The Most Important Intermittent Fasting Tutorial for Beginners: HOW-TO GUIDE

The Most Important Intermittent Fasting Tutorial for Beginners: HOW-TO GUIDE

The Most Important Intermittent Fasting Tutorial for Beginners: HOW-TO GUIDE

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these are the most important basics that you need to know if you're starting intermittent fasting all right just to give you some context i was about 300 pounds about 12 years ago intermittent fasting was the catalyst for me that is what allowed me to drop as much weight as i did and then i maintained it with a .

Lot of different lifestyles that i implement and i talk about on this channel but anyhow regarding intermittent fasting we need to break down some specifics so there's time stamps with this video so you can jump ahead to wherever you need to learn or if you want to sit back relax and just enjoy the whole enchilada you can do .

That too so let's go ahead and jump in first up what is intermittent fasting keeping it very basic intermittent fasting is a meal timing system that is it it's not a diet it is a meal timing system i don't care what kind of diet you do you can apply intermittent fasting with it and in this video we're going to .

Cover the most basic way to do it we're not going to get into the nuance weeds we're going to get down to the basics and then of course i've got hundreds of videos on my channel that get into the particulars and get into the more advanced mechanisms if you're curious with those so in essence intermittent fasting is where you go a defined period .

Of time sometimes it's 16 hours sometimes it's 18 sometimes it's 20 sometimes it's 24 period of time without eating food okay then you have a very defined period of time in which you do eat your eating window this is the most important thing okay if you can just section off a time of day that you do not eat and a section .

Of the day that you do eat you are already making steps towards having tremendous results but let's go ahead and break stuff down even more what is the easiest way to fast the easiest way to fast is simply this skip breakfast i have all kinds of once again nuancy things that you can do to make it more .

Advanced but the easiest thing to do is to skip breakfast okay you don't have to eat breakfast all the time the most important thing is that you are compressing your eating window again whether it's going to be the afternoon or evening or some other period of time but the best way to get started is to say .

Four or five days a week to start i'm going to skip breakfast i'm just gonna have coffee and i'm not going to eat until 11 a.m 12 p.m 1 p.m what this is doing is it's allowing your insulin levels to come down when our insulin levels are down we are potentially in a better spot to utilize fat as a fuel source that alongside being in a caloric .

Deficit because you're skipping breakfast really puts you in a really nice advantage to change your body composition this was the biggest thing for me with my weight loss when i went through my transformation it wasn't even hard for me to skip breakfast because generally speaking i had like a granola bar or a croissant or a kolache when i .

Was living in texas and that was about it so cutting that out was so easy for me to mentally get across now i'll touch quickly on a more complex way to fast just for one second you don't have to skip breakfast if you want to try skipping dinner you can do that too but that's a more advanced system that works very very well for athletes .

That are working out in the morning so if you're someone that is already working out a fair bit you may want to try that couple days a week skip dinner it's just hard to do with the family so it's not something i always recommend for a beginner the next piece we have to talk about do you have to do intermittent fasting .

With keto no absolutely not look it i will be the first to say as someone that lost a lot of weight with intermittent fasting and keto they do work very well in tandem absolutely and it simply just has to do with the appetite suppression when you're in ketosis you have more beta-hydroxybutyrate which is the ketone .

Body and that has an appetite suppressing effect okay so that makes it easier to get into your fast it also makes it easier to get fat adapted meaning easier to make fasting more doable on the regular but people really think that they have to go together no they don't at all in fact for a long period of time i was doing intermittent .

Fasting along with carbohydrates i've even done intermittent fasting along with paleo i've even done intermittent fasting along with vegan just to test things out okay the most important thing is simple you are not eating any food whatsoever during your eating period and if you are consuming carbohydrates during your eating period it is very .

Important that you are not having high glycemic carbohydrates you're going to want to stick with things like lentils things like brown rice i really try to avoid the grains too but maybe some sweet potatoes maybe even some red potatoes here and there so you want to really keep it low glycemic keep it moderate amounts of things like berries .

That are great fruits that don't have a lot of sugar they're a little bit higher in fructose but the overall carb content is pretty darn low the most important thing no matter what though is that protein needs to be the epicenter of your diet during your eating period protein becomes the most important thing and i don't care what diet you're doing .

