The Vitamin Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

The Vitamin Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

The Vitamin Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

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so one thing I want to cover is this dirty little secret that most everyone doesn’t know about vitamins being in the area of vitamins you know I’m able have a chance to talk with manufacturing companies and I don’t know if you realize this Karen but 90% of all vitamins made are synthetic they’re not natural so what does that mean well if something synthetic it mean it means that it’s made artificially it’s made from petroleum Wow how is that possible I know that’s weird you can make vitamins Dow Chemical Company is one of the main companies that makes synthetic vitamins and so they have ways of synthesizing them or making them from petroleum and like for example vitamin C like you you bought some vitamin C before right now if you look at the label it doesn’t really tell you all where it comes from but the way they make vitamin C is from cornstarch in sulfuric acid I mean that’s crazy isn’t it yes so first of all corn starch has zero vitamin C okay and sulfuric acid know about it see but if you combine these together you make something called ascorbic acid and what’s happening over the years is we’ve redefined vitamins like ascorbic acid is only one little piece of the vitamin C complex it’s not the whole thing and of course people not knowing that to think of they’re getting the full thing and then they’re taking it but not seeing the results so with working with people for many many years I find out the first thing is like oh you’re taking synthetic vitamins you don’t even know it like what so there’s a huge difference it’s like saying artificial flavoring is the same as natural flavoring it’s not well that reminds me of something um I had a friend who was taking high doses of vitamin C and she started to get broken capillaries in her nose yeah well that’s a perfect example I normally vitamin C is supposed to prevent capillary breakage or spider veins or varicose veins or bleeding gums but if you take it synthetic you actually caused that bleeding and that’s because the active ingredient in the vitamin C complex is routine or bioflavonoids it’s not ascorbic acid so vitamin C natural has all these other things that you’re not getting when you take this straight high potency ascorbic acid and you end up creating deficiencies and the very thing you’re trying to get rid of so we need a diagram yes well I’ve just put a diagram up right back here you can check it out between our heads so right there we go good so this is the vitamin C complex in nature as you can see in this diagram the outside of the shell is ascorbic acid that’s like the banana peel yeah egg shell to the egg or the banana peel or the orange peel but the inside of the vitamin C complex you have copper which is a mineral you have both flavonoids that’s rooted you have vitamin K and you have vitamin J and all of these inside complex parts gee-ya vitamin J is the called the anti pneumonia vitamin yeah that’s pretty cool it actually helps you increase oxygen especially when you’re going up inclines so if you’re deficient in vitamin J the J factor you’ll go up a flight of stairs and get out of breath easily so now you’re gonna ask me about the copper – I did ask you about enough okay good that’s a really good question so I prompt prompt that question pull that Ivor thank ya copper is a real key trace mineral to build collagen and collagen is what protects the capillaries so when you’re a deficient in copper you have you don’t have enough collagen so you have you know popping joints loose joints weak ligaments tendons sagging skin all sorts of issues and even a loss of collagen in the arteries can cause leaky arteries and even leaky gut nosebleeds bleeding gums but other than that you’re gonna be pretty much okay okay so I have a question so how is it that they can put this little portion of vitamin C of the real vitamin C in a pill and call it vitamin C well in 1950 if you look at some of the dictionaries before about 1950 and after they basically changed the definition of vitamin C – meaning I don’t know who they is but meaning vitamin C is ascorbic acid when reality in nature vitamin C never comes as ascorbic acid in nature that’s just one little tiny part of the whole deal the whole compound so they basically change the definition and alter that simply probably because most of the drug companies supply the raw materials for the synthetic vitamins so it’s a big business okay so all the vitamins see not all of it and C but a lot most of the vitamin C in the store is not the whole vitamin C no it’s not so where do I get vitamin C there’s a whole vitamin C you always want to get vitamin C from food or food concentrates now that’s why you know that’s why for example I don’t sell a multivitamin or vitamin C hey I was gonna ask you why don’t you sell a multivitamin you beat me to it or actually beat you to it it’s question 4 well because it kind of defeats the whole purpose of the person eating healthy even myself back in what with 20s I was driving around trying to find a vitamin store go on the store buy all these vitamins remember that I was like we had a warehouse of nutrition do they know we still do okay but before we had a lot more we mainly have all my our advice we were searching more now we know it’s good but back then we were searching I had an absence of awareness I’d be in a