The Ketogenic Diet & Brain Cancer: Brain Cancer Survivor Logan Sneed

The Ketogenic Diet & Brain Cancer: Brain Cancer Survivor Logan Sneed

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so tell me what happened the instant you found out the doctor said you had cancer man I actually was sitting there and I didn’t think that anything was gonna happen just cuz in my life I was like I know it’s not gonna happen to me you know as soon as she said that I fell back and I literally felt a weight falling through my body from my head to my toe it was something I’ve never thought I would experience and when that happened you know we’re all like right away you know just in my family we’re all about finding an answer and so you know my dad said hey can we do anything is there something that we can do and she said no I’m sorry there’s nothing we can do here and you know he said so you’re telling my son he can go have a beer and a burger and she not her head and said yes sir that’s that’s what I’m saying my god my life change right there so your mom and dad was sitting in the room yes well how’d they react to this they were they had to be strong you know as parents I mean I think you know my mom she’s a very she’s she’s a go-getter she’s always gonna find an answer my dad’s kind of the strong part of it all and but they they were strong and I honestly I’m gonna be honest I don’t really remember because I was just I I felt like I was on a whole different earth as soon as she said those words to me yeah so so basically did you start worrying about this and thinking about it constantly like oh you know my life’s over yeah I would say so I mean as soon as I walked out of that that hast that debt room I remember exactly the room I was in I remember exactly who was there where everybody’s sitting as soon as I walked out of there I said why like why am I here like is there anything I can do I mean if there’s nothing I can do why am I even out you know here you know I feel there’s no purpose now everything’s just gone Wow so Wow yeah I can’t imagine just going through that because it’s like a it’s just like a the most massive shock to your system one day you have a headache whatever you’re fine and then you get a headache and almost the next day it’s like it’s over so so then at that point obviously something might have you probably I’m sure your parents or yourself started searching for ultra this is that what happened yeah yeah my I mean again both my parents are hard-working and they put in a lot of work of like okay is this a trial should he be doing this should we take this out and so on and so forth and my dad actually found keto but I actually was meeting with a good friend of mine you know just to meet up and tell him about what was going on and he he told me about this ketogenic diet I was like what like what is that you know he’s like well it’s been shown to really help prevent tumor growth and potentially even shrink tumors and so I was like okay you know that’s a little sounds a little crazy eating a ton of fat there but I’ll check it out so checked it out found you and I just swallow I learned about it day but a day you know day by day Wow yeah basically you had a glioblastoma right so that was a the most of the most aggressive tumor of the brain yes so it’s a tumor of the brain I’m sure you you probably were trying to study that and just trying to figure out what the heck why is this doing this and etc so to make a long story short you actually got involved in learning about the ketogenic diet and you started it and I even remember you did call my show or yeah call my show and you asked a question you said if you were me what would you eat or what you do yeah yeah I mean uh it’s crazy because there’s there’s certain moments in this entire journey that I specifically remember everything from you know the time I had a seizure while driving taking the hospital doctor telling me that I will lose my hearing ability and my speaking ability you know and then I get a new surgeon who top in the world didn’t happen there’s certain moments that I just significant remember and one of the most if not the most was when I called you for on your live streamed and to get a question answered and I said dr. Burke if you were in my shoes what would you do and you knew I was on keto because I told you and you said I would be 100% organic food straight organic and I was like okay wow I guess I need to do this Wow so I did it and I have not touched anything else ever since and how long ago as it been since you started to man so I’ve been on I’ve been on keto for about two and a half years and I went from diagnosis through chemo and radiation for about gosh I would say six to ten weeks of just my regular diet of just you know bread oats grains wheats pasta spaghetti you know all that sort of stuff you know so if about six months or six weeks in that time six to ten was regular diet not good diet mm-hmm so but then you switched over and you started being more disciplined percent yeah yeah that’s my family dough and basically you had it on your left side of your head Yeah right here right there okay and they did surgery they took it out okay so just just realize guys this is the most aggressive tumors of the brain and it usually takes people out the prognosis is not very good and he’s still around and he’s doing great with the doctors kind of like surprised or amazed at this point yeah I’m gonna be honest with you you know I I do have my check-ins every three months now and I tell them say hey you know doctor I’m I’m feeling great they’re like hey you know how’s your vision how’s your balance I’m like you me stand up and do some exercises for you and I do so I they actually take me through some in there they’re just heavily impressed with how consistent these check-ins are and the results that they’re showing and stuff Wow Wow it’s incredible what’s really weird is it’s actually 21,000 people that die every single day from cancer that’s in the world 21 21,000 people that’s like it is like a small city people live every day so what I want to talk about is some real interesting data about cancer that I think you pretty much know all most of it but there’s might be some points that you might not know and also for the viewers out there so there’s some original research that was done by otto warburg Canada if you’ve heard of him but yeah he’s a guy way back that found that there’s this single difference between healthy