The Most Important Blood Test: MUST WATCH!

The Most Important Blood Test: MUST WATCH!

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so today we’re gonna talk about the most important blood test that you should get it’s extremely vital yet no one’s getting this test done okay and it measures something called insulin resistance and the name of the test is called halt ma ir homeostatic model assessment and what they do is they actually measure fasting glucose and fasting insulin the problem is that when you measure just glucose you actually never see the what’s happening with the insulin and I’m gonna explain why this is so important but insulin resistance is rarely ever tested yet is probably one of the most common problems out there it’s behind nearly every health problem especially of a chronic nature we’re talking about metabolic syndrome we’re talking about syndrome X we have high blood pressure high cholesterol pre-diabetes fatty liver etc even cancer cardiovascular problems problems with the kidney problems with the eye just having belly fat and of course diabetes insulin resistance is at the heart of that definitely get this test done an optimum level would be between three and eight low would be less than three high is greater than eight if you’re lower than three it could mean you’re on the ketogenic plan and you’re doing in a bit fasting or potentially if you’re not on that plan it could mean diabetes type one where you don’t have enough insulin but anyway I wanted to first of all tell you this is a very important test and then explain a little bit about insulin resistance all right so what causes insulin resistance what is it okay first of all insulin resistance is a problem more with the receptor the endocrine system is a superior communication system we have glands and we have hormones and it follows the law of communication so we have the pancreas that sends a signal communicates to a cell and the signal one of one of the hormones is called insulin that’s when we’re going to talk about and it’s supposed to connect into the cell right here and then there should be a feedback mechanism that sends another signal back letting the pancreas know that that information was received okay and then this will stop but what happens is when you increase too much insulin okay so we’re talking about amounts and we’re talking about also chronically over time the cell through its protective mechanism start shutting down and this is this also explains why you have antibiotic resistance too many antibiotics or drug resistance if you go to a I don’t know a concert where there’s very loud music okay a rock concert and in the next couple days you can barely hear anything because your receptors in your ear start shutting down that sound to protect against the damage from that high level sound so this is a protective mechanism because too much insulin is dangerous to the body so that’s exactly what it is your body is trying to protect you by developing insulin resistance okay now the problem is if this is resisting you don’t get the feedback so the pancreas keeps communicating it starts talking more and more and more because no one’s listening to the communication so just try this with a friend or relative just ignore them and see what they do they’ll just keep talking alright in volume they might shout at you but this is what happens so when you have insulin too much insulin and then you start developing insulin resistance so insulin resistance comes from too much insulin okay sounds pretty obvious but the insulin resistance then will cause a fatty liver and the fatty liver can correct cause more insulin resistance and insulin resistance can cause more insulin so it’s just you can see that it’s a it’s a vicious cycle so what causes too much insulin several things one is too many refined carbohydrates sugar starches things like that also frequent eating regardless of what you eat so if you’re eating every three hours which basically that’s what’s recommended they will tell you to do that and by the way they will also recommend that your carbohydrates are 65% of the total calories being carbohydrate that’s what they recommend I’ll get today in a second so we have carbohydrates and frequent eating okay that’s why we have all the healthy snacks and the snack foods and then a fatty liver will also increase insulin because it causes more insulin resistance and then insulin resistance causes more insulin so you can see that it’s not just the carbohydrates there’s other things that can occur as well all right so the two things that we need to solve if we’re going to fix this problem we need to normalize insulin and then we had to decrease the time that your body is exposed to insulin and this is why health Aikido is a lower carbohydrate diet and intimate fasting really brings down the insulin because you’re not constantly exposing this receptor to insulin that’s how you reverse it and another thing that happens is when people do keto if they have a very severe problem with insulin resistance okay and they they’re gonna have a fatty liver and they’re gonna have a belly a lot of times they will get upset or complain that the belly is not going away fast enough in the first couple weeks you have to realize that the first place that a person loses that is in the liver okay the liver will dump the fat first before you lose this right here in the process you might also gain more proteins which are a little bit heavier per volume because when you fix instant resistance you can finally start absorbing amino acids insulin resistance blocks a lot of a lot of things nutrients like like potassium vitamin D vitamin C minerals so when you have insulin resistance you can’t