The Low Fat Diet to Prevent Gallstones “Myth”

The Low Fat Diet to Prevent Gallstones “Myth”

The Low Fat Diet to Prevent Gallstones “Myth”

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hello dr. Burke here we’re going to talk about the low fat diet to prevent golf stones myth there’s this rumor going around that view of golf stones you need to be on a low-fat diet because high saturated fats caused golf stones that’s absolutely not true let’s talk about some actual facts what triggers bile release which bile is the stuff the gallbladder stores that comes out of the gallbladder to help you digest what triggers the BAA releases saturated fats such as saturated fats release bile from the gallbladder that is the main trigger okay number two bile salts dissolves golf stones okay I’ll put a link down below for more information on that but yeah when you take bile salts that actually helps dissolve gall stones gall stones are a bile deficiency that’s why you get them okay so that makes sense that’s what causes them you have this super saturation of cholesterol that makes the stone because there’s not enough bile okay so number four high insulin can all can deplete bile other things can do it too like high estrogen birth control pills being pregnant that’s why a lot of times women get that a lot of diabetics like golf stones because they have high insulin the high insulin from insulin resistance is the number one cause from my view point that depletes your bile that caused the stones now should you be a vegan or should you be a meat eater well it really depends if you’re a vegan that’s eating a lot of grains and sugar you’re going to get gall stones because you’re going to buy insulin if you’re a meat-eater that eats a lot of grains and sugar you’re going to have high insulin and you’re going to deplete your bile and get gall stones so it really is the absence of the sugar and keeping your estrogen down or normal then you’ll be safe so the real problem is not too much fat it’s not enough bile and that’s why sometimes even vegans that go no saturated fats they don’t produce a lot of bile and they can end up having problems with the gallbladder not all of them some of them but same thing with meters depending on what they’re can not having enough vegetables and they’re adding sugar and grains they’re going to create a problem okay thanks for watching put your comments down below hey you probably already subscribed but if you haven’t press this little button down below and I will keep you updated

This Post Was All About The Low Fat Diet to Prevent Gallstones “Myth”.
The Low Fat Diet to Prevent Gallstones

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Dr. Berg talks about doing a low fat diet to prevent gallstones and how untrue this in. Gallstones is a bile deficiency and fat triggers the release of bile so how can fat cause gallstones.












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