cells and cancer cells there’s this one difference because if you’re going to try to treat someone with cancer this the same solution is to try to understand it like what is it right there’s one specific thing that’s very unique of every single cancer cell and it’s not as anything to do with normal cells and it has to do with the metabolism of the cell itself we generate our metabolism from these little energy factories called mitochondria okay in the mitochondria that’s where you generate energy in a normal cell to generate energy use you use something called aerobic respiration now this is the long fancy word for basically all that means is you break down your food protein carbohydrates and fats into smaller particles and you get energy from it that’s all that means so and you need oxygen that’s why it’s aerobic with air that’s sort of robot means right so basically the normal cells get their energy from aerobic respiration which basically means burning fuel with oxygen produces this energy with some waste but a cancer cell is very very different they don’t use aerobic respiration they use something called anaerobic respiration that means without oxygen another term for that if there’s any medical people that are watching this it’s called fermentation so a fermented process and fermentation is the type of process where you’re not using oxygen and so people think about fermentation to think about Oh a fermenting vegetables or fermenting pickles or no we’re not talking about that that’s a completely separate thing as far as like you like that happening in your body you’re not having this fermentation of it like making pickles or alcohol right like that and also just by eating fermented foods it’s not going to cause cancer the point is that there’s something that happens in the cell there’s a breakdown in the mitochondria that then causes your body to adapt to a different metabolism called anaerobic respiration or fermentation basically you’re it’s an ancient primal system that billions of years ago our cells used when we didn’t have a lot of oxygen on this planet that’s happened that happens to be kind of like still in ourselves that remnant primal type ancient system so when there’s damage to the mitochondria and I’ll come back to that in a second you then get this different metabolism that occurs in the cell okay where your body is fermenting sugar mm-hmm and something else which I don’t want to get into yet but I just want to tell you it’s fermenting sugar so it’s basically taking sugar without oxygen and it’s turning into energy it’s not an efficient system at all in fact it doesn’t produce the same amount energy but it allows the cell to continue the problem is it also starts developing undifferentiated cells which basically means now instead of making like tissues to grow your hand or your heart it’ll make like random tissue so if you look in cancer cells there’s like it’s not a specific cell it’s kind of a random and it has just a regular just a growth of tissue so that’s one of the problem starts invading and it’s getting out of control okay so there is a so that is the main difference is you have this different system of producing energy now here’s the thing if cancer lives on glucose and ketosis is the diet without without using or being forced to use glucose wouldn’t it make sense to be doing a ketogenic diet right 100% yeah so there’s a another researcher from Boston dr. Thomas Seyfried okay famous guy he’s like done amazing research on ketosis in him and fasting with cancer okay fantastic results and so he is like the expert to the authority on ketosis when it comes down to cancer especially of the brain – so this is what he did he’s done research where he injected the brains of rats or mice with the stage for glioblastoma tissue Wow and then he did research and put him through the ketogenic diet and in a minute fasting and he found a great improvement but it wasn’t overwhelming to the point where like like amazing success it was some great success compared to any anything else but it wasn’t like mind-blowing and he wanted to know like why was that why didn’t the ketogenic diet handle this glioblastoma cancer because it’s also good for other cancers what because he wanted the experiment on the most aggressive type of cancer would say which is basically what you had glioblastoma so then he had a kind of a light bulb go off and said hmm when you ferment sugar when a cancer cell ferments sugar it also ferments a protein an amino acid called glutamine mm-hmm so cancer cells not only live on glucose but they live on glutamine too interesting then at the same time of putting these mice on a ketogenic diet he gave them a it’s called a glutamate antagonist or a glutamate blocker it’s a type of chemical I’m not gonna give you the long name that actually blocks the absorption of glutamine okay that’s when he saw massive results the combination of both of those elements which basically completely starve off the the tumor created massive destruction of cancer cells now this research is very very new and it’s you don’t you you would think would be on the front page of the newspaper but it’s not because number one it’s new people don’t know about it it’s hard to promote it because it’s hard to explain I have to go through a whole video to even explain what how it works and also there’s no money in it and that’s why it’s hard to get funding yeah but this research is brand-new but it’s very exciting because it it tells us why the ketogenic diet works okay because it basically tumor cells cannot survive on ketones they can’t survive on ketones so basically you’re gonna attack them from what they’re eating okay so let me just take it from the very beginning so the first thing that happens with a cancer cell is that you have damage first to the model Kandra then you have an alteration of the fuel system then we have what’s called mutations which is alterations in the genes okay and that’s where all the research is done on chemo and chemotherapy and radiation therapy is like addressing the mutation but they’re not very successful because they’re not handling this fuel problem because it’s it’s the glutamate and it’s the glucose that is feeding and fueling the cancer and also one of the byproducts of that is a very powerful antioxidant so even though it’s destructive and it’s kind of an insane thing that cancer cell is making antioxidants to protect itself it’s insane that’s a whole their seminar but