The Longest Fast in the World

The Longest Fast in the World

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hey guys today we’re gonna talk about the longest fast you know I always get people that are kind of freaked out when I tell them that eating six meals a day is bad you need to start going to the three meals and two meals and even one meal a day and like oh my gosh I can’t go that long without eating well take a look at this guy is a 27 year old man name is Angus Barbary he fasted for 382 days okay no food it’s over a year he went from 456 pounds to 180 pounds incredible now when he did this fast it was supervised and he did take vitamins and electrolytes minerals and he didn’t even consume yeasts and I’ve been recommending that nutritional yeast and he did take potassium and sodium because you do need large quantities potassium to run your cells his bowel movements were every 37 to 48 days okay of course he wasn’t eating so why would he have a Battlement get very low blood sugars but without symptoms why would you even need high sugar in the blood if you’re running your body on fat fuel you don’t need high blood Sugar’s so unless you’re having complications and problems having low blood sugar is not a problem in fact Angus felt really well on this program however he did have high uric acid uric acid believe it or not is a very powerful antioxidant and the reason why it’s elevated during the fast is your body’s going through all sorts of changes one is a toffee G which is the recycling of old protein you’re also getting a boost in your antioxidant network to help repair and clean up microbes if you take enough potassium that will counter the effect of uric acid just because it will actually help balance the pH because this is an acid right so this can’t really hurt you if you buffer the pH with potassium citrate for example which is alkaline you can also put a little lemon in your water to counter this as well and I’m gonna put a link down below if you haven’t seen the interview with a guy that used my program he was 600 pounds now he’s 200 in 30 pounds okay he didn’t do it a year it took like three years but he’s just doing one meal a day but with great success you can actually learn about his success but the point of me talking about this is just to show you how long someone can actually fast and actually do and be very healthy if you have enough fat to run your body on it’s not a bad idea to do periodic prolonged fasting of course I’m not gonna recommend over a year unless it’s highly supervised but if you’re taking nutrients while you’re doing this you’re fulfilling the purpose of food which is basically providing nourishment so just think about this the next time you’re trying to go for five hours without eating there’s people that have done it for a lot longer thanks for watching so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications daily notifications that sounds weird well I’ll just remind you on a daily basis how about that

This Post Was All About The Longest Fast in the World.
The Longest Fast in the World

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This person was under medial supervision. Before doing fasting consult with your medical professional…competent medical professional.

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Interview with the 600+ pounds guy:

In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the longest fast. A 27 years old man named Angus Barbieri fasted for 382 days and went from 456 pounds to a 180 pounds. His fasting was supervised, with vitamins, electrolytes, minerals, nutritional yeast, potassium and sodium.

His Body Condition Details:
• Bowel Movements: Every 37 to 48 days
• Very low blood sugars but without symptoms
• Felt well
• High uric acid

Uric Acid is a very powerful antioxidant and the reason why it is elevated during fasting is because your body goes through all sorts of changes that includes:
1. Autophagy – Recycling of old protein
2. Boost in antioxidant network to help repair and clean up microbes

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