vitamin store and like I was tired I’m like maybe maybe this will increase my energy maybe I need this I’ve never heard about ginkgo biloba maybe I’ll try that and now we kept buying more vitamins and that didn’t work because I really at the time I didn’t know it but like nothing worked because my diet was crappy I didn’t know what to eat so trying to get your vitamins on top of a bad diet you’re not gonna see results and that’s why I don’t have a mold that’s why I don’t have vitamin C I want you to consume like real food to get that the nutrition that we have fortifies different things it handles different weaknesses within the body it helps enhance things that are hard to get from our diet so that’s why I turn okay so I have another question in there that I just forgot okay she were talking [Music] the jeopardy theme song [Music] I literally completely blanked out on that well we can talk about memory for the next topic no oh here here was the question because um you know hero d3 deficiency or I have this deficiency or that deficiency I’m just gonna take some supplements so does taking a supplement remedy a deficiency just by itself well yes and no for example it’s very difficult to determine what you’re deficient in because when you do a blood test for example in your blood and you measure it might not show up because the real problem is in your cells it’s in the tissues it’s not showing up in the blood huh your bile do whatever can to keep normal blood values so that’s the worst pace place to try to detect about a min efficiency the best place is in your hair doing a hair analysis but even then it might not show up until it’s a very deficient so you really have to understand some of the symptoms that vitamin C deficiencies can create and even then that takes a lot of knowledge knowledge about the body so I think the more scary no we’re not screwed because I think what we have to do is just start eating healthy and we’re gonna get what we need if you need vitamin D for example you’re gonna need about 20 minutes in the Sun that’ll give you your whole day of item D but that one of the challenges is people take vitamin D and they don’t see any changes because they’re not absorbing vitamin D that’s a really big point so the question is why I know why okay but go ahead I know this one okay so why why would someone not absorb vitamin D because they don’t have the K oh she does know that I watched your video she does know probably just that one video okay good good so we don’t want about mine even came vitamin D I have a another question because people are taking vitamins maybe they’re even eating the foods but they’re not handling their vitamin deficiency because the soil is so crappy yeah that’s that don’t get me started on that one I want to get you started on that so the problem now in farming is they only put three minerals basically back into the soil they’re not putting all the trace minerals you have like like between 50 and 90 different minerals that you need in the soil even take a look at people that grow plants I mean the amount of problems that people have like farmers that are growing plants that have brown leaves or yellow leaves or they’re dying or it’s too small or it’s not bearing the fruit those are vitamin deficiencies well what’s happening when we’re consuming that vegetation on the soil is depleted it’s crazy so it’s like you can taste it in those tomatoes they’re just like it’s like wax no flavor at all you just bite it doesn’t smell like anything it doesn’t taste like anything when I was growing up we had a garden in the backyard and we grew tomatoes everybody grew tomatoes everyone was like giving bags of tomatoes oh they were so red and we would eat them like apples we would just take a bite put a little salt on it and they were so delicious and I can’t even consider doing that with a store-bought even even inorganic one well even when we went into your fret your old house that you grew up in your friend down the street right around the block her father we stopped there and they had this mystery anise uncredible tomatoes those are the best tomatoes that have ever I think I still think about those Tomatoes there was my cutting again they’re so good so you go to the store it’s like empty nutrition but you saw what he had he had compost they saved everything they they make their compost they nurture the soil and you know no chemicals there’s nothing better than a good tomato a healthy tomato there is nothing better in life is a good mojito Tomatoes just perfectly oh my gosh again little basil a couple things a couple things pecan pie not sugar yeah the soils are bad okay so that’s one thing right and even if the soil that the farmers growing the food on is not close to the ocean you’re not gonna get iodine so you’re eating empty nutrition and you’re gonna feel it’s like just it’s not going to be satisfying now people in Europe Russia in different places they come to America and they get fat eating very similar foods it’s simply because the soils are empty I mean even though I’ve talked to this guys from Russia and he came here he just bloated out and then he when he goes home he’ll eat the same calories you eat his food and he’s like a so much richer it satisfies him he’s not hungry as much so I really want to travel I’ve never really too much been out of country I want to travel to check different places out for myself or we want to do that but the point is that alone I’ll be going by myself with a video now he’s going alone oh yeah I’m going alone but yeah so it’s the