The MOST POWERFUL Antioxidant is Melatonin, NOT Glutathione

The MOST POWERFUL Antioxidant is Melatonin, NOT Glutathione

The MOST POWERFUL Antioxidant is Melatonin, NOT Glutathione

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All right so this topic is probably one of the most important videos that i will ever do regarding your health i didn't know what to call it so i titled it the most important antioxidant is melatonin not glutathione but this information is completely brand new you've never heard this before and it's very important information now a .

Few weeks ago i interviewed dr roger schwelt it was a fascinating interview related to vitamin d and there's one point at the end where he talked about some of the studies not really coming out that dramatic with your immune system using vitamin d and then he said something that really .

Got my attention he said that it was probably not just vitamin d he said that if they did the studies with actual sun not just vitamin d you'd probably see a much better outcome and then he sent me this this paper that literally blew me away and i put the link down below and this video is a summary of that paper and so people .

They want to live as long as possible why do people die well the great majority of people die because of heart disease that's the first cause of why people die the second cause is cancer and the third reason why people die is related to some metabolic illness it could be .

Diabetes it could be alzheimer's it really depends on what country you live in but typically it's related to some metabolic underlying cause and what's common about all these reasons why people die is that they're all mitochondrial diseases in other words there's some type of dysfunction that .

Destroys the mitochondria with cancer it originates in the mitochondria the mitochondria become damaged and then that cell then converts over into a cancer cell now with heart disease we have a lot of free radical damage whether the person's on a high carb diet or they're a smoker or they have a lot of oxidative stress then we create this .

Irritation or inflammation in the inner arteries but that damage is being created in the mitochondria and so if we really look at the essence of where the problem is we're getting this excess of oxidative stress and free radical damage .

Normally our body is supposed to protect against that okay and the way that it protects against that is through the antioxidant networks there's certain enzymes that act as antioxidants one being glutathione it's considered the most important antioxidant but guess what melatonin is even more powerful and more effective .

Because melatonin is not only an antioxidant it triggers other antioxidant networks including glutathione i mean melatonin is twice as powerful as vitamin e and we know the importance of vitamin e to prevent heart disease inside the arteries so melatonin is a very powerful antioxidant and it triggers .

Other antioxidants now you're probably saying right now wait a second i thought melatonin was really about helping you sleep it's involved in the circadian rhythm it helps people take it if they get jet leg and maybe you've heard something about how melatonin is now used to help your immune system since it's now considered .

An immune modulator to help you regulate your immune system and of course i won't mention specifics but it's very very powerful against certain viruses and on top of that there's a lot of research on how it's an extremely potent anti-cancer compound or a hormone all right so maybe you already knew that but what you don't .

Know is this there are two forms of melatonin there's a type of melatonin that is in your blood circulatory system as well as inside your pineal gland and your pineal gland makes melatonin stimulated from darkness okay but there's also another type of melatonin that is subcellular that means .

It's inside your cells and it's inside the mitochondria and the reason why it's there is to help protect against the massive oxidation and free radical damage that usually occurs in the mitochondria so there's two forms of melatonin circulatory and subcellular this part right here .

The mitochondria that's inside the cells is the great majority of the melatonin in your body in fact there's some new data that indicates that the melatonin in your pineal gland is really only a backup or supplemental to this other system so if you don't have enough in your cells then it'll actually take from .

The pineal now guess what's going to happen if you don't have enough in the pineal it's going to affect your sleep your quality of sleep is going to be crappy you're going to get inflammation and you're not going to have the antioxidant protection and there's a whole list of .

Problems that can occur from that not just poor sleep but chronic inflammation chronic degenerative diseases especially of your brain do you realize that there's a condition called sundown syndrome which involves people that have alzheimer's disease and dementia so apparently when the sun goes down .

45 percent of people with alzheimer's and dementia they start getting very agitated they get extremely fatigued why do you think that is because they're running out of melatonin they don't have enough melatonin now at this point you're probably completely confused because typically melatonin is the hormone of .

Darkness okay because everyone knows that the absence of light stimulates melatonin however there's some new information so if you've checked out check back in because this next part is very very very important the largest stimulus of this intracellular melatonin .

Is near infrared aka the sun certain wavelengths of the sun will stimulate the melatonin inside the cells and darkness will stimulate the melatonin within the circulatory system in the pineal gland in fact over 50 percent of the sun's .

Energy is infrared and this goes way beyond the benefit of getting vitamin d from the sun you ever notice why when you sit in front of a campfire you feel so relaxed and you probably sleep a lot better because natural fire gives off infrared campfires are very therapeutic or why .

You might feel very relaxed if there's candles around the house infrared when you use incandescent lights okay those are the lights that have been around since the 1800s the type of light that's generated from a heating filament versus led which uses a completely different technology .

Incandescent lights give off infrared and unfortunately the entire industry is moving away from incandescent lights we have moved into the area of artificial lights led blue lights aka your computer cell phone in fact there is a very interesting study which i'll put a link down below .

