The REAL Reason Why Autophagy Exists

The REAL Reason Why Autophagy Exists

The REAL Reason Why Autophagy Exists

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so today we’re going to talk about the real reason why a tapa G exists now what is a tapa G a toughie G is a condition of the body where were you taking things that the body does not need anymore and putting it through a recycler and spitting out brand-new amino acids for both fuel and to be used as raw material to build tissue because a lot of the body is made from amino acids protein now that’s really in simple terms what it is now why did we create this system well we created it for one reason to cope with starvation or something about starvation that is against our survival okay we don’t last long when we starve ourselves but this system was created over eons not just in our bodies but other organisms as well to cope with starvation or not eating so during starvation as a survival mechanism my body will basically take these damaged proteins that we don’t need anymore and just turn those into fuel and turn them into raw materials so we can not be deficient of certain building blocks but the other really cool thing about this is that these damaged proteins are very toxic to our body and it’s behind diabetes type 2 Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s so it’s very very beneficial for your survival to get these out of the body the other thing about etaf ajit is that it will eliminate microbes and viruses because here’s the problem you can’t kill a virus but this is one way of getting rid of some of these microbes out of the body now what is a damage protein okay let’s just take the misfolded protein first to understand this I just have to explain a little bit about DNA DNA is basically the blueprints for making proteins okay so if the DNA that has done copied to something called the RNA so the RNA which is a copy travels out of the highly protected fortress that’s called a nucleus into the space outside that still within a cell to a protein Factory okay it’s called a ribosome so these blueprints now are given to this little factory to make proteins and it spits out this chain of amino acids in a certain sequence okay then that folds okay so it combines in a certain pattern looks kind of strange but that’s what proteins look like and then it’s activated so a folded protein is a 3d activated protein and I’m not just talking about hair nails and skin I’m talking about enzymes that help you digest hormones proteins that help detoxify they do many things in the body so when that protein miss folds so it’s folded in the wrong way it doesn’t work anymore and it accumulates in the body and it can turn into something called amyloid plaque II and that’s what’s in the cells that make insulin and diabetes type 2 that’s also in the brain and Alzheimer’s patients so the problem with this is that it gets stuck in there and it inhibits function okay I guess what etapa G can get rid of this and by the way you need zinc also to help degrade this protein so this is one type of protein then you have oxidized protein when you combine something with too much oxygen it can be altered in a certain way kind of like iron if you expose it to oxygen it turns into rust okay so if you just envision this as this oxygen can rust out your proteins and damage them and then they don’t work anymore well guess what your body can actually take these and recycle them then you have mutated proteins which are altered maybe by a chemical or radiation or something like that and then guess what that protein doesn’t work it can be recycled though then you have something called glycated proteins when you combine sugar with protein you alter it and you make it very very unusable sticky and it clocks things up one example I always use would be barbecued ribs so you’re taking these ribs this meat and then you’re putting sugar or sauce on it and then you’re cooking it so when you’re consuming that you’re consuming this damaged protein that doesn’t work very well in the body so it will clog things up and develop something called advanced glycation end-products I have a lot of videos on this you I’ll put some links down below but this stuff builds up clocks things up it can actually get into your eye into the lens of the eye and cause cataracts well guess what Toph Ajit cleans all this stuff up but here’s what you need to know this system of etapa ji is not really an on/off type mechanism your body is always going through a toffee gee well maybe not always if you have high levels of sugar in the body there’s probably no etapa ji going on or if you have this severe inflammatory condition you probably don’t have any etapa ji going on but for most people to have something going on if some type of recycling going on especially if you’re doing keno or you’re exercising but most definitely when you’re fasting so the more fasting that you do you can create these huge effects with the Toph Ajit so it’s all a matter about degrees how much atop the gene are you in because people will ask well how long do I have to fast before I get into G well you’re already in a toughie G but I will say that when you get to eighteen hours you’re in some pretty good etapa G and as you go to 20 hours it’s more if you go a little longer it’s going to be more but there’s going to be a certain point where it kind of plateaus and some studies you’re saying 24 hours and other studies just a little bit more a little bit less so they don’t really know the reason is because each part of your body has its own etapa G for example there’s an entire vltava G which recycles mitochondria that’s the energy factor of the cell there’s other types of etapa G in your bone or on your lung or in your liver so it’s not an exact thing and it’s very difficult to calculate however if I were you I would just focus on doing all three of these things and trying to get to 18 hours or a little longer and also as you exercise and to morph it your efficiency with the toffee G improves so you actually get more toffee G than someone just starting out so the benefits of a toffee G are huge it’s an anti-aging benefits plus it’s getting rid of things that are very unhealthy for your body that can end up in degenerative diseases and information so you have the combination of getting rid of this and an enhancing new body tissue it’s pretty cool alright thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About The REAL Reason Why Autophagy Exists.
The REAL Reason Why Autophagy Exists

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In this video, I want to cover autophagy and the real reason why autophagy exists. 

What is autophagy? – Autophagy is a condition where your body takes damaged proteins and recycles them. The recycling process provides amino acids for fuel, and to be used as raw material to build tissue. Autophagy was created to cope with starvation. During starvation or fasting, autophagy acts as a survival mechanism.

Damaged proteins are very toxic to the body. It’s very beneficial to get these damaged proteins out of the body. Autophagy also eliminated microbes and viruses. 

Types of damaged proteins:

• Misfolded proteins
• Oxidized proteins
• Mutated proteins
• Glycated proteins

Autophagy is not a mechanism that switches on and off. Autophagy is always going on unless you have an issue like high blood sugar or an inflammatory condition.

You probably have an effective autophagy system if you’re doing:

1. Keto
2. Exercise (as you exercise your efficiency with autophagy also improves)
3. Fasting (18 hours or longer is great for autophagy) 

Autophagy benefits:

• Anti-aging and enhancing benefits
• It gets rid of things that are very unhealthy for your body

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