosis. By the time the two days are up, you’ve barely gotten into ketosis. If you’re not in ketosis, you’re going to be hungry and have cravings—it’s going to be difficult. 

I consider the second to worst fasting pattern to be the alternative-day fasting pattern. This is where you would eat what you want for one day, and the next day you would do a 500-600 calorie diet, then you alternate doing this each day. With this diet, you wouldn’t even scratch the surface of getting into ketosis. You may experience some benefits, but this isn’t really sustainable, and you wouldn’t be achieving the potential benefits that you could. 

The best intermittent fasting patterns:
• 18:6 — This is where you fast for 18 hours and eat within a 6-hour window. Your first meal might be at 12 pm and your second meal would be at 6 pm.

• 20:4 — This gives you 20 hours of fasting and a four-hour eating window. Your first meal might be at 2 pm and your second meal at 6 pm.

• OMAD (one meal a day) — You would only consume one meal a day. 

Potential benefits of fasting for 18-20 hours: 
• You spike growth hormone
• You increase autophagy 
• You decrease inflammation 
• You improve your immune system 
• You lose weight 
• You could live longer 
• Many cognitive benefits (better focus, concentration, and memory)
• Your mood may improve 

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand intermittent fasting patterns and why the 5:2 is the worst intermittent fasting pattern.

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