If you're vegan eat the hemp if you're paleo eat the brisket if you're keto eat the brisket too you know bottom line is protein is the focus beyond that vegetables become the most important thing we'll talk more about the eating period in just a second but you do not have to do keto you absolutely can have carbohydrates with .

It now we'll touch on the five key benefits number one weight loss i'm going to spare you the details when it comes down to how i think it's pretty straightforward lower levels of insulin that can increase lipolysis which means more fatty acids are getting liberated out of a triglyceride into the bloodstream to ultimately go through .

What's called beta oxidation where they get burned but i'll just use my own testimony as the weight loss picture i lost a lot of weight i will tell you it works the next one is cognition okay what they say is that a quiet brain a relaxed sprain is a fast brain when you're bombarding your brain with a bunch of glucose with a bunch of fuel .

The brain actually can get foggy because there's a lot of signals going between different regions and i'm oversimplifying it but essentially we want what is called a network stability when we're not eating what happens is the brain becomes hyper focused from a survival standpoint because the brain is the human's best survival tool better .

Than our brawn is our brain so when we're not eating we get a lot of energy and glucose even that gets shuttled to the brain to provide us with the ability to survive fat adaptation is the next benefit that means that your body learns how to utilize fat at a cellular level most of us in the united states at least but obviously even in the world we're .

Using carbohydrates all the time okay carbohydrates become like the predominant source of fuel for us so our cells get used to that if we utilize fats as a fuel source for long enough we become fat adapted which makes fasting easier and it means that when we exercise our body is more apt to use the fats than it is to use the carbohydrates .

That to me is like the biggest benefit if you ask me that in cognition the next one is the microbiome huge benefits to the microbiome simply because when you give your gut a break you give your body a chance to recalibrate and re-stabilize if we're constantly eating different foods then the body is going to constantly have to .

Kind of change what's coming in and what's kind of happening within the gut itself okay very important to pay attention to that the next one gets more complicated so we'll keep it simple from a longevity perspective there are two mechanisms in which fasting can be powerful again i'll keep it simple one is called nad nicotinamide .

Dinucleotide that is a very important currency within the body when it comes down to cellular metabolism without nad we would be dead within 15 seconds what happens is when we're not eating nad becomes spared so now that nad becomes available to go do other things within the body this is very cool because it can activate things called sirtuins .

Which have anti-aging longevity components additionally fasting can help increase what is called telomerase telomerase is an enzyme that increases the length of telomeres which are largely associated with aging now let's talk about what you can expect this was a big one because for me i didn't know what to expect okay .

I was coming out of the healthcare industry i had doctors talking to me and helping me but nobody really knew there wasn't a lot going on so here's just a few simple things that you can expect some of them are somewhat side effect like but don't be scared the first one you might feel a little bit hypoglycemic that's okay that's a normal adjustment .

As long as you don't get super faint or super weak and if you do it's okay to stop your fast early and try again the next day you can work up to it it's not a big deal so a little bit of hypoglycemia as your cells adapt is not a big deal the next one is going to be headaches most of the headaches are a either psychosomatic they actually are .

Created we think about them simply because we aren't eating so we start manifesting it it really does happen the other piece is that hypoglycemia can cause a headache so it's usually short-lived and it usually goes away after a few days of prying with intermittent fasting so don't worry too much about it unless it becomes intense .

And you get migraines i have videos for that separately dehydration is another big one okay the way that you get around this utilizing electrolytes very important because when we are fasting what happens is insulin levels get lower and when insulin levels are low it tells the kidneys to expel extra water so extra water comes extra minerals .

Including salt okay and salt is going to allow us to retain extra minerals so when we lose salt and water we lose other minerals like magnesium potassium phosphorus things that are very important and we also lose micronutrients with that so by adding electrolytes back in during a fast like salt potassium magnesium or an .

Electrolyte powder you really can allow yourself to kind of retain those minerals more that's a very important thing because dehydration is real another side effect is not being hungry and it sounds like a good thing and it is but it can rear its ugly head in ways that you end up not eating enough during your eating period i do think that .

