The MOST Important Intermittent Fasting LIFESTYLE Rule for 2022

The MOST Important Intermittent Fasting LIFESTYLE Rule for 2022

The MOST Important Intermittent Fasting LIFESTYLE Rule for 2022

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the most important thing to know with intermittent fasting in 2022 is relevance that's the operative word relevance keep moving i'm going to make this very simple at first and then i'll go into sort of the .

Mechanisms and how this is working why is this so important what is relevance and movement what am i talking about okay consider this you're fasting you're not eating food right so that would imply that you have what's called muscle protein breakdown you have tissue that gets broken down including muscle tissue even right that's not necessarily a good .

Thing we don't want to break down muscle tissue because that's our that's a precious commodity we don't want to lose that that keeps our metabolism high that is important for so many different things right i would rather maintain muscle i'd rather burn fat i don't want muscle being the thing that's burned okay well what i mean by relevance is .

This okay if we are fasting and we are moving and utilizing a muscle don't you think that there's a little bit of a if you don't use it you lose it kind of thing right so if we're not in a simple situation if we're not fasting and we don't work out we don't go to the gym we don't move we don't walk we're .

Going to waste muscle tissue right like we're not going to need it right because the body's going to deem it as not relevant you're not using it why would we carry it okay well during a fast it's exacerbated because everything goes into somewhat of a survival mode we're not eating so the body says oh we're not eating fuel is precious and .

This person's not working out so we don't need to be keeping this metabolically expensive muscle around let's break it down but if we do start to use that muscle consistently and we're regularly moving during a fast doesn't have to be a hard workout just regularly moving dropping and doing some push-ups now and then .

Doing a couple air squats 10 whatever consistently reminding the brain and reminding the body that the muscle is relevant the body is going to say oh this person's not eating but he's clearly using that tissue that tissue is very important don't break it down find something else to break down okay that relevance that communication that .

Consistent signaling is so important but you don't have to take my word for it like we can start looking at the data we can extrapolate some of the mechanistic actions and really see what's going on here so we'll have some fun with this one really interesting and it's really going to change the results you get with intermittent fasting i can almost .

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25 off discount link so you use that link get 25 off plus get a free gift so make sure you check them out after this video okay so movement how is this affecting us can you build muscle during a fast even truth is you probably can if you look at some of the work of like steve finney and dr jeff volik they even said that .

The primary driver of muscle protein synthesis may very well just be the availability of essential amino acids things like leucine the essential amino acids that drive muscle repair muscle protein synthesis well guess what during a fast we actually have pretty high levels of essential amino acids we have high levels of leucine our protein .

Levels in the blood don't actually go down now one argument that people have is well yeah we're breaking down protein we're breaking down muscles that's why our protein levels are high in the in the plasma in the blood well not necessarily okay so just because we have high levels .

Of amino acids in the bloodstream doesn't mean that it's coming from protein in the muscle no our body breaks down all kinds of tissues through autophagy okay so muscle protein breakdown can absolutely be high when we're fasting that's not a surprise we're breaking down proteins but that does not mean that muscle protein .

Breakdown is exceeding muscle protein synthesis it's always a balance if muscle protein synthesis is higher than muscle protein breakdown then we are repairing tissue if muscle protein breakdown is higher than muscle protein synthesis then we are breaking down more than we are repairing okay so just because we're .

Fasting does not mean that muscle protein breakdown is higher than synthesis as a matter of fact what's interesting especially with autophagy is certain cells turn over faster than muscle cells so it actually is not a stretch at all to think that the body would preferentially break down other cells before muscle cells especially if .

The muscle cells are deemed relevant there's that word again we're using muscle cells and there's plenty of other tissues and cells to break down it's probably going to break down the ones that turn over faster in fact one of my favorite people in the world dr peter atia has said almost quote it's not out of the realm of possibility that our .

Bodies can eat a meal of protein from our own tissues during a fast it's not out of the realm of possibility that our bodies can break down tissue from another area from cells from another area and get enough amino acids to justify muscle building and muscle repair okay so we can we build muscle during a fast i don't know that's an .

Interesting question because thermodynamics come into question there and there's a lot going on but one of the things we have to look at is mtor okay there's this thing called global mtor activation and when we're fasting mtor as a general rule is turned down mtor is like the pro growth signaling so we think well it's impossible for us to .

Have synthesis and repair during a fast because growth signaling mtor is turned off mtor is not typically phosphorylated however locally at a muscular level not just globally over the whole body we can have specific kinds of mtor like mtor c1 that are cranked up with exercise so for instance globally my whole body could be in a non-restorative .

Phase like where mtor is turned down but the moment that i start lifting some weights or moving my body that exercise that movement is telling communicating and signaling the activation of a specific kind of mtor specific to that area so mtor can be turned down but mtor can also be turned up at the muscle level triggering muscle .

Protein synthesis or this at least muscle preservation okay there's a study that's published in the journal scientific reports and it took a look at fed versus fasted state post exercise it was pretty interesting they found that across the board resistance training led to a rapid translocation of mtor to the membrane meaning that .

After a workout mtor went to the membrane and was activated ultimately phosphorylated so we know resistance training triggers an mtor response okay but in the fasted state it was pretty interesting they found that in this fascist state phosphorylated mtor substrates were activated for about 24 hours after a workout so that means even .

In a fasted state mtor was locally activated at the muscular level for even up to 24 hours so meaning once that mtor is activated and muscle protein synthesis is turned on at a muscular level all that matters is if we have enough amino acids floating through the bloodstream so if we have proteins and amino acids that are broken down .

From other tissues and other cells if they're available they're in the bloodstream and we have an mtor signal happening in a muscle you can bet your bottom dollar i mean again we you might lose it but because we always bet science right but that protein those aminos could go to that muscle and help repair there was another study that was .

Published in the journal active physiologica that ultimately determined the same thing they found that in a fasted state that muscle protein synthesis after a workout was still stimulated 52 percent in men 52 increase and 47 increase in women okay so we know that it's important during a fast to keep moving .

First of all what does that look like push-ups do some push-ups every hour seriously 10-15 push-ups every hour something like that keep moving yes you should still work out i think you should still work out but i think consistent movement consistently sending that signal okay is really the most important thing so the body sees it as relevant .

Now here's something that's very important after you break your fast we have something called g flux or energy flux this becomes important because it implies that the more calories you eat and the more movement that you have in tandem results in the best metabolism the .

Best metabolic rate the best calories burned so what that means is eat enough during your eating period if you're moving during your fast like you should you should also eat a bunch during your eating period okay higher calories alongside higher movement is actually better than just low calories and low movement okay even .

If you are at net zero between the two you always want to lean towards the goal of eating a little bit more and exercising more to be at equilibrium that is just going to be a better result for you and that's just energy flux you could literally look up g flux and see what i'm talking about it's not just some woo .

Witch doctor stuff it's real stuff so that combination of continually moving during a fast along with that is probably the biggest thing that you could know in this year going in with intermittent fasting

This Post Was All About The MOST Important Intermittent Fasting LIFESTYLE Rule for 2022.
The MOST Important Intermittent Fasting LIFESTYLE Rule for 2022

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