The ONE Exercise That Makes You Live Longer

The ONE Exercise That Makes You Live Longer

The ONE Exercise That Makes You Live Longer

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so today I want to talk about how this amazing exercise makes you live longer okay first I want to explain what HIV is HIV heart rate variability it’s a test that you can get done that actually can predict your mortality from heart attacks I used to use in my office all the time and you can pick up some real interesting information have you ever heard of the long-distance runner who crosses the finish line and drops out of heart attack and they don’t look like they’re unhealthy it’s because they had poor heart rate variability so let’s just explain what this is it’s over time the heart beats it contracts and relaxes and you’re using the sympathetic nervous system contract and the parasympathetic which is relaxation constantly boom-boom lub-dub lub-dub so let’s say for example your heart rate is 60 heartbeats per minute okay now you would think that each beat is exactly one second but it’s not the distance or the time period between the beats she normally should be varied so this one might be 0.8 seconds this one might be 1.1 seconds this one might be 1.3 seconds this might be point 7 seconds so they’re all varying and that’s actually a normal healthy body it’s when they’re the same exact time frame is where you become very very unhealthy interesting very contrary to ative but the more varied that heart is the greater the ability of it to adapt to things the more flexible it is but if it’s the same over and over it’s very rigid and it doesn’t recover that well let me just use another diagram right here let’s say for example you started exercise you activate the sympathetic nervous system okay and then at some point you stop exercising when you stop exercising the parasympathetic nervous system which is the recovery system actively kicks in and actively pushes that pulse rate down okay so we have this nice balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic going on especially in the heart other parts of the body there are different ratios but I’m gonna use the heart as an example so we really want to align our exercise based on intervals based on our heartbeats based on this right here we don’t want to do this sustained exercise for a long period of time it’s much healthier to exercise in waves or intervals as in high-intensity interval training so I recommend that you do short bursts of high-intensity with a good amount of rest and then do that over and over and over because that’ll be very very healthy for your cardiovascular system and it can extend your life span and one of the reasons for that is this most people have a weakened recovery system a weakened parasympathetic they’re heavy on the sympathetic system the stress and very weak on the recovery system right here and so I had a patient by the way that she exercised and then her pulse rate was like like 150 it’s pretty high she comes in the next day it’s still at 150 I’m going what the heck is going on here she has like no recovery I tested her and like there’s no recovery going on so there’s nothing to push the pulse rate down so a really good test to measure recovery is to do heart rate recovery testing and just to measure your pulse rate after a minute of exercise and see how fast it comes down if it doesn’t come down fast then you have a problem so any time you exercise you want to work with the both systems and not overdo it it’s definitely on this system right here so short bursts of high intensity of exercise and I’m only talking like one to one and a half minutes and then you lie yourself to rest for maybe two or three minutes back and forth and you can even apply this to any exercise like for example where I write my bike I will go really hard for a period of time and I’ll coast for a while and ride lightly and then do it hard back and forth you don’t want to do sustained anything for a long period of time that actually works against the heart so as far as health goes and cardiovascular flexibility interval training is by far the better option so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About The ONE Exercise That Makes You Live Longer.
The ONE Exercise That Makes You Live Longer

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about how this amazing type of exercise makes you live longer. HRV or Heart Rate Variability is a test where you can predict your mortality for heart attacks. Every time the heart beats, it contracts (sympathetic nervous system), and then relaxes (parasympathetic nervous system). The normal healthy body should have a varied distance between the beat of the heart. BUT, if the heart beats with the same exact time frame, it’s an indication of being very unhealthy. The more varied the heart is, the greater the ability of it to adapt to things, but if it is the same over and over, it is going to be very rigid and wouldn’t recover that well. It is much better to do an exercise based on waves, intervals, and HRV because most people have a weakened recovery system.

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