During your eating period you don't want to aggressively reduce your calories so much that you slow down your metabolism so listen to your body it's going to tell you that you're not hungry but remember your stomach is shrinking because you're not eating as much food so your signals are going to be a little bit skewed so it's not uncommon to feel .

A little bit stuffed or super full after you break your fast and during your eating period for the first couple weeks as you're adjusting it doesn't mean you necessarily need to eat less it means your body is adapting and developing the enzymes to deal with that kind of food let's touch on breaking a fast for a moment .

This is probably the most important thing with fasting it's not the fast itself well i guess that's important but the most important thing is how you break a fast okay rule number one protein first break your fast with protein protein is going to stop the fast because the body is going to see that .

Protein came in restorative mechanisms things that it needs for tissue repair but it's also going to make it so that you're satiated and you don't go raiding the fridge and rating the pantry for things you shouldn't eat so have a few ounces of chicken have a few ounces of fish have a protein shake and then 30 or 60 minutes later then eat more flexibly .

It's important right when you break your fast that you have that protein it's so important because it stops the fast and it fuels your muscles and it fuels the repair that you need so so so critical do not skip this step okay the next important thing with breaking a fast is if you are consuming carbohydrates do not have high glycemic carbohydrates .

Right when you break your fast just have the protein trust me it's better that way have the protein have some water whatever then 30 60 minutes later then eat your carbs it's all good the next piece with breaking a fast is during your eating period diversity is key that means diversity when it comes down to the kinds of foods that you eat lots of .

Different vegetables lots of different kinds of food if you're eating carbs lots of different types of carbohydrates why because if you don't use it you lose it you don't want to lose the enzymes that are responsible for breaking that kind of food down you don't want to lose the ability but the most important piece here is because of the microbiome okay .

When we aren't eating enough our microbiome isn't getting the fiber that it needs and remember fiber is going to fill you up and fiber's not just about filling you up fiber supports the gut bacteria so it's so important that you continue to eat a diverse amount of foods that you get the fiber that you can from all different angles you don't .

Want to skimp on this okay that also coincides with making sure that you're eating enough if you end up restricting calories too much during your eating period you can still slow down your metabolism because you're reducing calories so much it's no different than reducing calories in other ways right so you still want to .

Make sure that you're eating enough but what i recommend is look at your calories over the course of a one week period not every day okay so if you're supposed to eat 2 000 calories per day that's 14 000 calories per week so make sure that you're in a deficit over the course of the week that way if one day you have .

1000 calories and the next day you have 3 000 calories you're still ending up where you want to be okay you just look over the course of a week so you're not tripping yourself up constantly tracking every single thing every single day it makes life a lot easier but that diversity is the biggest piece also along with that diversity for the .

Microbiome i would definitely recommend a good quality probiotic if you especially if you can't get a diverse amount of foods in to feed the bacteria the probiotic that i recommend in this video is brought to you by them is called seed so that link is down below you can say 15 off using that link so what seed is is a symbiotic okay so a .

Symbiotic has prebiotics in it which are what feed bacteria and probiotics which are actually the bacteria themselves so that combination is really cool and they have a capsule inside of a capsule so if you look at the technology it's really cool that capsule you swallow the cop's capsule and then .

The one capsule kind of has its first stage and then the next capsule breaks down inside your body after that which can allow the proper colonization and allow the delivery of the probiotics and the probiotics to the appropriate areas plus they're a leader in microbiome research so when it comes down to your eating period when you're not able to .

Eat enough or your stomach is just kind of trying to work with stuff they absolutely the only probiotic that i could say right now has the thomas delaware stamp of approval on it and the cool thing is again that link gets you 15 off so check them out use code thomas15 for 15 off the seed probiotic or synbiotic i should say down below .

Next up is exercise what kind of exercise should you be doing any and all exercise as long as you're not pushing it too hard what we have to remember is there's a pretty complicated system but i'll simplify it called mtor mammalian target of rap myosin and when we're fasting what's happening is we have a higher degree of autophagy .

Autophagy means that cells are getting broken down components of cells are getting broken down and we are taking the protein from those cells and using them in different places because we're in a survival system so the body says i don't need this let's break the protein down from that and use it for that well when we work out we send a signal to the .