soil but there’s some other things can there’s other things that are preventing the nutrients going in even if you take the nutrients enzymes how did you know that I got another one rice you’ve got another one right yeah so you cook the food too much cook food destroys the enzyme now what does that do that means that now you’re eating foods that are kind of dead so now your body has to make the own enzymes to break that food down and also a lot of the vitamins are heat sensitive like vitamin C so when you’re doing canned foods canned like what does some canned like canned beans beans or oh yeah there’s not gonna what about pasteurized orange juice hardly anybody Mencia in there if at all unless they put it there synthetically so when you pasteurize food you cook it you roast it you heat it it’s dead I’m sorry well when you put it that way yeah it sounds really bad it’s really bad that’s why we need a cow we do need a cow seriously to get some you know so we can milk the cow or actually when I say we I mean me huh in the morning make the cheese in the butter huh when yeah yeah but here’s the thing in your stomach if you don’t have enough acid in your stomach like a lot of people have indigestion acid reflux as they get older they lose the stomach acid if you don’t have that asset you can’t absorb minerals you can’t digest protein so that’s another way you could become deficient so very common so let’s say an the elderly they have anemia because they can’t pull an iron because their stomach is too alkaline so that’s one thing so we’re so where do you get acid well you get it your body makes it but if you think about this the acid your stomach gets hydrochloric okay hydrochloric the chloride in hydrochloric comes from sodium chloride like in salt so people are low salt diet normally have low stomach acids so you need the chlorides from the food from from salt but I thought salt I that salt wasn’t good for you mmm especially table salt when you hear that they okay then we know it must be true table salt is bad but sea salt is really good if you’re on the keto in the intermittent fasting program you need a teaspoon of salt every single day and by the way day yeah by the way Karen those cauliflower the cauliflower that you made yesterday cauliflower mashed potatoes had cauliflower mash a lot of salt but no I loved it it was great because sometimes it’s kind of bland that that was really enough salt for me yeah that’s really good but the point is you need how to chloric acid but there’s one more thing and this is like very very important one is that insulin resistance it’s the pre-diabetic situation that itself is blocking the absorption of nutrients potassium protein that’s why I diabetic they start your muscles start becoming flabby and they become weak and as you clear that up with the keto in a minute fasting you start absorbing more nutrients potassium you get rid of fluid retention I mean that alone just by fixing that one problem just by not even taking nutrition you’ll get more nutrition from the food that you are eating amazing that’s right so it all comes back it all comes back full circle to getting the basics then getting your diet corrected not going out trying to find a vitamin to correct the symptom and I think that leads me to the next topic which is the problem with people using vitamins to fix symptoms they’re not looking at the cause of the symptoms so they don’t evaluate to know what’s underneath them you know that’s your job that’s right that’s why we pay you the big bucks that’s why I have a lot of videos for free Karen for free on nutrition and how to fix pretty much almost every thing on your body so when we get a lot of questions on Facebook and YouTube a lot of these questions are already in a video that you may have not have found so if you just search for that topic slash my name you’re gonna find answers to everything’s like everything Hashimoto’s that was a question today a lot of questions on that a leg cramps yep just pretty much everything skin skin issues gallbladder little red dots on your skin missing the gallbladder big one and that’s you know what we should probably talk about that okay yeah because we done with vitamins well that relates to vitamins oh now Carolyn the gallbladder right do you know what the Valle butter does it produces bile and stores bile okay so you got half of a right it’s stores by good what makes the bile the liver very good okay question two now what is bowel do bile breaks down fat Wow she’s smart oh you sound so surprised well she’s really smart so bile helps you extract and pull the nutrients the fat vitamins fat soluble vitamins are called like vitamin A D E and K okay it puts us out of the food so that’s what it does so without enough bile you’re gonna be deficient in vitamin A D and K good girl now that might not be significant to you unless you know what that means with your body so you’re gonna get night blindness okay number one you’re gonna have really scaly dry skin you’re gonna have bone loss okay you’re gonna have bone pain you’re gonna have a lot of hormone issues you’re gonna have calcium buildup in the arteries from the vitamin k2 deficiencies and you’ll have bruising okay but you’ll be fine I didn’t know now what about people who don’t have a cobbler and they’re good to go right because it was an extra organ no so here’s a situation you don’t have a gall bladder so that means you can’t store the bile anymore that means you can’t concentrate the bile anymore by 20 times normally that you need so you can actually really