absorb nutrients anymore and all this extra sugar that can’t go in the cell they Scalise being converted to fat it’s being crammed in the liver around the organs around your belly and there’s no limit to work and go so it just kind of spreading over and filling everything up so there’s going to be a certain point in time that this mechanism is going to break down because your pancreas can only work for so long before it becomes exhausted especially the cells that produce insulin and now we’re going to have less and less insulin okay if your diet has not changed and you’re still doing the carbohydrates that are recommended because they told you to do that what will happen is your blood Sugar’s will start going up because we no longer have the insulin to push the blood Sugar’s down so now we get pre-diabetes and then diabetes okay so diabetes takes time but what happened first is insulin resistance because there’s too much insulin and that’s the reason I’m recommending this video is because very few people even know that there is a test for insulin resistance called Homa IR and they rarely get it what’s mainly focused on is the blood Sugar’s to check the blood sugars so let’s just talk about the medical treatment real quick for that so what is the medical treatment for insulin resistance metformin is one okay problem is if you take metformin and you don’t fix the diet it continues because metformin does help the receptor receive more insulin but you haven’t really fixed the deeper issue which is the carbs just being dumped in and Plus this has some side effects as well which we’re not going to get into in this video and also what happens because of the consequences of too much insulin in all these different problems the medical treatment is really just to treat all the complications for example of diabetes so they’ll treat your high blood pressure the high cholesterol they might thin your blood and so you’re you’re just in this situation where you have all these symptoms being treated where the actual root cause is being ignored so the question is why are these people that’s stupid they can’t see the obvious or is it for other reasons I’ll let you decide but in the medical profession there’s just a lot of confusion on what causes what and what’s related to this and this is associated with this and we have brisk factors and people don’t know what to do but they do recommend a diet okay they recommend a diet now who is they exactly I can’t really tell you exactly but I know it’s a combination of the USDA the FDA government agencies with the food manufacturing companies together with the medical profession as one group I don’t know exactly what you would call that group but we’ve just we’ll just call them then but the mainstream recommendations are 65% of your total calories being carbohydrates now that is 293 grams of carbohydrates on a diet composed of 1,800 calories okay now with keto we’re recommending 20 to 50 grams 293 grams of carbohydrate you will create so much insulin resistance it’s crazy so I find this fascinating because we’re we have this group that has these recommendations that is causing insulin resistance yet we put the same group that caused the problem in charge of fixing the problem what is wrong with this picture this I’m good and I want to show you a couple more things related to the food pyramid this is what’s recommended half of your plate should be whole grains like whole grains are a lot better than refined grains right second recommendation eat sugary desserts less often they don’t even say don’t eat sugary desserts they say eat them but less often what do you think people are gonna do they’re gonna snack on them through the day oh here’s another one this is a good one occasional choice is not every day okay so they’re not telling you not to eat these but just eat them occasionally cakes cookies ice cream sausage hot dogs because of the fat so they kind of mix these all these things in together because of the fat right but what about the carbs and then here’s one by fruit that is dried frozen and canned as well as fresh fruit why don’t they have the fresh fruits laughs and lastly top your fruit salad and baked potato with low-fat yogurt okay all right guys in summary sorry for this long video but this is the test that you want to get called home ir ask your doctor to get this test look at it see where you are and get on keto and if’ I have a link down below of exactly how to do this how silly thanks for watching so if you want to get notified with all my content click the notification bell next to subscribed

This Post Was All About The Most Important Blood Test: MUST WATCH!.
The Most Important Blood Test: MUST WATCH!

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the most important blood test which measures insulin resistance called HOMA-IR or Homeostatic Model Assessment. It measures fasting glucose and fasting insulin. The problem with measuring just glucose you can’t see what is happening with insulin.

What is Insulin Resistance?

Insulin resistance is one of the most common problem and it is behind every health problem especially with a chronic disease. The endocrine system is the superior communication system where it follows a feedback communication loop. Insulin resistance is a protective mechanism where it protects the body from too much insulin. It can cause a fatty liver which can also cause more insulin resistance and that it creates a viscous cycle.

What Causes Too Much Insulin?

1. Too many refined carbohydrates, sugar, starches, etc.
2. Frequent eating
3. Fatty liver
4. Insulin Resistance

2 Important Things to Fix
1. High Insulin
2. Chronic High Levels

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