Brain to repair our muscles well guess what we can take the protein potentially from random cells that are broken down and allocate that to building muscle so can you build muscle during a fast in the literal sense kind of not because the calories aren't there but in like sort of the theoretical like mechanical .

Sense we kind of can from a biochemical standpoint because the amino acids that come from proteins that we break down in other areas can actually build muscle this is so important for us when we're trying to lose weight because if we lose muscle we don't just lose weight we lose the ability to burn calories because muscles burn a ton of calories so we .

Want that so don't lose the muscle we try to build it so resistance training during a fast is not going to break you down resistance training during a fast is going to maintain your muscle so i would say resistance training and light cardio don't do crazy hit workouts don't be going to orange theory during a fast when you're getting started don't be .

Going to boot camps do some mild resistance training the key thing is relevance keeping the muscle relevant with the body so that the body consistently is reminded that your muscles are important and that they should not be broken down let's talk about an interesting effect on the liver for just a second some people get really .

Confused about non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and it's it's a nebulous territory for sure but with intermittent fasting there's some evidence that it can uh lessen insulin resistance now i say that a little bit loosely because like we can't say anything definitively in science it's really tough but .

Essentially by not eating we're allowing our insulin sensitivity to improve which brings down our insulin resistance there is a good body of evidence that suggests that insulin resistance is what allows the liver to ultimately let's just make it simple pile up with carbohydrates through genova lipogenesis and ultimately create a fatty liver so .

There's some evidence that potentially intermittent fasting could help modulate the negative effects of a fatty liver so fatty liver is just complicated in and of itself but it's something that i definitely recommend that you look into and if you're concerned with it intermittent fasting may be a very powerful mechanism to help you possibly .

Get it under control let's talk about what supplements you should start with okay when we get into this category you could look at my videos and say well thomas talks about this he talks about that all kinds of different supplements you can utilize i'm trying to keep it very simple very simple for the sake of this .

Video the number one thing that you could probably take is going to be green tea green tea extract or drinking green tea okay not only is it going to curb hunger but it's also going to potentially increase what's called cholecystokinin which can curb hunger through a different mechanism also the egcg the epigallocatechin three galate .

It's a complicated term but essentially it's a catechin that can actually stimulate what's called ampk ampk is a sensor in our body that essentially tells our body when we're deprived of energy or when we have a surplus of energy in the state of fasting we want the signal to constantly say that we're deprived what's going to happen there is .

Green tea is going to upregulate that signal more so it's going to tell our body we're in a deeper fast or a deeper deficit than we actually are so green tea is something i sip on the whole time sometimes i'll take green tea capsules another one is cinnamon you can take cinnamon capsules you can take cinnamon powder whatever have it prior to .

Breaking your fast because it's an insulin mimicker so it can make us that when you do break your fast you don't have a big insulin spike so try taking some cinnamon capsules or a little bit of cinnamon powder in your tea or in your water 30 60 minutes prior to breaking a fast another one to keep on hand for after you break your fast is .

Chromium after you break a fast chromium can be very beneficial because it helps do what is called translocate glut4 glut4 is like a big net that casts into the bloodstream to grab glucose okay so if glute4 is expressed or translocated rather it means that the glucose that you do consume after you break a fast is going to get into the cell and not just .

Circulating around in the bloodstream triggering hyperglycemia so taking like a thousand micrograms of chromium picolinate or taking in again that cinnamon can help with the glucose getting into the cell which could eliminate you feeling super tired and fatigued after you break your fast which is a fairly common thing especially for .

Beginners coffee is another supplement the caffeine itself it's a cyclic adenosine monophosphate driver okay so what that means is it's going to increase lipolysis okay it is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor so it's allowing fatty acids to get liberated into the bloodstream which could trigger you to potentially burn more fat coffee .

Caffeine one of the best supplements you could possibly have just don't overdo it and then electrolytes once again i talked about that before but electrolytes are super important simply because insulin levels are lower so we're losing more water we're losing more minerals we need to replenish that i'll talk about this next one again in a .