digest so now you’re gonna have like weak bile and not enough of it so now we have this tube from your liver that goes right to the small intestines and it just trickles down all day long not when you eat but constantly so you’re gonna be deficient in bile now you’re not gonna probably notice that right away it’s gonna take some years to develop these deficiencies so in that case you’re gonna have to enhance the diet with some some bile guys some bile salts purify bile salts and that’s what you’re going to need at least some on a regular basis to make sure you have enough to pull that out of the fats that you eat or you get by also so you can get it online there’s a product that we have called gall bladder formula as well it has a bunch of other things in there in addition to the bile salts as well fascinating isn’t it well yeah yeah so now the next question I wanted to ask you Karen so what was the first vitamin ever discovered I know this what a Wow that’s pretty good with the second one B and the third one how long have we been married C this is amazing I know I’ve done probably like 49 hundred different seminars in a row and I always ask that question no one has ever got that right so well don’t care yes thank you I was at you were at one of the first seven or 700 of them so you were at one of the seminars at least one of them that’s right mm-hmm yeah so uh let’s see what else do people not know they often ask it out by to me oh well I mean basically you deal with vitamins you should deal with vitamins the same as you deal with food right you want to eat real food live food whole complete food not nothing processed a stripped down cooked or man-made right unless you know like when I make pecan pie I’m not looking for a vitamin source right so that’s different but if you’re talking about food vitamins would be the same they should be whole and real and life right and I think that if you’re trying to get a certain nutrient for food it might be helpful to understand what foods provide those nutrients or at least a lot of them sounds like a really long video I’m gonna make it really little short and I’m gonna summarize can it be in a song like the alphabet so that we can remember it I’ll let you put that together and we’ll do that in the next updated version how about that okay okay good so here’s the thing when you’re trying to get nutrients from the diet there’s foods that you eat that are very very low on the list and foods that you can eat that are very high on the list so let me just ask you okay let’s pretend that you’re an average processed anxiety right now okay I need a vitamin I have weird test anxiety pick one of these call me in the morning okay hey Karen I have a quiz for you okay okay now out of all the category of foods what category will give you the most vitamins of anything category now I need to understand the question you mean like is it a meat or is it yeah but true or is it a vegetable that’s right okay well I think vegetable is the comp the obvious answer that everybody say I didn’t say it I said it would be the obvious answer and you’re testing me Oh coach means coz you’re setting me up right house for the gong so I’m gonna say fats ah meats wait though what else is there okay good so let me just tell you what it is okay so you would think I’ve never heard of so you get the away galaga Luke along no no you know about this so you have vegetables right and then you have you have iceberg lettuce which is not very hard right that’s an edge to right so that would be in the loan scale and then what would be high on the scale of vegetables yeah kale yeah right and then you also have sprouts yes sprouts are a little higher that’s a vegetable mm-hmm but there’s something higher organ meats organ meats organ meats who would ever think now honestly I don’t like what do you reason why I didn’t think of that I know I don’t I don’t really eat a lot of organ meats I wish I liked them more but I just can’t well yeah yeah but not I don’t really like liver I don’t like the taste of it but it’s so good for you if they have a grass-fed nah I’m not talking about getting some process you know type organ meats now I’m not talking about that but the point is that you look what are you talking about I’m talking about that organ meats are rich in all the fat size of item ins iron which is a horrible vitamin A which goes in like a rocket ship compared to vegetables it’s a pre vitamin A it’s like a prior so you’re not you’re gonna now the problem is that excited I was excited about this so excited about the question where could you find these organ meats our freezer right because we get them from a farm a farm right well we do but I don’t know like a pitch but we do crowd cow take a cow or it’s like co-op I guess kind of thing yeah but they’re all mostly all really great farms and no preservatives and grass-fed and things like that and then you can buy the organ meats from there and we we have that in our freezer we have some very delicious liverwurst okay now I’m gonna put a link down below of where we got this it’s from an online grass-fed type farm Camden doesn’t really enjoy it as much as the original liverwurst I was really loving in Pennsylvania oh and you know you go down to the local um can I was gonna say cafe but the diner right and you get a liverwurst sandwich and it’s like a chunk like this of liverwurst on rye with yellow mustard and a big ol slab of onion great for your breath and it’s horrible for your breath but the liverwurst is so creamy and I don’t know that combination I