the point is that there’s an original destruction or breakdown of the mitochondria that needs to be addressed if you really want to bring this person to a full remission and even get them to the point where they’re preventing this problem from happening in the very beginning and this book comes right back to what you mentioned that really helped you is talking about organic foods or organic means without the use of pesticides right okay so check this out this is called toxicology the study of poisons okay these are all the poisons that are carcinogens they’re cancer-causing in the environment pesticides insecticides herbicides fungicides there are these are the triggers to cancer okay so if you’re asking me what causes cancer it’s usually a combination of things that trigger it like chemicals radiation cellphone radiation which is a new thing EMF powerful holding it up to your head like retro mechanic right which I think could be a connection because how many kids do this okay so that’s why I act fact I don’t like cell phones too much so you have that you have viruses you have certain stresses even excessive exposure to glucose can all damage the mitochondria to cause it to change its metabolism okay so thank goodness there are foods that you can get without these poisons and those are organic organic comes with foods that poisons and also or again is also non-gmo GMO foods are exposed with glyphosate which is an herbicide Roundup Ready so by removing those triggers and consuming real food organic food you can probably prevent cancer okay that’s number one but let’s say for example with you you know he’s going on a ketogenic diet doing in a minute fasting I don’t think that’s enough I think we also have to add in the nutrition in the quality of food we have to add in something to start to detoxify the chemicals that originally caused it in the first place and that would be the phytochemicals are called plant-based chemicals so you have vitamins and minerals and then you also have additional things in plant-based foods and also other foods that are called phytochemicals so if you’re consuming iceberg lettuce for example versus kale that would be an example you won’t want to do more kale so if you’ve studied what a superfood is or high quality greens deep dark leafy greens or things with high levels of phytonutrients they all seem to be involved in research of helping with cancer or decrease the risk of cancer that’s because they start healing the mitochondria okay so that’s why what we’re recommending is a version of ketosis is called healthy ketosis where we want to use high quality ingredients another reason why I want people to consume seven to ten cups of vegetables with each you know each day high quality vegetables why because of the phytonutrients what are we doing you’re actually preventing cancer and also you’re repairing the damage to the mitochondria if people have a strong mitochondria they cannot get cancer the cells won’t adapt to this other system so it’s the phytochemicals that really protect you even if you’re exposed to radiation and chemicals but I think it’s the combination of dropping out these good things and being exposed to radiation and the chemicals that are the perfect storm okay because again the cancer lives on glucose and that amino acid so so you really have to understand the whole aspect of this complex problem but when you when you really look at it’s actually kind of simple and that’s why Quito is like essential in a minute fasting is also essential for the immune system but also make sure the food that you’re eating is very high-quality phytonutrients so I kind of wanted to cover that it’s just do I’m gonna chime in on what your kind of you’re really doing that right now but I want to kind of emphasize why it hasn’t come back yet yeah yeah I mean it’s it’s something I’m stick to and it’s a new lifestyle it’s not like oh man you’re that must be difficult for you and it’s not you know like my mood my energy overall like I get I’d definitely give the props to Quito but I also give it to the quality of the food because I noticed on Quito like not that regular Quito is bad but when I took it up a notch it was like wow okay I have no cravings you know my moods are always great you know I I just feel good and I give the quality the quality of the food you know I feel like that is played a big role in it yeah I think I think that’s a key thing because sometimes you have people saying well I’m doing my own version of Quito or in a minute fasting but I’m eating what I want and you can see it’s like really crappy food yeah well they don’t realize that Quito is not just for weight loss it’s for health it’s for protecting yourselves against harmful things diseases and diabetes and cancer but since 21,000 people die of cancer every single day in the world it’d be good to know they understand the mechanism you’re gonna see in the next five years a huge shift in awareness on this ketogenic diet and also using it as an adjunct therapy for cancer and and am I saying never to get surgery no I’m not saying that I’m just saying that what about a glutamate antagonist so you know why not using that and cut your stress down you know stress can also be a big trigger but it starts with the basics it starts with the fuel what you put in your body and what you run on but one thing guys got to know and this is a fact tumors cannot survive on ketones okay so that’s all I got to say and I’m sticking to it yeah 100% keto all day thank you very much for this interview and I hope you enjoyed it and we’ll put some links down down below for some some more of the research done by some of the top guys in the world you got to check it out all right guys thanks for watching

This Post Was All About The Ketogenic Diet & Brain Cancer: Brain Cancer Survivor Logan Sneed.
The Ketogenic Diet & Brain Cancer: Brain Cancer Survivor Logan Sneed

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Dr. Berg interviews Logan Sneed, who developed brain cancer (Glioblastoma), the most agressive form of brain cancer two and a half years ago. He found the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting and has been doing very well. Tumors can not live on ketones, so a healthy ketosis diet can improve your immune system greatly. Since there are many environmental chemicals in our food supply, consuming organic foods is vital to decrease the exposure.

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