That demonstrates children in predominantly artificial light end up having a deficiency of gray matter and having a much more difficult time in learning this is also why there's so many therapeutic benefits to an infrared sauna and there's a huge trend in people buying infrared lasers infrared therapies .

For pain inflammation and sleep so melatonin is not just a hormone of darkness but it's also a hormone of sunshine the other cool thing about the sun is that even if you have a hat on okay the grass the clouds the dirt strongly reflect .

Infrared waves so you don't have to be looking into the sun if you're outside you're going to get infrared indirectly now i just want to tell you a little side note on that topic presently i'm living on a farm and the two neighbors that helped me a lot on my farm are both in their 60s .

Their diet is is not just inadequate their diets are absolutely terrible okay they live on sugar one choose tobacco the other one smokes now both of these guys are outside all day long okay i don't even think .

They have computers i don't even think they have a cell phone they're just outside working the land all day long and they rarely seem to get sick they don't really have any health problems they're both super strong but they eat like crap but they're getting a tremendous amount of .

Antioxidants that is repairing the oxidative stress that's repairing the free radical damage and it's just interesting to know what's important and maybe what's less important and i really didn't emphasize the importance of the sun for your health and simply because i didn't have this data right here this infrared .

Information as well as its connection to increasing melatonin but apparently as a therapy being outside in the environment in nature and being exposed to sun is extremely important probably just as important as eating healthily now the other cool thing about infrared is it has the ability to penetrate your skull now that's mind-blowing in this research .

Paper they talk about how it penetrates the cerebral spinal fluid and how that can just bathe the entire brain and spread to the entire spinal cord it's just it's wild so this is just another reason why if someone's getting dementia or as alzheimer's they should be exposed to sun and the cool thing is this infrared protects against .

Uv radiation so if you're concerned about the sun causing cancer i understand that we're not talking about being out there and getting burned we're talking about being out there and maybe even getting the sun's indirect energy from the grass but the point is that this ir helps you generate a tremendous amount .

Of antioxidants that can potentially protect the mitochondria from having its complications from all that free radical damage that occurs now if we flip that and talk about what creates a deficiency of infrared well being exposed to artificial lights led lighting blue light cell phones computers so here people are .

They're sitting in their home all day in front of the computer or they're at work sitting at their desk in front of the computer and by the time they get home it's already dark out well understanding the importance of melatonin and having enough melatonin to protect against all this other damage so it's not just about that vitamin d from the sun it's about .

Melatonin now a couple things you can do in addition to getting outside more and more you can get one of these therapeutic lights and expose yourself to near infrared 20 minutes a night before you go to bed that could be something you can do you can switch out your lighting system to more incandescent lights you .

Can have more fires in your fireplace or more candles or campfires but anyway i think this is a fascinating topic and if you haven't seen my video on the therapeutic benefit of the sun i put it right here check it out you

This Post Was All About The MOST POWERFUL Antioxidant is Melatonin, NOT Glutathione.
The MOST POWERFUL Antioxidant is Melatonin, NOT Glutathione

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

This information is brand new, and it’s one of the most important videos I’ll ever do regarding your health.

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0:00 Introduction: The most important antioxidant is melatonin
1:10 Leading causes of death
2:42 Glutathione is not the most important antioxidant
2:52 Benefits of melatonin
4:00 What you don’t know about melatonin
11:13 Causes of a deficiency of infrared light
11:48 How to get more infrared light
12:15 Check out my video on the therapeutic benefit of the sun



This video is a summary of an important paper that blew me away.

Three of the leading causes of death:
• Heart disease
• Cancer
• Metabolic illnesses

With each of these causes of death, there is some type of dysfunction that destroys the mitochondria. The essence of the problem is an excess of oxidative stress and free radical damage.

Normally, the body protects against these things through its antioxidant networks. Glutathione has been considered the most important antioxidant. But, melatonin is even more powerful and effective than glutathione.

Benefits of melatonin:
• It’s a powerful antioxidant
• It’s 2x more powerful than vitamin E
• It triggers antioxidants like glutathione
• It promotes sleep
• It supports the immune system
• It has anti-cancer benefits

There are two forms of melatonin, one being subcellular melatonin, which means it’s inside the mitochondria. It’s there to help protect against oxidation and free radical damage in the mitochondria.

A lack of melatonin can:
• Affect your sleep
• Cause inflammation
• Cause you to lose your antioxidant protection in the mitochondria
• Lead to chronic degenerative diseases (especially of the brain)

The largest stimulus of subcellular melatonin is near-infrared light (NIR).
A few things that give off NIR:
• The sun
• Campfires
• Fire in a fireplace
• Candles
• Incandescent lights
• Infrared sauna
• Infrared lights and lasers

Being outside in nature and in the sun may be just as important as eating healthy. Infrared light also protects against UV radiation.

Being exposed to artificial lights (LED light and blue light) is a big cause of a deficiency of infrared light.

What you can do:
• Get outside in the sun
• Get a therapeutic near-infrared light
• Switch your lights to incandescent lights
• Have more fires or use candles

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