just really like I really like it but then he brought home this a primo liverwurst and I knew I knew it was gonna be a different experience the minute he said that it’s a little more fibrous now I can’t I can’t think of one thing where you add that edge and you go like oh right it’s not as clean not smell like a potato patato mission of liver in heart yeah and it might have some kidney in there so anyway yes it sounds disgusting but it’s all breastfed and my dad would like it if he was around it’s just really really healthy it was really healthy that’s why I was eating it it wasn’t bad it wasn’t terrible yeah so if you like liver you’re gonna like this typically on average an average person would like this but I mean if you like it creamy you know okay we’re done talking about living out I have something else to say okay go ahead okay you’ve mentioned several times today iron and then when we were doing the other show a lot of people are asking about the seek help and keto and so what do they have what do they have to do with each other and what does it have to do with your body why is iron a big deal and and how do you get it unfortunately all the vegetables that you eat half iron in it but it’s it’s unfortunate unfortunately has a type of iron that is not in the active form that that’s in red meat and impress so you’re getting this kind of this like you can just look at it like a pre vitamin A iron so it’s different I’m not going to get into the technical part but if you have an iron deficiency and you’re anemic and you consume like rare steak or liver or liver worse you’re gonna get a way better source of available iron to your body than you would get from eating spinach and that’s the point especially if you’re anemic if you’re a vegetarian and you can’t do that there’s a big problem because you’re not gonna find that special activated by iron that is in red meat and the more rare it is the more available is so but now you touched on something is a hot hot hot subject right was this eating meat and the whole thing yeah very hot subject so people have said they get all the nutrients they need in beans yeah let’s talk about that okay yeah well I always like to ask him you get your vitamin A from beans well it has to be activated you’re not getting retinol there’s you’re getting a pre vitamin A that’s to be converted in the body so if you’re living on vegetable sources for your vitamins then you’re only getting maybe three to four percent if you’re lucky of that vitamin A same thing with the iron you’re not getting the full scoop and also but vitamin b12 now I will say this if you’re doing certain type like even the wheatgrass juice has a lot of b12 you can do also spirulina or chlorella these are like blue green algae type products what’s interesting is that there is no b12 in that vegetation at all it’s the microbes that are living around that algae yeah it’s the waste products on microbes that are making to b12 I don’t have a t-shirt like that okay you do that I love microbe poop or something I think you’ll sell out it was if you want to sell them oh you sort of wear it no I just think it’s a funny concept it is a funny concept but getting back on topic here getting back on track oh it’s not supposed to mean the microbes that live this explains that the next concept of sterilization like having your food so sterilized and cooked and pasteurized versus like really good like the wheatgrass juice how do we have it’s raw it’s hardly heat at all there’s friendly microbes living around that it’s very beneficial that’s what’s giving you the b12 that’s very exciting so that’s one nutrient that a vegan could get easily but vitamin A is difficult iron is difficult so they may need to enhance their diet and where do you get the iron if you’re vegan or not okay if you’re not you’re gonna get a ton from liver liverwurst right don’t do that I’m delete do steak beef and then what about a vegetarian well you’re gonna have to find a good natural source and some and supplement because you’re not going to be able to get it from the food and then what about seek help does that give seek help is really really good it’s like a vegetable that lives in the water it has all the trace minerals that you really need and it has minerals and it has protein I mean it’s really wonderful but it’s may only gonna be a good thing for your trace minerals and does that have hired a little bit but it’s not in the active form that you need to build blood okay mm-hmm are you doing it has tons of iodine that you need to help your thyroid and also to regulate estrogen but you can get too much iodine you can get if you take too much of course you’re gonna get too too much iodine but if you take it in seek out small amounts you’re gonna get enough and you’re not gonna have to worry about it unless you already have a condition called hyperthyroidism big word we’re not talking we’re not gonna go down they’re not gonna go down but on that note Karen yeah I think we’re gonna end up because we gave a lot of information and I don’t want to give people information overload that is good that you aren’t going to that you picked up on that one okay good well then that’s your dose that’s right it’s daily your weekly dose that’s right the daily dose of dr. Berg oh that’s a that could be the name of this alright guys I am invisible all right have a good one we’ll see you next time

This Post Was All About The Vitamin Industry’s Dirty Little Secret.
The Vitamin Industry's Dirty Little Secret

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