Second but i'm mentioning here apple cider vinegar during a fast works great it drives up ampk the same way that green tea does and the way that it dries up ampk is because when the acetate or acetic acid the acetate that's in acetic acid within vinegar goes into the cell it actually makes the cell think that .

Fuel has come in so it starts up regulating these processes that end up it kind of confuses the body i hate to say that but in a way it's kind of confusing the body and it upregulates ampk putting you deeper into a fast plus it can help with digestion let's talk about mistakes for a second because this is super important first one .

Not having the electrolytes have the salt it will make a difference trust me even when you get hungry have a pinch of salt in your water not having electrolytes is a big mistake the next mistake is having too many carbs when you're breaking your fast or indulging on too many carbs during your eating period the carbs are okay to have but .

Remember you're insulin sensitive which means that when you do have carbs a little bit's gonna go a long way okay so try to control it but better yet honestly it's best to just keep them out if you don't need them if you're an athlete i understand i get it i'm an athlete now i try to add the carbs in periodically .

Here and there but when i was losing weight it was just easier for me to keep the carbs below like 75 grams so if i was doing keto i kept them below 40. so general rule of thumb even if you are eating carbs keep them below like 100 grams this next mistake is for women and that is fasting for too long especially during their progesterone period of .

Their cycle okay that progesterone period is the back half of your cycle and that is super important because as you get towards your period you notice you get more hungry right that seems like a great time to fast right wrong okay first of all it makes fasting miserable because you're hungry secondly the body's up regulating processes that .

Could encourage muscle breakdown so we don't really want that so what you do is you shorten your fasts on the back half of your cycle and then during your estrogen phase after your period that's when you would go ahead and increase the length of time or perhaps the frequency of fasting i have plenty of videos on this as well if you wanted to do a quick .

Google search the next mistake is not exercising during the fasted state and waiting until you're fed okay you can do this it's not going to ruin things but i will tell you it's a mistake because training during your fasted period like i mentioned it reminds the body to maintain the muscle which is super .

Important but it also allows you to capitalize on low levels of insulin that might allow you to burn more fat whereas if you train in a fed state you have to burn off the food that you ate before you get into that true fat burning state now that's overly simplified people could poke holes in that but this is a simple video and i don't want to make it .

Complex okay you can train in a fed state and you can still burn fat 100 but what's going to happen is you still have to burn through the glucose that's in your bloodstream first i am just a strong preferrer of training in a fasted state but mainly because of the signaling to remind the body to keep the muscle while you're not .

Eating and lastly i want to give you some helpful tips helpful things that i've learned after fasting for 11 12 years and understanding how it works the first one utilize apple cider vinegar during your fast but also don't be afraid to have some along with meals because it can help stabilize glucose a little bit that can help eliminate the .

Tiredness that can help you utilize the fuel better next one don't be afraid of adding some lemon water or some cucumber to your water okay that kind of goes along with this next thing if it has five calories or less don't worry about it okay if it has five calories or more it's better for your eating period five calories or less yes technically on some .

Degree it could break a fast but you're going to be back in that fasted state within minutes it's not worth worrying about if it keeps you stuck to your fast like having a diet soda every now and then i don't like them but maybe i guess xevio with stevia just have it it's going to keep you going and it's fine if it has one or two calories next one is .

Hydrate hydrate hydrate hydrate which is a simple one the next one is when you have cravings have salt okay salt is actually an interesting thing because we have regions in our brain called nst neurons and these nst neurons sometimes get confused where we're actually craving salt but we feel like we're craving .

Sweet things so if you end up having salt it can curb your sweet cravings so throughout the fast if you start being like oh i'm really hungry and really hungry try having a pinch of salt just put it on your tongue it's a veteran tip that i've learned over the years so hopefully you've learned some stuff or if you know this stuff already hopefully .

It's been a good refresher and a reinvigorator to inspire you to continue intermittent fasting again this was a very basic breakdown more advanced breakdowns are on my channel you can always do a search i'll see you tomorrow

This Post Was All About The Most Important Intermittent Fasting Tutorial for Beginners: HOW-TO GUIDE.
The Most Important Intermittent Fasting Tutorial for Beginners: HOW-TO GUIDE

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