The Importance of the Intestinal Mucosal Barrier

The Importance of the Intestinal Mucosal Barrier

The Importance of the Intestinal Mucosal Barrier

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today I’m going to talk about the importance of the intestinal mucosal barrier so a first question is what is it well it’s simply a barrier between the inside of your colon which you have all the microbes I’m talking about the large bowel okay so most of the microbes the friendly bacteria should exist in the large bowel and so here are the microbes right here and then there’s a barrier I mucosal barrier it’s thick there’s new kiss in it and then you have the cells of the colon called colano sites and these little guys will absorb selectively certain nutrients okay now most of your nutrients and your protein is absorbed in the small intestine the large bowel is all about fermenting fiber but there is some water and some electrolyte absorption but this mucosal barrier is the first line of defense okay so the body’s trying to protect itself from pathogens and also from these microbes getting into the body so we want to keep these guys out here so they can ferment fiber because our bodies cannot break down fiber so we get help from our friendly microbes that live in our body this mucosal barrier also is antibacterial so it repels bacteria it’s also a place to ferment fiber fiber is a carbohydrate but very different than glucose this fiber does not affect insulin so basically these microbes eat the fiber and turn them into fat small chain fatty acids okay the most popular one is called butyrate okay which is interesting because butyrate is in the family of beta hydroxy butyrate which is a ketone so it has ketone effects also another function of this barrier would be selective absorption so the body is going to absorb certain things that wants to absorb and not other things and the one thing is going to definitely absorb is this fatty acid a small chain fatty acid because the primary function of this acid is to feed the colon cells what’s not being fed as energy to these : cells can also be used by our body because our liver can absorb it and use it as energy as well another function of this would be lubrication people are always concerned about mucus and I don’t want to lose mucus in my body well your body does need this mucus to provide for lubrication so these little guys eat fiber they turn into these little fatty acids one being butyrate and then butyrate feeds the colon cells butyrate is also an anti-inflammatory so it’s very beneficial to people that have inflammatory bowel conditions also it improves insulin resistance so it helps your blood sugars just like beta hydroxy butyrate which is one of the ketones very similar also butyrate is anti-cancer and things like polyps and tumors in the colon it also has sati properties so it helps with hunger and it just allows you to feel satisfied and lastly butyrate will help maintain the thickness of this mucosal barrier which is very very important because if you lose this barrier then these microbes can get in there and create a lot of problems so this is just another reason why you should be consuming fiber as in vegetables there’s a couple things that you can do to help heal this barrier in addition to consuming vegetables one would be to take glutamine glutamine helps maintain this barrier right here colostrum also will help reestablish this barrier it can be gotten in a powder form at the health food store in a minute fasting very very very important to help heal the gut reduce inflammation and there’s one more thing I want to mention which is very interesting I’m experimenting with it with several people right now but it’s called bpc 1:27 this is a peptide okay it’s a natural peptide that you can take in a pill and it goes in there and it actually heals the lining of the gut I’m gonna give you more information on this in the upcoming weeks but it’s one of the peptides that doesn’t have to be injected you can take it orally in a pill anyway there you have it the importance of the intestinal mucosal barrier if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About The Importance of the Intestinal Mucosal Barrier.
The Importance of the Intestinal Mucosal Barrier

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In this video, I want to cover the importance of the intestinal mucosal barrier. 

What is the intestinal mucosal barrier? — It’s simply a barrier between the inside of your colon (the large bowel) and the colon cells. 

The large bowel is all about fermenting fiber. Most of your friendly bacteria should exist in the large bowel.

mucosal barrier functions: 

1. First line of defense 
2. Antibacterial 
3. Place to ferment fiber
4. Selective absorption 
5. Lubrication 

Microbes eat fiber and turn into small-chain fatty acids (butyrate). 

Benefits of butyrate:

• Feeds colonocytes
• It’s an anti-inflammatory 
• Improves insulin resistance
• It’s anti-cancer
• It has satiety properties 
• It helps maintain the thickness of the mucosal layer

Action steps to help heal the intestinal mucosal barrier:

• Consume vegetables 
• Take glutamine 
• Colostrum 
• Intermittent fasting 
• BPC-157

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